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Alys Trick FAQ by kaloes

Updated: 03/01/10

Phantasy Star IV: End of The Millenium
Trey's Guide to Alys.

e-mail: satsukiwarrior18@hotmail.com
Copyright 2007 Kaloes aka Trey

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.
I. Introduction
II.GameGenie Codes
III. Characters
     a. Alys Brangwin
     b. Chaz Ashley
     c. Rune Walsh
     d. Hahn Mahlay
     e. Rika
     f. Wren
     g. Raja
     h. Kyra Tierney
     i. Gryz
     j. Demi
     k. Seth
IV. Walkthrough
     a. Mystery Under the Academy
     b. Finding Proffesor Holt
     c. A Wizard in a Town
     d. Onward to Rykros
     e. Meeting Wren and Raja
V. Glitches...What to do and what not to do
VI. Updates
VII. Special Thanks
VIII. Legal Stuff

I. Introduction
The story of Phantasy Star IV begins in AW 2284, this game takes place
about 1000+ years after the events of Phantasy Star II. Monsters are 
increasing more and more with each passing day.A group of special monster 
slayers, known also as Hunters are working jobs to take care of the monster 
infestation on Motavia.

II. Game Genie Codes
There are two codes that are essential to this faqs. Without them there 
would be no need to write this. The two codes that you will need are....

1:Walk through walls

2:No random encounters (you'll see why later)

III: Characters
a. Alys Brangwin

Job: Hunter

Alys,also known as the Eighth Stroke Warrior is a hunter who lives in a 
small town of Aiedo with her student and best friend Chaz Ashley. Alys is the 
heroine of our story. Although she doesn't stay with the party for very long 
she is always looking out for Chaz. Excels in throwing weapons called 

b. Chaz Ashley

Job: Hunter

When Chaz was little he was living in a unknown town. He would steal from 
people just to make a living. One day he met Alys Brangwin,who took him under 
her wing and raised him like he was her own. Chaz is the Hero of Phantasy Star 
IV and is well trained in using knives and swords.

c. Rune Walsh

Job: Wizard

Rune possesses a unique gift not seen on Motavia in thousands of years. The 
gift of magic.Rune is full of mystery and likes to pick on Chaz every now and 
then. Rune met Alys many years before the game takes place and has a very 
strong bond with Alys.

d. Hahn Mahlay

Job: Scholar

Hahn came from the town of Krup to study at the Piata Academy. He met 
Professor Hult and became his assistant soon after. Hahn excels in healing 
techs and can be quite useful at the beginning of the game.

e. Rika

Job: Numan

Rika is the 3rd of a race of people called Numans. She was created by the 
computer SEED and is called a offspring of the NEI project. Rika meets Alys 
and co. in the cave inside Birth Valley. Rika has never seen the outside world 
and accompanys Alys and co. throughout their travels.

f. Wren

Job: Android
Age: 998

Wren is one of a multiple versions of Wren that have been created to keep
watch over the climate control of the Algo solar system. Its not certain 
that this Wren and the Wren of Phantasy Star III are of the same brand of 
android but some claim he isnt. Wren knows pretty much everything and has no 
kind of personality besides the kind of personality he has programmed into him. 
The party meets Wren on the satellite station Zelan.

g. Raja

Job: Dezolisian
Age: 85

Raja joins the party only because someone had to make a crash landing and ended 
up crashing into his temple. Raja tries to be funny but only appears to be able 
to get laughs out of Rika. Raja is the best healer in the game and is the only 
party member that can restore party TP without having to use a INN.

h. Kyra Tierney

Job: Esper
Age: 18

Kyra lives on the planet Dezolis and believes in the high esper Lutz. The 
people on Dezolis are becoming sick due to the constant snow storm that has not
ended on Dezolis in months.Kyra decides to go to Garuberk Tower by herself only 
to get trapped inside the never ending growing forest outside. She joins Chaz
and co for awhile and tends to call herself Chaz's big sister.

I. Gryz

Job: Motavian

Gryz's home was destroyed by the dark wizard Zio. He now lives in Tonoe with 
his little sister and is one of the last few remaining Motavians on the planet. 
Gryz has vowed to destroy Zio even if it costs him his own life. Gryz is very 
loving towards his sister and would never want to leave her side.

J. Demi

Job: Android

Demi is a small robot and is not as efficient as Wren is. Demi had been 
captured by the wizard Zio who had built his castle on top of the central 
command center known as Nurvus. Alys and co. rescued Demi from the hands of 
Zio. She stays on Motavia for most of the game to keep track of the Nurvus 

K. Seth

Job: Scholar
Age: 39

Seth is clouded in mystery.He appears as soon as you land on Soldier Island. 
Seth is very powerful with his dark arts and is not really useful for the time 
frame that you have him. His true appearence is revealed later.

IV. Walkthrough

This next section of the faq is to explain on why this guide was written. 
This guide is written so that you may keep Alys through the whole coarse of 
the game. If you follow the walkthrough below you will be able to go through 
the whole game with no glitches. This is not a full walkthrough of the game. 
This guide will only explain to you on how this trick I found will work. 
*The gameshark codes above will need to be on constantly till I say that it 
is ok to take them off.*

a. Mystery Under the Academy.

Chaz, we have work to do! Hurry up and get ready!

Those are the first words you hear from Alys when you begin the game. You
begin the game leaving your home in a town called Aiedo. You were hired by
the principal of the academy in Piata to discover why there has been a 
recent outbreak of monsters in the academy. 

You watch the scene and then you appear as Chaz alone looking for Alys. Walk 
towards Alys and then she will join your party.Walk around until you find the 
principal.You will engage in a event that will lead you to the basement. Once 
at the spot where the basement staircase is you will see Hahn another one of
your future party members walking and blocking your path. Do not, I REPEAT
Instead with the wall code on walk through the wall and pass up Hahn and go 
Travel through the dungeon. *take off the no encounter code if you want so you 
can gain a few levels I recommend level 3 or 4.* Advance through the basement 
until you reach the end. You will be encountered by a boss. Fight the monster 
and when you defeat it you will get some dialog. The game will keep the dialog 
that Hahn speaks but Hahn will not be in your party and will still play out as 
if he is in your party. After those events go back upstairs to the principal's 
office *bypassing hahn again* and talk to him for the event.

After this you are free to leave Piata.

b. Finding Proffesor Holt

After setting out from Piata head north to Mile, There you can buy some
new weapons for Chaz and Alys if you got enough money, if not then just
head on east to Zema. When you enter Zema the first thing you will notice is 
that everyone has been turned to stone.There is nothing you can do for the 
people of Zema at this moment in time so just go ahead and walk into the cave 
at the north of town. When inside treck your way through the somewhat cave we 
call a dungeon. At the end you will find a petrified Professor Holt.You will 
get another scene with some dialog as if Hahn is still in your party but isnt.
Don't worry the game wont glitch up. After all the dialog you will be outside 
the cave and back in town. Now your agenda is to head south to the town of 

c. A Wizard in a Town

Heading south of Zema will get you to the town of Molcum. Gain a few levels 
before goin in *no kinda boss or anything its just a good idea to level up a 
bit before advancing.* Walk through the town and go up through the gate. 
Eventually you'll run into Rune a party member we will need. Talk to him and 
watch the scenes. After all the dialog he will join the party. *sometimes the 
game acts funny and he wont follow behind you if that happens DO NOT GO INTO 
MENU it gets kinda glitchy for a bit and has a weird way of letting you outta 
menu,but will correct itself as we advance a bit in the game.* 
After Rune has joined your party do not go to Krup the game will glitch in that 
town for now and do not head northeast to Tonoe. The game will play out and you 
will lose Rune and get Gryz but you will have the opportunity to get Gryz later
so dont worry about it. Instead head back to Piata. *I know this was a 
senceless piece of walkthrough and could have left it on the above one but 
decided not to.*

d. Onward to Rykros

To the veterans who have played this game for years I bet your wondering WTF 
why and how are we going to Rykros thats near the end of the game. Just calm 
down and have some patience please all will be explained. Ok the reason I said 
head back to Piata is this,go back upstairs of the academy to where Chaz was 
alone at the beginning. Use the diagram below to find the warp to Rykros.

A= Alys' Starting/Old Position
X= Chaz's Start Position
C= Chairs
R= Rykross Warp                             
D= Dezolis Warp                             
A            |R
           c |
         cX  |D
        c c  |

e. Meeting Wren and Raja

Once arriving on Zelan you can travel through the place to the end where you 
will find Wren. Talk to him and you will begin to get some dialog.Soon after 
he will join your party and if Rune wasnt following behind you he will be now. 
Now you have Alys,Chaz,Rune,Wren in your party. I bet your wondering how come 
we didnt get Rika. There is a reason for this and I will explain in a few. 

Now with Wren in party head back to the entrance.Board the spaceship and head 
to Dezolis. On your way to Dezolis you will be engaged by a monster. Defeat the 
monster and then you will be forced to make a crash landing on Dezolis.You will 
then crash land onto a temple and will meet a Desolian named Raja. After all 
the dialog Raja will join you. Now this is where i will explain myself about 
the Rika thing. If you were to of had Rika or Hahn with you you would of had to 
many party members and the game would have crashed as soon as Raja walked to 
the end of the party. You will be able to get Rika back at the end of the game 
*IF* you want its optional for this. Now just play out the game like you 
normally would. 

The game wont glitch anymore except for a few places that I will explain in a 
bit. And there you have it. You now have a Phantasy Star save with Alys still 
in your party for the remainder of the game. No save state hacking no sprite
replacement no nothing. Just a simple easy to use trick that I discovered.

You will however not be able to use the spaceport on Motavia since you never 
got Demi, defeated Zio, and shut down Nurvus. So if you need to use the 
spaceship again you can either go back to Rykros or Dezolis using the diagram

V. Glitches...What to do and what not to do

There are a few things that you need to watch out for during the coarse of 
the game because using this trick of mine will cause the game to eventually 
glitch if you do any of the following below.

1:Do not go to Rykros without Alys.
2:Do not get Hahn *you will have to many people later*
3:Do not get Rune without Alys in the party the game will sometimes glitch 
and he wont follow you or act like hes in the party *read above how to fix.*
4:Do not go meet Saya in Krup without Hahn.
5:Do not go save Demi as Alys will die like in the normal game and then this
trick will be worthless.
6:Do not wall walk to get to Nurvus. Not having Demi will cause the game to 
completly freeze when beating Zio. The game will pan left then up and then 
7:Do not meet father Dorin without Alys because the game will freeze and 
don't meet him anyways cuz you will lose Rune and the game glitches sometimes 
without him.
8:Do not get Rika early the game will freeze because you got to many people.
Get her at the end of the game by wall walking and talking to the door then 
heading to the end of the place where seed is and then get her. *doing this 
trick she is now a optional character.*

So far those were the only major glitches that didnt fix themselves that I 
found out. 

If you find any kind of other glitches using this trick email me *emails at 
the top* and I will update this faq with your findings and credit you along 
with it *I'll check out the glitch first to see if its true or not so dont 
even try to lie*

VI. Updates

Getting the motavian spaceport open using this Faq.

Getting the spaceport open is easily done if you follow these simple
steps. First have Alys join your group and do the following events
until you bypass Hahn and finish the basement. When you talk to
the principal again you are free to leave town "BUT" do not do so.
Instead use the Rykros and put on this code along with the other
two codes.


That code will make you invincible and here is the reason why I
give out this code. To obtain the spaceport you must go to Rykros
and play the events out like you would in a normal game, defeat the
guardians, collect the rings, watch the scenes and head back towards
Dezolis. You might have to use the Dezolis warp to reach it. When
on Dezolis you must head straight towards Esper Mansion, there you
will advance into the Sword Cave to get the Elsydeon like you 
would in a normal game. When you finish the cave head back
to Tyler, "if you didnt open the spaceport on Dezolis do so now." When
you arrive at the spaceport Kyra and Raja will greet you, and then you
will fly back to Motavia and are able to recruit the 5th party member.
But before you do head out and go back to Molcum and get Rune, then
head over to Tonoe and talk with father Dorin, you may lose Rune for 
awhile but you can get him back. "In some occasions he might not so this
is a warning to everyone." When Gryz joins the party you should have Alys
Chaz and Gryz, head back to Dezolis, and use the spaceport to fly back to
Motavia and add Demi to your group from the characters in the spaceport.
Now head down to Nurvus, and even without the Psyco Wand keep that
invincibility code on and whack away at Zio with just taking 1 dmg. Eventually
he will fall and the events will now play out like normal since you have both 
Gryz and Demi in the party. With that done the spaceport will open up and
you are free to play the game as normal, head over to Ladea Tower and
pick up Rune if you want him back, and then follow the main Faq if you want
everything else to work out.

VII. Special Thanks

-To SEGA for making this the best game for the Genesis.
-To my friend Minori who got me interested in playing PS4 again after so 
-To trenzer1 for encouraging me on writing a faqs about this trick and revising
this faq for me

VIII.Legal Stuff

If you have any questions or want to contribute something I may have missed,
feel free to contact me at:

This guide may not be used for anything else except for personal or private
use.It should not be seen on any other kind of website without permission.If
this guide is seen on any other website or is used in any kind of display 
without permission,it is a violation of copyright and is prohibited.

 Copyright (c) 2007 Kaloes aka Trey

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