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Minimum Party FAQ/Walkthrough by KenpoCoyote

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/16/04

Written by: KenpoCoyote a.k.a. FrozenKitsune

So what's this all about? This is a guide to outline, illustrate, and gently 
prod you along into a new way of playing Shining Force I for Sega in a way that
few people have thought of. This guide will take you through the game with the 
fewest (like WITHOUT GETTING TAO, HANS, KEN, LUKE and LOWE!) characters 
possible!! So give a chance to the lesser used characters (i.e. the birdmen, 
Adam*) and read on, you might be surprised!

*Actually you still won't use Adam.

 -1. Ancient Gate
 -2. Back to Guardinia
 -3. En Route to Alterone
 -4. In Alterone
 -5. En Route to Manarina
 -6. The Cave of Evil
 -7. The Circus Tent
 -8. Shade Abbey
 -9. Bustoke Quarry
 -10. En Route to the Big Bridge
 -11. Big Bridge Battle
 -12. vs. General Elliot
 -13. Balbazak's Fortress
 -14. vs. Balbazak
 -15. At Sea I
 -16. The Shining Path
 -17. At Sea II
 -18. En Route to Dragonia
 -19. vs. Kane
 -20. En Route to Demon Castle
 -21. vs. Mishaela
 -22. En Route to the Tower of the Ancients
 -23. The Tower of the Ancients
 -24. vs. Chaos
 -25. En Route to Runefaust
 -26. King Ramladu's Fortress I
 -27. King Ramladu's Fortress II
 -28. vs. Collossus
 -29. FINAL BATTLE I vs. Darksol
 -30. FINAL BATTLE II vs. Dark Dragon

/1. NOTE/
If you're noticing that this game is STILL way to easy, don't hesitate to level
quite as dramatically. There aren't many ways (or any, that I know of) to make 
Shining Force more challenging, so don't hesitate to tailor your levels as you 
see fit. Or hell, play without saving/loading before and after every level up 
to reap maximum sufficiency. 

And of course, if you are using an emulator, not using save states for once 
will almost always make a game a bit more challenging.


You'll notice if you try to leave town before consulting the king, two guards 
block your way. Hmm, looks like you're stuck. Or are you?! Slightly north of 
here there's a blonde-haired man in a purple vest walking around aimlessly. 
Here's how to manipulate him to your advantage. You'll want to force him to 
walk to a location such that he blocks the guards' movements.


Notice the map above? You'll want to move the man anywhere there is an X 
provided he is blocking one of the guards so you can escape through the gap 
that he makes. So how do you 'move' him? This may take a few minutes, but not 
too long. Simply stand one tile up from him, so he cannot move up. Keep doing 
this until he gets in position. Take care not to get too close to the guards 
such that they immediately block your path. Use save states if necessary.

Battle One: Ancient Gate
Party: Hero
Strategy: About all I can say here is LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL!! Get to about level 7 
(at which you should be killing Goblins in a single blow) and destroy! Goblins 
are very dumb and can't seem to coordinate attacks very well. Use this to your 
advantage. Same goes for the Knight, who never moves. Careful when dealing with
the dwarves, though... they IQ is actually DOUBLE their shoe size!

Battle Two: Back to Guardinia
Party: Hero
Strategy: If the goblins were smart enough to surround and attack you, this 
battle might be a bit tough considering your low HP. However, they're not, so 
you should be able to mow fairly quickly through this battle.

If you want to continue with the game, you'll need to see the king, so go to 
the castle (for the first time). Watch Varios fight Kane. Mae comes in and 
joins you. On to Alterone!

Battle Three: En Route to Alterone
Party: Hero, Mae
Strategy: Level Mae up until she's about the same level as your hero. Mae is 
going to be your main attacker (in addition to your hero) for more than a few 
battles, so don't neglect her. (You shouldn't be neglecting any characters at 
all as you only get a handful.) With Mae properly leveled, you shouldn't have 
too much trouble with this one either.

Talk to the guy in the Bar who has a friend from Guardinia. This will allow you 
to enter the castle and talk to the king. Follow the king out of the room when 
he instructs you to do so. (Don't miss the Bread of Life in here!) Once in the 
next room, talk to Kane who will throw you in prision. Talk to the priest to 
save, etc., then search the bars and Khris will join you.

Battle Four: In Alterone
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris
Strategy: You know the drill - level up Khris by letting her knock off the 
final 2-3 HP of the first few bad guys. She should be level 5-6 by the end of 
this battle or at least have Heal2.

Battle Five: En Route to Manarina
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris
Strategy: This battle might be a bit tough... the end part anyhow. I suggest 
taking on the mages and zombies by approaching from the top-right part of the 
screen. This will lure all but 1 mage and 1 zombie. Not too bad. The Mages 
should fall in a single hit from your hero. Be sure to carry healing seeds as 
Khris' MP won't be able to sustain the many times she will need to cast Heal.

Battle Six: The Cave of Evil
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris
Strategy: You know what to do here. This battle was MADE for a little thing I 
like to call, "Mae's Spear Technique" or "Wow! The Computer Sure is Stupid!". 
For example, take the two zombies at the beginning of this battle. Mae can 
easily take them out by staying out two squares away and just hurling her spear 
at them. It does less damage then her lance attack, but, hey, the zombies won't
fight back and you will easily defeat them unscathed. This should work for 
every zombie
in the cave. The Mage and Archers will fall (or get down to 1-2 hp) from one 
attack from your hero. Bats, well, you know what to do with them. As for the 
last three mages, make sure Khris has slow and cast it on the Mages and have 
Mae take them out in a single hit. (The Hero should have no trouble doing this 
WITHOUT the need for slow.) As for the skeleton, he should fall prey to Mae's 
Spear Technique. Take the Orb of Light and your work here is done.

Battle Seven: The Circus Tent
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris
Strategy: Start off with the puppets and manequins on the left. They should 
fall in about two hits. The bats on the right are easily taken out in a hit or 
two as well. Enter the arena, but stay within the first few squares to lure the
puppets out. This way you can advance on them and take them out before they 
even knew what hit 'em.

The Dire Clowns are pathetic, but take care not to get within 3 squares of the 
Marionette or he will unleash the fury of Freeze3 on you. You can finish off 
the Dire Clowns, before they can even counter attack, using Mae's Spear 
Technique (notice the usefulness of this yet?) Marionette will require a quick 
full-force (all three of 'em!) attack. Wait until he takes his turn, then 
surround him on all three sides to prevent him from using Freeze3. He should 
fall in 4 attacks, provided he doesn't regenerate his HP too quickly.

Battle Eight: Shade Abbey
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris
Strategy: First note that Mae's Spear Technique will NOT work here as the 
zombies seem a little too anxious to tear you apart. The idea here is to attack
one enemy with all three characters. At level 10, one attack from Mae or the 
Hero plus an attack from Khris will pretty much finish off any zombie or 
skeleton. It might require a little luck (like double attacks), but in due time
you will finish off the nefarious undead. 

Unfortunately, Balbaroy will ungratefully join you after saving him and Amon 
blocks your path out of Shade Abbey. Looks like you'll be taking them along =(

NOTE: Your characters should be around level 10+ at this point. Do not promote 
any of them until around level 15 to reap maximum efficiency. You'll thank me 
later. Talk to Diane's mom in the upper-left of Bustoke, then talk to Diane. 
You'll need to let her join too, since she's the only one who knows the way to
the quarry. (Yeah, right!)

Battle Nine: Bustoke Quarry
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane
Strategy: Your party size just doubled, so go ahead and level up Balbaroy, 
Amon, and Diane to about level 10. To do so, I usually take out the first two 
skeletons and then use the birdpeople to take out the Dark Priest to the south.
When you get bored, just go ahead and win the battle. More level-up battles are
on the way, so no need to obsess over making your characters godly, quite yet.

Battle Ten: En Route to the Big Bridge
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane
Strategy: No sense in hanging around. By now, skeletons will be utterly 
worthless. Just plow through here and don't look back. ;)

Battle Eleven: vs. Laser Eye on Big Bridge
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane
Strategy: Because of your weak party, combating the Laser Eye head on would be 
foolhardy. The Silver Knight who attacks the mercenary knight at the beginning 
of the battle should be your primary target. Equip one of your birdmen with the
Power Ring, have them cast boost on themself, speed them up with Khris' QUICK 
spell, then let them kill the Silver Knight. Upon his defeat, the scenario is 
over, even without destroying the Laser Eye!

The mercenary Pelle who supposedly was killed at the start of this battle will
turn out to be alive. He'll join you.

You'll be in Pao, a town of wagons. You'll find General Elliot, who will talk 
about Darksol and King Rimladu in the bottom center house. To the west is a 
house with a Long Sword. Talk to Queen Koran (the red-haired little girl on the
train) twice so you can leave town. Once the train clears, ignore Vankar, 'cuz 
he'll join your party if you talk to him. Just leave town.

Battle Twelve: vs. General Elliot
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle
Strategy: General Elliot commands an army of dumbasses. You should have no 
problem taking out the Lizardmen and Pegasus Knights with everyone Level 10-13.
Pelle, Mae, and the Hero can easily take out General Elliot in one turn each, 
most likely before he can (if you've noticed all bosses have this ability) 
regenerate HP.

Pao, the wagon town, returns again. So go here. Avoid the sheep pen in the 
southeast corner like the plague. If you get near the entrance to it, Guntz 
will talk to you and eventually join you. Remember, we're here to LIMIT who 
joins, so don't bother. You'll hear a lot about Earnest and Balbazak here. 
There's a treasure chest with a Steel Sword (that no one unpromoted can equip, 
but get it anyway, you'll be promoting your fighters real soon) in the train 
near Queen Koran. Leave town and head for the fortress in the north.

Battle Thirteen: Balbazak's Fortress
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle
Strategy: Here I usually get everyone up to level 15, then promote them. From 
there, I level up everyone to at least level 2 promoted, then finish the 
battle, which you should have little problem with. Just watch out for the 
Cerberus' fire breath! Once you defeat the northmost Cerberus, the battle ends.

Go through the topmost door to enter Uranbatol. Go north and down the stairs, 
watch Earnest fight the hell hound. Unfortunately, Earnest doesn't die =( and 
even more unfortunate is that he joins your party =( unavoidably. Oh well... 
head back to Pao to equip Ernie with a Power Lance, looks like he's gonna be in
it for the long haul. Head to the harbor in Uranbatol when you're ready.

Battle Fourteen: vs. Balbazak
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest
Strategy: Try to get everyone (except Earnest) up to level 3-4. Sea bats will 
give you a nice dose of experience. Balbazak himself isn't too tough. Just 
swamp him with your fighters and he'll be finished quickly.

You're at sea right now and immediately you'll be thrust into battle.

Battle Fifteen: At Sea I
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest
Strategy: Divide and conquer is the best way to deal with your invaders. One 
half defends the left side while the other defends the right. Fairly 

You'll head for Waral, the island village. Grab a Mobility Ring, Defense 
Potion, Bread of Life, and other goodies from the treasure chests in the shop. 
Outfit your Sky Warriors with Steel Swords and Paladins with Steel Lances. Now 
head towards the east side of the village and you'll find a boat which you can 
get on. Find Shell's mom, who's guarding the buoys. Say "yes" to go beyond the 
buoys and you'll get sucked into the whirlpool. When you come to, enter the 
Shining Path.

Battle Sixteen: The Shining Path
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest
Strategy: Nothing too difficult here. The new enemy, Worm, shouldn't give you a
whole lot of trouble. The battle ends when you defeat the Master Mage. I 
suggest gaining a few levels for Earnest and yourselves here.

When you emerge victorious from the Ring Reef, talk to the king to leave.

Battle Seventeen: At Sea II
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest
Strategy: Be forewarned: 2 more Sea Bats and 4 Shellfish will just 'appear' in 
the middle of this battle. The Sea Bats will charge you, but they're easily 
taken care of with level 6-7 characters.

You'll find yourself in Rudo, a town of children. Buy a few Chrome Lances (it 
might be a good time to promote Earnest now). There's a Holy Staff for Khris in
the northeast most building in a treasure chest.  When you want to leave talk 
to Karin, then go next door, down the stairs, past the dog and talk to Krin, 
who will tell you about the Manual of the Seal. Talk to the kid by the exit to 

Battle Eighteen: En Route to Dragonia
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest
Strategy: 5 Golems, some Master Mages, and some Worms will appear later in the 
battle (like when you come close to the last five troops guarding Dragonia). 
Master Mages with their Freeze spell and Golems with their high defense will be
your primary concern. Take out the Mages A.S.A.P. as they pose the most threat. 
Be sure to heal as necessary. The battle ends when you defeat Durahan.

Enter Dragonia. There is a Broad Sword in the northeastmost house. Buy Healing
items if you need them from the item shop in the southwest corner. Directly to 
the north is a house with a Halberd for one of your knights and a staircase. 
Take the Halberd and the staircase. When you emerge, enter the house and talk 
to Bleu. Karin will enter, so talk to her, then to Bleu again. Karin will 
leave, but moments later she'll call for help. Take the chest, then go after 

Talk to Bleu once he's done with the Runefaust Knight. He'll join up. Exit the 
house, then talk to Kain, who is outside. Return to headquarters, then exit HQ 
when you're ready to fight.

Battle Nineteen: vs. Kane
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu
Strategy: Mmmmman! Bleu sucks! However, don't count that dragon out quite yet! 
Add some levels to Bleu and maybe you'll change your mind. Bleu gets some of 
the best level up bonuses, even unpromoted! Sometimes you can get as much as 
+5 to attack per level. Level him up until you're satisfied, then have Bleu 
(and Earnest, if necessary) catch up to the rest of your characters. Kane is a 
nasty fighter. He can kill some of you fighters in a single blow, but if not 
one, then they'll surely fall with two. Your hero and the knights should attack
head on, keeping Khris nearby to heal the Hero, as Kane finds an irresistable 
attraction to him.

Try breaking the seal again, then talk to Kane. Once that fiasco's over, return
to Rudo. Talk to Karin, then Krin (not a typo), then Karin again. Then leave 

Battle Twenty: En Route to Demon Castle
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu
Strategy: The land effect will be your worst enemy, cutting your movement by 
15-30% on most tiles. Other than that, you'll face a few new foes that are real
pushovers. Plow right through your foes here...

Battle Twenty-One: vs. Mishaela
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu
Strategy: Mishaela is one tough customer! She can deal some good damage with 
her fists, but her true terror comes from her level 2 Bolt spell, which affects
up to 13(!) targets. You can have up to 4 fighters attacking her at once. Have 
the member with the highest attack power fight her from the front. Your best 
Sky Warrior from the rear, Bleu from the flank, and Diane from four spaces 
away. Your other birdman can attack from the flank opposite Bleu if you so 
desire. If you're still having trouble have your Hero grab the Sword of Light 
from the chest next to Mishaela, but be forewarned: you won't get a chance to 
get the other chests after the battle, if you do so.

You'll arrive in Prompt. Everyone's acting like a retard, so just head to the 
castle in the southwest corner of town and go see the king. You'll get thrown 
in prison for being a spy. Search the bars and your good friend Boken will help
you out. Talk to the king, who will expect you to now just help him. Try to 
leave town, then talk to the king again. Go through the door behind him, then 
down to see Kane! Talk to the king, then try leaving and Kane will talk to you.
Leave town for the Tower of the Ancients.

Battle Twenty-Two: En Route to the Tower of the Ancients
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu
Strategy: Hmm, an interesting battle. You're up against some new faces here, 
namely Torch Eyes, Jets, and a Minotaur. All three of them have the ability to 
reduce a fighter to ashes in a matter of a few attacks. Everyone should be 
about level 11-12 here, but if not, don't go out of your way to level up here, 
unless you're having serious problems. The land effect here is too inhibiting 
to be a good place to gain levels.

Don't miss the Devil Lance and Turbo Pepper on the first two floors of the 

Battle Twenty-Three: The Tower of the Ancients
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu
Strategy: Like the last battle, only larger and with no Land Effect. Plow right
through here, egressing to gain more experience (although this is quite 
possibly the worst place to do it) if necessary. Kill the Demon Master and the 
battle will end. (Note: Don't miss the Valkyrie in the treasure chest!)

You'll meet Alef and Torasu and they'll join you. (Thank God, a wizard!) Head 
back to Prompt to inform the King that everyone is royally screwed. (No pun 
intended.) Once Otrant does his/her spiel, go to the Shining Path and use the 
Orb to get to Metapha.

Do the orb thing here, then talk to Adam, who (DAMN HIM! DAMN HIM TO HELL!) 
must join you.

Battle Twenty-Four: vs. Chaos
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu, Alef, 
Torasu, Adam
Strategy: Oh...my...god... Adam is pure crap. He has less attack power than 
both Alef and Torasu. That's how much suck you're dealing with. Get Alef (and 
Torasu, if you have the patience) up to level 20 before you promote them. Alef 
should have Level 2 Blaze, Freeze, and Bolt... oh yes! If you really want to, 
you can get Alef and Torasu up to par with all your other characters. If you 
have the time, I say go for it. Alef will be packin' some heat with Bolt IV and
Torasu will have his handy-dandy Aura IV spell. Chaos is a piece of cake, so 
don't let him slow you down.

Go north and do the orb thing if you don't know what to do and follow the 
directions to get the Chaos Breaker. Talk to Otrant again and leave town.

Battle Twenty-Five: En Route to Runefaust
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu, Alef, 
Torasu, Adam
Strategy: Just plow through the enemy lines here. A few new enemies (Armed 
Skeletons, Cerberus and Horsemen) will make their appearance here, but in all 
honesty, they're not at all tough.

Head south to enter Runefaust, then go to the north part of town and talk to 
Mahato so the guards will let you into the castle.

Battle Twenty-Six: King Ramladu's Fortress I
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu, Alef, 
Torasu, Adam
Strategy: A few new faces here, namely, Blue Dragons and Chimaeras. Chimaera's 
have an insanely high evade rate, so you may run into some trouble when trying 
to kill them. Overall, you shouldn't have much trouble with this battle.

Upon victory, King Ramladu will show up and unleash the fury of his robots.

Battle Twenty-Seven: King Ramladu's Fortress II
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu, Alef, 
Torasu, Adam
Strategy: A well placed Bolt III from Alef will put a bunch of robots in 
critical allowing the rest of your party to dispose of them. Your more powerful
characters, namely, the hero, Bleu, and Earnest should have no problem taking a 
robot out at full HP. As for King Ramladu, a nice Bolt IV from Alef will soften
him up enough for the hero and two other strong attackers to take him out in a 
couple hits.

After winning, you can go see Mahato who will tell you what to do next, but 
it's not necessary since I will tell you. Go back to the entryway and take the 
stairs on the left. Go to the westernmost point of land and use the Chaos 
Breaker. Now enter the Ancient Gate...

Battle Twenty-Eight: vs. Collosus
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu, Alef, 
Torasu, Adam
Strategy: You will be swarmed by Chimaeras and Blue Dragons right off the bat, 
so engage them in full combat, but don't hesitate to make use of Khris and 
Torasu. (This is where Aura IV comes in handy.) By now you should realize that 
Alef is adept at ass-kicking, which makes her a good Chimaera-killer (magic is
unavoidable.) The Collosus heads themselves aren't too challenging. They have a
fairly high evade rate, but you really only need to kill the center one. Unless
you're really hurting for experience points, dispatch of the center head with 
appropriate firepower and continue on.

Get everything you need at this point. There's no turning back. The last 
battles must be fought consecutively without rest in order to win!

Battle Twenty-Nine: FINAL BATTLE I vs. Darksol
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu, Alef, 
Torasu, Adam
Strategy: Darksol isn't too pleased about you crashing his Dark Dragon revival 
party, and he doesn't hesitate to unleash his most dangerous troops. However, 
your troops should be bad-ass enough to go right up the middle of the map, 
completely ignore his underlings and go right for the big man himself. Darksol 
won't put up much of a fight. Surround him with melee fighters and hammer him 
with arrows from Diane and Bolt IV's from Alef and he'll be gonzo...

Battle Thirty: FINAL BATTLE II vs. Dark Dragon
Party: Hero, Mae, Khris, Balbaroy, Amon, Diane, Pelle, Earnest, Bleu, Alef, 
Torasu, Adam
Strategy: You'll be facing Dark Dragon (x3) and two armed skeletons that will 
keep appearing (until you kill about thirty or so of them.) First things first,
kill the skeletons, then put a healer (or better yet, Adam) on the tiles to 
keep the skeletons from popping out. Distribute your forces evenly to the two 
side heads and take them out with appropriate fire power. (Alef's Bolt IV will 
soften them up, no problem!) The center head is a bit stronger, but some Bolt 
IV's and Chaos Breaker attacks should do the trick. Once all heads are 
destroyed, Dark Dragon is history... again.

Well, looks like we managed to scrape by with barely a complete party (no 
extras). Yay!


-Max* the Swordsman -> Hero
The hero of the story. You wield swords and can cast the Egress spell which 
whisks you and your party out of battle to the nearest priest.
*Max is the default name.

-Mae the Knight -> Paladin
Mae is the first of a few centaur knights who will join up with you. Mae, like 
all knights, can equip spears and javelins. She has high defense and decent 
attack power.

-Khris the Healer -> Vicar
Khris is one of the best healers in the game. How fortunate that she is 
unavoidable! Khris gets Heal, Slow, Quick, and Aura spells, the later two being
very useful! Khris can wield staves as her weapon, but her attack power is not 
too impressive. She is better suited to aiding her comrades with healing.

-Balbaroy the Birdman -> Sky Warrior
Balbaroy, like all birdmen, is not exactly a fearsome warrior. He equips 
swords. He is unaffected by terrain and can fly over all obstacles, making his 
movement range very large. However, he requires a lot of attention and it can 
sometimes be frustrating when leveling him as you'll definitely want some 
Attack power points with every level gain.

-Amon the Birdman -> Sky Warrior
See Balbaroy.

-Diane the Archer -> Sniper
Diane is... well, Diane. Archers/Snipers aren't very ├╝ber in Shining Force 1. 
Like the Birdmen, you'll want to optimize your level-ups. However, what Diane 
lacks in strength, she makes up for in her ability to attack from even further
away than knights/paladins. She is very good as a support fighter to knock off 
a few HP as your main fighters go in for the kill.

-Pelle the Knight -> Paladin
Pelle starts with really good stats. In my opinion, Pelle is just about equal 
to Mae. There's really not much to say about him...

-Earnest the Knight -> Paladin
Another knight... Earnest is by far the most powerful knight in terms of 
offense. Defense is so-so, but not like Mae who pretty much takes 1 damage from

-Bleu the Dragon -> Great Dragon
You'd think, upon first inspection, that Bleu falls into the category of "Party
Members who Suck Ass." (I know I certainly did!) But level this guy up and HOLY
SH#*%#*%! He'll poop slap everything in sight! POO-YEAH!

-Alef the Mage -> Wizard
The Bolt wizardess is the only mage/wizard who is unavoidable. She is also the 
most powerful (and cutest... for a furry. And no, I'm not a furry, I just 
thougth I'd make that observation. And no, I don't know why I'm getting 
defensive about the possibility of being a furry.) It is highly suggested that 
you take the time to level her up to par with all your other characters. Her 
Bolt IV can do a serious number on you opponents.

-Torasu the Healer -> Vicar
Torasu is good for two reasons: Aura IV and Shield, two spells which you will 
not see anywhere else (except Shield, which Hanzou, who you won't see in this 
FAQ, has). Yes, he does take some leveling, but far less than Alef to get his 
much appreciated Aura IV. Like Khris, Torasu can make for speedier level-ups 
once he hits his promoted class allowing him to equip the powerful Holy Staff.

-Adam the Robot -> Cyborg
Sucks ass. If he dies, who cares?

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