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Walkthrough by Voltron

**     End of The    **
**     Millennium    **

PHANTASY STAR IV begins in Alys's home in Aiedo. She tells Chaz
that this is his first job as a hunter. You are going to the
Motavia Academy in the town of Piata. She doesn't yet know why; the
message from Piata was 'just come.' Chaz and Alys head out of Aiedo
and make the trek to Piata.

Talk to everybody at Motavia Academy. You will be told that the
Principal has been acting a little strangely. Go to the back of the
top floor to enter his office.

The Principal tells you that monsters have infested the basement.
He asks you to exterminate them. When Alys asks how and why the
monsters would enter an inhabited area, he becomes a little
defensive, saying 'just do the job; I am paying dearly for this.'

You will find a man at the entrance to the basement who will ask to
go with you. His name is Hahn; he is an assistant at the Academy.
He works for a man named Professor Holt. Holt went to the place
known as 'Birth Valley' to do research there and has not been heard
from since. After Holt was reported missing, the Principal barred
anyone from going to Birth Valley. Hahn is positive that there is
a connection between this incident and the monster scare. Alys says
that the Prinicpal probably knows more than he is telling. She
tells Hahn that he can come with you for the fee of 100 mesetas.
Hahn agrees. Go down the stairs to enter the basement.

Fight your way down to the bottom of the basement. You will find
strange glass containers there. A monster is also in the room. Walk
up to it and press button C to fight it.

The Igglanova does not hit very hard, but it has a lot of hit
points and it spits out two Xanafalgue monsters in the first two
rounds of battle. Use Alys's Saner technique and Hahn's Vision
skill in the first round of battle. Then use Alys's Vortex skill on
the Igglanova while Chaz and Hahn attack with their weapons. Have
Chaz attack the Xanafalgues so that the Igglanova continues to spit
out more. As long as it does this, it will not attack you.

When you win the battle, Alys will ask Hahn about the glass
containers. Chaz thinks that they are breeding capsules for
monsters. Hahn insists that this is the first time he's been in the
room and he had no idea that the containers are there. But, he
says, the Principal may know. Alys agrees with this and says you
should talk to the Prinicpal again.

Alys will wring the story out of the Principal. The Principal will
tell you about a new breed of monster. Three months ago, Holt
identified Birth Valley as the origin of the outbreak, and he went
there in order to investigate. There, he discovered the remains of
an ancient, advanced civilization. The investigation team brought
back the monster breeding capsules and went back for a second
investigative mission. Nobody on the team returned. The Principal
wanted to send out a rescue team, but a man calling himself Zio
appeared before his eyes. Alys says she has heard of Zio - the
'fake magician.'

Suddenly Zio appears in the room. He tells everybody not to intrude
on Birth Valley. He tells you that there is no need to go there.
After Zio disappears, Hahn says he must go to Birth Valley and find
Holt. Alys will say that this is egg-laying season for sandworms.
She will go with Hahn for 300 mesetas. Hahn will agree.

Head out of Piata and go northeast to get to Mile. Here, there used
to be a lot of fertile soil and a lot of farming went on. But now
the wells have dried up and the soil quality is deteriorating.

In Mile, you will be told that to go to Birth Valley, you must
travel to a town called Zema to the northeast. Rumor says that all
the people of the town vanished.

Go to the Mile Armory. Buy a Steel Sword for Chaz and equip Hahn
with Chaz's two Hunting Knives. Also buy two Slicers for Alys.

Go to Zema. You will find all of the people turned to stone! All
the shops and houses are closed. You will find the entrance to
Birth Valley in the back of Zema.

Find your way to the back of Birth Valley. There you will find
Professor Holt and his assistants all turned to stone. Alys says
she has heard of a medicine called 'Alshline' that can turn stone
back to flesh. To get some Alshline, you must travel to Molcum, a
Motavian village to the south. Alys says she will escort Hahn there
for 500 meseta. Hahn will agree.

Go south and find Molcum. The entire village has been totally
destroyed. There is a man in the middle of the ruins. Go over to
talk to him.

The man's name is Rune; it turns out that he and Alys know each
other. Rune says that the destruction of the village is the work of
Zio. When Alys tells Rune that she is looking for Alshline, Rune
says that the village of Tonoe has some. Tonoe is far to the
northeast; Rune suggests that you stop off at the town of Krup
first. Krup is to the east, not too far from Molcum. Hahn is
reluctant to go to Krup for reasons he does not explain. Rune
invites himself to join your party.

Head east and find the town of Krup. It turns out that this is
Hahn's home town. The armorer is Hahn's father, and the
schoolteacher Saya is Hahn's fiancee.

In Krup, get Carbon protective gear for Alys, Chaz, and Hahn. Get
some Monomate in the Tool Shop. Then head north to Tonoe.

When you reach the cave that leads to Tonoe, you find the entrance
blocked by a rock wall. Rune will destroy it with his magic. Find
your way through the cave to the village of Tonoe.

Tonoe is a Motavian village. Some of the folk are friendly to you,
some not so friendly.

Save the game in Tonoe, then do some monster hunting in the cave
leading to the village. Build everyone up to at least 9th level.
During this time, you should acquire enough money to buy Titanium
armor and weapons for Alys, Chaz and Hahn.

Enter the tent of Grandfather Dorin, an information monger. Dorin
tells you why the entrance to the cave was blocked- and then he
will start to tell you Alys's measurements, which prompts Alys to
slug him. Rune will cool Alys down and tell Dorin you are looking
for Alshline. Dorin will say that Alshline is stored down in the
warehouse. He asks Gryz, a Motavian soldier who is in the tent, to
guide you through the warehouse. Gryz will join your party, and
Rune will leave, saying he has some business to tend to with Dorin.

If you are running low on Monomate, buy some in the Tool Shop. Now
go to the warehouse. Gryz will show you how to lift the grate.

In the warehouse are strong monsters. Move with caution and try to
find all the chests. On the bottom level, you will find a door you
can't open. Go down the passage and it will take you into the room
from the back. Here is the chest which holds the Alshline.

Go back to Zema where you'll use the Alshline to turn everyone back
to flesh. Professor Holt will tell you that there are many relics
here from the ancient civilization. He'll tell Hahn to go back to
the Academy and report the news. Alys feels tired and will convince
everyone to 'take the rest of the day off.'

The next morning, Hahn will say he's ready to go back to the
Academy and make his report. Alys says she is thinking of going
home, while Gryz says he still plans to go after Zio, even if it
means going alone.

Suddenly the party hears screaming from outside. You will find
another Igglanova at the entrance to Birth Valley. Engage and
destroy it. Some of the townspeople will say that the valley is
cursed. Hahn will say that Professor Holt is still inside, and he
will turn to Alys, who says she'll go with him for 1000 mesetas.
Hahn, once again, will agree.

Buy Hahn a Graphite Suit and rest at the inn. Now go into Birth
Valley. At the back end, you'll find Professor Holt's associates
near death. They'll say that Holt went into the depths and hasn't
returned yet. Open up the door and go in.

You will find yourself inside a place called the Bio-Plant. Most of
the enemies you will encounter here are robots. Bring plenty of
Monomate into this place because the enemy robots are very strong.

In the back of the plant you'll find Professor Holt. Alys will ask
him how he got this far and Holt will point out a red-haired girl
standing behind him. The girl will tell you that her name is Rika.
She'll say you are in the Bio-Plant, a bio-engineering facility
created by a 1000-year-old civilization. It is but one of many
systems that are still functioning. It is thanks to these systems
which control Motavia's environment that the human race survived
the 'Great Collapse.' However, even though the control system is
still functioning, it can barely maintain the minimal conditions
for your existence. Even now, the systems are starting to run out
of control. Hahn will ask if the Bio-monsters are being created by
the Plant, and Rika will say yes. If you want to know more, she
says, talk to 'Seed.' Rika will then take you to see this
'Seed'-the control computer for the Bio-Plant. Seed will say that
the system is beyond his control. It is continuously breeding the
harmful monsters. If they are allowed to stay that way, harmful
changes will occur on Motavia's climate and surface. Rika says that
the best way to stop this is to shut down 'Nurvus,' an energy plant
that supplies energy to all systems. Seed will say that first you
must rescue the control android named Demi. She is the only one
that can shut down Nurvus. Unfortunately, she is a prisoner of Zio.
Alys is excited by the idea. She thinks that while you are at it,
you may as well get rid of Zio as well. Seed will ask you to take
Rika with you. Alys will agree. Holt says he must go back to the
Academy and spread the news. As everyone leaves, Seed says there is
only one way for him to stem the bio monster outbreak. He
self-destructs. A solid wall of rocks will seal the entrance to
Birth Valley.

The broken bridge northwest of Zema is now repaired. Cross it and
find the town of Nalya.

Nalya is halfway ruined. About three months ago, a large meteor
struck the ground just to the northwest. Some of the people say
there seems to be some sort of machine in the hole.

You find some sort of wreckage in the hole populated by strong
robots. Hunt robots to work Rika up to level 8 or so. Explore it
thoroughly to get all the stuff from the chests.

In the back of the wreckage, you will find a computer console. Rika
will break the security code, and activate the computer. You will
see a picture of a huge spaceship- the computer says it escaped
from the planet Parma 1000 years ago. Rika says Parma was destroyed
in AW 1284 when a satellite called Gaira crashed into it (do you
remember that from Phantasy Star 2?). The computer says the
spaceship was damaged by the explosion and became trapped in orbit
around Motavia. All the people aboard died, but the ship survived
by way of the computer's self-repairing mechanisms. According to
the flight chart, the orbit slowly decayed over time and the ship
finally crashed on Motavia. Rika suddenly finds that many other
similar ships were able to escape successfully. Most of them landed
on Motavia or Dezolis, but it looks like some of them went out of
the Algo solar system (thus, the game Phantasy Star 3, which took
place on one of those ships).

West of Nalya is Aiedo. There are two sets of armor/weapon shops
here- one in the market and one near the Hunter Guild. Use the one
near the guild to upgrade your armor and weaponry. Be prepared to
spend over 20,000 mesetas to get everybody upgraded.

The Hunter's Guild offers eight jobs you can apply for to gain
extra cash. Right now, there is only one job, 'The Ranch Owner,"
available. If you have everybody up past 10th level, you should be
strong enough to do the job, which requires you to kill a large

Aiedo also has Alys's home. You can spend the night here, giving
you all the benefits of staying at an inn- for free.

When you think you are ready, go into the cave north of Aiedo. The
monsters in here are pretty strong, so bring some Dimate with you.
When you exit the cave, go east a little and you'll reach the town
of Kadary.

In Kadary, you will learn much more about a new religion- the
devotees are followers of Zio. They believe that Zio will remove
all unfit life forms from the planet, and then lead a select few
'chosen ones' into a new world. In the northwest corner of town is
a church dedicated to Zio. Many of his followers can be found here.

Southeast of Kadary is Zio's fort. When you enter, you'll find that
you can't go downstairs. A strange energy barrier blocks you from
using the down stairscase in the center of the level. Go around it
and you will find an up staircase.

When you reach a wide passageway with a man at the end, heal
everyone up to full hit points before speaking with him.

The man is Juza; he is a subordinate of Zio. He says you'll never
see Zio unless you beat him. Juza is fairly strong, with a lot of
hit points, so use your strongest fighting moves and make sure you
have enough Dimate.

If you beat Juza, a stairway appears off to his left. Go up to
another up staircase, ascend, and you'll be on the top level. You
will see a green haired figure chained to the wall. It's Demi. You
set her free, and she will heal some of your injuries with her
Medical Power. You will mention Nurvus to her and she says she can
shut it down.

Suddenly you hear a voice say, "Go no further." Demi recognizes the
voice as Zio's. Zio will appear before you. Gryz will call him
names, and Zio will say that he feeds off of your fears and angers-
it gives him power. Alys will warn Zio that all Motavia will become
uninhabitable if all the systems continue malfunctioning. Zio is
not shaken. He praises the idea of 'death to all that lives.' Even
if it means that he himself must die in the end, he is ready to
erase all life on Motavia. Finally, Zio will tire of talking and
say that fun and games are over with, and anyone getting in his way
will perish.

Zio automatically gets to throw up a magical barrier around himself
in the first round of battle. When you begin fighting him, you find
that even your strongest attacks do not hurt him. After a few
rounds of not being able to injure Zio, he'll throw up a spell that
conjures an image of his god, "Dark Force." Then he will cast a
'Black Wave' spell at Chaz. Alys will try to get Chaz out of the
way- and she will take the full brunt of the spell in her body. The
party will somehow manage to flee from the castle, where Rika will
tell Chaz that even her Gires spell cannot heal or repair Alys's
wounds. Hahn takes you back to Krup.

The scene shifts to a room in the Krup inn. Alys is still in
serious condition. Hahn asks Demi if shutting down Nurvus would
help Alys; Demi will say that Nurvus is located in the basement of
Zio's fort. Alys will say that Rune should know some way to fight
and defeat Zio. Hahn remembers that Rune went off with Grandfather
Dorin. Gryz will say that if Rune is with Dorin, he probably went
to the Ladea Tower. Dorin said something important is there.
Unfortunately, an area of quicksand blocks the way to Ladea Tower.
Demi says that there is a 'Land Rover,' which can travel over
quicksand. If you go to the machine center, directly south of Krup,
Demi is sure you will get a Land Rover. Chaz will convince Hahn and
Saya to watch over Alys (meaning Hahn leaves your party).

Demi will join your party. She has no techniques, but she has a few
useful skills. The problem is that healing techniques do not work
on her because she is an android. If she is injured, she will
gradually self-repair just by walking around. If she must be healed
during combat, the only way to accomplish this is via her 'Recover'

Walk south from Krup and the machine center will rise from
underground. Go in and get the Control Key from the chest. Then
proceed down the yellow line. Demi will activate a computer
console. As she works the console, she mentions that defeating Zio
will not solve the problem. The control system's being out of whack
is not Zio's doing; it is because the control satellite Zelan is
issuing abnormal commands. Presently, Demi will start up the Land
Rover and say that you should go outside where it is waiting for

Hop into the Land Rover and go to the north and then east of Krup.
You will cross a large area of quicksand and find the town of Monsen.
Monsen has been badly damaged by a series of earthquakes. When you
talk to a man on the east side of town, he says that the
earthquakes are causing serious damage to all Monsen. Demi will say
that there must be some sort of malfunction in the Plate System,
which controls the tectonic plates of Motavia's surface. If she can
shut it down, the earthquakes should stop.

Save the game in Monsen and find the Plate system. Explore it
thoroughly to find all the chests. Some of them hold 'Repair Kits'
that can restore Demi if she is 'flatlined' in combat. Do not sell
them for any reason and do not use one unless Demi's hit points are
reduced to zero.

When you find the computer control panel, press button C and Demi
will shut the Plate system down. Rest and save the game in Monsen.
When you are ready, get in the Land Rover and go east from Monsen
until you see some quicksand to the south. Go south over the
quicksand and you will find the village of Termi.

Termi is a village that worships a heroine of Yore. There is a
statue of her in town. Go over and look at the statue; it shows
Alis Landale and Myau of Phantasy Star 1 fame. Buy some Dimate at
the Tool Shop and save the game here.

Southwest of Termi is the Ladea Tower you were told about. You will
find Rune on the third floor. He tells you that he is here to get
something called the "Psycho-Wand." Rune says it can neutralize
Zio's magic barrier so you can defeat him. The wand is on the top
level of the tower. If you help him get it, he'll help you.

As with all mazes you find, the Ladea Tower should be explored
thoroughly (leave to heal and rest at a town if you need to, then
go back) to find all the chests. You will often find valuable

When you reach the top level, an ugly monster will appear and say
that upon the decree of Zio, it is taking the Psycho-Wand. Fight
and kill it, and the wand is yours.

Suddenly, Rune and Rika both sense something terrible is happening.
Rune tells you that you must hurry to Krup at once.

You'll arrive at the Krup inn, where Hahn tells you that Alys's
condition has taken a turn for the worse. Chaz asks Rune to try and
help her, but Rune says the Black Energy Wave is not a product of
Zio alone. The Wave contains an even more evil power that he cannot
cure. Alys will ask Rune to help Chaz out, and Rune promises to do
so. Alys asks Chaz to come a little closer to her, and she tells
him that he must now carve out his own destiny by himself. She will
say 'Thank You' to Chaz, and then, much to everyone's grief, Alys

A few cinematic sequences follow, showing Alys's burial in Krup,
and how Rune and Rika try to help Chaz get over his sorrow. The
next day, Hahn says he is going back to the academy to report on
the events and to come up with a plan of action.

Go to Kadary and save the game there. Now go back to Zio's fort.
When you get to the stairs leading down, press button C and Rune
will destroy the barrier with the Psycho-Wand. Go down now into
Nurvus. You'll find a small computer terminal and Rika will ask
Demi if she can shut Nurvus down from the terminal. Demi will
explain that Nurvus is not accepting any 'outside commands' and can
only be accessed if she can get inside its nucleus.

Try to find all the chests you can to get the goodies they hold.
When you reach the Nurvus control center, Zio will appear before
you and say that he will not let you escape this time.

In the first round of battle, after Zio uses his magic barrier
spell, have Gryz use his War Cry, which will boost his attack
strength. Have Demi throw up an NRG barrier, and have Rika throw up
a Deban technique. Rune should Use the Psycho-Wand as an item so it
will destroy Zio's barrier. Once this is done, use your strongest
attacks on Zio, like Chaz's Crosscut and Rika's Double Slash. If
everyone is at least 16th level (preferably around 20th), and if
you have enough Dimate to heal injuries, you should be able to
defeat Zio after a fierce fight.

After defeating Zio, Demi says Nurvus cannot be stopped by normal
means. She must connect herself directly to its system and crack it

Demi climbs inside Nurvus and shuts it down. All systems
maintaining the environment are halted. This keeps anymore
disasters from happening but there's danger of the planet becoming
barren. Each system's functions must be restored soon. Rika knows
that this means you must go to the Zelan satellite. Demi says a
special space shuttle is here at Nurvus and she is readying it for
you. At Zelan, you will meet Demi's master, an android named Wren.
The spaceport will emerge from underground and you will appear on
the surface of Motavia. Zio's fort is destroyed though the stairway
down to Nurvus is intact.

Gryz will leave your party; he must get back to his sister in
Tonoe. This leaves only Chaz, Rika, and Rune in the party. Step on
one of the yellow circles in the spaceport and it will restore all
hit and technique points and skills- even if a character is at zero
hit points! Board the shuttle and fly to Zelan.

You won't have any hostile encounters in Zelan. In fact, there is
no maze to go through. At the top of Zelan, you'll meet Wren.

Wren will explain to you that Zelan is not responsible for the
problems occuring on Motavia. It is another satellite named Kuran
that is causing the systems to run amok. Kuran was designed to
assist Zelan, but someone or something has occupied Kuran and
usurped control. Zelan is losing its power; even the
telecommunications systems are down. Otherwise, Zelan is
functioning normally. Wren will join your party to assist you at

Go to the elevator and Wren will say that Zelan is currently in
'stealth mode,' meaning it cannot be detected on the ship's radar.
There is a Stealth Canceller in the cargo room on the right. Go to
the room and grab the goodies in the chest. Then grab the goodies
in the cargo room on the left. Now go back to the shuttle and
prepare to go to Kuran.

En route to Kuran, Wren detects some sort of problem in the engine
room. The party goes there to see what is wrong. They discover a
Chaos Sorcerer trying to sabotage the ship. It attacks you when it
is found.

The fight damages the ship, and Wren says he cannot maintain orbit.
All he can do is manage a controlled crash landing on Dezolis.

The shuttle crashes onto a temple in Dezolis. The party emerges
from the Landale to find three Dezolisians staring at them. One of
them greets you warily and cracks a few unfunny jokes. After some
conversation, he says there is another spaceship here on Dezolis.
It is in a town named after the first chief of the town© a town
called Tyler (remember the name from PS2?) to the Northwest. The
Dezolisian tells you his name is Raja, and he will help you get to
the ship if you take him with you. Since there is not much choice
in the matter, you agree.

Outside the temple, you note that it is snowing furiously. Raja
says that the snowstorm has been going on for nearly three months.
He believes that demons in the Garuberk Tower are causing the

Head north from the crushed temple, and you will find the
Dezolisian town of Ryuon. You'll be told that you should visit the
bar and speak with Gyuna.

Gyuna, the barkeeper, will give you a lot of information. He will
tell you that a grave in Tyler holds the key to the spaceship. 

Head northwest from Ryuon and you'll find the town of Tyler. Talk
to all the people for information.

One old man will tell you the town was named after the pilot of the
spaceship used to get to Dezolis. The citizens built a grave for
Tyler in his honor.

Laconian weapons and armor are for sale on Dezolis, but the
Parmanians do not know the refining techniques, so the best they
can make are the low-grade 'Silver' items.

Inspect Tyler's grave and it opens up for you. When you find the
spaceship, Wren will examine the ship and say that it could be
perfectly useful. The ship is called the Landale. A spaceport
emerges from underground so you can use the ship. Touch one of the
yellow circles to heal, then head over to Kuran.

Try to find all the chests in Kuran. Most of them hold valuable
items. If you hear Rika say, "what's that in the shadows?" turn
back. Do not move forward from that point unless the party is all
around 25th level. If the whole party is, heal everyone up to full
hit points before going forward. Rune will recognize the hideous
being plastered all over the control system computer. It's an
emanation of Dark Force- the same Dark Force that Zio served.
Beating Dark Force will take a well-coordinated effort from your
party and it will be very difficult.

If you beat Dark Force, Wren will fix the Kuran control system.
Rune will be asked how he recognized Dark Force and he will say
only that he has seen it before. Wren will say he must make a minor
adjustment at Zelan to bring all systems back to normal.

When this is done, it will be noticed that the snowstorm on Dezolis
has not stopped. Raja will say it is because of the demons at
Garuberk Tower. The party knows that something must be done or all
life on Dezolis may soon perish. One problem: walls of ice have
formed on Dezolis, separating the planet into sections. Solution:
Wren has an Ice Digger, a vehicle that can bore through the ice
walls. He will load it onto the Landale.

Once on Dezolis, board the Ice Digger and go a little east, then
north. You will see a wall of ice. Dig through it heading
northwest. You should find a cave. Tough monsters are in it so
bring extra Dimate. Once you meet the two guardian cats, there will
be no more hostile encounters. The two cats will let you through.
Go forward and meet the chief, a huge winged cat. He will give you
a weapon for Rika- a Silver Tusk. Equip it and head out.

Dig southeast from the musk cat cave. You should find the
Dezolisian town of Zosa. Here you can buy magical weapons and learn
about the Dezolis penguin. Rest and save the game here.

Walk with the Dezolis penguin and talk to a man in the northeast
corner of town. He will tell you about the Musk Cat cave and a
strange building to the northeast of town.

Now go east in the Ice Digger until you find a wall of ice to the
north. Dig through it and you will find a climate control center.
Go through it and collect all the goodies in the chests. At the
main control center is a monster who will say that the whole center
is a trap. When you tell it you defeated Dark Force, it will reply,
"Ridiculous." It does not think you are worth killing, but as he is
only a vessel that takes orders, he will do it. Destroy the monster
and Wren will determine that the climate control center functions
normally. The party is disturbed at how the monster spoke as though
Dark Force is still alive. Raja says you still must go to Garuberk

Return to Zosa to rest and save the game. Now head southeast to
find the town of Reshel. Reshel is a ghost town; only zombies
inhabit it. Kill a few zombies, then go southeast from Reshel to
find the Parmanian town of Meese. Talk to the people there.

In Meese you will learn that a weird illness is going around. You
get a very high fever and usually die in a month, and then your
body revives as a zombie. This tells you that all of Reshel was
wiped out by the illness.

One of the inns has been turned into a hospital. Strange people
known as Espers have come to help. They can't cure the illness but
they prolong patients' lives by giving them life energy. They say
they come from a place called the Esper mansion which is located to
the southeast.

Go to the hospital's second floor. Go into the room on the right.
Talk to the Esper there. He'll tell you that the illness broke out
right after the Garuberk Tower appeared.

Suddenly, Raja collapses. Rika says he has a very high fever. The
party quickly carries him to a bed. Rune and Rika both sense the
cause of the illness. It's the Black Energy Wave. It must be coming
from the Garuberk Tower- and Rune believes it is pretty close.

Suddenly an Esper rushes into the room screaming for help. He says
that an Esper of exceptional courage named Kyra has gone to the
Garuberk Tower alone. The Esper then says that there is a forest of
carnivorous trees that surround the tower, to the northeast of
Meese. The party agrees to rescue Kyra.

Go east a bit, then northeast to find the forest. You will find
Kyra being attacked by the trees. After fighting with the trees for
a few rounds, you notice that each time you destroy a tree, another
one appears. They continue to appear and grow one after another.
Finally you know you must retreat. You do, at least, manage to save

Kyra thanks you for rescuing her and agrees that she may have been
a bit reckless but she couldn't stand by and watch the people
suffer. Chaz wonders aloud if there is a way to destroy the forest
and Kyra says that the chief of the Espers, a man known as Lutz
(remember the name from PS2?) may know the answer. 2000 years ago,
Lutz helped a heroine named Alis save Algo, and Lutz has come to be
known as a legendary wizard who may even know the secrets of
immortality. Only a few people are allowed into where Lutz can be
seen. Kyra feels you must try to get an audience with Lutz. Rika
and Chaz agree.

You should have noticed a wall of ice just east of Meese. Dig
though it in the Ice Digger, heading southeast. Once on the other
side of the wall, head east until you reach yet another wall. Dig
through it, heading to the northeast. You will reach the Esper

In one room you'll find four chests with valuable items inside. Now
head for the Inner Sanctum.

The two guards will not allow you in- not even Kyra. Suddenly Rune
will order the guards to let you in- and they do, begging
forgiveness. Go down and enter the Inner Sanctum.

A man there welcomes Rune, and Rune explains to the party that
beyond the Inner Sanctum is a room called Lutz's room. The party

You find a strange glowing ball in the room- but not Lutz. Kyra
wonders aloud what is going on. Rune steps forward and explains
that Lutz is not here: he left this world long ago. Kyra does not
believe this- she says she saw Lutz with her very own eyes. Rune
calms Kyra down and says that while Lutz's physical body is no
more, his spirit lives on. Before he died, he left his will and
memory in the glowing ball- the Telepathy Ball. If a chosen person
appears, Lutz's will and memory are transferred to him.

Rika suddenly understands the truth- Rune is Lutz. Or more
precisely, the fifth-generation Lutz. Rune begins to talk to Chaz.
He says that ever since Ancient times, calamities occur on Algo
once every thousand years. This is because a personification of
evil called Dark Force is reborn every 1000 years. Up until now,
every time it occurred, a courageous hero (or heroine) would defeat
the evil to maintain peace. Rika remembers that you defeated Dark
Force at Kuran, yet there is no abatement of the abnormal
conditions in Algo. Chaz asks if Dark Force is still alive. Rune
does not know, but he can say that the root of all evil is not yet
destroyed. The only thing to do is to defeat it. Rune says that he
has chosen Chaz as the hero to defeat Dark Force. He felt that Chaz
is a man of potential and you will soon see if Rune was right about
this. He says that the party must go to the Garuberk Tower.

The man who let Rune in will mention that there are carnivorous
trees that obstruct those who try to pass. But, if you use the
"Eclipse Torch," you can destroy the forest. Rune then says you
must travel to the Gumbious Temple, located to the west.

Leave the Esper Mansion, get in the Ice Digger and dig to the other
side of the ice wall. Now head west until you find another ice wall
just to the south. You will find the Gumbious Temple and the
Dezolisian town of Jut on the other side of this wall.

Enter Jut first. Here you can obtain Trimate and high-grade (pure)
Laconia weapons. Jut has a small temple which is used only by a few
people since the Gumbious Temple is so much more important.

Now enter Gumbious Temple and speak with the Dezolisians. On the
second floor you will find the Priest and the Eclipse Torch.

Even when you explain that the fate of the entire Algo system may
depend on it, the Priest will refuse to let you borrow the torch.
Suddenly, three mysterious figures in purple appear and identify
themselves as beings of the Air Castle. They tell Rune that he
knows who awaits them there, and then they steal the Eclipse Torch,
inviting you to come and get it. The figures disappear, and the
Priest is distraught, believing that he is now being punished for
being so narrow minded. Chaz promises to recover the Eclipse Torch
if the Priest will let you use it after it is recovered. The Priest
will readily agree.

Chaz asks Rune about the Air Castle, and Rune explains that it is
a place that floated above the skies of Parma a long time ago. The
first-generation Lutz and his companions defeated an evil wizard
named Lashiec there (okay so it was actually Lassic, but you can
forgive their spelling, can't you?). Rune theorizes that somehow,
the castle survived after Parma was destroyed, and even now floats
among the asteroid belt that's made of the pieces of the planet
Parma. Wren says that the probability is low, but he will use the
sensors on the Landale to scan the asteroid belt.

Save the game in Jut, then go to the southwest. You will find an
ice wall. Dig through it and you will find a weapons plant built by
Mother Brain. Explore it thoroughly to collect all the items
inside. Then rest and save the game once more in Tyler.

Go to the spaceport and Wren will activate the Landale's sensors.
Wren will detect something slight. Rika will ask him to try and get
it on the viewscreen. Wren will do so and Rune says that it is the
Air Castle.

Stock up on Trimate if you need to, then fly to the Air Castle. Go
inside and head forward until you find the three figures in purple.

The figures are illusions. Rune says that there is a barrier behind
the illusion. The party realizes that they must find the real
witches and defeat them.

The Air Castle maze is very large and complex. Try to sketch a
rough map if you can. It is not necessary to map the Air Castle-
you can find your way through it with few difficulties- but if you
can draw even a rough map, it will help you. There are plenty of
valuable goodies here in chests; try and find them all.

The Air Castle's monsters are strong, so don't hesitate to leave
and return to Dezolis to rest and restock on Trimate. You should
work everyone up to level 30 or so before making an earnest attempt
to locate the three purple witches. When you do find them at last,
they will prove to be most imposing adversaries. They possess a
very deadly combination attack that can wipe you out fast. So when
you first begin to fight them, focus all attacks on just one of
them. Taking out one member of the trio prevents the remaining two
from casting the combination spell.

When you defeat the witches, go past them into a room that has a
glowing yellow circle. It will heal everyone. But the Eclipse Torch
is nowhere to be found!

Use an Escapipe to exit and fly back to Tyler to save the game.
Then go back to the Air Castle and go to the spot where the first
illusion of the witches is. You will find both the illusion and the
barrier gone. You may now pass through the arch into the room
beyond. Keep going forward and you will find the second illusion of
the witches and the barrier gone. Through the arch and you will
find another maze. Fight the monsters in this maze to work everyone
up to 35th level or so. Then navigate your way through it until you
find a chest on a large platform.

The chest holds a fake Eclipse Torch and a monster. Kill the
monster and Lashiec will appear before you, quite overjoyed to see
Lutz again. He will tell you that he has been reborn to get revenge
on Lutz. Then he attacks.

Lashiec is very, very powerful. Use Barrier, Deban and Warla in the
first round of combat. Rune should possess the Efess attack;
combine it with Chaz's Crosscut skill to create the Grandcross
attack. Heal often, and do not worry about how much this tactic
prolongs the fight- you can't defeat Lashiec if he kills you. Makes
sense, doesn't it?

If you defeat Lashiec, he will call Lutz a fiend and scream that
you will never gain the Eclipse Torch. Rika will leap at Lashiec
and snatch it out of his hand. Lashiec will feel his body
dissipating and scream that as long as 'He' lives, Lashiec will be
reincarnated again. The Air Castle will begin to crumble, and the
party barely makes it out and flies away in the Landale just in the
nick of time.

Return to Dezolis and go to Gumbious Temple. The Priest will thank
you for recovering the Eclipse Torch and say that you may borrow it
for whatever purpose you need it for. Restock on Trimate and rest
at Jut. Then save the game at Meese.

Go to the forest of carnivorous trees and you will automatically
destroy it with the power of the Eclipse Torch. Head north and
enter Garuberk Tower.

The inside of Garuberk Tower is quite disgusting; it is like the
insides of a creature. Search for the chests and grab the goodies
they hold. If you find what looks like a giant green crab, turn
back. Work yourself up to 40th level, then confront the creature.

The creature is another emanation of Dark Force. It is quite
stronger than the emanation you fought at Kuran. Do not hesitate to
use any Star-Dew, Moon-Dew, and/or Sol-Dew you have in this fight.
You can get more later.

When you defeat Dark Force, Garuberk Tower will dissipate, and the
snowstorm will stop. Kyra will thank you for all you have done and
leave your party. Suddenly, you'll see a gigantic explosion and
realize that something happened to the Gumbious Temple. Return to
the Temple and you will find it destroyed. All that remains is one
underground room.

Talk to the Bishop. He will tell you that "The Profound Darkness©"
the root of all evil© still exists. Dark Force is only a tool of
that existence. The Dark Force is seeking Rykros, a place where all
the secret answers lie. When Rykros returns, the Aero-Prism will
show the way. Rune says that the Aero-Prism is in the Soldier's
Temple, an ancient building in the lake just east of Krup, and you
must hurry back to Motavia.

First, go to Reshel. The town is now restored. You can now obtain
high-grade Laconian armor here. Upgrade your protective gear and
make another stop by Meese. The closed equipment ship is now open.
Here you can buy Star©Dew, Moon©Dew, and Sol©Dew. Buy some StarªDews 
and Sol©Dews if you have only a few, then return to Motavia.

Back at Motavia, Wren will contact Demi and explain the situation.
Demi readies the Hydrofoil, a vehicle that can cross the water (it
can also move across land and even quicksand!), and gives it to
you. Rest and save the game at Krup, which is just west of the
Soldier's Temple.

There are four new jobs available in the Aiedo Hunter's Guild. You
should at least do the "Man with Twist" and "Silver Soldier" jobs
since they will give you good experience, and in the Vahal Fort (on
an island east of the bridge between Zema and Nalya), you will find
more useful stuff for Wren.

Go to the Soldier's Temple. At the bottom of the hill, you will
meet a man. He is Seth, an archaeologist who wants to see the
Soldier's temple. He will ask if he can come with you once you
explain your mission to him. Seth is not a great fighter, but he
has some useful skills.

Enter the cave at the bottom of the hill. Each time you reach a
higher level of the cave, Seth will praise your strength and skill.
When you get to the top of the hill, heal everyone except Seth to
full hit points. Go into the Soldier's temple and get the

When you leave the temple, you hold the Aero-Prism up over your
head, and a bright light shines from it up into the sky. Rune will
say that the beam must be pointing toward Rykros, and Wren will
calculate the direction the beam is pointing in.

Suddenly Seth begins to scream. Rika will ask him what is wrong,
and Seth will scream louder. Then he changes into a giant monster-
yet another emanation of Dark Force. Since there are now only four
members in your party, this emanation will be tough to defeat. Use
your strongest attacks on it. Do not hesitate to use skills and/or

When you defeat Dark Force, go to the town of Kadary to rest and
save the game (it's very close to the Motavia spaceport). Go to the
spaceport and Wren will program the direction the beam from the
Aero-Prism pointed toward into the Landale. As you fly, Wren says
the course, if followed, will take you out of the Algo solar
system. Suddenly, the Aero-Prism will begin to glow, and a planet
appears in front of you. Chaz says it must be Rykros.

You land in a temple on the planet, and stand on a large
diamond-shaped area. Suddenly, the background will change into a
spiral galaxy pattern among stars. A voice welcomes you. It is the
voice of a being called LeRoof who is here to pass on the secret of
Algo's genesis. You are on Rykros- the fourth planet in the Algo
system. Rykros is a planet that is protected by a powerful,
invisible barrier. No normal being can see or even sense it.
Moreover, the planet's orbit is highly elliptical- it gets close to
Algo only once every thousand years. Now Rune understands the
Gumbious Bishop's words- the Aero-Prism shows the way 'when Rykros
returns.' Chaz asks LeRoof to explain the Profound Darkness. LeRoof
says that first, he must test you. You must perform a task. There
are two towers in Rykros called the Courage Tower and the Strength
Tower. You must go to these towers and meet the guardians. When you
return, he will truly recognize you as 'Protectors,' and tell you
all you need to know.

The background changes back to normal and the diamond-shaped
pattern will heal everyone. Collect all the items in the chests in
the Silence Temple and then venture out.

Go northwest to the Strength Tower. Collect all the items in the
chests. Then go to the top level where you'll see a spiritual being
destroy two attacking monsters. Walk up to the being and talk to
it. It will say that beings come and come but they're all sissies.
If you passed LeRoof's scrutiny, try and take him.

You must now fight the De-Vars. Treat him the same way you would
Dark Force and you should be able to defeat him.

Defeat De-Vars and he will reward you with three magic rings which
are worn as headgear. Equip them, and return to the Silence Temple
to heal.

Fly back to Dezolis and sell gear you no longer need. Now return to
Rykros and save the game just outside the Silence Temple.

Head southeast to find the Courage Tower. Explore it thoroughly to
find all the items in chests. Then go to the top level.

You will see a spiritual being wipe out two attacking monsters
(like the scene in the other tower). Go over to the being and talk
to it, then defeat it in battle.

The Sa-Lews will reward you with two more magic rings. Return now
to the Silence Temple to meet LeRoof.

LeRoof will explain Algo's Genesis. Many billions of years ago, a
great spiritual being split into its two opposite sides. The two
lesser beings began to fight. Finally, one being defeated the other
and banished it to another dimension. The winning being is called
the Great Light; the other one, the Profound Darkness. The Light
feared the return of the Darkness and placed a giant seal on the
dimension portal. This seal is the Algo solar system. The Light
then distributed Protectors of the seal among three tribes- the
Parmanians, the Motavians and the Dezolisians. The seal itself,
however, had fluctuations in its power. Once every thousand years,
the power became temporarily weak. As a warning of this phenomenon,
the Light created Rykros, which returns to Algo once every thousand
years. The Light knew that, through the generations, the Protectors
would forget their mission. Rykros was thus designed to break its
silence when the seal's final moment came. This final moment may be
coming now. Once every thousand years, when the power of the seal
grew weak, the strongest part of the Darkness's spirit could break
through the seal and come to Algo in physical form© Dark Force.
Every time it happened, a hero or heroine would defeat Dark Force
and restore peace. But 1000 years ago, the Darkness finally
destroyed the planet Parma, thus removing part of the seal. Now, it
is at last trying to break completely free. If it does, the Algo
star system will surely be destroyed. The only way to prevent this
is to enter the Darkness's dimension and destroy the Profound
Darkness itself. As long as you have the five Rings of Stars, you
should be protected from the largest part of the power of the
Profound Darkness.

When LeRoof tells you that this is the mission you were born to do,
Chaz becomes angry. He does not want to fight for any 'mission.' He
then asks LeRoof where the Great Light is and what it is doing.
LeRoof will say that the Light has gone far away, out of the
galaxy. Chaz becomes angrier. A being that hands down 'missions'
and goes off somewhere else is not to his liking. Chaz wants to
live by his own will.

Chaz will talk to Rune. He says he no longer knows what's going on.
When Rune and Rika raised his spirit after Alys's death, he didn't
understand. He could only see that the person who taught him
everything had died. But gradually, he found out that there are
people who depend on him to fight for them. Rune asks him if this
isn't acceptable. Chaz says he can't have the fate of all Algo
resting on his shoulders. Moreover, this fighting is a mission
handed down by the Great Light. If he has to follow the orders of
a being that isn't even present anymore, he's no different than
Zio. Rune thinks about it and says that he understand's Chaz's
thinking. But he knows how to explain things. Rune asks Chaz to
come with him back to the Esper Mansion to meet somebody. The
answer lies there.

Return to the Esper Mansion and go to the Inner Sanctum. Rune will
open up a wall and tell Chaz that the sacred sword, Elsydeon,
awaits him. It is probably the one and only weapon that has the
power to destroy the Profound Darkness. Rune tells Chaz to go in
alone and meet with Elsydeon. Then the answer he seeks will be

Go into the cave and down the stairs. Walk up to the statue and
press the C button. A voice will begin speaking to Chaz. The voice
says that this is the place where the spirits of all the people who
fought to protect Algo return to. The spirits shelter the sacred
sword Elsydeon. The voice asks Chaz to take the sword into his
hand. Chaz does so, and he begins to see visions. He sees the cast
of Phantasy Star 1. Then he sees the cast of PS2 (this kind of
suggests that Rolf and company of PS2 won the fight with the
creators of Mother Brain!). Finally, he sees a picture of Alis of
PS1, followed by Nei from PS2, and finally Alys© suggesting that
spiritually, they are all one and the same. The voice then tells
Chaz that the spirits entrust him with the care of Elsydeon and
that they will all be with him.

Chaz emerges from the cave back into the Inner Sanctum. Rune says
that his judgment was right. Elsydeon promised to give Chaz power.
He tells Chaz it is time to save Algo. Chaz agrees. He is now
willing to fight to protect the Algo system and create a future
that is free of the fears and terrors of the past.

Suddenly Wren says that he has gotten an emergency contact from
Demi. Demi says a disaster has struck Motavia. Chaz says to hurry
there. First, go to Jut and sell any gear you no longer need. Count
how many Trimates you have. If you have less than ten, buy as many
as you need to make sure you have at least ten. Next, go to Meese.
Count how many Star Dews and Sol Dews you have. If you have less
than ten Star Dews and five Sol Dews, buy as many as you need to
get a total of ten Star Dews and five Sol Dews. Now go to the
Weapon Plant. Stand in front of the console between the chests
where you got the Elastic Gear and Elastic Armor. Each time you
face this console and press button C, you will receive one Repair
Kit. Collect five or six of them.

Return to the spaceport. You'll find Raja and Kyra there. They both
ask to go with you. When you arrive at the Motavia Spaceport,
you'll find Hahn, Gryz, and Demi there. They will all welcome you.
Demi tells you that the systems controlling the environment are all
finally stabilized. When Wren asks Demi what the disaster is, she
will say that a huge hole suddenly opened north of Piata. All life
forms near the hole are quickly dying. But there is no trace of any
radiation or gas coming from the hole. Rune says it has to be the
Black Energy Wave. The Profound Darkness has finally opened a
portal from its dimension. Everyone wants to come along to help
fight, and Chaz would like to bring them all, but there are only
five Rings of Stars to protect against the power of the Profound
Darkness. This means that he must choose one of the five to take as
the party's fifth member.

Actually, you should not choose just yet. First, check your party's
level. Chaz should be 46th, Wren 43rd, Rika 49th, and Rune 42nd. If
not, hunt robots in Vahal fort to build up to these levels.

Now fly to Rykros. Go south, east a little, and around a mountain.
Then head west and you should find a tower in the southwest corner
of Rykros. You must have Elsydeon to be admitted into the Anger
Tower. Go up the right side stairs first to find a chest with
Guard-Mail. Then go to the left side on the bottom level and open
up the chest. It contains Sol-Dew. Now climb the tower. Run from
any hostile encounters you have. Heal with your healing techniques
if you sustain any injury. 

On the top level, Chaz suddenly finds himself alone. In the center
of the top level is- Alys! Chaz goes up to her, and Alys suddenly
begins to push him- and then she attacks him. Defeat her in combat
and she disappears. Chaz screams in anguish and suddenly a
spiritual being appears, laughing. It calls Chaz a weakling and
scorns him for lamenting over an illusion. Chaz becomes furious and
the being says his anger and hatred is quite a show of his force of
character. The being then asks him if he would like to be able to
wholly transform those feelings into strength. There is a technique
that transforms anger into powers of destruction, and the being
asks if Chaz wants to know about it. Say NO (if you say yes, the
life form will kill you in combat!). Chaz will tell the being that
even if he won using the power, it would be meaningless. It would
only make him the same as the Darkness. The being will then give
you the Megid technique.

Exit the tower, heal by touching the black diamond in Silence
Temple, and fly back to Motavia where Raja, Kyra, Hahn, Gryz and
Demi are waiting for you. Step outside the spaceport and save the
game. Now go back in and choose one of them to take with you. If,
at any time prior to actually confronting the Profound Darkness,
you change your mind, you can return to the spaceport and choose
again. There is no one 'best' character to take. Raja has the
techniques Nasar and Regen, so you'll have excellent defenses, but
it will take longer to defeat the Darkness. Taking Gryz or Demi
will give you better attacking power, but you will have lesser
healing power. If you take Demi, you should have at least five
Repair-Kits. These can restore her and Wren if either of them is
reduced to zero hit points (it is also the only way to revive them,
so if you have few Repair-Kits, it may be best not to take Demi at
all). If they need to heal in battle, use their Recover skill.
Demi's Medical Power can revive any humanoid brought to zero hit
points, but they won't be revived to full hit points, so it's
best to use it only as a last resort. The Sol Dews you are carrying
should do a better job.

Anyway- after choosing one of the five, climb into the Land Rover
and cross the quicksand. If you step into Mile, you'll find
everyone dead from the power of the Black Energy Wave. Between Mile
and Piata is the hole. Step into it and enter the dimension of the

There is no maze in this dimension- just a few pathways. Some of
them do have wrong turns, so if at the end of a pathway, you don't
find a diamond, it's a dead end. The diamonds, when stepped on,
transport you to the next pathway. DO NOT FIGHT. You need all your
hit points and technique points intact. If you're ambushed or
blocked from fleeing, and thus injured, leave the dimension via
Hinas technique and heal at Piata or the Spaceport. You have at
least a 80-85% chance of successfully fleeing an encounter, so the
RUN command is fairly reliable.

When you reach the top of a second vertical pathway on a blue and
purple background, stop a second and make sure nobody has any
injuries. Unlike any other fight, when you face the Profound
Darkness, the lead character is not the primary target, so it does
not matter what the party lineup is. I like to have Chaz in front,
Wren second, Rika third, the 'chosen' character fourth, and Rune in
the rear.

Make note of what combination attacks you can use and set them into
macros. Touch the diamond and you will confront the Profound
Darkness. There will be some conversation among your party before
the Darkness assumes its first fighting shape and the battle

In the first round of battle, use Wren's NRG Barrier (if Demi is
with you, have her use one too) and Rika's Deban technique. If Kyra
is with you, use her Warla skill. If Raja is with you, use his
Blessing skill. If Gryz is with you, use his War Cry. If Hahn is
with you, use his Vision skill. Now begin to fight. Use Rune's
Nawat or Nafoi technique for now. If Hahn is with you, use his
Nawat technique. If Kyra is with you, either attack with her
slicers or use her Nafoi technique. Rika should use her Saner
technique, and then a Shift technique on herself in the third
round. If Hahn is NOT with you, use Chaz's Rayblade skill. If he
is, have Chaz fight hand to hand with the Elsydeon. Have Wren
attack with his Positron Bolts (he should be able to use it twice).
Demi and Gryz should attack with their weapons (since that's about
all they can do [g]). If Raja is with you, use his Nares on any
character who needs it. If nobody needs healing, have him fight
with his rod. Rika, once her techniques are all cast, should then
attack hand to hand with her claws.

The Profound Darkness will attack one character per round with
Firebreath, Raybreath, or Shadowbreath. Firebreath usually does
little damage but Shadowbreath should make the target need a
Trimate or Nares technique.

Inflict enough damage on the Darkness and it will morph into a new
shape. In this second phase of the battle, step up your attacks. If
Kyra is with you, combine her Tandle with Rune's Nawat for the
Conduct Thunder attack (you will only be able to do it three times,
though), then go back to Nafoi and Nawat. If Hahn is with you, he
can combine his Nawat with Rune's Tandle for the Conduct Thunder
attack (you should be able to do it about seven times until Rune
uses up his Tandle skill). If Demi is with you, you can combine her
Phonon with Chaz's Airslash for the Silent Wave attack. Rika should
begin using her Double Slash skill. If Raja is with you, use his
St.Fire attack about two or three times. Then concentrate on
healing. In this second phase, the Profound Darkness will use
either a Lightshower or Another Gate technique on you, and these
techniques hit all five members of the party at once. If Wren (and
Demi, if she is with you) fall below 200 hit points, use their
Recover skill. Remember that standard healing techniques and
Trimate will not work on them. Chaz should begin using his Nathu or
Megid techniques.

After inflicting enough damage on the Profound Darkness, it will
morph once more into a new shape. Here, you must use your strongest
attacks. If you're smart like me, you can program two combination
attacks into one macro. (For example, if Hahn is with you, his
Astral skill combines with Chaz's Rayblade for the Paradin Blow
attack while Wren's Burstroc combines with Rune's Nafoi for the
Shooting Star attack. If Kyra is with you instead, her Nafoi can
combine with Wren's Burstroc while Ghaz's Crosscut will combine
with Rune's Efess for the Grandcross attack.) If Raja is with
you, concentrate on using his healing techniques and skills. If, by
chance, nobody needs healing (or if only Wren needs it), use as
many St.Fire attacks as he has left. Then use him solely for
healing. Continue using Rika's Double Slash (or if Raja is not with
you, use her Nares and/or Nasar techniques when needed).

In this third form, the Darkness will attack with Megid techniques
(which can be healed with Star Dew or Nasar) or with an energy beam
cast at one party member (healed with Trimate or a Nares
technique). The Darkness can also use an Evil Eye to knock one
character unconscious (countered with an Arows technique) or a
Cancelling attack that destroys whatever defense techniques you are
protected by (NRG barrier, Deban, Warla, Blessing etc). Should this
happen, re-cast them immediately.

Should any character be reduced to zero hit points, use a Sol Dew.
If Wren and/or Demi (if she is with you) are reduced to zero hit
points, use a Repair-Kit to revive them.

Do enough damage to this emanation of the Darkness and it will be
destroyed once and for all. The force holding the dimensional
portal open will be gone, and a Time Warp will appear. The Elsydeon
will protect you from this and enable you to get safely out of the
dimension back to Motavia. You win! Congratulations!

If, on the other hand, the Profound Darkness reduces the entire
party to zero hit points, they are destroyed and I will come down
to your house, tie you upside down to a tree, and flog you with a
rubber asparagus!! MOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

The closing sequences of Phantasy Star IV are real yawners after
you've seen them once or twice. After you've finished the game at
least once, you can access a sound test by pushing the Start
button, highlighting the CONTINUE feature, and pressing button B.

Phantasy Star walkthru by Voltron
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caribou@cnct.com on Internet

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