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  1. If you miss Jogurt in the beging of chaper 4 can you get him later

    User Info: dragon091181

    dragon091181 - 4 years ago

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  1. If you didn't complete Chapter 4, then you can walk back to where he is and get him. (he's in the corner outside the church, you only need to see him to get him.) Once you leave a Chapter, you will miss any characters you did not recruit before then.

    It's highly normal to miss a few characters your first run thru the game, so don't sweat it.(this a game you plenty thru a couple times to fully appreciate all aspects of it.) especially Jogurt, he's a gag character, who's useless in battle. He never lvls up, and all his stats besides his movement are 1s.(Don't waste stats raising items on him.) He's basically an extra 4 inventory slots for your party. You get his ring from his managing to kill a single enemy. All it does turn people into him. They keep their stats and abilities, they just look like him for the rest of the battle or till they take the ring off.

    User Info: Lastjustice

    Lastjustice - 4 years ago 0   0

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  1. I think the better explanation is:

    You don't have to talk to him in Chapter 1 to recruit him in Chapter 4. You get him regardless of accomplishing the first bit so long as you do the second bit. That being said, once you are done with Chapter 4; that's it. You have to recruit him at some point in Chapter 4 otherwise you miss him.

    To recruit him, simply walk up to the Priest (in Pao 1) and walk to the left of his desk. It looks like a wall but you can in fact pass between the wall and the compilation of stuff. Then at the back of the room you'll see Jogurt and that's it; you get him without any text box.

    User Info: tskisoccer

    tskisoccer - 4 years ago 0   0

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