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FAQ/Walkthrough by JScarlett

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/16/97

Date sent:        Thu, 16 Jan 1997 21:25:10 -0600 (CST)
From:             Jacob Scarlett <cosc001e@mtsu.edu>
To:               gamefaqs@gamefaqs.com
Subject:          Phantasy Star IV FAQ

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The Phantasy Star IV FAQ
Version 1.1

Compiled By Jacob Scarlett (ScarlettX)

Special Thanks to J Maxlow for putting this up and helping find the ?'s
(and A's).

Special Thanks to Magelic for contribution of ideas (couldn't have done
it without you).

I have spent many, many hours writing this, and I hope it will be a
useful gaming supplement to all of us PS freaks out there.  If you like it,
mail me.  My email is at the end of the FAQ.

For anyone who didn't get this off of the net, and wonders where you can find
extensive PS coverage-> head to:  


This address is NOT necessarily going to be accurate by the time you get this.

Table of Contents:

	1) The Player Characters
		-The Characters
		-?'s about the Characters
			-Can I bring Alys back to life?
			-How do I UNequip someone?
			-How high can my chars get?
			-What is this I hear about LOSING stats and skills????
			-Rune keeps dying, how do I keep him alive?
			-Is there any way to take Raja with me to the Air castle?
	2) General Game Strategies
		-The Secret to making PSIV the easiest RPG you've ever played
		-Identical Spells/Effects
		-A Word on Macros and Combo attacks
		-Deathable Creatures and how to find them
		-Match the Spells with the Creatures
		-The Dark Biomonsters: Darky's Lackies
		-The Best that Money can buy
		-The Weapons they don't want you to know about
		-The Side Jobs
		-The Best Experience
	3) Boss Strategies
		-The Secret to defeating any boss
			-The Sandworm (The Ranch Owner)
			-Juza (That goof before Zio)
			-Gy-Laguiah (The Boss of Ladea Tower)
			-Dark Force 1
				-The Great Dezolis Systems Check
				-The Xe-A-Thouls
			-Dark Force 2
			-Fract-ooze (The Fissure of Fear)
			-King Rappy (Man with a Twist)
			-Dark Force 3
				-The Soldier's Temple: The Seth Connection
			-De-Vars (The Strength Tower)
			-Sa-Lews (the Courage Tower)
			-The Profound Darkness
	4) Questions and Answers
		-How do I access the Sound Test?
		-Is there any use for the Tourist Items?
		-Did you say Secret Passage?
	5) READ THIS!!!

NOTE: Throughout the FAQ,
$-        Skill
*-        Technique
&-        Combo Attack
Bio(s)-   Biomonsters, any enemy that is not a machine or boss
Mech(s)-  Machine enemies
D.Bio(s)- Dark Biomonters, a subdivision of Bio (See GGS: The Dark Bio.).

1 1     The Player Characters:
  1     "Phantasy Star is no longer just a game.  It's a phenomenon."
1111                                                             -ScarlettX
	Alys "The Eight Stroke Warrior" Bragwin:
		This slicer-totin' babe is the best of her breed, the hunters.
		Her history is shrouded in mystery, but parts of it seem to
		pop up out of nowhere (which pisses her off to no end).  Every-
		one on Motavia seems to know something about her that she didn't
		tell them.  She knows Rune through a past encounter, and they
		have been known to help each other on occasion.
		She is Chaz's mentor, but she leaves all of the work up to
		him when she dies following the party's first encounter with Zio.

	Alys notes:
		>Since you don't have her all that long, the only
		 halfway decent trick with Alys is to make sure and unequip
		 everything she has after you beat up on Juza and before you
		 go upstairs so that you can sell the equipment for a little
		 cash (see also Hahn Notes).

		>Alys' $Death is considered an Instant Death attack
		 (see 'General Game Strat.' section on 'Deathables').

		>Don't even let Alys touch a shield.  Double Slicer action is the
		 way to go.  Always put her attack as the first thing in your
		 all attack macro (default macro 'A') so she can weaken every
		 enemy on the screen, then let everyone else finish 'em off.

	Chaz Ashley:
		Chaz was a child headed for a questionable future until Alys
		spotted him and pegged him for hunter material.  Now, his
		sword training nearly complete, he takes on a mission in Piata
		with his teacher.  Little does he know that the fate of a solar
		system	rests on his shoulders...  Chaz is, however, very
		persistant: he will stay with you for the entire game (if for
		no other reason, to deny Rune the pleasure of free reign over
		the group).

	Chaz Notes:
		>Chaz has one of the best skills in the game,
		 $Crosscut.  This is an attack-based skill so you can get
		 better swords or have Rika use *Shift to make it cause more
		 damage.  Towards the end of the game, if you
		 choose to get Chaz up some levels, $Crosscut (since it is
		 attack-based) will actually do MORE damage than $Rayblade
		 (which you get later than $Crosscut) because $Rayblade
		 does a certain amount of base damage, give or take a set

		>Another really useful skill that Chaz possesses is $Earth.
		 Lots of people tend to overlook this skill, due to
		 how early in the game you get it.  Most people stop using
		 it when they get the "better" skills.  However, almost EVERY
		 deathable in the game can fall prey to $Earth and
		 will be paralyzed for 2-4 rounds (freebies anyone?)!

		>Chaz's $Explode is considered a Instant Death attack
		 (see 'General Game Strat.' section on 'Deathables').

		>Don't ever bother with shields for Chaz.  The swords do so
		 much more damage than the daggers and give you defense too.

		Hahn is an assistant to the famous Dr. Holt at the Piata
		Academy, who has turned up missing recently.  In an attempt to
		find his missing teacher, he hopes to gain
		the help of some hunters that are coming to the academy.
		Unfortunately, hunters aren't cheap.
		His speciality is biology, and weapons just aren't
		his thing.  Hahn is a hopeless romantic who left home to study
		a subject his dad doesn't exactly approve of.  He will
		stay behind with Alys after her defeat at the hands of Zio to help
		her, but his commitment to the safety of the life that inhabits
		the Algo system will make him come back as one of your options
		for the battle with the Profound Darkness.

	Hahn Notes:
		>Since Hahn (being the extremely nice guy he is) decides to stay
		 with Alys after the Black Energy Wave takes her down, make sure
		 that you unequip everything he has before you get Demi in Zio's

		>Since Hahn isn't exactly loaded with HP, and since his weapon
		 prowess is limited to daggers and knives, a shield/knife
		 combo is a good idea, allowing him to attack when necessary
		 and still take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.

		>For as early in the game as you get him, Hahn has a surprisingly
		 useful Technique, *Gelun.  Set up a macro with this as the first
		 action and use it when you get in a tough spot (like the basement
		 in Tonoe).  On nearly EVERY creature you encounter, this spell
		 will lower their attack power successfully, and you get to laugh
		 at them as they do a pitiful 1 damage each time they attack!

		>Hahn's *Vol and *Savol are both considered Instant Death attacks,
		 and *Savol can hit multiple Bios (see 'General Game Strat.' section
		 on 'Deathables').

	Rune Walsh:
		Rune is a arrogant soul, descended from a powerful and mysterious
		bloodline that marks him as one of a rare breed, the Espers, and
		affords him a power that few recognize and even fewer
		possess: magic.  He is an old accquaintance of Alys and loves to pick
		on her new student (jealousy perhaps?).  He appears to be famous
		(or infamous?)throughout the Algo System as no matter where he
		travels people seem to recognize him.  He will slowly learn to
		respect Chaz, whom he constantly verbally assaults.
		Rune will join the group for a short time during their mission
		to find the Alshline but will leave the group in Tonoe, only
		to join them again as they search for the Psyco-Wand in a frenzy
		to defeat Zio.  Even with the mighty Zio toppled, Rune realizes
		that this group has a greater destiny...

	Rune Notes:
		>Make sure to unequip all of Rune's stuff once you reach Tonoe
		 and sell it to help you afford the Titanium equipment found
		 in the stalls.

		>Rune is one of two characters who won't benefit from the use
		 of weapons.  In your default attack macro, set it up so that
		 Rune is using Flaeli and equip him with shields (drop down
		 to 'Rune keeps dying...').

		>The first time that you get Rune, he will be ungodly powerful,
		 so set up a macro with his $Hewn as the first attack, which
		 will kill any standard enemies before the party reaches Tanoe.
		 This way, reaching Tanoe will not be a problem.

		>Rune is potentially the most powerful char in the game...
		 (see 'General Game Strat.' section 'The Secret to making PSIV...')

		>Rune has one of the most powerful Instant Death attacks,
		 $Negatis because it can hit multiple enemies.  $Diem is also
		 considered an instant death attack (see 'Deathables' section
		 under 'GGS').

		Gryz is the first (and only) Motavian to join the group.  Beneath his
		beastial exterior hides a tortured soul whose family was crushed
		when Zio attacked their village, leaving only Gryz and his
		young sister.  Gryz has sworn two things:  to protect his sister,
		and to avenge his parents' death by defeating Zio (by himself
		if necessary!).  Gryz will join you in the Motavian village of
		Tonoe to guide you through the city's warehouse on your mission
		to find the Alshline, and will continue with the group until
		his personal vendetta is solved by the death of the Black
		Magician.  Gryz's sense of justice and loyalty will cause him
		to come back as an option for the fight with the final boss.

	Gryz Notes:
		>Once Zio is toppled, Gryz will leave.  If you think that you
		 can take Zio without any of Gryz's equipment equipped, then
		 feel free to try.  If you can, you will be able to sell it
		 after you put Zio in his place. (yeah right, good luck)

		>Gryz's $Crash is considered an Instant Death attack
		 (see 'Deathables' section under 'GGS').

		>Gryz's attack prowess is second only to Chaz's, which leads
		 us to the same conclusion as with the swordsman: No Shields.

		A genetically engineered creature born from over 1000 years
		of improvement over a prototype organism that was created by
		the computer systems of Algo.  By combining the mentally
		stable human genetic information with the growth abilities of
		a biomonster, the system 'Seed' has created a hybrid creature
		that can not only fight and heal, but also has a surprising
		amount of naivete.  Although she leaves her parent with only
		a basic education, her loyalty is supreme: she will never
		desert the group.  Her familiarity with the systems of Algo
		and the command Androids that run them will prove as invaluable
		as her claws and restorative Techniques.

	Rika Notes:
		>Rika, when you get her, is master of Healing.  She has an
		 uncanny knack for *Res that only increases as the game goes
		 on.  She is like a walking screen full of Dimate.

		>Rika, like the rest of the attack chars, will be better off
		 with two claws than a claw and a shield.  Her attack prowess
		 is only surpassed by that of Chaz and Gryz.

		>Rika's $Eliminat is considered an Instant Death attack
		 (you know the reference by now).

		>Rika has one of the most useful defensive Techniques in the
		 game, *Saner.  Look to the section on 'The Secret to defeating
		 any boss' for more information on this amazing Tech.

		>Rika's $DoubleSlash works the same way as Chaz's $Crosscut,
		 so refer to the section under 'Chaz Notes' that covers this
		 group of extremely powerful skills.

		Demi is a small, powerful Android that was created by the
		computer systems on Motavia in an effort to maintain themselves.
		Demi was created in the likeness of a female (by human standards
		anyway) and seems to reguard herself as such.  She was kidnapped
		by Zio and must be rescued by the party, at which time she
		will introduce everyone to the systems on the planet that retain
		their functionality.  Her duty provides that after Nurvus
		has been shut down she will hang around and perform maintenance
		on the systems.  She will get the systems up and running and
		provide Wren with help and information as the quest progresses.
		She realizes that the Profound Darkness is a threat to the
		systems and life in Algo, and therefore joins you in the fight
		to the finish with the final incarnation of the Dark Powers.

	Demi Notes:
		>Demi, like Alys, isn't around for all that long.  Unfortunately,
		 like Gryz, she leaves the group as soon as Zio has been pounded
		 into the ground.  If you care to unequip her before the battle
		 with Zio, you get to keep her weapons and armor.  These
		 items can either be sold or given to Wren.

		>One neato side affect of being an Android allows Demi to
		 regenerate one HP per step, and regain operational status after
		 each battle if put out of comission.  The drawbacks to such
		 a useful power are obvious: Demi requires a special item to
		 be resurrected in battle (a repair kit) and cannot be healed
		 by normal means, but must use her own $Recover ability (which
		 has limited uses, yuck!).

		>After you have Demi for a while, you may discover a little
		 known fact: you always want an Android leading your party.
		 They seem to always have the highest defense rating in the
		 group and their large numbers of HPs coupled with their ability
		 to regenerate them makes them the ideal bullseye for the

		>Demi may not have any Techniques, but she has the fantastic
		 $MedicPower which is like *Gisar on crack.  Save it for the
		 boss battles where it will save your skin many, many times.

		>Demi has the amazing $Barrier Skill (see 'Wren Notes').

	Wren Notes:
		The supreme systems control Android, Wren runs EVERYTHING.
		His non-human perspective is almost that of a certain Starfleet
		officer and offers an unbiased view into the motives of the
		chars in the game.  He is a master of diagnostics and repair,
		and will allow the chars access to what little technology
		remains after the Great Collapse.  Wren will join the
		group on the artificial satellite of Zelan and after seeing
		the Dark Force grafted to the other satellite of Kuran will
		stick around for the rest of the game to stamp this danger

		>Much like Demi (only a whole lot bigger), Wren shares her HP
		 limitations, and should always lead your party (see 'Demi Notes').

		>Being an Android, Wren likes things that go boom: guns.
		 There are two different types of guns, beam type (that hit
		 one enemy for a base damage, usually LARGE), and vulcan
		 type (that hit all enemies for a base damage, normally smaller).
		 Stick with the vulcan types until you hit a boss, then switch
		 to the beam gun and put them in their place.

		>Wren's $Spark is considered and Instant Death attack
		 (see 'GGS:Deathables').

		>Wren has a unique ability in the game: the ability to put
		 up an anti-magic shield using $Barrier.  This is extremely
		 useful against bosses (see 'The Secret to Defeating..." under
		 'Boss Strat.') and anything that wants to hit you with spells.
		 Try it against the Dimensionworm Family, the Chaossorcr
		 clan, etc.

		Raja is a fun-lovin' (and extremely corny) Dezolian Priest.
		When Wren, Rika, Rune and Chaz drop a spaceship on his Holy
		Temple, Raja decides that they could use some help, Dezolian
		style.  Raja is well respected and known across the frozen
		wastelands of Dezolis for his lively attitude and horrible
		jokes (that Rika somehow finds entertaining).  Chaz allows
		him to join the group, but has a hard time taking him
		seriously (or, in fact, even paying attention to him).  Raja will
		become stricken with a Black Energy Wave induced sickness in
		Meese, but he decides to show the group the lighter side of
		a bad situation by becoming one of your options for the final

	Raja Notes:
		>If you thought Rika was good at healing, wait until you
		 get a load of Raja!  He makes Rika look like a two-bit
		 televangelist with his *Res action.  His simple, 3 TP
		 *Res spell can heal over 70 points of damage!!

		>Raja has the astounding skill $Ataraxia, which can replenish
		 the party's TP!! Unfortunately, he can only use it during

		>Raja is another short term char- he falls prey to the zombie
		 sickness in Meese, and is laid out in bed for a large part
		 of your quest.  Be sure to unequip his items before talking
		 to the Espers in the inn.

		>Raja is the other char who won't benefit from the use of
		 weapons- give him two Silvershlds from Tyler.

		>As if the above wasn't enough, Raja possesses the best mass
		 heal spell, $Miracle.  This astounding Skill heals all your
		 chars, including Androids!!  This even blows Demi's $MedicPower
		 out of the water!!

	Kyra Tierney:
		Kyra is a warm, cute Esper with the biggest heart on all of Dezolis.
		Her courage is unsurpassed by her comrades, but unfortunately,
		she doesn't seem to know her boundaries and fear is not a word
		in her vocabulary.  She takes an immediate liking to Chaz and
		treats him like a younger sibling.  Kyra, like all of the Espers,
		believes that she is carrying on the work of the Reverant Lutz,
		the most magnificent of all Espers since time began.  Boy is
		she in for a surprise...

	Kyra Notes:
		>Kyra, like Alys, has a certain affinity for thrown weapons.
		 Keep her equipped with two slicers all of the time, and
		 ignore the shields.

		>Kyra has an incredibly useful skill, $Medice, which is
		 like having 20 trimates all the time.

		>Unfortunately, Kyra leaves after you thrash Garubek Tower,
		 and before you can unequip all of her items (unless you want to try
		 to take on DF2 with a naked Kyra).  You can, however, unequip her
		 Moonslasher since she will be using mostly techs and skills (see
		 Boss Strat.:DF2).  The rest of her stuff is a lost cause.  Fortunately,
		 she brings her best items back with her when she comes back for 
		 the final battle.

	?'s Concerning the characters:

	-Can I bring Alys back to life?
		Well, Magelic and I have tried every imaginable item on Alys
		as she lay in bed, and on her grave.
		Our conclusion: no.
	-How do I UNequip someone?
		This question may be simple, but it is often asked.  Being that
		the answer is not in the booklet (?), it is a common question,
		and this is a FAQ, well here we go...
		Go to the equip submenu and choose a char.  See how the blinking
		red cursor is on the item list?  Often you will see the message
		"No Equippable Item".  Now, push left a couple of times to get the cursor
		onto the char's equipment list and press"C" to unequip the selected
	-How high can my chars get?
		Up to 99th level (each char).  To figure out where the best
		place for experience is, drop to 'General Game Strategies'.
	-What is this I hear about LOSING stats and skills????
		No, we're not kidding.  'Round about the time someone hits 99th level,
		your characters will actually start to lose their skills, from
		the top of the list down (ouch, the best ones first!).  Not
		like they can use the skills less times, either.  They actual-
		ly lose the skill, as in, next time you go to use it, it
		is *no longer even on* the list... doah!  Mr. Maxlow also informs
		me that this strange glitch can cause you to loose HP and TP also!
		He goes on to inform us bewildered gamers that Wren may drop
		200+ HP the first time it happens and that his 'XP Needed' field
		will not read correctly, as in, it says you need 700,000, but his
		level will increase with only 200,000.  Mr. Maxlow also stated
		that it effects the Androids the most and they may actually
		gain mental points then TP!  But, this only happens if a char
		hits level 99.  So, when Rika gets to 98 (she's usually the first
		one to get there)STOP.  Be satisfied with what you have.
		We just hope this is a glitch and not something Sega did on
	-Rune keeps dying, how do I keep him alive?
		Sometimes, especially before he gets a few levels, Rune seems
		to die awfully fast.  The secret to keeping his helpful magic-
		slinging butt around is to give him shields, NOT wands or canes.
		This will give him enough defense to take the attacks and
		survive.  Specifically, try the LasrBarrier until you get to
		Dezolis, where you can pick up the Slvrshld in Tyler.
		Next, put him in the back of your party using the
		'order' option under the 'state' window.  This makes it so
		that the baddies will attack him less...
	-Is there any way to take Raja with me to the Air Castle?
		Oh, man would that be nice...  But, as we all know, to get
		to the air castle, you have to get those guys in the
		silly looking cloaks to come to the Gumbious Temple and
		swipe the Eclipse Torch.  Even if you skip Meese (to avoid
		losing Raja in the first place), they won't appear.  You
		MUST have Kyra in your party to get to watch the priests
		freak out as their beloved artifact is pilfered...
2  2    General Game Strategies
 2        "In this game, if someone makes you an offer, say NO!" -Magelic
	-The secret to making PSIV the easiest RPG you've ever played
		Around about the time that you beat up on Zio, you will find
		that you lose Demi (she has to control the systems on Motavia)
		and that you are instructed to go to Zelan by way of the
		Landale to get Wren.  This is the perfect time to take Rune
		and make him the badass that he always claims to be (watch
		out Chaz!), since you have no chars that will regenerate after
		each battle, and therefore, no one to split the exp with...
		Just take Rune down into Nurvus (first level) and hunt the Tarantellas.
		If you can manage to get three of them on the screen, Rune can
		wipe them all out with ONE $Hewn and get somewhere in the
		neighborhood of 2,700 exp (wow!). Once you have gotten him up a
 		few levels and he has $Efess or $Tandle (yes, you will have to
		kill off all of the characters after each visit to the Spaceport.
		Just unequip all of their defensive items and this shouldn't be
		a problem) and then set yourself up a couple of macros where
		he uses these skills and you should have no problem jumping
		up levels.  On the average, this boy will fly up a level every
		five battles or so... Youch!  The rest of the game will be a
		breeze once Rune gets up a few levels and you can &GrandCross
		everything to death.  BTW: If you do this trick, expect to reap
		at least two screens of Dimate from the Zios Guards.

	-Identical Spells/Effects
		Several of the Skills, Techniques, Items, and Weapons have
		identical effects.  With the exception of Instant Death
		attacks (covered below), some of these are listed below:

		NOTE:  While the spell may hit multiple enemies, weapons
		       only effect ONE.

		>Rika's *Deban, Raja's $Blessing, Kyra's $Warla

		>Rune's $Tandle, Thunderclaw

		>Rune's $Flaeli, Flamesword

		>Rune & Kyra's $Hewn, Torndaggr

		>Rika (et al.)'s *Res, Wood-Cane

		>Raja's $St. Fire, Eclipse Torch

		>Alys & Rika's *Shift, Gryz's $War Cry, Pow-shield

		>Kyra's $Bindwa, Dreamrod

		>For Purposes of Combo Attacks only:
			Rune & Kyra's $Hewn, Alys & Chaz's *Zan family

	-A Word on Macros and Combo attacks
		Everyone knows that macros are plans of attack and work well
		in the implementation of Combos.  There are, however some items
		on how macros work that should be noted.

		>Before a turn begins, the Mega Drive (Genesis) CPU has already
		 determined the order in which the chars and critters will get
		 their actions, according to agility scores and a certain amount
		 of randomness.  This provides that your combos can be interrupted
		 by a dead foe!!
		 We all know that combo attacks can be interrupted if one or
		 more of the creatures and/or your chars attack in between the
		 two or more actions that constitute the Combo Attack.  For
		 instance, you may have a macro that has Rune's $Efess immediately
		 followed by Chaz's $CrossCut(CC) in order to achieve a &GrandCross combo.
		 When you get into battle, you may find that Rune will do an
		 $Efess, followed by creature actions, then Chaz's $CC, i.e.,
		 your combo has been interrupted.  Combo's that you are trying
		 to pull off on the fly (without using a macro) may be interrupted
		 by your own chars.
		 Now, what not everyone knows is that your combos can be interrupted
		 by DEAD foes.  For instance, you may have a macro where Wren,
		 Rika and Raja all attack, and then Rune and Chaz try to pull off
		 a &GrandCross.  This can be useful, allowing the enemies a chance
		 to attack before you attempt the combo (in effect, you are luring
		 them into a trap:).  However, since the CPU has already decided
		 the order of attack, if Rika kills an enemy that had not attacked
		 yet, your combo may be interrupted.  Why?  Because the CPU had
		 decided before that round of actions had begun that the critter
		 killed by Rika was going to attack _between_ Rune and Chaz.
		 The result will be Rune doing an $Efess, followed immediately
		 by Chaz's $CrossCut. 
		 You can cut down the chance of this happening, however, by choosing
		 the slower of the two chars to do the first part of the
		 combo attack.  This makes the faster of the two chars wait
		 until AFTER the slower char's turn in the battle cycle, which makes it
		 so that most of the monsters will already have attacked by the time
		 it gets to be their turn.  This does, however, obviously not work all 
		 the time, and it is not necessarily possible to have the slower char
		 first in line on all of the combos, as some require a specific order. 

		>Macros have a disadvantage.  If you have a spell that targets
		 one of your chars (*Shift, *Rimpa) you cannot choose who that
		 spell will target if you put it in a macro.  Or can you?
		 Well, maybe you can- these spells will automatically affect
		 a default char... the first one in your line (middle of the
		 screen in the battles).

	-Deathable Creatures and how to find them
		'Deathables' is my little pet term for any creature that will
		regularly fall prey to any of the Instant Death Skills or
		Techniques.  The easiest way to find which creatures are
		deathables (other that burning lots of Skills) is to keep
		one of the Genocyclaws that you find in the Air Castle and
		equip it on Rika each time you get to an area with new enemies.
		Set up a macro with her attack as the first thing on the list
		and take note of which creatures get the large 'Instant Death'
		sigil (a Japanese symbol that as near as I can tell means 'to
		judge' or 'to exterminate', probably the latter) and die
		from one hit.  Some of the creatures that are weak against such attacks
		are listed below, followed by a list of the Skills, Techniques, Combos,
		and weapons that will kill them with one fell blow: (AARC means 'And
		All Related Creatures', that is, all of the creatures with the same
		graphics, but different colors and powers)

		Nomenclature            Character(s)       Notes


		>A Note on mechs: It seems that nearly all mechs (except the really,
		 really big ones) can fall prey to only two Instant death
		 skills: $Crash and $Spark.  Combos are applicable, where noted.

		>A Note on The Edge: ALL of the creatures on The Edge are deathable.

		Deathbearr                                 AARC/Bio
		Xe-A-Thoul                                 AARC/Bio/Not Included:
		                                           The triplets in the Air
		Chaossorcr                                 AARC/Bio
		Ripper                                     AARC/Bio
		Twinarms                                   AARC/Bio
		Shadowsaber                                AARC/Bio
		Centaur                                    AARC/Bio
		Tech User                                  AARC/Bio
		Speard                                     AARC/Bio
		Stoneheads                                 AARC/Bio

		*Vol                    Hahn               One Bio only
		*Savol                  Hahn               All Bios

		$Explode                Chaz               One Bio
		$Eliminat               Rika               One Bio
		$Diem                   Rune               One Bio
		$Negatis                Rune               All Bios
		$Death                  Alys               One Bio
		$Crash                  Gryz               One Bio/Mech
		$Spark                  Wren/Demi          One Mech

		&Circuit Break          Wren/Rune(Kyra)    All Mechs
		&Holocaust              Hahn/Rune          All Bios
		&Black Hole             Rune/Kyra          All Bios
		&Purify Light           Rune/Raja          All Bios
		&Lethal Image           Alys/Rika          All Bios

		Shadowblade             Chaz               Attack w/it
		Genocyclaw              Rika               Attack w/it
		Elsydeon                Chaz               Attack w/it

	-Match the Spells with the Creatures
		In this context, spells means any of the Techniques and Skills
		that deal damage to the enemies.  Magelic and I have noticed
		that certain creatures seem to have weaknesses against or near
		immunity to some spells.
		Here is a listing of some general tactics:

		>DON'T use $Efess, or any combo with $Efess in it, on mechs.
		 It will invariably do 1 damage.

		>DO use $Tandle (and related combos) on mechs.  It will usually
		 wipe the screen clean.

		>When on the icy planet of Dezolis, all bios are weak against
	 	 fire spells(duh?), ie try $Flaeli, the *Foi family, and &Firestorm
		 (levels 1-3).  By the same token, these critters can't be touched
		 by $Efess, the *Wat family, or any level of &Blizzard.

		>If you see a creature casting a non-elemental spell on you, try using
		 the same spell on them (ie *Gra on Dimensionworms and their
		 ilk) and see what happens.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

	-The Dark Biomonsters: Darky's Lackies
		It has been brought to my attention that there is a subdivision of 
		biomonsters, which I have chosen to call the Dark Biomonsters, or 
		D.Bios.  These evil creatures are protected by the powerful magics of
		the indominable Dark Force, and have the power to defend very
		well against normal weapons.  Luckily, the forces that drive
		the protectors have created magical weapons that can crush this
		evil magic.  These weapons may appear to be weak in attack power,
		but the mystical forces of Algo have endowed them with an anti-evil
		temper that allows them to destroy the unnatural.  

		>The known D.Bios at this point are include most of the forces in
		 the Air Castle (AARC), Lassic himself, each incarnation of the Dark 
		 Force, and, of course, the Profound Darkness.
		>The Weapons forged against D.Bios are the Silver Tusk, the Psyco-
		 Wand, and Elysdeon (of course).

		>Special Thanx to Jennifer Hachigian for this kewl info.

	-The Best money can buy
		After you have managed to decimate Garubek Tower and stop
		the endless Dezolis snow storm, head back to Reshel, the
		zombie town.  Well, now the kewl looking zombies are gone,
		but you will find a rejuvinated city with a shop that can
		provide you the best (sold, not found) armor in the game,
		if you can afford it.:)

		Also after Garubek Tower is defeated, everyone's favorite items, the
		dews, can be purchased in the previously closed item shop in Meese.
		With the end of the Black Energy Wave, the shop owner gets
		better and reopens shop (much to our delight!).:)

	-The Weapons they don't want you to know about
		That's right, Sega put weapons in the game that the hintbooks
		and guides don't tell you about...

		>The Shadowblade, a sword for Chaz, can be found by beating
		 up on Shadowsabers from Zio's Fort on.  This sword gives
		 you like 4 more points of attack than the LasrSword (which
		 you find in Zio's Fort), but gives you very little defense,
		 agility, etc.  And, it's only worth a buck.

		>Rika's second Genocyclaw can be dropped by the King Sabers
		 you find in Garubek Tower.  With two of them, she has twice
		 the chance of getting the $Diem effect.

		>The second Moonslasher for Kyra can be found on the Edge.
		 Hunt the Dark Riders with $Efess (which kills them all)
		 and you have a chance of picking it as a reward.

		>The DefeatAxe, Gryz's favorite implement of destruction,
		 can be won off of the Chaosbringers on the Edge.  This would
		 be a tough one to get, but Sega decided to make Chaos-
		 bringers deathable.:)
		>The Dominators, large, mean robots that you encounter during
		 'The Silver Soldier' (See Side Jobs, below) can drop Wren
		 a new gun, the SonicBuster.  It only hits one enemy, and is
		 the second most powerful gun in the game.  Demi already has one
		 when you get her for the end of the game and, ironically, you
		 find the best gun in the Vahal Fort, where the Dominators reside.:(

		>Dynamite, an unusual weapon that is a one-use item, can be
		 reaped by killing the Floatmines in Nurvus and Kuran.  This
		 item will do 130 damage to one target, making it a very useful
		 option for your weaker chars during the boss fights.

		>This may not be a weapon, but while we are on the subject
		 of rewards, the Deathable Imagiomages on the Edge will
		 occasionally drop you a Sol-Dew.

		>And while we are on the subject of dews, the Illusionists in the
		 towers on Rykros have been known to leave Star-Dews laying around.

	-The Side Jobs
		The first thing you should know about the Side Jobs (Hunter's
		Guild Missions) is that you do NOT have to complete any of
		them in order to complete the game.  They are mainly there
		to add a little bit of a twist to the gameplay, let the players
		have some extra fun, and to give your chars lots 'o meseta!

		Here's a listing, and the point of each(note: I didn't include
		that you have to talk to the person who is comissioning you
		before and after you do the things I listed).

		1)The Ranch Owner- Go to Mile and kill the Sandworm for the
		  ranch owner (to see how, drop to 'Killing... The Sandworm').
		  The sandworm may be a tough character, but if you can beat
		  him up, you get the 5000 meseta bounty plus the 1200 meseta you
		  get just for beating him up!!  Not only that, but if you take
		  this mission as soon as it is offered, the 8387 experience
		  the beastie gives you will give each char in your party
		  AT LEAST one level (so try to keep everyone alive).

		2)Tinkerbell's Dog- Oh man, this one sucks.  I got stuck on
		  it for like 2 hours... Go to the shortcake dealer who thinks
		  that hiding from you is fun (he is in the upper-left hand
		  corner of Aiedo).  Buy a shortcake and take it to
		  the dog in Monsen.  The only use of this mission is the
		  two grand you get upon completion.

		3)The Missing Student-A girl from the dorms in Piata has run
		  off to join Zio's cult.  Go to the temple in Kadary and
		  get her.  She will collapse; now go to the tourist gift
		  shop in Termi and get her a Perolymate.  Take it to her,
		  and your mission is complete.  The only point here is
		  getting another 3 grand in your pocket.

		4)Fissure of Fear-Go down into the cracks in the lower-right
		  hand corner of town and go kill the Fract-Ooze (see 'Killing
		  ...Fract-Ooze').  This will save the boy, complete the
		  mission, AND net your party a 'Who Cares?' 1686 experience(that
		  sandworm exp looks pretty impressive now, huh?).  Rush back
		  to the guild for a hefty 5 grand of your currency of choice.

		5)The Stain in Life- DON'T BOTHER. Having said that: after talking to
		  the girls' parents in Zema, go pay the prison guard in Aiedo 50,000
		  to bail them out of jail.  Then you can go to the Guild and receive--
		  50,000 meseta!!!(oh goodie...)

		6)The Dying Boy-This little boy in Torinco is faking sick
		  because he doesn't get to go on vacation this year.  Go
		  get him an Alys Sword from the Tourist shop in Termi, his
		  favorite summer hot spot.  Once Chaz shows him how to
		  use it, the boy won't feel sick anymore...
		  You get a whopping 10,000 banolas for this one, and you
		  get to see some neato Chaz graphics when he demonstrates
		  advanced sword maneuvers for the kid.

		7)Man with a Twist-Some idiotic animal lover in Torinco has let his
		  pet birds loose, and they are munching the town's crops.
		  Go to the nearby cave and beat up on the big fluffy bird (see
 		  'Killing...King Rappy') for 7970 experience (kewl!).  The bird will
		  get away, and the man will confess his sins.  Now, the question
		  becomes, how did the guild know that this guy wasn't what
		  he seemed (as denoted by the mission title)?  Could that
		  pretty girl who runs the desk by PsYcHiC?!?!?  After this
		  mission you will have to dial the Psychic Freaks Network
		  ("is my video game magical?").  Unfortunately, the annoying Rappy 
		  breeder doesn't pay you a dime- Chaz lets him off the hook.

		8)The Silver Soldier-I Highly Recommend that you DO THIS ONE!!
		  You will end up in the Vahal Fort where you find some of
		  the best armor and weapons Wren can use as well as his
		  amazing $Posibolt(his most powerful skill!)!!  As if this
		  quest wasn't good enough already, you also get a massive
		  80 thousand meseta reward!!!  This one is, however, difficult:
		  COME PREPARED.  If you find yourself having problems, head towards
		  the Soldier's Temple and pick up Seth to help you out.  Oh,
		  and refer to 'Lashiec: The Great Dezolis...' to see how the Thunderclaw

	-The Best Experience
		If you are around level 25-30 or so, and want lots of exp, who
		ya gonna call?  The Sandworms, of course!  Go south of Monsen,
		near the quick sands and wait for Infantwrms.  Kill all but one
		of them, and he will drop into the sand and lead daddy to YOU.
		A huge Sandworm will appear and will proceed to try and crush you,
		doing $Earthquakes that can do 130-200 damage to your chars.
		use these actions (for explanation of notation, see Boss Strat.):

		First turn (not necessarily in this order):
		 Rika: *Saner
		 Raja: $Blessing
		 Chaz: Attack    |
		 Wren: Attack    |-> Make sure you keep one worm alive!
		 Rune: $Flaeli   |
		Attack after Sandworm pops up:
		 Chaz: *Gizan (&Blizzard)
		 Rune: *Nawat, *Giwat, *Wat (&Blizzard) 
		 Rika: $DS
		 Wren: Attack, $Flare
		 Raja: *Sar, *Gisar
		Be ready to use your healing techs, as the Sandworm will whip
		out some major damage.  This is a very rewarding technique, 
		however, as some people have reported gaining over 10 levels in
		in 3 hours.  Each Sandworm will give a 5 char party about 3890 

		Well, you've finally got your pick of the chars, and you are
		ready to go tackle the Profound Darkness.  You wonder, "can
		I do it?".  Well, just in case, why don't you gain a few more
		levels before you face him/her/it?  Good idea, huh? Two choices:
		Take Kyra to Vahal Fort with two Moonslashers.  Set up a macro with
		Kyra and Wren as the first two chars, with Wren using the most
		powerful multi-hit gun.  Most of the mechs will be wiped out after 
		their attacks.  Have the other chars clean up whatever's left either
		with normal attacks, or with Thunderclaws if you still have some
		left over from Dezo.

		Head down to the Edge and hunt on the 6th and 7th levels for
		the big beasty Pr\ophallis.  Look familiar?  He should!
		It's DARKFALZ from PSI!!!  If you can waste his 2999 hit
		points, you will find yourself to be the proud recipient
		of a whopping 13099 experience!!!  Wow!  The chances of you
		running into Prophallis are (unfortunately) significantly less
		than the other creatures down in that hole.  It is FAR from
		impossible though (Magelic once ran into 7 in a row!).
		Prophallis will always travel alone, and most certainly
		is immune to all of the non damaging magics (instant death
		spells and paralyzes are worthless).

		We all remember this amazing spell from PSII, where it was
		supremely powerful (it hurt your chars too!), and PSIII
		where Sega decided to rename it Megido(why?).  Well, it's back and
		better than ever.  It no longer smacks your own chars and it
		has it's original name back!  Unfortunately, you can no longer
		get it just by going up levels.  Now, you have to defeat
		the Anger Tower on Rykros (it's south of the Silence Tower).
		Once you collect all of the neat equipment in the tower and
		make it to the top, Chaz will find himself without his pals
		and faced with Alys(?).  Once you talk to her, the mute mentor
		will proceed to open a can of whoop-ass on Chaz, and you WILL
		have to kill her.  Luckily, it was just an illusion, not the
		real thing (whew!).  Now, a mean hombre named Re-Faze will appear
		and ask you if you can control the awesome power of Megid,
		the force of pure anger and hatred.  Refer to the quip at
		the beginning of this section, and you should have no problem
		acquiring this killer spell.  BTW: Make sure you save before
		you go up to fight Alys.  If you accidentally say 'Yes' to
		Re-Faze, he will proceed to beat you down like the insignificant
		human you are.

  3     Boss Strategies
  3     "The secret to beating the bosses is to have a character standing
3333     when the boss goes down"  -Magelic

	-The Secret to defeating any boss
		One of the most important weapons on your side for the
		battles with the bosses are macros.  These helpful little
		plans of attack not only allow you to choose the order that
		your characters will perform their actions, but they can
		save you a lot of time, too.

		The most important macro for dealing with the bosses is what
		I like to call your 'defense' (or 'D') macro.  The defense macro is
		designed to set up the defense for your characters and is
		meant to be used as your first turn of commands.  It should
		include the best defensive Techs and Skills from each char
		and will prepare you for the battle ahead.  Some of the more
		useful Techs/Skills are:

		Rika's    *Saner,*Deban
		Wren's    $Barrier
		Raja's    $Blessing
		Kyra's    $Warla
		Hahn's    $Vision

		One of the best Techniques to help against bosses is Rika's
		*Saner, which she should always use if you have Raja or Kyra
		to put up the defensive barrier.  If you don't have one of
		these chars, have Rika cast *Deban first turn and *Saner
		second.  The power of *Saner will be obvious- on almost every
		boss, ALL of your chars will get their actions before the
		boss does!!  This allows for a much easier time pulling off
		combos and healing your chars.

		Another tactic that will make all of the bosses considerably
		easier is what I call 'Scouting'.  Scouting is the fine art
		of completely going through a maze and collecting all treasures
		in it, then leaving.  This allows you to recharge, go back through with
		the new weapons/armor you may have found(making you lose less
		HP on the way), and skip all of the detours to
		get treasure since you already have it all (reducing your
		likelihood of running into more baddies).  In this way, you
		are as prepared as possible when you arrive on the boss's

		Most of the boss fights will involve some Android action on
		your part.  Be sure that Wren has a beam-type (see 'Wren Notes')
		gun equipped before you step up to bat.


		I)   Level you should be at to beat this boss
		II)  'D' Macro set-up(in this order)
		III) Good char actions
		IV)  General strat. talk

		K-Ri(K)a      A-(A)lys     D-(D)emi    W-(W)ren
		C-(C)haz      Y-K(Y)ra     J-Ra(J)a
		G-(G)ryz      R-(R)une     H-(H)ahn

		$CC-Crosscut     $DS-Doubleslash     &GC-GrandCross

		-The Sandworm (The Ranch Owner)
		I)  Around 10.

		Rika: *Saner
		Hahn: $Vision
		Alys: $Vortex
		Chaz: $Crosscut
		Gryz: Attack (War Cry if possible)

		Rika: $DS, *Res, *Deban(if possible)
		Chaz: $CC, *Res
		Gryz: Attack, (Mono)Dimate
		Hahn: *Res, *Wat
		Alys: $Vortex, *Shift(G, C, K)

		IV)  If Rika has *Deban, have her cast it second turn.
		     Have Alys use *Shift on the chars in the order listed
		     after she runs out of $Vortex.  If Chaz or Rika run out
		     of their attack skills, have them *Res while Hahn goes on
		     the offensive with *Wat.

		-Juza (That goof before Zio)
		I)  Around 13 or 14.

		Rika: *Deban
		Alys: *Saner
		Hahn: $Vision
		Gryz: $War Cry
		Chaz: $CC

		Rika: *Gires, $DS, Attack
		Chaz: $CC, Dimate, *Tsu
		Gryz: Attack, Dimate
		Hahn: *Gires, *Wat
		Alys: $Vortex, Dimate, *Shift(C,R,A)

		IV)  Make sure you have scouted the Fort before trying to
		     take on Juza, as the LasrSword will be extremely useful.
		     For a sure win, come in packing about 6 Dimates or so.
		     Once again, when Alys runs out of $Vortex, get to
		     *Shiftin'.  Watch out for Juza's $ForceFlash, which will
		     hit all of your chars for 40-50 damage.  If necessary,
		     take the turn after $FF to have everyone heal themselves
		     (Rika and Hahn *Gires, everyone else Dimate) and get ready
		     for the next round of battle.

		-Gy-Laguiah (The boss of Ladea Tower)
		I)  Try 16 or 17.  Rune will be at least 19.

		Rika: *Deban
		Chaz: *Zan
		Rune: *Giwat
		Demi: $Phonomezer
		Gryz: $War Cry

		Rika: *Saner, *Gires, $DS
		Gryz: Attack, Dimate
		Demi: $Recover, $MedicPower, Attack, Dimate
		Chaz: $CC, Attack, *Zan(&Blizzard-Rune)
		Rune: *Giwat, *Giwat(&Blizzard-Chaz)

		IV)  This is the first boss you face where setting up 2 'D'
		     macros will help a lot.  Set up the first one as shown
		     above and use it first round.  Set up the second one
		     with these, in this order: C-*Zan, R-*Giwat, K-*Saner,
		     G-Att, D-Att.  Use this second round to do some major
		     damage and activate *Saner.  From there, use C-$CC and
		     K-$DS while R-*Giwat and the others heal when needed.

		I)  Try 19 or 20 for a fair fight.  If you have problems, go
		    to 22.

		Rika: *Deban
		Demi: $Barrier
		Gryz: $War Cry
		Rune: Use Psycho-Wand as an item
		Chaz: $CC

		Rika: *Saner, *Gires, $DS
		Demi: $Phonomezer, $MedicPower, Dimate
		Gryz: Attack, Dimate
		Rune: *Gifoi, Dimate
		Chaz: $CC, *Gires

		IV)  This is the most important D macro you will ever use.
		     It will flow perfectly and give you a free turn to
		     prepare for the coming onslaught.  Be sure to have Rika
		     use *Saner the next turn and if you get in a bind due
		     to Zio's multi-hit attacks, don't be afraid to use Demi's
		     $MedicPower.  If you run out of Skills for Demi, just have
		     her use Dimate on everybody.  Stick to the most powerful
		     attacks (the ones listed), but don't be afraid to have
		     more than one char heal the same char if (s)he is in
		     trouble-better safe than sorry.

		-Dark Force 1
		I)  22 and you should have no problem.

		Wren: $Barrier
		Raja: $Blessing
		Rika: *Saner
		Chaz: $CC
		Rune: $Efess

		Rika: $DS, *Gisar
		Wren: $Flare, Attack, Dimate
		Raja: $St.Fire, *Gisar, $Miracle
		Chaz: Attack, *Githu, $CC(&GrandCross)
		Rune: *Giwat, $Efess (&GC)

		IV)  Dark Force 1 (affectionately called Darky 1) has a weakness-
		     &GrandCross.  Try for this every turn.  If Rune is preoccupied, 
		     or you are having problems pulling off the &GC, have Chaz whip 
		     out *Githu, which does almost 260.  Have Rika and Wren
		     concentrate on attacking, because Raja can do all the healing
		     that you will ever need... 


			-The Great Dezolis Systems Check

			Before you go anywhere near the nasty Lashiec, head
			to the Climate Control and Weapons Center systems on
			Dezo.  Inside you will find Skills, weapons, armor, and
			Repair-Kits for Wren.  Fighting your way through these
			mechanical menaces is a great way to gain the 10 levels
			you're going to need to put Lashiec in his place.

			>First, go get Kyra from Meese.  She will be the one
			 who comes with you to the Air Castle, so you want
			 her, not Raja, to get the exp.

			>Second, go to Zosa and pick up 4, yes 4 Thunderclaws.
			 I know, you're saying, "When did Rika get 4 arms?!?!".
			 Well, she didn't.  But, the Thunderclaw has a special
			 power-$Tandle.  "Ahh," you say, "mechs are weak against
			 $Tandle!".  Right you are!  Set yourself up a macro
			 with Wren attacking with a vulcan-type gun then everyone
			 else using a Thunderclaw, and all of the machines you
			 run into will die utterly.  Lots 'o easy exp and meseta!!

			-The Xe-A-Thouls
			To toast these baddies, head straight to them, and blow as
			many points and skills as you want, but AVOID multi-hit
			attacks, as this only serves to piss them off (at which
			time they will try even harder to kill you).  Concentrate
			your attack on one of them to keep them from doing combos.
			Pull out all of the stops, because as soon as you kill them, you
			can cast *Hinas, walk up two screens, and find a circle that
			refills all of your HP and MP.  

		I)  Jump back, you need to be level 32!!!

		Wren: $Barrier
		Kyra: $Warla
		Rika: *Saner
		Rune: $Efess
		Chaz: $CC

		Wren: Attack, $Flare, Star-Dew
		Kyra: Repair-Kit, All the Dews, Thunderclaw, $Medice
		Rika: *Gisar, $DS
		Rune: *Nafoi, Psyco-Wand(use as item), $Efess(&GC)
		Chaz: $CC(&GC)

		IV)  Oh, this one is a toughy...  A little extra preparation
		     is needed.  Make sure you have scouted the Castle and
		     defeated the Xe-A-Thouls, which allows you access to
		     Lashiec and a quick run to the refill room.
		     Make sure Kyra has $Warla, which she gets at level 29.
		     Lashiec won't die nearly as easily as the bosses before
		     him, so don't be afraid to use the dews- they will be
		     put to good use.  Kyra doesn't have a lot of damage
		     dealing capacity, so have her heal, using $Medice.  Try
		     to get off &GC as much as possible because it does massive
		     damage.  When Lashiec does his $Reinforce, counter it
		     with the Psyco-Wand (although I put it next to Rune,
		     any one may use it).

		-Dark Force 2
		I)  35 or so.

		Wren: $Barrier
		Kyra: $Warla
		Rika: *Saner
		Rune: $Efess
		Chaz: $CC

		Wren: Attack, $Flare, $Recover, Sol-Dew, Trimate
		Kyra: Nafoi, Sol-Dew, Star-Dew, Trimate
		Rika: $DS, *Gisar, Sol-Dew, Star-Dew
		Rune: $Efess(&GC), *Nawat
		Chaz: $CC(&GC), *Nathu

		IV)  Scout the hell out of this place, and touch the eyeballs!
		     When you find the Pow-Shield, make sure and keep it!
		     Now that Kyra has *Nafoi, she can attack.  Don't be afraid to
		     use the dews, as you can buy more after this battle (see
		     'GGS:The Best that Money can buy'.  Counter Darky 2's
		     $Shadowbrth with a Sol-Dew and his $Lightshwr with a
		     Star-Dew or Rika's *Gisar.  Try to go for the &GC as
		     much as possible, but if Rune is preoccupied (or dead)
		     have Chaz use *Nathu (he gets it at level 33).

		-Fract-ooze (Fissure of Fear)
		I)  You can choose to do this mission at radically different
		    levels.  I usually do it after I am finished with Dezolis,
		    around level 33.

		Wren: $Barrier
		Rika: *Deban
		Chaz: *Nathu
		Rune: *Nawat

		Wren: Attack, $Flare
		Rika: $DS, *Gisar
		Chaz: $CC, *Nathu
		Rune: *Nawat, *Nafoi

		IV)  DON'T USE $EFESS OR &GRANDCROSS!!!  Fract-ooze only has one attack,
		     $Cell-Split.  Just keep plugging away at him and have
		     Rika do the group heal thing when necessary.

		-King Rappy (Man with a Twist)
		I)  As with Fract-ooze, I usually do this one after Dezolis.
		    Around 33.

		Wren: $Barrier
		Rika: *Deban
		Chaz: *Nathu
		Rune: *Nafoi

		Wren: Attack, $Flare
		Rika: $DS, *Gires
		Chaz: $CC, *Nathu
		Rune: *Nafoi

		IV)  King Rappy is easy.  Just use the listed attacks and have
		     Rika do a *Gires if someone gets low.

		-Dark Force 3
			-The Soldier's Temple: The Seth Connection

			Just before you get to Darky 3, you will meet Seth
			an archeologist (yeah, right).  He will allow you
			to go through the Island Cave without using a single
			Skill and will give Rika a new, unique suit of armor.

			>First, set up two macros, one with Seth's $Dthspell
			 first (the rest doesn't matter), one with his $Corrosion
			 first and Wren's vulcan attack second (again, the rest
			 doesn't matter).  Throughout the Island Cave, use the
			 $Dthspell macro on the Fract-oozes and the $Corrosion
			 one on everything else.

			>Second, when you get to the top, but before you enter the
			 temple, unequip all of his stuff and give the Cyber-
			 Suit to Rika, which will lower her Defense by 3 and
			 raise her Attack by 5 (almost everyone can use it,
			 but she gets the most use out of it, since she is forced
			 to wear shotty armor).

		I)  Go through Vahal Fort first so that you are around 38-40.

		Wren: $Barrier
		Rika: *Deban
		Chaz: $CC
		Rune: $Efess

		Wren: Attack, $Flare
		Rika: *Saner, $DS, *Nares, *(Gi)Nasar
		Chaz: $CC(&GC), $Rayblade, *Nathu
		Rune: *Nawat, $Efess(&GC)

		IV)  Make sure you have stocked up on armor in Reshel and Dews in
		     Meese before you come to challenge Darky 3.  As with the prior
		     incarnations, &GC is extremely useful.  When either Chaz or Rune is
		     preoccupied, use the other attacks listed for them.
		     Rika should be able to handle all of the healing, just
		     make sure you do *Saner second turn so you can heal your
		     chars before Darky gets to attack again.  Counter his
		     $Shadowbind with a *Saner.

		-De-Vars (The Strength Tower)
		I) 40.

		Rika: *Deban
		Wren: $Barrier
		Chaz: Use Pow-Shield as an Item
		Rune: $Tandle

		Rika: $DS, *Gisar
		Wren: $Posibolt, $Flare, Attack
		Chaz: $CC, $Rayblade
		Rune: *Nawat, $Tandle

		IV)  Be sure to have scouted both towers for the nifty equipment
		     and items before you go to challenge De-Vars.  He will
		     always do a multi-hit attack, so have Rika ready with
		     the *Gisar action.  He looks like he is made out of fire,
		     and he is: don't use fire attacks.  Don't use *Foi,
		     $Burstroc, or $Efess (or $GC).

		-Sa-Lews (The Courage Tower)
		I)  41.

		Rika: *Deban
		Wren: $Barrier
		Chaz: Use Pow-Shield as an Item
		Rune: $Tandle

		Rika: $DS, *Gisar, *Nares
		Wren: $Posibolt, $Flare, Attack
		Chaz: $CC, $Rayblade
		Rune: *Nawat, $Tandle

		IV)  Sa-Lews is much, much more powerful than his cousin
		     De-Vars.  Beware his $Legeon and other multi-hit attacks
		     and come into the battle loaded for bear with trimates
		     and Dews out the wah-zoo.  The same attack tactics that
		     applied to the boss of the Strength Tower apply here.

		-The Profound Darkness
		I) Try 45.  If not, try 50.  If not, try 55, etc, etc...

		Wren: $Barrier
		Raja: $Blessing
		Rika: *Saner
		Rune: $Efess
		Chaz: $CC

		Wren: Attack
		Rika: $DS(Remain:12), Attack
		Chaz: $Rayblade
		Raja: *Nares
		Rune: *Nawat

		Wren: Attack, $Recover, All the Dews
		Rune: $Legeon, *Nawat, $Tandle
		Raja: *Nasar, *Regen
		Rika: *Nasar, $DS(Remain:6), Attack
		Chaz: $Rayblade, $CC

		Wren: Attack, $Recover, All the Dews
		Rune: $Efess
		Rika: *Nasar, $DS, *Saner
		Raja: $St. Fire, $Miracle, $Ataraxia, *Nasar, *Regen
		Chaz: *Megid, $CC

		IV)  As shown above, Raja is the best char choice for this battle.
		     His healing abilities make the fight much, much easier.  Don't
		     bother with Trimates or Moon-Dews, but max your inventory
		     out with Star-Dews and Sol-Dews from Meese.  Sell everything
		     that you can except 4 Repair-Kits or so to make more room
		     for these purfumes.  A good idea is to take the chars you
		     don't plan to use in this battle to Meese, sell their equipment,
		     and use the money to buy more dews. On your way in, set up a couple
		     of Deathable destroying macros and you may gain a level or
		     two on your way to P. Darky.  If you do choose to fight,
		     don't use any damaging Skills, any of the Skills or Techs
		     in the 'D' macro, or ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES TP.  When you
		     begin to get low, you can use Raja's 3 TP *Res a couple of times
		     to max everyone's HP's again.  Make sure you have scouted the Edge
		     to make it a shorter trip to the boss.

		     Don't use ANY attacks but the ones listed.  Make sure that
		     Rika has at least 12 $DS's left when he morphs.  If you get
		     down to 12, have her begin to attack.  Don't bother with
		     *Shift, as it will increase your damage by maybe 10 pts.
		     The only threatening attack the first phase has is it's
		     $Shadowbrth, which Raja can easily counter with a *Nares.
		     Save all of the real attacks for later.

		     Now it is time to start warming up for the real battle.
		     P. Darky now has $AnotherGate and $Lightshwr, two serious
		     business multi-hit attacks.  Use the attacks listed, saving
		     6 of Rika's $DS uses and having Raja do the healing thing
		     when needed, using *Nasar and Star-Dews.  If all of your
		     chars are looking low, don't take a chance... Have Raja and
		     Rika both use *Gisar and have Wren use $Recover, or a Sol-Dew
		     if necessary.  You will need everyone ready to go for the last

		     Whoop-Ass time.  Break out with everything and show this babe
		     what being the Protectors REALLY means.  In the immortal words
		     of Dr. Peter Venkman:
			"This bitch is TOAST!"
		     P. Darky the third has a nasty attack: *Megid.  Get ready
		     to do some major healing action.  When this spell hits,
		     use a Star-Dew and Raja's $Miracle.   Hit her with the
		     attacks listed, as they do the most damage of any of the char's attacks.
		     Avoid combos at all costs, as the individual actions will
		     almost always do more damage.  If P. Darky III slips up and does
		     her single-hit attack, punish her with Raja's $St. Fire and have Rika
		     do a *Nares on whoever got hit ($St.Fire normally does 100 more
		     than $DS, depending on the char levels).  Smack her
		     around with Chaz's *Megid and Rune's $Tandle.  If Chaz runs
		     out of TP, have Raja kick in the $Ataraxia, and if Rune runs out
		     out of $Efess, switch to $Legeon or *Nawat.  Ignore Rune's
		     $Tandle, as even his *Nawat does more damage.  If she neutralizes
		     your shields, use the 'D' macro IMMEDIATELY. Keep plugging
		     away at her and eventually you will see one of the most
		     awesome endings in all of video gamedom.
 4 4
4  4    Questions and Answers
   4    "Where do you want the rest of this junk?"  -ScarlettX
	-How do I access the sound test?
		Magelic stumbled upon this one shortly after he got the game...

		On the Start/Continue/Erase game screen, press 'B'.
		Ooooh.  Hard huh?

		Our personal Favorites are:
		Magelic:  Pain, Her last breath
		ScarX: PSI arrange 1&2 (for nostalgic value)

		One Mr. J. Maxlow has informed me that you can only access
		the music test after you have defeated the Profound Darkness,
		at which time your battery is initialized  to allow you access.
		However, if you erase all of your save games, the sound test
		won't work again.

	-Is there any use for the Tourist Items?	
		Well, that depends on what you call useful.  The Woodcarvin and
		the Pennant are the only two items that are sold in the Tourist
		Shop in Termi that you don't use on a guild quest.  These items
		have a use... well, sortof.  Go to your house in Aiedo and use 
		the items to display them in your home.  Wow.  Really neat but
		not too useful.

	-Did you say Secret Passage?
		Yep.  There is one behind the Hunter's Guild Bar.  You will find
		three boxes back there.
5       READ THIS!!!
   5	"Do like your mommy always told you: Share."   -ScarlettX

	This FAQ is far from complete!  If you know anything that we don't,
	obscure or obvious, trivial or amazing, send it my way.  I will make
	future versions if we can get the material (what do you think I made
	a version number for?).  Game Genie codes, Rumors, etc. would make
	excellent sections, but cannot be done for lack of info!  Send your
	revelations to
	And should they be worth anything, I will put them in!!!

	Credits for Update Version 1.1:
	>*Githu on Darky 1: Richard Zimmerman <zmmmnnr@execpc.com>
	>First person to inform me about the sound test: <c.spooner1@genie.geis.com>
	>If you erase the games, you lose the sound test: <akira@themall.net>
	>Reminder that all Edge enemies are deathable, Sol-dew tip for P. Darky:
				Nick Boice <jboice@wvi.com>
	>Man With a Twist is a rip off: J. Maxlow
	>Eclipse Torch's secret power: Chris Vogel <unknown>	
	>The Slowest char first in combo macros: 
				Marlon Liang Chen <moomc@uclink2.berkeley.edu>
	>Displaying tourist items at home: FJE <fje@ix.netcom.com>
	>Wood-Cane *Res: Keiko Shimozono <shimozon@scs.unr.edu>	
	>Shadowblade's special power: Jeff Brust <sbrust@interserf.net>
	>Keeping Kyra's first Moonslasher: Derrick Matthews <KDPH93C@prodigy.com>
	>Using Crash on Mechs, Unequip ?:  Peter Vogel <Peter.Vogel@odyssey.on.ca>
	>D.Bios: Jen Hachigian <hachigia@pilot.msu.edu>	
	>Hunting Sandworms, The secret passage: Gras David <deedo@esil.univer-mrs.fr>
	>Going to Vahal Fort for massive exp at the end of the game: J. Maxlow

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