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FAQ/Walkthrough by Michael86

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/22/03

                             Shining Force 1

  The Complete Guide to Shining Force 1: The Legacy of Great Intention

                          Last Updated April 22, 2003
                                  Version 2.0
                             Word Count! - 25,491

                        Written by:  Michael Sheehan
                    Email:  Michael@drsheehan.freeserve.co.uk

                  ********   1: Table of Contents   ********                                   

1. Table of Contents
2. Version History
3. Introduction
4. Character Guide
5. Secret Characters

6. Walkthrough

6.1 Chapter 1: Runefaust Invasion 

   A: Guardiana!
        Battle: 1
        Battle: 2

   B: Return to Guardiana! 

        Battle: 3

   C: Alterone! 

        Battle: 4

6.2 Chapter 2: Spirit of the Holy Spring

   A: Rindo

         Battle: 5

   B: Manarina 

         Battle: 6

   C: Return to Rindo

         Battle: 7

   D: Shade Abbey

         Battle: 8

6.3 Chapter 3: Secret weapon of Runefaust

   A: Bustoke

         Battle: 9
         Battle: 10
         Battle: 11

6.4 Chapter 4: The Great Fortress of Balbazak

   A: Pao city

         Battle: 12

   B: Return to Pao City

         Battle: 13

   C: Uranbatol

         Battle: 14 

6.5 Chapter 5: Gateway to the hidden shrine

   A: Ship 1

         Battle: 15

   B: Waral

         Battle: 16

   C: Ship 2 

         Battle: 17

6.6 Chapter 6: Descendant of the sacred dragon

   A: Rudo

      Battle: 18
      Battle: 19
      Battle: 20
      Battle: 21

6.7 Chapter 7: The lost civilisation

   A: Prompt

      Battle: 22

   B: Ancient Tower

      Battle: 23

   C: Return to Prompt

      Battle: 24
      Battle: 25 

6.8 Chapter 8: Rise of the ancient castle

   A: Runefaust

      Battle: 26
      Battle: 27

   B: Castle of the ancients

      Battle: 28
      Battle: 29
      Battle: 30

7. Abbreviation Guide 
8. Brief character list
9. Power up Guide
10. Weapon Guide
11. Item Guide
12. Ring Guide
13. Key item Guide
14. Spell Guide
15. Monster Guide
16. Boss Guide
17. Shop Information
18. When you gain spells
19. How to win battles
20. Useless items location!
21. Game Genie codes
22. FAQ
23. Future progress
24. E-mail Policy
25. Outro - What’s Next?
26. Legal Stuff

                  ********   2: Version History   ********                                   

As with my first guide this section is more for me than the reader; it is 
designed to help me keep progress of how this guide as developed. However you 
may enjoy reading through this section, either to help you write your own guide 
or for your own curiosity.

Version: 0.01-------Size: 8kb - April 7th

$ Used my first guide as a basis to start this one.

Version: 0.2-------Size: 21kb - April 11th

$ Got up to chapter 2 in walkthrough

Version: 0.5-------Size: 38kb - April 13th

$ Got up to chapter 4 in walkthrough

$ Made some corrections

Version: 1.0-------Size: 74kb - April 15th

$ Finished walkthrough

Version: 1.1-------Size: 84kb - April 16th

$ Completed the character Guide!
$ Completed the introduction
$ Used my old e-mail policy and modified it to fit this guide.

Version: 1.3-------Size: 91kb - April 17th

$ Completed Secret character guide
$ Completed Ring Guide, weapon guide, key item guide and item Guide
$ Completed abbreviation list
$ Completed Spell guide

Version: 1.5-------Size: 105kb - April 18th

$ Completed Monster guide
$ Completed boss guide
$ Completed shop guide

Version: 1.7-------Size: 128kb - April 19th

$ Completed promotion guide
$ Completed Power up guide
$ Completed Strategies and Facts guide

Version: 1.8-------Size: 147kb - April 20th

$ Started FAQ section
$ Updated battle guide
$ Updated character guide
$ Completed spell section

Version: 2.0-------Size: 157kb - April 22nd

$ Major reformatting
$ Completed a brief character list
$ Started a game genie section
$ Added a future progress section

                  ********   3: Introduction ********                                   


So I now embark on my second full walkthrough and just like the first it is for 
a classic genesis RPG. However to be honest this game beats Landstalker (In 
itself an excellent game) hands down. However just like the game Landstalker it 
remains a great game over 10 years after its release.

This game is a mixture between an RPG and strategy game, the battles kind of 
remind me of a game of chess where you move around squares playing too each 
pieces (Characters) strength. 

In Shining force you play as the leader of a group of soldiers known as the 
Shining Force who are fighting to save their homes and the world of Rune from an 
ancient evil.

This guide will be everything you could ever want in a Shining force guide; its 
main content will be a walkthrough guiding the reader through the game step by 
step getting every possible bit of entertainment out of the game.

However that’s not it! It will also have a character guide, item guide, weapon 
guide, spell guide, battle guides and even more stuff! This game is very linear 
especially true with the chapter system however it is still enjoyable to play.

Note: It is best to view this guide with the font Courier new (Western) at 
around 10 in size!

Now the best way to write a guide is to play through the game again this way you 
can work on a great guide and have fun at the same time! So yet again I close my 
introduction in the same way? Enjoy!!!

                  ********   4: Character Guide********                                   

This guide is designed to give you the pros and cons of each character with an 
overall assessment of them which is designed to help you choose who is best 
suited for your team.

Basically you start the game as an inexperienced swordsman under the wing of 
Varios a great and powerful knight. Soon after starting the game you’ll be 
thrown into the deep end and will become the leader of a small group of warriors 
responsible for the safety of your home, Guardiana.

However your duties will soon spread far wider than this and you’ll be 
recruiting far more interesting, powerful and strange characters. My job here is 
to inform you of these characters in great detail and to help you tell how good 
these characters are.

Really these ratings are just an opinion based on my experience of the game and 
of course the characters stats which are actually quite random! However this 
guide is quite good in my opinion to give you the background and skills of each 

For your convenience I’ll break down the characters into sections according to 
their class. Needless to say 10 is great and 0 is basically just crap! So on 
with the characters:

Swordsman promoted to hero:

Max: A powerful character however if he dies the battle is over. He has the 
power to cast egress which will allow you to retreat, regroup and attempt the 
battle again. I can’t rate this guy and anyway you have to take him so a rating 
doesn’t really help.

Knights promoted to paladins:

Knights are honourable and powerful characters who are basically front line 
supportive fighters. They usually have high HP, defence and reasonable attack 
power. They generally have reasonable movement rates. Usually they have no 
spells but then again they don’t really need them.

There are several knights in the game each with their own advantages and 
disadvantages and I hope I can help you decide which ones to take and which to 
ditch. Of course you could take them all but that wouldn’t be to smart would it?

Ken (6/10): Needless to say he is a knight. This is the first knight you’ll get 
in the game and one of the original Shining force! He is very good for the 
beginning of the game but will lose usefulness as time goes on.

He’ll start off using a spear but you can change that to a lance later. This 
makes him proficient in long and short ranged attacks! He has no magic and quite 
a low defence. 

Having said this he has a great deal of HP making him great against magical 
enemies, but HP in terms of physical attacks just make up for his very low 
defence. Overall his just an average character but you’ll be using him for the 
first few chapters.

However soon you’ll meet several other knights and to be honest these are a lot 
better. His not as bad as people say but he isn’t that much better either. 
Useful but not great! I always drop him early on.

Spells: None

 Mae (6/10): The second knight you’ll get in the game and also quite early on in 
the game. Like Ken she can’t use magic and can use either lances or spears. I 
feel Mae grows in use as the game goes on. Nothing special but is a reasonable 

Her defence, agility and HP all usually turn out pretty good however her attack 
power seems to dwindle towards the later parts of the game. Most of the time she 
seems to turn out quite good however on one or two occasions when I have played 
the game she turned out very average.

However she is not in the top 12 shining force members in my opinion and 
therefore I usually don’t take her.

Spells: None

Arthur (10/10): You’ll get this guy in chapter 2 and he’ll seem rubbish! You’ll 
play with him for a while and he’ll still be rubbish mmmmmm where did the 10 
come from you ask? LOL! This guy is an RPG fans dream! If you can be bothered to 
spend hours levelling this guy up he’ll eventually grow enormously towards level 
20 un-promoted!

Of course you’ll need patience for this? This guy also has the ability to cast 
several low level mage spells because he spent some time in Manarina. This makes 
him interesting but not that more powerful, although I think bolt level 1 is a 
great way to finish off a group of weakened enemies!

However for the most part he’s mp is way to low to be a good mage and his very 
low physical attributes aren’t suited to be a good knight. In another guide I 
had read in the past they put this very well, ?Arthur is the worst knight but 
the best paladin if promoted at level 20?

Arthur is absolutely fantastic by the time you promote him at level 20! So with
Patience he will result in a star Shining force member. I take him all the time!

Spells: Blaze (Lv1), freeze (lv1) and bolt (lv1)

Pelle (7/10): So another knight (Lot of these dam things!) Now this guy starts 
off very strong and I know your thinking along the lines of Wahoo! However after 
his promoted his stats don’t grow much and the other knights over take him. 
However towards the end he’ll start to grow again. Really his just average!

I think this guy is better as a close range fighter with a lance but then again 
he can also use a spear if needs be.

His defence is probably his best stats but his other stats can only be described 
as average. This guy is useful to those who like to rush through the game. I’m 
more the milk every thing a game has to offer guy anyway so don’t use him to 

Spells: None

Vankar (7/10): Much like Mae in my opinion. He seems average at first but spend 
a little time with him and he’ll turn into a good character. He gains good Hp, 
attack and defence. He can be a real power house if trained properly.

I think this guy is better as a close range fighter with a lance but then again 
he can also use a spear if needs be.

A good force member but nothing special, I usually don’t use this guy.

Spells: None

Earnest (6/0): So another average knight? Not quite. He has no real weaknesses 
and is a well rounded character. He can be very useful if you spend time with 
him but he starts off quite weak.

I find that due to the sheer amount of knights available in the game I hardly 
ever use him, but I have heard and seen very good things about him. His got 
quite an attitude as well!

Spells: None

Mage’s promoted to wizards:---------------------------

These characters are weak physically but they have deep inner strength and 
therefore rely on magic rather than conventional attacks. They have the ability 
to inflict serious damage on not only one enemy but several enemies using their 
powerful spells.

 No Shining Force will be balanced without some of these supporting your other 
troops. However you will need other troops to protect these weak individuals 
from regular front line attacks. Also don’t let them become isolated from the 
rest of your party.

Magic is a useful but limited resource however you will need to utilise the 
power of magic if you want to complete the game without major difficulties.
Hopefully this guide will help you pick and choose the mages that are most 
appropriate to your party.

Tao (6/10): I like this character a lot and I can’t see why she is so under-
rated! Her specialist spell is blaze and this spell will be a great asset to you 
throughout the whole game.

She has a range of support spells and is the only character in the game to gain 
level four blaze. Great!

She is therefore very good against un-dead creatures. I find this character will 
pretty much carry you through the start of the game however I tend to keep her 
out of my team due to the amount of better characters.

Spells: Blaze (lv4), muddle (lv1) sleep (lv1) and boost (lv1)

Anri (7/10): I like this character a lot, even more than Tao. She is probably 
the best all round wizard in the game in my opinion. She can gain level four 
freeze as well as a respectable level two in blaze and bolt.

However she does have low Hp. Although she’s good I can’t find any room in my 
force for her after chapter 4 or 5.

Spells: Blaze (lv2), freeze (lv4) bolt (lv2) and muddle (lv1)

Alef (7/10): Potentially the best wizard in the game however you get her so late 
on and she’s unprompted! This means tons of training and because she’s so late 
in the game I don’t feel it’s worth it. This is why I only give her a 7. She’s a 
bolt specialist.

Use her if you want but generally I don’t although occasionally I will because 
she is quite an interesting character.

Spells: Blaze (lv2), freeze (lv2) bolt (lv4) and desoul (lv1)

Healers promoted to Vicar

These characters are strange in the sense that they don’t generally cause much 
harm through any method either magical or physical. They are usually quite weak 
in terms of defence and Hp either.

However they do have a skill that will be needed in your force for it to fight 
to maximum capabilities. They have the ability to heal and assist your troops in 
battle using supportive magic.

You should always one healer on your force?

Lowe (6/10): Steady character with some good healing spells. I generally drop 
him after the first few chapters because he looses his usefulness as the game 

He has tons of Mp but I don’t like his selection of spells at all, the biggest 
disadvantage over the other healers is the fact he doesn’t have aura. He does 
have decent defence though.

But as I say although I use him for part of the game I usually drop him in 
favour of other healers, I also feel that one healer is adequate for your force.

Spells: Heal (lv4), Detox (lv1) Quick (lv2) and slow (lv2)
Khris (9/10): Much better than Lowe in my opinion. Her attack, defence, hp and 
mp are very reasonable and her spell selection is much more balanced. The level 
2 aura is much better than detox and she can also use heal level4.

She is also gained early in the game giving you plenty of chance to level her 
up. She can be great if you don’t let her fall behind in levels! I used to leave 
her out because she started quite weak but now I have played with her I’ve 
discovered she is much better than Lowe.

When you first get her she’ll really suck but after she’s gained about three 
levels and she is given a power staff she can start killing enemies very well 
making her level up a lot faster! She’s a great team member

Spells: Heal (lv4), aura (lv2) Quick (lv2) and slow (lv2)

Torasu (7/10): You get this guy with Alef right at the end of the game! Just 
like her he is potentially the best at his field (Alef was wizardry and his is 
healing) However to get use of him you’ll need to train him for a while and at 
this stage of the game is it worth it?

When is levelled a bit he usually ends up with the best stats of all healers. 
His level 4 in Aura is of great use and I like his shield ability. However he 
only has limited heal ability.
I usually shun this character in favour of Khris.

Spells: Heal (lv2), aura (lv4) detox (lv1) and shield (lv2)

Archers promoted to Bow masters

Hans (5/10): Fair to say he is not my favourite character. As he so often points 
out, you should not expose him to enemy attacks because he has weak defence. He 
may have loads of speed but he doesn’t get much attack.

As his class suggests he is specialist at long distance attacks, He is good at 
the start but his levels don’t really affect his stats to much so he loses 

There are better characters so I therefore use Hans very little.

Spells: None

Diane (5/10): She starts off better than Hans but Hans will overtake her just 
before the end of the game. In my opinion they are both bad.

She doesn’t have as much speed as Hans but has more attack power. She like Hans 
has a very bad defence. I hardly ever use this character either.

Spells: None

Birdmen promoted to Sky warriors

Balbaroy (6/10): Being a birdman is biggest and most obvious asset is that he 
can fly and therefore has great speed and mobility. He starts off very weak but 
level him up and he’ll be like a flying hero!
So much so he can carry the hero type swords which enable him to be quite good. 
However even after you level him up his only average in my opinion. Therefore I 
never use him.

Spells: None

Amon (6/10): Similar to her husband Balbaroy except she starts off weaker and 
ends up stronger. Her main weapons are swords, she has great speed and her 
ability to fly is very useful.

However she is still only average and I hardly ever use her.

Spells: None

Warriors promoted to gladiators

Luke (6/10): Strong, with a high defence but a bit slow. His a great frontline 
fighter and will be useful throughout the game. He can use axes or swords and 
will generally be useful throughout the game. 

He is one of the original force and don’t be surprised to see him stay there, 
his not that outstanding but his a decent character who’ll remain helpful all 
through the game if you keep his level’s up.

I usually never use him outside of the first few chapters.

Spells: None

Gort (6/10): Very similar to Luke and you get him just after Luke. He’ll 
probably be stronger than Luke when you get him but eventually he’ll fall 
behind. I find him a great asset through the middle stretch of the game but 
towards the end he looses his positive affect on the Shining Force.

Just like Luke he has decent attack, defence and HP but is a bit slow, he can 
use swords and axes. I usually drop this guy as the game progresses.

Spells: None

Assault Knight promoted to Strike Knight

Lyle (9/10): Best Archer type in the world of Rune!!! I love this guy so much 
because his a real don! His attack is just fantastic although his defence is a 
little dodgy.

He starts off a little weak but he’ll soon grow into the long range fighter 
you’ve always wanted! His a knight who’s an archer and his stats seem to produce 
the best from both classes.

This guy is second to none and I always keep him in my team.

Spells: None

Magic creature (No Promotion)

Domingo (9/10): Another great character who is a mass have, however to get him 
you’ll need to collect and hatch an egg. This great creature starts off weak but 
will climb levels as fast as you could dream.

He flies and has an amazing defence, so much so a lot of enemies can only do 1 
damage to him. His attack is only average but he has immense speed. What is the 
downside? The enemies tend to attack him more than anyone else except 
max!!!(Main character)

You’ll be stupid not to take this guy on the team.

Spells: Freeze (lv4), boost (lv4) muddle (lv1) and desoul (lv1)

Dragon promoted to great dragon

Bleu (9/10): This guy starts off very weak and this is the only reason he 
doesn’t get a 10. However if you promote him and work on him a little he 
suddenly becomes some sort of super character.

His defence will be great, so will his attack but best of all will be his Hp! 
This guy must be on the team the only problem is he makes the game nearly to 

Spells: None

Werewolf promoted to Wolf Baron

Zylo (9/10): Another must have Shining force member. He has great stats all 
round and can move around forest and mountain terrain without penalty! Just 
don’t promote this guy too early and you’ll have a great character.

Even if you promote him early you’ll end up with a good character. This guy will 
be in your front line and should lead your Shining force team to victory!

Spells: None

Robot promoted Cyborg

Adam (8/10): Good not great and that’s after you work on him. He’ll start off 
very weak and this is in chapter 7!!! However if you do work on him you get a 
cool looking character with high HP and defence with decent attack and poor 

I occasionally use this guy as I quite like him but if you can’t be bothered to 
train him up don’t use him!!! But give him a try and you’ll get a decent member 
of the Shining force

Spells: None

Samurai (No promotion)

Musashi (9/10): His movement rate stinks but his a great fighter with great 
attack, defence ECT!!!
I always use this character and you should to? It’s not even as if you need to 
build him up!

Spells: None

Ninja (No promotion)

Hanzou (8/10): Reasonable fighter with some spells thrown in for good measure. 
His a great asset to the team but you get him so close to the end it really 
takes the pleasure out of getting him.

I sometimes use him but the choice is yours.

Spells: Dispell (LV1), Sleep (LV1), Shield (LV1), Desoul (LV1)

Yogurt (No promotion)

Jogurt (1/10): Jogurt the Yogurt! Something’s not right here. Well when you get 
this guy you reckon he must be some super secret character as you will see him 
in several locations before hand. However I have only given him one because 
basically this is the same as all his stats!!!

If by some miracle or you try really hard and he kills someone then you’ll get a 
special Yogurt ring, the secrets out!!! Not quite. All this does is turn one of 
your characters into a Yogurt. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! On top of this he can’t get over 
level 1. He doesn’t even have any spells! Well if this character has a secret I 
have yet to find it, I never use this guy and you can’t really blame me.

Put simply he is the worse character I have seen in any RPG and I have played 
loads of them.

Spells: None

Winged knight promoted to sky lord

Kokichi (9/10): A flying knight basically. He starts off pretty bad and looks 
like an idiot however build him up and you have a capable member of the Shining 

I usually use him although he isn’t that outstanding his useful throughout the 
whole game.

Spells: None

Steam Knight to Steam Baron

Guntz (9/10): A real tank which would have got a 10 other than one major 
weakness, he has a terrible movement rate. He starts off average but will grow 
quite fast and soon he’ll be an unstoppable tank!

Spells: None

Monk promoted to Master Monk

Gong (710): Good not great, an average healer and an average fighter put the two 
together and you have a reasonable character that you may choose or you may not, 
I tend to shun the character but he can be useful.

The level 1 aura spell is useful but not that powerful late in the game but the 
level 4 heal is a nice asset. Don’t feel bad to choose this character but I’m 
sure you can do better.

Spells: Heal (Lv4), aura (lv1)

         ********   5: Secret Characters ********                                   

Most characters in the game will automatically join as you play through the 
story line however there are certain characters you have to find or do certain 
things to get. This is why I refer to them as secret characters.

You’ll often find these characters are quite good anyway here they are and where 
you find them in order of appearance (Sound like the cast of a film) anyway I 
won’t tell you about them, that’s in the character guide section.

Gong: This monk is the first hidden character in the game and that extra 
character will help you in the first couple of fights. All you need to do is use 
egress or run from the first fight at the gate and walk to the little house near 
the gate. (You can’t get in there the first time because a cart takes you 
straight from Guardiana to the battle, that’s why you need to run or use egress) 

I’m not sure but I think you can do the same thing in the second fight when you 
are trying to get back to Guardiana. 

When you enter the house by the gate you’ll find a house with two characters 
outside, one is a hamster called Jogurt and the other is Gong he’ll be chopping 
firewood outside the house. Talk to him and he’ll explain he has been fighting 
evil for a while and would like to help you out. Wahoo you now have Gong on the 

Gort: Before you leave Guardiana for the first time go and talk to Gort in the 
green in the green dragon bar. Listen to his stories. After you return to 
Guardiana and you see its destroyed head towards the bar and you’ll notice it is 
not destroyed like the rest of the town.

Go inside and the bar keeper explains Gort fought off the monsters. Talk to Gort 
and he’ll say the action has made him angry for more and he’ll join the force.

Arthur: This guy is in the magical city of Manarina. He will be on the roof top 
near a clothes line, talk to him the first time you enter Manarina and then 
again after you’ve fought the battle in the cavern under the city. 

He’ll then inform you that he has become bored with life In the city and wishes 
to see some action and he’ll therefore join the force.

Jogurt: Make sure you talk to Jogurt where you meet Gong. Later if you walk to 
the back of the alter behind the priest at the first Pao City you’ll eventually 
see Jogurt run off you will now have him in the force.

Vankar: When the Pao city moves for the first time explore the area and you’ll 
find a knight called Vankar standing around. Talk to him and he’ll say that he 
had been a failure in the past and wants to correct this by fighting evil with 

Kokichi: Talk to him in Bustoke so that he tries to show you his flying 
invention. When he flies off leave and continue the story. When Pao city firsts 
moves Kokichi will fly down and crash near you. He’ll then offer to join your 

Domingo: In Manarina you can retrieve an Domingo egg. In the second city of Pao 
look around and you’ll find a guy with a egg hatching machine, talk to him and 
he’ll hatch your egg.

This will hatch a Domingo from the Domingo egg (Didn’t see that coming!) Domingo 
will then join your ranks!

Guntz: Talk to him and his creator in Rindo several times. Later in Pao you’ll 
find him in a sheep pen, talk to him and he’ll join your party!

Lyle: Find on a roof in Rudo, it is the city that has been taken over by 
children. Talk to him and he’ll join up!

Musashi: You find this guy in Prompt. You’ll notice there is a little white sign 
on one of the buildings (One with two doors); this does not have any relevance 
when you’re first in Prompt. 

After you escape from jail however you’ll be able to search the sign and you’ll 
receive a note saying that Musashi has joined your party.

Hanzou: On one of the bushes in Runefaust you’ll see a little yellow thingy 
(Seeing Hanzou is a ninja I think it is a meant to be a throwing thingy that 
kills people) Search it and Hanzou will join up with your party.

         ********   6: Walkthrough ********                                   

Spoiler Warning! The rest of this guide WILL contain spoilers. To be safe I 
recommend that you assume every piece of text from this point is a spoiler. You 
have been warned!!!


Watch the introduction and you’ll learn all the background you need to know 
about Shining Force. Just in case you don’t know I’ll run through it for you. 
One thousand years ago a great battle between good and evil took place.

You won’t be surprised to know that the forces of good won the battle and locked 
away the evil into another dimension. The gateways from this dimension to our 
world were sealed.

The forces of evil promised they would return in 1000 years when they had 
gathered enough power to break through into this world. The forces of good did 
not want this and built two massive cities to protect the gateways. The cities 
were those of Runefaust and Guardiana.
However over the next ten decades the people of Rune forgot about the struggles 
of the past. This is where we start the game in the land of Rune 1000 years 
after the forces of evil had been defeated.

Recently the army of Runefaust has been terrorizing the world and at the same 
time hordes of evil monster have been appearing also. Could there be a link 
between this and the forces of evil?

Now we start the game by talking to Simone who will give you the options of 
starting a new game and several other useful options. All you need to do now is 
name your character and begin the game!

--6.1---Chapter 1: Runefaust Invasion --

A: Guardiana! 

New Force Members:

- Max – Swordsman – Level 1
- Lowe – Healer – Level 1
- Tao – Mage – Level 1
- Luke - warrior – Level 1
- Ken – Knight – Level 1
- Hans – Archer – Level 1
- Gong – Monk – Level 1

You will start the game in the back garden of Guardiana’s chapel. You will be 
recovering from a blow by Varios who is training you to be a fighter. At the 
moment you are weak (Level 1) and this is highlighted as Varios had knocked you 
out with nearly no effort!

After this Varios stops the training for today because he feels you’ve had 
enough, you should now head north up the steps and through the door. Once you 
reach the bookcase (You can search it if you want to see a whole range of 
fighting books) head east and Lowe will come towards you.

Lowe will say how amazed he is at how much swords work you do and tell you he 
can’t do so much. Yep you’ve guessed it he isn’t a fighter! Anyway Lowe will now 
block your path so head back to the back garden and Varios will talk to you 
saying that he see’s your potential as a fighter and that soon you’ll be tested.

A soldier comes and tells Varios the king wants him. Varios will go after the 
soldier telling you to prepare for battle! Sounds like Varios is concerned about 

Go back to Lowe and he’ll say that Varios was very pale and that he (Lowe) feels 
something big is going to happen. Lowe then says we should split up and find out 
what is going on and with that he finally gets out of our way.
Now we can explore the town however there isn’t anything crucial to do here 
except having a bit of fun! Talk to the priest and he’ll tell you his been 
having dreams about the town in ruins. There is another girl in the town which 
has been having a similar dream. There must be something in these dreams!

You can go into the store here but the weapon geezer is sick of buying and 
selling and won’t serve you however the item geezer will. They are both in the 
same shop!

If you to try and leave town to the south the guards will stop you so just talk 
around town and you’ll find out a bit about the situation in the game. Also go 
to the Green dragon bar and listen to the old man in there because doing so will 
allow him to join your team later on.

If you like pissing people off then push the cart in town and it’ll run down a 
bloke who then gets very stressed at this! Great fun I thought!
Talk to everyone possible as you’ll get some decent information and a lot of 

Anyway we are trying to find out what is going on so head north towards the 
castle because Varios was asked to see the king and kings usually live in 

Just before you enter the castle where you see two guards standing by the gate 
head to the west and you’ll notice a little building blocked by one guard with a 
shield sign by it. Examine the shield and you’ll discover it is the Shining 
force HQ! However the guard will not let you in without Varios permission!

Once in the castle you can look around and talk to the powerful looking knights, 
climb the tower and check out the treasury. In the treasury you can push past 
the soldier but when you reach the treasure chests he’ll chuck you out. Don’t 
worry we can check back here later.

You can also check the tower out, you can scare the old guy by looking through 
the wrong side of the telescope and then you can look through the telescope 

Go to the throne room and you’ll over hear the King and his advisors talk about 
you they’ll then notice you and all the king’s advisors will ask you to step 
before the king. Do so and the king will explain that Guardiana was placed here 
to protect the gate of the ancients (Containing the forces of evil but the king 
doesn’t realise this) However Runefaust are trying to open the gate and that 
Guardiana must prevent this at all costs!

The plan is to send out a small group of young but skilled warriors to 
investigate the activities at the gate without being noticed. Ok! The king asks 
you whether you’d lead the force, you can say no but this will stop the game 
progressing and I don’t think that’s really an option. So say yes and the king 
will ask you to go back to town to collect your troops.

Remember how the knights had kept insulting your abilities before? Now it’s time 
to go and rub their noses in your glory so head towards one of the bed rooms 
with a knight standing by the door. Talk to the knight and he’ll run off 
screaming that he should of lead the force.

Anyway head back to town and Luke, Tao, Hans and ken will join the force. After 
Lowe will run up and join the force. Finally Nova come and say he’ll join your 
force as an advisor, what this basically means is that he stay at HQ and gives 
you a piece of advice per battle. He’ll also be the one that allows you to 
switch the force members about.

Now head back to the king and he’ll give you 100 coins. You can now use the 
Shining Force HQ. If you go back to where the knights were training you’ll see 
them in a new cool formation.
You can now finally leave Guardiana, do so and a cart will take you to the 
ancient gate automatically. When you get there an earthquake hits the battle 
screen making the landscape a little more interesting. 

Never mind about this the enemies want to open the gate and they aren’t going to 
let you interfere. However as soon as you are able, escape the battle and get 
Gong (See secret characters) After go back to the ancient gate and prepare for 
your first battle.

-----Battle 1-----

Nova Advice: A word of advice, seek the hermit who lives by the gate of the 
ancients. (This is basically referring to the secret character Gong. Although it 
isn’t really battle advice I find the extra character will make the battle a lot 

Battle 1: The gate of the ancients

Objective of the battle: To kill the Rune knight

Enemies: 5 Goblins, 2 Dark Dwarves and 1 Rune Knight 

Battle difficulty rating: 5

My average Level after battle: 3

This is the first battle so is quite easy, I would have given the difficulty 
rating as a 3 but because it is the first battle newbie’s may need to get use to 
the controls ect.

Try to keep in a formation of two noticeable lines, the front line and the back 
line. Ken and Luke should be up front with Lowe, Gong, Tao and Hans at the back. 
Max should be protected however he should be strong enough to go to the front 
lines and fight the front lines of goblins.

The goblins after they have found their positions will tend not to move so try 
and pick them off with Hans, Tao (Blaze) and Ken. If you’ve got Gong it the 
extra man advantage will tell so I recommend you get him (Look at the secret 
character guide)

The rune knight is sort of like a mini boss but it is not unique, doesn’t 
regenerate or do anything else that a boss does except win you the battle when 
you kill it. Don’t charge the Rune knight however because if you do the dark 
dwarves will demolish you.

I would fight this fight a couple of times in order to get every member of the 
force at level 3 or above.

-----End of Battle 1----

The knight issues some chilling last words informing you that it is too late and 
even as he speaks Guardiana is getting attacked by Runefaust! Nova asks you to 
go and see if what the creature says is true and so you exit the gate of the 

Looking over the horizon a whole heap of enemies are blocking the route to 
Guardiana and on top of that the earthquake as blocked the easy path back! Not 
only must we fight our way back to Guardiana we must do it heading around the 
mountains and the very rough terrain! 

On to battle number 2!

-----Battle 2-----

Nova Advice: None

Battle 2: Fight to Guardiana!

Objective: Kill all enemies or enter Guardiana with Max

Enemies: 6 Goblins, 3 Dark Dwarves and 2 Rune Knights 

Battle difficulty rating: 3

My average Level after battle: 4

If you have followed my advice and have an average level of 3 then this fight 
will be easier than the first, try to get your characters all past level 4 
before the end of this battle if you can. Also remember you can still get Gong 
if you need him.

The first part of this battle will be quite slow as you have to work your way 
north to get around the mountain and this terrain is covered with hills and 

It is worth trying to keep Luke and Hans as your northern most troops because 
they aren’t really affected as much by the terrain.
 As you make your way north try and pick off one or two of the goblins (They 
retreat to the north) with Hans, Tao or Ken. There really is no strategy needed 
here until you approach the bridge.

The game has bad artificial intelligence and for some reason the enemies won’t 
cross the bridge to attack you so you can use your long range attacks either 
side of the bridge to attack your enemies without crossing the bridge or getting 

You can win this battle by killing all your enemies or entering Guardiana but 
really the only option is to kill all your enemies because you need the coins 
and experience.

-----End of Battle 2----

B: Return to Guardiana! 

New Force Members:
- Mae – Knight – Level 2
- Gort – Warrior – Level 2

Head into Guardiana after the battle and you’ll be addressed by the two guards 
who are stationed at the entrance of Guardiana. They’ll inform you that 
Runefaust has attacked Guardiana! Well you probably already gathered that due to 
the fact that most of the buildings have been destroyed!

Accompanied by some cool music you should talk around town to get a better 
picture of what has happened. Although most of the knights were lost the 
townsfolk and soldiers are tired and injured but not dead.

Apparently the Runefaust hordes pulled back when victory was near and no-one 
knows why, people are scared of another attack! Well anyway you have work to do! 
Start off by going to the green dragon bar again and if you talk to Gort again 
he’ll join the force on the account that he enjoyed the battle! Talk to the bar 
owner and he’ll say the old man single handily defended the bar!

Now you should make your way to the castle where one of the king’s advisors will 
come running out of the throne room in a panic! He’ll inform you that the king 
has been injured!

You’ll automatically follow him and you’ll see a very sad seen where Varios is 
killed by Kane. Mae Varios daughter obviously annoyed by her fathers death runs 
in and attempts to hurt Kane. Kane merely pushes her away and disappears 
claiming Guardiana is no longer worthy of his attention!

Mae and Max will then address the king where he gives a long speech about what 
Runefaust is up to, basically they want to gain access to the tower through the 
gate of the ancients and that Runefaust will be after a key to do this.
The king then asks you to stop Runefaust and then the king dies! Mae will then 
want revenge for her farther and join your party!

Looks like we’ve got a big job to do! Oh well, make your first stop the 
treasury! There you will find 7 chests, one will be empty, but in the others 
you’ll find a power potion, a defence potion, an antidote, an angel wing, a 
medical herb and some coins.

Talk around town again as most people have more to say now, you may also find it 
interesting to go and see the old guy in the north of the chapel as he can 
inform you of a legend which may have some significant!

Also if you want you can buy a hand axe for Luke and sell his old short sword! 
Once your finished here head out for Alterone but prepare for a fight to do so!

-----Battle 3-----

Nova Advice: Beware of giant bats! The fly swiftly and fight fiercely.

Battle 3: Fight to Alterone!

Objective: Kill all enemies or enter Alterone with Max

Enemies: 5 giant bats, 5 Dark Dwarves and 5 Rune Knights 

Battle difficulty rating: 6

My average Level after battle: 5

This battle will be slightly harder than others you have faced! When you 
approach the bridge, two bats will charge you down; beware their ability to put 
your characters to sleep.

However you should be able to outnumber them but be sure to do it quick because 
the dwarves will approach you if you get to close. Once you’ve destroyed these 
guys you can have a bit of a breather. Once you’ve regrouped head north and 
eventually three bats will attack you but be careful not to fight a battle on 
two fronts by alerting the knights to the east of your presence.

The knights are quite easy now as long as you don’t let them surround a 
character! Oh yeah make the knights come to you and they’ll fall quite quickly.

The basic rules to follow in this battle are to keep all your troops bunched 
together and to protect Max if he falls to sleep when he is attacked by a giant 
bat. Once you’ve finished you can go in to Alterone!

-----End of Battle 3----

C: Alterone! 

New Force Members:

- Khris – Healer – Level 2
- Gort – Warrior – Level 2

Once in Alterone make your way over the linear path until you reach your first 
house, go inside and you’ll learn there’s a secret passage in the castle! Next 
go into the basement and open all the chests, two will contain noting, one will 
contain 70coins and one will contain a bronze lance. You can use this on Ken if 
you want.

Search around and talk to everyone. You’ll discover that most people don’t care 
about the problems of Rune.

You’ll also find a witch who offers to predict your future; she claims that 
you’ll die if you head north! Bah that’s not going to stop us is it? If you go 
to the Chop and Bop shop you’ll be able to open loads of chests! In them you’ll 
find two lots of 50 coins and a healing seed.

You’ll also be able to push a cart at a girl, she’ll get stressed that you’ve 
ruined her dress and will push you into the river; you’ll then land on a 
platform with a chest, open it for a power potion.

In the priest’s house, the priest is out but you can still open a chest in there 
to get a medical herb. In the north of the town you’ll find a man who loves 
money (Check out what he says and then read the book shelf!) In his basement 
you’ll find four chests, two will contain nothing, 1 will have a middle sword 
(you can equip it on a warrior if you want to) and a healing seed.

In the far north west of the town accessible by travelling west from the castle 
you’ll find a building with a chest in it, open it for a medical herb!

Now is time to enter the castle, once in there you’ll discover the soldiers 
aren’t in to doing work. Search around the castle to find lots of treasure 
including a chest with noting in it, a chest with a wooden arrow in it and loads 
of healing items. 

Next go to the armoury for some serious treasure! You’ll get the bread of life, 
a defence potion, a middle sword (Can equip it on your other warrior now) and 
100 coins

In the north west of the castle you can go down a set of stairs do so and you’ll 
see some rune knights run off, the soldier denies everything? something fishy 

Talk to the king and he’ll say that you should follow him to see a tactician and 
you have no choice but to follow him. On the way you’ll have access to another 
chest with a wooden chest in it.

When you get there you’ll learn that Alterone has surrendered to Runefaust and 
Kane will order you to be thrown in prison, here you can talk to the priest and 
get healed ect. 

Search the door and Khris will come and rescue you by opening a secret passage 
that leads to Alterone and past the Shining force HQ. Khris will then join your 
party! Once you’re prepared enter Alterone again and Kane will have an army 
ready to crush you.

Luckily for you Kane is ordered back to Runefaust by the evil Dark Sol! As Kane 
leaves he orders his troops to attack and you’re thrown into battle 4!

-----Battle 4-----

Nova Advice: The enemies mages and archers attack best from afar. Charge them 

Battle 4: Battle of Alterone!

Objective: Kill all enemies

Enemies: 4 giant bats, 4 Dark Dwarves, 2 snipers, 1 dark mage and 4 Rune Knights 

Battle difficulty rating: 5

My average Level after battle: 6

This battle isn’t easy but it should be easier than the last, try to train up 
Khris a bit and try to get all your characters up to about level 6.

The four giant bats will attack you straight away and you should destroy them 
before moving on, as you do the rune knights will secure and block the bridge to 
the north.

The Dwarves will do the same to the bridge in the east while the mage and 
archers set up a decent position across the river. Don’t be lured into attacking 
them across the river because your long range fire power doesn’t match up to 

Instead choose to go north or east and take on the dwarves or the rune knights 
you should find that the mages and archers retreat away from your position 
behind the enemies you didn’t fight!

This part of the battle is hardest but because the enemies are grouped together 
blaze 2 can cause havoc in enemy ranks!

Another method is also possible, if your party members are strong enough divide 
them into two groups, the stronger party should go north and the weaker east, 
this will make the battle a lot quicker!

 Once all the enemies are killed the battle is won!

-----End of Battle 4----

After the battle Nova will tell you to go and see the King of Alterone and we 
will in a minute but first talk around.
 Everyone in Alterone now hates Kane and thanks you for what you have done. 
Talking around will also give you Kane’s next location, the town of Rindo! 

Anyway now you should head to the castle and note that now all the guards are 
taking their jobs seriously. When you meet the king he asks if you can forgive 
him because Kane had a magical hold over him, say yes and he’ll tell you of a 
secret tunnel opened by looking into the dragon head statue!

Before we do this go to where we first saw the Runefaust knights which was 
blocked by a guard before, it is now accessible to you and you’ll find three 
chests here, two are empty but one holds 50 coins.

Now go back upstairs and search the dragon head by the waterfall and say yes 
when it asks whether you want to pull the lever. The waterfall will subside and 
a door is now accessible, use it. At the end of the passage a voice will sound 
summarizing the chapter and you’ll be asked if you want to save your game. With 
that chapter 1: Runefaust invasion draws to a close and Chapter 2 begins!

--6.2---Chapter 2: Spirit of the holy Spring--

A: Rindo 

New Force Members:

- None -

Max and his part have followed Kane to the village of Rindo! Max starts off 
outside the village and you have no other option than to go in side! In here the 
first thing I would do is go the weapons shop and buy 3 power staffs, one for 
Tao, one for Lowe and one for Khris. You should also so sell any old equipment 
remember we got lots of old equipment from Alterone!

Also notice the large open space in the south east, there is a sign here 
informing us a circus will soon be appearing here! You can also see a terrible 
play in a building on the west side of town. It’s basically a two second story 
of Max getting destroyed by a great Runefaust knight! What a load of crap!

Next to the pier there’s a grey coloured house go in there and open the chest to 
get a speed ring which gives +4 to agility! Next go to the pier and the guy 
there will inform you that Kane bought all of the boats there and there’s only 
one left! Unfortunately it is the majors! Go to the majors house and he’ll 
refuse to give it to you.

Do everything else you need to do here and exit the town to fight battle number 

-----Battle 5-----

Nova Advice: Zombies and other unnatural creatures suffer heavily from magical 

Battle 5: Battle to Manarina!

Objective: Kill all enemies or enter Manarina with Max

Enemies: 4 giant bats, 3 Dark Dwarves, 2 snipers, 3 dark mage and 4 Zombies

Battle difficulty rating: 8

My average Level after battle: 6

Quite a difficult battle and those still new to the game may find this battle 
very hard! It starts off very easy, the ordinary bats and dwarves will fight you 
for control of the bridge and doing this is relatively easy.

Once you’ve done this you have to track across a large yellow area which makes 
movement very slow! About halfway across you’ll meet two snipers and a dark 
mage. As long as your part isn’t isolated it’s quite easy.

Make sure your front fighters stop for a while to let the other characters catch 
up, try to make sure Lowe learns detox because some of the enemies we are facing 
can poison you!

The next stage is very difficult, several zombies will attack you, with great 
defence, good attack and the ability to poison you these will really slow you 
down! At the same time several dark mages will start throwing blaze 2 spells at 

The trick is not to place part members next to each other. At the same time use 
Tao has much as possible to burn those zombies! Make sure you don’t waste Tao’s 
Mp early on!

-----End of Battle 5----

B: Manarina! 

New Force Members:

- Anri – Mage – Level 3
- Arthur – Knight – Level 4

Now you can enter Manarina do so and talk to everyone outside to get apologies 
for the dark mages attacking you apparently they thought you were from 

Anyway go inside the far building to find the Shining Force HQ and a priest. Now 
go into the near building and you’ll find Anri! She doesn’t believe your stories 
because she doesn’t know who you are! That is until Nova turns up and tells Anri 
that you’re a good guy!

Anri runs off to think about her situation. Explore Manarina to find lots of 
things! In one room a mage will say he doesn’t often get visitors because his 
strange. Talk to him again and he’ll tell you to search the machine next to him. 
Do so and you’ll get a Domingo egg.
Go upstairs and you’ll end up on the roof, you’ll see Arthur a knight standing 
by a clothes line, talk to him and he’ll join later. On this same level you’ll 
find Anri and this time she wants to join the fight because her farther would 
have wanted this!

Search around and you’ll find a person offers to chance you into an animal, if 
you agree you’ll turn into a hen! Carry on along the path until you bump into a 
passage being blocked by a guard, he’ll let you through because your cute! You 
will then find a mage who will turn you into a human again. 

You can then talk to the mage to get some information about Shade abbey! Once 
you’ve had enough fun in the town you can go back to where you first say Anri. 
Go north of this point and you’ll meet a mage named Otrant. He’ll inform you 
that the spirit of the holy shrine may be able to help you but you can only see 
the spirit if you get a special orb from the cavern of darkness! 

There is a stairway in this room use it and go down eventually you’ll end up in 
the cavern of darkness which happens to be battle number 6! 

-----Battle 6-----

Nova Advice: In tight places such as caverns, look before you leap into battle. 
Plan Ahead!

Battle 6: Cavern of Darkness

Objective: Kill the skeleton

Enemies: 5 giant bats, 1 skeleton, 4 dark mage and 3 Zombies

Battle difficulty rating: 7

My average Level after battle: 7

You start of the battle by fighting a couple of zombies which will be easily 
dealt with by any fighter worth his weapon! I would try and take them out with 
magic however, as you will probably be able to take them out this way without 
taking a hit.

The next task is to secure the bridge from a dark mage and a couple of snipers.
Once this is done and you cross the bridge you’ll fight several giant bats who 
should be quite easy by now.

However there is a chance that the bats will attack you while your fighting for 
the bridge and this will make things difficult!  

As you approach the last remaining opponents, a skeleton and three dark mages, 
the mages will change into an ultra defensive formation

This can make it hard to kill them effectively but as long as your team isn’t 
bunched together you’ll easily kill them. The skeleton is easy! It doesn’t even 
move. Once the skeleton is killed you’ll win the battle but it is unlikely that 
when you face the skeleton there are any enemies left anyway!

-----End of Battle 6----

Once the battle is won open the multiple chests on offer to get the orb of 
light, a wooden staff, a power staff, a medical herb and most importantly a 
power ring. Be sure to equip this ring on someone! 

Now exit the cavern and head back to Otrant and he’ll tell you to use the orb in 
the shrine! Go there and do so and the spirit will appear and say that the 
legacy of the ancients is the containment of a great evil which the evil dark 
sol hopes to unlock!

The spirit will ask you to defeat dark sol. Head back to Otrant and he’ll tell 
you that the spirit has chosen you as the chosen one! Didn’t see that one coming 
did you!    

Before you go head back to the guy who gave you the Domingo egg and he’ll tell 
you to get a boat from Rindo. Also go back to Arthur and he’ll join the force. 
Now you should head back to Rindo.

C: Return to Rindo! 

New Force Members:

- None -

Once there talk about. Talk to the man at the pier again and he suggests you 
should talk to the major again. Talk to the major and he says you can have the 
boat if you save his son he has disappeared.

Remember the majors son said he liked the circus? Well go to the man at the 
gates and he’ll let you in to look for the son. Once in there you’ll meet the 
witch from Alterone.

She says that she can’t stay to fight you but her pets will deal with you, with 
that she leaves and battle 7 begins.

-----Battle 7-----

Nova Advice: Greater numbers alone will not win battles. Keep your troops in 
close formation.

Battle 7: Circus Battle

Objective: Kill the Marionette

Enemies: Marionette (boss), 2 Dire Clowns, 3 Mannequins, 3 Evil Puppets and 3
Giant Bats 

Battle difficulty rating: 9

My average Level after battle: 8

This battle is the hardest battle you’ve faced so far by a long shot! In my 
opinion this could be the hardest battle of the game! The first point is that it 
contains the first real boss of the game. It is unique, tough and regenerates! 

First off kill all the enemies on your left and then all the giant bats on your 
right. Keep your troops in close formation like Nova suggested. After all have 
been eliminated make your way onto the podium and kill the puppets here.

Once you reach the dire clowns kill them from distance because they hardly ever 
move. When you get to the main boss prepare to be hit by freeze level 3! Hit 
hard and surround the boss and you should eventually be successful!

-----End of Battle 7----

After the fierce battle the majors son escapes and returns home after look 
around and open all the chests to find 50 coins, steel arrow and a defence 
potion. Equip the steel arrow on Hans.

Go back to the major and he’ll allow you to use his ship! Go on the ship and the 
witch will turn up and burn the ship! The man by the docks suggests you to see 
the major again. 

The major will inform you that the only other port town is Uranbatol and to get 
there you have to go north through shade abbey. Before you go you can check out 
the theatre to see a new somewhat flattering play!

D: Shade Abbey!

New Force Members:

- Balbaroy – Birdman – Level 5
- Amon – Birdman – Level 5

Once finished you should head towards shade abbey to the north of Rindo. Once 
there a bird man called Amon will ask you to rescue another bird man called 
Balbaroy from inside!

Go inside and you’ll soon realise something is fishy as the characters here 
block off all exits, walk through up to the main room and Balbaroy will ask you 
to run because you are in a trap!

To late! Dark Sol turns up and leaves some un-dead to kill you! This will be 
battle number 8

-----Battle 8-----

Nova Advice: Mages are powerful but even their powers have limits. Use magic 

Battle 8: Chapel Battle!

Objective: Kill all enemies or the Ghoul

Enemies: 6 Zombies, 3 skeletons and 1 ghoul (Boss)

Battle difficulty rating: 8

My average Level after battle: 10

This is a reasonably tough battle because Max is isolated and you are fighting 
in a small space. The key to this battle is Anri and Tao unleashing vast amounts 
of blaze level 2!

This battle yields a lot of experience and coins so spend a while building up to 
between level’s 8-10. The ghoul doesn’t move so that part of the battle is easy, 
just make sure your healers are constantly available to help out your fighters 
when they need it.

If you’re at around my level the fight shouldn’t be hard, it won’t be easy but 
it won’t be hard either. Once you’re done Balbaroy will join you!

-----End of Battle 8----

When you’re finished here head to the front of the Shade Abbey and you’ll be 
able to get Amon the bid man to join. This marks the end of Chapter 2 however to 
get to Uranbatol we will need to travel through Bustoke.

--6.3---Chapter 3: Secret weapon of Runefaust -------

A: Bustoke

New Force Members:

- Diana – Archer – Level 6
- Zylo – Werewolf – Level 9
- Pelle – Knight – Level 8

A new town! First things first go to the weapons shop and buy the axes for your 
warriors and power spears for your knights! Sell off any old gear you have to 
get some coins and some space.

Visit the throne room of Bustoke and you can get Diana and I would put her in 
place of Hans. You’ll also notice there is no room for Amon or Balbaroy in your 
team although you can put them in if you want but I generally don’t.

Talk around and you’ll learn most of the men have been taken by Runefaust to dig 
in the quarry to search for a secret weapon. You’ll also notice a powerful 
warrior named Zylo was made mad by Runefaust and the people of Bustoke locked 
him up for their safety! To heal him you’ll need to make Lunar Dew but to do 
this you need to obtain a moon stone. 

Once this is has all been done you can leave to the quarry from the east but 
this will lead to battle so be prepared!

-----Battle 9-----

Nova Advice: Use your flying friends well. Also, monks and priests gain 
experience by healing.

Battle 9: Quarry Battle!

Objective: Kill all enemies or the master mage

Enemies: 2 dark mages, 3 skeletons, 4 dark priests, 2 dark elves, 1 lizard man 
and 1 master mage

Battle difficulty rating: 6

My average Level after battle: 10

I usually don’t use my birdmen so Nova’s advice is pretty useless for me however 
this battle isn’t that hard. You start off by facing two skeletons which are 
easy by now.

You then need to travel through a narrow passage with two dark elves on a ledge 
to the north firing at you! This is probably when the birdmen come in but we’ll 
have to make do with our archers, mages and all our knights with their trusty 
power spears!

After this we will fight our way through several dark mages and dark priests 
before we reach the bottom level which is the home of a master mage, a lizard 
man, a dark priest and a skeleton.

The lizard man is strong but not too difficult and the other two enemies are 
easy however the master mage uses freeze level 2 and is quite powerful. But he 
should still fall if you surround and destroy!

-----End of Battle 9----

The master mage informs you that the laser eye was taken and that the shining 
force will die with his last breathe and then die! Cool! Anyway go in the cave 
to the north and open the chest to get the moon stone.

Also check all the wall squares on the left hand side of the cave because you 
can find Sugoi Mizugi which apparently translates to awesome swimsuit! Give it 
to Tao and it’ll change her appearance on the map but not in battle basically it 
is a useless but fun item!

Head back to Bustoke and all the men would have returned, they are all grateful 
and one even offers to join the shining force but obviously this is just a joke! 
See the alchemist and he’ll make up some lunar dew.

In one of the houses there’s a basement go there to see a lot of machinery and a 
guy called Kokichi, examine the machinery so that he comments on your 
interfering! Then talk to him and he’ll offer to show you his work! Go outside 
and the experiment will go wrong however this will allow you to recruit him 

Now head to where Zylo was locked up and you can now cure him, do so and he’ll 
join the force!!! Put him in your team straight away because he is a god! In my 
game I replaced him with Lowe!

-----Battle 10----

Nova Advice: Use healing powers as much as possible.

Battle 10: Battle to Pao Bridge!

Objective: Kill all enemies or enter the bridge

Enemies: 2 dark mages, 5 skeletons, 4 dark priests, 2 sniper, 2 lizard man and 4 
Pegasus Knights 

Battle difficulty rating: 4

My average Level after battle: 11

Bah this isn’t really a battle at all, I think all it was designed to do is show 
you how good Zylo is! He is unaffected by the vast amounts of forest and bad 
terrain and can travel immense distances very quickly!

Anyway the new enemy the Pegasus knight yields great experience so I’d use this 
battle to level up just a little!

Anyway there isn’t much strategy here just fight route 1 and you should win 
comfortably. Just keep your weaker members protected

-----End of Battle 10----

After this just enter the bridge, you can rest and stuff in Bustoke if you need 
it first! When you enter here you’ll see Pelle leave the forces of evil and get 
knocked off a cliff by an angry silver knight! Cool! How come I never get to 
knock people off high cliffs? Never mind lets get on to battle 11!

-----Battle 11----

Nova Advice: When fighting in woods, plan well before moving.  Keep your troops 
together.  Air warriors and long-range weapons are very useful in certain 

Battle 11: Battle on the bridge!

Objective: Kill all enemies or the silver knight

Enemies: 3 Dark elves, 5 skeletons, laser eye, 2 dark priests, 5 lizard men, 2 
silver knights and 3 Pegasus Knights 

Battle difficulty rating: 6

My average Level after battle: 11

In the top left hand corner of where the dark elves start off you can search for 
an item called Kitsui Fuku which apparently translates to daring dress, give 
this to Anri and when you next see her after this battle her appearance will 
have changed!

Anyway as for the battle it is off medium difficulty. The laser eye takes 
several turns to power up before unleashing a powerful attack which will harm 
many members of your force and the enemy forces.

You can use a birdman to travel across the screen and kill the silver knight 
making the battle easy! Apart from this you’ll have to fight your way across the 
cliff and try and get behind the Laser eye!

-----End of Battle 11----

With that ends chapter 3 and on to the portable town of Pao in chapter 4! I 
wouldn’t bother with Pelle by the way who joins the force after the battle.

--6.4---Chapter 4: The Great Fortress of Balbazak ---

A: Pao City! 

New Force Members:

- Vankar – Knight – Level 8
- Jogurt – Yogurt – Level 1
- Kokichi – Winged Knight – Level 7 

First thing you should do is go and talk to general Elliot in one of the tents 
he’ll tell you that the king of Runefaust is corrupt but he is loyal to him and 
will face you in battle later.
Secondly search the place for the following a Long sword, bread of life, legs of 
haste and a chest containing nothing. Equip the long sword on max right away!

Now speak to the queen of Pao and then the driver, then the queen again and 
agree to let the town move on! Once you’ve done this Kokichi (If you spoke to 
him) will fly down and join your force! I would put him in the party every 
single time!

Next head to the chapel (Which didn’t move by the way!) and head to back of the 
room and you’ll see Jogurt fall over, Jogurt will then join your team but you 
won’t have noticed.

Next head to the middle of the empty space and speak to Vankar who will then 
join your party, finally head to the HQ and sort out any last minute changes and 
then head off the screen to the east.

-----Battle 12----

Nova Advice: There is no refuge on the Pao Prairie.  Stick together when 

Battle 11: Battle with General Elliot 

Objective: Kill all enemies or General Elliot

Enemies: 4 Silver Knights, 3 dark priests, 1 artillery, 5 lizard men, General 
Elliot (Boss) and 4 Pegasus Knights 

Battle difficulty rating: 6

My average Level after battle: 12
You start the battle with a vast distance between you and the enemy but between 
you the gap should close very quickly! Be sure that the person who kills the 
lizard man holding a heat axe has space and they will therefore pick up the heat 

Elliot can move but it is very rare that he’ll do so. The first phase of the 
battle will be against a formation of lizard men and Pegasus knights. This part 
should be easy as long as your whole party is there not just a few front line 

After you get past this you’ll have to face a big formation of silver knights 
which should also be no problem. Next just kill the artillery and dark priest. 
All that’s left is to surround and destroy Elliot. Be careful if you use Max 
that he doesn’t die because you’ll find Elliot’s attacks are quite strong.

-----End of Battle 12----

B: Return to Pao city! -----

New Force Members:

- Domingo – Magic Creature – Level 1
- Guntz – Steam Knight – Level 8

Once the battle is over Pao will move in near by and we have a lot to do here! 
Firstly go to the item shop and talk to a guy in here and he’ll hatch your 
Domingo egg to give you a cool Domingo!

Next go to the sheep pen and you’ll meet Guntz who joins up! I put both in my 
party in place of Tao and Vankar! Next go around opening all the chests to get a 
Steel sword and a Elven arrow. I was unable to use the sword yet because Max was 
level 14 un-promoted!

When your ready head on out of town to the town of Uranbatol to the north. Once 
in there you face a fight to penetrate the fortress.

-----Battle 13----

Nova Advice: Be sure to use your archers, mages, and knights to attack from 

Battle 13: Battle into Uranbatol

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: 6 Silver Knights, 3 dark priests, 1 artillery, 2 hell hounds and 3 
Pegasus Knights 

Battle difficulty rating: 2

My average Level after battle: 13

This battle is a good one to gain some good experience! The battle is really 
easy as well! No strategy will be needed here just the basics. Attacking from 
afar is quite useful here as well!

-----End of Battle 13----

C: Uranbatol! 

New Force Members:

- Earnest – Knight – Level 8

After the battle walk through the now open door. Restock and rest then go and 
find Earnest in one of the bunkers, he’ll join your party but I don’t often 
bother with him.

Talk around and most of the rune knights just give up! They reckon your really 
powerful! Cool!
When your ready talk to the guard by the gate and he’ll open it for you! Get 
ready to fight Balbazak at last!

-----Battle 14----

Nova Advice: Clever use of the skills and strengths of your troops is the key to 

Battle 14: Port Battle

Objective: Kill all enemies or Balbazak

Enemies: 2 Silver Knights, 1 dark priest, 3 artillery, evil puppet, 2 hell 
hounds, 5 sea bats and 3 Pegasus Knights 

Battle difficulty rating: 3

My average Level after battle: 14

Balbazak never moves and therefore the final fight with him is easy because you 
can just pummel him from distance once all the other enemies are dead. Sea bats 
are very weak but will give you great experience!

Kill the other enemies as you did before, this is really stupidly easy?

-----End of Battle 14----

Once the battle is over Balbazak surrenders and asks you to let him live and 
he’ll give you the ship. Don’t worry you can trust him. However after this dark 
sol kills Balbazak! With that you embark you your journey into chapter 5.

--6.5---Chapter 5: Gateway to the hidden shrine -----

A: Ship 1! 

Your ship is sailing the oceans but eventually you are attacked by a host of 
creatures! Protect your ship!

-----Battle 15----

Nova Advice: You must protect against attacks from both air and sea.  Don't 

Battle 15: Ship Battle 1

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: 2 Shellfishes, 3 Conchs, 4 Sea bats and 3 Pegasus Knights

Battle difficulty rating: 1

My average Level after battle: 16

This battle will help you level up a bit more. All the enemies are just clowns! 
This battle is one of the easiest in the game!

-----End of Battle 15----

B: Waral! 

New Force Members:

- None -

After the battle your ship is damaged and you need to stop to get it repaired! 
Fortunately a mermaid comes and offers to repair your ship on the local island 
of Waral!

Nova will say that he has heard of the island so go there! Look in the throne 
room to find the bread of life, defence potion, medical herb, shower of cure and 
a mobility ring.

I would use the mobility ring on Guntz because it takes away his only weakness! 
The king owns both the shops in this island! LOL! Talk to the king and he’ll 
agree to fix your ship!

Talk around the village to learn that a friar has gone missing and the reef is 
no longer viewable! If you tread on a tile with a fish on it your good old 
friend Boken!

Jump on the guest boat and go past the buoys and you’ll crash down a waterfall 
and you’ll wake up in a cottage with the missing friar! The friar will inform 
you what has happened recently and that he suspects the shining path is bellow 
in the ring reef.

Head down into the ring reef and you’ll end up in a room, follow the skeleton 
and he’ll eventually notice you and run off to inform his master! 

-----Battle 16----

Nova Advice: To confuse the enemy, divide your troops and advance from several 
Directions at once.

Battle 16: Ring reef battle!

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: 5 Hellhounds, 5 Skeletons, 4 Sea bats, 3 Worms and a Master Mage 

Battle difficulty rating: 3

My average Level after battle: 1 (Promoted)

A bit more of a battle than the last one but it is still very easy. Just divide 
your group into 3 groups and take one north, one east and one west. Meet them in 
the middle! Then go north and kill all the enemies and fight your way to the 
master mage.

Now I spent a long time here getting my characters to level 1 promoted. This 
took a long time and will make my characters very strong! But appear at a 
reasonable level because I got them to level 20 before promotion! I attempted to 
only use the characters I was going to keep in my part this time as a reference 
was Khris, Max, Kokichi, Guntz, Arthur, Domingo and Zylo!

Anyway this is an option for you! 

-----End of Battle 16----

Once the battle is over you will hear the voice of the spirit of the holy 
spring, you will learn that for Dark Sol to raise the ancient evil of dark force 
he will need a key and a Manuel. After learning this you are about to use the 
Shining path when the master mage uses his last ounce of strength to block the 

The spirit will then inform you that the village of Prompt may hold another path 
for you to take!
Once this is done you will be transported outside the ring reef and you’ll have 
a conversation with the friar! You can now head back to the king and he’ll 
inform you your ship is ready and although he asks you to pay he is only joking!

C: Ship 2! 

You will embark on your journey but you’ll soon be attacked again!

-----Battle 17----

Nova Advice: Remember to watch for both air and sea attacks!

Battle 17: Ship battle 2

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: 1 Gargoyles, 6 Conchs, 4 Shellfishes, 5 Sea bats and 2 Pegasus Knights 

Battle difficulty rating: 1

My average Level after battle: 2 (Promoted)

Similar to the last boat battle! Simple and no help will be needed just watch 
out for the enemies that appear out of no where!

-----End of Battle 17----

Once this battle is over you’ll arrive at the town of Rudo far from Prompt! Lets 
begin chapter 6!

--6.6---Chapter 6: Descendant of the sacred dragon --

A: Rudo!

New Force Members:

- Lyle – Assault Knight – Level 9
- Bleu – Dragon – Level 9

You’ll start in the town of Rudo! Look around and the first thing you’ll notice 
is that there are hardly any adults and everyone is a child! On the roof of one 
of the buildings you’ll meet Lyle, he’ll join the force right now and I’d put 
him in the party also!

Once you’ve spoken to everyone and found out all about Blue buy any new 
equipment you may need such as chrome lances and talk to the guy by the gate and 
he’ll move the rocks for you.

-----Battle 18----

Nova Advice: Woods and mountains are difficult terrains.  Plan your attack 

Battle 18: Battle to help Bleu!

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: 1 Durahan, 5 Artillery, 5 Golems, 3 Master Mages, 4 Worms and 1 High 

Battle difficulty rating: 6

My average Level after battle: 4 (Promoted)

This is the hardest battle you’ve had for a while but it is still quite simple. 
The battle looks easy but to cross the terrain is very tedious! Once you’ve 
destroyed the artillery keep heading north towards the enemies.

However when your nearly there a load of mages and worms will appear out of no 
where right in the middle of your ranks! This will be awkward but you should 
come out on top!

Keep going and eventually a load of golems will appear out of no where, these 
guys are actually quite tough but your front line fighters should demolish them 

Once you’ve destroyed them the last few enemies can be easily dismissed! Now 
enter the town! By the way Shining fools is quite funny isn’t it?

-----End of Battle 18----

Search around and you’ll find a halberd and a shower of cure. I would equip the 
halberd right away, probably on Arthur! There’s a Shining force HQ and an item 
shop if you need them!

In one of the buildings you’ll find Blue but he’ll run off, keep talking to him 
until a girl from Rudo appears and tries to talk Blue around. Bleu is not 
interested so the girl runs off.

You hear her screams and Bleu runs off and saves her before joining your party! 
I would put him in right away and build him up! Exit here and you’ll see Kane 
just standing there, go and have a chat and he’ll just ask you to prepare to 
fight him! How nice, if I were him I would just kill Max right away!
In fact why didn’t he just kill Max in Guardiana when you were a weak little 
maggot? Never mind go to your Shining force HQ and prepare for a big fight!

-----Battle 19----

Nova Advice: This is a strange village.  It would be sure death to face a 
powerful foe here alone.

Battle 19: Battle for Varios!

Objective: Kill all enemies or Kane (Mistranslated to Cain!)

Enemies: 2 Durahans, Kane (Boss), 4 Golems, 3 Master Mages, 3 gargoyles and 2 
High Priest
Battle difficulty rating: 8

My average Level after battle: 8 (Promoted)

As you can probably guess by Nova’s advice this is your chance to fight Kane! 
The enemies that come with him are quite easy. Firstly send a small force north 
to deal with the gargoyles and a slightly bigger force to deal with the golem 

Once they are dead kill all the enemies until Kane is on his own and then 
surround and destroy! Watch out for Kane when he uses his dark sword because it 
casts desoul and this can instantly end your battle if Max is nearby! Kane can 
kill most of your force in just 2 attacks!

-----End of Battle 19----

Once the battle is over Kane will discover that his mask is broken and that he 
was possessed by Dark Soul! He now goes off! Nova informs you that Dark Soul 
looks like the source of the problem and we should look around the village for 

In one house you’ll find Boken and a chest, open it to get a broad sword you can 
equip on max! Then go back to the shrine and read the sign that says the shrine 
will only open for two heroes! Look to the south slightly and you’ll find Kane 
talk to him and he’ll help you open the door!

Dark soul will then appear and take the Manuel of the seal! Kane and Dark Soul 
have a fight and both disappear along with the Manuel. Head back to Rudo and 
talk around to find out some more information.

Leave again and you’ll have to fight your way to the castle!   

-----Battle 20----******************

Nova Advice: You still have a long way to go.  Use magic wisely.  Give herbs to 

Battle 20: Trek through the wilderness

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: 2 Bow riders, 3 Belials, 2 Gargoyles, 4 Master Mages, 4 Golems and 2 
High Priest.

Battle difficulty rating: 6

My average Level after battle: 10 (Promoted)

This battle really isn’t that hard! It is long however due to the bad terrain! 
By now your promoted character should be gaining massive stat gains on levelling 

-----End of Battle 20----

After the fight you can stock up at town and then enter the castle, there’ll be 
no rest in here because you’ll go straight to battle 21.

-----Battle 21----

Nova Advice: Word has reached me that Mishaela is gathering forces to stop you. 
Be very careful! 

Battle 21: Battle for the sword of light!

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: Mishaela (boss), 3 Bow riders, 3 Belials, 3 Gargoyles, 4 Master Mages, 
4 Golems, 2 Durahans and 1 High Priest.

Battle difficulty rating: 7

My average Level after battle: 12 (Promoted)

The enemies are easy here except for Mishaela herself! She starts near your 
party but her and her guards (Durahans) escape past several other enemy groups. 
When you chase her you’ll face a group of gargoyles on the left platform and a 
group of horsemen on your left.

These can be easily dealt with however so move on after they are dead and next 
you need to destroy a group of mages. Be careful not to get in a position when 
you can get pummelled with freeze 2.

When you reach Mishaela be careful of the bolt 2 spells because they can cause 
damage to up to 15 part members. You can only hit her from one side unless you 
have long ranged attacks or some flying friends! However she should die if you 
have one strong fighter to attack her!

-----End of Battle 21----

Open all the chests to get a white ring, evil ring, healing seed and a black 
ring! Finally open the chest near the throne to get a sword of light which you 
should equip on Max! Once you collect the sword of light the chapter will end!

--6.7---Chapter 7: The lost civilisation --

A: Prompt! 

New Force Members:

- Musashi – Samurai – Level 10

You will start in Prompt. Make your way to the king and he’ll accuse you of 
being a spy, he’ll lock you up! Search the bars and Boken will come and rescue 

Talk to the king and he’ll forgive you! Yah! Next search the castle and you’ll 
find Kane lying in a bed some where. Talk to him and the king will come and ask 
you to talk to him later. Kane will struggle to talk but will ask the king to 
let you into the tower of the ancients and he’ll agree!

Go and search the white sign on the big house with two doors and you’ll find a 
note from a samurai called Musashi who you should put in your party! Next leave 
the town and you’ll have to fight your way to the tower. 

-----Battle 22----

Nova Advice: Thick woods are tough to get through.  Close your ranks and fight 
as a unit. Move cautiously against flying opponents.  They move faster than your 

Battle 22: Battle to the tower!

Objective: Kill all enemies or Minotaur

Enemies: Minotaur, 2 wyverns, 2 Belials, 2 torch eyes, 2 jets, 4 Durahans and 1 
High Priest.

Battle difficulty rating: 6

My average Level after battle: 13 (Promoted)

Another tough terrain here and to be honest it’s starting to bug me! Now you’ll 
face some very strong enemies such as jets and torch eyes! You’ll need to be 
patient in this battle but if your ultra powerful then there’s no problem!

-----End of Battle 22----

B: Ancient Tower! 

New Force Members:

- Alef – Mage – Level 15
- Torasu – Healer – Level 15

Now enter the tower. Go through the door opening the chest one the way to get 
the cursed devils lance! 

-----Battle 23----

Nova Advice: Max! Is there anyone left to promote?  Now is the time! 

Battle 23: Battle in the tower!

Objective: Kill all enemies or Demon Master

Enemies: Demon Master, 2 wyvern, 5 ice worms, 3 torch eyes, 4 steel claws and 3 

Battle difficulty rating: 8

My average Level after battle: 14 (Promoted)

This is a famous Shining force battle basically the idea is fighting a whole 
horde of powerful enemies you must make your way to the top of the tower. This 
can be long and difficult but if you have a powerful Domingo, Bleu and Kokichi 
this battle is quick and easy!

I just went north with these characters opening the chest on the way to get a 
powerful Valkyrie! Once the Demon master is killed the battle is won so it can 
be a quick battle if your flying friends are strong enough to hold out on their 

If you have to walk up the tower on foot then be prepared for a challenge! All 
the enemies here pose a threat 

-----End of Battle 23----

After the battles go through the door behind the demon master and you’ll find 
out that it is too late because Dark Sol has already got what he had wanted! 
Dark Sol then kills Kane as Kane rushes to protect you!

C: Return to Prompt!

New Force Members:

- Adam – robot – Level 9

Head back to Prompt and talk to the king who will think that all is lost. Otrant 
will then make an appearance and ask you to make the chaos breaker, a legendary 

However you need both the sword of light and darkness to do this and you only 
have one where us Kane had the other. The king will give you the other saying 
Kane left it with him!

Go underground and use the orb of light on the path and it will open, follow the 
path until you reach a shrine. Use the orb again and the spirit will appear and 
tell you to follow the robot Adam.

Adam will then summon Chaos to help you but he has been reprogrammed by Dark 
Sol! A fight is on the cards!

-----Battle 24----

Nova Advice: Your strongest foes and toughest battles are still ahead of you. 

Battle 24: Battle with Chaos and co!!!

Objective: Kill all enemies or Chaos!

Enemies: Chaos (Boss), 2 Minotaur, 4 ice worms, 3 demon masters, 4 torch eyes, 
and 4 jets.

Battle difficulty rating: 10 or 6

My average Level after battle: 14 (Promoted)

This battle may seem hard but it is easy due to the fact that the boss chaos 
doesn’t hide behind all he forces. This means you don’t need to kill all the 
other enemies before the boss!

In fact Chaos will attempt to rush you, so concentrate all your forces on him 
and he’ll soon fall resulting in a easy battle. However if you decide to kill 
all the enemies here you will be likely overwhelmed! I have managed to kill all 
the enemies but it was difficult!

-----End of Battle 24----

After the battle you can now reach the place to make the chaos breaker, go there 
after talking to Adam so that Adam joins the party. Use the orb on the shrine 
and the spirit will tell you to follow the instructions on the slabs.

Do as it says and put the sword of light on the alter on the left and the sword 
of darkness on the alter on the right. Now a green chaos breaker appears on the 
centre alter, go and get it!

Cool now you can be a Jedi! Nah not really but the chaos breaker does look like 
a light sabre! Now head back to Prompt and talk to the king again! He’ll give 
you some more background information. Also Otrant will tell you to see Mahtato 
in Runefaust because you can trust him!

Now leave for Runefaust but of course you’ll have a fight to do so!

-----Battle 25----

Nova Advice: Keep weaker folk away from the front lines! 

Battle 25: Enemy at the gate!

Objective: Kill all enemies 


5 Armed Skeletons, 3 Horsemen, 4 Cerberus, 2 Demon Masters,
3 Minotaur and a High Priest

Battle difficulty rating: 6

My average Level after battle: 16 (Promoted)

This battle is of average difficulty but really the only dangerous enemies are 
the armoured skeletons because minotaur are now weak, horsemen have a bad 
defence and the other enemies are not positioned very well.

Keep with normal strategies and you’ll be fine! On to Runefaust.

-----End of Battle 25----

Once you win the battle the chapter will end and you can enter Runefaust!

--6.8---Chapter 8: Rise of the ancient castle--

A: Runefaust! 

New Force Members:

- Hanzou – Ninja – Level 10

Right a new town, get any equipment you need from the shop and talk around for 
some interesting information. Go to Runefaust castle and talk to Mahtato he will 
talk with you for a little bit.
After you have spoken with him you can now access another castle. Before you go 
you should go to check a bush with a yellow thing in it to get Hanzou a useful 
member of the shining force to join. Head west to go to another castle. Here we 
have a fight on our hands.

-----Battle 26----

Nova Advice: Dark sol has gathered his best warriors for the final battles.  
Prepare yourself! 

Battle 26: Battle in the castle

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: 3 Blue Dragons, 5 Chimeras, 3 Armed Skeletons, 3 Cerberus, 3 Horsemen 
and 2 High Priests

Battle difficulty rating: 7

My average Level after battle: 17 (Promoted)

Here we’ll be fighting some new enemies and they are very powerful! Be defensive 
here and you should be ok! Don’t take on too many enemies at once and you’ll be 
fine. Be ware of the long ranged attacks the horsemen have! 

-----End of Battle 26----

Once the battle is over we will have to fight the king of Runefaust, Ramladu! 
Beware of his robots!

-----Battle 27----

Nova Advice: Against a mechanical enemy, brute force may be the best strategy.

Battle 27: Battle against the Runefaust King 

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: Ramladu (Boss), 6 Torch Eyes and 6 Steel Claws

Battle difficulty rating: 6

My average Level after battle: 17 (Promoted)

As soon as the last battle ended you face this battle! The boss himself has a 
great attack power and a great regeneration rate. If you want some fun and 
experience try and kill his robot guards, if you want to finish the game quick 
just go up to the boss and pummel him!

Ignoring the robots will make this battle quite simple.
-----End of Battle 27----

Nova will tell you after the fight that he found a secret stairway and you 
should use it. You’ll find your self on the western most point of the coast. 
Make sure your at the end and use the chaos breaker. The castle of the ancients 
will then rise.

Now go to the gate of the ancients which is similar to the one near Guardiana we 
saw in chapter 1! The gate is near Runefaust, head north once inside and you’ll 
be teleported to the castle of the ancients. However a mythical creature is 
waiting to fight you!

B: Castle of the ancients! 

-----Battle 28----

Nova Advice: Do not exhaust yourselves here.  Use Egress to retreat from 
overwhelming odds.

Battle 28: Battle in the castle of the ancients	 

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: 3 Colossus (boss) 6 Chimera, 3 Blue Dragon, 3 Jet, 2 Horseman and 3 
Armed Skeleton

Battle difficulty rating: 8

My average Level after battle: 17 (Promoted)

On my first time through the game close to 10 years ago this battle got me 
stuck! (Don’t know if that was because Max was level 6 un-promoted!!!) Lol I 
know a bit better now!

Anyway the enemies are similar to before and should now be quite easy! The boss 
has three separate heads each one with different strengths, 1 has fire power, 1 
has cold power and one has electrical power. (Blaze, freeze and bolt spells) 

Take on one at a time and try the surround and destroy method and eventually 
you’ll be victorious!

-----End of Battle 28----

A set of stairs will now appear and you should use them, you’ll see Dark Sol 
trying to summon Dark Dragon but you interrupt him! Of course you’ll now have to 
fight Dark sol

-----Battle 29----

Nova Advice: I have no more advice for you.  Fight as best you can.

Battle 29: Battle with Dark Sol!

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: Dark sol (Boss), 8 Torch Eye, 5 Steel Claw, 2 Blue Dragon and 2 High

Battle difficulty rating: 8

My average Level after battle: 17 (Promoted)

-----End of Battle 29----

Dark Sol with his dying breathe manages to resurrect dark dragon! We have to 
fight this evil now before it destroys the world!

-----Battle 30----

Nova Advice: I have no more advice for you.  Fight as best you can.

Battle 30: Fight with Dark dragon!

Objective: Kill all enemies 

Enemies: 2 or more Armoured skeletons and 3 dark dragons!

Battle difficulty rating: 7

My average Level after battle: 17 (Promoted)

-----End of Battle 30----

You have now completed the game!!!


         ********   7: Abbreviation Guide ********                                   

This section I designed mainly because it is something that I would have found 
useful when playing through the game. All the un-promoted abbreviations and 
classes are available in the manual but the promoted characters had to be found 
out by me when playing through the game.

       Un-promoted            Promoted               

       ACHR-Archer            BWMS-Bow Master         
       ASKT-Assault Knight    SKNT-Strike Knight     
       BDMN-Birdman           SKYW-Sky Warrior       
       DRGN-Dragon            GRDR-Great Dragon      
       HEAL-Healer            VICR-Vicar             
       KNT -Knight            PLDN-Paladin           
       MAGE-Mage              WIZD-Wizard            
       MGCR-Magic Creature    (No Promotion)                        
       MONK-Monk              MSMK-Master Monk       
       NINJ-Ninja             (No Promotion)                        
       RBT -Robot             CYBG-Cyborg            
       SDMN-Swordsman         HERO-Hero              
       SMKN-Steam knight      SBRN-Steam Baron       
       SMR -Samurai           (No Promotion)                        
       WARR-Warrior           GLDR-Gladiator         
       WKNT-Winged knight     SKYL-Sky lord          
       WRWF-Werewolf          WFBN-Wolf baron        
       YGRT-Yogurt            (No Promotion)     


         ********   8: Brief Character List ********                                   
This is a brief table which can be useful for referance! Another formating 

Name:     Class:           Promotion:     Location: 

Max       Swordsmen        Hero           Start with him!
Hans      Archer           Bow master     Given for the orginial force
Lowe      Healer           Vicar          Given for the orginial force
Luke      Warrior          Gladiator      Given for the orginial force
Ken       Knight           Paladin        Given for the orginial force
Tao       Mage             Wizard         Given for the orginial force
Gong      Monk             Mastermonk     House near ancient gate
Gort      Warrior          Gladiator      Pub in Guardiana
Mae       Knight           Paladin        When king dies in guardianaKhris     
Healer           Vicar          Alterone after prison escape
Anri      Mage             Wizard         Manarina
Arthur    Knight           Paladin        Manarina before you leave
Balbaroy  Birdman          Sky warrior    Shade abbey after rescue him
Amon      Birdman          Sky warrior    After you rescue Balbaroy
Diana     Archer           Bow master     Bustoke given quarry task
Zylo      Werewolf         Wolf baron     Bustoke give him lunar dew
Pelle     Knight           Paladin        After laser eye battle
Vankar    Knight           Paladin        When Pao moves
Jogurt    Yogurt           No promotion   Behind alter in Pao
Kokichi   Winged knight    Sky lord       When pao moves
Guntz     Steam Knight     Steam baron    In second pao city
Domingo   Magic creature   No promotion   Hatch in second Pao city
Earnest   Knight           Paladin        In uranbatol
Lyle      Assault knight   Strike knight  In rindo
Bleu      Dragon           Great dragon   In dragin city
Musashi   Samurai          No promotion   In prompt
Alef      Mage             Wizard         In ancient tower
Torasu    Healer           Vicar          In ancient tower
Adam      Robot            No promotion   Under prompt castle
Hanzou    Ninja            No promotion   Runefaust


         ********   9: Power up Guide ********                                   

This section of the guide has only one purpose, to make your shining force team 
as powerful as possible. This section is designed mainly for true RPG fans who 
want to get as much out of the game as possible. In other words they want to 
have the strongest shining force possible.

-----Why bother powering up your shining force? -----

As I have previously stated RPG perfectionists will want to get their party as 
powerful as possible. The key to getting the best party is in getting your 
characters to have the maximum stats possible. Not only will you feel good about 
yourself you’ll also find the game easier.

However it will take time and effort but you should be adequately rewarded for 
your time and effort once you have completed powering up. This section will not 
contain a character guide or what characters you should take this has already 
been done in this guide.

However I will put in the next section a stats guide because I can not think of 
a better place to put it and do not feel it deserves its own section.

-----Stats Guide-----

There are six stats in the game and most are useful for every character (Except 
Mp) however some characters will often find some stats more useful than others. 
For instance Tao will always find defence useful but would probably prefer more 

Anyway I will now talk about each stat in the game and who will find them useful 
and what they exactly do.

Attack: This stat is useful for all characters as it directly influences how 
much damage a character will do to an enemy when they attack them. This stat is 
also affected by equipped weapons and certain accessories such as the power 

You will also be able to permanently boost your attack power by using a power 
potion. Generally any front line fighter will need this stat in abundance as 
will archers and any have character that usually attacks using normal attacks.

Defence: This stat is useful for all characters. It basically just influences 
how much Hp you lose when an enemy attacks you. Therefore the damage done is a 
influenced by the attack power of the enemy and your defence power. 

Agility: A very handy stat but not that essential, it affects how often your 
turn comes around and how often you can evade enemies attacks. I also think it 
influences your accuracy (Higher it is the less often and enemy will evade your 

Mobility: Affects how many tiles a character can move per turn, it can be 
increased through the mobility ring but it does not increase through level up's. 
The terrain you are moving through also influences how many tiles your character 
can move.

Hp: Basically this is your life force as you get hit by enemies this stat is 
lowered and when this stat reaches 0 the character dies until you raise them 
again at a chapel. For instance if Max has 18/18 Hp and he gets hit for six 
(Literally) then his new Hp stat would be 12/18. This can be undone using heal 
spells and healing items.       

You can boost this stat with certain items.

Mp: This is basically the amount of magical energy a character has left. Each 
spell uses up magical energy and when you no longer have the amount needed for a 
certain spell you can’t cast it.

Some characters can’t use spells so they don’t get Hp's which is just as well 


-----When do I promote when I’m powering up -----

This is the first step to powering up, when your reach level 10 some characters 
can be promoted to a higher class which in the long term will enable them to 
gain more stats and become more powerful although at first they do loose some 

Promotion also allows characters to wield better weapons and if you don’t 
promote a character can’t level up beyond level 20. However powering up requires 
you to not promote your characters as soon as you reach level 10. 

When powering up you must get to level 20 before promoting it is time consuming 
but will benefit you in the long run.

----- Powering up is all about making the most of levelling up. -----

The thing that makes powering up possible is the fact that when you gain a level 
the stats gained by the character levelling up are somewhat random. Ok 
characters who can’t cast spells generally do not get Mp’s and warriors 
generally get more attack power than non warriors but in general stat gains are 

Some characters will be better at different things and some characters may 
generally gain more stats than another but as I said it is still random. Say you 
gained a level with max and he gained 2 attack, 1 defence and 2 speed, if you 
switched the game off and fought exactly the same battle again and levelled up 
again the stats will usually be different.

This way we can use the end game command in a middle of a battle just before 
some-one gains a level and keep gaining that level until that person gets stats 
you are happy with.

In certain occasions the stats gains can’t be very good such as with Hans and 
Luke for the first few levels but these situations are rare. Generally you 
should accept no less than 4 level up points although I usually try for around 

After promotion the story is totally different as you can usually get 7 or 8 
points per level up and in some rare cases with certain characters you can get 
way over 10 points!

----- Customise your characters -----

Powering up is a lot better than just getting more stats it is also about 
customizing your characters to get the stats you want to get! Don’t just settle 
for high amount of points try to get the stats in the best positions for the 
character levelling up.
What I mean for that is if Anri gained +8 attack it wouldn’t be very useful 
however although if you got +3 defence and +3 mp it would be less points it 
would probably be more useful to Anri than the attack.

Make sure the points are where you want them and you get loads of them and by 
the time your characters are level 20 promoted they’ll likely be stronger 
individually than any boss in the game!

Now your all powered up and I hope your reap the rewards!


         ********   10: Weapon Guide ********                                   

This section is here to help you see the benefit of all the weapons in the game 
and who can use them. As much as I would like credit for compiling this table 
most of it is just lifted from the manual apart from one or two attack powers 
which were represented by an ??? in the manual.
These were usually the best weapons so I had to add these through when I played 
the game!



 ------                --------                ------         
 Weapon                Used by                 Attack         
 ------                --------                ------         

 Short Sword          SDMN, WARR, BDMN          +5              

 Middle Sword         SDMN, WARR, BDMN          +8              

 Long Sword           SDMN, BDMN                +12             

 Steel Sword          HERO, NINJ, SKYW, SMR     +16            

 Broad Sword          HERO, NINJ, SKYW, SMR     +20             

 Doom Blade           HERO, NINJ, SKYW, SMR     +25             

 Katana               HERO, NINJ, SKYW, SMR     +30             

 Sword of Light       HERO                      +36          

 Sword of Darkness    HERO, SKYW                +40          

 Chaos Breaker        HERO                      +40          

-----Spears and Lances-----

 ------            ---------              ------         
 Weapon             Used By               Attack        
 ------            ----------             ------        

 Spear             KNTE, WGKN, SMKN         +6            

 Bronze Lance      KNTE, WGKN, SMKN         +9            

 Power Spear       KNTE, WGKN, SMKN         +15           

 Steel Lance       PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +18           

 Chrome Lance      PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +22           

 Halberd (Lance)   PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +25         

 Valkyrie (Spear)  PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +35           

 Devil Lance       PLDN, SBRN, SKYL         +35         


 ------      ----------     --------         
 Weapon       Used By       Attack      
 ------      ----------     --------    

 Hand Axe     WARR             +7          

 Middle Axe   WARR             +11         

 Battle Axe   WARR             +16         

 Heat Axe     GLDT             +22      

 Great Axe    GLDT             +26         

 Atlas Axe    GLDT             +33      


 ------              --------        ------         
 Weapon              Used By         Attack         
 ------              --------        ------         

 Wooden Staff        HEAL, MAGE        +4            

 Power Staff         HEAL, MAGE        +12           

 Holy Staff          VICR              +26            

 Guardian Staff      VICR, WIZD        +18            

 Demon Rod           WIZD              +35     


 ------              --------         ------         
 Weapon              Used By          Attack        

 ------              --------         ------        

 Wooden Arrow        ACHR, ASKT         +8           

 Iron Arrow          ACHR, ASKT         +13           

 Elven Arrow         ACHR, ASKT         +18           

 Assault Shell       BWMS, SKNT         +27           

 Buster Shot         BWMS, SKNT         +35           


         ********   11: Item Guide ********                                   

Items in this game can serve very different purposes, some will heal your 
characters, some will aid your party and some will boost your stats!

 ----                -------------------
 Item                What the item does!
 ----                -------------------

 Medical Herb         Restore 10 HP to one character

 Healing Seed         Restore 20 HP to one character

 Antidote             Cures poison from one character (Acts like Detox)

 Shower of Cure       Heals all your characters on the map

 Angel Wing           Returns you to last town you saved in (Acts like egress)

 Bread of Life        Permanently raise max HP of one character

 Power Potion         Permanently raises attack of one character

 Defence Potion       Permanently raises defence of one character

 Legs of Haste        Permanently raises agility of one character

 Turbo Pepper         Permanently raises movement range of one character


         ********   12: Ring Guide ********                                   

Rings are pieces of equipment that produce bonuses when equipped and 
occasionally have the ability to cast spells. Here’s a list of all the rings I 
have noticed in the game. 

 ----              -----      -----       --------
Item               Bonus      Spell       Location
 ----              -----      -----       --------

 Speed Ring      Agility +4    Egress       Rindo

 Power Ring      Attack +4     Boost 1      Cavern of Darkness

 Mobility Ring   Movement +2   None         Waral

 Shield Ring     Defence +4    None        (No Specific Location)

 White Ring      Defence +6    Aura 1      Demon Castle

 Black Ring      Attack +6     Blaze 3      Demon Castle

 Evil Ring       Attack +8     Bolt 3       Demon Castle

         ********   13: Key Item Guide ********                                   

These are mainly items that are needed to be obtained in order to complete the 
game except for the Domingo egg which is used to create a character.                          

 Domingo Egg: In a room with a mage and a machine in Manarina. Search the 
machine to find

 Orb of Life: In a chest in the Cave of Darkness

 Moon Stone: The Moonstone Cave in Bustoke Quarry

 Lunar Dew: Give the Moonstone to the old man in Bustoke


         ********   14: Spell Guide ********                                   

This section is here to help you see what the spells do and how much mp they 

Egress (8 MP) ? This magic spell costs 8 magic points and lets you escape from 
battles. The main character Max starts off with this spell.

Mage spells

Blaze Lv.1 (2 MP) ? This makes a small magical flame appear near one enemy 
inflicting small amounts of damage on the enemy. This spell is useful against 
golems and un-dead monsters such as skeletons and zombies. All this just costs 
just 2mp?s.

Blaze Lv.2 (5 MP) ? This makes a small flame appear near up to five enemies and 
release a hail of fire balls on them. (A cross of 3 squares vertically and 3 
squares horizontal) 

Blaze Lv.3 (8 MP) ? This is similar to blaze level 2 except it does more damage 
for more mp’s! It hits with bigger fire balls

Blaze Lv.4 (8 MP) ? The same as blaze one because it only hit’s one enemy 
however it does around 30 points of damage. You’ll usually switch between blaze 
3 and 4 depending on whether you want to hit one or multiple enemies. They both 
cost 8mp?s

Bolt Lv.1 (8 MP) - Does around 12-15 damage on up to 5 enemies. (A cross of 3 
squares vertically and 3 squares horizontal). It has a high cost of mp for a 
level 1 spell however this electrical based attack is quite strong as it hits 
several enemies for decent damage.

Bolt Lv.2 (15 MP) - Does the same damage as level 1 bolt at around 12-15 damage 
but this time hits up to 12 enemies. However costing 15mp does make it 

Bolt Lv.3 (20 MP) ? Hits 12 enemies like bolt 2 but this time does around 19-27 
damage now.

Bolt Lv.4 (20 MP) ? The only bolt spell that only hits one enemy however it 
deals about 50-70 damage. Yes you heard right, 50-70 points of damage. This is a 
monster attack.

Freeze Lv.1 (3 MP) ? This spell is similar to blaze but based on cold rather 
than heat. It is slightly stronger than blaze for slightly more MP. It is good 
on fire based enemies but bad on un-dead and cold based monsters. This hits one 

Freeze Lv.2 (7 MP) ? Hits up to five enemies (A cross of 3 squares vertically 
and 3 squares horizontal) It is stronger than blaze 2 slightly.

Freeze Lv.3 (10 MP) ? This is the same as freeze two except that it costs more 
Mp and deals out slightly more damage. It can also reach an extra square 

Freeze Lv.4 (10 MP) ? Hits one enemy like most level 4 spells, it will do about 
40-50 damage on one enemy.  
Boost Lv.1 (15 MP) ? For a limited time this spell will increase one of your 
characters attack power by a whole 15 points!

Desoul Lv.1 (8 MP) ? This will instantly kill a creature. It won’t work on most 
bosses, un-dead creatures and magic specialists.

Muddle Lv.1 (6 MP) ? This will confuse some enemies making them attack each 
other and generally do stupid things. This can fail.

Dispel Lv.1 (5 MP) ? This will destroy any magic barriers that an enemy mage has 
cast on itself or other enemies. This can also fail.

Sleep Lv.1 (6 MP) ? This is another spell which can fail. It can put an enemy to 
sleep making it unable to complete any actions.

Shield Lv.1 (5 MP) ? Protects one of your characters from any magic spell and 
this includes healing spells. Therefore you should use this wisely.

Slow Lv.1 (5 MP) ? This may lower an enemies speed and defence by 10 points 
however this spell may fail.

Slow Lv.2 (20 MP) ? Has the same impact as slow 1 except it hits five enemies 
rather than 1q (A cross of 3 squares vertically and 3 squares horizontal) This 
can also fail and it is a lot more expensive than slow 1. 

Quick Lv.1 (5 MP) ? Increases one of your force’s defence and speed by 10.

Quick Lv.2 (16 MP) - Increases up to 5 of your force’s defence and speed by 10. 
(A cross of 3 squares vertically and 3 squares horizontal) 

Detox Lv.1 (3 MP) ? This will cure a poisoned member of your force.

Heal Lv.1 (3 MP) ? This will slightly heal one member of your force by around 
12-14 Hp.

Heal Lv.2 (5 MP) ? This is virtually the same as heal level 1 but the only 
difference  is that you can use it from further away as it has a longer range.

Heal Lv.3 (10 MP) ? This will heal up to 30 hit points on one character and it 
has a massive range.

Heal Lv.4 (20 MP) ? This spell will totally heal one member of the force the 
only downside is that the range has been decreased a lot to the same as heal 
level 1.

Aura Lv.1 (7 MP) ? Aura is basically a heal spell which heals several 
characters. This one heals up to five characters (A cross of 3 squares 
vertically and 3 squares horizontal) with the same healing affect as heal level 

Aura Lv.2 (11 MP) ? Has the same healing ability as heal level 1 and the same as 
aura 1 except it will heal up to 12 characters. 

Aura Lv.3 (15 MP) ? Same as aura 2 but I think this has the healing abilities of 
heal level 3 (Anyone want to confirm deny this please contact me!)

Aura Lv.4 (18 MP) ? Heals up to 40 hit points but will heal every member of your 
party on the map. 


         ********   15: Monster Guide ********                                   

This section I am quite happy with, the purpose is to inform you of all the 
enemies in the game and their weaknesses and strengths. It will provide you with 
their stats and a good strategy to beat them.

This won’t include bosses that only appear once in the game as there is a 
separate section for them.
I haven’t seen a more complete enemy guide anywhere yet? Lol! Anyway I hope this 

Note: That some stats of enemies may vary from those given here this is because 
they may slightly vary in different battles. However the stats of the enemies 
should be reasonable similar to that of what is listed.

Armed Skeleton: This is a very strong character that you’ll meet late in the 
game. They have two attacks, one is a normal attack and one is a gun attack. The 
gun attack is probably the more powerful. The trick here is to surround this guy 
and pummel him (Much like a boss).

This will limit his use of the gun attack.  If he does hit you with his gun 
attack you’ll loose close to 20 hit points. He has no spells.

Hp: 36 
Mp: None  
Attack: 62   
Defence: 33    
Move: 5   
Agility: 32 
Spells: None

Artillery: These guys have certain weaknesses which are easy to exploit. First 
off they have a bad movement rate, secondly they have very low hp. In battle 
kill them quickly and they won’t get a chance to test out their fire power, 
which isn’t that great anyway! No spells either. 

Hp: 14
Mp: None  
Attack: 24   
Defence: 15    
Move: 4   
Agility: 14
Spells: None

Belial: Very annoying opponents, they can fly, casts spells and generally be a 
nuisance. Try to kill these as soon as possible.

Hp: 21
Mp: 35  
Attack: 26   
Defence: 20    

Move: 6   
Agility: 22
Spells: Bolt level 1, Muddle level 1

Blue Dragon: A powerful opponent which will trouble you right to the end of the 
game (That’s why they are one of the last enemies in the game) Their special 
attack ?Ice breathe? can deal up to 30 points of damage without a critical hit! 
Being an iced based monster fire is good against them therefore try and use fire 
as much as possible on them.

Hp: 50
Mp: None  
Attack: 63   
Defence: 32    
Move: 5   
Agility: 42
Spells: None

Bow-rider: These are in the enemies back line; they will try and attack from 
afar. The trick here is to break behind the enemies? front line and surround 
them. Once you have surrounded them their low defence and hp will make it easy 
for you to destroy them.

Be careful however if they manage to stay behind their front line fighters they 
will be able to pick off your own characters one by one.

Hp: 18
Mp: None  
Attack: 40   
Defence: 11    
Move: 7   
Agility: 14
Spells: None

Cerberus: These fire based creatures have a good movement rate however they have 
a great weakness against ice based attacks such as freeze! It’s special fire 
breathe attack can cause up to 20 points of damage so look out.

Hp: 27
Mp: None  
Attack: 42   
Defence: 26    
Move: 7   
Agility: 38
Spells: None

Chimera: Fire based monsters that can fly! They can avoid a lot of attacks and 
also have the special move fire breathe. Freeze works well on them.

Hp: 56
Mp: None  
Attack: 65   
Defence: 30    
Move: 6  
Agility: 40
Spells: None

Dark Dwarf: You meet these in the first battle you face and you will fight them 
in most of the early battle. They only can attack from close range so try and 
pick them off from distance.

They may be challenging to start with but soon they’ll be easy enemies for you 
to destroy.

Hp: 12
Mp: None  
Attack: 12   

Defence: 8    
Move: 4   
Agility: 5 
Spells: None

Dark elf: As with most archer type characters these have terrible defence and 
not much better hit points. Therefore if you surround them they’ll easily fall.

Hp: 16
Mp: None  
Attack: 26   
Defence: 9    
Move: 6   
Agility: 10
Spells: None

Dark mage: Try to close down these enemies before they can hit you from a 
distance also try not to bunch up around dark mages as when they release blaze 2 
it can be devastating if it hits four or five of your characters.

Hp: 13
Mp: 26  
Attack: 10   
Defence: 6    
Move: 5   
Agility: 9
Spells: Blaze level 2

Dark Priest: Try to attack from distance if you can, they seem to avoid attacks 
a lot for some reason or other. Target these guys before other enemies otherwise 
they’ll use their heal level 1 ability to heal themselves and other enemies

Hp: 16
Mp: 25  
Attack: 21   
Defence: 9    
Move: 5   
Agility: 10
Spells: Heal level 1

Demon Master: Very annoying characters are these (Sounding a bit like Yoda here) 
because they can cast freeze level 3. The best tactic against the is to surround 
them on four sides and keep the rest of the party away as this will stop him 
using freeze level 3.

Hp: 27
Mp: 46
Attack: 43   

Defence: 24    
Move: 6   
Agility: 45
Spells: freeze level 3

Dire Clown: Try to kill these from distance and they should be easy mainly 
because usually they just sit their and only attack when you move next to them! 
They hardly ever move to put it in basic terms

Hp: 15
Mp: None
Attack: 18
Defence: 11  
Move: 5 
Agility: 7
Spells: None

Durahan: Yet again pick him off from distance as he’ll rarely approach you. 
These are not too tough.

Hp: 22
Mp: None  
Attack: 39   
Defence: 28    
Move: 5   
Agility: 13
Spells: None

Evil Puppet: For this early on when you meet them they are very difficult and 
can inflict decent damage on you. You’ll fight them in the circus battle.

Hp: 14
Mp: 15
Attack: 14   
Defence: 10  
Move: 5   
Agility: 7
Spells: Freeze level 1

Gargoyle: These characters are not too bad, they’ll cast muddle occasionally but 
it is not often successful

Hp: 18

Mp: 20  
Attack: 26   
Defence: 15    
Move: 6   
Agility: 20

Spells: Muddle level 1

Giant Bat: These can be annoying early on in the game because they can fly, they 
are quick and put people to sleep. The key to destroying them is to isolate them 
so they can’t move. Then pummel them to their death!

Hp: 14
Mp: None  
Attack: 11  
Defence: 6    
Move: 7   
Agility: 9
Spells: None

Goblins: Possible the weakest characters in the game, that’s why they’ll make up 
the majority of your enemies army in the first few battle. Just don’t let them 
out number you or surround you and you’ll be fine.

Hp: 12
Mp: None  
Attack: 9  
Defence: 6    
Move: 5   
Agility: 5
Spells: None

Golem: Hard as rocks (What they basically are) they have great attack and 
defence but they struggle to move. Use your best fighters against this beast.

Hp: 17
Mp: None  
Attack: 28   
Defence: 28    
Move: 4   
Agility: 16
Spells: None

Hellhound: Similar to the Cerberus in looks and battle ability. This means he 
also has fire breathe. Treat him like a weaker version of Cerberus because that 
is basically what he is. 

Hp: 19
Mp: None  
Attack: 10
Defence: 13    
Move: 7   
Agility: 13
Spells: None

High Priest: An upgraded version of the dark priest. The main improvement is his 
powerful heal level 4. However the game Ai is very dodgy and he therefore uses 
heal level 4 as his first spell no matter how little damage the person he is 
healing has incurred.

Hp: 20
Mp: 33  
Attack: 13   
Defence: 14    
Move: 6   
Agility: 13
Spells: Heal 4

Horseman: Yet another archer type and yet another surround and destroy mission!

Hp: 24
Mp: None  
Attack: 53
Defence: 16    
Move: 7   
Agility: 17
Spells: None

Ice worm: An ice based creature which is best attacked at from distance.

Hp: 30
Mp: 12  

Attack: 40
Defence: 25    
Move: 5  
Agility: 26
Spells: sleep

Jet: A powerful flying machine which gives great experience, they won’t bother 
your party when you fight them though as long as they don’t manage to surround 

Hp: 28
Mp: None  

Attack: 45
Defence: 32    
Move: 7   
Agility: 33
Spells: None

Lizard man- Are warriors. They won’t hurt your front line fighters though and 
will therefore be a easy enemy to fight. That is as long as you don’t let them 
get near your archers and mages.

Hp: 20
Mp: None  
Attack: 24
Defence: 12    
Move: 6   
Agility: 12
Spells: None

Mannequin: Reasonable easy except it has the annoying ability to poison you.

Hp: 16
Mp: None  
Attack: 16
Defence: 10    
Move: 5   
Agility: 8
Spells: None

Master Mage: All you need to do with this guy is wait for him to take his go and 
then rush him, you’ll probably kill him before he has a change to take another 
go thus avoiding the annoying freeze level 2 spell.

Hp: 22
Mp: 32  
Attack: 33
Defence: 13    
Move: 5   
Agility: 26
Spells: freeze level 2

Minotaur: This guy is basically just a big hefty brute who attacks people from 
close range. He isn’t that powerful however and this makes him very easy to kill 
as long as you have fighters with decent defence attacking him. (35+)

Hp: 31
Mp: None  
Attack: 46
Defence: 30    
Move: 5   
Agility: 31
Spells: None

Pegasus Knight: Great fighters these are and dam annoying, the fly about killing 
your back line and generally evading all your attacks.  The trick is to not give 
them room to fly behind your ranks.

Hp: 18
Mp: None  
Attack: 21
Defence: 16    
Move: 7   

Agility: 12
Spells: None

Rune Knights: Are found early in the game. These guys tend to rush your party 
and although this allows you to surround and destroy if you have misplaced an 
archer or mage they’ll soon be history.

Hp: 14
Mp: None  
Attack: 16
Defence: 7    
Move: 7   
Agility: 7
Spells: None

Sea bat: These can be annoying as they fly about a lot. However they are quite 
easy to kill although they do tend to evade your attacks a bit.

Hp: 22
Mp: None  
Attack: 20
Defence: 14    
Move: 7   
Agility: 14
Spells: None

Shell fish: These can poison you so have your antidotes and detox ready. The 
best thing to do is to surround them with your best fighters

Hp: 25
Mp: None  
Attack: 23
Defence: 16    
Move: 6  
Agility: 23
Spells: None

Silver Knight: Upgraded rune knights basically but they are quite easy to kill 
as long as you use your front line against them rather than your back line.

Hp: 16
Mp: None  
Attack: 18
Defence: 12    
Move: 7   
Agility: 11
Spells: None

Skeletons: Un-dead so ?fire? away. Blaze will do great damage to these. Beware 
however because they can do decent damage to even your front line fighters.

Hp: 15
Mp: None  
Attack: 21
Defence: 16    
Move: 6
Agility: 7
Spells: None

Sniper: Yet again with the archer type, surround and destroy

Hp: 13
Mp: None  
Attack: 15
Defence: 5
Move: 5   
Agility: 7
Spells: None

Steel Claw: Unlike most flying creatures I find they don’t usually evade my 
attacks. However they can use a special laser attack which they use from a far. 
Rush these guys!

Hp: 25
Mp: None  
Attack: 43
Defence: 31    
Move: 5   
Agility: 31
Spells: None

Torch Eye: These are possibly my least favourite enemies in the game if you take 
away bosses. They never seem to miss an attack! They always do big damage! If 
they get a critical hit your in trouble. In battle eliminate these as soon as 

Hp: 28
Mp: None  
Attack: 42
Defence: 32    
Move: 6  
Agility: 27
Spells: None

Worm: Nothing to worry about here just make sure they don’t put your characters 
to sleep and you’ll be fine.

Hp: 17
Mp: None  
Attack: 20
Defence: 16    
Move: 4   
Agility: 16
Spells: None

Wyvern: Flying creature which therefore means it evades quite a bit. He is quite 
strong and is fire based so get your freeze spells ready for action. He has a 
special breathe attack as well which does reasonable damage on you.

Hp: 32
Mp: None  
Attack: 39
Defence: 30    
Move: 7   
Agility: 31
Spells: None

Zombie: The thing that annoys me the most about these guys is that although they 
are un-dead they avoid my attacks nearly as much as flying creatures. Their only 
weakness is that of fire so get blaze ready for action. Don’t take on to many of 
these at once

Hp: 15
Mp: None  
Attack: 18
Defence: 13    
Move: 5   
Agility: 7
Spells: None


         ********   16: Boss Guide ********                                   

This section is dedicated to the strategy of beating bosses. The reason they are 
not in the enemy section is the fact that they usually have more strategy to 
beat them. 

There are some enemies which appear to be bosses as when you kill them you win 
the battle however I only describe real bosses here. This basically means they 
are a unique monster you will fight only once.

Marionette: This is the first ?real? boss you will face. Ironically in my 
opinion it is the hardest boss in the whole game and this is no exaggeration. 
When you face this guy it will be incredibly strong for the level you are. 

Its freeze level 3 will often rip through your party. The best way to beat this 
creature is to kill every other enemy on the screen and then surround the boss. 
Once the boss is surrounded its use of freeze level 3 will drop dramatically.

Every turn Max has will regain seven hit points to Marionette. You would be well 
advised to keep Max away from Marionette because it could quickly kill him and 
therefore lose you the battle.

Ghoul: Would be a nice easy boss however it is not due to the fact that the 
enemies accompanying it are numerous and strong. On top of this Max is isolated 
from the rest of the party and you are confined in a small space. 

It is an un-dead creature and therefore fire is useful against it. I never 
really feel this guy is a boss because it doesn’t regain health and it is 
reasonably weak. However it is unique and killing it will win you the battle. 
That has made me decide to place the ghoul here.

Laser eye: A strange one this. Ok the laser eye doesn’t regain health and you 
don’t need to beat it to win the battle. However it is a unique and powerful 
monster which had been hyped up before the battle. It is therefore in my eyes a 

It never moves and several of it’s turns will be used to power up, however when 
it does it will launch an attack which will harm loads of enemies for a lot of 

Using flying enemies can eliminate this guy quite easily without much harm but I 
prefer to fight my way to him. It’s more difficult but I guess that’s just me!

Elliot: A gentlemen and an honourable man. However his loyalty to his twisted 
king has forced him to fight you. He is rumoured to be the best swordsmen in the 
world of Rune. 

He rarely moves but when he attacks he does serious damage. As usual you should 
kill all the other creatures first and then surround Elliot. He’ll regain 15 hit 
points for each of Max’s turns but with your best fighters surrounding him and 
attacking him he’ll soon fall.

Balbazak: A very easy boss in my opinion. He rarely moves, has great magic 
resistance and regenerates at about 15 hit points per Max’s turn. Surround and 
destroy works well here too as long as all the other enemies have been killed 
before hand.

Kane: A difficult fight this will be. Kane has a great deal of attack and 
defence power. Surround and destroy works well however don’t use Max because it 
is possible that if Kane uses his dark sword to cast desoul that It can 
instantly kill Max.

The enemies with Kane are quite weak so kill them first if possible. To make 
things worse Kane regains 15 hit points per Max’s turn.

Mishaela: This boss is a little different from previous bosses because she has 
terrible attack power. However she is a powerful mage and her bolt level 2 can 
hit vast amounts of your force. She also regains the usual 15 hit points per 
Max’s turn.

Although the enemies with her are weak she is still tough mainly because you can 
only hit her with one ground fighter at a time because she has just one square 
open to her.

However you can hit her with flying creatures, mages and long ranged attacks. 
The only thing I would say on the downside is the fact that you can’t use the 
surround and destroy strategy ?

Chaos: Individually this guy is quite strong but not that strong however the 
enemies with him are very strong and therefore it is very hard to kill 
everything on the screen.

Your best bet is to concentrate on killing Chaos. Don’t forget he does 
regenerate at the usual rate of 15 hit points per one of Max’s turns.

Ramladu: Surround destroy!!! However there is a slight problem. Check out this 
guys attack!!! It is the best in the game from what I have seen! He also 
regenerates at an amazing 20+ per one of Max’s round.

Colossus: There are three of these!!! They each contain a different elemental 
strength, one has blaze 3, one has freeze 3 and one has bolt 3. They aren’t that 
strong really however they are accompanied by extremely strong enemies.

The main thing to note is that these don’t regenerate which means any damage 
done will stay done!

Dark sol: Not strong at all, however be careful in this fight not to get hurt to 
much as you’ll fight the final battle after this with no break and if you egress 
dark sol will need to be beaten again.

Just beware of this guys special breathe attack which can hit many of your force 
members for up to 30 damage.

Dark Dragon: Made up of three heads this guy is actually not to hard. First off 
kill the two armoured skeletons. Cover the weird tiles these guys were standing 
on to stop them re-spawning. 


         ********   17: Shop Information ********                                   


Short Sword: 100
Spear: 150
Hand Axe: 200
Wooden Staff: 80
Wooden Arrow: 320


Short Sword: 100
Spear: 150
Hand Axe: 200
Wooden Staff: 80
Wooden Arrow: 320


Middle Sword: 250
Spear: 150
Bronze Lance: 350
Wooden Staff: 80
Power Staff: 500
Wooden Arrow: 320


Middle Sword: 250
Power Spear: 900
Middle axe: 600
Steel Arrow: 1200
Bronze Lance: 350
Power Staff: 500
Steel Arrow: 1200

Pao City

Long Sword: 750
Power Spear: 900
Middle axe: 600
Steel Arrow: 1200
Bronze Lance: 350
Power Staff: 500
Steel Arrow: 1200


Steel Sword: 2500
Power Spear: 900
Steel Lance: 3000
Battle Axe: 2600
Power staff: 500
Elven Arrow: 3200


Steel Sword: 2500

Chrome Lance: 4500
Battle Axe: 2600
Guardian Staff: 3200
Elven Arrow: 3200


Broad Sword: 4800
Chrome Lance: 4500
Great axe: 10,000
Holy Staff: 8000
Assault Shell: 4500


Broad Sword: 4800
Chrome Lance: 4500
Great axe: 10,000
Holy Staff: 8000
Buster Shot: 12400


         ********   18: When you gain spells ********                                   

This section is basically a giant table where you can look up when someone gains 
a level. When you promote a character just add one to the level you promoted at! 
For instance if you promoted at level 10 your promoted character at level 1 of 
his new class will actually be level 11 in terms of this table.

Some characters can’t be promoted so things with them are simple you get what 
you see with their classes. Formatting this was a nightmare!

Level:    1        2       3      4


Egress:   Lv1      -       -      -


 Blaze:   Lv1    Lv1       -      -
 Bolt:    Lv1    Lv12   lv17     Lv25
 Desoul:  Lv21     -       -      -
 Freeze:  Lv1    Lv1       -      -


Blaze:   Lv1     Lv8       -      -
Bolt:    Lv19    Lv26      -      -
Freeze:  Lv5     Lv13     Lv16   Lv23
Muddle:  Lv10      -       -      -



Blaze:   Lv15     -      -      -
Bolt:    Lv25    -      -      -
Freeze:  Lv20     -      -      -


Boost:   Lv20     -        -      -
Desoul:  Lv17     -        -      -
Freeze:  Lv1     Lv4     Lv13   Lv26
Muddle:  Lv7       -       -      -


Aura:   Lv30     -        -      -
Heal:   Lv1     Lv8      Lv16   Lv24


Desoul:  Lv25     -        -      -
Dispel:  Lv1      -        -      -
Shield:  Lv15     -        -      -
Sleep:   Lv1      -        -      -


Aura:   Lv20    Lv28        -      -
Heal:   Lv1     Lv5       lv16    lv21
Quick:  Lv12      -         -      -
Slow:   Lv8       -         -      -


Detox:  Lv4       -         -      -
Heal:   Lv1     Lv7       lv16    lv22
Quick:  Lv12      -         -      -
Slow:   Lv8       -         -      -


Blaze:    Lv1     Lv4       Lv12      Lv20
Boost:    Lv27      -       -      -
Dispel:   Lv16      -       -      -
Sleep:    Lv8       -       -      -


Aura:    Lv1     Lv14      Lv18    Lv22
Detox:   Lv1     Lv7       lv16    lv22
Heal:    Lv1     Lv1         -      -
Shield:  Lv1       -         -      -



         ********   19: How to win battles ********                                   

- Keep your weaker troops away from enemies or at least well protected by your 
frontline fighters! Make sure the enemies do not get into your back lines or 
your force will soon be struggling!

- Try to work out each characters strengths and weaknesses and use the 
characters appropriately! Don’t keep fighters in the back row using healing 
items and don’t use you mages and healers to attack your enemies! 

- Don’t just run into enemy lines! Instead plan your movements to out move your 
enemy. You can see your enemies? stats and see where you enemies? biggest assets 

- The world of Rune where Shining Force is set has many different landscapes and 
in battle you need to utilize them effectively. 

- Protect Max because if Max dies you’ll lose the game and you’ll restart in the 
church with half your cash. You’ll have to fight the battle you lost in again!

- Listen to what Nova has to say because his advice is usually relevant to the 
battle you are about to face.

- Always try to update your equipment as it will dramatically improve your stats 
especially weapons which will affect your attack power beyond belief!

- Try to deal with one enemy at a time. For instance if you have 2 goblins try 
to hit the same one until it dies rather than hitting both at the same time. 2 
goblins with 4 hit points will do more damage to your party than 1 dead goblin 
and a full health Goblin.

- Try to use healers as much as possible. They don’t kill many enemies so if 
they don’t get experience from healing they’ll lag behind the rest of your party 
in terms of levels.

- Don’t let your fastest characters run into enemy lines without support! Not 
only will they be out numbered dramatically these faster characters are usually 
slightly weaker than your slower characters.


         ********   20: Useless item locations! ********                                   

There are several hidden items in this game; some are Easter eggs such as the 
new clothes sets and some are useless. Whatever they do I list them here and 
where to find them!

Sugoi Mizugi: This translates to Awesome Swimsuit. It doesn’t do anything that 
useful but if you give it to Tao it will change her appearance on the battle 
screen however I don’t really like it that much! To find it, go to the cave in 
Bustoke where you got the moon stone and search all the west wall and you’ll 
eventually find it!

Kitsui Fuku: This translates to daring dress. It doesn’t do anything that useful 
but if you give it to Anri it will change her appearance on the battle screen 
however I don’t really like this one that much ever! To find it, go to the 
battle with the laser eye. Search the platform where the enemies archers are and 
you’ll eventually find it!

Kenji: This translates to Public Prosecutor; there is no known use for this 
item! In an ally outside Balbazak's Fortress you’ll find this item!

Teppou: This is translated to rifle. I also have found no use for this item! 
This is hidden in the port bow of the ship on the second voyage.

Kaku-chan: This translates to Papa doll; it also has no known use. This can be 
found in the north west of the battle with the three colossus.


         ********   21: Game genie codes! ********                                   

I for a long period of time did not believe there to be any game genie codes for 
this game and therefore played the game unaware of the ability to cheat! However 
in several years ago my friend informed me of some cheats he had found on the 

I used these codes and they definitely worked however I found they made the game 
very unstable and often found my saved games became corrupted and often didn’t 

However on the writing of this walkthrough I decided to use an emulator to 
enable me to write the guide and play the game at the same time. My emulator 
gave me the ability to use game genie codes. 

I therefore decided to give the codes a try! Guess what they appear to work 
perfectly and so here they are!

1. This first code actually appears to make a medical herb act like the 
legendary forbidden box. This box is suppose to be an item which is in the game 
data but not actually in the game (at least it hasn’t been found!) and this code 
unlocks it’s properties. 

The medical herb can only be used by certain characters but I know Max is one of 
them! All promoted characters will level up to level 19 if they are below this 
and if they are above it they will go to level 99!

Un-promoted characters will promote in a slightly different way but I am not 
aware of what this is! If you use the medical herb more than once (It doesn’t 
get used up when you use it!) then the game may seemingly freeze for a couple of 
minutes but eventually it’ll return to normal


2. The following sections of codes are used to make the cost of casting magic 
spells nothing! Notice the similar codes? Well I reckon that there are loads 
more similar spells but my friend neglected to give me any more!

The EGRESS spell costs 0 MP.

The BLAZE 1 spell costs 0 MP.

The BOLT 1 spell costs 0 MP.

The BOLT 2 spell costs 0 MP.

The BOLT 3 spell costs 0 MP.

The BOLT 4 spell costs 0 MP.

The FREEZE 4 spell costs 0 MP.

The AURA 1 spell costs 0 MP.

The AURA 4 spell costs 0 MP.

The HEAL 1 spell costs 0 MP.

The HEAL 2 spell costs 0 MP.

The HEAL 3 spell costs 0 MP.

The HEAL 4 spell costs 0 MP.

3. The next set of codes are money making ones, they basically give you much 
more money for killing certain creatures.

Get 3000 coins for defeating Goblins in battle.

Get 3000 coins for defeating Dark Dwarfs in battle.

Get 3000 coins for defeating Giant Bats in battle.

Get 3000 coins for defeating Pegasus Knights in battle.

Get 3000 coins for defeating Torch Eyes in battle.


         ********   22: FAQ ********                                   

Question 1: How do I get more experience?

Answer 1: There are many ways to gain experience but the most effective ways is 
by killing enemies. The stronger the enemy is the more experience you get; this 
is why bosses yield the most experience. You will get some experience for 
harming and enemy as well.

You can also get some but much smaller experience by using items. Using healing 
spells will give you small experience around 10 points. If you miss an enemy 
with an attack you will get 1 experience!

Question 2: How many times have you completed the game? Are you sure you’ve 
found everything?

Answer 2: You can never be sure you’ve found everything but I’ve completed this 
game 8 or 9 times now and I’m pretty sure I have found out most of the games 
features. It is possible there are more secrets out there but now I doubt it. 

Question 3: What’s the best team?

Answer 3: You can’t really be sure because of the random stats however my 
favourite team would consist of:

Domingo, Lyle, Max, Khris, Bleu, Arthur, Guntz, Kokichi, Musashi, Hanzou, Zylo 
and Adam.

Question 4: When should I promote my character?

Answer 4: This is a matter of preference but if you’re powering up (See section 
8) you’ll want to promote your characters at level 20. 

Question 5: In other guides I have seen the writers compare Shining force to 
it’s sequel, what is your opinion on the two games?

Answer 5: This is a hard question to answer as they are very similar! Shining 
force 2 is longer and a lot harder (This makes the game better) also the 
controls are a lot nicer! I prefer the story line to Shining force 2 and feel 
the talking is a lot better. 

Shining force 2 also has no chapters which makes the game a lot less linear 
which in turn gives you a lot more freedom. This includes optional areas! On top 
of this the enemies are a lot more intelligent as a result of far better AI. 

However Shining force 2 has childish character portraits which are annoying! 
Shining force 2 you also can’t get promoted until your level 20 which brings me 
on to the next point, the priests look unbelievably stupid!

Both games are great however and although I would edge towards shining force 2 
being better I would suggests you play both games! 


         ********   23: Future progress ********                                   

So...This guide is completed and there isn't really much more to add, however 
this guide is far from being the final version. I understand that maybe some of 
the walkthrough is not written as clearly as possible and this is a possible 
future improvement! 

I will also try to find more game genie codes and also will add any more 
questions to my FAQ section 


         ********   24: E-mail Policy ********                                   

Note that at this moment of time my e-mail will be unavailable due to a computer 
problem so I have to do this through school. Sorry, my new computer will be up 
in a few months and you’ll be informed of this when it happens.

If you have a question check the Frequently Asked Questions section first 
because your question has probably been answered. If it hasn't answered your 
question then try and find your answer in the walk through. This can be hard so 
if you don't understand something feel free to e-mail me.

If an e-mail is needed please put in an obvious subject with the guide version 
examples of this are 'Shining Force v 1.5' or Shining Force 1 Version 1.5' 

You may also e-mail me if you find a mistake or have something to add! I will be 
grateful for this and give you full credit.

Also please note that I am not hiding any secrets or information about this 
game! I have put everything I could on this guide. Hate-mail is not wanted 
although constructive criticism is allowed... There is a fine line don't cross 
it. All fan mail is welcomed and I will try to respond to all mail I receive but 
understand it can be hard I have a busy life!

Also common sense stuff will apply. These include no swearing, not all in caps 

         ********   25: Outro What Next? ********                                   

So you have completed another great game and you are excessively happy and self 
satisfied. However the legacy of Shining Force has not been completed, you have 
to try the sequel (You’ve guessed it) Shining force 2. There was also a prequel 
in Shining in the darkness as well as several spin offs. I’m sure you’d enjoy 
these just as much

On top of this there are several other great RPG?S available for you to try.

Anyway I enjoyed this great game and I hope you did to. I found it a lot easier 
than Landstalker and I hope this guide was able to improve the amount of fun you 
were able to get out of this truly classic game. I hope this guide will inspire 
me to many more guides... hopefully for some more modern games.

I will place this guide on my website and attempt to put it on game Faqs. 
Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

                  ********   26: Legal Stuff   ********                                   


  Shining Force 1: The legacy of Great Intention and all characters in the game 
are trademarked and copyrighted by Sega. 

 I am not affiliated with Sega or anyone who had anything to do with the making 
of this game.  

 This FAQ may be posted on any site as long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you 
EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it of course credit must be given to me 
and it must be marked clearly! 

 This FAQ is allowed for individual use but not for commercial use or 
publishing. No part of this FAQs can be re-edited without the writer's 
permission. No one may profit out of this in any way!

Thanks from reading - Michael Sheehan 2002/2003

Note: End of Guide! 

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