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Where is the Katana weapon? Build 1 9 months ago
What does the item "Bread of Life" do? Build 3 9 months ago
Is there a way in this game to tell how much more Exp. a unit needs to get their next level? Main Quest 2 10 months ago
How do I get new members that joined but are idle to fight? Build 1 11 months ago
What rings equip to what character? Side Quest 2 5 years ago
Jogurt? General 2 5 years ago
Power ring? Side Quest 1 5 years ago
What does Muddle actually do? General 2 8 years ago
When is the best time to promote the units ? Build 1 9 years ago
I can't seem to beat the Dark Dragon! What are some ways to destroy it? Enemy/Boss 1 9 years ago

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