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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sephirstein

Version: 1.36a | Updated: 02/25/03

Game: Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention

System: Sega Genesis/Megadrive

Year of Game's Release: 1993

Author: Sephirstein

Guide Type: FAQ/Walkthrough/Strategy Guide

Version: 1.36a Final

Current Size: 121 KB

E-Mail: jj_frap@hotmail.com

ICQ: 301110342

Message Boards: GameFAQs, Shining Force Central

Date Started: August 2, 1999

Date Completed: February 25, 2003

Latest Version Available at:


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T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

                   1. Introduction
                   2. Revision update
                   3. Walkthrough
                   3. Battle guide
                   5. Character guide
                   6. Class and promotion guide
                   7. Items and weapons
                   8. Monster guide
                   9. Boss guide
                  10. Spell guide
                  11. Cheat codes
                  12. Useless item guide
		  13. Mathematical errata
		  14. Bugs and stuff
                  15. Frequently Asked Questions
                  16. Futre progress
		  17. Credits
                  18. Links
		  19. Disclaimer

1. I N T R O D U C T I O N

My  name is  Sephirstein, and  many of   you may  know  me  from Shining   Force
Central or  from GameFAQs.   Shining Force  is  an  excellent game   for me   to
write a guide about because  I find  the  FAQs  on  GameFAQs  to  be, with   all
due respect  to the authors, somewhat  incomplete. Besides, Shining Force is  an
awesome RPG  that deserves  a kick  ass  Guide.  Naturally,  this  work   is  as
much a    gathering of  information as   it is  a guide,  for  I  have  included
many  important pieces  of information  from other sources. If  anyone  has  any
suggestions about how  I can make    my guide  better,  don't  be afraid   to  E
-Mail  me, post  me  a message on Moogie's  Shining Force forum or  the GameFAQs
Shining Force forum, or give me a shout on ICQ. Hopefully,  this   guide is able
to help you  with any  problems you  may  have with this  game, and  teach you a
you a few new  things about it at the same time.

2. R E V I S I O N  U P D A T E ?

Version 0.5b:  Everything is  complete expect  chapters 3-8  of the walkthrough,
chapters 3-8 of the battle guide, and a proper strategy on defeating Dark Dragon.
I will add this as I replay more of the game.  Tell me what else you want me  to
improve or add.

Version 0.51b: Removed some underlines and all the hyphenation because it looked
horrible in GameFAQS. This should allow you to read this without seeing  hyphens
in the middle of words. I also fixed a couple of spacing problems and  mentioned
in one of my FAQs that Moogie's Ultimate Shining Force Guide also includes  info
on how to get Shining Force 2.

Version  0.8b: Lots of new stuff in this  version. Finished the walkthrough  and
battle guide up to Chapter  5 and added a difficulty  rating out of 10 for  each
battle. Also added an FAQ  on how to gain levels  quickly ad easily, a guide  to
getting Kokichi to join the force (added to one of my FAQs,) and some  more info
about Arthur and Earnest in the  character guide. I also explained a  very cheap
way to beat Elliot, Balbazak  and Ramladu as well as  an FAQ on the best  way to
promote characters. I proceeded  to make a couple  fixes to the item  guides and
to various typos. I also added Karl Plouffe to my credits  list for some  of his
info  regarding  Arthur and  easy level ups. This  could be the last update in a
while as I start school on September 7th.

Version 0.85b: Greatly improved the format and the readability of my FAQ  thanks
to tips from Kao Megura's FAQ writing suggestions. Also changed my disclaimer to
a slightly  modified version  of one  of his  disclaimers because  it was  a lot
better than the one I had.

Version 1.0: The final version is ready.  Sorry if it is almost a month  late. I
honestly could have finished it at pretty much anytime, but I just never  really
felt much like  doing it. In  this version, I  continued to do  minor formatting
improvements (including the much needed Word Wrap), and I dotted a few "Is"  and
crossed a  few "Ts"  in my  disclaimer and  credits section.  I also corrected a
couple  of  grammatical  errors.   Now, for  the  good  stuff.  I overhauled  my
character section, improved my boss guide,  added a couple of FAQs, and,  as I'm
sure you've all been waiting for, I have completed my Walkthrough and my  Battle
Guide. Let me  know if there  are any  information errors  or major  grammatical
errors or if there is anything you feel needs to be added.

Version 1.1:

-Rewrote much of the introduction

-Fixed up  most of  the countless  spelling, grammar,  and wording problems that
plagued this guide

-Added an FAQ and updated some others

-Updated the Special Thanks

-Added a Links section to make the websites I discuss easier to find

-Added a future progress section

-Added some more information to the battle guide

-This guide looks best in Internet Explorer or UltraEdit 9.X

-Maded the preliminary information before the introduction easier to read

Version 1.3:

-Added a couple of new FAQs (one involves choosing your Force, another  involves
comparing SF1 with SF2, and another examines Centaur Knights)

-Added Vankar's initial level upon joining the force (see walkthrough)

-Fixed some minor errors

-Added  another boss  strategy upon  deciding that  the Ghoul  from Shade  Abbey
merits consideration as a boss

-Thanks to anyone  who told me  that Elliot will  sometimes move when  you fight
him. I now know that you guys are right. Sorry if I messed anyone up.

-Updated the  Monster Guide  so that  the attack  of armed  enemies includes the
weapon they have equipped  in battle. Knowing that  Kane has 65 attack  when you
face him is much more useful than knowing that his attack when barehanded (which
will NEVER happen) is 25.

-Adden further updates to the Monster Guide

-Changed  the  majority of  character  ratings and/or  descriptions  around. Pay
special attention to Pelle and Kokichi, although you may wish to read the entire
character guide.

-Clarified the Metapha section of the walkthrough (in Chapter 7)

-Improved a few battle strategies

-Rewrote Chapter 8 walkthrough due to numerous errors

-Added a Mathematical Errata section

-Added a Bugs and other Miscellaneous stuff section

Version 1.3a:

-Oops, forgot to update the date completed. Should be right now.

Version 1.3b:

-Corrected a spelling mistake in my initial information (strateguy?)

-Retitled the game as Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention in my initial
information, replacing the more vulgar Shining Force 1

-Added   information   about    exactly   what   sort    of   guide   this    is
(FAQ/Walkthrough/Strategy Guide)

Version 1.3c:

-Properly updated the date (now 2002 instead of 2001)

Version 1.32:

-Used UltraEdit to greatly improve format and readability

-Corrected a few minor errors in the Walkthrough and Battle Guide

-Updated Links Page

-Updated Special Thanks Page

-Fixed some typos

-Finally, Steve Snake has returned to the emulation community!!!

Version 1.32a:

-Oops, forgot to change the version number on initial info. Should be right now.

Version 1.32b:

-Cleaned up the introduction

-Fixed typos in the Revision Update section

-All references to this Shining Force Guide call it a "guide" instead of an FAQ,
a walkthrough, or any other misleading name.

Version 1.33:

-Added a section to bugs and  weird stuff comparing the first two  Shining Force
games to major events in international ice hockey.

Version 1.35f:

-This final text version of the FAQ is just an announcement that JBaker prepared
an HTML version of this FAQ for me. Links are available at the top of the  page.
Please not that the international ice hockey section is currently not in the
HTML version (2.1).

Version 1.36 Final:

-Yep, another update. Since  SF is consistently in  the Top 3 among  Genesis game
guides that people read, I figured I'd inform you all that my new E-Mail address
is  jj_frap@hotmail.com and my new ICQ number is 169697695.  Sorry if  I  missed
answering  any  of  your  questions because  of this change.  I will update  the
HTML version to reflect these changes.

Version 1.36a Final:

-Another new ICQ number. (Sorry guys.)

-Added three new links to my strategy guide. (Tokelau is God! Visit www.dot.tk)

3. W A L K T H R O U G H

Don't be  afraid to  go outside  the boundaries  of my  walkthrough, and explore
everything this game has to  offer or you will miss  out on a lot of  the gaming
experience as well as  some easy-to- find items  that I can't remember  where to
locate or that I can't be bothered  to discuss. Keep in mind that chests  can be
opened both while exploring and while battling. It is imperative to open  chests
as soon as you can, as you may not be able to later. Also, realize that I  won't
tell you when  to change your  active force. All  I'll say is  that Balbaroy and
Amon are the first characters  who start in headquarters. Finally,  don't follow
my recommended levels to the tee. They are on the higher side, and the game  can
be enjoyed at lower levels, as I have done on numerous occasions. Remember  that
some characters only have one class. Thus, my recommended levels do not apply to

Chapter 1
 Guardiana:  You start  outside the  side door  of Guardiana's  chapel. Talk  to
 Varios, enter the chapel and talk to Lowe. Afterwards, exit the chapel from the
 side door and talk to Varios again. He'll be sent to the castle by a guard.  Go
 to the castle and  listen to the King  and Varios, and afterwards,  talk to the
 King. He'll send  you to the  Shrine of the  Ancients. Now exit  the castle and
 Lowe, Ken, Tao, Luke  and Hans will join  the force. Don't forget  to visit the
 bar and talk to one  of the people there. His  name is Gort and he'll  join you
 later. You may have to talk to him  now to get him, however. Save your game  in
 the chapel and exit town. You'll ride a cart to the Shrine of the Ancients.

New Force Members:

-Max (SDMN 1)
-Lowe (HEAL 1)
-Tao (MAGE 1)
-Luke (WARR )
-Ken (KNTE 1)
-Hans (ACHR 1)

Shrine of the  Ancients: You'll fight  your first battle  here. When it  is your
leader's turn, (I'll be  referring to him Max,  his default name, from  now on.)
cast Egress to exit the battle and return to Guardiana. Leave town on foot,  and
head to the small house next to the  shrine. You'll find a monk who serves as  a
friar.  You  can also  talk to  Gong, who  joins you  at this  juncture, and  to
Jogurt, to trigger the events that can him to join you much later  in the  game.
Save your game and return to the first battle at the shrine and win it.

New Force Members:

-Gobg (MONK 1)

Recommended level after Battle 1: 3

Road to Guardiana: After this battle, you'll leave the shrine and see  Guardiana
attacked by soldiers. You  have to fight another  battle to get into  Guardiana.
Egress if anyone died during the first battle, or if you wish to save your  game
at the monk's house.

Recommend level after Battle 2: 4

Guardiana: After you win the battle, enter Guardiana. You'll see that the town's
been severely crippled by  an attack from Runefaust.  Go to the bar  to get Gort
(the old  dwarf with  the axe)  to join  you, and  proceed to  enter the castle.
Explore the  castle area  to find  the treasury  and collect  the treasure. (You
couldn't do this earlier because there was a guard stopping you.) Afterwards  go
to the throne  and you'll see  Kane attacking the  King and Varios.  Talk to the
King and his daughter, Mae will join  the force. The armoury is now open.  Check
it out and buy any better weapons that you find.  Save your game and leave town.

New Force Members:

-Gort (WARR 2)
-Mae (KNTE 2)

Road to Alterone: There's another battle here. Win it and enter Alterone.

Recommended level after Battle 3: 4-5

Alterone: Explore  the whole  town as  there is  A LOT  of treasure. When you're
done, go to the armoury/bar and talk  to the people there. One of them  will ask
you if you're from Guardiana. Answer yes to this question and to the guy's other
question  so that  the guards  will let  you enter  Alterone castle.  Enter the
castle, and explore it throughly for treasure. Again, there's quite a bit.  Talk
to the King and he'll ask you to  follow him to meet Kane. Talk to Kane  and you
will be imprisoned in  the dungeon. Talk to  the imprisoned friar to  raise dead
characters and save your game. Then, search the cell door. A young Elven  healer
named Khris will  come to unlock  the door and  she will enter  the cell. She'll
open up a  secret passage to  allow you to  escape. She also  joins the Force at
this point. Enter  the passage and  you'll end up  in headquarters. Exit  to the
town, and  you'll find  yourself in  the final  battle of  the chapter.  Win the
battle, and return to the castle. Explore  the castle again, as there are a  few
chests which you could not previously access. Afterwards, speak to the King  and
he'll apologize for betraying you. Accept his apology and he'll tell you to pull
the chain that looks like a dragon's head southwest of the throne. Find it  near
a waterfall and pull it. Enter the passage that appears and go through  it. When
you reach the end and exit, Chapter 1 will come to a close.

New Force Members:

-Khris (HEAL 2)

Recommended level after battle 4: 5-6

Chapter 2

Rindo: You'll start the chapter just outside  of the town of Rindo but the  only
thing you can do  is enter town as  the paths to the  north and to the  west are
both blocked by fences.  Upon entering the town,  head to the theatre  and watch
the play for a  good laugh. When you're  down exploring town (remember  to go to
the house where you meet Guntz, as you  may need to if you want him to  join the
force later on), head to the armoury. (Didn't I say to do that in every town? Oh
well this  is the  last time  I'll tell  you, unless  I have  a good reason to.)
Upgrade your weapons, remembering especially to buy Power Staffs for your  mages
and healers. They will now be fighting machines for the balance of the  chapter.
Afterwards, go to the mayor's mansion and talk to the mayor. He'll tell you that
you can't have his  boat. Leave town and  the west fence will  be gone, allowing
you to exit the area. You'll enter a battle as you head to Manarina.

Recommended level after Battle 5: 6

Manarina: After winning the fight, enter  Manarina and go to the chapel  to save
your game. Afterwards, talk to one of  the mages not far from where you  entered
the city (I think his name is Onat or something).  He'll tell you to get the Orb
of Light from the Cave of Darkness. Explore this city of mages and look for Anri
(she talked to you  when you first entered)  and she will join  the Force.  Also
find the Domingo egg in a room with  a mage and an odd machine by searching  the
machine. Don't forget to  talk to Arthur so  that he'll join you  after the next
battle. Now, head to the Cave of Darkness.

New Force Members:

-Anri (MAGE 3)

Cave  of  Darkness:  Fight the  battle  and  win. Search  the  chests  along the
battlefield for some nice  items, including the Orb  of Light which you  need to
proceed further into the game.

Recommended level after battle 6: 7

Manarina: Go north of the stairs by which you entered the cavern to talk to  the
Spirit of the  Holy Spring. Use  the Orb of  Light on the  big silver thing that
looks like it has  an eyeball drawn on  it to here what  she has to say.  Now go
talk to Arthur again  to get him to  join the force. Afterwards,  leave town and
return to Rindo.

New Force Members:

-Arthur (KNTE 4)

Rindo: Enter the town and talk to the mayor again. He'll tell you that he'll  do
whatever you  want if  you bring  his grandson  back from  the circus.  Exit the
mayor's house and head for the circus tent near the docks.

Circus Tent:  Enter the  tent and  you'll run  into Mishaela  (whom you may have
spoken to in Alterone) and she'll send Marionette and some other monsters  after
you. Defeat Marionette, and you'll rescue the mayor's grandson. Search the chest
for an iron arrow (thank God) and some other nice stuff.

Recommended level after battle 7: 8

Rindo: Talk to the mayor  and he'll let use his  ship. Proceed to the ship   and
Mishaela will burn it.  Return  to the mayor and talk  to him and his SON   (not
grandson). They'll tell  you to head  to Shade Abbey.  If you want  to, you  can
watch the new version of the theatre's play for another laugh. Leave town,   and
head north  (the north  fence is  now gone)  until you  reach a small building.
Enter this building.

Shade Abbey: You are  now in Shade Abbey.  Talk to all the  people including the
"friar", and  head due  north from  the entrance.  Keep going  until you reach a
large chapel. Enter the chapel and all the people will follow you and block your
escape. (Hopefully you'll be able to figure out that something nasty's goin'  on
by now.) Head towards the stoned Balbaroy (heh heh) and the friar will  teleport
in. It's Kane! It's Kane! Kane will leave you to fight another battle. After you
win this battle, Amon and Balbaroy will join you.

New Force Members:

-Amon (BDMN 5)
-Balbaroy (BDMN 5)

Recommended level after battle 8: 9-10

Chapter 3

Bustoke: You begin this  chapter in the town  of Bustoke. Explore the  town (the
armoury and item  shop have no  logo here), and  speak to the  Queen to find out
about Runefaust and the  Quarry. Afterwards, speak to  Diane to get her  to join
the force. Also find out about Moon Stone, Lunar Dew and how they'll help  Zylo.
When you're done, head to the Quarry.

New Force Members:

-Diane (ACHR 6)

Quarry: Win the  battle and enter  the cave. You'll  find a chest  with the Moon
Stone the Moon Stone. Return to Bustoke afterwards.

Recommended level after Battle 9: 10-11.

Bustoke: Talk to the old alchemist and he'll make Lunar Dew from the Moon Stone.
When done, head to the jail cell where  Zylo is found and talk to the girl  just
outside of the cell. She'll open it. Now talk to Zylo and use the Moon Dew (from
the item menu) on him.  He'll join the force, and  is a valuable asset. Head  to
one of the houses and find Kokichi  trying to make a flying machine. Search  the
machinery and talk to Kokichi. He'll offer  to test it for you. Follow him,  and
he'll fly around and fall off Bustoke Mountain. Now, leave Bustoke.

New Force Members:

-Zylo (WRWF 9)

Road to Pao Bridge: Win this easy battle and head to Pao Bridge.

Recommended level after Battle 10: 11

Pao Bridge: Win the Laser Eye battle to win the chapter and Pelle will join you.

New Force Members:

-Pelle (KNTE 8)

Recommended level after Battle 11: 11

Chapter 4

Pao: Explore the  town and talk  to Elliot. Afterwards,  explore the new  wagons
that  the guards  now let  you enter.  Once inside,  talk to  the Princess,  the
engineer,  and than  the Princess  again to  get Pao  to move.  Once again,  the
armoury is unmarked and remember that you must buy new weapons before Pao  moves
to use them in the next battle. Make sure to buy a Power Spear for Pelle because
it's easy to forget like I often  do. When Pao moves Kokichi will join,  and you
can also  get Vankar by  finding him  around the  area. Leave  Pao upon  getting

New Force Members:

-Vankar (KNTE 8)
-Kokichi (WGKN 7)

Elliot Battle: Get one  Heat Axe from  one of the Lizardmen  and Egress  back to

Pao: Talk to Vankar to get him to join and then enter the  Chapel. Stand left of
of the  Friar to see Jogurt fall over (assuming you met him in Chapter 1). He'll
now be in your force.

New Force Members:

-Jogurt (YGRT 1)

Elliot: Leave Pao and defeat Elliot,  making sure to kill the Heat  Axe wielding
Lizardman again. You'll notice that Pao  has moved to a new location.  Return to
Pao's original location to get Kokichi if you met  him in Bustoke. You  can also
can also get Vankar to join by talking to him if you haven't done so already.

New Force Members:

-Jogurt (YGRT 1)

Recommended level after Battle 12: 12.

2nd Pao:  There are  new chests  abound, as  well as  a man  that will warm your
Domingo Egg (assuming you remembered to find it in Manarina) to allow Domingo to
hatch and join you. The armoury may  also have new stuff, but I can't  remember.
Head  to the Pig  Pen and  Guntz will join  the Force. Now leave town,  and it's
onward to the Wimpy Fortress of Balbazak.

New Force Members:

-Domingo (MGCR 1)
-Guntz (SMKN 8)

Fortress of Balbazak: Win the easy battle.

Recommended  level  after  Battle 13:  Train  to  Level 13  or  14,  promote all
characters currently having weapons  available which require promotion,  as well
as all character who fight unarmed, and train them  to about Level 4. The others
are fine at 13 - 14

Uranbatol (Nice pun...:)):  Nothing to do  here. Earnest will  join you and  you
have to talk to a guard to get  him to open the shipyard. Now remember your  two
Heat Axes from the  Elliot battle? Equip 'em  on Gort and Luke now that they are
they are promoted to make them fighting machines.

New Force Members:

-Ernest (KNTE 8)

Shipyard: Kill Balbazak and get the ship to win the chapter.

Recommended level after Battle 14: 4 Promoted, 14 for unpromoted characters

Chapter 5

Ship: Wimpy monsters attack your ship. Beat them and your now-damaged ship will drift to
the island town of Waral.

Recommended level after Battle 15: 5 Promoted, 14 - 15 for unpromoted characters.

Waral: Uh oh, your ship is damaged and you cannot sail onward. Talk to the  King
(who is also  the weapon and  item shop salesman)  and explore the  town on foot
before getting on guest boat. Note that you need to use the guest boat to access
the chapel. At this point it may be a good idea to promote everyone who is still
first class, because the  next two battles are  EASY, and new weapons  requiring
promotion are now available. Now head to buoys and talk to the Mermaid  blocking
the opening. She'll move out  of the way if you  answer yes to her question.  Go
through the opening and you'll drift and get knocked out.

Ring Reef: You'll wake up  in a house. Talk to  the friar and exit the  house to
find yourself on Ring Reef. Enter this  little blue thing in the walled area  to
go to the Shining Path area.

Shining Path Area: Follow the Skeleton and you'll fight a battle to gain  access
to the Shining Path. Win the battle and the Master Mage boss will sacrifice  its
life to block the Shining Path. If you Egress you'll wind up back in Waral. Just
go to  where you  originally got  the guest  boat and  a new  one will magically
appear, allowing you  to return to Ring  Reef. This time, you must get  there on
your own without getting knocked out.

Recommended level after Battle 16: 7 Promoted.

Waral: Talk to the King to get your ship back and you'll leave Waral. Answer his
question however the heck you want.

Ship: Another easy sea battle (yawn). Just win to complete the chapter.

Recommended level after Battle 17: 7-8 Promoted

Chapter 6

Rudo:  You start  Chapter 6  in the  town of  Rudo, which  has  been  overrun by
children. The layout of the town may be slightly confusing at first, but  you'll
get the hang of it after exploring thoroughly, which you will have to do anyways
as you  are blocked  off from  leaving the  town. Pay  special attention  to the
buildings, as Lyle can be found in one of them and he will join the force.  When
you're done doing that, talk to Karen, who will tell you about Bleu, visit  Krin
in the library, and talk to Karen again. You will now be able to leave Rudo. Do
so after getting all the chests and upgrading your weapons as necessary.

New Force Members:

Lyle (ASKT 9)

Road to Dragonia: Win this battle. It's not too bad.

Recommended level after Battle 18: 9 Promoted

Dragonia: (Note, do  not enter the  city until you  are ready, you  cannot leave
until you defeat Kane)  Explore the town, getting  all the chests. Talk  to Bleu
when finished. Follow him as he runs away and he will eventually be attacked  by
Kane. When  the scene  is done,  talk to  Kane, who  will announce his intent to
fight you after giving you time to prepare. Bleu also joins the force at  around
this juncture. Go to the  local Headquarters to resurrect dead  characters, save
your game, and  make any necessary  changes to your  party before leaving.  Kane
will attack you when you exit HQ. Defeat him in battle. Afterwards, follow  Kane
to the gate in the middle of the  city where a Hero of Light and of  Darkness is
needed. Proceed through the gate until you see a chest. Darksol will appear  and
take the contents of  the chest and then  proceed toseverely  injure Kane. After
the scene, leave Dragonia and return to Rudo.

New Force Members:

-Bleu (DRGN 9)

Recommended level after Battle 19: 10-11 Promoted

Rudo: Return to the library and talk  to Karen and then to Krin. They  will tell
you about a castle that appeared somewhere outside  of town. Leave town to fight
another battle.

Recommended Level after Battle 20: 11 Promoted

Skull Castle: Defeat  Mishaela. Just be  careful not to  get the Sword  of Light
until you have gotten all the  other treasure chests (It's in the  chest closest
to Mishaela's throne). Defeating Mishaela AND retrieving the Sword allows you to
continue you to Chapter 7.

Recommended Level after Battle 21: 11-12 Promoted

Note: Do not  worry as much  about levels any  more. You should easily be strong
enough to finish the game without any more levelling up.

Chapter 7

Prompt: You begin the chapter in Prompt. Head to the Castle and talk to the King
after having explored the city. You will be imprisoned, and some guy named Boken
whom you may have met  over the course of your  travels will save you. When  you
are freed, talk to the  King again and you will  be forgiven. As well, the  King
will request that you talk to Kane, who is severely injured in bed. Talk to Kane
and then  leave  the castle and  look for a  big building in  the city with  two
doors and a white sign. Search the sign to get Musashi to join your force. Don't
forget  to add  him to  the battle  roster, as he is  God-like. Leave town after
checking out the weapon shop and go to the Tower of the Ancients.

New Force Members:

-Musashi (SMR 10)

Road to the Tower: Win the battle and head East.

Tower of the Ancients: Enter the Tower, get the chests, and win the battle. Note
that there  is a  chest in  the battlefield  that I  believe can  only be gotten
during the  battle. It  contains the  almighty Valkyrie,  the best  Spear in the
game. You may need a flying character  to get it. After winning the battle,  you
will encounter Alef and Torasu, a wizard and a priest from Prompt. They join the
force, but are in desperate need of levelling up (15 unpromoted...lol). You must
then proceed  to a  certain place  in the  tower where  you will again encounter
Darksol trying to get an important item for the release of Dark Dragon (I  think
he was  named Lucifer  in the  Japanese version.  The name  was changed to avoid
offending any redneck Christian  fundamentalists). Kane will appear  and Darksol
will kill him as he tries  to save your butt. After  you have finished with  the
with the tower, return to Prompt.

New Force Members:

-Alef (MAGE 15)
-Torasu (HEAL 15)

Prompt: Return to the King, who will  tell you about another way to the  Shining
Path that can  be reached from  the castle. He  will also give  you the Sword of
Darkness. Talk to  the scholars in  the castle library  and then go  through the
Shining Path, which and be accessed on the floor just below the Castle, to reach

Metapha: Metapha is not  a town. It actually  feels like an extension  of Prompt
Castle. Explore the area until you find a pool. Use the Orb of Light to  contact
the Sprit of the Spring as you did in Chapter 2 and she will tell you about  the
Chaos Breaker (CB) (the most powerful  sword in the game) and about  your quest.
Talk to Adam, who is near the spring afterwards, and a sequence will trigger  in
which Chaos will attack you with some other monsters. Adam is in your force now,
and if for some strange  reason you feel like taking  him, Egress to put him  in
your battle party. Defeat Chaos and you will be able to progress into a new area
of Metapha. Summon the Spirit  of the Spring in the  new pool that you see,  and
create  the  CB by  using  the Sword  of  Light and  the  Sword of  Darkness  as
prescribed by the sign. Unfortunately, you will lose the two swords,  but the CB
looks a Lightsabre. When you are finished, return to Prompt.

New Force Members:

-Adam (RBT 9)

Prompt: Talk to the King and then leave town.

Road to Runefaust: Head South and you  will see a gate guarded by enemies.  This
is the gate to the Kingdom of Runefaust. Kill all the enemies to win the chapter.

Chapter 8

Runefaust: You  will now  be inside  the gate.  Enter the  city of Runefaust and
explore the  city, upgrading  your weapons  if necessary  (though I doubt you'll
need to). Next, talk to Mahtato in Runefaust Castle, and the guards blocking the
way to Ramladu's castle will leave. Now,  look for a bush somewhere in the  city
with a glowing starry or shurikeny shaped thing on it. Search it, and Hanzou the
Ninja will join you. When finished, head West to what looks like an exit out  of
the city.  In  reality, it leads to  Ramladu's  Castle (Not to be  confused with
Runefaust Castle).

New Force Members:

-Hanzou (NINJ 10)

Ramladu's Castle: In the first battle and get all the chests in the area.  Then,
head farther up to fight King (Emperor?) Ramladu. When you defeat King  Ramladu,
leave the castle and you will be back in Runefaust.

Runefaust: Enter Runefaust  Castle (in the  North end of  the city) and  talk to
some  guy  named Mahato  who  will tell  you  how to  raise  the Castle  of  the

Ramladu's Castle: Head west from the  are where you first enter the  castle, and
you should find an  alcove with stairs. Climb  down the stairs and  you'll be in
the wilderness west of Runefaust. Now  go to the westernmost point of  the coast
and use the Chaos Breaker as an item to raise the Castle of the Ancients in  the
middle of the sea.

Castle of the  Ancients: Enter the  Gate of the  Ancients (which looks  like the
first one near Guardiana)  near Runefaust and head  North. You will teleport  to
the Castle  of the  Ancients and  fight Colossus.  Defeat Colossus  and continue
through the Castle of the Ancients to fight Darksol. Defeat Darksol and he  will
resurrect Dark Dragon and you will battle him right away. Defeat Dark Dragon  to
finish the game. Remember,  however, that Egressing  while fighting Dark  Dragon
Dragon will force you to rebattle Darksol.

4. B A T T L E  G U I D E

Read the FAQs  for a trick  or two about  battle that I  won't bother mentioning
here. Remember though, that if Max dies, you'll return to the last town in which
you saved , and lose half of your gold. You'll keep experience and items  earned
in battle, however. The names of the battles were invented by me, the number  of
enemies  in each  battle was  taken from  Col. G.  L. Sicherman's  FAQ and  the
strategies, difficulty, and recommended levels are all my own work. Please  note
that you should actually play this game a couple of levels below the recommended
levels unless you have trouble. Finally, a word of caution. When gaining a level
in this game,  you do not  carry over excess  experience like in  future Shining
Force games. In  other words, if  you have 99  experience points (XP),  and your
next attack earns you 23 XP., you will gain a level, but will start with 0 XP on
your new level, rather than 22 XP. If you remember this, your levels will be far
more balanced, and you will not to level up as much,  for there are fewer wasted

Chapter 1

Battle 1: The Ancient Shrine

Enemies: Goblin x5, Dark Dwarf x2, Rune Knight (mini-boss) x1

Difficulty: 3.5/10

Winning Conditions: Nighty-night Rune Knight!

Strategies: As it is the first battle, This battle is not too tough. Follow  the
directions in the walkthrough (with  regards to getting Gong) before  you fight.
Use everyone to fight but cast Blaze  with Tao and heal with Lowe and  Gong when
necessary. The Goblins are passive and  tend not to attack you unless  your next
to them.  Use this  to your  advantage. Be  careful when  you approach  the Rune
Knight because  the Dark  Dwarves will  go after  you. They  do more damage than
Goblins and have high defense. The Rune Knight is even stronger and has high HP,
but his defense is only slightly higher than that of the Goblins. Watch out  for
him,  however,  as  he is  quite  aggressive. Killing  the Rune Knight wins  the

Recommended level after Battle 1: 3

Battle 2: The Return to Guardiana

Enemies: Goblin x6, Dark Dwarf x3, Rune Knight x2

Difficulty: 2.5/10

Winning Conditions: Defeat all enemies or enter Guardiana with Max.

Strategies:  This should  be an  easy battle  if you  levelled up  on the  first
battle, and even  if you're only  at 1 -  2, you should  still win without  much
difficulty. At the beginning,  the terrain is bad  so there will be  a few turns
where  nothing happens.  Just approach  your enemies  keeping your  force close
together with Hans, Tao and maybe Max going ahead of everybody else to slaughter
the goblins. Hans  fights well in  the forest and  you gotta use  that loser for
something. Tao is also useful as she may already have Blaze 2 if your levels are
high, which is good against the goblins because they are bunched together.  Your
leader can protect Hans and Tao, but I doubt you'll need him to because  Goblins
are weaklings and will barely hurt  you. After taking care of the  Goblins, move
up to the Dark Dwarfs  with the whole force and  take 'em out. The Rune  Knights
are extremely harmless in  this battle because of  a little trick. Hans  and Ken
have a range of two  so have them stand across  the river from the Rune  knights
and bombard them with spears and arrows. They won't attack you cause you're  not
next to them, and  they are not programmed  to move until you  cross the bridge.
This is the  first of many  examples of this  game's pathetic AI.  Killing every
enemy or entering Guardiana with Max will steal the day.

Recommended level after Battle 2: 4

Battle 3: The Road to Alterone

Enemies: Dark Dwarf x5, Rune Knight x5, Giant Bat x5

Difficulty: 6/10

Winning Conditions: Kill all the enemies or enter Alterone with Max.

Strategies: Unfortunately,  this battle  is quite  a bit  tougher than the first
two. The Giant Bats will attack you from the river area, while the Dark  Dwarves
will mount an attack on you right away. Send a few people to take out the  bats,
while  the rest of the force takes  out the dwarves. Watch out, however, as  the
bats, while almost as puny as Goblins, can put to sleep with their attacks. When
finished, move your entire force up as a group and go after the Rune Knights and
the bats that cowered to  the top of the screen.  Watch out for the knights,  as
they are still very dangerous and seem to like ganging up on a single character.
Make damn sure that no one important falls asleep because of the bats. Win  this
battle by killing all the enemies or by entering Alterone with Max.

Recommended level after Battle 3: 4-5

Battle 4: The Battle of Alterone

Enemies: Dark Mage I x1, Rune Knight x4, Sniper x2, Dark Dwarf x4, Giant Bat x4

Difficulty: 4.5/10

Winning Conditions: Slaughter then all!

Strategies: This battle is  still a bit tough  but is easier than  the last one.
Early on, the Giant  Bats will go after  you. Slaughter there wimpy  behinds and
continue on with  the fight. Move  up a bit,  and the Dark  Mage and the Snipers
will taunt you by  going into a position  where you can attack  them with ranged
attackers but they'll have the advantage.  Remember that Snipers have arrows and
Dark Mages can cast Blaze 2 four times before running out of MP. Ignore them for
now, and take them out later. Two  Rune Knights will charge you. Kill them,  but
heal if  anyone is  hurt after  you defeat  them. The  other 2 knights guard the
bridge you need to cross to  progress. Take them out with long-range  attacks as
they won't  move to  attack you,  and you  can kill  them with  nary a  scratch.
Continue towards  the remaining  enemies who  will be  all bunched together. Hit
them with Blaze 2s from Tao and  use physical attacks to finish 'em off.  Again,
watch out for the Snipers and especially the mage. Killing all the  enemies wins
this battle.

Recommended level after Battle 4: 5-6

Chapter 2

Battle 5: The Road to Manarina

Enemies: Dark Mage I x3, Zombie I x4, Giant Bat x4, Dark Dwarf x3, Sniper x2

Difficulty: 7.5/10

Winning Conditions: Kill everything or enter Manarina with Max,

Strategies: This outdoor battle can really be a doozey towards the end.  Luckily
the beginning is extremely easy and just consists of bats and dwarves guarding a
bridge. Take 'em out, but be careful to  not be put to sleep by the agile  bats.
Move up  through the  desert (which  is excruciatingly  slow) and  take out  the
Snipers. As you  approach Manarina, you'll  have 4 Zombies  and 3 mages  to deal
with. Zombie's are extremely strong with high defence and the ability to poison.
I'm sure you're already  sick of Dark Mages.  Anyways, use a couple  Blaze 2s on
the Zombies, as they are weak against fire and take out the mages with  physical
attacks while being careful  to protect Max and  your weak characters. It  might
also be advantageous to not allow your characters to make horizontal or vertical
contact with one another so  that the Dark Mages can  only target them one at  a
time with Blaze 2. This strategy is any time you face multiple magic users in  a
small  area of  a battle  field. DON'T  FORGET IT.  Win the  battle by  reaching
Manarina with Max or by sending your enemies to an early grave.

Recommended level after Battle 5: 6

Battle 6: The Cavern of Darkness

Enemies: Skeleton I (mini-boss) x1, Zombie I x3, Dark Mage I x4, Giant  Bats x5,
Snipers x2

Difficulty: 6.5/10

Winning Conditions: Rattle the Skeleton's bones!

Strategies: The beginning of the battle consists of a couple zombies guarding  a
passage.  Kill them  with Blaze  and  physical  attacks from  strong characters.
Afterwards continue across the bridge and you'll fight some Giant Bats,  Snipers
and a Dark  Mage. Take them  out with Blaze  2s, attacks and  Anri's Freeze 1 or
Blaze 2  (if she  has already  learned it).  Next, you'll  run into 3 Dark Mages
which is very dangerous if they get  you before you get them. Don't let  them do
so, and use your  magic defense formation, and  you should be able  to kill them
without much trouble. Now you still have Mr. Bones left to deal with. Use  Blaze
1 to annihilate him . but try not to use physical attacks unless it's absolutely
necessary. The  Skeleton is  even stronger  than those  darn Zombies,  but never
moves (a problem it  shares with many  bosses). Killing good ol'  Mr. Bones wins
wins this fairly challenging battle.

Recommended level after Battle 6: 7

Battle 7: Rumble in the Tent

Enemies:  Marionette  (boss) x1, Dire  Clown x2, Mannequin x3, Evil  Puppet  x3,
Giant Bat x3

Winning Conditions: Snap Marionette's strings!

Difficulty: 9/10

Strategies:  Don't let  the unimpressive  number of  enemies fool  you. This  is
definitely the  hardest battle  so far,  and easily  one of  the toughest in the
whole game. The bats  fall easily and give  you just about no  experience so you
can  ignore  them  unless they  make  you  feel sleepy.  The  puppets  look like
pushovers but they have Freeze 1 and Ominous Incantation. (10-15 damage!!).  Get
rid of  them! The  Mannequins aren't  too bad  because all  they have is poison,
which is  weak and  easily treatable.  The Dire  Clowns are  almost as  tough as
Zombies so  be careful.  Now, after  you take  out the  henchmen, it's  time for
Marionette.  She is  HARD. Watch  out for  her Freeze  3 with  can hit  up to  5
characters for 14-18 damage, usually killing  them in one hit. Remember to  keep
Max FAR, FAR  away from  her! For more  tips on  how to  beat her, read  my Boss
Strategies section, but don't forget the magic defense formation.

Recommended level after Battle 7: 8

Battle 8: Church of the Living Dead

Enemies: Zombie I x2, Skeleton I x3, Zombie II x4, Ghoul (boss) x1

Difficulty: 8.5/10

Winning Conditions: Give that Ghoul some ghastly treatment!

Strategies: Once  again, bad  things come  in small  packages. This tough battle
only has 10 enemies.  You'll notice that Max  starts away from the  rest of your
force. Move him towards them as soon as you can or he'll perish rather  quickly,
costing you the battle. Since the  undead baddies here are extremely strong  but
weak against fire, Blaze  'em to death and  protect your mages, as  they are the
key to  victory. Don't  worry about  the Zombie  IIs because  they have the same
stats as Zombie's, but  give you more gold  and much more EXP.  After taking out
the enemies, go after the Ghoul with a barrage of physical and magical  attacks.
The Ghoul  is basically  a Skeleton  on steroids,  but it  can put you to sleep.
Watch out! Killing the Ghoul gets you  out of this evil Chapel and into  Chapter

Recommend level after Battle 8: 9-10.

Chapter 3

Battle 9: The Rocky Quarry

Enemies: Skeleton I  x6, Dark Priest  x4, Master Mage  (mini-boss) x1, Lizardman
x1, Dark Elf x2, Dark Mage II x2

Difficulty: 6/10

Winning Conditions: It's mage mashing time!

Strategies: This battle  can be fairly  tough, but if  you won the  last two, it
shouldn't be much of a problem. You'll run into with a couple of skeletons early
on, which  are easily  dealt with  now that  you got  better weapons. After that
you'll fight some  Dark Priests, which  are pretty weak  but can heal  and some,
Dark Elves, a more powerful archer,  but with poor defense. Go after  the elves,
being  careful not  to stand  2 squares  from them,  and take  out the  priests.
Continue down and you'll fight a few more wimps before dealing with the powerful
Lizardman and  the dangerous  Master Mage.  Take 'em  out but  watch out for the
Master Mage  because he has  33 attack  and can  cast Freeze  2. Kill this  evil
wizard and victory is yours.

Recommended Level after the battle, 10-11.

Battle 10: The Road to Pao Bridge

Enemies: Lizardman x2, Pegasus Knight x4,  Sniper x2, Dark Mage II x2,  Skeleton

Winning Conditions: Bridge or massacre...your choice.

Difficulty: 3.5/10

Strategies: This is an easy battle. Just move up and take out the enemies. Watch
out for the Pegasus  Knights, who are quick  and fairly strong, and  use Zylo to
his full potential because the terrain here slows almost everyone down but gives
him a BIG advantage. Kill all the enemies or have Max reach the bridge to win.

Recommended level after the battle: 11.

Battle 11: We'll Cross that Bridge When We Come to It...

Enemies: Dark Elf  x3, Silver Knight  x2 (mini-boss), Laser  Eye, Pegasus Knight
x3, Lizardman x5, Dark Priest x2

Difficulty: 6/10 (or 1/10)

Winning Conditions: As insulting  as it sounds to  the might of your  Force, you
must kill that puny Silver Knight on the far side of the battle filed.

Strategies: This battle isn't as difficult as you'd think. Basically, you should
just wait about a gazillion turns for the Laser Eye to kill the Dark Priest  and
the  3 Lizardmen.  After that,  charge the  bridge and  go after  the Laser  Eye
quickly while taking out  Pegasus Knights that get  in your way. Kill  the Laser
Eye or just go past  it and then defeat the  boss, the Silver Knight that's  the
farthest from where your characters start the battle. Again, watch your position
regarding the Dark  Elves. I don't  know why the  heck the Silver  Knight's boss
because he's actually the wussiest enemy in the battle.  Alternatively, you  can
ignore  almost  everything in  this  battle, and  kill  the Silver  Knight  with
Balbaroy right away (assuming you're using him).

Recommended level after the battle: 11.

Chapter 4

Battle 12: General Elliot's Last Stand

Enemies: Elliot (Boss), Artillery I x1, Pegasus Knight x4, Lizard Man x5, Silver
Knight x4, Dark Priest x3

Difficulty: 4.5/10

Winning Conditions: You can figure it out on your own...I hope.

Strategies: This battle is not that  hard. Move across the prairie and  take out
the Pegasus Knights and the Lizardmen.  One of the Lizardmen is very  strong and
will give you a Heat Axe. It is recommended that you fight this battle at  least
twice to get 2 Heat Axes so that Gort and Luke will each have one when promoted.
It pays off big time! Anyways, continue on by taking out the Silver Knights  and
the Dark Priests. You'll  be left with an  Artillery, Elliot and a  Dark Priest.
Kill the  Dark Priest  and the  Artillery (realizing  that the  Artillery is  an
archer type and can only attack  from 2 squares). Finally, surround Elliot  with
as many characters as possible so  as to limit the effectiveness of  his ability
to automatically restore 15 HP per  turn. For obvious reasons though, don't  use
Max against Elliot himself unless absolutely necessary. Oh yeah, upon replaying
the game, I've found out that Elliot can move.

Recommended level after Battle 12: 12.

Battle 13: The Wimpy Fortress of Balbazak

Enemies: Silver Knight x6, Artillery x1, Hell Hound x2 (mini-boss), Dark  Priest
x3, Pegasus Knight x3

Difficulty: 1/10

Winning Conditions: I think one of the door guards is a sub-boss...

Strategies: Just annihilate everything, Egress to do it again, and gain a ton of
levels. This is  an extremely easy  battle with enemies  that give a  lot of EXP
(except the Dark Priests).  The only threats to  the force (ande th  only reason
this battle did not  get a 0) are  the Hellhounds, as they  occasionally breathe
fire which can hurt you  between 9-13. The  Hellhound guarding  the door  is the

Recommended level after battle: 3 - 4 Promoted, 13 for unpromoted characters

Battle 14: Rumble in the Shipyard

Enemies: Balbazak (Boss), Hellhound x2, Artillery x3, Silver Knight x2, Seabat
x5, Evil Puppet x1, Dark Priest x1

Difficulty: 2.5/10

Strategies: This guy's even easier than Elliot. Just annihilate the enemies, and
exploit the fact that Balbazak never moves. Seabats are weak versions of Pegasus
Knights, yet they give TONS of experience for some reason.

Recommended level after battle 14: 4 Promoted, 13 - 14 for unpromoted characters.

Chapter 5

Battle 15: Lost at Sea

Difficulty Level: 0/10

Winning Conditions: It's more challenging to lose than it is to win...

Enemies: Shellfish x2, Conch x3, Seabat x4, Pegasus Knight x3

Strategies: This battle doesn't need strategy because it's so pathetically easy.
Just kill everything. If you  really want strategy, split your  force in two and
have each side fight on one half of the ship.

Recommended level after Battle 15: 4-5 Promoted, 14 for unpromoted characters

Battle 16: The Fellowship of the Ring Reef

Enemies: Hellhound x5, Skeleton II x5, Seabat x4, Worm x3, Master Mage x1

Difficulty: 1.5/10

Winning Conditions: Mash that mage again!

Strategies: This  battle is  more challenging  than the  last, but  it's still a
cinch. Just divide your characters and slaughter the insanely weak enemies. Kill
the mage to win.

Recommended level after Battle 16: 6 promoted.

Battle 17: Sailing Away to Prompt

Enemies: Gargoyle x1, Conch x6, Shellfish x4, Seabat x5, Pegasus Knight x2

Difficulty: 0/10

Winning Conditions: How stupid are you?

Strategy: See  Battle 15  except that  wimpy monsters  appear during  the battle
(reflected in  the enemies  section of  this battle).  Just a  warning that  the
enemies are about much stronger next chapter, so don't sit on  your rear end and
expect to breeze through the rest of the game.

Recommended level after Battle 17: 7 promoted

Chapter 6

Battle 18: Road to the City of Dragons

Enemies: Durahan (Shouldn't that be Dullahan?) I x1, Artillery II x5, Golem  x5,
Master Mage x3, Worm x4, High Priest I x1,

Difficulty: 5/10

Winning Conditions: All your mistranslated enemy are belong to death.

Strategy: This one is  more challenging than it  looks, but is still  relatively
easy. Head through to the  rough terrain towards the enemies  guarding Dragonia,
but be careful, as enemies will  magically appear to block your path.  The Worms
and Artillery II are pathetically weak, but the Golems have good defense and the
Master Mages  still have deadly  spells. Win  by defeating  the Durahan guarding
Dragonia or by entering Dragonia with Max.

Recommended Level after Battle 18: 8 - 9 Promoted

Battle 19: Am I Kane or am I Cain?

Enemies: Kane/Cain (boss), Gargoyle x3, Golem x4, High Priest I x2, Durahan I
x2, Master Mage x3

Difficulty: 7/10

Winning Conditions: Mistranslated boss have no chance to survive make his time.

Strategy: Although Kane himself is deadly, many of the enemies do not pack  much
of a  punch. The  Gargoyles are  harmless, the  Golems do  not cause much damage
despite their defense and even Master Mages are showing their wear, though their
Freeze 2 is still brutal. Don't be  lulled though, as Kane has 2 Durahans  and a
Master Mage  to protect  him, as  well as  a High  Priest to  kill him. When you
finally get to Kane and his little  posse, kill the High Priest first, kill  the
Master Mage afterwards, and  then kill the Durahans.  With his defenders out  of
the way, Kane should be less deadly. But watch out for his high attack power and
his Desoul magic which  he can use through  his Dark Sword. For  safety reasons,
keep Max FAR away. Eventually, you will win with a  coordinated effort from your
entire force.

Recommended Level after Battle 19: Level 10 Promoted

Battle 20: The Endurance Trek

Enemies: Bowrider x2, Belial x3,  Gargoyle x2,  Master Mage x4,  Golem x4,  High
Priest I x2

Difficulty: 5.5/10

Winning Conditions: Survive the trek by killing all the enemies or entering Skull

Strategy: As the lame  name suggests, this is  one LONG battle, unless  you have
Guntz,  Kokichi,  and/or Balbaroy!  (Guess  why) Although  many  of the  enemies
present are  pretty much  cannon fodder,  the Bowriders  have fairly high attack
power and the Belials can screw you  over with a couple of nasty Bolt  1 spells.
The terrain is also bad, but this makes  the battle  more long that  it is hard.
hard. Keep it up and you'll eventually reach Skull Castle.

Recommended Level after Battle 20: Level 11 Promoted

Battle 21: Misfortune of the Fortune Teller

Enemies: Mishaela (boss), Gargoyle x3, Master Mage x4,  High Priest x1, Bowrider
x3, Durahan II x2, Belial x3

Difficulty: 7/10

Winning Conditions: The title of this battle says it all...

Strategy: Without Mishaela, this would be one of those relatively easy  battles.
Most of the enemies are weak, although the Belials, the Master Mages (which  can
Freeze 2  you 4  times in  a row  because of  their positioning),  and even  the
Bowriders  can  cause problems  if  you are  not  careful. Take  out  Misahela's
flunkies quickly and then proceed with caution towards Mishaela. When you  reach
her, watch out for her Bolt 2, and use the Power Ring on the character attacking
her,  as only  one character  can hit  her from  one square  a way.  Obviously,
archers, flyers and mages help a lot as you can hit with more than one character
at a time, which makes her HP  recovery far less annoying. Just remember to  get
the Sword of Light  after you've open every  other chest, otherwise the  chapter
will end and you will miss out on some nice items.

Recommended Level after Battle 20: Level 11-12 Promoted

Chapter 7

Battle 22: The Trail to the Tower

Enemies: Minotaur x1 (mini-boss), Wyvern x2, Torch Eye x2, Jet x2, Durahan II x3,
Durahan III x1, Belial x2

Difficulty: 6.5/10

Winning Conditions: Kill big dumb barbarian.

Strategy: This  is another  battle in  rough terrain  that also  introduces some
deadly new  enemies. Pretty  much enemy  here can  be dangerous  except for  the
Durahan II and Belials. The Torch Eye is especially deadly, as it has an  attack
range of 2 and can  hit for around 20 HP  of damage regardless of your  defense.
The wyvern has lower  attack power but features  a more powerful version  of the
Hellhound's Flame ability, while the Jets  are fast (duh) and packs some  decent
attack,  good defense,  and above  average magic  power. The  big, slow,  strong
Minotaur guarding the Tower of the Ancients  is the boss here and you should  be
able to come through if you are well-levelled or plan an intelligent strategy.

Battle 23: The One Tower

Enemies: Demon Master II x1 (mini-boss),  Ice Worm x5, Wyvern x2, Torch  Eye x3,
Steel Claw
x4, Jet x3

Difficulty: 7.5/10

Winning Condition: Whip that Demon Master good...

Strategy: Ah, dreaded "climbing  the tower" battle found  in both this game  and
its sequel. Luckily, although still challenging, it is considerably easier here.
Despite this fact, the battle is no creampuff. Every enemy here has a  dangerous
attack  and is  a worthy  opponent. Thus,  unless you  have a  wide variety   of
fighting  styles, you  are at  a disadvantage.  The Demon  Master, who  is  your
target, is especially bad, as it  has Freeze 3, and because of  its positioning,
it can often hit you 1 or 2 turns before you can even attack it. Unless you have
good fliers and ranged attackers, you will only be able to use one attacker at a
time. Remember to get the chest containing the  Valkyrie, as I believe  you will
be unable to obtain it after this battle.

Battle 24: The Chaos Theory

Enemies: Chaos (Boss), Minotaur x2, Demon Master II x3, Torch Eye x4, Ice Worm
x4, Jet x4

Difficulty: 4/10

Winning Conditions: Break Chaos' circuits.

Strategy: Don't let the enemies fool  you: this boss battle is not  difficult at
all for one reason only: Chaos will come charging right at you. Chaos,  although
fairly strong, is a  weakling compared to Kane  (which is unacceptable for  this
stage of the game...imho).  Therefore, he should fall  within a couple of  turns
before many of the enemies can  even touch you. Nevertheless, watch out  for the
Torch Eyes and don't get cocky and fight everything unless your  levels are high
are high. Otherwise, you may be overwhelmed.

Battle 25: Ramming the Gate

Enemies: Armed Skeleton x5, Horseman x3, Cerberus x4, Demon Master I x2,
Minotaur x3, High Priest II x1

Difficulty: 7.5/10

Winning Conditions: Kill the Armed Skeleton Guarding the gate.

Strategy: This battle  can be nasty.  The Cerberi are  like Wyverns except  they
cannot fly,  Minotaurs should  not be  very intimidating  anymore, and the Demon
Masters and  High Priest  are placed  in positions  were they  are not  all that
dangerous. The Horsemen are moderately powerful archers with horrendous defense,
but  the Armed  Skeletons make  this battle  fairly challenging  if you're  not
careful, as they are the strongest normal  enemy you have faced up to now.  They
can attack from up to 2 spaces  with a laser-like power that hurts for  about 20
and they have 62 in attack power with their Great Axes. Just be careful and  you
should be able to win this battle but with some difficulty. This battle finishes
Chapter 7.

Chapter 8

Battle 26: Castle of Horrors

Enemies: Blue Dragon x3, Chimera x5, Armed Skeleton x3, Cerberus x3, Horseman
x3, High Priest II x2

Difficulty: 7/10

Winning Conditions: The monsters must do what they do best...

Strategy: This one's  a toughie. The  Chimeras have excellent  all around stats,
can fly, and evade frequently. Take  them out quickly with powerful before  they
wreck havoc on your ranks. Watch out for their Firebreath as well. Blue  Dragons
are like  Chimeras, only  they are  ice-based and  significantly less dangerous.
When you take them out though, watch out for the Horsemen backing them up.  They
can reach you but you can't reach them unless you have Lyle or a good mage.  The
Armed Skeletons are as dangerous as  ever, but the High Priests and  the Cerberi
are far from  worthy opponents. Take  out everything cautiously  and efficiently
and you should get to King Ramladu in the next battle.

Battle 27: Ramladus's Technological Trap.

Enemies: Ramladu (Boss), Torch Eye x6, Steel Claw x6

Difficulty: 5/10

Winning Conditions:


Farewell the jewelled crown,
Farewell to the velvet gown,
Watch it all come tumbling down,
Goodbye to the Crown


Strategy: There are two ways to beat this battle: The easy way and the fun  way.
The easy way consists  of charging up and  slaughtering Ramladu, whilst the  fun
way consists of busting up his robo-guards as they chase you. If you go the easy
way, kill Ramladu quickly, as he recovers 24 HP per turn and has 93  attack!!!!!
If you choose  to kill the  Robo-guards, Ramladu himself  will cause a  lot less
trouble. Use Bolt 3 and powerful attacks to kill the robots, cast Aura 4 to heal
your party to full power, and defeat  Ramladu, being as careful  as possible due
to his high attack.

Battle 28: Three Heads Are Better Than One

Enemies: Colossus I x1 (boss), Colossus II x1 (boss), Colossus III x1 (boss)
Chimera x6, Blue Dragon x3, Jet x3, Horseman x2,
Armed Skeleton x3

Difficulty: 7.5/10

Winning Conditions: Topple Collosus.

Strategy:  The beginning  can be  quite difficult,  as Jets,  Blue Dragons,  and
Chimeras will surround you from the air while Horsemen and Armed Skeletons  will
pepper you with ranged attacks. Once  you manage to defeat the Blue  Dragons and
the Chimeras, this battle becomes a  lot easier. The Jets are honestly  not much
to worry  about anymore,  the Horsemen  often fall  to one  blow, and  the Armed
Skeletons are much easier  to deal with if  you destroy their back-up.  Colossus
himself  isn't  too  bad either.  He  consists  of three  heads  which  can move
independently to different sections of the battlefield. One head casts Blaze  3,
the other casts Freeze 3, and the only that cause any real trouble is the  third
which casts Bolt 3. Kill the centre head (the one that casts Bolt 3)  to win the

Battle 29: Caller of the Dragon

Enemies: Darksol (Boss), Torch Eye x8, Steel Claw x5, Blue Dragon x2, High
Priest II x2

Difficulty: 8/10

Strategy: This  battle is  all about  strategy if  you do  not have  Archers and
Fliers to help you. First off, you should wait a couple turns for the Torch Eyes
to position  themselves. Move  up towards  Darksol with  your characters,  being
careful to  stop out  of range  of the  Torch Eyes.  When you reach Darksol, the
worst is over, but the battle is still no walk in the park. Darksol has quite  a
few powerful flunkies  around him and  has a powerful  attack of his  own: Demon
Breath, which can hurt a small group of characters for 30 - 35 points of damage.
Take him out quickly  with powerful attackers and  be careful not to  get anyone
killed, as you will not have an opportunity to heal before you fight Dark Dragon
(unless you feel  like challenging Dark  Sol again). That  fact alone makes  the
battle considerably harder.  If you do  have Lyle and  Kokichi (or any  inferior
archer-flier combination), you can disregard most  of what I just said, as  this
battle is a cakewalk. Just exploit the stupid AI and you can kill everything  in
this battle, with the exception of Dark Sol and the the two Blue Dragons  aroumd
him, without even getting hit.

Battle 30: Return of the King

Enemies: Dark Dragon x3 (Boss), Armed Skeleton x2+

Difficulty: 3/10

Strategy:  See the Dark Dragon section of the boss guide.

5. C H A R A C T E R  G U I D E

If any one would like to add something or offer a different opinion about  these
characters please  E-Mail me  and I  may put  it into  the description if I have
time. Character's whom I have not used sufficiently to  completely judge will be
marked with an asterix.

Max (8.5/10): You're main  character. He has incredible  attack, average-to-very
high HP, and decent agility throughout the game. His defence becomes quite  good
when he's promoted but it's only  about average before promotion. Some may  play
him conservatively because, if he dies, the  battle is lost, along  with half of
your gold.

Start: SDMN, Promoted: HERO.

Lowe (6.5/10): Lowe is  a good healer with  great healing magic, and  he gets to
use it a lot. His fighting ability is not that bad either and he has fair HP and

Start: HEAL, Promoted: VICR

Tao (6/10): A decent mage with great fire magic  but poor fighting and defensive
ability. She has lots of MP. I personally prefer Anri.

Start: MAGE, promoted: WIZD

Luke (8/10): A good warrior with high attack, high defence and decent HP. He's a
bit slow though.

Start: WARR, promoted: GLDT.

Ken (3/10): A knight with high  HP, decent attack, decent agility  but  very low
defence. I tend not to keep him past Chapter 5 because  Pelle, Mae, Kokichi, and
Guntz are A LOT better.

Start: KNTE, promoted: PLDN.

Hans (2/10): A very crappy archer. He  starts off good but all he winds  up with
is a  lot of  speed because  he only  gains agility  when he  goes up levels and
almost never  earns attack  or defence.  I don't  think I've  ever kept him long
enough to promote  him. He's good  for the last  2 battles of  chapter 2 when he
gets the Steel Arrow, but starts to suck again when others get nicer weapons.

Start: ACHR, promoted: BWMS.

Gong  (6.5/10): A  decent healer  with great  fighting ability  and defence.  Be
careful not to let him lag in levels  and don't promote him too early or at  the
wrong time. Otherwise, he'll suck.

Start: MONK, promoted: MSMK.

Mae (7/10): Another  knight. Though her  attack is only  above average, she  has
extremely high defence and agility. Her  HP can also grow to really  high levels
later in the game.  By the time she reaches level 8-9, her attack is higher than
Ken's and her attack  and HP get high  once she becomes promoted.  Sometimes she
doesn't turn out THAT great though.

Start: KNTE, promoted: PLDN.

Gort (7/10): Like Luke but  better early on, yet  not quite as good  towards the

Start: WARR, promoted: GLDT.

Khris (6.5/10): A lot of people think she sucks but she's a lot like Lowe if you
keep her levelled up with the rest of  the force. She has a bit more attack  and
defence but has less MP. She also has some different (imho better) spells. Don't
let her lag behind though.

Start: HEAL, promoted: VICR.

Anri (8/10): She starts off  very weak and is similar  to Tao but with a  better
balance of attacking  spells (Freeze 4,  Bolt 2, Blaze  2). Her defence  becomes
high when she gets  promoted, but she's not  quite among the best. Pretty low HP

Start: MAGE, promoted: WIZD.

*Arthur (5/10):He  still sucks,  but not  quite as  hard. He's  a somewht  wimpy
knight with  low attack  that becomes  tolerable when  he gets  the Power Spear,
fairly poor defence, and very crappy agility and HP. He won't last long in  your
force though, but can be nice till you get Pelle. He does learn Bolt 1, Blaze 1,
and Freeze  1 at  high levels  due to  his experience  in Manarina. Karl Plouffe
informed me that Arthur eventually becomes  a strong member of the force.  A few
others have agreed,  so consider that.  I have further  information too. Eternal
Dragon  (and a  few others)  states that  Arthur gains  incredible stats  before
promotion if you level him right up to 20. It's up to you to decide whether he's
worth it.

Start: KNTE, promoted: PLDN.

Balbaroy (6.5/10): Don't be fooled. This Birdman starts off weak but that's only
because he joins at a very low level. Balbaroy is not spectacular, but has  some
nice  offensive  stats,  as well  as sharing  an uncanny  ability to  dodge with
Kokichi. His defense is  somewhat weak  though. Take him if you like to use more
than one flying character.

Start: BDMN, promoted: SKYW.

*Amon (1/10): Nothing  good to say  here. A very  weak version of  Balbaroy with
whom I never bothered. Take her if you want the game to be harder but otherwise,
throw this ugly  birdlady in the  trash heap with  Arthur and Hans.  The saddest
part is that she's Balbaroy's wife, so you'd expect her to be useful.

Start: BDMN, promoted: SKYW.

Diane  (4.5/10): A  big improvement  over Hans.  Her attack  is actually  strong
enough to damage  the bad guys  and she won't  die in one  hit like her pathetic
sparring partner Unfortunately, she won't survive the long haul..

Start: ACHR, promoted: BWMS.

Zylo (8/10): This Wolf dude starts off  a lot better than Diane or Balbaroy  and
is much more  experienced so you  don't have to  train him as  much. He has high
attack, high defence,  decent HP and  incredible agility and  movement range. He
can move through  forest no movement  range penalty. Be  careful though, if  you
promote him too early, he'll fight  like he's been a practicin' with  Arthur and
Amon. Unlike  what I said  before, he suffers no  movement  range  penalty while
moving indoors, but is penalized when moving through hills.

Start: WRWF, promoted: WFBN.

Pelle (7.5/10): Looks like I went a  bit easy on him last time. His  stats start
off ridiculously high  (as in almost  strong enough to  defeat Elliot 1-on-1  at
level 8 unpromoted), but  his growth isn't that  good, and he drops  quite a bit
upon promotion. Fortunately, he'll gain a lot back later on and can develop into
one of the best knights in the game anyways.

Start: KNTE, promoted: PLDN.

Vankar (6/10): I tried him now, and  I gained more respect for him. If  you keep
him for a while,  he turns ito an  okay character, but he's  really not anything
that special, and there are far better knights.

Start: KNTE, promoted: PLDN.

Kokichi (10/10): I definitely stand corrected on Kokichi. I decided to take  him
once, and I was  very impressed. He has  high attack and agility,  good defense,
above-average HP, and a tendency to dodge  often. Did I mention that he can  fly
and that he uses Spears?  His attack may not be  that cool, but he is  without a
doubt one of the two  best characters in this game,  as well as the best  flying
character in both Genesis Shining Force games.

Start: WGKN, promoted: SKYL.

Jogurt (0/10): Did I say Amon and  Hans suck? God I'm stupid! This is  the worst
character in any RPG that I've ever played.  He has 1 in every stat and can  get
no higher than level 1. If by some miracle, he actually kills an enemy, you  get
a Jogurt Ring which makes another  character look like Jogurt for one  battle if
it is e quipped. Whoopee. If you like him,  maybe  you should  play a loser game
like Barbie's Dream Vacation.

Start: YGRT, promoted: N/A.

Guntz (10/10): Without a doubt, Guntz is the best character in the entire  game.
Upon getting him, you'll probably groan at having another spear/lance user,  but
stick with him. His stats start  fairly good, but are not quite  Pelle-like. His
growth, however, is spectacular to the point that I once saw him gain 1  attack,
5 defence, 2 agility, and 3 HP BEFORE promotion. WOW! As he develops his  attack
and defense become second-to-none, his agility may become become decent, and his
HP will range from low to slightly-above-average depending on how lucky you are.
While his default  movement is o nly 4,  absolutely NOTHING  gives him  movement
penalties, and a movement ring or turbo pepper are always a nice option from him.

Start: SMKN, promoted: SBRN

Domingo (7/10): A special magical  creature  with a screwed up  sense of  humour
(really, I prefer Kyle  from Lunar: SSSC). His  starting stats are a  little low
but he gets incredible magic and his defence gets very high. His attack is below
average but he is quick and can last quite a while in battle. He floats when  he
moves and  he gains  levels quickly  which could  be why  all his  stats get  so
freakin' high, although he does become a  little weaker by the end of the  game.
Domingo is a master of Freeze  magic, but his selection  isn't quite as nice as
as Anri's or Alef's.

Start: MGCR, promoted: N/A.

*Earnest (4.5/10): A lot of people really like him but I don't take him  because
I have better  characters and I  don't need  another  darn knight. Besides,  his
stats are actually a bit worse  overall than Vankar's, which is pathetic.  A few
people have told me that Earnest is a useful character, so try him if you want.

Start: KNTE, promoted: PLDN

Lyle (8.5/10): Lyle may start off fairly weak (with the exception of his  decent
attact) but if you  train him, WOW!!!!! You  got an archer with  65+ plus attack
and 35+ defense  by the end of the game. Definitely worth it for the more patient

Starts: ASKT, promoted: SKNT

Bleu (7/10): To reflect  different playing styles, I  felt it necessary to  tone
Bleu's rating  down. Basically,  Bleu annihilates  everything (he's  at least as
good  as Guntz)  if you  spend a  long time  allowing him  to catch  up to  your
characters when you first get  him. Otherwise, Bleu  completely sucks and should
not spend a second on your team.

Start: DRGN, promoted: GRDR.

Alef (7/10):  The best  mage in  the game,  but like  Bleu, she  takes a  lot of
training. She is a Bolt  specialist who is also  competent in Blaze  and Freeze.
Her physical stats are slightly below Anri's, but her magic is a bit better.

Start: MAGE, promoted: WIZD.

Torasu (8/10): Like Alef. he's the best at what he does after he is trained  for
a couple of hours. Torasu becomes an Aura specialist after gaining a few levels.
For  a cost  of 18  of his  65+ MP, he  can  cast  Aura 4  and bring all  living
characters back to full HP. Another el cheapo character.

Start: HEAL, Promoted: VICR.

Musashi (9/10): A samurai. His attack and defence are incredible (to the tune of
57/41). Take  him or else,  but please let  him have  a  mobile ring or a  turbo
pepper, as his movement is 5!

Start: SMR, promoted: N/A.

*Adam (1/10): A  robot. He starts  at level 9  unpromoted and has  an attack and
defense in the low 20s. Did I mention that you get  him in Chapter 7? Did I also
mention that he has a movement of 4 and that you get him AFTER Musashi??

Starts: RBT, promoted: CYBG

Hanzou (6.5/10): I am torn about Hanzou. He has a few mediocre magic spells, but
his physical stats are significantly  lower than Musashi's, though he  is fairly
quick. He might make a  nice choice if you give  him 3 or 4 levels, but  you get
him so late he is almost irrelevant.

Start: NINJ, promoted: N/A

6. C L A S S  A N D  P R O M O T I O N  G U I D E
(Taken from Col. G. L. Sicherman's FAQ)

                RANKS - symbols, names, and moves

      unpromoted              promoted               move

       ACHR  archer            BWMS  bowmaster         5
       ASKT  assault knight    SKNT  strike knight     7
       BDMN  birdman           SKYW  sky warrior       7
       DRGN  dragon            GRDR  great dragon      5
       HEAL  healer            VICR  vicar             5
       KNT   knight            PLDN  paladin           7
       MAGE  mage              WIZD  wizard            5
       MGCR  magic creature                            5
       MONK  monk              MSMK  master monk       5
       NINJ  ninja                                     7
       RBT   robot             CYBG  cyborg            4
       SDMN  swordsman         HERO  hero              6
       SMKN  steam knight      SBRN  steam baron       4
       SMR   samurai                                   5
       WARR  warrior           GLDR  gladiator         6
       WKNT  winged knight     SKYL  sky lord          6
       WRWF  warwolf           WFBN  wolf baron        7
       YGRT  yogurt                                    7

7. I T E M S  A N D  W E A P O N S

(Taken from Moogie and  Sir Fil's Shining Force  Page except for the  shop guide
which was taken from Col.  G. L.  Sicherman's page. Some  small corrections and
changes were made to Moogie and Sir Fil's info.)



 Weapon                Equip On                Attack         Notes
 ------                --------                ------         -----

 Short Sword          SDMN, WARR, BDMN          +5              -

 Middle Sword         SDMN, WARR, BDMN          +8              -

 Long Sword           SDMN, BDMN                +12             -

 Steel Sword          HERO, NINJ, SKYW, SMR     +16             -

 Broad Sword          HERO, NINJ, SKYW, SMR     +20             -

 Doom Blade           HERO, NINJ, SKYW, SMR     +25             -

 Katana               HERO, NINJ, SKYW, SMR     +30             -

 Sword of Light       HERO                      +36           Bolt 2

 Sword of Darkness    HERO, SKYW                +40          Desoul 1

 Chaos Breaker        HERO                      +40          Freeze 3


                       Spears and Lances

 Weapon             Equip on              Attack        Notes
 ------            ----------             ------        -----

 Spear             KNTE, WGKN, SMKN         +6            -

 Bronze Lance      KNTE, WGKN, SMKN         +9            -

 Power Spear       KNTE, WGKN, SMKN         +15           -

 Steel Lance       PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +18           -

 Chrome Lance      PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +22           -

 Halberd (Lance)   PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +25         Bolt 1

 Valkyrie (Spear)  PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +35           -

 Devil Lance       PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +35         Cursed



 Weapon       Equip on       Attack      Notes
 ------      ----------     --------    -------

 Hand Axe     Warr             +7          -

 Middle Axe   WARR             +11         -

 Battle Axe   WARR             +16         -

 Heat Axe     GLDT             +22      Blaze 2

 Great Axe    GLDT             +26         -

 Atlas Axe    GLDT             +33      Blaze 3



 Weapon              Equip On        Attack         Notes
 ------              --------        ------         -----

 Wooden Staff        HEAL, MAGE        +4             -

 Power Staff         HEAL, MAGE        +12            -

 Holy Staff          VICR              +26            -

 Guardian Staff      VICR, WIZD        +18            -

 Demon Rod           WIZD              +35     Steals MP, Cursed



 Weapon              Equip on         Attack        Notes
 ------              --------         ------        -----

 Wooden Arrow        ACHR, ASKT         +8            -

 Iron Arrow          ACHR, ASKT         +13           -

 Elven Arrow         ACHR, ASKT         +18           -

 Assault Shell       BWMS, SKNT         +27           -

 Buster Shot         BWMS, SKNT         +35           -


                        Restoring Items

 Item                 Use
 ----                 ---

 Medical Herb         Restore 10 HP

 Healing Seed         Restore 20 HP

 Antidote             Cure poison

 Shower of Cure       Heal all characters

 Angel Wing           Return you to last town you saved in


                         Boosting Items

 Item                   Use
 ----                   ---

 Bread of Life          Increase max HP

 Power Potion           Increase attack

 Defense Potion         Increase defence

 Legs of Haste          Increase agility

 Turbo Pepper           Increase movement range



 Item             Equip      Spell       Location
 ----             -----      -----       --------

 Speed Ring       AGI +4     Egress       Rindo

 Power Ring       ATT +4     Boost 1      Cavern of Darkness

 Mobility Ring    MOV +2        -         Waral

 Shield Ring      DEF +4        -         ???

 White Ring       DEF +6     Aura 1       Demon Castle

 Black Ring       ATT +6     Blaze 3      Demon Castle

 Evil Ring        ATT +8     Bolt 3       Demon Castle

 Yogurt Ring      Figure it     -         Kill monster with Jogurt
                  Out Yourself

Note: Spells can be used without equipping the rings. Useful when using a
cursed ring to cast a spell.


                           Key Items

 Item            Use                 Location
 ----            ---                 --------

 Domingo Egg     Hatch it to         In a room with a mage and a machine in
               get Domingo         Manarina. Search the machine to find

 Orb of Life     To speak to the     In a chest in the Cave of Darkness
                 Spirit of the
                 Holy Spring

 Moon Stone      To make Lunar dew   The Moonstone Cave in Bustoke Quarry
                 needed to cure

 Lunar Dew       Cures Zylo          Give the Moonstone to the old man in


                           Shop Guide

                    Guar Alte Rind Bust Pao  Uran Wara Rudo Drag Prom Rune


Short Sword     100  x    x
Middle Sword    250            x    x
Long Sword      750                      x
Steel Sword    2500                                x    x
Broad Sword    4800                                               x    x
Spear           150  x    x    x
Bronze Lance    300            x    x    x
Power Spear     900                 x    x         x
Steel Lance    3000                                x
Chrome Lance   4500                                     x         x    x
Hand Axe        200  x    x
Middle Axe      600                 x    x
Battle Axe     2600                                x    x
Great Axe     10000                                               x    x
Wooden Staff     80  x    x    x
Power Staff     500            x    x    x         x
Guardian Staff 3200                                     x
Holy Staff     8000                                               x    x
Wooden Arrow    320  x    x    x
Steel Arrow    1200                 x    x
Elven Arrow    3200                                x    x
Assault Shell  4500                                               x
Buster Shot   12400                                                    x


Medical Herb     10  x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x
Healing Seed    200  x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x
Antidote         20            x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x
Angel Wing       40  x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x

8. M O N S T E R  G U I D E

                 HP  MP  Atk. Def. Move Agl. Cns.
Armed Skeleton   36  --   62   33    5   32 2120
Artillery I      14  --   24   15    4   14  180
Artillery II     14  --   24   15    4   14  450
Balbazak         65  --   34   18    5   20  520
Belial           21  35   26   20    6   22  680  BOLT I; MUDDLE I; Demon
Blue Dragon      50  --   63   32    5   42 2500  Cold Breath
Bowrider         18  --   40   11    7   14  900
Cain - see Kane
Cerberus         27  --   42   26    7   38 1700  Fire Breath
Chaos            65  --   50   35    6   32 2000  Laser
Chimera          56  --   65   30    6   40 2300  Fire Breath
Colossus I       65  ??   50   40    4   37 2500  BLAZE III
Colossus II      65  ??   50   40    4   37 2500  FREEZE III
Colossus III     65  ??   50   40    4   37 2500  BOLT III
Conch            21  --   20   15    6   16  230  Poison
Dark Dragon L R 240  ??   65   40    0   60 ----  BLAZE II; FREEZE II; BOLT
            M   280   "    "    "    "    " ----  DESOUL II; Demon Blaze
Dark Dwarf       12  --   12    8    4    5   25
Dark Elf         16  --   26    9    6   10  160
Dark Mage I      13  26   10    6    5    9   92  BLAZE II
Dark Mage II     14  26   19    8    5   12  170  BLAZE II
Dark Priest      16  25   21    9    5   10  125  HEAL I
Darksol         150  ??   40   35    6   54 ----  Demon Blaze
Demon Master I   27  46   43   24    6   45 1520  FREEZE III
Demon Master II  27  46   52   24    6   50 1850  FREEZE III
Demon Master III 27  46   43   24    6   45 1520  FREEZE III
Dire Clown       15  --   18   11    5    7  130
Durahan I        22  --   39   28    5   13  700  Sleep
Durahan II       22  --   39   32    6   13  840  Sleep
Durahan III      22  --   44   32    6   13  840  Sleep
Elliott          60  --   32   17    5   16  450
Evil Puppet I    14  15   14   10    5    7  100  FREEZE I, ominous incant.
Evil Puppet II   14  15   26   14    5    7  100  HEAL I, ominous incantation
Gargoyle         18  20   26   15    6   20  440  MUDDLE I; sleep
Ghoul            25  --   23   14    6    9  200  Sleep
Giant Bat        14  --   11    6    7    9   60  Sleep
Goblin           12  --    9    6    5    5   12
Golem            17  --   28   28    4   16  380
Hellhound        19  --   10   13    7   13  200  Fire Breath
High Priest I    20  33   13   14    6   13  750  HEAL IV
High Priest II   20  33   39   14    6   13 1340  HEAL IV
High Priest III  20  33   39   14    7   13 1340  HEAL IV
Horseman         24  --   53   16    7   17 1550
Ice Worm         30  12   40   25    5   26 1030  Cold Breath; Sleep
Jet              28  --   45   32    7   33 1430
Kane             70  24   65   30    6   29 1200  Desoul
Laser Eye        30  --   14   19    0   27  350  Laser Blast
Lizardman        20  --   24   12    6   12  150
Mannequin        16  --   16   10    5    8  125  Poison
Marionette       35  ??   25   13    6   13  200  FREEZE III
Master Mage I    22  32   33   13    5   26  850  FREEZE II; Sleep
Master Mage II   22  32    7   13    5   26  850  FREEZE II; Sleep
Minotaur         31  --   46   30    5   31 1500
Mishaela         65  ??   42   30    6   35 1500  BOLT II
Pegasus Knight   18  --   21   16    7   12  180
Ramladu          99  ??   93   40    6   49 3000  AURA III
Rune Knight      14  --   16    7    7    7   45
Seabat           22  --   20   14    7   14  350
Shellfish        25  --   23   16    6   23  270  Poison
Silver Knight    16  --   18   12    7   11   75
Skeleton I       15  --   21   16    6    7  140
Skeleton II      15  --   25   20    6    7  140
Sniper           13  --   15    5    5    7   80
Steel Claw       25  --   43   31    5   31 1220  Laser
Torch Eye        28  --   42   32    6   27 1350  Laser
Worm             17  --   20   16    4   16  400  Sleep
Wyvern           32  --   39   30    7   31 1350  Fire breath
Zombie I         15  --   18   13    5    7  100  Poison
Zombie II        15  --   18   13    5    7  140  Poison, tends to evade often

(Taken from Col. G. L.Sicherman's walkthrough with some  significant changes, as
he welcomes additions and corrections.)

9. B O S S  G U I D E

Note: All bosses expect Laser Eye and some of the later ones are extremely
resistant to magic. Magic can still  be useful to  inflict an extra couple
of damage, however.

(Number in brackets indicates the number of HP recovered by this boss per turn.)

Marionette (7): The first real boss.  She's a real **censored** as she  can kill
most of  your characters  in one  hit with  her Freeze  Level 3  spell. She also
regains HP and MP. To beat her, kill all the other enemies and surround her.  If
someone dies,  replace that  character immediately  as she  doesn't cast  Freeze
Level 3 as often  when she is surrounded.  This boss is still  tough because her
attack is pretty high. Oh and one  more thing, keep Max as far  away from her as

Ghoul (0): The Ghoul is  not necessarily a boss, but  it is a unique enemy  that
you only see at  Shade Abbey, has magic  resistance, and killing it  does indeed
win the battle. Anyways, just follow  my strategy outlined in the section  about
the Shade Abbey battle in Chapter 2, and you should be fine.

Laser Eye (0):  Though you don't  have to kill  it to win  the battle, it's very
dangerous because it can wipe out weaker characters in its line of fire. Kill it
quickly and  then do  whatever you  want to  win the  battle. You  can also  use
Balbaroy to fly around it and kill the wimpy Silver Knight that you must kill in
order to win the battle. If you're REALLY patient you can wait for the Laser Eye
to  kill all  the Dark  Priests and  Lizardmen guarding  the path  to it  before
chargin  it (I  suggest using  an emulator  and cranking  the speed  as fast  as
possible if you don't want to spend hours by using this method.

Elliot (15): Eliiot's much easier than Marionette and Laser Eye, but still packs
a good punch if  you're not careful. Kill  all his wimpy friends  first and then
surround him with strong  dudes before proceeding to  beat the crap out  of him.
Previously I said that Elliot doesn't move. A couple of people informed me  that
such was not the case, and  upon replaying  the game, I found  that Elliot might
indeed move to attack.

Balbazak (15): Just  kill everyone around  him and exploit  his unwillingness to
move. He's  really easy  and I cannot  understand why he  gives so  many  people

Kane (15): Now you're in trouble. Thank God his little buddies usually only hurt
you for 1 point of  damage. His attack is extremely  high as is his defence.  He
also has the Sword  of Darkness which can  cast Desoul, possibly killing  one of
your characters automatically.  Fight him like  Elliot and Balbazak  but be very
careful and don't use your leader on him. In fact make your leader stay far, far
away. Don't worry if he gives you  at least as much trouble as Marionette.  He's
tough.  For some  reason though,  he is  called Cain  in this  battle and  Kane
everywhere else. Hmmm...  maybe Sega should  have let Working  Designs translate
this game. Oh well, at least  the translation's better  here than in the sequel.
Right Evil Spilit?

Update: Nix the  Workind Designs idea...After  what they did  to Shining Wisdom,
(Parmecia = Palacia?, Zeon = Zhaion??, Bowie = Puck?????) they  should stick  to

Mishaela (15): Her attack sucks but watch  out, as you can only attack her  with
one character at a time (unless  you have fliers, archers, and magic  users) and
her defence is quite high.Watch out for her Bolt Level 2 and use the Power  Ring
if you need it to hurt her. Heck, don't be afraid to break the ring if you  have
too. Like Kane,  thank God, this  battle has weak  enemies. I think I'm the only
person who actually has trouble with her (probably because most of you are still
stuck on Balbazak...;-) ).

Chaos (15): He has high attack but it's not quite as high as Kane's. He has a 18
- 21  damage laser  attack. Kill  him fast  because the  other enemies are a lot
stronger than in the last few battles and are capable of pulverizing you if  you
are not careful.  Your prizes for  beating him are  Adam(whoopee) and the  Chaos
Breaker (Whoo Hoo!).

Ramladu (24):  He has  the highest  attack of  any enemy  in the game (arrgh! 95
attack). He also has Aura  3 so he can heal  a lot of damage in  addition to his
boss heal ability, although  I do not think  he has ever used  the spell. Ignore
the extremely strong enemies  and kill him ASAP,  or you'll probably die  unless
you're at Level 20+ promoted. Once again though, you can also kill him using the
same cheap strategy that works on Elliot and Balbazak which makes this battle  a
lot easier to win, but  be forewarned, it  will take a while as he recover 24 HP
per round.

Colossus  (0): Colossus  is  actually  not too  tough, but  he does  have strong
enemies with him. In the introduction, Collosus splits into three, with one part
having  Blaze 3,  the other  having  Freeze  3 and  the greatest  possessing the
dreaded Bolt  3. Colossus  will give  you a  good taste  of what  to expect when
fighting Dark Dragon.  Take out the  enemies before you  take him out  than deal
with each Colossus one at a time. (They're all spread out which makes this quite
easy because you won't get bombarded with spells from all cylinders.)

Darksol (0): He's pretty much a wimp in terms of physical attacks but watch  out
for his Demon Breath ,as  it can do 30+ damage  to a small group of  characters.
There are High Priests here which can fully restore his HP with Heal 4 (although
they're positioned  horribly and  never seem  to do  much besides  stand halfway
across the battle field from Darksol). Defeat Darksol as quickly as possible and
Be careful not to have any characters die. Do not use important items, as you'll
have  to  fight Dark  Dragon  without a  chance  to regroup  back  in Runefaust.
(although your MP will be restored  between the two battles). If you  do regroup
during the Dark Dragon  battle, you'll have to  fight Darksol all over  again. I
think Darksol's the last boss in Shining in the Darkness, but I didn't like the
game so I'm not sure.

Dark Dragon  (0): Compared  to some  of the  last bosses  I fought in RPGs, this
guy's not very challenging at all.  First off, kill the two Armed  Skeletons and
start attacking Dark Dragon's centre head, as it has a more powerful version  of
Darksol's Demon Breath  attack, as well  as Desoul II  (I've never seen  him use
it). As soon  as you kill  the skeletons (which  should only take  1 or 2 hits),
stand on the point where they spawned  at the beginning of the battle with  your
healers so that  they will not  respawn . Keep  beating on the  centre head with
physical attacks and Level 4 magic spells and use characters that cannot get  to
thecentre head to start attacking the  two side heads. The centre head  will die
after you do 200 -  250 points of damage. After  the centre head is dealt  with,
this battle should be a piece of  cake. The side heads only have Blaze  2 (lol),
Freeze 2 (lol),  Bolt IV (I've  only seen III)  and are also  very vulnerable to
magic. They too have 200  - 250 HP. Every single  one of Dark Dragon's heads  is
comically slow, and will only attack between 2 and 4 times before being  killed.
After you kill  the side heads,  take a deep  breath, relax and  give yourself a
paton the back for completing  the second easiest Strategy-RPG ever  made. Watch
the ending for a  foreshadow of Shining  Force Gaiden 3: The Final  Conflict for
Gamegear (never released outside of Japan).

10. S P E L L  G U I D E

(Taken [again] from Col. G. L. Sicherman's FAQ.)

Note: Promotion preserves advancements of level and adds 1.

Level:    I        II       III      IV


 BLAZE   <>        <>
 BOLT    <>        L12      L17      L25
 FREEZE  <>        <>

 BLAZE   <>        L8
 BOLT    L19       L26
 FREEZE  L5        L13      L16      L23

 BLAZE   L15
 BOLT    L25

 BOOST   L20
 FREEZE  <>        L4       L13      L26

 AURA    L30
 HEAL    <>        L8       L16      L24

 SLEEP   <>

 AURA    L20       L28
 HEAL    <>        L5       L16      L21
 QUICK   L12
 SLOW    L8

 HEAL    <>        L7       L16      L22
 QUICK   L13       L25
 SLOW    L10       L19

 BLAZE   <>        L4       L12      L20
 BOOST   L27

 AURA    <>        L14      L18      L22
 DETOX   <>
 HEAL    <>        <>

11. C H E A T  C O D E S

(Taken from Col. G. L. Sicherman's walkthrough and  Moogie and Sir Fil's Shining
Force Page.)

1. Name all characters:   Start a new game  and go to the  "Name Your Character"
screen.  Press and hold Start, A, B,  and C on controller 2 and press  Start, A,
and C on controller 1.  Another character appears. Now you can cycle through and
name every character in the game.

2. Message Test: You can also access a special "Message Test" simply by  holding
the  B button  at Simone's "Good  Luck" message.  Now  you can  read all  of the
game's dialogue.

3. Whole game access: press Up and Start on the second joypad, then turn on  the
Genesis. Keep the buttons pressed until the Sega Logo comes up. Now press A  and
C (still holding down Up and Start) and press Start on the first joypad to begin
the game. When Simone appears on the option screen, carry on from where you left
off and  press A, B or C. A will give you  Chapter select. Button B gives  you a
Battle select and Button C will take you to the ending of the game.

Note: you can't  actually save your  game when you  use this  cheat, unless  you
statesave using an emulator.

12. U S E L E S S  I T E M  G U I D E
(Taken from G. L. Sicherman's walkthrough with a couple of minor changes.)

1. Search a wall of the Moon Stone  Cave in Bustoke Quarry to find a chest  with
the Sugoi Mizugi (Awesome Swimsuit). Give it to Tao and she will wear it.

2. Search a corner of  the archers' butte near Pao  Bridge to find a chest  with
the Kitsui Fuku (Daring Dress). Give it to Anri and she will wear it.

3. A chest  hidden in an  alley outside Balbazak's  Fortress contains the  Kenji
(Public Prosecutor), which has no known use.

4. A chest hidden in the port bow of the ship on the second voyage contains  the
Teppou (Rifle), which has no known use.

5. Search a wall in the northwest part of the Colossus Room during Battle 28  to
find a chest with the Kaku-chan (Papa Doll), which has no known use.

6. The Forbidden Box  exists within the game's  data, but has never  been found.
You must thus use  GenEdit or do some  hex editing to access  it. Various people
claim that the  Forbidden Box allows  you to level-up your entire  force in some
very bizarre manner when used.

13. M A T H E M A T I C A L  E R R A T A

Note that  all of  this is  extremely rough  and  incomplete. Please submit  any
further information to sephirstein@hotmail.com

Damage Calculations:

The basic formula for physical damage appears to simply be:

Attacker's AT - Defender's DF = Damage

Factors like land effect can significantly alter this equation, but I am unclear
as to how.  As a general  rule, indoor damage  will be far  closer to this ideal
equation then outdoor damage

Different  magic  spells   do  a  different   amount  of  damage.   Most  bosses
(particularly in the first half of  the game) take about 50% damage  from magic,
while enemies  weak/strong against  a certain  element take  between 10% and 20%
more/less damage respectively.

Movement Calculations:

Flying characters  can move  anywhere with  no movement  penalty, Guntz can move
anywhere non-flying characters can move  with no movement penalty, and  Zylo can
move anywhere except for hills  with no movement penalty. Other  characters take
between a 40% and 60% penalty  to their movement rate on desert,  hills, forest,
and possibly a few other  terrain types. Only  flying characters  can move  over
over water, air, and mountains.

14. B U G S  A N D  S T U F F

-After you  win a  battle, you  see the  force still  on the battle field before
leaving the screen.  You can't access  the menu when  you stand on  a scare also
occupied by a fellow force meember.

-The A.I. is generally so pathetic it deserves to be called a bug.

-Marionette's magic is almost as powerful as the magic possessed by the two side
heads of Dark Dragon.

-Dark Dragon and  Dark Sol, two  Devil kings, take  full damage from  magic, yet
some buffoon like Balbazak has magic resistance.

-The "sheep" in Pao are acutally pigs.

-Shining Force and International Ice Hockey:

Pause for thought:

Shining Force 1: The  1980 Miracle on Ice,  in which an unexpected  group of rag
-tag  heroes  (led  by captain  Mike  Eurizone  aka Max)  led  the  Americans to
consecutive victories over the  Soivets and the Fins  (Dark Sol and Dark  Dragon
respectively)  and to  a 1980  ice hockey  Winter Olympics  gold medal  in Lake
Placid. This  broke the  Russian streak  of 5  consecutive olympic  gold medals.
Kane, of course, is Vetislav Tretiak, the Russian goalie.

Shining Force 2:  More links here.  I like to  think of SF2  as the 1972  Summit
Series between Canada and the Soviet Union (so what if it came before).  Canada,
led by  Paul Henderson  (aka Bowie),  overcame many  cheap traps  set-up by  the
Soviets and the their  supporters to eventually defeat  them and win the  series
(in Moscow, symbolized by  Arc Valley). I like  to think of Odd  Eye as Vetislav
Tretiak, and Bowie's victory over him representing Paul Henderson's game winning
goal in the final victory. The victory over Zeon is more symbolic of the  defeat
of the Russians as a whole. Of  course, like the Canadians as compared with  the
Americans, the Shining Force was not as rag-tag in Shining Force 2, though  like
in the Summit Series, the victory was a bit of an upset.

-Please submit any more bugs and weird facts to sephirstein@hotmail.com.

15. F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S

1) How do I beat (insert boss here)?

See my boss section.

2) How do I get these cheat codes to work?

I don't know. I was never  able to get them to work  on a real Genesis or on  an

3) Where can I find SF1?

Try your local used game store or go to a specialty store dedicated to gaming. I
think Microplay, a franchise  in Canada, may have  used copies at some  of their
stores (assuming there still  are some Microplays open).  You can get more  info
about places to find the game and its  sequels and spinoffs in the US and UK  at
Shining Force Central.  Don't forget to  check out online  auctions at Yahoo  or

4) Where can I find the ROM?

Moogie has all the  Genesis and Game Gear  Shining ROMs at her  Ultimate Shining
Force 2. I recommend using Gens to  play it, as it is exponentially better  than
any other Genesis emulator in existance.

5) Do you have a website, Sephirstein?

I'm sure nobody cares, but no, and I don't think I will in the near future.

6) Where is the Forbidden Box?

No one knows, so don't ask. You can use some hacking programs to get it  though.
Supposedly it messes around with your characters' levels when you use them.

7) What about the other useless items?

See the useless item guide.

8) Where do I find Hanzou, Musashi, Jogurt, Domingo and Kokichi?

Hanzou:  In  Runefaust, look  in  the bushes  for  something that  looks  like a
shuriken. Search it and Hanzou will join.

Musashi: On one of the buildings in Prompt, there is something that looks like a
small white piece of paper with  black text. Search it AFTER you  are imprisoned
by the King of Prompt, and Musashi will be in HQ.

Jogurt: He's somewhere around the chapel in the first Pao. Stand to the left  of
the  friar and  he'll appear  just outside  of the  chapel. He  will now  be in
headquarters. I think you can't get him until the town moves.

Domingo: In  the town  of Manarina,  there's a  room with  a mage  and a strange
machine. Search it for a Domingo Egg. Keep the egg with you until you get to the
second Pao and give it  to a guy looking for  weird eggs. He'll get it  to hatch
and Domingo will emerge from the egg and join your force.

Kokichi: After you beat the Quarry Battle in Bustoke, explore the houses. One of
the houses will have a guy trying to make a device to fly. Search the  machinery
and he'll ask you to follow him.  The man, who is Kokichi, will test  the flying
device and fall into the fields of  Pao. Wait until the next Chapter, and  he'll
join you after the wagons in the first Pao move.

9) I want my characters to level up, how do I do this?

Kill  everything in  a battle  except one  enemy and  cast Egress  to leave  the
battle. Keep  fighting the  battle over  and over  until you  reach the  desired

10) Where is the dragon head with a chain that the King of Alterone talks about?

Southwest of  the throne  not far  from a  waterfall. Note  that pulling it will
accomplish nothing until you talk to the King upon beating the Alterone battle.

11) How many times have you completed this game, Sephirstein?

Many  times on  a Genesis  but I  no longer  have my  Genesis  and  I have  only
completed once or twice using emulators.

12) Is there an advantage to giving knights both a spear and a lance?

Though lances are often more powerful than spears, it's also a good idea to give
a knight a  spear as a  secondary weapon so  that they can  equip it and  attack
enemies from a range of two squares if need be.

13) I have  a new character  and they're not  appearing in battle,  how do I get
them to join?

Egress from the battle  and return to the  headquarters of the nearest  town and
talk to Nova to  be given the option  of changing characters. Note  that you can
only take 12 characters into battle at once.

14) There's a chest in Alterone that's on an island surrounded by water. How  do
I get it?

I told you to explore everything. See what happens if you don't listen?  There's
a girl near the water. Push the  nearby cart towards her and it will  splash mud
on her. Talk to her and she'll push  you in the water. You can swim in  the area
you're in and onto the island. Open  the chest (it contains a Power Potion)  and
swim back to the mainland of the town.

15) When and on whom should I use Power Potions and Defence Potions?

Don't use them until you're promoted, otherwise, your stats will be lowered more
than usual by your promotion. Just use them on whichever character you feel will
most benefit from it. It's a judgement call really.

16) Why do my stats go down when I promote characters?

It's  part  of  the game.  Don't  worry  though, because  you  get  massive stat
improvements when you level up. Just wait until at least Chapter 4, Battle 3  to
start promoting characters.

17) Are there any cheap tricks to make my characters stronger?

Yes, when  using an  emulator, save  you're state  when you're  about to  gain a
level. If you're not satisfied with your stat improvements, load your state  and
keep trying till you get a good  level since level gains are random. Since  this
is a form  of cheating, I  advise you to  actually beat the  game at least  once
before you start  doing this. I  do, however, condone  doing this if  you gain a
level in which your stats  do not improve at all  even if you have never  beaten
the game.

18) Some enemies have Shield Rings. How do I get one?

You can't, as far as I know. Hack them in if you must.

19) What are the URLs of all  the websites you mention above without giving  the

Read the links section.

20) How do I use a special ability of an item or a weapon while in battle?

Select use from the item menu and select the item you wish to use. Make sure  to
repair the item at a weapon or item shop if you are warned of damage (ie.  smoke
rises from the  heat axe or  the ring cracks).  You can load  your state if your
piece of equipment is damaged and try again to make sure it doesn't get damaged.

21) What do I do to finish the game after I've done everything that I needed  to
in Runefaust and Runefaust Castle?

Leave Runefaust and go to the westernmost point on the outdoor map. Now use  the
Chaos Breaker from the wilderness and a castle will appear in the water. You can
teleport to it from the nearby shrine.

22) What are good areas to traun ridiculously strong characters?

Any battle from the second battle on  Chapter 4 to the last battle of  Chapter 5
is  good  because the  enemies  are insanely  weak  and give  a  good amount  of
experience  until  your  levels  are quite  high.  Another  good  idea to  train
characters with ranged weapons is too stand two squares from a boss who  doesn't
move and has no ranged attacks or  has run out of magical ranged attacks.  Since
the boss will recover HP and won't hurt you, you can do this indefinitely. I got
Diane to  Level 16  unpromoted in  the first  battle of  Chapter 3 by using this
trick on the Master  Mage boss. The battle  against Ramladu also works  for this
trick. Keep killing the robots and than Egress. I heard you can get up to  Level
40 Promoted with this trick. Thanks to Karl Plouffe for the Ramladu trick.

23) When should I promote my characters?

Don't  promote them  right away  when they  hit Level  10  or  the game  will be
extremely tough. Get them up to Level 13  or 14 and promote them at Battle 2  of
Chapter 4  (Battle 13).  You may  also be  better off  waiting until  there is a
weapon available for a characters that is only usable when he or she is promoted
(middle of  Chapter 5,  usually). This  does not  apply to  characters who fight

24) Why are General Elliot and Balbazak more resistant to magic than Darksol  or
Dark Dragon?

I know it makes no sense, but ask the programmers.

25) What's the deal with Cain?

Like they did with  much of the Phantasy  Star series, Sega of  America probably
butchered a lot of the translation. The  error in which Kane was referred to  as
"Cain" when you fought him was particularly glaring. I do not know why Sega  did

26) Sephirstein, what's you're A/S/L?


27) Sephirstein, how did you first find Shining Force?

I was bored one day  during the summer and rented  it at Microplay a year  or so
after completing the sequel. I believe it was the summer of 1995.

28) Why are Chapters 4 and 5 so much easier than the rest of the game?

This is a questions I have pondered countless times while playing Shining  Force
or working on this guide.  Fortunately, Sashanan proposed an interesting  theory
in his magnificent Shining Force  review (available at GameFAQs). Basically,  he
argues that Chapters 4  and 5 were dumbed  down to compensate for  the fact that
you lose stats once  promoted. Unfortunately, this dumbing  down was taken to  a
ridiculous extreme, and  characters start gaining  levels extremely quickly  for
doing next to nothing upon being promoted. Since promoted level gains bring HUGE
statistical increases, these enemies  quickly become outgrown, and  will provide
no  challenge  whatsoever  to  the  force,  while  at  the  same  time  giving a
considerable amount of experience.

29) Why isn't the entire guide your original work?

Put it this way, what's the point in going through the game to copy enemy, spell
and item lists if its already been done? Besides, give ma a break. I did correct
any errors that were found and I did have permission.

30) Between the two Sega Genesis Shining force games, which is better?

Whoa...This  one's a  toughie. Shining  Force 2  has considerable  better AI,  a
cleaner and easier to use interface  (Shining Force is very annoying to  control
for a while after  playing through SF2), far  better game balance, more  overall
challenge (including a  much harder sequence  of battles approaching  the end of
the  game), a  tougher  final  boss, a  longer game  more freedom,  more overall
polish, and a better variety of character classes. In other words, Shining Force
2  is  a  technically  superiour  game  that  reflects  the  experience  of  the
developers. Shining Force, on the other hand, features more interesting  locales
(nothing in SF2 even  touches Manarina or Waral),  a wider variety of  character
designs (except of course for those  darn centaurs), and a more whimiscal  feel.
In other words, it reflects upon the exuberance felt by the less experiences (at
the time) developers.  I also find  that Shining Force  had nicer looking  enemy
mages. As for story, it's really hard to compare the two. Both have stories that
ultimately involve saving  the world from  the Devils, and  both have a  general
lack of character development. SF2  has Peter, a deeper more  coherent story,and
much better dialogue (in spite of some questionable translations). Shining Force
has a funner  story though, and  the whimisical touch  and the exciting  locales
really do a much better job of fleshing the world of Rune. Again, it's a toss-up
between the technical  superiority of SF2,  and the artistic  superiority of the
original (sorry for  sounding like a  figure skating judge).  Overall, they both
tickle my fancy depending on my mood,  and I'll leave it to the reader  to judge
the game from his/herself.

31) How should I choose my Force?

In  my opinion,  the question  of choosing  a Force  is much  more important  in
Shining Force 2 than it is  in the original Shining Force, because  choosing the
best mix of strength, mobility, and magic requires considerable more thought and
can  make  the  difference  between  able  to  play  a  well-flowing,  technical
masterpiece of a game with, little-to-no levelling up, and being forced to playa
monotonous game of overpowered whack-whack,  in which most of the  game consists
of greatly overpowering your force so as to completely outmuscle your enemies. I
won't  go  into more  detail  to avoid  straying  too far  off  topic. The  most
important thing to  consider when choosing  a Force in  Shining Force 1  is this
single question: Do I  want to choose characters  such as Pelle or  Musashi, who
will give me  good power right  out of the  box, or would  I rather spend  a few
hours levelling-up someone  like Bleu, and  massacre everything in  my path with
him for the rest of the game? Answer this question for yourself, and you'll have
little-to- no-trouble choosing  the Force that's  right for you.  Just make damn
sure you know how to tell the difference between a good Knight like Pelle and  a
shit Knight like Ken.

32) Why are there so many Knights anyways?

Of the 30  characters in Shining  Force, there is  1 Hero, 1  Ninja, 1 Samurai 3
Wizards, 1 Miscellaneous Magic Users, 2 Warriors, 4 Unarmed Physical Fighters  3
Healers, 1  Monk (also  unarmed), 3  Archers, 2  Birdmen, 6  Centaur Knights,  2
Miscellaneous Knights.  Needless to  say, these  numbers are  very unbalanced in
favour of knights. Of course, the two Miscellaneous Knights (Guntz and  Kokichi)
and Arthur are nice  to have, as they  are specialty characters with  attributes
that differentiate  them from  generic Centaur  Knights. Having  5 other Centaur
knights is ridiculous (especially considering that 3 of them suck pretty bad  to
begin with),  and the  game was  designed that  way because  of artist laziness.
Sorry, I  just can't  think of  a better  theory. Oh  well, at  least this  game
doesn't have Higgins.

33) How big a stat gain is possible upon gaining a level after promotion?

Theoretically, I do  not know if  there is a  limit. The highest  I can remember
gaining is  probably 12  Defence with Anri. Force2000  claims to have  gained 25
Attack with Zylo. Submit any spectacular stat gains to me.

16. F U T U R E  P R O G R E S S

Note: There is no guarantee that any of these things will happen or that nothing
else will happen.

-I hope to eventually include  a statistical analysis of the  game's characters,
as a opposed to just the subjective qualitative analysis I have now.

-I hope  to eventually  HTMLize this  guide, now  that I  have more  than enough
skills to do so. (Maybe someone can offer to do this: hint hint)

-I hope to update Col. G. L.  Sicherman's enemy guide so that it includes  enemy
statistics with weapons instead of without weapons (DONE).

-I hope to fix any errors currently in the guide.

17. C R E D I T S

Moogie: For letting  me use the  information from Moogie  and Sir Fil's  Shining
Force 1 Page (now defunct, though she has a new one) and for being the leader of
the online Shining Force cmmmunity

Sir Fil: For working with Moogie on Moogie and Sir Fil's Shining Force 1 Page.

Col. G. L. Sicherman:  For allowing people to  make additions or corrections  to
his walkthrough which gave me access to some information that saved me at  least
a   few   days.   His  E-Mail   addresses   are   gls@atpsol.cvu.lucent.com  and

CAmerica: For his excellent Shining  Force walkthrough even though I  didn't end
up using it. (Captain-America3@yahoo.com)

CJayC: For putting my guide on his webpage, GameFAQs and for working his ass off
for the gaming community.

Sega:  For  creating the  Genesis,  publishing SF1  and  releasing it  in  North
America. Too  bad I  can't remember  the name  of the  developer. I think it was
Sonic Team and Climax.

Sardu (Bloodlust Software): For making Genecyst, my original emulator of  choice
and the best DOS Genesis emulator

Steve Snake: For making another great DOS-based Genesis emulator that I've  used
in the passed, KGEN 98. Steve Snake  has now return, after a 3.5 year hiatus, to
create Kega, an  exciting new Win9x/2k Genesis/Sega CD emulator.

Stef: For creating  Gens, the best  Genesis/SegaCD/32x emulator ever  made. It's
even Win9X/2K based.

All other emulator authors and  emulation website maintainers: For making  great
programs and allowing the emulation community to grow. All emulation fans go  to
Zophar's Domain or  Emucamp if you've  never been there  as they are  both great
sites with links and downloads of the aforementioned emulators.

All ROM dumpers: For  dumping many ROMs (such  as SF1) for many  older videogame

Corel: For making Corel WordPerfect 8 and  10, which I used to write this  guide
before converting to a .txt file. 9 also kicks ass, but I never used it for this

Karl Plouffe: For telling me that trick to gain levels in the Ramladu fight  and
for telling that Arthur doesn't suck if you actually promote him. E-Mail him  at

Kao   Megura:  For   writing a   guide  that  helped  me   greatly  improve  the
appearance, readability, format  and disclaimer  of  my guide. Hey  Kao,  thanks
for helping me with that darn Gold Chocobo a few years ago.

For anyone else  who has helped  me with this  guide or who  has posted my guide
with permission.

For everyone in the Shining community for allowing such an increible game series
to live.

Me: For writing this guide.

Dallas: For his outstanding FAQ writing guide that introduced me to UltraEdit

IDM Computer Solutions: For creating UltraEdit, an outstanding Notepad replacement

The Government of Tokelau: For giving people free domain names. Faka fetai!

18. L I N K S

Moogie's Shining Force Central: shining.zophar.net (includes
pages for many different shining games)

GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com

Zophar's Domain: www.zophar.net

Emulation Camp: www.emucamp.com

Genecyst: Defunct, get it at Zophar's Domain

KGen/KGen 98: Defunct, get it at Zophar's Domain

Kega: http://www.eidolons-inn.de/kega/

Gens: go.to/gens

Sega: www.sega.com

Sashanan's Review: www.gamefaqs.com

Kao Megura's Page: Defunct

IDM Computer Solutions: www.UltraEdit.com

Dallas: http://www.dallasmac.com/faqwarp/

Free .tk Domain Names @ http://www.dot.tk

19. D I S C L A I M E R

This guide and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced in  any
way, shape or form (physical, electronic, or otherwise) aside from being  placed
on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web  page in it's original, unedited  and
unaltered format.  This guide cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no
money would be made from selling it)or promotional purposes.  It cannot be  used
in any sort of commercial transaction.  It cannot be given away as some sort  of
bonus, gift,  etc., with  a purchase  as this  creates incentive  to buy  and is
therefore prohibited.  Furthermore, this guide cannot be used by the publishers,
editors,  employees or  associates, etc.  of any  company, group,  business, or
association, etc., nor can it be used  by game sites and the like. It  cannot be
used  in magazines,  guides, books,  etc. or  in any  other form  of printed  or
electronic  media (including  mediums not  specifically mentioned)  in ANY  way,
shape,  or  form (including  reprinting,  reference or  inclusion),  without the
express written permission of the author, myself.  This guide was created and is
owned  by  me,  Joshua Frappier  (Sephirstein@hotmail.com).  For  information by
Moogie, you must get her or Sir  Fil's permission as well as mine if  you intend
to use  the modified  versions present  in this  file. Col.  G. L. Sicherman has
given permission for the contents of his walkthrough to be added to or corrected
so go ahead  and use his  information however you  want as long  as you give him
credit. Just don't copy his walkthrough and try to pass it off as your own. Also
realize that I am not responsible for any harm that comes to you, your  Genesis,
your PC, your game or your loved ones that is caused by this guide, the  Shining
Force game or the  Shining Force ROM including  any legal consequences that  may
arise from the  illegal use of  said ROM. Shining  Force is a  trademark of Sega
Enterprises©) 1993 and all other copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged  and
respected that are not specifically mentioned within the contents of this file.

Unpublished Work Copyright Joshua Frappier (Sephirstein) 1999-2003

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