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Not the best, but good 01/25/02 BHeilman
Strategy + RPG = Shining Force 04/07/04 BlueInferno83
A extremely addicting game from Sega/Climax! 09/07/00 Caos2
A game that set the standards for many strategy-RPGs to come 11/08/01 chaos knight
Oh the Shining Force, stuck in a forest... 06/23/10 Citric
A great strategy/RPG 12/23/02 ClassicRPGMasta
This game is the pioneer of all Strategy RPGs 02/22/01 CMorrison
I'm sorry but this game is very unoriginal and NOT the inventor of Strategy RPG 03/17/02 Dark Gaia
Shining Force: A Must Have For Any VC Collection 07/24/07 dragoon6181
What Sega had that Nintendidn't. 03/23/00 EPoetker
Shining force sets a new standard of RPG games 12/13/01 FISH_
This game is fun, nuff said 05/07/07 Flygon
March on for shining victory 10/05/18 Frostmanblues
Definiton of perfection 05/02/03 GameBoy28
*Insert joke about how this game shines above all others here* 01/18/05 Helldhaz
THE best RPG for Sega 02/20/02 Mooglelicious
Two rights do not make a wrong 01/04/08 MrBlanket
An incredible start for the Shining Force series. 12/21/01 Paulos
From the guy who brought you the (soon to be) best Shining Force FAQ on the web, comes another review 02/22/01 Sephirstein
The Original Strategy RPG, fondly remembered by many. 02/22/01 Shinfy
Truly one of the best RTS games out there! 07/13/04 Skye7707
Quite, a good game 10/04/04 techno34
drum roll please BOWWWW BOWW WOWW WOWW DUDRDRDRDRDR 01/18/07 theFFVIguy
Think 16-bit, watered down version of Final Fantasy Tactics 02/22/01 yeeboy

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