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FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Vortex

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/24/08

       *  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  *
                __                            ________)           
            (__/  ) /)   ,      ,            (, /                 
              /    (/     __     __   _        /___, _____  _   _ 
           ) /     / )__(_/ (__(_/ (_(_/_   ) /     (_)/ (_(___(/_
          (_/                       .-/    (_/                    
       *  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  *

                           In ages long forgotten...
              ... Light fought Darkness for control of the world.

                  Dark Dragon led the evil hordes of Darkness.
            The Ancients fought back with the Powers of the Light.
          Dark Dragon was defeated and casted into another dimension.
             The Lord of Darkness vowed to return in 1,000 years.

              Time passed and Dark Dragon was forgotten by all.
               Ten centuries of peace ruled the land of Rune.
         Until the kingdom of Runefaust brought war and fear to Rune.
                Hordes of evil creatures ravaged every land.

            Here and there, strongholds of Good still held out...
           ... awaiting a Hero who could wield the Powers of Light!

                                 Shining Force
                           By: Dark Vortex (Quan Jin)
                                  Version 1.0

This guide may be found on the following sites:

[http://faqs.ign.com]------------------------------------------------[IGN FAQs]
[http://www.dlh.net]--------------------------------------[Dirty Little Helper]

This guide is copyright (c)2008 Quan Jin

          --- Table of Contents ---

      1. Introduction...............................................[1000]
      2. FAQ........................................................[2000]
      3. Battle Overview............................................[3000]
      4. Characters.................................................[4000]
      5. Walkthrough................................................[5000]
            5.1. Chapter I: Runefaust Invasion......................[5100]
            5.2. Chapter II: Spirit of the Holy Spring..............[5200]
            5.3. Chapter III: The Secret Weapon of Runefaust........[5300]
            5.4. Chapter IV: The Great Fortress of Balbazak.........[5400]
            5.5. Chapter V: Gateway to the Hidden Shrine............[5500]
            5.6. Chapter VI: Descendant of the Sacred Dragon........[5600]
            5.7. Chapter VII: The Lost Civilization.................[5700]
            5.8. Chapter VIII: Rise of the Ancient Castle...........[5800]
      6. Enemy Listing..............................................[6000]
      7. Weapons Listing............................................[7000]
      8. Ring Listing...............................................[8000]
      9. Magic Spells...............................................[9000]
      10. Shop Listing.............................................[10000]
      11. Version History..........................................[11000]
      12. Legal Disclaimers........................................[12000]
      13. Credits and Closing......................................[13000]

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          --- 1. Introduction ---                                       [1000]

It's been many years since Shining Force first hit the Sega Genesis. Now, 
over a decade after its release, the strategy RPG genre has grown to cover 
titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem and other franchises that 
are still going strong. Much of their success can be attributed to one of the 
first pioneers of the genre, Shining Force. 

Shining Force features many standard RPG element, though it takes the turn-
based RPG genre a step further. Your characters' movement, strategy, and
orders are all under your control. 

I hope you find this guide, which includes a walkthrough and various 
appendices, helpful!

          --- 2. FAQ ---                                                [2000]


          [Q] How can I change my party lineup for battles?

          [A] Speak with Nova at the Shining Force HQ and use the "Join" 
              command to switch around characters. 


          [Q] How and when can characters be promoted?

          [A] Most characters can be promoted at a church at level 10. Simply
              ask the priest to "Promote" a unit. However, it's a common 
              practice to promote at level 20 for higher preset statistics. 


          [Q] What does it mean when a piece of equipment is cursed?
          [A] When a cursed piece of equipment is equipped, it cannot be
              removed by anyone other than a priest. Occasionally in battle,
              the equipped character will take minor damage. 


          [Q] Who/What is Jogurt?

          [A] Jogurt is a quirky little hamster-like creature. You can pick 
              him/her/it up in Pao on your first visit by checking the
              building at the town's upper-left corner. Jogurt's stats never
              change, meaning he can only deal 1 HP damage at most in battle.
              However, when you do manage to kill an enemy with him/her/it,
              you will be gifted a Jogurt Ring. Any character equipped with a
              Jogurt Ring will be transformed into a Jogurt in battle. 

              The Jogurt Ring doesn't affect stats or abilities in any way; 
              it's just a neat little novelty item. With enough patience, you
              can transform your entire force into a team of Jogurts!


          [Q] Where is the Moon Stone?

          [A] It's located in a cave on the Bustoke Quarry. You can access 
              the cave after having run the Runefaust forces from the area.


          [Q] Where is the Heat Axe located?

          [A] One of the Lizardmen in Battle 12 is carrying it. Make sure that
              you kill it with a unit that has a free spot in his or her
              inventory. Otherwise, you won't be able to attain it. 


          [Q] How do I attain a Doom Blade?

          [A] One of the Durahans in Battle 22 is carrying it. Also, Hanzou
              joins your party with it already equipped. 


          [Q] How do I attain the Demon Rod?

          [A] The Demon Master in Battle 23 is carrying it. Defeat him to 
              steal it. Note that you must have at least one empty slot to
              collect it. 


          [Q] How do I attain the Valkyrie?

          [A] You will find it in the chest in Battle 23. Note that you must
              collect it DURING battle. Otherwise, you will not be able to
              grab it. 


          --- 3. Battle Overview ---                                    [3000]

For those unfamiliar with the mechanics of Shining Force or strategy RPGs in
general, this section will provide an overview of the basics. 


On the battlefield, you can have a maximum of 12 units at once. Different 
units have their own weaknesses, strengths, and abilities. Some units can 
wield ranged units such as arrows whereas others can cast spells with a wide
range of effects. 

The order of turns is determined by the speed of every unit on the field. The
higher the speed statistics, the faster a particular unit will be able to act.
Enemies on the field will move automatically to try to kill your party

When it's your turn, the cursor will flash over a particular unit on your
side. Then, the ground will flash surrounding the character, indicating the
areas you can move to. The amount of distance a particular unit can travel is
determined by his or her movement stat. For example, a fighter with a MOVE of
5 can move a total of five steps. Keep in mind that influences such as terrain
will affect mobility. Some characters are better fit for different types of
terrain. Some are even capable of flying, thus eliminating any issue the 
terrain may pose. These characteristics are up to you to discover. 

After you move, you can perform a number of different actions. First of all,
if you are in no position to attack your enemy, you can use the STAY command, 
which ends the selected unit's turn. The ITEM command allows that unit to use
any item which he or she is carrying. An item can be used on the selected unit
or an adjacent ally (or enemy).

Should you be in range to attack an enemy, you can use the FIGHT command, 
which allows you to attack an enemy. Upon doing so, the tiles around the 
selected unit will flash, indicating the range of that particular unit. If an
enemy is in range, you will be allowed to attack. If there is no enemy in 
range, then you will not be able to attack. Simple, no?

Alternatively, you can use MAGIC, which brings up the various magic spells the
selected unit is capable of casting. Needless to say, if the selected unit
cannot cast any magic, you won't be able to use this tab. Various magic spells
have different effects. Some, for example, deal offensive damage to enemy
targets. Others heal HP or inflict status ailments. 

The battle system is very easy to pick up after playing through a few times.
While you're moving, the enemy will be moving at the same time. Your objective
is to defeat the enemy forces (unless there is a separate objective, which 
will be specifically stated) while the enemy attempts to defeat you. 


          --- 4. Characters ---                                         [4000]

Throughout your journey, you will encounter new characters who will join your
party. Listed below is a rundown of every single character attainable. 


     Max ~
          Class: SDMN --> HERO
          Acquired: Beginning of game
          Magic Spells: 
          * Egress

          Max is the main silent protagonist of the game, meaning he is a 
          required member in every battle. That isn't a disadvantage though,
          as Max boasts good attack and defense growth. It should be noted
          that Max must be kept alive through the course of every battle or
          else it's game over. In tough situations, do not hesitate to cast
          Egress to escape from battles - he has this spell for a reason.

     Ken ~
          Class: KNT --> PLDN
          Acquired: Guardiana
          Magic Spells: None

          Ken, the first knight to join your Shining Force, will see his use 
          early in the game (when you have no choice but to send all of your
          units into battle). He does have a fair attack and defense growth;
          however, as better knights are recruited, Ken will become 
          overshadowed by their stronger stat growth overall. 

     Mae ~
          Class: KNT --> PLDN
          Acquired: Guardiana
          Magic Spells: None

          Mae is one of the first knights you will acquire in Shining Force.
          If trained properly and leveled up, she has the potential to be a
          beneficial addition to your team. Although her attack does not 
          exceed some of the other fighters, Mae has an extremely high defense
          and HP growth. For a good portion of the game, Mae will likely have
          the most HP out of all your members. 

     Arthur ~
          Class: KNT --> PLDN
          Acquired: Manarina
          Magic Spells: 
          * Blaze
          * Freeze
          * Bolt

          Although he starts off as a horrid knight, Arthur will eventually
          grow to become one of the, if not the best, paladins in your party.
          His stat growth will really explode once he's promoted (best to 
          promote at level 20, mind) as to completely leave the other paladins
          in the dust. Couple that with the fact that he learns three magic
          spells along the way, and you have quite a formidable unit on your 

     Pelle ~
          Class: KNT --> PLDN
          Acquired: Pao Bridge
          Magic Spells: None

          This knight begins with extremely strong stats when you first 
          recruit him. However, his growth beyond that is stifled as you level
          him up further until his stats are around the same league as your
          other knights (or possibly worse). Even so, Pelle is a good fighter
          with above-average attack and defense growth. 

     Vankar ~
          Class: KNT --> PLDN
          Acquired: Pao
          Magic Spells: None

          Vankar has the potential to be a very strong knight, even if his
          stats early on do not show it. His HP and defense growth are quite
          good, as is his attack growth. As is the case with all knights, 
          Vankar is best used when you need fighters with mobility over sheer

     Earnest ~
          Class: KNT --> PLDN
          Acquired: Uranbatol
          Magic Spells: None
          For the last knight to join your party, Earnest does not really have
          much to offer. His stat growth is comparable (and occasionally 
          worse) to the other mediocre knights, of whom grew obsolete earlier 
          in the game. 

     Luke ~
          Class: WARR --> GLDR
          Acquired: Guardiana
          Magic Spells: None
          Luke will prove to be an instrumental fighter from the point you
          attain him early on through a good segment of the game. His defense
          growth is phenomenal, as is his attack and HP growth. These 
          advantages make him perfect for running the front line of a battle 
          to soak up enemy attacks. 

     Gort ~
          Class: WARR --> GLDR 
          Acquired: Guardiana
          Magic Spells: None
          Gort is a tank! His defense and HP growth render him nearly 
          impervious to enemy attacks. This aspect makes him ideal for 
          protecting weaker units by acting as a shield. Gort can also push an
          offensive; he's capable of dealing heavy damage with whatever weapon 
          he is wielding. 

     Guntz ~
          Class: SKNT --> SBRN
          Acquired: Pao
          Magic Spells: None

          The huge ironclad Guntz benefits from one of the highest, if not the
          highest, defense growths out of all the characters. Where he exceeds
          in defense though, Guntz falls in terms of agility and mobility. 
          Also, all magic spells ignore defense. 

     Tao ~
          Class: MAGE --> WIZD
          Acquired: Guardiana
          Magic Spells: 
          * Blaze/Blaze 2/Blaze 3/Blaze 4
          * Sleep
          * Dispel
          * Boost

          Although she is the first mage acquired in the game, Tao is useful
          throughout the game. Her Blaze spell, when fully maxed out, becomes
          extremely powerful. Along with that, she learns Boost (at a very late
          level though), which increases a unit's attack power. As is the case
          with most spellcasters, Tao suffers from low HP and defense growth;
          keep her protected in battle or else she'll fall to enemy attacks

     Anri ~
          Class: MAGE --> WIZD
          Acquired: Manarina
          Magic Spells:
          * Blaze/Blaze 2
          * Freeze/Freeze 2/Freeze 3/Freeze 4
          * Bolt 1/Bolt 2
          * Muddle

          Anri is a versatile spellcaster. She not only maxes out Freeze, but 
          can cast both Blaze and Bolt up to level 2. Strategically, her 
          skills don't do her too much justice. Muddle can be useful in some 
          instances, but otherwise, you are better off just casting offensive 
          spells. In battle, keep Anri protected because her low defense and 
          HP can't take too many hits.

     Alef ~
          Class: MAGE --> WIZD
          Acquired: Tower of the Ancients
          Magic Spells:
          * Blaze/Blaze 2
          * Freeze/Freeze 2
          * Bolt/Bolt 2/Bolt 3/Bolt 4
          * Desoul

          Bolt is an extremely useful spell because of its huge range of 
          damage. Positioned strategically, enemy groups can be reduced to
          ashes with a few castings of Bolt 3. Bolt 4, though it doesn't deal
          damage over an area, is the strongest offensive magic spell in the
          game. Unfortunately, Alef suffers from low HP and defense. 

     Domingo ~
          Class: MGCR
          Acquired: Pao (from Domingo Egg)
          Magic Spells:
          * Freeze/Freeze 2/Freeze 3/Freeze 4
          * Muddle
          * Desoul
          * Boost

          Domingo is easily the best spellcaster in the game. Freeze, once
          completely mastered, can devastate enemies with its ice damage.
          Domingo's strategic value can not go unmentioned either. Desoul 
          instantly kills (though has a high chance of missing) its target
          and Boost increases an ally's attack power by 15 points! 
          Furthermore, Domingo's HP and defense trumps the other spellcasters.

     Lowe ~
          Class: HEAL --> VICR
          Acquired: Guardiana
          Magic Spells: 
          * Cure/Cure 2/Cure 3/Cure 4
          * Slow
          * Detox
          * Quick
          Lowe appears very early in the game. At first, his healing spells 
          go a long way in keeping your party members alive through the early
          missions. However, once you begin to pick up better healers, Lowe's
          usefulness goes down the drain. He doesn't learn Aura, a spell that
          is essentially Heal but with an area of effect (Aura 4 heals every
          single party member on the battlefield). 

     Khris ~
          Class: HEAL --> VICR
          Acquired: Alterone
          Magic Spells:
          * Heal/Heal 2/Heal 3/Heal 4
          * Aura/Aura 2
          * Slow/Slow 2
          * Quick/Quick 2

          Though she learns Aura quite late, Khris is a great support unit to
          keep on the battlefield. Both Slow and Quick are extremely useful in
          battles. For a good majority of the game, Khris should be a staple
          member of your party. As always, be sure to keep her protected, for
          her low HP and defense won't be able to take a beating. 

     Torasu ~
          Class: HEAL --> VICR
          Acquired: Tower of the Ancients
          Magic Spells:
          * Heal/Heal 2/Heal 3/Heal 4
          * Aura/Aura 2/Aura 3/Aura 4
          * Detox
          * Shield
          Torasu is the definitive healer for a number of reasons. First of 
          all, not only does he master Heal, but he is the only character in
          the game to master Aura 4, which heals every single party member on
          the battlefield. That aspect alone should warrant a position in any
          force. Furthermore, Shield is a great support skill that renders an
          ally invincible to all magic spells for a few turns. 
     Gong ~
          Class: MONK --> MMNK
          Acquired: Cabin outside Guardiana
          Magic Spells:
          * Heal/Heal 2/Heal 3/Heal 4
          * Aura

          Gong, I guess you can say, is a cross between a fighter and a
          healer. He can master the Heal spell and learn Aura. Although his
          spells aren't incredible, Gong redeems himself with a good attack
          growth. In battles, he can both engage the enemy and heal your party
          whenever necessary. After promotion, Gong becomes very powerful. 

     Hans ~
          Class: ACHR --> BWMS
          Acquired: Guardiana
          Magic Spells: None
          As a ranged unit, Hans does have his advantages in battle. Early in
          the game, you'll be relying on his arrows to deal damage from far
          away. Eventually though, Hans will become significantly overpowered 
          by the various other ranged units who join your party. 

     Diane ~
          Class: ACHR --> BWMS
          Acquired: Bustoke
          Magic Spells: None

          Diane has the advantage of range, but her attack and defense stats 
          don't do her much justice against the tougher monsters in the game. 
          At close ranges, she'll fall quickly to stronger enemies. In 
          battles, keep her protected. 
     Lyle ~
          Class: ASKT --> SKNT
          Acquired: Rudo
          Magic Spells: None

          Lyle outshines the other ranged characters in nearly all aspects.
          He exceeds in mobility, allowing him to move further with each turn.
          His attack and defense stats are quite high in comparison to Diane
          and Hans. When fully equipped with the strongest of weapons, Lyle
          can deal very heavy damage to monsters from a good distance. 

     Balbaroy ~
          Class: BDMN --> SKYW
          Acquired: Shade Abbey
          Magic Spells: None

          The flying birdman, Balbaroy, has the ability to fly, allowing him 
          to overcome obstacles and zip over ledges with no problem at all. 
          Although Balbaroy isn't as strong as some of the other warriors in
          the game, his attack is not horrible. When equipped with strong
          swords, Balbaroy can become quite a force to be reckoned with.

     Amon ~
          Class: BDMN --> SKYW
          Acquired: Shade Abbey
          Magic Spells: None

          With the ability to fly, Amon can traverse most obstacles with ease
          and position herself in areas where other ground units can't travel.
          In battle, this advantage has plenty of strategic value because 
          terrain won't affect you. Granted, her overall stats aren't 
          incredibly amazing, but she can hold her own in battle.

     Kokichi ~
          Class: WKNT --> SKYL
          Acquired: Pao
          Magic Spells: None

          Kokichi has the advantage of flight in his odd, clunky flying
          contraption. His stats are excellent overall. With his high attack,
          he can deal heavy damage to the enemy. In addition, his speed and
          agility stats are above-average. All in all, Kokichi could do well 
          in any party setup. 

     Bleu ~
          Class: DRGN --> GRDR
          Acquired: Dragonia
          Magic Spells: None

          When Bleu is first acquired in Dragonia, he starts off extremely
          weak. Since he can't equip any weapons, you really can't do anything
          to make him any stronger except by leveling up. But as he slowly
          gains in levels, he'll pick up stats like no other. His HP, attack,
          and defense will skyrocket way past your other units. When fully
          promoted and leveled up, Bleu will likely be your strongest unit on
          the battlefield. Oh, and did I mention that he has the advantage of
          flight as well? Do yourself a favor and train Bleu - he'll make the
          game that much easier. 

     Adam ~
          Class: RBT --> CYBG
          Acquired: Metapha
          Magic Spells: None

          Adam has the potential to become extremely powerful in his later
          levels. However, he suffers from a painful lack of mobility. His
          speed is horrid - you'll frequently see him lagging behind in
          battles while your other units have already zipped past. Adam,
          however, does boast good defense and attack growth. If you can deal
          with his lack of mobility, use him for his strength by all means.

     Zylo ~
          Class: WRWF --> WFBN
          Acquired: Bustoke
          Magic Spells: None
          Zylo's attack stats are quite high, making him the ideal unit for
          dishing out heavy damage. Unlike many of the other units, Zylo is
          unaffected by woodsy or mountaineous terrain. For those forest 
          battles, Zylo is a great choice because he can easily traverse the

     Musashi ~
          Class: SMR
          Acquired: Prompt
          Magic Spells: None
          When Musashi first joins your party, he will already be fully 
          promoted in his final state. Once you've leveled him up fully, his 
          prowess will truly shine in battle. Fitted with high attack and 
          defense, Musashi can cut down enemies without taking much damage 
          himself. The only problem with Musashi is his unfortunate lack of 
          mobility and speed. 

     Hanzou ~
          Class: NINJ
          Acquired: Runefaust
          Magic Spells: 
          * Dispel
          * Sleep
          * Shield
          * Desoul
          Hanzou joins your party very late in the game. This is unfortunate
          because Hanzou is one of the most useful fighters you'll come
          across. Shield, which renders an ally impervious to all magic spells
          temporarily, is a godsend against those pesky enemy spellcasters. 
          After a few level-ups, his stats grow rapidly, turning him into
          quite a deadly ninja indeed. 

          --- 5. Walkthrough ---                                        [5000]

The walkthrough follows below. It will follow a general layout with each
battle listed with its strategies in chronological order. The various battles 
will be marked to make navigation easier. 

As a supplement to this walkthrough, I'd strongly recommend checking out 
Sky7707's battlefield maps on GameFAQs.com. 

If you choose to use this walkthrough, keep in mind that there are spoilers 
scattered throughout. Read ahead at your own risk. 

              5.1. Chapter 1: Runefaust Invasion                        [5100]


At the offset, you will meet Lord Varios, who manages to wake you up (after
having kicked your butt). He'll recommend that you take it easy for a bit. 

Head inside the chapel and walk in. You'll be greeted by Lowe, who compliments
your determination. Now, walk back outside and talk with Lord Varios once
again. You'll be told that you'll soon be tested. With that, a messenger 
appears to inform the old man that the king has sent for him. Varios will take 
his leave on that note. 

Go back inside the chapel and speak with Lowe again. He'll leave, allowing you
to get out and walk around. Feel free to move around and talk to people. Most
of them don't have anything important to say although a few, including the
priest of the chapel, remark that they've been having bad nightmares with
visions of their homeland in ruins. 

In the quaint little town of Guardiana, you'll find a few houses. There's an
item shop (which also functions as a weapon shop) in the center, but you 
obviously can't purchase anything because you're completely broke. Head 
towards the northeast corner of Guardiana, where you will come to a bar. 
Inside, speak with Gort, the man sitting. Agree to hear his story and he'll 
tell you a little secret. Hear him out and then leave. 

To the north of Guardiana is Guardiana Castle, where Lord Varios left for a 
little while ago. Feel free to snoop around and witness some REAL knights in
training. You'll find that a lot of areas are off-limits to you. For now
though, go straight up to the throne room. Inside, you'll find Varios telling
the King that they have no choice but to send none other than you for some
undisclosed task. Walk up and speak with the King, who will inform you of your 
objective: to form a team to investigate some activity surrounding the Gate
of the Ancients. 

Recruiting your party members will be quite easy. Return to the town you'll be
met with a group of four enthusiastic characters. With that, Luke (warrior), 
Ken (knight), Tao (mage), and Hans (archer) join your Shining Force. As they 
leave, Lowe (healer) will appear and fix himself a spot in your party as well. 
Lastly, Nova will come along to "advise" you. 

Return to the castle and speak with the King. He will give you some money 
(YES!!) to purchase whatever supplies you need for the coming journey. 
Afterwards, he'll inform you that a cart will be waiting to take your party
to the Gate of the Ancients. Head back to town and pay the shop a visit. 
Unfortunately, the weapons seller still won't deal with you. You can still
purchase items though. 

O==============================O  All you can really afford at the moment are
|     Guardiana Item Shop      |  some Medicinal Herbs and Angel Wings.
O==============================O  Purchase one or two Herbs for the road and
| * Medical Herb...........10G |  leave the shop. There's not much else to 
| * Healing Seed..........200G |  stick around for, so head south and leave 
| * Angel Wing.............40G |  the town of Guardiana. The cart will bring
O------------------------------O  you to the Gate and let you off. Inside,
                                  your party will discover some bumbling 
goblins looking for some key. An earthquake will hit and the first battle of
the game subsequently begins. 

But before you actually start, you should take a slight detour. Escape from
the battle by moving Max to the bottom edge of the battlefield. You will be
asked if you want to retreat from the battle. Confirm and voila, you're out of

Outside on the world map, walk a bit to the east and enter the cabin with the 
red roof. Inside, you can talk to the friar to save your game. More 
importantly though, speak with the man outside by the tree stump. He will
introduce himself as Gong and join your party. With that, you can return to 
the battle with a new comrade. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill the Rune Knight.

   Enemies - 
   * Goblin x5
   * Dark Dwarf x2
   * Rune Knight x1

   Being the first battle of the game, this fight is not too difficult. You 
   are facing a few weak Goblins, some Dark Dwarves, and a Rune Knight. For 
   the first part of the battle, you will have to fight through the Goblins
   because the Rune Knight and other monsters will move to the far end of the
   battlefield and wait there. 

   Move your melee units (Max, Luke, Gong) up to the front of your party. 
   Leave your ranged units slightly behind and lastly, have Lowe stay back to
   heal if necessary. With the combined forces of your attackers, bring down
   the first wall of three Goblins. Assign one of the three Goblins to every 
   one of your close-combat warriors and let your ranged units hit them from a 
   distance, behind your line of warriors. Do your best to avoid getting in
   the range of the Dark Dwarves until you have sucessfully eliminated the 
   first three Goblins. If you take any hits, be sure to restore their HP 
   using Lowe's Heal spell. 

   Next, lure the two Dark Dwarves and two Goblins away from the Rune Knight
   by positioning one of your warriors nearby. Then, mob the Dark Dwarves and
   do them in quickly. Try to take at least one of them down in one turn; 
   Dark Dwarves are stronger than Goblins and can take a healthy chunk out of 
   your HP. 

   The Rune Knight has a strong hit, so avoid letting your units get too close
   to him until you're prepared to take him down. It won't take too much of
   an effort though because he has little HP. You ought to be able to kill
   him in three hits. Doing so will end the battle. 

It's time to return to Guardiana, where Kane of Runefaust is planning a full
invasion. Once the battle is over, head south and exit the battlefield, where
a full legion of enemies awaits. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies. 

   Enemies - 
   * Goblin x5
   * Dark Dwarf x3
   * Rune Knight x2

   An earthquake has destroyed the path leading south; therefore, in order to 
   reach Guardiana, you'll have to head north and around the mountain.
   Unfortunately, a number of enemies block the path there. The first group
   consists of three Goblins. Send in your close-combat fighters to deal with
   them. You will have to chase the first group as they retreat to the north.
   Do your best to eliminate the first three Goblins before they manage to get 
   too close to their allies. Keep in mind that due to the mountain, you have 
   limited room to maneuver. 

   Once you have eliminated the three Goblins, you can proceed to the next
   group, which consists of two Dark Dwarves and three Goblins. This part of
   the battle is a bit tougher because you're dealing with more foes. The best
   way to go about this fight is to position Luke and Max in such a position
   as to plug up the opening between the mountain to the south and the edge of
   the water. This way, you would only have to deal with two monsters at a 
   time. Using this strategy, you should be able to easily eliminate the group 
   of enemies. Be sure to use Gong or Lowe to heal when necessary. 

   Make your way down to the bridge leading toward Guardiana, where the 
   remainder of the enemies are waiting. The units across the bridge will not
   budge from their position. Take advantage of this by placing both your
   ranged units directly across from the two enemy units on the other side. 
   You can basically kill them with impunity from the other side of the river. 
   Once the two are down, cross the bridge and kill the last remaining foe. 

Enter Guardiana and some soldiers will tell you that the town has taken a 
severe beating. Many of the buildings in town have been damaged in the 
fighting, though the store is still open. If you need to, return to the 
                                  Guardiana Chapel and talk to the priest
O==============================O  inside to revive any units you lost in
|    Guardiana Weapon Shop     |  battle. Afterwards, make your way to 
O==============================O  Guardiana Castle. 
| * Short Sword...........100G |
| * Spear.................150G |  Head to the throne room and someone will run
| * Hand Axe..............200G |  out to inform you that the king and Varios
| * Wooden Staff...........80G |  have been injured. Inside, you'll encounter
| * Wooden Arrow..........320G |  Varios being stuck up by Kane of Runefaust,
O------------------------------O  of whom is demanding some sort of treasure.
                                  Kane will subsequently leave, but Varios
meets a tragic end. The king, who has been mortally wounded, tells you of a 
key that will open the Gate of the Ancients. It's now up to you to find out
why Runefaust is so interested in the gate and to prevent the key from falling
into the hands of evil. With that, Mae, the daughter of the deceased Varios, 
will join you. 

Leave the throne room and make your way to the northwest corner of the castle
area. There, you'll find a door. Head inside to discover seven chests. No one
is going to stop you from running off with their contents, so open them to 
find an Antidote, a Medical Herb, an Angel Wing, a Power Potion, a Defense
Potion, and 50G. Not a bad haul at all. 

Return to Guardiana and pay the local bar (which, interestingly enough, still
seems to be in good condition) a visit. Remember the old man from before? 
Speak with him again and he'll join your party. Now there's not much left to
do. Stock up on whatever items you need at the shop and then leave Guardiana.
As you do so, another force of Kane's minions will meet you in battle. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies.
   * Reach Alterone.    

   Enemies - 
   * Dark Dwarf x5
   * Rune Knight x5
   * Giant Bat x5

   When the battle begins, two Giant Bats will begin to fly toward your party.
   Have your units cross the bridge just east of Guardiana and engage the
   Giant Bats directly. Be wary of their ability to induce sleep with their
   regular attack. It does not often happen, but do your best to kill them
   quickly anyway. Unfortunately, they have very high agility, so you'll 
   probably miss more often than you'd like. 

   Move back across the bridge and make your way north, where five Dark 
   Dwarves await. Try to isolate the Dark Dwarves closest to you to avoid
   getting swarmed by all five of them. Focus on killing one at a time and
   work your way north through the pack. Keep your weaker units away from any
   immediate danger because Dark Dwarves can hit for some hefty damage. If 
   your units become severely wounded, don't hesitate to use Gong or Lowe to 

   At this point, head due north toward the three last Giant Bats. Avoid 
   moving your warriors too far to the east lest you attract the attentions of
   the Rune Knights surrounding Alterone. Once again, charge and surround the 
   Giant Bats to eliminate them. Then, work your way toward the five Rune
   Knights. Pick one off and swarm it before moving on to the next. Let your
   close-combat fighters take most of the hits with your healers in the back
   row. Don't neglect to use Tao's Blaze spell either; it works wonders 
   against them. It's strongly recommended that you bring her to at least 
   level 4 for Blaze 2. 

   Once the last of the Rune Knights is down for the count, the mission will
   end. Alternatively, you could've just waltz into Alterone without having 
   killed every opponent on the field. 


Alterone is a rather large town. Inside, you'll find an item shop along the
                                   west side of town. Feel free to stock up
O==============================O   on Medical Herbs. There's really no need
|     Alterone Weapon Shop     |   for Healing Seeds at this point and 
O==============================O   and considering their price tag, you 
| * Short Sword...........100G |   probably couldn't afford too many of those
| * Spear.................150G |   anyway. It should also be noted that there
| * Hand Axe..............200G |   is a weapons shop along the east side of
| * Wooden Staff...........80G |   town combined with a bar. 
| * Wooden Arrow..........320G |
O==============================O   Once you are finished exploring, you can
|      Alterone Item Shop      |   loot some of the treasures hidden around
O==============================O   Alterone. From the entrance, head to the
| * Medical Herb...........10G |   left and enter the first house you come
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   across. Inside, the old lady will inform
| * Angel Wing.............40G |   you of an underground passage in the 
O------------------------------O   castle. That little bit of information will
                                   come into play later. For now, descend the
steps into the house's basement, where you'll find four chests (though only 
two of them contain anything. Snag the Bronze Lance and 70G. Afterwards, leave 
the house and make your way to the building at the very northwest corner of 
town. The single chest inside contains a Medical Herb. 

Next, make your way to the eastern side of town. If you go to the northeast
house's basement, you will discover another four chests. Take the Healing Seed
and Middle Sword before leaving. Next, make your way to the house below the 
one you just left. This is the Alterone Chapel. I know, it isn't too fancy-
looking. Unfortunately, the priest isn't around to do sacraments and stuff so
you can't save your game or anything. You can also commit sacrilege and steal 
a Medical Herb from the chest inside.
Leave the chapel and find the cart just past the wooden bridge. Push it to the
left as to make it wheel into the girl by the river. Speak with the girl and
she'll push you into the water for getting mud all over her dress. You'll end
up swimming (more like splash violently) onto a wooden platform with a chest.
Open it for a Power Potion. Return to dry ground by stepping back into the 
water and "splashing" your way back. 

Now, make your way over to the weapon shop (and bar) and break open the chests
inside to find a Healing Seed and 100G. With that collected, speak with the
man by the bartender and he'll ask you about Guardiana. Confirm both of his
questions and he will inform you that a friend has went to Alterone Castle.
That's exactly where you should head next. In case you haven't already noticed
it, Alterone Castle is situated at the north end of town. 

The first thing you want to do when you enter the castle is steal whatever you
can. A chest to the left contains a Wooden Arrow. In order to reach the chest
near the waterfall, go straight up from the castle entrance, left, and then
down the steps. It contains a Healing Seed. Once you've collected that, head
to the throne room, which is at the top-center region of this floor. Before
you speak with the King, check out the room to the left. Inside are four 
chests containing a Defense Potion, a Middle Sword, a Bread of Life, and 100G.
Finally, you can go ahead and talk to the King. 

The King will ask you to follow him to see a 'tactician' to consult on the
matter. Go after him to the right and through the door. Before you head
downstairs though, you can find another chest further to the left containing
a Wooden Staff. When you meet up with the King, he will reveal that in order
to protect Alterone, he must hand you over to Kane. With that, you'll be
thrown into a jail cell with the missing priest! He can still perform his
duties for you so feel free to save your game. 

Use the "Search" command on the jail door and a fellow by the name of Khris
will break you out and join the Shining Force. Khris will reveal a secret 
passage in the floor, which you should follow to freedom. After two long
corridors, you'll come to two staircases. If you go downstairs to the 
headquarters, Nova will be available to advise you on the next battle. Head
upstairs and outside to begin the next battle. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies.

   Enemies - 
   * Dark Dwarf x4
   * Rune Knight x4
   * Giant Bat x4
   * Sniper x2
   * Dark Mage x1

   At the start, Lord Kane will be forced to leave to some other business,
   leaving just his minions behind to deal with you. Your party will face some
   considerable opposition, but with careful planning and strategic fighting,
   you should have no trouble beating them down. 

   There are bridges: one leads to the north and the other leads to the east.
   Group your party together and opt for the east bridge, which is defended by
   four Rune Knights. As you move along, the four Giant Bats will immediately
   fly to you and attack. Most of them will reach you before you manage to 
   get to the Dark Dwarves. As they come into range, keep your closest units
   away from the edge of the water. You've probably noticed by now that the 
   Giant Bats can fly. If they manage to attack you from over the water, you 
   will not be able to use your units to mob them, allowing for only one unit
   to fight back from the ground. 

   Once the Giant Bats are eliminated, move on to the Dark Dwarves defending
   the bridge. You shouldn't have much trouble dealing with these Dark Dwarves
   anymore. Try to keep your stronger units in the front to take most of the
   damage. I doubt you'll need to heal at this point, but do so if necessary
   with Lowe, Gong, or Khris. 

   Make your way north toward the last batch of enemies. When you begin to get 
   close, the Rune Knights will break off from the group. Hold your units 
   where they are and wait for them to come to you. Then, surround them with 
   your warriors and do them in. Finally, send your units further north to 
   engage the Dark Mage and Snipers.  When approaching, do not group your 
   units together because the Dark Mage is capable of casting Blaze 2, which 
   can toast up to five units. Keep in mind that the Snipers are able to deal 
   ranged damage. Move your warriors in and attack. It shouldn't take too long
   to kill them because they don't have considerably high defense stats.

When the battle ends, go back to Alterone Castle and speak with the King. 
Grant forgiveness and he will tell you search the dragon head to find a 
secret passage. The dragon head (in case it wasn't obvious) is located to the
right of the waterfall. Step up to it and pull the chain inside. With that,
the waterfall disappears, revealing a door in its place. Move to the end of
the corridor to the end of Chapter I. 

              5.2. Chapter II: Spirit of the Holy Spring                [5200]


At the entrance to Rindo, you'll find your headquarters and the town weapon
shop to the left and right, respectively. Most of the weapons inside the 
weapon shop, you've already picked up from various treasure chests. However,
feel free to upgrade your mages to Power Staves - they won't increase your
                                   magic attack at all, but they do deal more
O==============================O   damage per physical hit. Leave the weapon
|       Rindo Weapon Shop      |   shop and head into the center of time. The
O==============================O   huge building is the Rindo Theater. Feel
| * Middle Sword..........250G |   free to go inside and watch the free play,
| * Spear.................150G |   which basically depicts a wimpy Max getting
| * Bronze Lance..........300G |   his ass handed to him by a Runefaust 
| * Power Staff...........500G |   knight. Haha...
| * Wooden Staff...........80G |
| * Wooden Arrow..........320G |   Further east is the local item shop (which
O==============================O   also doubles as a bar). To the right of
|        Rindo Item Shop       |   that building is a stone house. Go inside
O==============================O   and take the Speed Ring from the chest. 
| * Medical Herb...........10G |
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   Leave the building and speak with the old
| * Antidote...............20G |   man blocking the pier. He will tell you
| * Angel Wing.............40G |   that soldiers had bought nearly all of 
O------------------------------O   Rindo's ships. The remaining ship is the
                                   mayor's. Now, head over to the mayor's
house, which is at the top-center region of Rindo. Speak with him and he will
inform you that Kane had purchased all of the ships. He also refuses to loan
you his ship. After that, check out the house at the northeast corner. Inside,
you can speak with Guntz and Dr. Crock. Once you're done hanging around, leave
town and you'll be thrust into battle. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies. 

   Enemies - 
   * Dark Dwarf x3
   * Giant Bat x4
   * Sniper x2
   * Dark Mage x3
   * Zombie x4

   This is a large battlefield and, for the most part, enemies are spread out
   quite nicely. This is a good thing because you won't have to contend with
   hordes upon hordes of monsters at once. The first group you will face
   consists of three Dark Dwarves across the small wooden bridge. Send in
   your strongest attackers and deal with these as you see fit. Try to take
   them down before the Giant Bats manage to arrive on your position. 

   Cross the bridge and proceed progressively north. Fight off the Giant Bats
   as they come to you. The next group consists of two Snipers and a Dark 
   Mage. Rush your units in and kill them swiftly. Unfortunately due to the
   desert terrain, your units will not be able to move as far as usual. Again, 
   make sure that you do not cluster your units together or else the Dark 
   Mage's Blaze 2 will make quick work of your warriors. Get your strongest 
   units to defeat them (they might even be able to take a Dark Mage or Sniper 
   down in one hit). 

   The last cluster of enemies consists of four Zombies and two Dark Mages. 
   Hopefully, you have kept Tao alive all of this time. Use her Blaze 2 spell 
   on the Zombies, which should be able to eliminate them effortlessly. While 
   fighting these Zombies, keep Max away from any immediate danger. It's very 
   important that you heal when necessary. Defeat the last of the remaining 
   enemies to finish the battle. 

With the battle over, make your way to the next town, Manarina. 


The town of Manarina is full of shady people cloaked in gray garbs. When you
enter, head inside the first building you come across. Inside, speak with the
white-haired girl, Princess Anri. She refuses to believe what happened to
Guardiana and tells you off. Once Nova appears though, she will see the truth
and run off to be alone for a bit. 

Head right through the corridor and go into the library. At the top end of
this room, you'll find a door into a small laboratory with an odd-looking
robot contraption. Check the machine to obtain a Domingo Egg. With that in
tow, leave the lab and head up the stairs nearby. On this floor, there's a
cooky scientist who offers to change you into an animal (a hen, to be exact). 
Take my advice and don't say yes. Well, if you do, talk to the mage in red
garb (you'll need to do a bit of walking) to change back to human. 

Head upstairs onto the next floor and you'll discover Anri up some steps. She
will come to realize her duty and join your party. Also speak with the knight
near the two hanging white shirts named Arthur. Now, return to the building
entrance and go straight up. Speak with the red-garbed mage named Oltrant and
say yes to her question. Head down the staircase nearby with an odd panel 
depicting an eye hanging over it. On the lower floor is the dreaded Cavern of


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill the Skeleton.

   Enemies - 
   * Giant Bat x5
   * Dark Mage x4 
   * Zombie x3
   * Skeleton x1

   Do not worry about the chests strewn throughout the battlefield; you can
   pick up the treasures after the battle. Anyway, as for the fight, you are
   up against some tough opponents. Two Zombies block the path immediately in
   front of you. Move your warriors up close and pound them. It's recommended
   that you save your MP for later, but if things get tough, cast a Blaze 1 
   spell to facilitate the task. Try to kill both Zombies before the forces 
   across the bridge manage to move in. 

   As soon as the Dark Mage gets in range, scatter your units and focus your
   attacks on him. Once he's taken out, mob the remaining Zombie and
   afterwards, the two Snipers. This task should not prove to be difficult at
   all. Unless a unit is gravely injured, don't waste any MP healing. Beyond
   this group, a cluster of five Giant Bats will be on approach. At this point
   in the game, these monsters should pose no threat at all. Cut them down and
   then proceed to the last group of enemies to the northeast. 

   The three Dark Mages will position themselves in front of the Skeleton, so
   you'll have to contend with them first. Once again, don't cluster your
   units together unless you are asking for a swift Blaze 2 spell to light up
   your party. It's best to just send in two strong hitters of whom can kill a 
   Dark Mage in one hit. In my case (and most likely yours), those warriors
   were Max and Luke. Those units will have enough HP to survive one casting 
   of Blaze 2. If your mages have enough MP remaining, use Blaze 2 on the 
   clustered Dark Mages. Lastly, cast Blaze 2 on the Skeleton and then finish
   him off with a physical strike from one of your fighters. 

As Max, open the chest that the Skeleton was guarding to find the Orb of 
Light. That's not the only treasure here though. At the southeast corner of 
the cavern is a chest containing a Power Ring. To the left of that chest,
beyond the cavern wall, you'll find a Medical Herb. The chest at the top-
center region of the cave contains a Wooden Staff. The last chest, which can
be found at the northwest corner, hides a Power Staff. 

Ascend the staircase and make your way north. The wall here will split 
allowing you to access the area beyond. At the end of the path, use the Orb
of Light and a spirit will appear to tell you of your destiny. It's your task
now to stop Darksol from carrying out his evil designs. Return to Oltrant and
you'll be told to cross the sea from Rindo to the Eastern Continent. Before
you go, find Arthur on the third floor - he will join the Shining Force. 

Make your way back to Rindo and find the mayor again. He will ask you for a 
favor in return for giving you the ship. Your job is to find his missing
grandson. Head down to the open area before to find that the circus has
finally arrived. Speak with the man blocking off the entrance, who remarks
that he did notice the mayor's grandson enter. Enter the tent to discover the 
witch from Alterone causing mischief. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill the Marionette. 

   Enemies - 
   * Giant Bat x3
   * Mannequin x3
   * Evil Puppet x3
   * Dire Clown x2
   * Marionette - Boss

   At the very start, you will be approached by two Mannequins and a Evil 
   Puppet on the left. Move all of your strong characters to block your left
   flank and allow them to clash. At the same time, three Giant Bats will
   approach on your left. By now though, they should be no threat at all, so
   have your weaker units deal with them. The primary threat at this point is
   on the other side. Plug up the path and prevent the two Mannequins from
   going any further. Eliminate the Evil Puppet quickly because it has the
   ability to cast Freeze, which can deal heavy damage. In addition, they can
   also absorb HP from their targets. 

   Kill the three as quickly and painlessly as possible. Then, heal any units
   that took damage in the process. Afterwards, take down the Giant Bats 
   flying around the right side of the battlefield. Don't climb onto the main
   platform yet until you have your entire force ready to move in at the same
   time. This segment of the battle is quite tough. The Marionette boss can 
   cast Freeze 3, which can deal upwards of 15 HP damage to up to five units
   clustered together. 

   The first thing you want to do is to lure the two Evil Puppets and one
   Mannequin away from the rest of the pack. Do this by wavering your units 
   along the south end of the platform. When they engage you, surround them 
   with your units and do them in. Heal any wounded units and ready your 
   warriors for the Dire Clowns and Marionette. 

   The most painless (and cheapest) way to take out the Dire Clowns would be
   to position a ranged unit exactly two tiles below each one. The Dire Clowns
   won't budge and the Marionette is too far away to hit you in this position.
   You can essentially attack the two with impunity. It's a slow method, but
   it's guaranteed to work. Once the two are down, you can finally work your
   way to the boss. 

   As mentioned before, Freeze 3 can hit multiple units grouped together for
   very heavy damage. On the approach, avoid clustering your units together
   lest you be devastated in such a way. Move in your strongest warriors and
   surround the boss. At this point, he will be more inclined to just 
   physically attack the surrounding units than to cast Freeze 3, which is
   in your favor because his normal attack is far less devastating. Simply
   slash at him until he falls. In the process, it's not recommended that you
   bring in a unit to heal because that may provoke the Marionette to cast
   Freeze 3 again. 

After the battle, the mayor's grandson will pop up from behind some boxes. 
He will return home (and hopefully never run off again). Anyway, feel free to
loot the various chests strewn throughout the circus tent. Steel Arrows and
50G can be found in the two chests on the main platform. The chest near where
the little boy appeared contains a Defense Potion. With all of that done, 
return to the mayor's house and he will grant you his ship, as promised. 

Make your way down to the pier and step onto the ship. But due to some
circumstances involving a meddling bitch... uh I mean witch, your beautiful
vessel meets a tragic end. Now with no ship to use, speak to the old man by 
the pier. He will recommend that you go see the mayor again. Go speak with
him to be informed that the only town with ships is Uranbatol. When he asks
if you're truly determined to go, nod your head and he will tell you the way.
First, you must venture to Shade Abbey. Speak with his son (the man, not the
little brat you saved from the circus), who will explain all the details. 
Leave Rindo and head north on the narrow path between the mountains. You will
end up arriving at a small settlement. 

                                 SHADE ABBEY

When you enter Shade Abbey, speak with the birdwoman (named Amon). She will
implore you to save one of her friends, Balbaroy. No other details, no nothing. 
Well, enter the building up ahead and go through the second door from the
right. Inside, you'll find a priest who shoos you off. Return to the main
entrance and the doorway that was previously blocked by the young lady will be
open. Walk straight into the main abbey building to find that you're... being

Suddenly, Balbaroy will tell you that it's a trap (pretty late for that now).
It is time to fight. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill the Ghoul. 
   Enemies -
   * Zombie x6
   * Skeleton x3
   * Ghoul x1

   The battle begins with Max separated from the rest of the party. The first
   thing you should do is move him back to the safety of the main group. Your
   units are surrounded by enemies, and the area is quite small. The strategy
   of isolating monsters one by one won't work as well here due to the 
   confined space. Fortunately, that does create one definite advantage 
   because Blaze 2 becomes that much more effective. The Zombies will 
   inadvertently cluster themselves together, allowing for many opportunities
   to cast Blaze 2. 

   Work on taking out the group of five Zombies on the right first. The four
   to the upper-right region are in prime position for a nice cooking with
   Tao's Blaze 2. Be wary of the Skeletons and keep your weaker units out of
   their range, for a single hit from a Skeleton will be enough to take down 
   your units with lower HP. Healing is very important in this battle because
   all of the enemies are capable of dishing out devastating damage. Your
   primary attackers like Max should be kept at full HP for the entirety of
   the battle. 

   Don't bother attacking the Ghoul until you've managed to eliminate every
   other enemies on the map. The Ghoul won't move and will only attack units
   that wander right next to it. As for the Skeletons, use your magic! With
   their high defense, physical attacks are too slow to kill them quickly
   enough. If you get lucky and the Skeletons clump up, a well-aimed Blaze 2
   will devastate them. Once the Skeletons are down, send your strongest
   attackers to take down the Ghoul. 

Finishing the battle will free Balbaroy from his petrified state brought on
by Darksol. He will then join your party. Return to Shade Abbey's entrance
and you'll encounter Amon, who will also join your Shining Force. With that,
she'll inform you that in order to reach Uranbatol, you must first go through

              5.3. Chapter III: Secret Weapon of Runefaust              [5300]


Bustoke is a quaint little village situated up in the mountains. Ask around 
and you'll learn about a man named Zylo who was made insane by the Runefaust
bad guys. To protect Bustoke, Zylo has been locked up in a cage on the west
                                   edge of town. If you speak with the old man
O==============================O   in the red-roofed house on the first level,
|     Bustoke Weapon Shop      |   he will tell you that in order to cure 
O==============================O   Zylo, he needs to make Lunar Dew, and in 
| * Middle Sword..........250G |   order to make Lunar Dew, he needs a Moon
| * Power Spear...........900G |   Stone, of which can be found on the quarry.
| * Bronze Lance..........300G |   
| * Middle Axe............600G |   Before you do anything else, I'd suggest
| * Power Staff...........500G |   checking out the Bustoke Weapon Shop - it's
| * Steel Arrow..........1200G |   located inside the first doorway you see
O==============================O   as you enter Bustoke. Upgrade your knights
|      Bustoke Item Shop       |   to a Power Spear and purchase Middle Axes
O==============================O   for all of your warriors. If your mages
| * Medical Herb...........10G |   aren't upgraded, purchase Power Staves for
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   them as well. Sell off all your old 
| * Antidote...............20G |   equipment to free up space. 
| * Angel Wing.............40G |
O------------------------------O   Once you finish exploring the town, make
                                   your way to the building at the upper-left.
Inside, speak with the lady and nod your head when she asks if you are the
Shining Force. It seems that the Runefaust forces have enslaved the men of
Bustoke to work in the quarry in search of a Laser Eye, some sort of weapon.
Then, speak with the other person, Diane. She will join your party as an
archer. At last, you have a new ranged unit. 

Before you head out, check out the chapel (red-roofed building on the second
floor) and do your business. Also note that the headquarters is through the
door just left of the chapel. Anyway, leave Bustoke by descending one level
and walking as far right as possible. On the quarry, you will stumble upon 
the Runefaust forces just as they discover the Laser Eye. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill the Master Mage. 
   Enemies -
   * Dark Mage x2
   * Skeleton x6
   * Dark Elf x2
   * Dark Priest x4
   * Lizardman x1
   * Master Mage x1

   This is the first battle in which you actually have to select the units you
   want to use. It's purely up to your preference, but definitely leave a spot
   for at least one of your birdmen. Also, have at least one ranged unit in
   the battle as well. It's recommended that you send in more than one healer
   because you're dealing with some strong units.

   Have your units descend the steps and engage the two Skeletons there. 
   Defeat both and heal any fighters that got hurt in the process. Next, you
   need to kill the two Dark Elves on the ledge further to the right. This is
   where your birdman and ranged units come into play. Harass the Dark Elves
   and eliminate them as the rest of your party moves on the Dark Priest and
   Dark Mage further ahead. 

   The Dark Priest should be killed first because it can heal its allies. 
   Then, focus on taking out the Dark Mage to end the threat of Blaze 2. Due
   to the tightness of the ledge, it's impossible to spread your units out to
   avoid Blaze 2. Have your healers stay back and heal any unit that gets
   wounded. Don't proceed any further until you've managed to bring your party
   back to adequate health. 

   Descend the steps into another group of enemies. If you can, kill any 
   Skeletons down here before the Dark Priests manage to use Heal. Once the
   enemy's attacking force is gone, the Dark Priests will be helpless. Work
   your way down to the bottom of the quarry, where numerous foes await. The
   Lizardman down here is particularly dangerous; be sure to protect your 
   weaker units from its powerful strike. As for the Master Mage, beware of
   his Freeze 2 spell. Minimize the amount of damage by spreading out your
Following the battle, walk inside the cave and open the chest for the Moon
Stone. With that item in tow, return to Bustoke the same way you came from 
and find the alchemist again. After he works some magic with it, you'll 
receive Lunar Dew. 

Now, while staying on the same level, head as far west as possible and go 
through the door there. Inside, descend the staircase and speak with Kokichi
in the corner. Then, examine his machine to draw a comment from the old man.
Then speak with him again, head out through the south doorway, and watch 
Kokichi fly around (and crash). 

Anyway, as for Zylo, head to the house where you met Diane and go through the
door just right of the main room. In here, you'll find an opening in the back
you can go through. Make your way left around the rear of the building and 
down the long ladder. Order the lady nearby to open the cage. Head inside and
use the Lunar Dew on Zylo by prying open his mouth and just pouring it in. 
Yeah, that's the way to get things done! As thanks for helping him return to
his normal self, Zylo decides to join you. 

Leave Bustoke by heading up the path to the right of the chapel. As you might
have expected, more Runefaust forces manage to get in your way. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies. 

   Enemies -
   * Skeleton x5
   * Dark Elf x2
   * Dark Priest x2
   * Lizardman x2
   * Pegasus Knight x4

   For this battle, you will not have to deal with uneven terrain. Therefore,
   the birdmen will not be all that necessary. Instead, I'd suggest bringing 
   Zylo in their place. As for healers, have one or two available. Ranged
   units are also strongly recommended. 

   This battlefield is huge, allowing you a plenty of room to maneuver. Begin 
   by directly engaging the first three Skeletons. As you attack these, the
   group of enemies further north will begin to move in your direction. Have
   a strong attacker diverge from the main party and eliminate the two Dark
   Elves before they get a chance to shoot even a single arrow. 

   The Skeletons are more difficult to defeat because their defense is quite 
   strong. Be sure to take advantage of Blaze 2 whenever more than two 
   Skeletons group themselves together. Otherwise, just cast Blaze on single 
   targets to avoid wasting MP. Defeat the Lizardman and Dark Priest, along
   with any remaining enemies in the immediate vicinity. While fighting, keep 
   your weaker units protected at all times. Afterwards, heal up and proceed
   further north. 

   There will be four Pegasus Knights flying over the mountain from the east
   and northeast. Although they are fast and agile, there's really nothing to
   fear from them. However, they can still threaten your weaker units if you
   leave them unprotected, so don't get lax in your formation. Down the four
   Pegasus Knights and then head north toward the wooden bridge. The last two
   enemies should be no problem to defeat. Kill the Lizardman and then the
   helpless Dark Priest afterwards. 

Once the battle is over, Nova will tell you to quickly move onto Pao Bridge.
Before you do that though, go back to Bustoke to save your game and revive any
fallen party members. Then, return to the bridge and you'll witness a scene
leading up to yet another fight. This time with the Runefaust secret weapon, 
the Laser Eye. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies.

   Enemies -
   * Dark Elf x3
   * Dark Priest x2
   * Lizardman x5
   * Pegasus Knight x3
   * Silver Knight x2
   * Laser Eye x1

   The battlefield consists of one long land bridge connecting your side of
   the cliff to the other mountain. Enemies are strewn all over the place,
   but the biggest danger lies in the Laser Eye positioned at the other end
   of the cliff. At the start of the battle, it will begin charging up to 
   fire. It will take 10 turns to fully charge up and when it does, it'll
   unleash a deadly beam hitting all units in a line on the land bridge. 
   However, it should be noted that the Laser Eye also affects its own allies!
   If you are patient enough to do nothing for the first 10 turns, the Laser 
   Eye will fire on the three Lizardmen and Dark Priest on the bridge, 
   damaging them heavily. 

   The less boring strategy would be to send your units over the bridge and
   just take the hit. You will lose some units in the process, but you should
   still be able to finish the mission. Send your units north and get on the 
   land bridge. Engage the Lizardmen as you make your way across. As you get 
   closer to the Laser Eye, take down the three Pegasus Knights that approach. 
   When the Laser Eye fires, it will hit your units still on the bridge (and 
   hopefully some other enemies that happened to get in the way). Heal 
   immediately and then proceed down the rest of the way. 

   The rest of the enemies along the bridge should be in a weakened state
   after having been blasted by the Laser Eye as well. Once you have cleared
   the remaining Lizardmen and the Silver Knight closest to the Laser Eye, 
   make a beeline for the Laser Eye and destroy it. Once it's gone, you can
   go ahead and waste the remaining monsters. 

At the end of the battle, the mercenary Pelle will manage to climb back up the
side of the cliff. He will join you on your fight against the Runefaust army. 
Now, onwards to Pao!

              5.4. Chapter IV: The Great Fortress of Balbazak           [5400]


Pao is a town that's constantly moving, hence the wheels on the buildings. 
                                   The man on the blue carpet sells items. 
O==============================O   If you head inside the building he's by,
|        Pao Weapon Shop       |   you can speak with General Elliott of
O==============================O   Runefaust. Agree to hear him out and he
| * Long Sword............750G |   will tell you that Runefaust has been
| * Bronze Lance..........900G |   corrupted by Darksol. Though he hates 
| * Power Spear...........300G |   Darksol with a passion, Elliott is on the
| * Middle Axe............600G |   Runefaust side. Therefore, on the   
| * Power Staff...........500G |   battlefield, you will be enemies. 
| * Steel Arrow..........1200G |
O==============================O   After that... uh... confrontation, leave
|         Pao Item Shop        |   that tent building and head into the 
O==============================O   building to the right. Steal a Long Sword
| * Medical Herb...........10G |   from inside the chest. Just above this
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   building is a huge wagon on wheels. Inside
| * Antidote...............20G |   is a chest that contains Legs of Haste. 
| * Angel Wing.............40G |   Two wagons down to the left, you'll find
O------------------------------O   another chest holding a Bread of Life. The
                                   man behind the table nearby sells weapons.
It's recommended that you upgrade your sword-wielders to Long Swords. From all
of your prior engagements, you should more than enough gold to suffice. Once
you are done here, head into the wagon to the right and speak with the knight
inside, Earnest. 

Make your way to the head wagon and speak with Queen Koron, the woman dressed
in red. The captain will tell you that Pao can leave at any moment. Talk to
the queen again and nod your head when she asks if you're ready. When the 
town disappears, Kokichi, the quirky man from Bustoke, will fly in and join
your party. There is also one knight, Vankar, standing in the middle of the 
open expanse. Speak to him and he will join your Shining Force as well. 

Now, head to the chapel, which is located further to the northwest. It's the
only building that really looks solidly constructed. Speak with the priest
inside and do whatever you need to do. Observe the odd-looking creature
further at the corner. He will fall over and just lay there for a little bit.
Although you won't know it right away, this little fellow is Jogurt and he
will join your party. Leave the chapel and go to your headquarters where you
should ready yourself for the coming fight. Leave the area via the east exit.


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill Elliott.

   Enemies -
   * Dark Priest x3
   * Lizardman x5
   * Pegasus Knight x4
   * Silver Knight x4
   * Artillery x1
   * Elliott - Boss

   The battlefield area is vast, allowing you plenty of room to maneuver.
   Begin by sending your forces due east toward Elliott's forces on the other
   side. Some of the enemy forces will begin to move toward you at the same 
   time. Elliott, the Artillery unit, and the Silver Knights will stay behind.
   Spend the first few turns moving your warriors into position in preparation
   to engage the incoming forces. Move stronger units to lead the group and
   have weaker units follow behind. 

   When you finally clash, target at least one of the Dark Priests first to
   prevent the enemy from being able to heal too often. Then, focus on
   clearing the Lizardmen. It should be noted that one of the Lizardmen is 
   carrying a powerful Heat Axe. Determine which one is and make sure that you 
   kill it with a unit that has a free spot in his inventory! Otherwise, you
   will not be able to pick it up. Also, if you leave and re-enter the battle,
   the same Lizardman will still be holding a Heat Axe. If you repeat the
   battle again and again, you can collect multiple Heat Axes. 
   To help your units survive the brunt of this huge group, focus your attacks 
   on one enemy at a time. Do not allow any one of your units to wander too 
   far away from the rest of the party because the enemy will be quick to 
   overwhelm. Keep your units in close proximity with one another and heal 
   when anyone's HP drops dangerously low. Overall though, this fight should
   not be too tough because you have faced these enemies before. 

   As you gradually get closer to Elliott, the Silver Knights will break off
   and come toward you. Kill all four of these pushovers and then proceed to
   take out the Artillery unit and the Dark Priest. As for Elliott, make sure
   that you engage him with only fully-healed units with high HP units. He has
   a very strong strike that can instantly kill most weaker units with ease.
   Surround him and have a healer ready at all times. While he's surrounded,
   you can send in ranged units to pelt him from far away. Once you have 
   eliminated Elliott, the battle will end. 

Elliot will die, telling you to free Runefaust from Darksol with his dying 
breath. The moving town of Pao will happen to arrive right near your position 
after the battle.

The general layout of the town has been changed slightly from before. The
wagon-building just south of where you entered is the weapon shop. There's a 
chest inside as well, but it contains nothing. Boo... The item shop is located
in the tent further to the east. If you attained the Domingo Egg from 
Maranina, the other guy there will incubate the egg and hatch Domingo out of

Afterwards, go to the pigpen (even though the pigs are not actually inside).
Speak with the metal thing named Guntz and he'll give you a demonstration of
his sick moves. He will also join your party. Now, make your way to the main
wagon and speak with the queen. She will deliver to you a message from Elliott
about Prompt. Then, check the chests behind her for an Elven Arrow and a Steel
Sword. Finally, leave Pao and head north to the fortress. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Enter Uranbatol.

   Enemies -
   * Dark Priest x3
   * Pegasus Knight x3
   * Silver Knight x6
   * Artillery x1
   * Hellhound x2

   There's a noticeable height difference on this battle. There are various 
   ledges to climb onto. For that reason, it would certainly help to have 
   Amon, Barbaroy, or Kokichi (or all three!) available to take advantage of 
   their flying ability. As for your walkers, there's a lot of ground to 
   traverse and many instances where you have to climb. 

   Engage the first two Silver Knights in the first area of the fortress. The
   rocks really crowd things up, so you will have to fight the Silver Knights
   one-on-one, most likely. Your flyers, though, will have no problem just
   hovering over the rocks. Next, climb up the ladder and kill the Silver 
   Knight stationed around there. The Pegasus Knights and Hellhound in the
   general vicinity will begin to approach you at this point. Be wary of the
   Hellhound's strong fire attack (although it's physical attack deals
   worthless damage). 

   Begin to approach the gray ladder leading up to the highest ledge. There's
   another Silver Knight and a Dark Priest by the right doorway. Then, go up 
   the ladder and defeat all of the enemies stationed up on the ledge. The 
   last remaining foes will likely be clustered around the left door. You can 
   quickly kill them with a strategic casting of Blaze 2 or Freeze 2. 
   Alternatively, you can just run in there and do them in the old-fashioned 

Depending on how you finished the battle, one of the two doors will be open.
Both will end up leading to the same place. Follow the series of hallways and
staircases to reach the knight, Earnest, dealing with a stubborn dog. After
that scene, speak with him to have him join your party. With that, he will ram
into the wall (ouch), creating an opening into Uranbatol. 


There's an item shop directly south of the building you appear out of. If you
                                   are running short on supplies, now would be
O==============================O   an ideal time to purchase some items. 
|     Uranbatol Item Shop      |   Otherwise, there is nothing much of 
O==============================O   interest. You will notice that some of the
| * Medical Herb...........10G |   knights standing around were once fighters
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   of Runefaust. Apparently, you've done 
| * Antidote...............20G |   enough damage to make some of them just
| * Angel Wing.............40G |   give up. Note that your headquarters is
O------------------------------O   located down the stairs in the east room
                                   of the interior of the Uranbatol Fortress. 
When you are ready for the next battle, speak with the guard standing at the
wooden gate. He will let you through because you're a friend of Earnest. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill Balzabak. 

   Enemies -
   * Dark Priest x1
   * Evil Puppet x1
   * Silver Knight x2
   * Artillery x3
   * Hellhound x2
   * Seabat x5
   * Balzabak - Boss

   The battlefield is set up with the Seabats over the water along the right
   side of the level. The ground units have the path to Balzabak walled up. 
   At the start, move up your units slowly toward the two Silver Knights 
   blocking the path. You will be engaged by the Seabats, which your units
   should have no trouble killing. Seabats aren't particularly strong, but
   make an effort to avoid allowing any one unit to be surrounded by them.
   Be wary of their ability to induce sleep on occasion.

   The line of Artillery will pose the biggest threat because of their ability
   to deal huge amounts of damage in a single turn. Confront them with a line
   of your strongest instead of sending just one fighter in by himself. 
   Otherwise, you might find that unit gone after a few consecutive Artillery 
   attacks. Once the Artillery units have been destroyed, the rest of the
   battle becomes a piece of cake. 

   Two units will break off from the rest of the enemy group and stay behind
   to protect Balzabak. Send in some ranged units to attack their position
   from far away. The three units won't even budge from their position, so
   you can essentially attack with impunity. The Evil Puppet has the Heal
   spell, but it won't be too effective by the time you've mortally wounded
   all of them.  As for Balzabak, you can kill him without even taking a 
   single hit by utilizing your ranged knights and bow-wielders; he will not
   move at all for the entire battle. 

The victory will give you Balzabak's ship. Darksol will subsequently make his 
presence known, but allows you to set sail without much trouble. 

              5.5. Chapter V: Gateway to the Hidden Shrine              [5500]

The start of this new chapter puts you right into battle against some sea
monsters en route. Note that if you are not prepared for the battle, you can
simply retreat down the stairs where you will discover a priest (wow, this guy
sure comes in handy) and of course, the headquarters. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies. 

   Enemies -
   * Pegasus Knight x3
   * Seabat x4
   * Conch x3
   * Shellfish x2
   This is a ridiculously easy battle. The ship deck has plenty of space to
   maneuver your units, allowing you mob enemies as they jump onto your ship.
   Most of the monsters you face here are very easy to defeat. 

   Move your party from the upper decks to the main decks of the ship. Here,
   you will meet the Conches and Shellfishes as they climb up onto the ship.
   Beware of their ability to induce poison with their regular attack. Other
   than that though you do not have much to worry about. 

   Once the Conches and Shellfishes have been eliminated, you can begin to
   focus on clearing the outlying flying units. You've faced Pegasus Knights
   before so at this juncture in the game, they should be easily killed. 
   Remove every enemy from the battlefield to end the fight. 

Unfortunately, the attack dealt some damage to the ship. A mermaid, Shell of
Waral, will invite you to dock at the island civilization of Waral. 


There are plenty of items to pillage from the castle of Waral, which is where
you should head first. It's the tan building north of the Waral inn. If you go
to either door on the side, the king will appear to greet you (and offer to
sell you weapons and items). It's recommended that you upgrade your knights to
                                   Steel Lances if your wallet can afford the
O==============================O   cost. You will also notice five chests 
|       Waral Weapon Shop      |   behind the counter - access these by 
O==============================O   walking inside the castle and taking the
| * Steel Sword..........2500G |   respective staircase down to both rooms.
| * Power Spear...........900G |   Steal the Mobility Ring, Shower of Cure,
| * Steel Lance..........3000G |   Bread of Life, Defense Potion, and Medical
| * Battle Axe...........2600G |   Herb found inside the five chests. 
| * Power Staff...........500G |
| * Elven Arrow..........3200G |   Speak to the king and he will agree to
O==============================O   repair your shop if you spread the word
|        Waral Item Shop       |   about the wonderful island of Waral. After
O==============================O   that, leave the castle and head east, where
| * Medical Herb...........10G |   you will find the floor covered with...
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   fish. Step on the pink fish on the rock to
| * Antidote...............20G |   make Boken appear, who informs you that
| * Angel Wing.............40G |   there is an enormous building underneath
O------------------------------O   Waral. Now, go southwest and step onto the
                                   boat off the dock to take control of it.
Feel free to go around at your leisure, but note the line of red buoys along
the southern edge of the water. Speak to the mermaid, Shelra, blocking one of 
the gaps in the line. Say yes when she asks you if you are planning to go

Ignore her warnings and proceed. You will end up being caught by the current
and pushed off a waterfall (ouch!). Later, you will appear again in a small
room. Go upstairs to find a priest, who managed to rescue you from the wreck.
Leave his cottage and travel north. Descend the staircase and step into the 
odd, blue building. Chase the Skeleton you encounter inside until you are 
again thrust into battle. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill the Master Mage.

   Enemies -
   * Hellhound x5
   * Seabat x4
   * Skeleton V2 x5
   * Worm x3
   * Master Mage x1

   It should be noted that the Skeletons in this battle are stronger than the
   other Skeletons you encountered earlier in the game. Even so, they only
   pose a significant threat to your units with lower defense. Apart from them
   the remaining enemies have been encountered before except for the Worm,
   which is ridiculously easy to kill. 

   Split up your force into three groups. Each should consist of at least one
   strong fighter unit that can take a good deal of damage. The group that
   will head through the middle ought to be the strongest of them all. Send
   the other two up the openings to the left and right. With your outlying
   forces, engage the four Seabats occupying the lower corners of the 
   battlefield. Your center group should engage the Skeletons and Worms 
   blocking that route. Be wary of the Skeletons' strong attack and heal when

   When your two outside parties manage to eliminate the Seabats, have them
   move up through the opening and attack the enemy units beyond. Then, move
   your three parties and have them combine again into one force. Some of the
   enemy units will have moved back to reinforce the Master Mage at the north 
   end of the map. As you approach, they will retreat further and cluster 
   together around the Master Mage. Take advantage of their position and blast
   them with any area-effecting magic spell. Be wary of the Master Mage's
   Freeze 2 spell, which deals heavy damage to units grouped together. Once
   you have reached his position though, he can do little to stop you from
   wiping the floor with him. 

Once you have cleared Darksol's minions from the area, the spirit of the Holy
Spring will call out to you. The Shining Path is located behind the gigantic
door in front of you; the key you are questing for is located just beyond. But
before you manage to get in, the Runefaust mage will block the path, 
preventing you from getting through. Your next destination is Dragonia, where
the Manual of the Seal, one of the two items needed to unleash Dark Dragon 
(the other being the key, obviously) will be found. 

Back outside, the entire depression will flood with water, preventing any
further access down to the Holy Spring. In order to return to Waral, take the
boat conveniently docked nearby and just go north, where you'll find the
familiar line of red buoys. Return to the castle and speak to the king. The
repairs on your ship are done with the bill coming to 1,000,000G (of course,
he is only joking... maybe). 

On the seas, your force, once again, runs into a pack of sea monsters. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies.

   Enemies -
   * Pegasus Knight x2
   * Seabat x5
   * Conch x6
   * Shellfish x4
   * Gargoyle x1

   Ah, yet another sea battle. The only thing to note is the Gargoyle, who can 
   be a formidable opponent by himself. Beyond him though, none of the other 
   enemies will really pose too much of a threat during this mission. 

   Move your party down along the deck to engage the monsters. Try to focus
   your strongest attacks on the Gargoyle first before working on anything
   else. Be wary of his Muddle spell, which will bring about fog status
   on whoever Muddle hits. Afterwards, you can kill the remaining enemies 
   anyway you choose. Be aware that the Conch monsters can inflict poison with 
   their physical attack. 

   Over the course of the battle, new monsters will appear out of nowhere. 
   Deal with any arrivals as you see fit. Defeat all enemies to finish the
   mission. Try to be somewhat expedient in killing monsters lest the 
   reinforcements manage to overwhelm you. 

Just like before, the ship will be heavily damaged in the battle. As a result,
the Shining Force is now adrift at sea! Oh, what a fate. 

              5.6. Chapter VI: Descendant of the Sacred Dragon          [5600]


You start off this chapter in the town of Rudo. Speak to the red-haired child 
nearby and you'll be told to speak with Karin before you leave - she's the 
other red-haired child garbed in red. She will inform you that the Runefaust
army is near Dragonia, where a young dragon named Bleu is stranded. Since it
wouldn't be very nice not to do anything, you should help out. 

After leaving the building, you will notice that the town of Rudo is, 
interestingly enough, inhabited by children (except for the priest and other
                                   random people). The weapon and item shops
O==============================O   are located at the southwest corner of town,
|       Rudo Weapon Shop       |   to the west of the local church. Chrome
O==============================O   Lances and Guardian Staves are the new
| * Steel Sword..........2500G |   arrivals; upgrade your units as much as 
| * Chrome Lance.........4500G |   your wallet permits. There will be other
| * Battle Axe...........2600G |   opportunities to purchase new weapons 
| * Guardian Staff.......3200G |   later in the game. 
| * Elven Arrow..........3200G |   
O==============================O   Head to the building west of the dragon
|        Rudo Item Shop        |   statue in the middle of town. Make your
O==============================O   way up two flights of stairs and speak with
| * Medical Herb...........10G |   Lyle, who will join your Shining Force. 
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   With that, leave the building and and make
| * Antidote...............20G |   your way to the stone structure north of 
| * Angel Wing.............40G |   the dragon statue. Follow the hallway and
O------------------------------O   descend the staircase at the end. In here,
                                   converse with the dog, Brit, and go 
through. Inside, you'll meet Krin. Listen to her information, which I'm too
lazy to transcribe here, and head back outside. Go east and find the boy 
moving the rocks away from the gates. Before you leave, go up the nearby 
ladder and in through the door. Open the two chests here for a Healing Seed
and Holy Staff. Finally, leave Rudo and disembark for Dragonia. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill the Durahan.

   Enemies -
   * Master Mage x4
   * Artillery x5
   * Worm x3
   * High Priest x1
   * Golem x5
   * Durahan x1

   Most of the battlefield is covered with woods and mountains. Terrain will
   definitely prove to be an issue for your ground units. Movement will be
   inhibited significantly. A few flying units are strongly recommended for 
   this battle. However, don't sacrifice all of your power for mobility. Have
   your primary fighters as the driving force behind your attack force. 

   Move your warriors toward the first three Artillery units. Although you 
   have been fighting these things for a while now, they can still do heavy
   damage to your characters with weaker defenses. Killing them, though,
   should pose no problem whatsoever. Once they are out of the way, proceed
   in the direction of Dragonia. On the way, three Master Mages and three
   Worms will appear in the forest. Have your units prepared for them as they
   pop up amongst your party. 

   If you can successfully kill all three Master Mages in one turn, you will
   not have to worry about scattering your units to avoid their Freeze 2. The
   Worms should be ignored for the time being. Once the Master Mages are 
   defeated, kill off the remaining Worms and continue. At the edge of the
   mountain, five Golems will appear out of nowhere. These monsters are best
   defeated using magic spells because their defense makes it tough to deal
   significant damage. Also, keep weaker units protected because Golems can
   hit for hefty damage. 

   The final leg of this battle requires you to remove the force blocking off
   Dragonia. The Durahan will be a tough foe to defeat because of his heavy
   defense and extremely strong attack. If possible, kill him first to quickly
   end the battle. Pelt him with your strongest magic to deal the most damage. 
   Because the Master Mage can cast Freeze 2, do your best to avoid grouping 
   your units together. Let your ranged units occupy the outlying area, 
   staying out of the field of battle. 

After the battle, enter the nearby town of Dragonia. 


At the entrance, you can find an item shop to the west. If you're in dire need
                                   of supplies, refresh your inventory there.
O==============================O   Once you are done there, go to the building
|      Dragonia Item Shop      |   directly north of the Dragonia entrance.
O==============================O   Inside is a chest containing a Halberd. 
| * Medical Herb...........10G |   Next, head to the building at the northeast
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   corner, where you will find a Broad Sword
| * Antidote...............20G |   inside a chest. 
| * Angel Wing.............40G |
O------------------------------O   Return to the same building where you found
                                   the Halberd and descend the staircase 
inside. Follow the path into another building. You'll find Bleu, a young 
dragon. Speak to him and follow him when he shoos you off. Karin, the girl 
from Rudo, will subsequently appear to set things straight. After speaking
with Karin again, she will leave... only to get herself into some trouble. Her
screams alarm Bleu, who flies off to save her. Before you follow suit, check
the chest nearby for a Shower of Cure. 

You will eventually end up finding Bleu and Karin again. Speak with Bleu after
he toasts a Runefaust knight to have him join your party. With the path clear,
Karin will run back to Rudo, leaving you to deal with the remaining Runefaust
forces. Outside, you will find Kane standing around doing nothing. He will
fight you, but first of all, go to your headquarters to the west. Finish 
whatever business you need to finish. Leave the headquarters when you are
prepared to fight. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat Kane.

   Enemies -
   * Master Mage x3
   * Gargoyle x3
   * High Priest x2
   * Golem x4
   * Durahan x2
   * Cain - Boss

   This battle has the potential to be an extremely difficult fight if you 
   are careless in your moves. All of the enemies on the field are capable of
   dealing very heavy damage. It's been said before, but I'd like to stress 
   again how important it is to keep your weaker protected! You will be in bad 
   shape if all of your healers and mages fall before you even reach Kane 
   (Kane is mistakenly translated as Cain in this battle). 
   The first thing you should do is eliminate the three Gargoyles to the 
   north. Move your close-combat attackers in first and engage them as soon as
   you get the chance. Try to save your MP for the other monsters, and just
   kill these through conventional means. The only thing you really need to
   worry about with these monsters is their ability to cast Muddle. 

   The next group of enemies consists of four Golems strategically positioned 
   in front of two Master Mages and a High Priest. Take advantage of their
   clustered position and fire off an area-effecting magic spell to deal 
   damage to all of them. The Golems won't budge from their positions unless
   you provoke them. If you want to kill them off safely, just pelt them from 
   a distance with your ranged units and spellcasters. The High Priest in the
   group will continually use Heal 4 to replenish their HP. Once the wall of
   Golems is down, move your fighters in and tear apart the Master Mages and
   High Priest behind them. 

   Heal up any of your units that got hurt before moving on to Kane and his
   group of minions further to the east. This leg of the battle is the 
   toughest by far, so make sure your warriors are prepared. As you have your
   fighters climb the steps to engage, keep your mages and ranged units at the
   base of the ledge to protect them for the time being. Have them support the
   fighters on top of the ledge directly engaging the enemy. 

   Kane, along with his powerful physical attack (which deals enough damage to
   kill most units in one hit), can use his Sword of Darkness attack to 
   automatically eliminate its target, regardless of HP. If he happens to land
   it on Max, the battle will be over for you. To take him down, surround him
   with strong warriors (with 35+ HP to actually survive one of his hits) and
   just let loose. Use your spellcasters and ranged units to deal some support
   damage. 70 HP is a lot of HP to eat away, but Kane will fall quickly with
   a combined effort from all of your characters. 

Kane's defeat will cause his mask to break, revealing a human underneath. All
this time, Kane's atrocities were the direct result of Darksol possessing him.
After the battle, make your way into the Dragon Shrine. If you came here 
before, you would have been stopped at the second double door. Go up there
again and activate the message stating that the door will only open for two
heroes. Then, head back to the entrance to find Kane again. Let him walk with 
you to the door. When it opens, follow him down the steps. 

The two of you will encounter Darksol, who reveals that he's acquired both the
key and the manual. With that, Kane pushes you out and dishes it out with
Darksol. Return into the room to find that both of them have disappeared. 
Hmm... Well, there's nothing left for you to do. Leave Dragonia and go back
to Rudo. There, find Karin again and speak with her. She will direct you to
Krin, who is located in the house just west of this building, if you recall.
Go down the steps to find her. Listen to her story, which describes a sword
called the Chaos Breaker. Return to Karin, who suggests that you head to
Prompt. Before you leave, save your game and do whatever else you need to, 
for outside Rudo, you will engage in another battle. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies. 

   Enemies -
   * Master Mage x4
   * Gargoyle x3
   * High Priest x2
   * Golem x4
   * Bowrider x2
   * Belial x3

   Once again, you will need to contend with the horrible terrain. Flying 
   units are recommended to make the travel easier. If you haven't already,
   put Bleu in your party. 

   Begin moving east toward the pass through the mountain and engage the 
   single Gargoyle to the left of said pass. Then, work your way toward the 
   Bowrider blocking off the pass. Eliminate the two Gargoyles further to the
   east before going any further. Beyond that, a few Golems and a High Priest
   occupy the rocky area. To prevent the enemy from healing themselves, kill
   the High Priest first. 

   By now, the Belials will probably be harassing you with their Bolt 1. Try
   to spread out your units to avoid getting your entire party fried by it.
   It would be a good idea to send your flying units after the Belials because
   they will be hovering somewhere near the mountain, where your ground units
   can't reach. While they're doing that, let your other units take out the
   Master Mages further ahead. Then, make your way toward the southeast corner
   of the map to round the mountain. 

   The corner can be a bit of a tough spot to get through because of the lack
   of space. Of course, your flying units should have no problem just floating
   on above. A Golem and two Master Mages occupy the general vicinity. Use 
   your flying units to take on the Master Mages from their west flank,
   letting your other units come around from the east after having defeated
   the single Golem. After sandwiching the two Master Mages, bring your units
   west to the remaining enemies. Again, kill the High Priest to prevent them
   from healing. Then, remove the remaining enemies to complete the battle. 

Finishing the battle will put you right at the entrance to Mishaela's lair.
Consider running back to Rudo if you need to revive units or save your game
because entering will thrust you into another battle immediately. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill Mishaela.

   Enemies - 
   * Master Mage x4
   * Gargoyle x3
   * Durahan x2
   * High Priest x1
   * Bowrider x3
   * Belial x3
   * Mishaela - Boss

   In this map, you will have to deal with a few tight spots. Flying units are
   strongly recommended because they can easily fly over ledges and attack
   enemies. You'll notice that all of the same monsters here are grouped 
   together. This setup allows for your units to take advantage of their

   To start, send your flying units over to the three Bowriders grouped up on
   the right ledge. At the same time, move your other units up toward the 
   three Gargoyles and wait for them to engage your party. The Bowriders can
   easily be eliminated due to their low defenses. If you are quick, they will
   not even be able to squeeze off a shot. The Gargoyles on the other side 
   will quickly engage your units. Let them move to you and then swarm them.
   Once the Bowriders and Gargoyles are defeated, send up your party up the
   steps in the middle. 
   The next group of enemies consists of four Master Mages and a High Priest.
   They will position themselves to block the path up to the right. Killing
   these will not be too tough. Your stronger units might even be able to take
   one down in a single hit. As always, be wary of Freeze 2. Since there 
   are four Master Mages here, they can easily kill off a group of your units
   if they manage to attack consecutively. The High Priest is hardly an issue
   at all; kill him last. 

   Mishaela and her Durahan allies will move themselves onto the slab of rock
   near the rear end of the battlefield. Before you climb up, lure the Belials
   in the area toward you. Because they can cast Bolt 1, avoid clustering your
   fighters together. Apart from their irritatingly high evasion, these really
   shouldn't be much of a problem. While you're fighting these, avoid climbing
   the ladder and attempting to engage Mishaela at the moment.

   When you are ready, move your fighters up the ladder. The two Durahans
   should be killed immediately. Afterwards, you can focus on Mishaela. Her
   Bolt 2 spell has a huge area of effect, capable of encompassing up to 13
   units in the blast. You won't be able to prevent her from casting it,
   meaning your units will have to take a few hits. Minimize the damage by
   scattering your units, sending only one or two warriors in at a time to
   engage her. Be sure to heal whenever necessary. Keep in mind that Mishaela 
   regenerates about 15 HP a turn. 

The first thing you should after finishing the battle is to open up the 
various chests in the area. Whatever you do, DO NOT open the chest on 
Mishaela's platform first (unless you want to miss everything else). Loot the
area for a Shower of Cure, White Ring, Evil Ring, Healing Seed, Black Ring,
and Power Potion. Once you have collected everything, crack open the final
chest for the Sword of Light! 

              5.7. Chapter VII: The Lost Civilization                   [5700]


The yellow building immediately to the left is the town weapon and item shop.
                                   Drop in and say hello. The weapons are 
O==============================O   strong but they come at a hefty price. To
|      Prompt Weapon Shop      |   avoid wasting every single cent in your 
O==============================O   inventory, purchase only the essentials.
| * Broad Sword..........4800G |   For your ranged units, definitely buy 
| * Chrome Lance.........4500G |   Assault Shells to significantly boost their
| * Great Axe...........10000G |   attack stat. Assault Shells aren't 
| * Holy Staff...........8000G |   extremely expensive either, so it should
| * Assault Shell........4500G |   work out. Upgrading some of your units to
O==============================O   Chrome Lances wouldn't be a bad idea 
|       Prompt Item Shop       |   either. The Holy Staff can only be 
O==============================O   equipped by vicars, so unless you are
| * Medical Herb...........10G |   planning on using them to attack enemies,
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   upgrading their weapons would be a useless
| * Antidote...............20G |   thing to do. 
| * Angel Wing.............40G |
O------------------------------O   Once you are finished shopping, leave the
                                   building and head southwest. If you need 
it, the Prompt church/school is located at the lower-right corner of the town.
Make your way down to the Prompt castle at the very southwest corner of town.
It's the roofless structure with the destroyed piece of wall - yeah, it isn't 
tough to find. Go down the steps until you reach the main part of the castle.
In the middle of the room is another staircase you should ascend. Speak with
King Kusoko, who immediately marks you as a spy and tosses you in prison. Way
to go!

In your little cell, walk up to the iron bars and examine them. Boken will
arrive to save the day. Speak with Boken again to get him out of the way; 
then, head up the steps. None of the guards seem to care that an escaped 
convict is on the loose. Speak with Kusoko again, who does appear surprised at
all that you managed to escape. After conversing with him, go up through the
doorway and around to the lower-left corner of the area. In the bed is none 
other than Kane, who somehow managed to survive the encounter with Darksol 
some time ago. 

Now, leave the castle the same way you came in. Once you're back outside, head
north until you come across a house with two doors and a small sign in-
between. The note has been left by Musashi, who has already joined your party.
If you need to fix up your party, return to headquarters further to the north.
When you are ready for the next fight, exit through the path east of the 
Prompt castle. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies.

   Enemies -
   * Durahan x4
   * Belial x2
   * Jet x2
   * Torch Eye x2
   * Wyvern x2
   * Minotaur x1
   You are up against some newer and tougher enemies for this battle.
   Hopefully, your own party has become stronger over the course of time. Also
   note that the terrain will be tough to traverse; for this reason, flying
   units (and of course, Zylo) are recommended. The key here is to keep your
   units together, without allowing any one fighter to wander too far ahead or
   fall too far back. 

   Begin sending your units east toward the Runefaust forces. First, target
   the two Belials that approach from the south. Try to kill them before they
   manage to cast Bolt 1 on your party. Next in line are the four Durahans
   positioned further to the east. By now, the two Jets have probably made
   their way near their position as well. If the enemies grouped themselves
   together, take advantage of your mages and use area-effecting magic spells
   to dish out significant damage. It should be noted that one of the Durahans
   is holding a Doom Blade - make sure you pinpoint it and kill it ONLY with a
   unit with a free item slot. 

   The next area is full of monsters, so you will have to make an effort not
   to get overwhelmed. Keep your fighters in close proximity and slowly 
   progress toward the Wyverns and Torch Eyes. These enemies are capable of
   dealing very high damage. Make sure you have a healer standing by ready to
   use Heal or Aura. The best course of action would be to focus on one enemy
   at a time. If possible, use Sleep or Muddle on enemy targets to make the
   course of battle easier. Finish off every monster on the field to end the

Once the battle is over, return to Prompt to revive units if necessary. Then,
make your way to the Tower of the Ancients. Once inside the first room, open
the only closed chest near the staircase for a Devil Lance. Then, go up the
stairs and check the chest there for a Turbo Pepper. Note that this is the
only item in the game that permanently increases movement. You can only get it
once, so use it wisely! Once you've picked that up, head south through the
doorway to another battle. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill the Demon Master.

   Enemies - 
   * Jet x3
   * Torch Eye x3
   * Wyvern x2
   * Ice Worm x5
   * Steel Claw x4
   * Demon Master x1

   Before I get into any battle details, there's one thing that should be
   noted. There's a single chest on the battlefield near the base of the long
   ladder leading up to the Demon Master. This chest contains the Valkyrie:
   the strongest spear in the game (next to the Devil Lance, except the 
   Valkyrie isn't cursed). You MUST collect this weapon during the battle
   because you will not be able to revisit the battlefield after the fight.
   Don't miss it!

   Anyway, this fight is not easy. You're up against the strongest of monsters
   thus far. However, due to the way that the map is set up, you won't have to
   worry too much about getting mobbed all at once. The layout follows a
   distinct path that's walled off from the non-flying units. Feel free to 
   use your own flying units to take advantage of the various ledges. 

   Begin by moving your party east and up the steps. Your flying units can fly
   directly up the ledge. However, I'd recommend against attacking the enemies
   with them until the rest of your party comes back around. It's best to
   engage the enemy with a combined force. Otherwise, you might be overwhelmed
   by the monsters before your ground units manage to come around. 

   Once you've reached the first set of steps, clear out the Ice Worm blocking
   the way. I'd suggest using a strong unit likely to eliminate it in a 
   single hit for efficiency's sake. As you're making your way up, watch out
   for any Jets trying to approach you from various directions. Jets are 
   fairly weak and easily dealt with. Now, move down and west along the edge
   of the ledge. Clear out the Ice Worms any way you see fit. Beware of their
   powerful ice attack though; it can really knock off a good deal of HP.

   Kill the Steel Claw hanging out around the corner. Physical attacks will
   be enough to knock it out. Now, advance down the ledge. Another Ice Worm 
   will block your path at the corner. Just past that is a Steel Claw in front
   of the steps leading further up the tower. At the top of the steps, an Ice
   Worm, Torch Eye, and Steel Claw will meet you. After clearing them out, 
   lure the Wyvern at the top of the screen toward you. Then, defeat it with
   the combined efforts of your party. 

   Fight your way to the base of the ladder leading up to the Demon Master.
   Again, don't forget to snag the Valkyrie before you go. Finally, go ahead
   and engage the Demon Master. You can only send one ground unit to attack
   him at once. Keep a healer nearby just in case. Do not group your fighters
   together because of Freeze 3, etc. etc. If possible, cast Shield to negate
   any magic damage taken. Defeat the Demon Master to finish the battle. Make 
   sure the killing blow is dealt by a unit who has a free item slot (so you 
   can steal his Demon Rod). 

Once inside the Tower of the Ancients, Alef and Torasu will tell you to go on.
However, the Castle of the Ancients is already beginning to rise from its 
depths. Kane appears to save the day, sacrificing himself in the process. With
his dying breath, he tells you to quickly head to Metapha. You will be
notified that Alef and Torasu have joined your party. 

Return to Prompt and save your game. I'd recommend that you switch out your
current healer for Torasu because he's already loaded with a nice arsenal of
support spells. Return to the castle (the underground castle, right?) and 
speak with the king. Though the king has given up all hope, an odd hooded
figure by the name of Otrant will explain a special weapon called the Chaos
Breaker. Take the Sword of Darkness from the king and leave for Metapha. 

Well, how do you get to Metapha you ask? Leave the throne room first of all
and walk left and up through the doorway. At the end of the path is a 
staircase leading further down. Proceed through the underground chamber and
walk up to the eye in the wall. You've seen something like this before. Use
the Orb of Light and it will open, revealing a path. Step into the warp at the


Metapha is the Lost Civilization, now in ruins and decay. Head up and a bit 
to the right, where you'll find the robot, Adam. He will tell you to use the
Orb of Light on the eye symbol. Do just that and a spirit will appear. Speak
with Adam again. He will lead you to Chaos, who has been reprogrammed by 
Darksol to carry out his evil designs. Unfortunately, Adam's orders do nothing
to turn him.

   Victory Condition -
   * Kill Chaos.

   Enemies -  
   * Jet x4
   * Torch Eye x4
   * Minotaur x2
   * Ice Worm x4
   * Demon Master x3
   * Chaos - Boss

   You will start the battle in very close proximity of the enemy forces. At
   the very beginning, waste no time in taking down the nearby Demon Master.
   It's very important that you kill him in the first turn before he can cast 
   Freeze 3. Afterwards, focus your attacks on the two Jets sitting atop the
   raised platform. As you do this, you will likely face some trouble from
   the outlying Jets further to the east. Allow them to come to you and kill
   them as they approach. 

   Next, begin to focus on dealing with the four Ice Worms to the left. This
   segment of the battle isn't easy because of the Ice Worms' powerful ice
   attack. My suggestion here would be to heal whenever necessary and focus 
   only on a single Ice Worm at a time. I can't stress how important the 
   latter point is. If you try to attack all the Ice Worms at once, your party
   will be overwhelmed in no time. 

   Past this point, be prepared to meet Chaos. Instead of going around and
   hunting down the rest of the monsters, it'll be in your best interest to
   immediately focus on killing Chaos. Otherwise, he'll just chase you around
   the battlefield like an annoying insect. Heal your strongest units and have
   them surround Chaos. Cast Boost if possible to increase your damage. His 
   physical attack is strong, but you should keep an eye out for his deadly 
   laser, which can deal 20+ HP damage. 

   Have your spellcasters sit outside of the battle to help reinforce your
   own fighters. Magic spells will work wonders against Chaos, whose defense
   is high enough to negate much of your physical attack damage. In the 
   process, try to get rid of the two Minotaurs and the various other monsters
   defending Chaos. However, if they're not bothering you at any moment, do
   not provoke them. Defeat Chaos to finish the battle. 

Having defeated Chaos, the path will open up. Continue and use the Orb of 
Light on the eye symbol. A spirit will appear to tell you to read the slabs.
Those will instruct on what to do, though the actual steps are pretty obvious.
Walk up to the left and position the Sword of Light on the altar. Then, walk
up to the right and position the Sword of Darkness on the altar. Finally, step
onto the middle and grab the Chaos Breaker.

Wow, feels good to wield the strongest sword in the game, huh? Once you have 
it equipped, step through the path to the north that just opened. The spirit
at the end will speak to you and disappear. To get out of here, simply walk
onto the portal to the right - it will return you to the Shining Path. Return
to the king, who'll tell you a boring story about the history of Runefaust 
(which was originally Protectora) and Guardiana. Your next destination is the
civilization of Runefaust. There, you are to find Mahato, who will lead you
down the final leg of your quest. 

Return to Prompt and finish any business that you need to. As soon as you 
leave Prompt, Runefaust forces will engage you yet again. 

   Victory Condition -
   * Defeat all enemies.

   Enemies -
   * High Priest x1
   * Minotaur x3
   * Demon Master x2
   * Horseman x3
   * Cerberus x4
   * Armed Skeleton x4

   The forest terrain will prove be a major setback on your part because it
   significantly inhibits movement. As always, flying characters will have the
   best advantage versus the enemy. Begin the fight by engaging the two Demon
   Masters to the southeast. Avoid getting hit by the full brunt of their 
   Freeze 3 spell by scattering your units. By the time you've finished this
   task, the two Minotaurs just beyond will probably have made their way up to
   your position. Kill them anyway you see fit. 

   Hold your units in their position for now and wait for the two nearest
   Cerberus dogs to approach you. When they get close, let loose your 
   strongest attacks to put them down. The Cerberus isn't very hard to kill.
   However, watch out for their magic attack that can deal upwards of 15 HP

   As you approach the Horsemen to the south, I'd recommend casting Quick to
   up some of your units' defense. The Horsemen are equipped with Buster 
   Shots, which deal very heavy damage from far away. The only dangerous point 
   is when your units are on the approach when they can fire at you from a 
   range. The Horsemen, with their low HP and defense, are easily killed once 
   you manage to reach their position. 

   This portion of the battle is pretty tough because of all of the Armed 
   Skeletons hanging around. Use your strongest magic against these units 
   because their defense is high enough to significantly decrease your 
   physical damage. If possible, avoid drawing all of the Armed Skeletons to 
   your group at once. Try, instead, to lure them one-by-one to your position
   to avoid getting overwhelmed. Work your way through the remaining monsters
   to the gate. 
At last, step through the gates into Runefaust... at last!

              5.8. Chapter VIII: Rise of the Ancient Castle             [5800]


When you first arrive in Runefaust, you should notice a bush with a yellow 
flower (something at least) in it. Examine it to find Hanzou. He will join
your party. 

Runefaust has a weapon and item shop at its lower-left corner. As for weapons,
                                   there's really no need to upgrade anything
O==============================O   except for Buster Shot. By now, you've
|     Runefaust Weapon Shop    |   probably picked up the strongest weapons
O==============================O   thus far in terms of swords, spears, etc. 
| * Broad Sword..........4800G |   The Buster Shot, however, is the strongest
| * Chrome Lance.........4500G |   projectile available for your ranged units.
| * Great Axe...........10000G |   Purchase as many as you need for the 
| * Holy Staff...........8000G |   fighters that can use it. 
| * Buster Shot.........12400G |
O==============================O   The guards are currently blocking the path,
|     Runefaust Item Shop      |   so you can't go anywhere until you talk to
O==============================O   Mahoao. You can find him waiting inside
| * Medical Herb...........10G |   Runefaust Manor, which is located to the
| * Healing Seed..........200G |   north. Step through the front door and 
| * Antidote...............20G |   speak with the man garbed in red, Mahato.
| * Angel Wing.............40G |   Upon doing so, the guards positioned near
O------------------------------O   the lower-left corner of Runefaust will 
                                   have moved. Make your way there and proceed
down the path to reach the Runefaust Castle. Head up and Darksol will appear
to pit you up against his lackey, Ramladu. Step through the grey door to 
enter battle. 


   Victory Condition - 
   * Defeat all enemies.

   Enemies -
   * High Priest x2
   * Horseman x3
   * Cerberus x3
   * Armed Skeleton x3
   * Chimaera x5
   * Blue Dragon x3
   At the start of the battle, have two of your units branch off to the right
   to take the treasures from the two chests on top of the platforms (Atlas 
   and Halberd). While they're doing that, have the rest of your party sit
   tight while the group of Chimaeras slowly makes its way toward you. Against
   these foes, you'll want to be wary of their magic attack. When they engage
   your party, have your strongest attackers surround every one and put down
   the threat. 

   Return the two units you sent off to your party. Then, slowly progress
   toward the remaining enemies. Three of the Chimaera's will have set up a 
   wall in front of the Horsemen and Blue Dragons. To their flanks will be a
   group of three Cerberus monsters and three Armed Skeletons, with a High
   Priest supporting both. 

   Take advantage of their grouped positions by setting up one of your
   spellcasters for a devastating magic spell. I'd suggest you begin with the
   western-most group first (three Cerberus monsters). Slowly approach them
   from their lower-left as to not provoke the other groups to attack. Get a
   spellcaster to use Freeze 3 or Blaze 3 (or anything similar) on the entire
   group. Then, send in your warriors to piece away at their remaining HP. 

   Next, engage the party to the right. The Chimaeras, with their high 
   agility, will probably pose the biggest threat. If possible, land a Bolt 3
   right in the middle of the enemy group. The damage will be catastrophic, 
   leaving the task at hand much easier to finish. As for the final group at
   the end, magic spells will prove once again to be very useful because the
   Armed Skeletons have solid defenses. Simply kill off the remaining enemies
   to end the fight. 

As soon as that fight is over, Ramladu will instantly thrust you into another


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill Ramladu.

   Enemies -
   * Torch Eye x6
   * Steel Claw x6
   * Ramladu - Boss
   For such a powerful king, Ramladu doesn't really do well in the whole
   strategizing scheme. He pits you up against his robot army but leaves 
   himself vulnerable at the top end of the battlefield. The easiest method
   of finishing him would be to simply send your strongest units straight up
   to him and engage him directly. 

   Fit your party on the ledge surrounding Ramladu and block the staircases
   leading up to the top ledge with your tank characters. This will prevent 
   any of the Steel Claws or Torch Eyes below from intervening in the fight. 
   As for Ramladu, just pound him with all you've got. Surround him with your
   most powerful attackers, pumped up with Boost and Quick 2. Ramladu has a 
   tendency to cast Aura 3 on himself constantly to replenish any lost HP. He
   also will regenerate 24 HP at the end of every turn. Therefore, a strong
   attacking force is absolutely necessary in Ramladu's destruction. 

   There's really not much else to say. Heal whenever necessary and just keep
   up your attacks until Ramladu falls. 

Following the battle, Ramladu will come to understand that Darksol was using 
the same treatment on him as he used on Kane. With his dying breath, he bids 
you stop Darksol from releasing that abomination, the Dark Dragon. 

Return to Runefaust to revive any units that fell in battle. Save your game
and promote any characters you need to. Afterwards, return to Runefaust Castle
and find the staircase on the left side of the first room (not the room that
you battled in). Once outside, step on the edge of the peninsula and use the
Chaos Breaker. Upon doing so, the Castle of the Ancients will rise out of the
ocean. (It looks kind of like a futuristic pseudo-"Star Wars" city, doesn't 

Now, enter the small stone building nearby. The gate at the other end will 
have been opened. Go through and step on the red teleportation device to be
transported to the castle. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill all three parts of the Colossus.

   Enemies -
   * Jet x3
   * Horseman x2
   * Armed Skeleton x3
   * Chimaera x6
   * Blue Dragon x3
   * Colossus x3 - Boss

   The boss you're facing in this battle is somewhat unique. Instead of one
   entity, the Colossus is composed of three separate entities, each with its
   elemental affinity. The one on the left is capable of casting Freeze 3,
   while the ones in the middle and on the right are capable of casting Bolt 3
   and Blaze 3, respectively. 

   The battlefield itself is difficult to navigate. A good number of the
   enemies are capable of flying, so they immediately have an advantage over
   your ground units. Start off the fight by holding your position. At the 
   very beginning, the six Chimaera's strewn through the map will fly their
   way over to your position. Prepare a warm welcome and kill them as they 
   appear on your platform. Take advantage of your area-effecting magic spells
   and use them whenever the Chimaera's group themselves up.

   Heal up and proceed to fight off the three Blue Dragons approaching from 
   the right. Again, let them approach you. When you've eliminated the greater
   majority of the flying units in the battle, you can begin to slowly 
   progress toward the center of the field. By now, the two Horsemen will
   have probably positioned themselves there. Send in a fast unit to make 
   quick work of the Horsemen. After that, engage the Armed Skeletons and
   defeat those as well. 

   As for the three Jets further to the north, you should not have any problem
   defeating those at this point in the game. Quickly rid the battlefield of
   them before moving further north to engage the three Colossus entities. 
   Before attacking one, let it position itself over land first. This way,
   you can send in your ground units to mob it. Because they do not have any
   regenerative capabilities, defeating them one-by-one shouldn't pose too 
   much of a problem. As always, avoid grouping your units together lest they
   be obliterated by a magic spell. 

   The final Colossus is the most dangerous of them all. Bolt 3 can affect up
   to 13 units clustered together in a group. As you approach it, scatter your
   unit. Before you can even hit the Colossus, it must be lured out because 
   it's impossible to hit it without the use of ranged weapons while it's 
   still positioned on top of the body. Once it's in the open, surround it
   with your strongest attackers and beat it to death. Pretty simple, no?

After the battle, the huge statue will crumble, revealing a staircase leading
further into the Castle of the Ancients. Before you go though, you can head
back to Runefaust to save your game and revive any dead warriors. 

After dealing with all of that, ascend the staircase to meet Darksol at last. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill Darksol.

   Enemies -
   * Torch Eye x8
   * Steel Claw x5
   * High Priest x2
   * Blue Dragon x2
   * Darksol - Boss

   This battle leads up directly into the final battle. Make sure that your
   units are fully prepared for the coming fight. You're up against numerous
   monsters on a battlefield that's unfortunately very difficult to navigate.
   Select your strongest units while maintaining a good balance of melee
   units, ranged units, spellcasters, and healers. 

   The safest way to proceed would be to have the majority of your party move 
   either to the left or right. If you go straight up over the bridge to 
   Darksol, you'll likely be overwhelmed by the multitude of enemies to the 
   left and right. First though, move your ranged units equipped with Buster
   Shot straight up. From the platform surrounded by the red walls, your
   ranged units can fire down upon the Torch Eyes on the ground floor. At the
   same time, move your other units west and head north along the west wall.
   Defeat the Steel Claw that approaches you and proceed. 

   Your ranged units should be able to eliminate the four Torch Eyes on the
   floor surrounding them. You might take a few hits from their lasers, but
   you should be able to take out the four before they damage you you too 
   heavily. Once that task is completed, let the ranged units sit tight while 
   your other party progresses further north. When you hit the red barrier,
   let a flying warrior zip over the barrier and attack the Torch Eye that's
   stationed there. Have a healer hanging around to maintain HP. 

   Once your party exceeds the barrier, eliminate the Steel Claw and the High
   Priest, in that order. Afterwards, heal up. Then, ascend the staircase 
   leading up to Darksol. Before you attempt to approach him, try to lure the
   various Steel Claws, Torch Eyes, and Blue Dragons away from him. You can do
   this by having a fast unit (like Hanzou) get close and then retreat. Clear
   out the resistance surrounding Darksol before you move in yourself. 

   Darksol is fitted with 150 HP, making him the toughest enemy you've fought
   thus far. Well, I guess that makes sense considering he is the evil prick
   who's led you this far. Darksol's physical attack is pathetic. However, 
   you will want to be wary of Demon Blaze, which deals extremely heavy 
   damage to a group of units (25+ HP damage). I can't stress enough how 
   important it is to heal. If all your healers were killed, well, there's 
   not much hope left. Don't waste any Shower of Cures unless you're
   extremely desperate and the end is in sight. It might just be better to 
   Egress out of battle, so you can try again without consequence. 

With his dying breath, Darksol manages to summon the fearsome Dark Dragon. Oh
now the shit hits the fan. 


   Victory Condition -
   * Kill Dark Dragon.

   Enemies -
   * Armed Skeleton x2 (constantly regenerating)
   * Dark Dragon x3 - Boss

   Any units that were killed in the previous battle won't be available to you
   in this battle. If your healers or primary fighters were killed, you might
   as well just Egress and restart the Darksol battle as well (hey, it's still
   good experience). Unless you're planning on getting extremely lucky, don't
   count on finishing this battle without any healers.

   Off to the side of the battlefield are two black squares. Both will spawn
   Armed Skeletons every turn. This might be a problem if it wasn't so easy
   to counter. At the start of the battle, send off a few units to either side
   to eliminate the Armed Skeletons positioned there. Then, just place a unit
   on top of the black squares to prevent any more Armed Skeletons from 

   Now you can focus on taking down Dark Dragon. All three of his heads have
   250 HP. First of all, send your strongest warriors to attack the center
   head. This head is by far the most dangerous because it's capable of 
   casting Demon Blaze, an even stronger version of the same spell used by
   Darksol. This Demon Blaze has a wider range and deals out around 25 HP 
   damage with each hit. Needless to say, you'll want to focus EVERYTHING you
   have got on this head first. Pound it with your strongest magic and
   strongest attacks. Have Torasu standing nearby ready to cast Aura whenever
   necessary. If any warriors fall along the way, have another unit ready to
   go in as a replacement. 

   Once the first head falls, the battle is essentially over. The side heads
   are equipped with Demon Blaze, rather they cast some basic elemental 
   spells. Bolt 4, which is cast by the left head, is the only one really 
   worth watching out for. Cast Dispel on the left head to prevent it from 
   using its magic. Like the center head, the side heads also have 250 HP. 
   As always, have your healers standing by at all times. Be sure to keep your 
   units on top of the black squares to prevent anymore Armed Skeletons from 
   coming in. Surround and take down both remaining heads. Once they're gone,
   the battle is yours. 

Congratulations, you've finally finished Shining Force. Enjoy your ending, 
Hero of the Light. 

          --- 6. Enemy Listing ---                                      [6000]

Every enemy you will encounter in-game is listed below in chronological order
(from the very beginning of the game to the very end). Note that in different
battles, the equipment and spells that enemies have will vary. All 
combinations will be listed though. 

All boss characters will be marked. 


     Goblin ~
          HP: 12           Attack: 9            
          MP: 0            Defense: 6
          Move: 5          Agility: 5
          Weapon: Short Sword
          Spells: None
          Goblins are encountered very early in the game. They are not 
          remarkably powerful and can easily be killed. They disappear quickly 
          from battles as the game carries on. 
     Dark Dwarf ~
          HP: 12           Attack: 12
          MP: 0            Defense: 8
          Move: 4          Agility: 5
          Weapon: Hand Axe
          Spells: None

          These lumbering behemoths can pack a hard punch. Luckily, they're
          fairly slow and can't move too far per turn. With their low HP, 
          regular attacks will be enough to do them in. 

     Rune Knight ~
          HP: 14           Attack: 16
          MP: 0            Defense: 7
          Move: 7          Agility: 7

          Weapon: Bronze Lance
          Spells: None

          Rune Knights are dangerous early in the game due to their wide
          movement range. They can also hit for some serious damage, 
          especially against weaker units. Be sure to protect your units with 
          lower HP and defense from confrontations. 

     Giant Bat ~
          HP: 14           Attack: 11
          MP: 0            Defense: 6
          Move: 7          Agility: 9

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Giant Bats are annoying because they have the ability to induce 
          sleep with their regular attack. Not only that, but their high
          agility makes them very easy to miss. 

     Sniper ~
          HP: 13           Attack: 15
          MP: 0            Defense: 5
          Move: 5          Agility: 7

          Weapon: Wooden Arrow
          Spells: None

          These ranged bow-wielders aren't too difficult to deal with when you
          first encounter them. They are frail and easily taken down due to 
          their low defenses. 

     Dark Mage ~
          HP: 13           Attack: 10
          MP: 26           Defense: 6
          Move: 5          Agility: 9

          Weapon: Wooden Staff
          Spells: Blaze 2

          Dark Mages can be dangerous with their Blaze attack. Avoid grouping
          your units together because they can use Blaze lvl.2. With their low
          defense, they are easily eliminated with physical attacks. 

     Zombie ~
          HP: 15           Attack: 18
          MP: 0            Defense: 13
          Move: 5          Agility: 7

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Zombies have high defense, so physical attacks won't be the best to
          combat them. However, they have a weakness against fire attacks. 
          Light them up with Blaze and they will fall quickly. Keep in mind
          that Zombies can induce poison with their physical attacks. 

     Skeleton ~
          HP: 15           Attack: 21
          MP: 0            Defense: 16
          Move: 6          Agility: 7

          Weapon: Middle Sword
          Spells: None

          Skeletons, with their strong attack, are dangerous opponents. It's
          recommended that you use magic to deal with these from a distance.
     Mannequin ~
          HP: 16           Attack: 16
          MP: 0            Defense: 10
          Move: 5          Agility: 8

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          The Mannequins only make their appearance in one battle (the Rindo
          Circus). By themselves, they aren't remarkably tough to take down.
          However, when faced, they have the potential to deal a lot of 
          damage. They are also capable of inducing poison with their physical

     Evil Puppet ~
          HP: 14           Attack: 14
          MP: 15           Defense: 10
          Move: 5          Agility: 7

          Weapon: None/Power Staff/Shield Ring
          Spells: Freeze, Heal
          Evil Puppets are dangerous not only for their Freeze spell but also
          because they steal a huge amount of HP from their target. Only pit
          your units with the highest HP against these things and eliminate
          them quickly to prevent too much trouble. 

     Dire Clown ~
          HP: 15           Attack: 18
          MP: 0            Defense: 11
          Move: 5          Agility: 7

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Dire Clowns are quite unremarkable as far as enemies go. They do 
          have a fairly strong attack though. It's recommended that you fight
          these using ranged units. 

     Marionette (boss) ~
          HP: 35           Attack: 25
          MP: ??           Defense: 13
          Move: 6          Agility: 13

          Weapon: None
          Spells: Freeze 3

          The Marionette is mostly dangerous due to his deadly Freeze 3 spell. 
          Considering how early in the game you encounter this boss, getting
          hit by his spell will be devastating. To prevent him from casting,
          move your strongest units up close as to force him to physically 
          attack you. His smack is strong, yet not as brutal as Freeze 3. Once 
          you have him surrounded, simply exchanging blows will be able to do 
          him in. Unfortunately, his HP regeneration will elongate his life 

     Ghoul ~
          HP: 25           Attack: 23
          MP: 0            Defense: 14
          Move: 6          Agility: 9

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Ghouls, with their high attack power, can be quite dangerous, 
          especially against weaker units with little defense. Overall, Ghouls
          aren't terribly tough to kill. Their defense is quite strong but
          not impenetrable. 

     Dark Elf ~
          HP: 16           Attack: 26
          MP: 0            Defense: 9
          Move: 6          Agility: 10

          Weapon: Steel Arrow
          Spells: None

          Armed with arrows, Dark Elves can deal strong damage from far away.
          However, their weakness lies in their defense, which is very low.

     Dark Priest ~
          HP: 16           Attack: 21
          MP: 25           Defense: 9
          Move: 5          Agility: 10

          Weapon: Power Staff/Shield Ring
          Spells: Heal

          Dark Priests should be prioritized because they have the ability
          to heal their comrades. With low defense, they're easily killed by
          your warriors. 

     Lizardman ~
          HP: 20           Attack: 24
          MP: 0            Defense: 12
          Move: 6          Agility: 12

          Weapon: Middle Axe
          Spells: None

          Lizardmen are strong attackers. They do pose a threat to weaker
          units, so try to eliminate these quickly in battle. 

     Master Mage ~
          HP: 22           Attack: 33
          MP: 32           Defense: 13
          Move: 5          Agility: 26

          Weapon: Holy Staff
          Spells: Freeze 2

          The Master Mage is a powerful spellcaster on the battlefield. As 
          always, do not cluster your units together to avoid getting 
          decimated by Freeze 2. 

     Pegasus Knight ~
          HP: 18           Attack: 21
          MP: 0            Defense: 16
          Move: 7          Agility: 12

          Weapon: Bronze Lance
          Spells: None

          Pegasus Knights have the ability to fly, so they are immune to the
          effects of terrain. They are fairly powerful and can move a long
          distance per turn. 

     Silver Knight ~
          HP: 16           Attack: 18
          MP: 0            Defense: 12
          Move: 7          Agility: 11

          Weapon: Bronze Lance
          Spells: None

          Overall, Silver Knights are pretty weak compared to their comrades.
          Regular attacks will be enough to kill them easily. 

     Laser Eye ~
          HP: 30           Attack: 14
          MP: 0            Defense: 19
          Move: 0          Agility: 27

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          This powerful Runefaust weapon takes 10 whole turns to charge up to
          fire. When it does, it not deals devastating damage to your units
          but also damages its own allies in a straight line. This fault can 
          be used to your advantage. 

     Artillery ~
          HP: 14           Attack: 24
          MP: 0            Defense: 15
          Move: 4          Agility: 14

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          The Artillery is a ranged weapon that can deal considerable amounts
          of damage. It suffers from poor mobility and low HP though, 
          rendering it easily defeated. 

     Elliott (boss) ~
          HP: 60           Attack: 32
          MP: 0            Defense: 17
          Move: 5          Agility: 16

          Weapon: Long Sword
          Spells: None

          Elliott is a tough enemy to take down. Even his physical strike has
          the potential to instantly kill your stronger units. Round up your
          fighters with the highest HP (25+ is safe, I'd say) and surround
          Elliott with them. It's necessary to have a healer around to run
          around every turn. Since Elliott doesn't have any ranged attacks, 
          using spells or arrows is an effective way of safely attacking him.

     Hellhound ~
          HP: 19           Attack: 10
          MP: 0            Defense: 13
          Move: 7          Agility: 13

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None
          Hellhounds, despite their menacing appearance, have a weak physical
          attack. However, you will have to be wary of their fire attack that
          deals a bit more damage to a single unit. 

     Seabat ~
          HP: 22           Attack: 20
          MP: 0            Defense: 14
          Move: 7          Agility: 14

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Sea Bats are quite powerful with above-average agility. With their
          agility, they can evade attacks more easily, making them a nuisance
          rather than a real threat. 

     Balzabak (boss) ~
          HP: 65           Attack: 34
          MP: 0            Defense: 18
          Move: 5          Agility: 20

          Weapon: Steel Sword
          Spells: None

          Balzabak has an incredibly strong hit. However, he isn't very 
          mobile, meaning you can simply pelt him with ranged attacks and 
          spells from far away. He does have a lot of HP, meaning it'll take
          quite a few hits to take him down. Also note that his HP regenerates
          every turn. 

     Conch ~
          HP: 21           Attack: 20
          MP: 0            Defense: 15
          Move: 6          Agility: 16

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Encountered only on the ship, these sea monsters are easy to defeat.
          Their high agility, can make battles with these quite irritating. 
          The only other thing to note is that they are capable of inflicting
          poison with their attacks. 

     Shellfish ~
          HP: 25           Attack: 23
          MP: 0            Defense: 16
          Move: 6          Agility: 23

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None
          Shellfish, sea monsters encountered only while sailing, are quite 
          strong and agile. Be wary of their ability to inflict poison status 
          on their targets. 

     Skeleton V2 ~
          HP: 15           Attack: 25
          MP: 0            Defense: 20
          Move: 6          Agility: 7

          Weapon: Long Sword/Shield Ring
          Spells: None

          Even though Skeletons have low HP, their defense more than makes up
          for it. They also hit hard, so protect weaker units from direct
          confrontations. Magic spells are recommended. 

     Worm ~
          HP: 17           Attack: 20
          MP: 0            Defense: 16
          Move: 4          Agility: 16

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Worms are not tough to defeat. Low defense coupled with low HP makes 
          for an easy kill. Note that they can inflict sleep status with 
          their physical attack. 

     Gargoyle ~
          HP: 18           Attack: 26
          MP: 20           Defense: 15
          Move: 6          Agility: 20

          Weapon: None
          Spells: Muddle

          Gargoyles are a formidable enemy. With the ability to cast Muddle,
          they can take a significant toll on your units. Keep weaker units
          shielded to avoid getting seriously injured or killed by these

     High Priest ~
          HP: 20           Attack: 13
          MP: 33           Defense: 14
          Move: 6          Agility: 13

          Weapon: Holy Staff
          Spells: Heal 4

          High Priests are capable of using Heal 4 to replenish the HP of 
          their comrades. Prioritize these whenever you run into them to 
          prevent the enemy from healing themselves. Their low defense makes
          them easy targets. 

     Golem ~
          HP: 17           Attack: 28
          MP: 20           Defense: 28
          Move: 4          Agility: 16

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          These rock-creatures are quite strong with a hard defense. Their
          disadvantage is their lack of mobility, which you should take 
          advantage of whenever possible. Utilize magic spells to deal the
          most damage against these. 

     Durahan ~
          HP: 22           Attack: 39
          MP: 0            Defense: 28
          Move: 5          Agility: 13

          Weapon: Broad Sword/Shield Ring
          Spells: None

          Durahans are extremely powerful attackers. Do not allow weaker units
          to direct confront these monsters because they can easily be killed
          in a single hit. Plus, they have the ability to put units to sleep.
          Unfortunately, Durahans are fitted with high defense, making them 
          quite difficult to kill. Magic spells are highly recommended. 

     Cain (boss) ~
          HP: 70           Attack: 65
          MP: 24           Defense: 30
          Move: 6          Agility: 29

          Weapon: Sword of Darkness/Broad Sword
          Spells: None

          Cain (or Kane) is a tough boss to take down with his extremely high
          HP and defense. His regular physical attack is strong enough to take
          down most of your units in one hit. If you're looking to keep your
          units alive, only confront him directly with your units with the
          highest HP (35+ HP is a safe bet). Beware of his Sword of Darkness
          skill, which automatically kills its target, regardless of HP. He
          has a tendency to only use it when your units are far away though,
          so keep your warriors in close proximity to hopefully keep him from
          using it. 

     Bowrider ~
          HP: 18           Attack: 40
          MP: 0            Defense: 11
          Move: 7          Agility: 14

          Weapon: Assault Shell
          Spells: None

          Bowriders can deal heavy damage from a range, making them an 
          irritating enemy in most cases. Their defense won't hold up to a 
          good beating though. 

     Belial ~
          HP: 21           Attack: 26
          MP: 35           Defense: 20
          Move: 6          Agility: 22

          Weapon: None
          Spells: Bolt 1

          Belials are fairly tough to defeat because of their high evade stat.
          They are capable of casting Bolt 1, which can fry your units quite

     Mishaela (boss) ~
          HP: 65           Attack: 42
          MP: ??           Defense: 30
          Move: 6          Agility: 35

          Weapon: None
          Spells: Bolt 2

          Bolt 2 can be devastating to any large group of units. It can affect
          up to 13 fighters grouped together. When you engage her, it's 
          impossible to avoid getting hit by this spell. However, you can
          significantly decrease the damage taken by simply scattering your 
          units. For this reason, it's best to send one or two strong warriors
          at a time to attack. Let your ranged units and spellcasters deal
          damage from far away if applicable. Keep in mind that Mishaela 
          regenerates 15 HP per turn. 

     Jet ~
          HP: 28           Attack: 45
          MP: 0            Defense: 32
          Move: 7          Agility: 33

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Jets are extremely versatile killing machines. Their ability to fly,
          combined with their high mobility, allows them to quickly gang up on
          your units. When facing these, cast Sleep or Muddle if you feel you
          are getting overwhelmed. 

     Torch Eye ~
          HP: 28           Attack: 42
          MP: 0            Defense: 32
          Move: 6          Agility: 27

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Torch Eyes are capable of firing a ranged energy beam that deals very 
          heavy damage. Kill these off quickly whenever encountered they are
          encountered in battle. 

     Wyvern ~
          HP: 32           Attack: 39
          MP: 0            Defense: 30
          Move: 7          Agility: 31

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          With the ability to fly, Wyverns can be a huge threat to your party.
          They can breathe fire, which can inflict heavy damage. 

     Minotaur ~
          HP: 31           Attack: 46
          MP: 0            Defense: 30
          Move: 5          Agility: 31

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Minotaurs are extremely strong. Their weakness, however, is their
          lack of mobility. Even so, keep your weaker units from these

     Ice Worm ~
          HP: 30           Attack: 40
          MP: 12           Defense: 25
          Move: 5          Agility: 26

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Ice Worms, when they attack are capable of inflicting an ice-based
          attack that deals heavy damage. Overall though, Ice Worms are 
          fairly easy to kill due to their low defense. 

     Steel Claw ~
          HP: 25           Attack: 43
          MP: 0            Defense: 31
          Move: 5          Agility: 31

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Steel Claws are somewhat difficult to damage because of their above-
          average defense. However, they don't have as much HP as other
          monsters. In terms of attack, Steel Claws can deal a good amount of
          physical damage, so keep your weaker units away. 

     Demon Master ~
          HP: 27           Attack: 52
          MP: 46           Defense: 24
          Move: 6          Agility: 50

          Weapon: Nothing/Demon Rod
          Spells: Freeze 3

          Demon Masters are very formidable spellcasters. Freeze 3 can be
          catastrophic to your party if you have any units grouped together.
          With high mobility and high agility, Demon Masters are difficult to
          kill. However, with their low defense, they will fall to relentless 
          physical attacks. 

     Chaos (boss) ~
          HP: 65           Attack: 50
          MP: 0            Defense: 35
          Move: 6          Agility: 32

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          By himself, Chaos is not that big of a threat. Along with a strong
          physical attack, he is also equipped with a deadly laser that does
          upwards of 20 HP damage. This laser ignores defense, so even your
          strongest units are vulnerable to its attack. Due to his high 
          defense, magic spells are more effective in dealing damage than
          conventional physical attacks. Note that Chaos recovers 15 HP with
          every turn, so make sure you focus all of your attacks to quickly 
          eliminate him. 

     Horseman ~
          HP: 24           Attack: 53
          MP: 0            Defense: 16
          Move: 7          Agility: 17

          Weapon: Buster Shot
          Spells: None

          These elite ranged units should be prioritized in battles because 
          they can deal a huge amount of damage from a long range. Their low
          HP and defense makes them easy targets.

     Cerberus ~
          HP: 27           Attack: 42
          MP: 0            Defense: 26
          Move: 7          Agility: 38

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None
          These dogs from Hell are quick and agile. Though their normal attack
          isn't too strong, they are capable of unleashing a magic attack
          that deals much more damage. 

     Armed Skeleton ~
          HP: 36           Attack: 62
          MP: 0            Defense: 33
          Move: 5          Agility: 32

          Weapon: Great Axe
          Spells: None

          Armed Skeletons are fitted with extremely high attack and defense
          stats. Use magic spells, which ignore defense, to deal the most 

     Chimaera ~
          HP: 56           Attack: 65
          MP: 0            Defense: 30
          Move: 6          Agility: 40

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Whenever these monsters are encountered, they will appear in huge
          numbers. By themselves, Chimaeras are strong attackers with
          a formidable attack. Try to take advantage of their usually high
          numbers by using magic spells that can deal damage over an area. 

     Blue Dragon ~
          HP: 50           Attack: 63
          MP: 0            Defense: 32
          Move: 5          Agility: 42

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          In addition to a fairly strong physical attack, Blue Dragons are
          capable of casting an ice-based magic attack for heavy damage. 

     Ramladu (boss) ~
          HP: 99           Attack: 93
          MP: ??           Defense: 40
          Move: 6          Agility: 49

          Weapon: Holy Staff
          Spells: Aura 3

          Ramladu is a tough boss to take down. Not only is he fitted with
          extremely high HP and defense but he can also regenerate 24 HP after
          every round. Unless you're pounding him with your strongest
          attackers, you can do little faze him. Ramladu will also constantly
          cast Aura 3 on himself, replenishing even more of his lost HP. 
          Lead Ramladu out into the open and then mob him with your strongest
          warriors. Have ranged units and spellcasters standing outside the
          battle to add some extra damage in there. Be wary of Ramladu's 
          physical attack, which can kill even your stronger units in a single 
          hit. Cast Quick 2 to soak up some of that heavy damage. 

     Colossus (boss) ~
          HP: 65           Attack: 50
          MP: ??           Defense: 40
          Move: 4          Agility: 37

          Weapon: None
          Spells: Bolt 3/Blaze 3/Freeze 3

          The Colossus is composed of three separate entities, each with the
          same stats. However, each Colossus has its own unique elemental
          affinity. Despite this unique ability, the three aren't incredibly
          difficult to take down. Their individual defense and HP are quite
          low (for a boss at least). When facing these, just avoid grouping
          your party together to avoid getting destroyed by their magic

     Darksol (boss) ~
          HP: 150          Attack: 40
          MP: ??           Defense: 35
          Move: 6          Agility: 54

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          Darksol's regular physical attack is pathetic. If you're lucky, he
          will use this more often than his deadly Demon Breath attack. This
          attack deals upwards of 25 HP damage to a group of units. Two or 
          three hits from Demon Blaze will be enough to put down even your
          strongest units. Therefore, it's very important that you heal every
          turn. Darksol doesn't regenerate any HP, but bringing down his life
          will take quite a few turns. Use support skills like Boost to
          facilitate his destruction significantly. Apart from that, there's
          not much else to say. Surround him on all sides with your most
          powerful warriors and attack until he finally falls. 

     Dark Dragon (boss) ~
          HP: 250          Attack: 65/67
          MP: ??           Defense: 40
          Move: 0          Agility: 60/52

          Weapon: None
          Spells: None

          I don't think it makes sense that the FEARSOME Dark Dragon can't
          even move. Even so, Dark Dragon is still not to be underestimated.
          Each of the heads has 250 HP, making this battle a long fight. Focus
          at first on the center head because it can cast a stronger version
          of the Demon Blaze of Darksol. This version can cover up to 13 tiles
          on the battlefield, dealing 25+ HP damage with each casting. 
          Needless to say, you'll want to get rid of this head as quickly as
          possible. It's 250 HP, but if you use Boost on your attackers, the
          process will go by much quicker. Have a healer on standby at all 
          times to keep your fighters alive. Once the center head is dead, the
          rest of Dark Dragon will be a piece of cake. The side heads can only
          cast basic elemental spells that shouldn't be any threat to your 
          party at this point in the game. If you have any trouble, a simple
          Dispel casting will be enough to disable them (Dispel only works on
          the left head, mind). 

          --- 7. Weapons Listing ---                                    [7000]

Below is a list of every weapon attainable in Shining Force. Keep in mind that
different weapons can only be used by certain classes. 


     - - Swords - -

     Short Sword ~
          Attack: +5
          Equip: [SDMN]; [WARR]; [BDMN]

     Middle Sword ~
          Attack: +8
          Equip: [SDMN]; [WARR]; [BDMN]

     Long Sword ~
          Attack: +12
          Equip: [SDMN]; [WARR]; [BDMN]

     Steel Sword ~
          Attack: +18
          Equip: [HERO]; [SKYW]; [SMR]
     Broad Sword ~
          Attack: +20
          Equip: [HERO]; [SKYW]; [SMR]

     Doom Blade ~
          Attack: +25
          Equip: [HERO]; [SKYW]; [SMR]; [NINJ]

     Katana ~
          Attack: +30
          Equip: [HERO]; [SKYW]; [SMR]; [NINJ]

     Sword of Light ~
          Attack: +36
          Equip: [HERO]

     Sword of Darkness ~
          Attack: +40
          Equip: [HERO]

     Chaos Breaker ~
          Attack: +40
          Equip: [HERO]

     - - Axes - - 

     Hand Axe ~
          Attack: +7
          Equip: [WARR]

     Middle Axe ~
          Attack: +11
          Equip: [WARR]

     Battle Axe ~
          Attack: +16
          Equip: [WARR]

     Heat Axe ~
          Attack: +22
          Equip: [GLDR]

     Great Axe ~
          Attack: +26
          Equip: [GLDR]

     Atlas ~
          Attack: +33
          Equip: [GLDR]

     - - Spears/Lanes - - 

     Spear ~
          Attack: +8
          Equip: [KNT]; [SKNT]; [WKNT]

     Bronze Lance ~
          Attack: +9
          Equip: [KNT]; [SKNT]; [WKNT]

     Power Spear ~
          Attack: +15
          Equip: [KNT]; [SKNT]; [WKNT]

     Steel Lance ~
          Attack: +18
          Equip: [PLDN]; [SBRN]; [SKYL]

     Chrome Lance ~
          Attack: +22
          Equip: [PLDN]; [SBRN]; [SKYL]

     Halberd ~
          Attack: +25
          Equip: [PLDN]; [SBRN]; [SKYL]

     Devil Lance ~
          Attack: +35
          Equip: [PLDN]; [SBRN]; [SKYL]

     Valkyrie ~
          Attack: +35
          Equip: [PLDN]; [SBRN]; [SKYL]

     - - Staves - - 

     Wooden Staff ~
          Attack: +4
          Equip: [HEAL]; [MAGE]

     Power Staff ~
          Attack: +12
          Equip: [HEAL]; [MAGE]

     Guardian Staff ~
          Attack: +18
          Equip: [VICR]; [WIZD]

     Holy Staff ~
          Attack: +26
          Equip: [VICR]

     Demon Rod ~
          Attack: +35
          Equip: [WIZD]

     - - Arrows - - 

     Wooden Arrow ~
          Attack: +8
          Equip: [ASKT]; [ACHR]

     Steel Arrow ~
          Attack: +13
          Equip: [ASKT]; [ACHR]

     Elven Arrow ~
          Attack: +19
          Equip: [ASKT]; [ACHR]

     Assault Shell ~
          Attack: +27
          Equip: [SKNT]; [BWMS]

     Buster Shot ~
          Attack: +35
          Equip: [SKNT]; [BWMS]

          --- 8. Ring Listing ---                                       [8000]

The following is a list of every ring attainable in Shining Force. Rings 
function by enhancing the stats of the unit it's equipped on. Different rings 
have different effects. Certain rings actually come with magic spells that the
equipped unit can use. 


     Black Ring ~
          Effect: ATT +6
          Equip: All

     Evil Ring ~
          Effect: ATT +8
          Equip: All

     Mobility Ring ~
          Effect: MOV +2
          Equip: All

     Power Ring ~
          Effect: ATT +5
          Equip: All

     Shield Ring ~
          Effect: DEF +4
          Equip: All

     Speed Ring ~
          Effect: AGIL +4
          Equip: All

     White Ring ~
          Effect: DEF +6
          Equip: [HERO]; [VICR]

          --- 9. Magic Spells ---                                       [9000]

Below is a list of the various magic spells that can become available to you
through the game. 


     Aura ~
          MP Cost: 7
          Area of Effect: 5
          Description: Heals approximately 15 HP.

     Aura 2 ~
          MP Cost: 11
          Area of Effect: 13
          Description: Heals approximately 15 HP.

     Aura 3 ~
          MP Cost: 15
          Area of Effect: 13
          Description: Heals approximately 25 HP. 

     Aura 4 ~
          MP Cost: 18
          Area of Effect: All allies
          Description: Heals all allies for approximately 40 HP.

     Blaze ~
          MP Cost: 2
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Deals weak fire damage to a single target.

     Blaze 2 ~
          MP Cost: 5
          Area of Effect: 5
          Description: Deals medium fire damage to multiple targets.

     Blaze 3 ~
          MP Cost: 8
          Area of Effect: 5
          Description: Deals strong fire damage to multiple targets.

     Blaze 4 ~
          MP Cost: 8
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Deals very heavy fire damage to a single target.

     Bolt ~
          MP Cost: 8
          Area of Effect: 5
          Description: Deals weak thunder damage to multiple targets. 

     Bolt 2 ~
          MP Cost: 15
          Area of Effect: 13
          Description: Deals medium thunder damage to multiple targets. 

     Bolt 3 ~
          MP Cost: 20
          Area of Effect: 13
          Description: Deals strong thunder damage to multiple targets.

     Bolt 4 ~
          MP Cost: 20
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Deals very heavy thunder damage to a single target.

     Boost ~
          MP Cost: 15
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Raises an ally's attack by 15.

     Desoul ~
          MP Cost: 15
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Chance of instantly killing target.

     Detox ~
          MP Cost: 3
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Cures poison status. 

     Dispel ~
          MP Cost: 5
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Prevents target from casting magic spells.

     Egress ~
          MP Cost: 8
          Area of Effect: All allies
          Description: Returns party to last town.

     Freeze ~
          MP Cost: 3
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Deals weak ice damage to a single target.

     Freeze 2 ~
          MP Cost: 7
          Area of Effect: 5
          Description: Deals medium ice damage to multiple targets.

     Freeze 3 ~
          MP Cost: 10
          Area of Effect: 5
          Description: Deals strong ice damage to multiple targets.

     Freeze 4 ~
          MP Cost: 10
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Deals very heavy ice damage to a single target.

     Heal ~
          MP Cost: 3
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Heals approximately 15 HP.

     Heal 2 ~
          MP Cost: 6
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Heals approximately 15 HP.

     Heal 3 ~
          MP Cost: 10
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Heals approximately 25 HP. 

     Heal 4 ~
          MP Cost: 20
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Replenishes HP completely.

     Muddle ~
          MP Cost: 6
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Inflicts confusion status.

     Quick ~
          MP Cost: 5
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Raises an ally's defense and agility by 5. 

     Quick 2 ~
          MP Cost: 16
          Area of Effect: 5
          Description: Raises allies' defense and agility by 10.

     Shield ~
          MP Cost: 5
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Creates temporary barrier around ally that blocks all

     Sleep ~
          MP Cost: 6
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Inflicts sleep status. 

     Slow ~
          MP Cost: 5
          Area of Effect: 1
          Description: Lowers an enemy's defense and agility by 5.

     Slow 2 ~
          MP Cost: 20
          Area of Effect: 5
          Description: Lowers enemies' defense and agility by 10.

          --- 10. Shop Listing ---                                     [10000]

Listed below are all of the shops you can visit as you progress through the
game. In all cases, certain items and weapons can be purchased at each shop. 
The inventory of shops can differ town by town. 


            Guardiana Weapon Shop ~
                 * Short Sword -- ATT +5
                      Cost: 100G
                 * Spear -- ATT +8
                      Cost: 150G
                 * Hand Axe -- ATT +7
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Wooden Staff -- ATT +4
                      Cost: 80G 
                 * Wooden Arrow -- ATT +8
                      Cost: 320G

            Guardiana Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Alterone Weapon Shop ~
                 * Short Sword -- ATT +5
                      Cost: 100G
                 * Spear -- ATT +8
                      Cost: 150G
                 * Hand Axe -- ATT +7
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Wooden Staff -- ATT +4
                      Cost: 80G 
                 * Wooden Arrow -- ATT +8
                      Cost: 320G

            Alterone Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Rindo Weapon Shop ~
                 * Middle Sword -- ATT +8
                      Cost: 250G
                 * Spear -- ATT +8
                      Cost: 150G
                 * Bronze Lance -- ATT +9
                      Cost: 300G
                 * Wooden Staff -- ATT +4
                      Cost: 80G 
                 * Power Staff -- ATT +12
                      Cost: 500G
                 * Wooden Arrow -- ATT +8
                      Cost: 320G

            Rindo Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Antidote -- Cures status ailments.
                      Cost: 20G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Bustoke Weapon Shop ~
                 * Middle Sword -- ATT +8
                      Cost: 250G
                 * Bronze Lance -- ATT +9
                      Cost: 300G
                 * Power Spear -- ATT +15
                      Cost: 900G
                 * Middle Axe -- ATT +11
                      Cost: 600G
                 * Power Staff -- ATT +12
                      Cost: 500G
                 * Steel Arrow -- ATT +14
                      Cost: 1200G

            Bustoke Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Antidote -- Cures status ailments.
                      Cost: 20G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Pao Weapon Shop ~
                 * Long Sword -- ATT +12
                      Cost: 750G
                 * Bronze Lance -- ATT +9
                      Cost: 300G
                 * Power Spear -- ATT +15
                      Cost: 900G
                 * Middle Axe -- ATT +11
                      Cost: 600G
                 * Power Staff -- ATT +12
                      Cost: 500G
                 * Steel Arrow -- ATT +14
                      Cost: 1200G

            Pao Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Antidote -- Cures status ailments.
                      Cost: 20G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Uranbatol Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Antidote -- Cures status ailments.
                      Cost: 20G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Waral Weapon Shop ~
                 * Steel Sword -- ATT +18
                      Cost: 2500G
                 * Power Spear -- ATT +15
                      Cost: 900G
                 * Steel Lance -- ATT +18
                      Cost: 3000G
                 * Battle Axe -- ATT +16
                      Cost: 2600G
                 * Power Staff -- ATT +12
                      Cost: 500G
                 * Elven Arrow -- ATT +18
                      Cost: 2300G

            Waral Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Antidote -- Cures status ailments.
                      Cost: 20G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Rudo Weapon Shop ~
                 * Steel Sword -- ATT +18
                      Cost: 2500G
                 * Chrome Lance -- ATT +22
                      Cost: 4500G
                 * Battle Axe -- ATT +16
                      Cost: 2600G
                 * Guardian Staff -- ATT +18
                      Cost: 3200G
                 * Elven Arrow -- ATT +18
                      Cost: 2300G

            Rudo Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Antidote -- Cures status ailments.
                      Cost: 20G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Dragonia Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Antidote -- Cures status ailments.
                      Cost: 20G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Prompt Weapon Shop ~
                 * Broad Sword -- ATT +20
                      Cost: 4800G
                 * Chrome Lance -- ATT +22
                      Cost: 4500G
                 * Great Axe -- ATT +26
                      Cost: 10000G
                 * Holy Staff -- ATT +26
                      Cost: 8000G
                 * Assault Shell -- ATT +27
                      Cost: 4500G

            Prompt Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Antidote -- Cures status ailments.
                      Cost: 20G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

            Runefaust Weapon Shop ~
                 * Broad Sword -- ATT +20
                      Cost: 4800G
                 * Chrome Lance -- ATT +22
                      Cost: 4500G
                 * Great Axe -- ATT +26
                      Cost: 10000G
                 * Holy Staff -- ATT +26
                      Cost: 8000G
                 * Buster Shot -- ATT +35
                      Cost: 12400G

            Runefaust Item Shop ~
                 * Medical Herb -- Restores 10 HP.
                      Cost: 10G
                 * Healing Seed -- Restores 20 HP.
                      Cost: 200G
                 * Antidote -- Cures status ailments.
                      Cost: 20G
                 * Angel Wing -- Return to last town.
                      Cost: 40G

          --- 11. Version History ---                                  [11000]

            Version 1.0 -- Guide is complete. 188 KB

          --- 12. Legal Disclaimers ---                                [12000]

This FAQ is the property of its author, Quan Jin. All rights reserved. 

Any stealing, selling for profit or altering of this document without the
author's expressed consent is strictly prohibited. You may download this file 
for personal and private use only. 

Shining Force is a registered trademark of Sega. The author (Quan Jin) 
is not affiliated with Sega in any way or form. All other trademarks are 
the property of their respective owners. 

          --- 13. Credits and Closing ---                              [13000]

That's it for the guide. Hope you found it useful. Me. Suck. At. Closings. So.
Me. Shut. Up. Now. Bye. 


RPGClassics.com - Shining Force shrine helped significantly at a few tough
                  portions in the game, along with some various stats and 

GameFAQs - I've been writing for this site for a good number of years now. 
           Don't plan on quitting anytime soon. 

The FCSB - They didn't help too much but what can I say, where would I be 
           without a few of them? Major props to these great board members who 
           are also prized FAQ writers.

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