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Guide and Walkthrough by TheStarbird

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/28/2006

Phantasy Star: End of the Millennium
(c) 1994 Sega

Walkthrough v1.0 by: 

e-mail: thestarbird@yahoo.com
website: http://www.rpgclassics.com/~hideout

Copyright 2006 Eric Starbird

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.
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and type in the exact title of the place you want to go to from the index.
I. Introduction
II. Characters
     a. Chaz Ashley
     b. Alys Brangwin
     c. Hahn Mahlay
     d. Rune Walsh
     e. Gryz
     f. Rika
     g. Demi
     h. Wren
     i. Raja
     j. Kyra Tierney
     k. Seth
III. Walkthrough
     a. Basement of Problems
     b. The Stone People
     c. A Mechanical Situation
     d. Zio's Mark
     e. Sweet Revenge
     f. Crash on Dezolis
     g. Listen to the Sick Man
     h. Ghosts of the Past
     i. It's like Deja Vu all over again
     j. Dark Force III: This time it's Personal
     k. The Crystal World
     l. The Great Beyond
IV. Enemies
V. Weapons
     a. Swords
     b. Daggers/Knives
     c. Slashers
     d. Rods
     e. Axes
     f. Claws
     g. Shots
VI. Armor
     a. Body Armor
     b. Headgear
     c. Shields
VII. Items
     a. Normal Items
     b. Key Items
VIII. Techniques
     a. Offensive
     b. Healing
     c. Support
IX. Skills
     a. Offensive
     b. Healing
     c. Support
X. Combination Attacks
XI. Vehicles
     a. Landrover
     b. Ice Digger
     c. Hydrofoil
XII. Shops
XIII. Tips
XIV. Thanks
I. Introduction
About 1000 years or so after the events of Phantasy Star II, Motavia has gone
back to its desert-like state that it was originally in before Mother Brain
interfered. The memory of Palma still echoed throughout Algo, but the people
moved on with life, forgetting all about technology. Hunters were hired to
do odd jobs such as taking care of random monsters that appear. But recently,
with the opening of Birth Valley, monsters have begun to appear more commonly,
and only the most skilled Hunters still have a job.

Alys Brangwin and her assistant Chaz Ashley take a job in Piata, the city of
learning. They are to figure out the cause of the monster infestation in the
Academy basement. What they find out changes their future forever.

Phantasy Star IV is the last of the original series. After a long hiatus, the
series took a step in a different direction with Phantasy Star Online, which
is the version most people know about. However, one must know where he came
before he can know where he is going. Though this doesn't answer any questions
about Phantasy Star Online (Phantasy Star III does a better job of that), a
lot of references come from the original series. 
II. Characters
Note: Starting stats are fixed when you start, but as you level up you get
different state bonuses. The level 95 stats are what I had, but they should
give you a general idea of what you should get. However, it is around this
time that your character will start losing their abilities. You really should
not have to worry much about ever reaching that high a level though. Also
note that Attack Power is equal to strength and Defense Power is equal to
a. Chaz Ashley
Job: Hunter
Age: 16 yrs.

Chaz is a young boy that got into a lot of trouble living on his own on the
streets. Not having any recollection of his family, a famed hunter named Alys
decided to take care of him and teach him. Chaz is an expert swordsman with
limitless potential, even if he can be a dummy or a hot-head at times.

Stats: Lvl 1-50        Rank:
HP: 25-322             4th
TP: 10-175             7th
Strength: 8-77         4th
Mental: 6-60           7th
Agility: 7-65          4th
Dexterity: 5-62        8th
Overall Rank:          2nd

Technique/Skill Chronology:
Initial - Res, Earth
Lvl 4 - Tsu
Lvl 6 - Crosscut
Lvl 8 - Hinas
Lvl 9 - Ryuka
Lvl 11 - Anti
Lvl 12 - Zan
Lvl 13 - Airslash
Lvl 14 - Rimpa
Lvl 16 - GiRes
Lvl 17 - GiThu
Lvl 21 - Brose
Lvl 23 - GiZan
Lvl 25 - Rever
Lvl 27 - Rayblade
Lvl 31 - NaThu
Lvl 35 - Explode
Lvl 36 - NaRes
Lvl 37 - NaZan
Megid - Learned in Anger Tower
b. Alys Brangwin
Job: Hunter
Age: Unknown

Alys is a master hunter and is tough as nails. She picked up Chaz and
practically raised him as her own. There isn't much known about her past other
than the fact that she seems to know Rune quite well. It is also known that
she is a great cook.

Stats: Lvl 7-50        Rank:
HP: 53-316             6th
TP: 40-233             4th
Strength: 12-67        6th
Mental: 12-61          6th
Agility: 15-73         First
Dexterity: 13-74       2nd
Overall Rank:          10th

Technique/Skill Chronology:
Initial - Foi, Shift, Saner, Vortex
Lvl 8 - Zan
Lvl 10 - Moon Shade
Lvl 13 - Death
Lvl 14 - GiFoi
Lvl 18 - GiZan
Lvl 22 - NaFoi
Lvl 27 - NaZan
c. Hahn Mahlay
Job: Scholar
Age: 24 yrs.

Hahn is a Scholar at the Piata Academy and assistant to Professor Holt. He can
seem like a wimp at times, but Hahn is a very skilled spell caster. He is also
the son of a Blacksmith, which comes in handy at the end of the game.

Stats: Lvl 1-50        Rank:
HP: 21-269             9th
TP: 25-276             3rd
Strength: 6-46         10th
Mental: 8-78           3rd
Agility: 4-48          8th
Dexterity: 5-72        3rd
Overall Rank:          7th

Technique/Skill Chronology:
Initial - Res, Gelun, Vision
Lvl 3 - Wat
Lvl 6 - Anti
Lvl 7 - Doran
Lvl 9 - Zan
Lvl 10 - Vol
Lvl 11 - GiRes
Lvl 12 - Rimpa
Lvl 13 - Rimit
Lvl 16 - GiWat
Lvl 21 - GiZan
Lvl 23 - NaRes
Lvl 28 - NaWat
Lvl 29 - Astral
Lvl 30 - Eliminate
Lvl 33 - SaVol
Lvl 37 - NaZan
d. Rune Walsh
Job: Wizard
Age: Unknown

Rune is another mysterious character in the game. Pieces of his past and of
what he really is slowly reveal itself as the game progresses. He likes to
pick on Chaz a lot, but due to his connection with Alys, also looks after
Chaz like a big brother and sees a lot of potential in him. Rune is the
best spell caster in the game, and thus is terrible physically.

Stats: Lvl 17-50        Rank:
HP: 93-230              10th
TP: 136-380             First
Strength: 15-39         Last
Mental: 38-99           First
Agility: 22-58          7th
Dexterity: 21-66        7th
Overall Rank:           First

Technique/Skill Chronology:
Initial - Foi, Wat, Gra, Arows, Hinas, Ryuka, Flaeli, Hewn
Lvl 18 - GiWat
Lvl 19 - GiFoi
Lvl 20 - Seals
Lvl 21 - Rever
Lvl 23 - GiGra
Lvl 24 - Diem
Lvl 25 - NaFoi
Lvl 26 - NaWat
Lvl 27 - Tandle
Lvl 29 - Efess
Lvl 30 - NaGra
Lvl 32 - Negatis
Lvl 35 - Legeon
e. Gryz
Job: Motavian
Age: 19 yrs.

Gryz is one of the last group of Motavians that still live on Motavia. Gryz's
parents were killed by Zio and Gryz has since wanted revenge. Gryz can get
angry at times, and even afraid (he's deathly afraid of earthquakes), but
nothing matches Gryz' strength in the game.

Stats: Lvl 6-50        Rank:
HP: 66-381             2nd
TP: 20-92              8th
Strength: 18-98        First
Mental: 8-49           8th
Agility: 6-44          9th
Dexterity: 11-61       9th
Overall Rank:          9th

Technique/Skill Chronology:
Initial - Brose, Crash
Lvl 14 - War Cry
Lvl 25 - Sweeping
f. Rika
Job: Numan
Age: 1 yr.

Rika is what is considered to be the 3rd Numan in existence, and probably the
most stable (anybody who has played PSO know what a Numan is). Rika is very
smart and fast, which makes her a great ally. She specializes in Healing and
Support Techniques, but her skills make her fighting just as good if not
better than her healing.

Stats: Lvl 1-50        Rank:
HP: 39-304             7th
TP: 25-180             6th
Strength: 13-62        8th
Mental: 11-48          9th
Agility: 13-68         3rd
Dexterity: 11-71       4th
Overall Rank:          4th

Technique/Skill Chronology:
Initial - Res, Illusion
Lvl 4 - Double Slash
Lvl 8 - Saner
Lvl 12 - Eliminate
Lvl 13 - GiRes
Lvl 14 - Deban
Lvl 17 - Disrupt
Lvl 19 - Shift
Lvl 20 - Sar
Lvl 28 - GiSar
Lvl 33 - NaRes
Lvl 40 - NaSar
g. Demi
Job: Android
Age: 324 yrs.

Demi is a small, compact android and assistant to Wren, the more powerful
version of android. Demi is in charge of controlling Nurvus, but because of
Zio's interference, Demi has not been able to control it. She doesn't learn
techniques and skills like the rest of the characters, but instead has them
installed when she finds the right parts.

Stats: Lvl 12-50        Rank:
HP: 96-344              3rd
TP: 0-0                 T-Last
Strength: 28-82         3rd
Mental: 0-0             T-Last
Agility: 26-63          T-5th
Dexterity: 25-77        First
Overall Rank:           8th

Recover, Stasis Beam, Barrier, Spark, Medical Power - Initial
Phononmezer - Found in Plate System
h. Wren
Job: Android
Age: 998 yrs.

Wren is the master android in charge of the artificial satellite Zelan. 
Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT the same Wren from Phantasy Star III,
but along the same model line. Wren knows a lot about everything and can
come in handy when dealing with machines. Like Demi, though, Wren learns his
skills through finding the parts.

Stats: Lvl 20-50        Rank:
HP: 210-493             First
TP: 0-0                 T-Last
Strength: 51-92         2nd
Mental: 0-0             T-Last
Agility: 38-63          T-5th
Dexterity: 39-68        T-6th
Overall Rank:           3rd

Recover, Flare, Barrier, Spark - Initial
Hyper Jammer - Found in Kuran
Burst Roc - Found in Weapon Plant
Positron Bolt - Found in Vahal Fort
i. Raja
Job: Dezolisian
Age: 85 yrs.

Raja is a wise-cracking, old fart that only joins the party because your
shuttle crushed his temple. Raja plays the comedy-relief of the game. However,
don't let his funny nature fool you, Raja is the best healer in the game.
His Res spell will heal more than Rika's GiRes spell. Also, Raja is the only
one that can use Ataraxia, which is the ONLY way in the game to restore lost
TP outside of staying at an inn. Physically, however, Raja is a lot like Rune.

Stats: Lvl 25-50        Rank:
HP: 108-227             Last
TP: 170-319             2nd
Strength: 31-59         9th
Mental: 59-96           2nd
Agility: 24-43          Last
Dexterity: 30-56        Last
Overall Rank:           6th

Technique/Skill Chronology:
Initial - Res, Anti, Rimpa, Sar, Arows, Rimit, GiRes, Seals, Rever
          Blessing, Holyword, Ataraxia, Miracle, St. Fire
Lvl 27 - NaRes
Lvl 28 - GiSar
Lvl 31 - Regen
Lvl 34 - NaSar
j. Kyra Tierney
Job: Esper
Age: 18 yrs.

Kyra values herself as being the "big sister" of Chaz. Kyra is an Esper of
the Esper Mansion, which live in service of the great wizard Lutz. She takes
care of the sick people of Meese until one day she had enough and decides to
go to the Garuberk Tower on her own. After being saved, she joins the party
to help save the people. Kyra is a well-rounded fighter, using powerful
Techniques and Skills, being a decent healer (Medice is the best healing skill
in the game) and still being a good fighter using Slashers.

Stats: Lvl 27-50        Rank:
HP: 159-296             8th
TP: 122-218             5th
Strength: 37-64         7th
Mental: 43-76           5th
Agility: 35-59          6th
Dexterity: 40-70        5th
Overall Rank:           5th

Technique/Skill Chronology:
Initial - Res, Foi, Anti, Rimpa, GiRes, GiFoi, Gra, Medice, Flaeli, Telele,
Lvl 29 - Warla
Lvl 30 - GiGra
Lvl 33 - NaFoi
Lvl 35 - Bindwa
Lvl 36 - NaRes
Lvl 39 - Tandle
Lvl 40 - NaGra
k. Seth
Job: Scholar
Age: 39 yrs.

Seth is a mysterious scholar who just happens to show up at Soldier Island
the same time you do. Very polite and courteous, Seth manages to hide himself
well... that is, until he is brought into the light.

Stats: Lvl 35-50        Rank:
HP: 233-321             5th
TP: 0-0                 T-Last
Strength: 55-72         5th
Mental: 67-88           3rd
Agility: 50-69          2nd
Dexterity: 50-68        T-6th
Overall Rank:           Last

Technique/Skill Chronology:
Initial - Shadow, Corrosion, Mindblast, Deathspell
III. Walkthrough
Here is the complete walkthrough of this great game. Recommended levels
will be given for each section. The walkthrough will be as brief as possible
while still giving enough information.
a. Basement of Problems
As you start the game, Chaz is woken up by Alys, saying that they have a job
in Piata. Alys and Chaz start towards Piata.

You will arrive in the Academy and Chaz will find himself lost from Alys. She's
not too far off. Go left to find her and she'll rejoin Chaz. After she joins,
go up to the Principal's office and talk to him. He will say that the
basement has been infested with monsters and he wants you to destroy them. As
you leave, Alys will say that she smells something fishy. Either way, head
downstairs and towards the basement. There will be a man pacing back and
forth there. Talk to him. This is Hahn and he asks that you take him with
you, saying that he is Professor Holt's assistant. He admits that he would
have investigated himself, but waited for the Hunters to help him, so Alys
takes advantage of the situation and says that she'll help for 100 Meseta,
which Hahn pays up and joins the party. Save and enter.

-Piata Basement-
Recommended Level: 1
Treasures: Monomate, 100 Mes., Antidote
Monsters: Xanafalgue, Zoran Bult, IGLANOVA

Before going too far, set up a Macro that looks like this;

Alys: Fight
Chaz: Fight
Hahn: Fight

When fighting, it is always best to have your multi-target fighter hit first,
then have your strongest, weakest, and next strongest and next weakest attack,
that way any remaining monsters can be handled quickly. The level isn't
too hard to beat, just grab the three chests and fight around until Hahn
reaches level 3. When he does, exit and rest at the Inn in town, then head
back to the last floor. On the last floor will be monster-breeding capsules.
Go up and look at the monster.

BOSS: Iglanova
HP: 300
XP: 171
Mes: 54
Recommended Level: 3

This boss is extremely easy. All Iglanova will do is fission some more
Xanafalgues. Have Chaz use Earth on the first round to attempt to stop this.
If Earth fails, then you'll have to have Chaz fight the Xanafalgues. Have
Alys use Vortex on Iglanova and Hahn use Wat on it. This fight should not
last too long.

After the fight, Alys talks to Hahn about the capsules. Hahn swears he knows
nothing, so Alys suggests they talk to the Principal again. Exit the basement.

Go talk to the Principal and Alys will threaten him for information. He
talks about Birth Valley and Professor Holt's research and them transporting
the monster-breeding capsules to the academy for further research. However,
as he tried sending out a rescue team to find the missing researchers, a man
named Zio showed up. Alys mentions him as a fake magician, then Zio's voice
appears before them, saying not to enter Birth Valley, or else they could
be turned to stone like the rest of the research team. Hahn gets worried and
says he's going to Birth Valley. Alys says they'll come for 300 Meseta and
expenses, which Hahn agrees to.

Rest and exit Piata.
b. The Stone People
Walk north from Piata to the town of Mile.

There isn't much to do in Mile, though you can upgrade your weapons. Give
Chaz a Steel Sword and Alys two Slashers. Give Chaz's old Hunting Knives to
Hahn. Sell what's left over. Rest if you need to, but fight outside of Mile
until Chaz reaches level 4. After he learns it, you can set up a Macro that
looks like this:

Alys: Foi
Chaz: Tsu
Hahn: Wat

This will give you your first combo attack, the Tri-Blaster. Early in the
game like this, this is a powerful combo, doing over 100 damage to every
monster. However, right now the combo will probably be hard to pull off since
Alys is your fastest character, and generally the slowest character needs
to go first for the combo to work. Level up to Level 5 before heading north
to Zema.

When you arrive in Zema, you'll find out that everybody has been turned to
stone, just as Zio had shown. Not much here, just enter Birth Valley.

-Birth Valley-
Recommended Level: 5
Treasures: Carbon Shield, Monomate, Carbon Suit
Monsters: Xanafalgue, Zoran Bult, Flatter Plant

Birth Valley is even shorter than the basement. Grab the two items from the
chests on the first floor and the Carbon Suit from the 2nd floor. Give the
Carbon Suit to Hahn (he'll need it). When you have everything, look at
the stone man in front of the door on the left side of the 2nd floor. This
is Professor Holt turned to stone. Hahn wonders if there is a way to heal them,
then Alys mentions that she heard about a medicine called Alshline that can
do it. She says that it could be in the Motavian Village of Molcum, then tells
Hahn that if he still wants her services to fork over another 500 Meseta.

You'll find yourself back outside of Zema. Just exit and make your way south
to Molcum.

When you arrive in Molcum, you'll see that it is burnt to the ground. If you
look around the remains of town, you'll see a man in a white robe standing
in the middle of town. Alys immediately recognizes him as Rune. Rune teases
Chaz a bit (calling him Shorty) and then saying that Zio attacked the village.
He then says that Alshline is in Tonoe, which if you travel East to Krup and
then north you should be able to get there through the cave. Hahn asks to
not go to Krup, but since I really don't like him anyway, I'm going to stop
there. Rune then invites himself to the party, saying he has some business
in Tonoe. As he calls Chaz "Shorty" again, Chaz tries correcting him, but
Rune already seems to know his name, even though Chaz never told him.

Exit the village and head east to Krup.

Rest here if you need it. Behind the Item Shop is the school where Hahn's
fiancee Saya teaches. Watch the two lovebirds before Alys gets sick of it.
Also, in the Armor Shop is where Hahn's parents are. His father seems to be
disappointed in Hahn's choice of profession, but Hahn says that he needs to
study to save the world (how noble). Anyways, with Rune in your party (leading
the party since his HP is far above anyone else's), set up a Macro with:

Rune: Gra/Hewn
Alys: Fight
Chaz: Fight
Hahn: Fight

Use this when fighting and your battles will be over a lot quicker. Exit and
head north to the cave. The entrance will be blocked, but Rune will step in
and use Flaeli on it, destroying the rocks and opening up the path. Rune
claims this is what is called "Magic". Enter the cave.

-Valley Maze-
Recommended Level: 5
Treasures: Carrion Crawler, Blob, Sand Newt
Monsters: Antidote, 300 Mes.

The monsters here can do quite a bit of damage, but if you use Rune's Gra or
Hewn like in the Macro above, the monsters should die quick. To get to the
other side of the cave, just go up and left. Stay inside the caves though
until Rune runs out of TP and Hewn skills. When you are ready, exit the
cave and enter the town of Tonoe.

Unequip Rune of everything and give Hahn the Circlet. If you keep the Wood
Cane you can use it as an item to cast Res. The Stores here are hard to find,
but are located to the right side of town under the red and blue stands.
The Armor Shop is the 3rd one from the left on the lower group. Buy Chaz a
Titanium Helmet and Titanium Mail and Alys a Titanium Mail. The Item Shop is
two more spaces to the right of the Armor Shop. The Weapon Shop is the 2nd
one from the left in the upper group. Buy Chaz a Titanium Sword, Hahn a pair
of Titanium Daggers, and Alys a pair of Titanium Slashers.

Once you have everything, go up from the stores to the first tent. Talk to
the guy in the chair. This is Grandfather Dorin. You can talk to him about
the Secret of Titanium and why the Cave is blocked, but if you want to get
anywhere, talk to him about the measurements of Alys. He'll get a knuckle
sandwich from Alys for this. Rune tries to calm down Alys and then asks Dorin
about an item in his care and Alshline. Dorin tells Alys that it's in the
basement and asks Gryz to go with them. Rune and Dorin leave with Rune giving
a word of warning to Chaz saying not to take on Zio, as he is no match for
him right now. Gryz joins the party.

Go up from the tent to the basement. Check the door and Gryz will open it.

Recommended Level: 7
Treasures: Monomate, 100 Mes., 500 Mes., 300 Mes., Titanium Crown, Antidote,
           Escapipe, ALSHLINE
Monsters: Toadstool, Abe Frog, Blob, Carrion Crawler

The monsters here will be a lot harder, especially without Rune. Use
Tri-Blaster if you find yourself in a lot of trouble (you can reset the
Macro so that Gryz leads if you want). The first floor has a Monomate and
100 Meseta. The stairs going down is directly north from the stairs leading
out. On the second floor is a chest with 500 Meseta and 300 Meseta. Go down
the stairs to the next floor. On this floor, make sure to grab the Titanium
Crown for Alys. The stairs going down is just to the right of the stairs going
up. On the final floor, just make your way around to the two chests, one
containing an Escapipe and the other containing the Alshline. After you find
it, Gryz asks if he can still come, saying that he needs revenge. Walk out
if you can, else use the Escapipe to warp out.

Rest up and save. By now Alys should know Zan, so her and Hahn can team up
for a Blizzard combo if you want to make one. Exit and Make your way back
through Valley Maze and over to Zema once again.

Once you enter, Hahn will use the Alshline on everybody including Professor
Holt. The Professor orders the continuation of the investigation and goes
further into Birth Valley. He tells Hahn to go back to the Academy and report
what is going on. Alys recommends taking it easy for the rest of the day.

At the Inn, Hahn is getting ready to go back to Piata and Gryz is planning
on taking on Zio. Alys says that normally they'd report to the guild, but
the bridge to Aiedo is broke. Just then, a scream is heard and a monster
comes out of Birth Valley and attacks the people.

BOSS: Iglanova
HP: 300
XP: 171
Mes: 54
Recommended Level: 8

This is even easier than before. Just attack normally and save your TP and
HP. Iglanova will not last long.

After the fight, Hahn will realize that Professor Holt is still inside. He
gets worried and decides to go in. Alys offers to go along for 1000 Meseta.
Before going back in, buy Hahn a Graphite Suit and Gryz a Broad Axe. Enter
Birth Valley and go to the door that Professor Holt was in front of. Open
it and enter the Bio Plant.
c. A Mechanical Situation
-Bio Plant-
Recommended Level: 8
Treasures: Cure Paral, Graphite Crown, Ceramic Sword, Antidote
Monsters: Arm Drone, Flatter Plant, Gicefalgue, Ismounos, Guilgenova,
          Sensor Bit, Neo Whistle

Ah, the old PS1 Tower Music... rearranged! Ok, enough of that, time for
some business. Start walking forward and an alarm will go off, scaring Chaz
and Hahn. The enemies here are a lot tougher to beat, including mechanical
monsters. If you find yourself having trouble with the machines, have Gryz
use Brose, but only use it if you find yourself having a tough time, else
you won't have it when you really need it (since it takes up 16 TP). Go
forward and take the elevator down.

On the right side of the floor is a Cure Paral. There are two elevators at
the bottom part of the floor. The left one takes you to a Graphite Crown for
Alys. Go back and take the right one to continue. Follow to the next elevator
past the monster-breeding capsules. Go straight down for a Ceramic Sword
for Chaz. Go back up and left and follow to an Antidote. Go down and take
the elevator. Take either door and talk to Professor Holt.

It seems Professor Holt was safe thanks to the person standing behind him.
Her name is Rika. Rika explains what the Bio Plant is, saying it is from a
civilization 1000 years ago (perhaps a Phantasy Star II reference). Rika
says that there are more advanced places like this around that control
Motavia's climate, soil, and ecology, but however, the systems are losing
control. She suggests talking to Seed. She leads you to the next room where
there is nothing but a large computer. That computer is Seed. Even though Seed
is in control of the Bio Plant, the system is out of control. Alys suggests
shutting down the system to stop Motavia from being destroyed. Rika says that
by shutting down the system called Nurvus, the system that supplies energy
to the other systems, that all the systems should shut down. Seed asks that
you rescue an android named Demi from Zio's Fort. Alys agrees to do so, but
Seed asks if they can take Rika, his 'child' along. Rika, much like Neifirst
and Nei from PS2, is a Numan, an artificial lifeform, but the difference is
that Rika is an improvement from the Nei Prototype.

Professor Holt heads back to the academy and everybody leaves. As everybody
gets outside the Bio Plant, Seed uses his self-destruct option to stem the
outbreak of the Bio-Monsters, since he sent out the fruit of 1000 years of

After Rika mourns the destruction of Seed, go northwest across the bridge.
Fight around the town of Nalya for a while. Get Rika up to Level 6 before
entering the town.

What a useless town. Just rest here and listen to the people cry about the
meteor that crashed down to the earth. Save and enter the Wreckage north
of town.

Recommended Level: 10
Treasures: Ceramic Shield, 1500 Mes., Dimate, Ceramic Knife, Ceramic Mail
Monsters: Warren286, Whistle, Tracer

The enemies on this level give you a decent amount of XP, but they pack a
punch. Wreckage is exactly like the name says, a wreck. Make your way upward.
When you first see a door, don't take it yet, just go right to the door to
pick up a Ceramic Shield and 1500 Meseta. Now go back to that door. Follow
left (up is a dead end) and grab the Dimate on your way to the elevator.

Follow up to the Ceramic Knife and give it to Hahn. From there go right and
up to the door. Inside is a Ceramic Mail. Give it to Rika then go back up.
Down and left takes you to the elevator. Keep going until you reach a big
computer room. Rika steps in and hacks into the computer to access its memory.
The memory says that it is a spaceship that escaped from Palma 1000 years
ago. This one in particular was damaged and was trapped in orbit around
Motavia. The orbit decayed and then just crashed. Rika then says that more
of the ships landed in either Motavia or Dezolis, but some were lost forever
(i.e. Phantasy Star III, which explains a lot in PSO if you think clearly
enough). After you get that, go ahead and walk out of Wreckage and walk
southwest to Aiedo.

Treasures: Trimate, 1000 Mes.

Looks like you're home again. If you want to heal for free, just rest at
Alys' house in the northwest corner of town. Don't buy weapons or armor at
the mall stores, since they are just repeats. The real good stuff is near
the Hunter's Guild at the north end of town. But before you buy anything, go
to the Hunter's Guild and sign up for the Ranch Owner job. Also, if you go
far right in the guild and through the door, you can go through a few doors
to a hidden area with a Trimate and 1000 Meseta. Now at the equipment shops,
buy Gryz a Struggle Axe, Ceramic Mail, and Ceramic Helmet. Buy Rika two Saber
Claws, and buy Chaz a Ceramic Mail and Ceramic Helmet. Don't worry about
Hahn and Alys just yet. When you're rested and equipped, either Ryuka or
walk back to Mile.


Save and talk to the Ranch owner. He'll let you in. Now there are two things
you can do here. You can unequip Alys and Hahn of their items and set them
in front so that they die easier while letting Chaz, Gryz, and Rika hog the
XP, or just fight normally. Since Alys and Hahn won't be around much longer,
I suggest doing the first option. Walk into the ranch area and wait.

BOSS: Sandworm
HP: 1450
XP: 25160
Mes: 1200
Recommended Level: 10

Luckily this version of the Sandworm is nowhere nearly as strong as the one
you'll find later. No matter what you choose to do, have Hahn use Wat, Alys
use Vortex or Zan, Chaz use Crosscut then Tsu, Gryz attack, and Rika use
Double Slash. If you want, have Alys use Shift on Chaz, Gryz, and Rika as
well. Don't be afraid to use a Dimate or two here. Once your skills run out,
attack normally. If you played it right, the Sandworm should die easily.
If you killed off Alys and Hahn, the remaining 3 should get over 8000 XP,
which should boost everyone up at least 3 levels. Talk to the Ranch Owner
after the fight and he'll send the money to Aiedo.

Collect your money. Now rest and buy Alys a Ceramic Armor and Hahn another
Ceramic Knife. Save and exit town, then head north to the Passageway.

Recommended Level: 13
Treasures: Dimate, Cure Paral
Monsters: Speard, Zol Slug, Meta Slug

The Passageway can be hard to beat if you run into Zol Slugs. They aren't hard
alone, but they fuse into a Meta Slug. If you're going XP hunting, kill one
of them and let them fuse. The treasures in here aren't worth risking your
neck over, so just make your way left and down to the exit, then walk
southeast to the town of Kadary.
d. Zio's Mark
Treasures: Laser Slasher

Before going into the actual town, if you hug the wall going right on the
outside and go up, you'll reach a house with a chest inside. The chest
contains a Laser Slasher for Alys. Rest up in town and buy a few Dimates.
If you want to look around, you will find out that this is the home of Zio's
Church and his cult. Exit and head south to Zio's Fort.

-Zio's Fort-
Recommended Level: 14
Treasures: 2000 Mes., Laser Sword, Moon Dew, Laser Barrier, Dimate, Laser Claw
Monsters: Tech User, Ripper, Speard, Shadow Saber, JUZA, ZIO

Here is where you will be challenged the most. The monsters here use techniques
and can really hurt if you're unprepared. Make your way up to the upper part
of the fort. Take the stairs to the left. Go left and take the stairs down,
grabbing the 2000 Meseta, then back up. Go down and take the stairs near the
pit. Follow until you reach the chest with a Laser Sword for Chaz. Go back
to the stairs, then fall down the pit. Grab the Moon Dew from the chest and
exit. Reenter and make your way back to that pit, but don't fall down it.

From the lower side of the pit, go right. Fall down that pit and grab the
Laser Barrier from the chest and exit. Enter again and make your way back to
that pit. Go down from there to the stairs and grab the Dimate. Go back up
and take the stairs near the pit. Follow to the Laser Claw in the chest and
give it to Rika. Go around the wall and up and talk to the man standing there.

Boss: Juza
HP: 1550
XP: 5150
MES: 800
Recommended Level: 15

This battle can be tricky if Juza uses a tough skill known as Force Flash.
Have Gryz use War Cry to double his attack, then let him loose with his
normal attacks. Alys should just fight with Vortex and Rika should use
Double Slash. Chaz should focus on Crosscut while Hahn uses Vision followed
by Healing Techniques on whoever needs it. Other than that, the battle should
not be too hard.

After you beat him, unequip Alys and Hahn. Go up the stairs that appear and
then up the next set. Walk up to where Demi is left hanging. Alys will free
her. Demi will heal everybody in thanks using her Medical Power. She says
that she has tried to freeze the entire system of Nurvus, but seemed to have
been caught by Zio, who walks in. Zio seems mad. He encourages everybody to
be angry and sad, as that is a great offering to his god. Chaz suggests
leaving, but Alys just has to ask why Zio is doing this if Motavia is going
to be destroyed. Well DUH, that's the entire idea. Gee, doesn't Alys know
anything about evil dudes. Hahn calls him crazy, which causes Zio to attack,
calling upon the power of his god; DARK FORCE!

HP: No idea
XP: Yeah right
MES: No chance
Recommended Level: 99 won't even help you.

Zio starts off by using Magic Barrier. Might as well run now or something.
It really doesn't matter what you do because Zio will not be harmed. Skills
and Techniques all do 1 HP of damage to him. After 3 turns, Zio will use
Nightmare to call Dark Force to aid him. The turn after that, he will use
Black Wave on Chaz.

Before Chaz can get hit, Alys stands in front of Chaz and takes the hit. Rika
suggests retreating, which they do. Rika also tries healing Alys, but it won't
work. Hahn then tells them to go to Krup.

Alys lays in bed with Chaz, Rika, Gryz, Demi, Hahn, and even Saya watching
over her. Nothing is helping Alys and she is only getting worse. Shutting
down Nurvus won't help at all either, because Nurvus is located directly
beneath Zio's Fort. Looks like you'll have to defeat Zio. Alys then starts
to mutter some words, saying that Rune could help. Hahn seems to recall that
Rune used magic before (gotta love Chaz's feelings on Rune "Oh, he's a
disgusting, conceited jerk!"). Gryz believes that Rune went with Grandfather
Dorin to the Ladea Tower, which is beyond the quicksand. While everybody is
stumped on how to get there, Demi says that the Land Rover can help and
suggests going to get it. Chaz asks Hahn to stay behind while they go find
Rune. Rest up and exit Krup. Walk south until something appears from under
the ground. This is the Machine Center. Enter it.

-Machine Center-

Enter the elevator and grab the Control Key from the chest. Go down and
activate the Land Rover. As Demi retrieves it, she says that the real problem
is in the artificial satellite Zelan, which is sending abnormal commands. But
we'll worry about that later.

Drive north to where the Valley Maze is, then drive east through the
quicksand. Drive north to the town of Monsen.

Not much here unless you want to buy more items. However, near the crack
in the ground on the right side of town is a man standing in front of it.
Talk to him and an earthquake will then happen, scaring Gryz to death. Demi
believes that it is the Plate System that is causing the problem, so she
suggests going north to the Plate System to fix it. Before doing anything
else, head to Aiedo and sign up for the "Tinkerbell's Dog" job.


In town, go to the first house you see on the right side of town. Talk to
the owners of the missing dog and they'll give you some clues. The biggest
clue is that he likes sweets. Anyways, exit the house and go up towards the
cemetery. Walk left along the wall until you come across a building on the
outskirts of town. Enter and go to the basement, then buy a Shortcake from
the Naura cake shop (another reference to PS1 and PSO). Now head back to

In the corner near the item shop is the dog you're looking for. Feed it the
Shortcake and you'll have it. You'll instantly warp back to Aiedo where the
family will send the money to the guild. Pick the 2000 up and head back to
Monsen. Save and head northeast to the Plate Center now.
e. Sweet Revenge
-Plate System-
Recommended Level: 16
Treasures: Repair-Kit, Ceramic Armor, Titanium Gear, Phononmezer, Laser Knife,
           Laser Axe, Laser Barrier, Stun Shot
Monsters: Worker Pod, Gunner Bit, Seeker, Loader, Slave

There are nothing by machines in this building, so make the best out of Brose
and Spark if you find yourself in trouble. From the entrance, go right and
down for a Repair-Kit, then follow the yellow line to the elevator. Take it
and then go up and right. At the fork, go up for a Ceramic Armor and down to
a Titanium Gear. Go back left all the way then up to the next elevator. Go
left and down all the way to the next elevator, then follow to the chest with
the Phononmezer parts for Demi (you will need this). Head back to the elevator
and take it. Go right at the first chance and follow until you see a line
on the floor. Go down to the elevator. Follow the line up and around to the
chests with a Laser Knife, Laser Axe, and Laser Barrier. Make sure you give
the Laser Axe to Gryz. Take the nearby elevator upwards. Go right to the
chest with a Stun Shot. Go up to the computer and Demi will shut down the
Plate System. I suggest walking out if you can to get the extra experience
you'll need.

Head back to Monsen to rest up. Sell what you don't need and exit town. Use
the Land Rover to cross the quicksand to the east of the Plate System and
then south to the town of Termi.

Finally, some new armor. At the armor shop, buy Chaz, Gryz, and Rika a
Psychic Mail and buy Rika a Psychic Crown. Buy some Dimates for now. Exit town
and walk southwest to the Ladea Tower (if you run into Sandworms along the
way... RUN!!)

-Ladea Tower-
Recommended Level: 17
Treasures: Dimate, Star Dew x2, Escapipe, Frade Mantle, 1000 Mes.
Monsters: Centaur, Shadow Saber, Fly Screamer, Ripper, Haunt

(About time there's another original PS1 music track). Anyways, the Ladea Tower
is swarming full of tough monsters, so you'll want to find Rune quick so
he can add to your power. First off, walk up to the stairs and take them.
Now go left (the first upper path takes you to a Dimate) to the end and down
to the stairs which take you to a chest with a Star-Dew. Go back down stairs.
Now go right all the way and down to the stairs. After you enter the 3rd floor,
Rune will be there waiting. After explaining the situation, he says he'll go
after he finds the Psycho Wand, which is the only weapon which can break
Zio's Magic Barrier. Rune then joins up. Remember how easy it was to have
Rune in the party earlier in the game? Well, it won't be so easy now, though
his power makes the game smoother. Anyways, continue along the path given
and walk past the stairs you see. Grab the Escapipe in the chest and go up
the stairs you just passed.

Follow down and right and take the first set of stairs you see. Go left and
grab the Frade Mantle from the chest. Give it to Rune and continue left to
the stairs. Take them down and go up and right, taking the 1000 Meseta and
another Star Dew from the chests. Go back to where you got the Frade Mantle
and go down, taking the stairs. Heal before going up to the chest that's
blocked by a barrier. Walk up to it an Rune will remove the barrier. Just
as you're about ready to grab it, a monster shows up under the orders of
Zio to take the Psycho Wand.

HP: 2575
XP: 10000
MES: 1224
Recommended Level: 18

This battle can be a challenge in itself. Start off by Gryz using War Cry,
Rika using Deban, Chaz using Crosscut, Demi using Phononmezer, and Rune using
GiWat. Rika should switch to Saner then Double Slash afterwards while Demi
and Gryz attack. Have Chaz use GiThu when he runs out of Crosscuts. Heal
when you need to with a Dimate or GiRes after he attacks, because he will
do about 60-70 damage per shot, usually critical each time. After you defeat
him, grab the Psycho Wand from the chest. Just as you grab it, Rika and Rune
sense something bad and suggests heading back to Krup.

As you arrive, Hahn says that Alys' condition has gotten worse. Rune says
that he cannot do anything to save Alys. Alys asks Rune to help Chaz, which
Rune agrees to. Alys tells Chaz that he has to do things on his own now. After
thanking Chaz one last time, Alys takes her last breath and passes away.

The party holds a small funeral for her and buries her in Krup. That night,
Chaz can't sleep. Rune comes out to talk to Chaz and gives him something to
think about. After Rune leaves, Rika comes out to cheer up Chaz. 

The next day, Hahn returns to Piata while Saya goes back to teaching. As for
everyone else, it's time to get some sweet revenge. Head back to Kadary and
stock up on Dimates. When you're ready, head to Zio's Fort. Walk up to the
Barrier and Rune will destroy it. Go down the stairs into Nurvus.

Recommended Level: 18
Treasures: Wave Shot, Repair Kit, Ceramic Gear, Spaced Armor
Monsters: Float Mine, Tarantella, Zio's Guard, Centaur, Techmaster, Balduel,
          Blauzen, Greneris, ZIO

This is it. This is for all the marbles... so far that is. The enemies here
are both mechanical and biological. The magical monsters can be stopped by
Seals, so use that wisely. Try to have Chaz, Rika, and Rune save their TP.
Don't worry about using up Crash, Brose, or Spark. From the entrance, go up
and then left at the fork to get a Wave Shot for Demi. Go back and this time
go right at the fork. Go up to the elevator and take it down. Follow to the
next fork and go down to get a Repair Kit, then back up to the elevator. Now
take the elevator to the left and go down for a Ceramic Gear. Go back up that
elevator and then down. At the end of this path is another elevator, so take
that down as well. Follow the yellow line right and up to the next elevator.
Go down and left to the chest with the Spaced Armor, then back and take the
elevator to the right of the one you just took. Just follow all the way down
and you should see a door on the left and an elevator on the right. Take the
door for a Plasma Claw for Rika, then go back and take the elevator back up.
If you need to, now is the time to head back to town to rest up and restock.
If you do that, just make your way back here. Follow the line to the next
door and then heal with some Dimate. Set a Macro that looks like this:

Gryz - Psycho Wand
Rika - Saner
Demi - Barrier
Chaz - Crosscut
Rune - GiFoi

When you're set, walk up to the computer where Zio will appear. He will say
very few words then attack.

Major Boss: ZIO
HP: 2900
XP: 25995
MES: 1
Recommended Level: 19

Just like last time, Zio will start off with Magic Barrier. Use the Macro
I just told you to make to start things off. After that turn, use it again.
With a pair of Saners, you'll have all 5 of your characters act before Zio
even attacks, which gives you time to heal if needed. Now have Gryz use
War Cry, Demi use Phononmezer, Chaz use Crosscut, Rika use Double Slash, and
Rune still using GiFoi or heal with Dimates. Don't worry if Demi or Gryz
dies, that way you can save the XP for Chaz, Rika, and Rune (though don't
force yourself to kill them). Zio will attack all your characters with magic,
but Rune should be able to withstand it well. Don't be afraid to use a Star
Dew if you need to. The only attack you need to worry about is Zio's actual
attack, which can kill any character. As long as you keep your attacks up
and your HP up, Zio should fall relatively quickly.

As Zio vanishes into thin air after receiving the biggest beating of a
lifetime, Demi will say goodbye to the party and connect herself to Nurvus.
She will suggest going to Zelan to look into that problem now and to see her
master, Wren (whom Rika seems to know as well), saying that Zelan needs to
be fixed before Motavia becomes barren. She makes a Spaceport appear north
of Nurvus. Just before you leave, Gryz says that he cannot go and leaves the
party. Walk to the spaceport and heal at the healing pad. Enter the shuttle
door and fly to Zelan.
f. Crash on Dezolis
Treasures: Plasma Dagger, Plasma Claw, Plasma Sword, Plasma Field, Pulse Laser,

Go up and take the elevator. On the right and left are chests, containing
a few weapon upgrades. After you get it, walk up and talk to Wren. Wren says
that Zelan is not the cause of the problem, but instead is the satellite
Kuran, which somebody has occupied and usurped power. Wren asks if he can
join to solve the problem. Anyways, ALWAYS put Wren in front. He has a killer
amount of HP and strength that nobody can match. Plus, with the Pulse Laser
and later the Pulse Vulcan, he can fill in the gap that Alys left behind with
a multi-enemy attacker. Never sell your multi-attack guns at this stage in
the game. Anyway, once you have the items and Wren, head back to the shuttle
and fly to Kuran...

However, there is a problem in the engine room. Seems somebody is in there
about to sabotage the engine.

HP: 450
XP: 18380
MES: 1200
Recommended Level: 20

The fight really isn't that hard. Just nail him with anything and he'll die
fairly quickly. However, the damage has been done and you'll be forced to
crash land on Dezolis. Everybody seems fine with the crash landing, but Chaz
is scared off his feet. You crash land on Dezolis... taking out a piece of
someone's temple.

-Raja's Temple-

As you walk out of the crashed shuttle, a Dezolisian welcomes you with
ridicule and jokes (this is where the game gets funny). As the man describes
Rika and Wren as a girl with horns and a mechanical doll or "an droid, the
droid". He introduces himself as Raja and will give some advice and forgive
the destruction of his temple only if they take him with him. Everyone agrees
to let Raja join and Raja says that there is another spaceship on Dezolis that
can be found. He recommends going to the town of Tyler. Raja's stats are
similar to Rune's, though Raja focuses on healing. Raja's Mental rating means
that his Res technique can heal close to 70 HP! Exit the temple and everyone
will talk about the heavy snowstorm that's going on in the planet. While
Wren thinks that the Climate Control system on Dezolis has gone haywire,
Raja INSISTS that it is the Garuberk Tower. Walk north to the town of Ryuon.

The first place you'll want to go to is the Pub just above the Inn. Talk to
Gyuna, the bartender. You can talk to him about the snow storm, the
Garuberk Tower, Raja, or the whereabouts of the spaceship. Ask him about the
spaceship and he will just say to look at the grave in Tyler. Anyway, buy
a Silver Mantle and Silver Circlet for Rune. Exit town and walk northwest to

In town, buy a Silver Mail and Silver Helmet for Chaz, and a Silver Mail and
Silver Crown for Rika. Rest up if you need it, then go to the left side of
town and look at Tyler's Grave (if you need a Phantasy Star history lesson,
Tyler was the space pirate that saved Rolf and his friends from the
satellite Gaira crashing into Palma in Phantasy Star II). Save and enter.

Recommended Level: 21
Treasures: Dimate, Zirconian Gear
Monsters: Helex, Gerotlux

All the monsters here aside from Helex are weak to fire, just as most of the
monsters are on Dezolis. Now would be a good time to equip Wren with the
Pulse Laser and have him attack first. The Hanger is pretty small, just make
sure to get the Zirconian Gear for Wren. The exit is at the lower-left side
of the map. Once you exit, you'll see the spaceship Landale. A spaceport
appears and you'll now be able to use the Landale. Heal at the spaceport
and fly back to Motavia. Go to Aiedo.

Sign up for the "Missing Student" job. Head to Termi.


First off, at Termi go to the Bayamare Gift Shop. Buy a Perolymate and then
warp to Piata.

Go to the dorms above the Inn and talk to the caretaker. The caretaker talks
about the missing student and said that she became devoted to some religion.
With this knowledge, head to Kadary.

If you remember the weird cult of Zio, then you know about their religion. Go
into the Church of Zio. In the church is the missing student. Talk to her
and she will collapse. You will arrive at the inn. The old man says that
some nutritious would help. Talk to him again with the Perolymate and then
talk to the girl.

The caretaker will be grateful and send the reward to the Guild.

Pick up the money and then sign up for the "Fissure of Fear" job.


Talk to the woman inside the house right across from the fissure. She will
say that her son Tallas fell into the fissure and asks you to find him. The
sign will be removed, so enter the fissure.

-The Hole-
Recommended Level: 22
Monsters: Zol Slug, Meta Slug, Jr. Ooze, FRACT OOZE

When you enter, go a bit right. You'll see some shoes on the ground. The
monsters here aren't worth much, but the head monster is. Keep going after
the shoes right and up and you'll see the Fract Ooze. Before talking to it,
equip Wren with his Plasma Rifle (if you have the Pulse Laser equipped).

HP: 2000
XP: 42235
MES: 855
Recommended Level: 22

The fight really isn't too tough, but start off anyway with Wren using
Barrier and Raja using Blessing. Rika should use Double Slash, Chaz should
use Crosscut, and Rune should use GiWat. Afterwards, just have Wren attack
and Raja heal. The fight shouldn't last long. After you win, Tallas will
appear, seemingly unharmed but had been eaten by the ooze. He will run off.
Go back to Monsen and talk to the boy's mother and then back to Aiedo to
get your reward.

Head to the spaceport to heal. Re-equip Wren with the Pulse Laser if you
haven't already. Go to the Landale and fly to Kuran.

Recommended Level: 23
Treasures: HYPER JAMMER, Repair Kit x2, Zirconian Armor, 3000 Mes.,
           Napalm Shot
Monsters: Satellite Minion, Siren386, Command Ball, Float Mine, C-Ray Tube,

As you enter, Wren suggests heading to the main control center. Monsters
here are mostly mechanic again, so don't be afraid to use Spark when you
have to. Also, don't be afraid to have Raja heal. If you need more TP, just
have him use Ataraxia. Anyways, walk up and take the elevator. Go left to the
door. Keep going left to the fork. At the fork, go up to get the Hyper Jammer
for Wren and then down for a Repair Kit. Take the nearby elevator. Follow
right and take the door, then right again to the dotted line. Go down from
there to the elevator. Follow up and take the next elevator. Now at this fork,
go left first to get the Zirconian Armor for Wren. Then go back right and
follow to the door. Before taking the elevator, go right to grab the 3000
Meseta and Repair Kit from the chests. Now go back and take the elevator. Go
right and grab the Napalm Shot. Go back to the door across from the elevator
and follow left to the next elevator. Go down to the next elevator.

Go up and you'll be near the main computer room. The party will talk, but
Rika will see something. Equip Wren with the Napalm Shot and go up. A monster
will be blocking the computer. Rune says that it is Dark Force. Wren suggests
removing it quickly.

Major Boss: DARK FORCE
HP: 4500
XP: 32600
MES: 1
Recommended Level: 25

Dark Force, next to Zio, makes Zio look like a clown (considering that Zio
considered Dark Force his God). Start off with Wren using Barrier, Raja
using Blessing, Rika using Saner, Rune using NaFoi, and Chaz using Crosscut.
Afterwards, have Raja heal, use Ataraxia, or use St. Fire. Wren
should attack afterwards (the Napalm Shot will do a lot of damage), while
Rika uses Double Slash. If you used Saner, Barrier, and Blessing, you should
withstand a lot of Dark Force's attacks while still having everyone move
before he does, especially old Raja. If everyone's HP starts running low,
have Raja use Miracle. As long as you keep everyone's HP at a high enough
level, Dark Force should fall with some effort.

After you win, Wren will start to get Kuran back to normal. Chaz asks Rune
how he knew that thing was Dark Force. Rune says that he's seen it before
and tells Chaz that he will explain it later. Wren then says that they need
to return to Zelan.

Wren gets Zelan back online, saying that all the systems in Algo are working
properly now... however, the snow storm on Dezolis is still going on. Raja
continues to insist that it is the Garuberk Tower. Wren says that if the
snowstorm doesn't stop then life on Dezolis will end. Chaz then steps up and
takes charge, saying that they should fix the problem. Everyone agrees to
go as well and Wren gives Chaz the Ice Digger. Head back to Dezolis.
g. Listen to the Sick Man
Heal at the spaceport and exit. Enter Tyler and buy Rune two Silver Shields
to boost his defense. Exit and enter the Ice Digger. Head east and then
northwest to the town of Zosa.

Here you can buy some new weapons. Buy Chaz a Flame Sword but do NOT sell
the Plasma Sword just yet. Buy two Thunder Claws but only give ONE to Rika.
Also if you want, buy a Tornado Dagger just for the sake of it. Now that
you have Rune without a weapon, make your Macro look like this:

Wren - Attack
Rika - Attack
Chaz - Attack
Rune - Thunder Claw/Tornado Dagger
Raja - Attack

Thunder Claw casts Tandle in battle and does high damage to machines, while
Tornado Dagger casts Hewn. After you get that stuff, exit and use the
Ice Digger again, going west then north until you find a cave. Enter the

-Myst Valley-
Recommended Level: 25
Treasures: Trimate, Star Dew
Monsters: Sky Tiara, Hungry Mole, Tech Plant

The monsters here are extremely weak to fire, so make use of that as well.
Since Rune now has a Thunder Claw, he'll deal close to 90 HP of damage per
shot, without using TP and with the added bonus of two shields. Anyway, the
cave is relatively short, so just make your way upward, grabbing the two
chests. When you reach the end, you'll see two Musk Cats. Talk to them and
they'll let you in to see Old Man. Go in and talk to the large Musk Cat
with wings (another Phantasy Star theory is that the Old Man is actually
Myau from Phantasy Star 1). He believes that this is not the first time
they've met (which helps the theory that he may be talking to the player of
the game). He gives Chaz the Silver Tusk (which may be the Silver Fang from
PS1). Give it to Rika in exchange for her 2nd Plasma Claw. If you want to
you can level up a bit here since the XP is good, but just walk out when
you're done.

Go to Zosa and rest there, then use the Ice Digger and go north a bit then
east through the ice to the Climate Center.

-Climate Center-
Recommended Level: 27
Treasures: Pulse Vulcan, Repair Kit x2, 5000 Mes., Compound Gear
Monsters: Gy-Laguiah, Protect Bit, Arthropod, Wiredine, Dragerduel, Debugger,

As you enter, you will end up facing Gy-Laguiah, the same monster that you
faced in the Ladea Tower. This time the fight shouldn't be too tough, though
it may take a minute or two if you still have the Napalm Shot equipped. After
you beat it, Wren will suggest investigating to see if this is indeed the
cause of the snowstorm in Dezolis, though Raja continues to say that it is
the Garuberk Tower that is causing it. Equip Chaz with the Plasma Sword for
this level since the monsters here are strong to fire and are mostly
Machines. However, if you have Rune using the Thunder Claw, he should deal
around 150 HP damage when he attacks.

Anyway, go up and around the elevator. At the upper-most part, go left and
follow to get a Pulse Vulcan. Give it to Wren, as it is more powerful than
his Pulse Laser. Go back towards the elevator then go right to get a Repair
Kit. Now take the elevator. Go down all the way then left, passing the
elevator, then go up for 5000 Meseta. Go back to the elevator you passed and
take it to get a Compound Gear for Wren. Go back down and right to the next
elevator and take it. Take the elevator near this one. Go up all the way and
grab the Repair Kit to the right. Go left and take the elevator. Follow the
dotted line to the next elevator. After taking it, go down and left, grabbing
the Compound Armor from the chest. Now go up to the top where the controls
are. A wizard will be there waiting for them. He says that he is acting on
orders, but when Chaz says that they defeated both Zio and Dark Force, the
wizard laughs at the thought of Dark Force being defeated then attacks.

Boss: D-Elm-Lars
HP: 800
XP: 3915
MES: 500
Recommended Level: 28

The battle shouldn't last long, so just nail him with everything you have to
kill it quickly. If his magic is hitting you hard, use Barrier to weaken
it. After killing it, Chaz is afraid that Dark Force is still alive, but
then Wren states the obvious that the Climate Center IS working properly,
causing Raja to again state that the problem is the Garuberk Tower. Walk out
of the building if you can and rest in Zosa. After doing that, walk east to
the town of Reshel.

Monsters: Zombie

There isn't much here, but when you enter you'll fight some Zombies. Piece
of cake. You'll see many buildings destroyed here but you won't know why yet.
Exit and walk a bit southeast to the town of Meese.

Unequip Raja of everything and sell it. Now buy Chaz and Rika a Reflect
Mail each. When you're ready, enter the Clinic at the lower-right side of
town. You'll learn that the illness that has destroyed Reshel and is effecting
Meese (which is why all the Espers are helping out) all started when the
Garuberk Tower appeared. Raja boasts that he was right all along, then
collapses in front of everybody. Chaz thinks he is faking, but Raja has
gotten sick from the Black Energy Wave. Just then, an Esper walks in and says
that another Esper named Kyra has attempted to go to the Garuberk Tower on
her own where a forest of Carnivorous Trees are. Exit town and ride the Ice
Digger northwest to the forest of Carnivorous Trees, which will just stop the
Ice Digger from moving.

Rika will see Kyra being attacked by the living Carnivorous Trees and you'll
be forced to fight them. Don't waste your time fighting them as they just
regenerate after defeated. Just run from the battle. Kyra thanks you for the
help and says that she got tired of seeing so many people dying. Chaz
wonders if there's a way, but Kyra suggests going to the Esper Mansion and
talking to Lutz, their leader, who is over 2000 years old. Kyra says that
nobody but top-ranking officials can enter the part of the mansion where Lutz
stays, but she has seen him. Kyra will join the party and guide everyone to
the Mansion.
h. Ghosts of the Past
From Meese, use the Ice Digger to go west then southeast, east, then northeast.
Enter the Esper Mansion.

-Esper Mansion-
Treasures: Sol Dew, Laconian Rod, Reflect Robe, 10000 Mes.

Talk to the guards in front and will let you in because of Kyra. As you
enter, go right all the way to the door and enter. Grab the items from the
chest. Equip Rune with the Reflect Robe and hang onto the Laconian Rod, as
it casts Efess when used as an item. Exit the room and go up all the way
through the door. Go right and talk to the guards. They will not let Kyra
pass without permission. Kyra tries to make them let her in but it doesn't
work. Rune then orders them to let her in, and after they recognize who he
is, lets them in. Go into the inner building and towards the stairs.

Rune will announce that down the stairs is Lutz's Room. Kyra gets all nervous
about meeting him while Rika and Chaz wonder what kind of person Lutz really
is. They enter, but all they see is a ball floating on a table. Rune explains
that Lutz left the world long ago, but Kyra keeps insisting that Lutz is
alive. Rune explains that Lutz's spirit and will is still alive inside the
floating "Telepathy" Ball. He says that if the chosen person appears, then
the will and memory will be transferred to the selected person. Rune then
shocks the entire party by inheriting the will and memory of Lutz, becoming
the 5th Generation Lutz. Rune explains to Chaz that there is a cycle in Algo
where once every 1000 years, a trouble named Dark Force appears. However,
each time a hero has stepped up to destroy it. He believes that the root of
the evil has not been destroyed and that the destruction of Palma has caused
the cycle to go haywire. He suggests that the root must be defeated and he
chooses Chaz to defeat it, feeling that Chaz is a man of potential.

After apologizing to the party, he says that they need to go to the Garuberk
Tower. The head esper in the room suggests that using the Eclipse Torch will
destroy the Carnivorous Trees, which is held at Gumbious Temple. Exit the
mansion and take the Ice Digger west a ways to the town of Jut.

This is indeed the biggest city in Dezolis, but there isn't much here believe
it or not. Just buy a Laconian Sword for Chaz and a 2nd Laconian Slasher for
Kyra. Don't buy a Laconian Claw for Rika, as you will need the Thunder Claw
just a bit longer and by the time you don't need it, you'll get a stronger
weapon for her. Now before going to Gumbious Temple, take the Ice Digger
southwest past the ice to the Weapon Plant.

-Weapon Plant-
Recommended Level: 29
Treasures: BURST ROC, Elastic Gear, Elastic Armor, Repair Kit x?,
           Plasma Launcher
Monsters: Servant, Wiredine, Arthropod, Life Deleter, Silvalt, Star Drone,

Upon entering, Wren says that this place is the Weapon Plant that Mother
Brain constructed over 1000 years ago. He also says that it has been producing
weapons by orders of Kuran about 1/2 a year ago. He then goes on to say that
Zelan's recovery stopped the factory again and that this place could be left
alone without harm. But where's the fun in that? This place has some great
stuff with some great XP.

Take the elevator and go down, then take the next elevator. Follow the yellow
line to the next elevator. Go up and take the conveyor belt to the right. Go
up and press the switch and back down and go right. Take the nearby elevator
and follow to the chest with the Burst Roc unit for Wren. Go back up the
elevator and then left to the next elevator. Take it up and follow the yellow
line to the next elevator. Now you can go either left or right. If you go left,
follow to get an Elastic Gear and Elastic Armor (also from the Terminal near
the chests you can get an UNLIMITED number of Repair Kits). If you go right,
follow to get a Plasma Launcher for Wren, which is 2nd most powerful
weapon. Now before leaving the Weapon Plant, might I suggest taking some
time to level up? This place is excellent for XP hunting, especially if you
let the Arthropods and Wiredines combine to form a Life Deleter, who has
10000 XP. I'd say level up until Chaz reaches level 33. By then he knows
NaThu and everyone else knows most of their "Na" techniques. Once you're
set, rest up in Jut and walk a bit northeast to Gumbious Temple.

Treasures: Star Dew, Sol Dew, Moon Dew, Trimate

When you enter, go right to the stairs leading down, which takes you to a
room with 4 chests. Grab the items from them and go back up the stairs. Go
left and take those stairs. Follow and talk to the Dezolisian standing in
front of the Eclipse Torch. He refuses to lend the torch even to Lutz himself.
As Chaz and him fight over it, 3 wizards appear in front of the torch. They
claim to live in the Air Castle and tell Rune that he should know who will
be waiting for him at the Air Castle. They take the Eclipse Torch and say
to come and get it. After they disappear, the Dezolisian gets mad at his
stupidity. Chaz offers to retrieve it only if they can borrow it. Rika asks
Rune what those wizards were talking about. He talks about the Air Castle and
about Lashiec, but Lashiec was defeated by Lutz and Alis. Anyways, when you're
set, go back to the spaceport.

Wren will check the sensors on the Landale and find the Air Castle. Set up a
Macro that looks like this:

Wren - Attack
Rika - Attack
Kyra - Attack
Chaz - Attack
Rune - Laconian Rod

This alternates multiple attacks if Wren is equipped with the Pulse Vulcan.
The Laconian Rod will cast a watered-down version of Efess, but it attacks
all enemies.

Rika - Attack
Rune - Laconian Rod
Wren - Attack
Chaz - Attack
Kyra - Attack

The 2nd one should be used when you fight Dimension Worms. Dimension Worms
take 1 HP damage no matter what normal attack you do, but if Rika has the
Silver Tusk and Rune has the Laconian Rod, those two can finish him off in
a heartbeat.

Fly to the Air Castle.
i. It's like Deja Vu all over again
-Air Castle-
Recommended Level: 33
Treasures: 1000 Mes., Trimate x2, 2000 Mes., Swift Helmet, 4000 Mes., Escapipe,
           8000 Mes., Sol Dew, Moon Dew, Star Dew, ECLIPSE TORCH
Monsters: Spector, Dimension Worm, Stoneheads, Bladeright, Frost Saber,
          XE-A-THOUL, Chaos Sorcerer, LASHIEC

Be prepared for the longest and hardest dungeon in the game. Go up to enter
the building. Go all the way up until you see a barrier that looks like the
3 wizards that stole the eclipse torch. From there go right to the door to the
next room. Go down all the way to get 1000 Meseta, then follow right to the
door leading outside. You may notice that monsters don't attack while outside
the building itself. Also, don't be afraid to use your techniques and skills
to heal if you need it. Once outside, go up to the next door. Inside there
is a Trimate to the right. Just follow up to the stairs which leads back
outside. Go all the way right and down to the next door. Go right and down
to grab the 2000 Meseta and ignore the stairs. Go left and down to the door
leading outside again. Go left to the next door. Follow all the way around
until you see a chest with a Trimate inside. Continue down to the door leading
out, then left again to the next door. Go up and left to the stairs. Take it
and go down all the way and right to get a Swift Helmet for Chaz. Go back up
the stairs and down to get 4000 Meseta, then up to the door leading outside.
Go up and right to the room with a Genocyde Claw for Rika, which should
replace her Thunder Claw. Go out the room and up to the next door. Follow left
to the stairs and take them down. Go down all the way for an Escapipe then
out the nearby door to the right. Walk right until you see a door. There are
two doors here, up and down. Down takes you to a healing pad (which I suggest
using) while up takes you further inside. Once you heal go to the door leading

Once inside, you'll see another barrier ahead of you. Go left to the door
and then up all the way. At this fork, go left to the steps and out the door.
Outside, go down all the way to the stairs and take them. Now go all the
way up, past the stairs to the chest with 8000 Meseta. Now take the stairs
you just passed. Go down and right then up at the fork to the stairs. After
taking them, go down to get a Sol Dew. Go back up the stairs and follow
down and right to the stairs then out the door. If you go left, you'll see
a door. I suggest exiting the Air Castle to save the coming back this way
because if you die you'll have to do this all over again. Once you reach here
again, heal up and equip Wren with the Plamsa Launcher. Now set up a Macro
that looks like this:

Rika - Saner
Wren - Barrier
Kyra - Warla
Chaz - Rayblade
Rune - Efess

Go up and talk to the 3 wizards and they say that they only want Lutz. We
won't let that happen though will we?

Boss: XE-A-THOUL (x3)
HP: 1500
XP: 7374
MES: 1000
Recommended Level: 34

One of these may seem easy, but keep in mind that you have to kill THREE of
them at once. Be very careful with them as if all 3 are alive, they can use
Thunder Burst which can kill anyone and possibly everyone. Focus your attacks
on one to start with. You'll want to attack quick and powerful. If you
use the Macro that I told you to set up, you should be able to cut the damage
done by their magical attacks and save yourself. If they hit a Thunder
Burst, have Rika use a Star Dew next round providing she's alive, else use
a Sol Dew on her. Rayblade, Double Slash, and Efess will do major damage to
them. After one is dead, the other two fall with little effort.

After they die, go up to the healing pad. Exit out and save at Dezolis. Now
go back to the Air Castle. You'll notice that the barrier is gone. Go through
the first set which takes you to the first healing pad. The 2nd set takes you
to a stairs which lead further into the Air Castle.

Any Phantasy Star buffs out there should recognize this part of the Air Castle.
If you compare a map of this part of it with the same map from Phantasy Star,
you'll notice that it has exactly the same layout. This part of the Air
Castle is pretty straight forward. Go down to the stairs and then right and
up to the next set of stairs. Go down to the fork. Left takes you too a Moon
Dew and right takes you to the stairs. Go down and take the set of stairs
you see. On the lowest floor, wind your way around to the next set of stairs,
grabbing the Star Dew on the way. Go down and left to the next stairs. Go
down and take the set of stairs you see. Go up and right then down to the
stairs. From here, go down and left then all the way up to the door. Follow
to the next door and then up to the chest. Before opening it, heal everybody
up and give Wren back his Plasma Launcher if you haven't switched weapons. 
Open it and you'll get the Eclipse Torch!... or will you. Chaz spots it as a
fake and you fight a Spector. Kill it and Lashiec will appear. Lashiec says
that he has waited for this moment for 2000 years to kill Lutz.

Major Boss: LASHIEC
HP: 6400
XP: 29999
MES: 1
Recommended Level: 35

This fight can be a pain sometimes, but it should be nothing compared to the
Xe-A-Thoul fight. Start off with Rika using Saner, Wren using Barrier, Kyra
using Warla, Chaz using Rayblade, and Rune using Efess. This should allow
you to cut Lashiec's attacks down and still move faster than him. Have Wren
use Barrier again the next round while Rika uses GiSar if needed. Kyra should
hammer Lashiec with NaFoi as should Rune when he runs out of Efess. Chaz should
switch to NaThu or Crosscut when his Rayblade runs out. Rika should focus
on healing while everyone else attacks. When Lashiec uses Reinforce, all his
stats will boost. Use Saner, Barrier, and Warla again to boost your stats and
have Rune use the Psycho Wand to negate Lashiec’s Reinforce, else his
attacks will become even more deadly. Don't be afraid to use a Star Dew if
you need healing and are out of TP. After he uses Reinforce, he doesn't have
long to go, so finish him off with your best attacks and he will soon die.

The Air Castle will start to collapse and Lashiec threatens to take the
Eclipse Torch with him. Rika snatches it from him and he threatens that he
will reincarnate over and over to serve "Him". Everybody escapes just in time
as the Air Castle explodes.

You will arrive back at Gumbious. The Minister will allow you to use the
Eclipse Torch. Heal at Jut and then head to Meese. Go towards the Carnivorous
Trees again and Chaz will use the Eclipse Torch to destroy them. Walk up and
save before entering the Garuberk Tower.

-Garuberk Tower-
Recommended Level: 36
Treasures: Trimate x2, Power Shield, Moon Slasher, Star Dew x2, Escapipe
Monsters: Frost Saber, Hankenleft, Ghoul, Chaos Sorcerer, Radhin, D-Elm-Lars,
          King Saber, Dark Marauder, DARK FORCE

The Garuberk Tower is indeed a strange place to be. The tower appears to be
organic and not like a normal building. Make your way up to the "elevator"
(usually large cylinder-like things that open when you touch them, but for
the sake of not knowing what to call them, I'll just call them elevators. Once
you take the elevator, go up and left until you see an eyeball. Above it is
a Trimate in a chest. Touch the eyeball and go right all the way until you
see another elevator. Don't take it yet, but go right and down to get a
Power Shield. Now take the elevator. Go down all the way to get a Trimate,
then go back up and right. Continue right to the end then down and left,
passing the first elevator. Continue to the 2nd elevator and grab the
Moon Slasher from the chest. Go back and take the elevator I told you to pass.
Make your way up, grabbing the Star Dew in the chest along the way to the
left. Now just continue up and left and follow to the next elevator. Go up
and left to the next elevator. Now go up, left, down, and right all the way,
grabbing the Escapipe from the chest at the 1st path going up. Follow the
path and ignore the first elevator you see. Take the 2nd one and touch the
eye. Go back to the first elevator an take it. Go left and up to the next
elevator. From here go left to the final elevator. Equip Wren with his Plasma
Launcher. Heal everybody up and then go up to the top. At the top is Dark
Force... again? Anyways, it attacks.

Major Boss: DARK FORCE
HP: 7500
XP: 46380
MES: 1
Recommended Level: 37

This version is even nastier than the first one and a lot tougher too. Beware
his Lightning Shower as it can destroy Wren in one shot. Start off with
Rika using Saner, Wren using Barrier, and Kyra using Warla. Chaz should use
Rayblade and Rune should use Efess, Legeon, then NaFoi. Afterwards, have
Kyra focus on healing with Medice or a Star Dew. Rika should use Double Slash,
Chaz should use NaThu or Crosscut after Rayblade runs out, and Wren should
just attack or use Burst Roc if either Kyra or Rune is using NaFoi to try
and attempt Shooting Star. Don't be afraid to use your Dews here as you can
easily get more after this fight. Keep up your HP and Dark Force should fall

After you defeat him, the snowstorm on Dezolis ends. The Black Energy Wave has
stopped and the people of Meese start to recover. Kyra leaves back for Meese
and thanks everyone for their support. Just as Kyra leaves, an explosion is
seen in the direction of Gumbious Temple. Before going there, head to Reshel.

The town of Reshel is now recovering and has opened an Armor Shop. Buy a
Laconian Mail for Chaz and Rika, a Laconian Helmet for Chaz, a Laconian
Crown for Rika, and a Laconian Circlet for Rune. Do not sell the Power Shield
or Swift Helmet as you can still use them. Head back to Gumbious where you'll
see that it is no nothing more than a hole in the ground. Enter it anyway.
j. Dark Force III: This time it's personal
Talk to the Minister and he'll ask you to talk to The Bishop. He will explain
that the Profound Darkness still exists and that it is the root of all evil
and the master of Dark Force himself. He then says that Dark Force came to
Dezolis to look for the whereabouts of Rykros, but nobody knows where or even
what it is, but when it returns, the Aero Prism will show the way. Rune knows
about the Aero Prism and says that they have to return to Motavia because the
first Lutz, after his quest, hid it away in Soldiers' Temple just east of
Krup. But that's across the lake. Wren contacts Demi to have a vehicle prepared
for the journey. Chaz gives the Eclipse Torch back.

After automatically flying to Motavia, Demi will tell Wren that the
Hydrofoil is ready. You receive the Hydrofoil and all it can do. However, Demi
says that she still cannot go as she has to finish up a few things. Before
going too far, head to Aiedo and sign up for the "Dying Boy" job.


Buy Alis' Sword from the Bayamare Gift Shop. Now you need to go to the town
of Torinco. To get there, use the Hydrofoil from Termi and go south across
the water until you reach a town.

Go to the house furthest back in town. Talk to Culvers and he will explain
about his son who insists that he is dying. He says that before the monsters
were around they used to go to Termi a lot. Talk to the boy and Chaz will
demonstrate the sword, lie about it for the boy, and give it to him. The
boy is miraculously cured. Talk to Culvers again and he will send the money
to the Guild. Go back to Aiedo, collect your money, and sign up for the
"Stain in Life" job.


You need to go to Uzo for this job. To get there, go to Torinco and then
use the Hydrofoil to go directly east of that town to Uzo.

Go to the Mayor's house in the lower-left corner and talk to him. He claims
that he didn't send out for any help, but if you talk to his wife, she says
that her daughters made a raft and went to the mainland to do some shopping.
Warp to Aiedo.

In the back end of town to the right of the Hunter's Guild is the prison.
Talk to the girls in the cell then talk to the guard. The guard will let them
out if you post their 50,000 Meseta bail. Well, since you're going to be
getting the money back anyway, just pay it up and talk to the girls again.
You will end up back in Uzo and the Mayor will pay the money to the guild.
Go there, collect the money, and sign up for the "Man with Twist" job.


Sekreas' house is the house on the far right after you go up the first set
of steps. He explains about a bunch of birds that are eating all the crops
and everyone is getting sick about it. He tells you to go to their cave and
exterminate their boss. Exit down and go northeast to the Rappy Cave.

-Rappy Cave-
Recommended Level: 37
Monsters: Rappy, Blue Rappy, King Rappy

The Rappy Cave is very easy and straightforward. Just kill whatever Rappy
comes your way and make your way up to the King Rappy. The King Rappy will
awaken and attack.

HP: 3000
XP: 39852
MES: 555
Recommended Level: 38

This battle really isn't that hard. Just use Saner to start off with then
have Wren attack, Chaz use Rayblade, and Rune use Legeon then NaWat. After
you beat it, Sekreas will walk in and ask you to stop. He tells everyone that
he is an animal lover and the only reason he sent for hunters was because
everyone picked on the birds, but if the hunters were defeated by the King,
then maybe the people would leave them alone. Chaz gets angry and tells
Sekreas to just get out of his sight. After he leaves, go back to Aiedo, get
your... well, you can't get your money, but sign up for the final job, the
"Silver Soldier".


As you enter, you'll be attacked by 3 Servants. After you kill them, go the
house behind the Inn and talk to the Old Man. He says that machines have
started roaming the village trying to inspect Birth Valley. They aren't
harming the people, even though you were attacked. It is only because Wren
was their target. Go to Nalya and use the Hydrofoil to go east to the Vahal

-Vahal Fort-
Recommended Level: 38
Treasures: Repair Kit, Photon Eraser, Laconian Gear, Laconian Armor
Monsters: Life Deleter, Browren486, Vopel Sphere, Jurafaduel, Goldine,

As you enter, Demi will contact Wren and talk about the Plate System which
is under attack. She believes that there is a intelligent tactician behind
the attacks. Rika believes that the androids that went to Zema were there
to destroy Seed, and everyone believes that anything mechanical is in danger,
including Wren. Anyway, this place is by far the best place to level up.
Facing a pair of Life Deleters will give everybody 5000 XP! Set up a Macro
where Rune uses the Thunder Claw, then set up a second one that looks like

Rune - Tandle
Wren - Hyper Jammer
Rika - Attack
Chaz - Attack

Don't use this in battle just yet. From the right of the entrance is a Repair
Kit. After you get it, go left from the entrance. Follow until you get to
an elevator, but before you take it, go right to get Wren's ultimate Weapon,
the Photon Eraser! Now take the elevator. Go down to get the Laconian Gear,
then up all the way. At this fork, go left to get the Laconian Armor and then
back right to the elevator. Go left and press the switch, then go back right
and take the conveyor belt. Follow until you see an elevator. Take it to a
chest with Wren's best spare parts; the Positron Bolt. This unit is so
powerful that it was made to destroy space fortresses, and even a 10 second
burst could destroy Zelan. He doesn't like the idea of using it, but because
it could be needed, he installs it. Go back up the elevator and press the
switch. Go up the conveyor belt then left all the way. Go down the conveyor
belt and take the elevator. Follow until you reach the computer. This is
Daughter, who is believed to be the "Daughter" of Mother Brain. She believes
herself to be the protector of Algo, but Wren and Rika both believed that
plan to be abandoned. She says that she is trying to purge the AIs not under
her control and that any AI not under her control is an enemy of Algo.
Rika and Wren explain that she is not connected to any other system and that
there is an error in her. Wren calls her a Prototype because that is when
she was abandoned, which causes her to get mad and send 3 Dominators to

Boss: Dominator (x3)
HP: 1000
XP: 4800
MES: 500
Recommended Level: 39

This battle is by FAR the easiest boss fight in the game if you know what
you are doing. Remember that Macro I told you to set up? That combo is the
Circuit Break combo, and it WILL destroy the Dominators in one shot. After
you kill them, Wren shuts down Daughter, saying that Humans have lived without
computer control for 1000 years after Mother Brain's destruction, and have
been better for it. Before heading back, I suggest leveling up a bit until
you reach level 42 at least. After that, go back to Zema, talk to the Old Man,
then get your money at Aiedo. After that, go to Krup. Use the Hyrdofoil to
get over to Soldiers' Island.

-Soldiers' Island-
Recommended Level: 42
Treasures: Escapipe, Trimate, Moon Dew, Star Dew
Monsters: Fract Ooze, Jr. Ooze, Shrieker, Flame Newt

As you enter, a scholar named Seth will show up and say that he is exploring
the Island, but the monsters are too strong for him. Chaz lets him join. First
off, unequip him of everything and stick him in the front. You will NOT need
him and he just sucks up XP. Try to kill him off as quickly as you can. From
the entrance, go right for an Escapipe, then left to continue. Take the 2nd
path going right and then up all the way to get a Trimate on the other side of
the door and down the stairs. Go back up the stairs and out the door, then
left and down. Go up the steps and go up to the stairs. Seth will compliment
the party now on their strength (I don't trust him). Go right all the way for
a Moon Dew, then back left. At the fork, go down and left for a Star Dew,
then back right. Make your way to the lower-left corner where the stairs are.
After you take them, Seth will again say something. Go right and up to the
door. Enter Soldiers' Temple

-Soldiers' Temple-
Treasures: AERO PRISM

Equip Wren with the Photon Eraser and grab the Aero Prism from the chest.
Heal before going outside. Once you're outside, the Aero Prism will shine and
point a light towards the sky. As it's doing that, Seth sees the light and
screams at it, then turns into Dark Force!

Major Boss: DARK FORCE
HP: 8200
XP: 49999
MES: 1
Recommended Level: 42

If you thought Dark Force was hard before, now you only have FOUR members of
the party that can fight. The only thing you really have to worry about is
Corrosion and his normal attack. Have Rika use Saner, Wren use Barrier, Chaz
use Crosscut, and Rune use Efess (if you're lucky, you can activate the
Grand Cross combo). Afterwards, Rika should use Deban, Wren should use
Positron Bolt then attack, Rune should use Legeon and NaFoi, and Chaz should
use Rayblade (only when the first set of skills run out). Rika should then
focus on either healing or using Double Slash. Keep in mind that Wren should
use Recover when he needs it. If Dark Force uses Shadow Bind, have Rika use
Saner again next turn. As long as you keep up your HP, Dark Force should fall
for the last time. After he's dead, Rune and Wren suggest heading to Rykros
ASAP. Head to the Spaceport and heal. Go to the Landale and head to Rykros.
k. The Crystal World
As you fly throughout space, you'll discover that Rykros is actually another
planet in the Algo system!

-Silence Temple-
Treasures: Guardian Shield, Guardian Sword, Telepipe, Trimate
As you enter, you will talk to Le Roof. He will explain that Rykros is
protected by an invisible barrier and that no normal person can see it and
that its orbit is highly elliptical, like that of a comet, and only gets close
to Algo once every 1000 years. Before he tells you anything, he says to go to
the Strength and Courage Towers and meet the guardians there. After Le Roof
is done talking, you'll heal (the cross in the middle is a healing pad). 
Inside this building is only really one treasure you need, and that's the
Guardian Sword. Exit and head northwest to the Strength Tower.

-Strength Tower-
Recommended Level: 42
Treasures: Moon Dew x2, Guardian Claw x2, Guardian Rod, Palma Ring, Mota Ring,
           Dezo Ring
Monsters: Death Bearer, Illusionist, Crimson Heads, Twinarms, Blood Saber,
          Dark Witch, Le-Faw-Gan, Bladeright, Hankenleft, DE-VARS

Go up to the stairs and grab the Moon Dew on the left before taking them. After
taking them, take the stairs to the left and then go down and take those
stairs. To the right of those stairs is a Guardian Rod, and just above them is
a Guardian Claw. Go back down the last two set of stairs. Go down, right, and
up, grabbing the 2nd Guard Claw on the way (though I suggest keeping the one
Genocyde Claw as it can really come in handy). Take the nearby stairs. Grab
the Moon Dew just above the stairs and then go down to the next set. Take
the last nearby steps and you'll see a pair of wizards literally get owned
by the monster in the middle. Equip Wren with the Photon Eraser and heal. Talk
to the monster and he will talk a bit before attacking.

Boss: De-Vars
HP: 5500
XP: 35000
MES: 1
Recommended Level: 43

De-Vars can be a handful if you're not prepared. Have Wren use Barrier and
Rika use Saner to start off. Chaz should stick with Crosscut and Rune should
use Legeon then NaWat. Rika should use Deban twice to limit the attack of
the Disrupt Arm and then focus on healing. Wren should use Positron Bolt and
attack while Chaz uses Crosscut and Rune uses Legeon and NaWat. He really
isn't too hard to defeat. Once you do, he will give you the Palma Ring for
Wren, the Mota Ring for Rika, and the Dezo Ring for Rune. Head back to the
Silence Temple and heal. You can fly to Dezolis if you want to sell your
items and restock, but else just go southeast of the Silence Temple to the
Courage Tower.

-Courage Tower-
Recommended Level: 43
Treasures: Star Dew, Guardian Robe, Guardian Armor, Guardian Mail, Algo Ring,
           Rykros Ring
Monsters: Death Bearer, Illusionist, Crimson Heads, Twinarms, Blood Saber,
          Dark Witch, Le-Faw-Gan, Bladeright, Hankenleft, SA-LEWS

This place is a bit tougher than the first one, but you can still finish it
relatively quickly. Go up to the top and go right to the stairs. Make your
way down and grab the Star Dew. Take the stairs in the middle of the floor and
then up the nearby stairs to the left. Grab the Guardian Mail and Guardian
Armor from the chests (give the Guardian Mail to Rika). Go back down the
last two sets of stairs then go left to that set of stairs. Go right to get
the Guardian Robe and then back left and up to the next set of stairs. Go
left and down for the final set of stairs. Much like last time, you'll see
some monsters get beat up by the big monster in the middle. Give Wren his
Photon Eraser and heal up. Talk to him and he will fight you.

Boss: Sa-Lews
HP: 5500
XP: 35000
MES: 1
Recommended Level: 44

This monster focuses mostly on magic than on physical attacks. He uses Legeon,
so make sure to use Barrier a couple of times to help with it. Have Rika use
Saner, Chaz use the Power Shield, and Rune use Legeon. Afterwards, have Wren
use Barrier again, Rika heal if needed, Chaz use Crosscut, and Rune use either
Legeon or NaWat. The fight shouldn't be too long, so try to just keep your
HP up. Once it is defeated, it will give you the Algo Ring and the Rykros
Ring. Once you have everything, head back to the Silence Temple.

-Silence Temple-
Enter the main room and Le Roof will speak again. He will then go on to tell
about the Genesis of Algo. He says that a spirit, billions of years ago,
split into two lesser beings and began to fight. The victor was known as
the Great Light and the loser was known as the Profound Darkness. The
Profound Darkness was banished to another dimension where a seal was placed
on him. That seal was the Algo Star System. Once every 1000 years the seal
would weaken, and as a warning the planet Rykros was created. Every 1000
years, the hatred of the Profound Darkness would come in a physical form;
Dark Force, but each time Dark Force would be defeated. But being patient,
the Profound Darkness 1000 years ago destroyed Palma, which really weakened
the seal. Le Roof says that either the seal will break or there will be a
hero again to stop it. He then says that if the Profound Darkness isn't
defeated in his lair, then Algo will be destroyed. This is what they, the
Protectors, were born to do. Chaz doesn't like that idea though and yells at
Le Roof. He starts to leave while Rika and Rune follow him.

Chaz explains to Rika and Rune that he really didn't understand things when
Alys died and that he would have sacrificed anything, even himself, for
Alys' safety, but he realized that people depended on him to fight. He hates
the idea of the fate of Algo resting on his shoulders. Rune understands what
Chaz is saying and says that he has someone for him to meet at the Esper
Mansion. Fly to Dezolis and then to the Esper Mansion.

-Esper Mansion-
Go into Lutz's room and Rune will open a hidden door behind the Telepathy
Ball. He says that the sacred sword Elsydeon awaits him, and that with it
awaits his answer. Chaz goes off on his own into the Sacred Sword Cave.

-Sacred Sword Cave-
Recommended Level: 44
Treasures: Elsydeon
Monsters: Phantom

There isn't much here and the cave is pretty straight-forward. This is an
excellent time to level up Chaz. Each Phantom is worth 1000 XP each. Use
Airslash if you're fighting multiple enemies and attack if you're fighting
one. If you need healing, go back and talk to Rune. Get Chaz at least up to
level 46 before grabbing the Elsydeon. A voice talks to Chaz that explains
that the Elsydeon is a sword filled with the spirits of those who have saved
Algo in the past. One he grabs the sword, he will look into the past. He will
see Alis fighting Dark Force along with Myau, Odin, and Noah (Lutz). He will
then see the faces of Rudo, Amy, Hugh, Anna, Kain, and Shir along with Nei
and Rolf. Next he will see faces of Alis, Nei, and even his mentor Alys. The
statue (which is of Alis as well) tells Chaz that the spirits in the sword
will all be with him.

He then walks out with the Elsydeon. It seems Rune's judgment was correct.
Chaz finally sees why he has to fight. Just then, Wren says that Demi has
contacted him and there is an emergency on Motavia. Go to the spaceport and
Kyra and Raja will show up to go with him. Everyone then flies to Motavia.
In Motavia, Hahn, Gryz, and Demi show up to fight with him as well. Demi
reports that a hole has appeared north of Piata and that life around the hole
is dying fast. Rune notices it as the Black Energy Wave, the strongest yet.
Here lies the biggest problem though... who do you take with you?
l. The Great Beyond
-Motavia Spaceport-
This is where things split off a bit. I will list each one of the 5 members
that you can choose from and tell you about what they can do and how easy it
is with them. Going from easiest to hardest:

Raja makes the last bits of the game WAY too easy. He is still a healing
machine, even more so now. If you take him, give him two Silver Shields like
Rune and have him use an item in battle.

Demi's power and ability to revive anybody with Medical Power make her easy
to use as well. Plus by now she will have a handful of Phononmezers to make
her attack even higher.

Kyra is a bit weaker, but her techniques and skills will make things easier,
especially since she can heal, especially with Medice. By now she'll have a
couple of Tandles as well. Along with that she can attack all enemies at

This is very similar to Kyra's except he uses Ice-based attacks instead of
fire-based. He will basically have the same strengths as Kyra but can only
attack once monster at a time instead of all.

This is the big challenge here. All Gryz is really good for is attacking and
nothing else. He does know Sweeping, which is his equivalent for Airslash.

Whomever you choose, take that person and fly back to Rykros, then go towards
the Courage Tower, then from there go directly west to the Anger Tower.

-Anger Tower-
Recommended Level: 44
Treasures: Sol Dew, Guardian Mail
Monsters: Death Bearer, Illusionist, Crimson Heads, Twinarms, Blood Saber,
          Dark Witch, Le-Faw-Gan, Bladeright, Hankenleft, ALYS

Once you enter, the Elsydeon will glow and the Anger Tower will let you in.
This tower is much smaller than the other two, though the monsters are the
same. Take the stairs to the right side of the tower first and grab the
Guardian Mail for Chaz inside. Go back down and grab the Sol Dew on the left
side. Take those stairs then follow up and around to the next set. Chaz will
then be alone... with Alys in the room?! Talk to Alys.

Boss: ALYS
HP: 500
XP: 1
MES: 1
Recommended Level: 46

Chaz is now alone face to face with his mentor, who is attacking him. Just
use Crosscut twice and Alys will die... again. Chaz will start to go crazy,
then the last guardian of Rykros will appear, Re-Faze. He admits it to be
an illusion while calling Chaz weak. Chaz gets angry which causes Re-Faze to
ask Chaz whether he would like to transform those feelings into power. Unless
you want to die, say NO! When Chaz says no, he claims that the power would
be meaningless and would make him no different than the Darkness. Re-Faze
admires Chaz and grants him the ability to transform his feelings into power,
allowing him to use the ultimate technique... Megid!

Once you're set, head to Meese on Dezolis to stock up on items. Sell all your
Moon Dews and make sure you have 8 Star Dews, 4 Sol Dews, 8 Trimates, and
4 Repair Kits. The rest is just filler if you want to buy more, but you
shouldn't need more than that. If you take Demi, carry 6 Repair Kits. When
you're set, head to Motavia and heal up.

If you visit Mile, you'll see that the Black Energy Wave has killed everyone
in town. Now there is no turning back. Head southwest into the Edge!

-The Edge-
Recommended Level: 46
Monsters: Outer Beast, Blind Heads, Imagion Mage, Chaos Bringer, Dark Rider,
          Gi-La-Farg, Prophallus, Soldier Fiend

The Edge is very straight forward and the monsters are extremely tough. Have
Wren equip his Photon Eraser now. The best idea in here is to run from battle
until you get to the Profound Darkness. If you defeat the Chaos Bringers, you
can get a Defeat Axe for Gryz. If you defeat the Dark Riders, you can get
another Moon Slasher for Kyra. Anyway, go straight up to the portal. Go
right and then up to the next portal. Go down to the portal, then left all
the way to the next portal. Now go up to the fork. Go left as far as you can
to the next portal. The rest should just follow easily. When you reach the
2nd area that is just straight up, heal up if you need it and make sure you
have your best equipment equipped. Enter and you'll meet the Profound Darkness!
The portal is not completely open, so you have to take advantage now and
defeat it!

Form 1 HP: 5000
Form 2 HP: 5000
Form 3 HP: 13000
Recommended Level: 46+

-With Raja-
Form 1: Start off with Wren using Barrier, Chaz using the Power Shield on
himself, Rika using Saner, Raja using Blessing, and Rune using NaFoi. Next
turn have Rika use the Power Shield on herself and Raja use the Swift Helmet
on himself. After that, have Chaz use Megid, Rika and Wren attack, Rune use
NaFoi, and Raja either heal with GiRes or use the Thunder Claw. Since this
form only attacks one at a time, Raja shouldn't have trouble healing with

Form 2: Just use the same strategy, except Raja may have to heal with GiSar.
If anyone is running low on TP (especially Chaz if you're nailing the
Profound Darkness with Megid), have Raja use Ataraxia. Don't be afraid to use
Miracle if need be. Keep up the attacks and the 2nd one should fall easily.

Form 3: Now time to switch it up a bit. Have Rika start with Deban, Chaz use
Megid, Wren use Positron, Rune use Legeon, and Raja use St. Fire. You may
just be lucky enough to pull off Destruction. After that, have Wren use
Positron Bolt and attack, Rika use Double Slash, Chaz use Crosscut, Rune
use Efess, Legeon, Tandle, NaFoi, and Raja either heal or use St. Fire. If
the Profound Darkness uses Canceling, cast Barrier, Saner, Blessing, and
use the Power Shield again to get your power back up again.

-With Demi-
Form 1: Have both Demi and Wren use Barrier, Rika use Saner, Chaz use the
Power Shield, and Rune use NaFoi. Next round, Rika should use Deban and then
the Power Shield. After that, have everyone attack while Rune uses NaFoi. Have
Rika ready with a Trimate or something to heal when needed as this form attacks
only one of your members at a time. This form should fall easily.

Form 2: Keep up the same strategy as last time. Star Dews will help here if
you need it, else just use GiSar or Medical Power. Just keep up your attacks
and this form will fall as well.

Form 3: Unleash everything here. Start off with Rika using Deban, Chaz using
Megid, Rune using Legeon, Wren using Positron Bolt, and Demi using
Phononmezer. After that, have Rune use Efess, Legeon, Tandle, and NaFoi when
those run out, Chaz using Crosscut, Wren attacking, Demi using Phononmezer,
and Rika using Double Slash. Keep Rika open for healing with GiSar or a Star
Dew. Just keep your HP up and nail it with everything you have. If it uses
Canceling, recast Barrier, Saner, and the Power Shield. Keep it up and the
Profound Darkness will fall.

-With Kyra-
Form 1: First off, have Wren use Barrier, Chaz use the Power Shield on himself,
Rika use Saner, Rune use NaFoi, and Kyra use Warla. Next turn have Rika use
the Power Shield on herself. After that, everyone should just attack
normally with Rune using NaFoi. This form only attacks one at a time, so have
Kyra ready with a Medice or Trimate if needed.

Form 2: This one is a bit harder since he can attack everybody. Just use the
same strategy as last time and have Kyra ready with a Star Dew if needed. This
form should fall just as easy as the first.

Form 3: Now comes the fun part. You're gonna need your Star Dews and NaSars
here. Lay out everything here. First round, Chaz should use Megid, Rune should
use Legeon, Rika should use Deban, and Wren should use Positron Bolt. Have
Kyra start using Tandle now, followed by NaFoi. If you're lucky, you'll hit
the Profound Darkness with Destruction. Next turn, recover if she used Megid,
then have Chaz use Crosscut, Wren use Positron Bolt and Burst Roc, Rika use
Double Slash, Kyra use Tandle or Nafoi, and Rune use Efess, Legeon, Tandle,
and NaFoi. If the Profound Darkness uses Canceling, the next round recast
Barrier, Saner, Warla, and the Power Shield. Also if you're lucky, Chaz and
Rune will combine for Grand Cross with Crosscut and Efess, which does close
to 800 HP damage if Chaz used the Power Shield. Keep up the attacks and the
Profound Darkness will die out.

-With Hahn-
Form 1: This fight will be tricky without much support. Have Wren cast Barrier,
Rika use Saner, Chaz use the Power Shield, Hahn cast NaWat, and Rune cast
NaFoi. Have Rika use Deban and the Power Shield afterwards while everyone
else attack or use NaWat and NaFoi. Have Rika ready to heal if someone should
get hurt too much. After a bit, this form will die.

Form 2: Just keep up the same line of attacks here, making sure that Rika is
ready with GiSar or a Star Dew. Just watch out for the multi-player attacks
here and this form will easily fall next.

Form 3: This may be harder with Hahn, but lay everything on the line. Start
off with Rika using Deban, Chaz using Megid, Wren using Positron Bolt, Rune
using Legeon, and Hahn using Astral. If you're lucky then you'll hit
Destruction on the Profound Darkness. Afterwards, just have Chaz use Crosscut,
Rune use Efess, Legeon, Tandle, or NaFoi, Rika use Double Slash, Wren attack,
and Hahn use Astral. Have Rika and Hahn ready to heal when needed, especially
after being hit with Megid. If the Profound Darkness uses Canceling, make
sure you recast Saner and Barrier and use the Power Shield again. Just keep
up the attacks and the Profound Darkness will die for good.

-With Gryz-
Form 1: This is the hardest character to win with. Start off with Wren using
Barrier, Rika using Saner, Gryz using War Cry, Chaz using the Power Shield,
and Rune using NaFoi. Next have Rika use Deban and the Power Shield. After
that, just have everyone attack normally and have Rune use NaFoi. Have Rika
ready to heal in case the Profound Darkness does some damage. Keep up the
attacks and it should shortly die.

Form 2: Continue to use the same strategy, using a Star Dew if you need to
heal. Keep up your HP and beware the multi-character attacks that it can use.
Just attack and it will die.

Form 3: Now is when it gets hard. Save Rika to the side to heal with GiSar or
NaSar or a Star Dew. Gryz should attack, Chaz should use Crosscut, Rune should
use Efess, and Wren should use Positron Bolt and attack. Megid will take a lot
out of you, so counter it with a Star Dew or NaSar. If the Profound Darkness
uses Canceling, make sure you recast Saner and Barrier and use the Power
Shield again. Just keep up the attacks and the Profound Darkness will die for

After you defeated the Profound Darkness, sit back and enjoy the end of the
game. I've given enough spoilers to know when to quit when I'm ahead, so I
won't spoil the ending for this one. Congratulations on beating this fine game.
I hope this walkthrough was helpful to you.
IV. Enemies
Here is the complete list of monsters found in the game. Monsters with a *
in front of them (top of the list) are monsters that can only be found while
in a vehicle. They have different stats then the live battle ones.

Name               HP     XP     Mes.   Abilities
*Cula-Bellar       1000   2180   1      Lightning Breath
*Desert Leach      1000   915    1      Sand Storm
*Elmelew           300    270    1      Flood Breath, Wat
*Forced Fly        150    275    2      Flame Bolt
*Grasshound        350    316    7
*Hewgilla          250    250    1      Flood Breath, GiWat, Wat
*Leviathan         1500   1250   1      Maelstrom
*Lw-Addmer         500    1105   1      Ray Breath
*Owl Talon         150    910    218    Wind Storm
Abe Frog           70     105    80
ALYS               500    1      1
Arm Drone          68     130    93
Arthropod          125    2435   154
Balduel            250    965    85
Bitter Fly         440    1400   1      Needle
Bladeright         230    2210   333    Fire Breath
Blauzen            230    1075   350    Stasis Ball
Blind Heads        300    4390   1      Ray Breath, Super Sonic
Blob               19     60     40
Blood Saber        225    4380   210    Deban, Shift, Vol 
Blue Rappy         130    575    13     Lovel Eyes
Browren486         190    3855   750    Barrier, Flare Shot
C-Ray Tube         240    1580   282    Charge Cannon 
CARNIVOROUS TREE   250    --     --     *Revive after dying
Carrion Crawler    35     86     48     Thread
Caterpillar        195    495    152    Poison
Centaur            190    785    78
Chaos Bringer      650    8290   1      Rimit, Shift
Chaos Sorcerer     450    3405   888    Corrosion, Flaeli, Hewn, Shadow Bind,
CHAOS SORCERER     450    18380  1200   Corrosion, Flaeli, Hewn, Shadow Bind
Command Ball       295    1600   271    Detonation, Warning
Crawler            30     48     15     Thread
Crimson Heads      300    3585   310    Ray Breath
Cula-Bellar        1000   4362   1      Lightning Breath 
D-Elm-Lars         800    3915   500    GiFoi, GiWat, GiZan
DARK FORCE (1)     4500   32600  1      Burst Roc, Flare Shot, Phanomezer
DARK FORCE (2)     7500   46380  1      Evil Eye, Lightning Shower,
                                        Shadow Breath
DARK FORCE (3)     8200   49999  1      Corrosion, Mind Blast, Shadow Bind
Dark Marauder      500    3660   250    Doran, Shift
Dark Rider         350    5520   1      Ray Spear, Throw Lancer
Dark Witch         250    3916   490    GiFoi, GiSar, GiWat, GiZan
Death Bearer       600    4694   311    Shift
DE-VARS            5500   35000  1      Disrupt Arm
Debugger           260    2560   550    Laser Cannon
Dezo Owl           130    1112   416
Dimension Worm     4      975    58     Gra
Dominator          1000   4800   500    Double Slash, Phanomezer
Dragerduel         200    2481   435    Micro Missle
Fanbite            260    496    78     Spiral Blade
Flame Newt         190    3015   327    Fire Breath, Poison Mist
Flatter Plant      32     45     30     Acid Breath
Float Mine         150    600    60     Explode 
Fly Screamer       130    518    96     Acid Breath, Voice
Fract Ooze         1000   8430   101    Cell Split, Fission
FRACT OOZE         2000   42235  855    Cell Split
Frost Saber        200    2175   153    Airslash, Deban, GiWat
Gerotlux           180    1632   312    Sleep Gas 
Ghoul              125    2146   341    Bad Smell 
Gi-le-farg         1000   9999   1      Flaeli, GiFoi, GiWat, GiZan, Tandle 
Gicefalgue         40     115    44 
Goldine            325    4136   741    Stasis Ball, Twin Claw
Greneris           360    1860   1      Doran, Force Flash, Gelun, Rimit,
                                        Seals, Vol,
Guilgenova         325    264    300    Fission
Gunner Bit         70     320    72     Rail Gun
GY-LAGUIAH         2575   10000  1224   Firebreath
Hakenleft          250    2360   249    Acid Breath
Haunt              3      508    77     Corrosion, Evil Eye
Helex              90     1085   281    Flame Bolt
Hungry Mole        170    2205   311    Double Slash, Needle
IGGLANOVA          300    171    54     Fission
Illusionist        480    3999   888    Flaeli, Hewn, Mind Blast, Tandle
Imagion Mage       850    5054   1      Corrosion, Death Spell, Flaeli, Hewn,
                                        Legeon, Mind Blast, Tandle
Infantworm         50     168    63 
Ismounos           90     146    71 
Jr. Ooze           100    540    130    Fusion
Jurafaduel         300    4226   400    Flame Launcher, Micro Missle
JUZA               1550   5150   800    Foi, Force Flash, Wat, Zan
KING RAPPY         3000   39852  555    Earthquake
King Saber         260    3015   245    Ray Spear
LASHIEC            6400   29999  1      Another Gate, Posession, Reinforce,
                                        Thunder Halbert
Le-faw-gan         885    4999   1500   GiFoi, GiWat, GiZan, Tandle 
Life Deleter       436    10000  1000   Micro Missle, Stasis Ball
Loader             175    520    112    Laser Cannon
Locusta            68     76     21 
Meta Slug          250    2420   423 
Mini Worm          25     37     13 
Monster Fly        20     27     8 
Neo Whistle        50     216    128 
Outer Beast        5      3559   1      GiGra, Gra
Phantom            180    1000   1      Hewn
Piercer            120    1725   236    Acid Breath
P. DARKNESS (1)    5000   ---    ---    Fire Breath, Ray Breath, Shadow Breath
P. DARKNESS (2)    5000   ---    ---    Another Gate, Distortion,
                                        Lightning Shower
P. DARKNESS (3)    13000  ---    ---    Evil Eye, Megid, Canceling 	
Prophallus         3000   65496  1 
Protect Bit        150    684    182    Laser Cannon
Radhin             300    2960   222    Deban, Force Flash, GiSar, Saner,
Rajago             250    1363   156    Needle
Rappy              100    542    13     Round Eyes
RE-FAZE            ---    ---    ---    Megid
Red Mole           125    1393   306    Double Slash
Ripper             115    467    51     Fire Breath
SA-LEWS            5500   35000  1      Flaeli, Hewn, Legeon
Sand Newt          42     95     40 
Sand Worm (Guild)  1450   25160  1200 
Sand Worm          1450   19136  1      Earthquake
Satallite Minion   100    1345   175    Flash
Scorpirus          145    255    121 
Seeker             125    466    192    Laser Cannon
Sensor Bit         40     133    64 
Servant            220    8064   585    Motor Cannon
Shadow Saber       110    525    61     Deban
Shrieker           190    2214   32     Strange Light
Silvalt            180    2635   585    Twin Claw
Siren386           150    1440   200    Barrier, Flare Shot
Skytiara           160    2390   229    Super Sonic
Slave              180    492    105 
Snow Mole          80     1058   321 
Snow Slug          220    1215   156    Cell Split
Snow Worm          100    727    142 
Soldier Fiend      500    4994   1      Blade Shine, GiRes, Haken Bolt, Vol
Speard             100    310    91 
Spector            180    1962   271    Corrosion, Deathspell, Evil Eye
Star Drone         100    2323   274    Flash
Stone Heads        220    2070   289    Fire Breath
Sweeper            180    1697   392    Laser Cannon, Lightning
Tarantella         98     910    300 
Tech Master        120    745    278    Foi, GiRes, Sar, Wat, Zan, 
Tech Plant         120    2155   306    GiWat, GiZan, Rimit
Tech User          80     557    85     Foi, Res, Wat 
Toadstool          64     64     40 
Tower              335    1080   128    Warning
Tracer             100    255    267 
Twin Arms          400    6000   326    Blade Shine, Haken Bolt 
Vopel Sphere       200    3582   490    Cyanic Bomb
Warren286          96     218    128    Flare Shot
Whistle            50     172    92 
Wiredine           180    2304   187 
Worker Pod         100    466    72 
Xanafalgue         16     9      2
XE-A-THOUL         1500   7374   1000   GiZan, GiWat, Thunder Blast (all 3)
Zio's Guard        150    712    107
ZIO (1st)          --     --     --     Black Wave, Magic Barrier, Nightmare
ZIO (2nd)          2900   25995  1      Black Wave, Corrosion, Hewn,
                                        Magic Barrier, Nightmare
Zol Slug           50     211    91     Fusion
Zombie             125    363    1      Bad Smell 
Zoran Bult         25     12     3
V. Weapons
Here is the list of all weapons in the game.
a. Swords
*Swords are two-handed weapons and can only be equipped by Chaz

Name                 ATK   Additional Effect
Alis' Sword          1
Steel Sword          14    DEF +2
Titanium Sword       29    DEF +5
Ceramic Sword        43    DEF +7
Shadow Blade         50    DEF & AGI -5, MNT & DEX -10, Diem-effect
Laser Sword          58    DEF +10
Plasma Sword         70    DEF +12
Flame Sword          85    DEF +15, STR + 4, Casts Flaeli
Laconian Sword       103   DEF +19, DEX + 10
Guardian Sword       122   DEF +22, STR & DEX + 10
Elsydeon             127   DEF +25, Holyword-effect
b. Daggers/Knives
*Daggers and Knives are one-handed weapons and can only be equipped by
Chaz, Hahn, and Seth

Name                 ATK   Additional Effect
Dagger               2
Hunting Knife        5
Titanium Dagger      10
Ceramic Knife        14
Laser Knife          21
Plasma Dagger        25
Tornado Dagger       34    STR + 2, Casts Hewn on 1
Laconian Dagger      39
Mahlay Dagger        60    DEF + 10, Casts NaFoi (Hahn only)
c. Slashers
*Slashes are one-handed weapons that attack all enemies and can only be
equipped by Alys and Kyra

Name                 ATK   Additional Effect
Boomerang            1
Slasher              4
Titanium Slasher     9
Laser Slasher        12
Laconian Slasher     30
Moon Slasher         42    Casts Moon Shade
d. Staves
*Staves are two-handed weapons and can only be equipped by Rune and Raja

Name                 ATK   Additional Effect
Wood Staff           4     MNT +1, MDEF +2 Casts Res
Psycho Wand          11    MNT +4, MDEF +7, Cancels stat bonus/Magic Barrier
Silver Rod           18    MNT +2, MDEF +7
Dream Rod            20    DEF +4, MNT & MDEF +2, Casts/Effect Bindwa
Force Cane           26 
Laconian Rod         26    MDEF +8 Casts Efess
Guardian Rod         30    MDEF +12
e. Axes
*Axes are two-handed weapons and can only be equipped by Gryz

Name                 ATK   Additional Effect
Titanium Axe         26    DEF +8
Broad Axe            32    DEF +14
Struggle Axe         38    DEF +20
Laser Axe            45    DEF +25
Laconian Axe         109   DEF +40
Defeat Axe           120   DEF +40, Bindwa-effect
f. Claws
*Claws are one-handed weapons and can only be equipped by Rika

Name                 ATK   Additional Effect
Claw                 12
Saber Claw           18
Laser Claw           25    MDEF +2
Plasma Claw          32
Thunder Claw         39    STR +2, Casts Tandle on 1
Silver Tusk          42    DEF & MDEF +2
Laconian Claw        51
Genocyde Claw        53    Diem-effect
Guardian Claw        60    DEF & MDEF +3
g. Shots
*Shots are two-handed weapons and can only be equipped by Wren and Demi (the
shots Demi can use are marked with a *)

Name                 ATK   Additional Effect
Impacter*            31
Pulse Laser          39    Attacks all
Stun Shot*           44    Bindwa-effect
Pulse Vulcan         56    Attacks all
Wave Shot*           62
Plasma Rifle         73
Napalm Shot          86
Plasma Launcher      105
Sonic Buster*        112
Photon Eraser        125
VI. Armor
This is the complete list of protective wear in the game.
a. Body Armor
Clothes: (Chaz, Alys, Hahn, Rika, Gryz, Kyra, Seth)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Leather Cloth        2
Carbon Suit          10
Graphite Suit        16    (Hahn, Rika, Kyra, Seth)
Cyber Suit           56    ATK +5
Mahlay Mail          65    MDEF +17 (Hahn)

Mails: (Chaz, Alys, Rika, Gryz)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Titanium Mail        15
Ceramic Mail         25
Psychic Mail         35    MDEF +4, MNT +3
Silver Mail          49    MDEF +4
Reflect Mail         53    MDEF +14
Laconian Mail        64    MDEF +9
Guardian Mail        76    MDEF +12

Robes: (Rune, Raja, Kyra)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
White Mantle         10    MDEF +2, MNT +1
Psychic Robe         33    MDEF +6, MNT +2
Frade Mantle         42    MDEF +7, MNT +3
Silver Mantle        49    MDEF +11, MNT +3
Phantasm Robe        52    AGI & DEX +5
Reflect Robe         58    MDEF +14
Guardian Robe        72    MDEF +1

Armor: (Demi, Wren)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Titanium Armor       36    MDEF +4
Ceramic Armor        44    MDEF +8
Spaced Armor         53    MDEF +12
Zirconian Armor      60    MDEF +16
Compound Armor       72    MDEF +20
Elastic Armor        82    MDEF +24
Laconian Armor       94    MDEF +28
Guardian Armor       108   MDEF +36
b. Headgear
Helmets: (Chaz, Gryz)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Leather Helmet       1
Carbon Helmet        4
Titanium Helmet      7
Ceramic Helmet       12
Silver Helmet        14    MDEF +3, MNT +2
Swift Helmet         19    MDEF +6, AGI +6, Casts Saner
Laconian Helmet      22    MDEF +5

Crowns: (Alys, Rika, Kyra)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Leather Crown        1 
Carbon Crown         3     MDEF +1
Titanium Crown       7
Graphite Crown       11
Psychic Crown        13    MDEF +4, MNT +3
Silver Crown         16    MDEF +4, MNT +2
Laconian Crown       19    MDEF +6

Circlets: (Hahn, Rune, Raja, Seth)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Leather Band         1
Circlet              2     MDEF +1
Psychic Circlet      5     MDEF +6, MNT +5
Silver Circlet       10    MDEF +3, MNT +3
Laconian Circlet     12    MDEF +4, MNT +4

Headgears: (Demi, Wren)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Head Gear            7     MDEF +1
Titanium Gear        10    MDEF +2
Ceramic Gear         13    MDEF +3
Zirconian Gear       16    MDEF +4
Compound Gear        18    MDEF +5
Elastic Gear         22    MDEF +6
Laconian Gear        25    MDEF +7

Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Mahlay Ring          18    MDEF +10, MNT +2 (Hahn)
Dezo Ring            20    MDEF +13, MNT +3 (Rune)
Mota Ring            21    MDEF +10, AGI +1 (Rika)
Algo Ring            24    MDEF +12, ATK +4, AGI & MNT +2 (Chaz)
Palma Ring           28    MDEF +10 (Wren)
c. Shields
*The Mahlay Shield can only be used by Hahn

**Some Shields give element bonuses to weapons equipped with it. These are
signed by "Elm".

***Shields cannot be used by Demi and Wren

Light Shields: (All)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Leather Shield       2
Carbon Shield        5 
Graphite Shield      11
Laser Barrier        18    MDEF +12
Psychic Shield       21    MNT +1, MDEF +11, Elm-Earth
Silver Shield        25    MDEF +4

Normal Shields: (All except Rune & Raja)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Plasma Field         22    MDEF +11, Elm-Light
Reflect Shield       23    MDEF +16
Mahlay Shield        28    MDEF +12, Casts Deban

Heavy Shields: (Chaz, Alys, Gryz, Rika)
Name                 DEF   Additional Effect
Titanium Shield      7
Ceramic Shield       15    Elm-Fire
Power Shield         24    STR & ATK +10, casts Shift
Laconian Shield      29    MDEF +5
Guardian Shield      30    MDEF +18
VII. Items
Here is the complete list of items in the game. Note that healing items have
no effect on Wren or Demi.
a. Normal Items
Name                 Price      Effect
Monomate             20         Restores little HP
Dimate               160        Restores lots of HP
Trimate              400        Restores all HP
Shortcake            280        Restores very little HP
Repair Kit           --         Revives and Restores all HP to Androids
Antidote             10         Cures Poison
Cure Paral           120        Cures Paralysis
Escapipe             70         Warp out of dungeon
Telepipe             130        Warp to any town already visited
Moon Dew             5000       Revives fallen ally with some HP
Sol Dew              20000      Revives fallen ally with all HP
Star Dew             10000      Restores HP to all
b. Key Items
Name              Location                    Effect
Alshline          Basement                    Use to cure Stone curse in Zema
Control Key       Machine Center              Use to access the Land Rover
Land Rover        Machine Center              Vehicle that crosses quicksand
Perolymate        Termi                       Use to heal sick girl
Pennant           Termi                       Use to decorate house
Wood Carving      Termi                       Use to decorate house
Canceller         Zelan                       Use to enter Kuran
Ice Digger        After killing Dark Force    Vehicle that can break ice
Eclipse Torch     After killing Lashiec       Destroys the Carnivorous Trees
Hydrofoil         After killing Dark Force 2  Vehicle that crosses water
Aero Prism        After killing Dark Force 3  Use to enter Rykros
Rykros Ring       After killing Sa-Lews       Last Ring of Stars
VIII. Techniques
Here is the complete list of techniques. For those who have played Phantasy
Star Online, these are the original names of each of the spells (I mean, I
can see how they get Foie out of Foi, but how do they get Barta out of Wat
and Zonde out of Tsu?)
a. Offensive
Name            TP        Effect
Tsu             6         Small Thunder damage
GiThu           11        Thunder damage
NaThu           15        Large Thunder damage
Foi             3         Small Fire damage
GiFoi           6         Fire damage
NaFoi           9         Large Fire damage
Wat             4         Small Ice damage
GiWat           7         Ice damage
NaWat           10        Large Ice damage
Zan             8         Small Wind damage on all
GiZan           12        Wind damage on all
NaZan           16        Large Wind damage on all
Gra             10        Small Gravity damage on all
GiGra           15        Gravity damage on all
NaGra           19        Large Gravity damage on all
Megid           30        Massive Fire damage
Brose           16        Instantly kills all machines
Vol             8         Instantly kills a monster
SaVol           16        Instantly kills all monsters
b. Healing
Name            TP        Effect
Res             3         Restores little HP
GiRes           6         Restores more HP
NaRes           9         Restores a lot of HP
Sar             12        Restores little HP to all
GiSar           24        Restores more HP to all
NaSar           36        Restores a lot of HP to all
Rever           12        Revives fallen ally with some HP
Regen           36        Revives fallen ally with all HP
Anti            2         Cures Poison
Rimpa           2         Cures Paralysis
Arows           9         Awakens sleeping ally
c. Support
Name            TP        Effect
Doran           4         Decreases enemies' Agility
Gelun           5         Decreases enemies' Dextarity
Seals           8         Stops monster from using Techniques
Rimit           10        Put monster to sleep
Deban           5         Increases party's Defense
Saner           6         Increases party's Agility
Shift           7         Increases ally's Attack
Hinas           4         Warp party out of dungeon
Ryuka           8         Teleport party to any visited town.
IX. Skills
Here is the complete list of skills. Skills do not use Technique points, but
they are limited to the number of times the skill can be used. The Skills
are listed Alphabetically.
a. Offensive
Name            Effect
Airslash        Slashes all enemies
Disrupt         Slashes all enemies
Sweeping        Slashes all enemies
Crosscut        Attacks enemy twice
Double Slash    Attacks enemy twice
Vortex          Attacks enemy twice
Astral          Light-based damage
Rayblade        Light-based damage
Legeon          Powerful Light-based damage on all
Flaeli          Fire-based damage
Flare           Fire-based damage
Burst Roc       Fire-based damage on all
St. Fire        Fire-based damage on all
Efess           Ice-based damage on all
Corrosion       Earth-based damage on all
Hewn            Wind-based damage on all
Phononmezer     Sonic-based damage on all
Positron Bolt   Thunder-based damage on all
Tandle          Thunder-based damage on all
Crash           Instant-death attack
Death           Instant-death attack
Deathspell      Instant-death attack
Diem            Instant-death attack
Eliminate       Instant-death attack
Explode         Instant-death attack
Holyword        Instant-death attack
Negatis         Instant-death attack on all
Spark           Instant-death attack to machine
b. Healing
Name            Effect
Ataraxia        Restores TP to all
Medical Power   Revives and restores some HP to all
Medice          Restores a lot of HP
Miracle         Restores a lot of HP to all
Recover         Restores a lot of HP to self (Android)
c. Support
Name            Effect
Barrier         Increases party's Magic Defense
Blessing        Increases party's Defense
Warla           Increases party's Defense
Earth           Puts enemy to sleep
Stasis Beam     Puts enemy to sleep
Bindwa          Puts enemies to sleep
Hyper Jammer    Paralyzes machines
Mind Blast      Paralyzes enemies
Moon Shade      Blinds enemies
Telele          Decreases enemies' Attack
War Cry         Increases own Power
Shadow          Decreases enemies' Agility
Illusion        Decreases enemies' Dexterity
Vision          Increases party's Dexterity
X. Combination Attacks
Combination attacks are sometimes very hard to pull off, but can be worth it.
Here is a complete list of Combination attacks in the game. Note that the
Combos will only work if each character moves in succession of each other and
in the proper order if needed. The best way to do this is to set up a Macro
with the slowest character going first so that all the enemies attack, then
there won't be anything to stop the Combo attack.

*If order matters, a + will be given in the combo, else a - will indicate the
specifics needed. A / between two techs or skills indicates that either of
the two can be used in the attack.

**Also, all Techniques listed can use their more powerful counterparts (with
the exception of Tri-Blaster).

***One more thing: All combination attacks effect all enemies with the
exception of Paladin Blow.

Name              Techs/Skills                     Effect
Black Hole        Gra - Negatis                    Instant-death attack
Blizzard          Wat - Zan/Hewn                   Large Ice damage
Circuit Break     Hyper Jammer - Tandle            Instant-death to machines
Conduct Thunder   Wat + Tandle                     Massive Thunder damage
Destruction       Deban + Megid + Legeon +         Ultimate damage
                   Positron Bolt
Fire Storm        Foi/Flaeli - Zan/Hewn            Large Fire damage
Grand Cross       Efess - Crosscut                 Massive Ice damage
Holocaust         SaVol - Diem                     Instant-death attack
Lethal Image      Death + Illusion                 Instant-death attack
Paladin Blow      Astral - Rayblade                Massive Light damage
Purify Light      Holyword - Efess                 Instant-death attack
Shooting Star     Burst Roc + Foi/Flaeli           Massive Fire damage
Silent Wave       Phononmezer - Airslash           Massive Sonic damage
Tri-Blaster       Foi + Tsu + wat                  Strong Light attack
XI. Vehicles
Vehicles will help you in the game greatly. However, the battles fought in the
vehicles differ than fighting them in person (which is different from fighting
in vehicles in the original Phantasy Star).
a. Landrover
You get the Landrover shortly after getting Demi and going to the Machine
Center. The Landrover can cross over quicksand and fast.

Battle Specs:
HP: 740
Fire Burst - Normal attack
Cluster (x8) - Fire damage to all
Gravitron (x8) - Gravity damage to all (similar to NaGra)
b. Ice Digger
After you defeat Dark Force for the first time, you get the Ice Digger. The
Ice Digger makes the Landrover obsolete, as it not only has better attacks and
more HP, but also breaks through ice walls and even crosses quicksand!

Battle Specs:
HP: 960
Laser Shot - Normal attack
Napalm (x8) - Fire damage to all (similar to St. Fire)
N-Sphere (x4) - Kills all enemies, never misses (similar to Black Hole)
c. Hydrofoil
After you defeat Dark Force for the 2nd time and return to Motavia, Demi will
give you the Hydrofoil. Though this vehicle is weaker than the last two, it
is the only one you can use to cross water with. That and it drives a LOT
faster than the other two as well.

Battle Specs:
HP: 680
Light Shot - Normal attack
Thunder Grid (x8) - Thunder damage to all
X-Burst (x2) - Extreme damage to all
XII. Shops
Here is a complete list of all the shops in the game.

Piata: Inn - 5 Mes./person
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Monomate            20

Mile: Inn - 10 Mes./person
-Weapon Shop-                -Armor Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Dagger              40       Leather Helmet      80
Hunter's Knife      120      Leather Crown       90
Steel Sword         280      Leather Band        70
Boomerang           80       Leather Shield      140
Slasher             160
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Monomate            20
Antidote            10

Krup: Inn - 15 Mes./person
-Armor Shop-                 -Item Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Carbon Helmet       200      Monomate            20
Carbon Crown        150      Antidote            10
Circlet             100      Telepipe            120
Carbon Suit         550      Escapipe            70
Carbon Shield       220

Tonoe: Inn - 15 Mes./person
-Weapon Shop-                 -Armor Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Hunter's Knife      120      Circlet             100
Titanium Dagger     240      Titanium Helmet     570
Steel Sword         280      Carbon Suit         550
Titanium Sword      560      Titanium Mail       1120
Slasher             160      Carbon Shield       220
Titanium Slasher    320      Titanium Shield     600
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Monomate            20
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Zema: Inn - 20 Mes./person
-Weapon Shop-                 -Armor Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Hunter's Knife      120      Circlet             100
Steel Sword         280      Carbon Suit         550
Slasher             160      Graphite Suit       1200
Broad Axe           1000     Carbon Shield       220
                             Graphite Shield     900
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Monomate            20
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Nalya: Inn - 25 Mes./person

Aiedo: Inn - 50 Mes./person
-Weapon Shops (Mall)-         -Armor Shops (Mall)-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Dagger              40       Leather Helmet      80
Steel Sword         280      Leather Crown       90
Boomerang           80       Leather Band        70
Hunter's Knife      120      Leather Shield      140
Slasher             160      Leather Cloth       160
Claw                1000     Carbon Helmet       200
Titanium Dagger     240      Carbon Crown        150
Titanium Sword      560      Circlet             100
Titanium Slasher    320      Carbon Suit         550
Titanium Axe        640      Carbon Shield       220
Broad Axe           1000     Titanium Shield     600
                             Titanium Helmet     570
                             Titanium Mail       1120
                             Titanium Crown      490
-Weapon Shop-                -Armor Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Ceramic Knife       1600     Graphite Crown      1000
Ceramic Sword       3600     Ceramic Helmet      1800
Saber Claw          1700     Graphite Suit       1200
Struggle Axe        4600     Ceramic Mail        3700
                             Graphite Shield     900
                             Ceramic Shield      2300
-Item Shop-                  -Naura Cake Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Monomate            20       Shortcake           280
Dimate              160
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Kadary: Inn - 40 Mes./person
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Monomate            20
Dimate              160
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Monsen: Inn - 45 Mes./person
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Monomate            20
Dimate              160
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Termi: Inn - 50 Mes./person
-Armor Shop-                 -Item Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Psychic Mail        7400     Monomate            20
Psychic Circlet     1200     Dimate              160
Psychic Shield      4600     Antidote            10
Psychic Crown       2800     Cure Paral          120
                             Telepipe            130
                             Escapipe            70
-Bayamare Gift Shop-
Item                Price
Alis' Sword         500
Pennant             600
Perolymate          40
Wood Carving        3000

Ryuon: Inn - 100 Mes./person
-Weapon Shop-                -Armor Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Force Cane          2500     Silver Mantle       7300
Silver Rod          2700     Silver Circlet      3000
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Monomate            20
Dimate              160
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Tyler: Inn - 110 Mes./person
-Weapon Shop-                -Armor Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Ceramic Sword       3600     Silver Circlet      3000
Ceramic Knife       1600     Silver Helmet       3800
Silver Rod          2700     Silver Crown        5000
                             Silver Mail         13200
                             Silver Mantle       7300
                             Silver Shield       7200
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Monomate            20
Dimate              160
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Zosa: Inn - 120 Mes./person
-Weapon Shop-                -Armor Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Flame Sword         12900    Phantasm Robe       8400
Thunder Claw        8500
Tornado Dagger      8300
Dream Rod           5400
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Monomate            20
Dimate              160
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70
Penguin Feed        800

Meese: Inn - 140 Mes./person
-Weapon Shop-                -Armor Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Flame Sword         12900    Reflect Mail        26800
Thunder Claw        8500     Reflect Shield      15600
Tornado Dagger      8300
Dream Rod           5400
-Item Shop-                  -Dew Shop (after Garuberk Tower)-
Item                Price    Item                Price      
Dimate              160      Moon Dew            5000
Antidote            10       Star Dew            10000
Cure Paral          120      Sol Dew             20000
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Jut: Inn - 150 Mes./person
-Weapon Shop-                -Armor Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Laconian Sword      20400    Reflect Mail        26800
Laconian Dagger     9400     Reflect Robe        18400
Laconian Claw       10200    Reflect Shield      15600
Laconian Slasher    21600
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Trimate             400
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Reshel: Inn - 130 Mes./person
-Armor Shop-                 -Item Shop-
Item                Price    Item                Price
Laconian Helmet     13800    Trimate             400
Laconian Crown      15000    Antidote            10
Laconian Circlet    9600     Cure Paral          120
Laconian Mail       43800    Telepipe            130
Laconian Shield     20400    Escapipe            70

Uzo: Inn - 80 Mes./person
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Trimate             400
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70

Torinco: Inn - 90 Mes./person
-Item Shop-
Item                Price
Trimate             400
Antidote            10
Cure Paral          120
Telepipe            130
Escapipe            70
XIII. Tips
-Boost Rune & Raja's Defense-
As you know, Rune and Raja have the worst physical stats of the game. The
way around it is to give them both two Silver Shields for the remainder of the
game. But if you do that, how do you attack constantly without using magic?
Simple. Buy a Thunder Claw or Tornado Dagger for them to use as items in
battle. Thunder Claws do great damage against machines while Tornado Daggers
work good elsewhere. The Laconian Rod works the same way, but doesn't work
well against ice-based monsters.

-Support Techniques/Skills-
The effect of support techniques/skills like Shift, Deban, Saner, Blessing,
Warla, etc., are based off the casters' Mental rating. So in the instance
of Deban vs. Blessing vs. Warla, Blessing works the best because Raja has
the highest Mental rating of them all. As for support skills that Demi or
Wren uses (Barrier most likely), the effect is based off their strength.

-Handling powerful spellcasters-
Notice the monsters in the game that like to use techniques? These monsters
are very weak to Seals. So if you fight a monster that likes to cast Legeon
on you, just cast Seals before they can do it and you'll be able to crush them

-Pulse Laser/Vulcan-
These weapons may be a lot weaker than other weapons for Wren, but they attack
all enemies, much like Alys and Kyra do. Whenever you're not fighting a boss,
have Wren equip one of these two weapons to make fights a lot quicker.
XIV. Thanks
-To my fiancee Ashley for her support and love.
-To Sega for making a greatest and probably most under-rated RPG series of all
-To the people of the Hideout Forums at
-To my father and uncle for getting me hooked on Phantasy Star
-To me for spending so much time to create a complete walkthrough such as this.

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