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FAQ/Walkthrough by KRaffa

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/15/01

Phantasy Star IV FAQ/Walkthrough for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
By Kevin T. Raffa (KTRaffa84@aol.com)
Version 1.0
July 2001

***Table of Contents***

I      Disclaimer
II     Introduction - Story / Mission
III    Controller
IV     Menu
          i   System Menu
          ii  Camp Menu
V      Combat
          i   Commands
          ii  Injuries
VI     Towns
          i   Shops
          ii  Inns
VII    Characters
VIII   Weapons
IX     Armor
X      Item List
          i   Common Items
          ii  Rare Items
XI     Techniques
XII    Skills
XIII   Walkthrough
XIV    Monsters
XV     Bosses
XVI    The Hunter's Guild
XVII   Combination Attacks

***I - Disclaimer***

	Note - This guide is, as of now, incomplete. It is only on 
GameFAQs to show what work has been done, and what needs to be done. It 
also allows for both creative and destructive criticism, of which I 
need. This guide has been in the works since February, and has been 
worked on now and then, when I have time. It is probably about 70% 
complete or so, and it should be finished as time allows. Thank you.

     This FAQ / Walkthrough is for personal and private use only. As of 
now, this guide can only be found at GameFaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) If you 
found this guide at any other web site, please let me know via e-mail 
at KTRaffa84@aol.com.

***II - Introduction - Story / Mission***

Story (from opening credits):

     The Algo solar system, somewhere in space... Once a brilliant 
civilization flourished here. The citizens devoted themselves to art 
and the sciences, and life was prosperous and good. Then a series of 
disasters struck. The system-wide management system, 'Mother Brain' was 
destroyed. So was the first planet, Parma. Over 90% of the system's 
population dies, and the advanced technological culture was lost. 
Society declined, spiraling downward until at last only a few scattered 
groups even remembered there once were better times. A thousand years 
passed. At last, civilization is once more on the rise across the Algo 
system. People are again turning to thoughts of an easier life. Old 
knowledge is being rediscovered. But, just as things look brighter, 
beyond a threshold long thought closed, a dark and very ancient evil 

Mission (from instruction manual):

     You begin the game as Chaz, an aspiring Hunter straight out of 
training. Your partner, Alys, is a crafty veteran whose good looks and 
prowess with the blade have earned her an awesome reputation. Your 
first assignment, a monster hunt deep in the basement of Motavia 
Academy, leads to a quest to save Motavia from destruction.

***III - Controller***

     These are the default controller settings. They can be changed.

Directional Pad (D-Pad)
-	Moves your party around their surroundings.
-	Highlights selections in menus.
Start Button (Start)
-	Starts the game.
-	Brings up System menu.
-	Closes System and Camp menus.
Button A
-	Makes selections in menus.
-	Brings up Camp menu.
-	Continues conversations.
Button B
-	Cancels selections in menu screens and windows.
-	Continues conversations.
Button C
-	Investigates area in front of lead character.
-	Opens containers and doors.
-	Initiates and continues conversations (when facing someone.)
-	Makes selections in menus.
Buttons X, Y, and Z have no function.

***IV - Menus***

        i - System Menu

     Whenever you're not in battle, in a cave or maze, or in 
conversation, press Start to bring up the System Menu. A blue box will 
appear. To select an option, press either Button A or C. Press Button B 
to cancel. The four options to pick from are:

     Save: Saves the game. A window will appear with three spaces in 
which to save your game. If data exists in a save space, you will be 
prompted whether or not to save over it.

     Message: Change the speed at which messages appear. 1 is the 
fastest and 5 is the slowest. 

     Btl Spd: Battle Speed. Choose how fast the battle sequence takes. 
1 is the fastest and 5 is the slowest.

     Buttons: Configure the controller. If you don't like the default 
controller configuration, you can alter it here.

To exit the menu, press Button B or Start.

        ii - Camp Menu

     Whenever you're not in battle or in conversation, press A to bring 
up the Camp Menu. A blue box will appear. To select an option, press 
either Button A or C. Press Button B to cancel. The seven options are:

     Item: Check, use, and dispose of items. Select Use to use an item. 
You'll be asked who to use the item on. Select your character, or press 
B to cancel. Select Look to see a description of the item. Select 
Discard to dispose of the selected item. A window will pop up 
confirming your disposal. Pressing Button B returns you to the Camp 

     Tech: Technique. Use Camp Techniques. (More on those later.) 
Selecting this option displays a list of your current party. Selecting 
a party member displays their current Camp Techniques. Select a 
technique with Button A or C to use it, or Button B to cancel. If the 
technique is be used on a single party member, you'll be asked who'll 
receive the technique.

     Skill: Use Special Skills. (More on those later as well.) The 
procedure is the same for using Techniques.

     Equip: Equip a character with weapons, armor, and/or shields. 
Select the character you want to equip and press either Button A or C 
to view the weapons display. The lower left window, or Character 
window, displays the weapons and armor the character is currently 
equipped with. The right most window, or the Equipment window, displays 
the weapons and/or armor that the character can equip themself with. 
Press the D-Pad left or right to move from these two windows. 
     The upper left window displays the character's status. The number 
on the left shows the current status, and the number on the right shows 
what the character's status would be if the selected weapon or armor 
were equipped. If you select an item in the lower left window, the 
number on the right shows what the character's status would be if the 
item were not equipped. Note that some weapons are two handed and will 
take up both weapon spaces, preventing that character from equipping a 
second weapon or a shield.
     An icon appears in the space where the equipment will appear in 
the Character window. If there is something already in that space, that 
object will be replaced.  
     To equip the character, press Button A or C. The weapon or armor 
appears in the Character Window and is equipped.
     To remove an object, select the object in the Character window and 
press Button A or C. The object moves to the Equipment window.

     State: Check a character's stats or change marching order. After 
selecting this option, a box will appear with two options; Status and 

       Status: Displays all available information about the selected 
character. Select this option and press A or C to view the party list. 
Select the character and press A or C to view the Status Menu. 6 menus 
make up the Status Menu. 
         In the upper left the character's portrait appears.
         The upper center menu shows several things. They include 
character name, occupation, level, age, HP (Hit Points), and TP 
(Technique Points.) HP represents your character's life. When damaged 
by an enemy, the character loses HP. If the HP drops to 0, the 
character is near death. The left number represents current HP, and the 
number on the right represents maximum HP. HP can be restored through 
healing items, healing techniques or skills, or by spending the night 
at an inn. TP are used up whenever a character uses a technique. When 
the TP drops below the number needed for a technique, the character 
cannot use that technique. The numbers are the same as for HP. Left: 
current. Right: maximum. Spending the night at an inn restores 
technique points.
         The upper right window shows the character's stats in certain 
areas. Stats can be altered by equipping weapons and armor, or by 
gaining levels.
         The middle left window shows the character's current weapons 
and armor.
         The lower left window shows the total amount of money 
(Mesetas) for the party.
         The lower right window shows EX (Experience), the number of 
experience points the character has acclimated, and NX (Needed 
Experience), or the number of experience points needed to gain a level. 
Experience points are earned by defeating enemies.
         Press Button A or C to see a list of the characters' 
techniques. Press the button again to see the character's skills. The 
number on the left shows the remaining number of uses, while the number 
on the right shows the maximum number possible. Techniques and skills 
are divided into two types: those that can be used in battle and those 
that can be used in camp.
         Press Button A or C again to close all character information 
windows, or press Button B to close individual windows.

       Order: Change the order in which the characters march and fight. 
The character in the lead is the main target for all enemy attacks and 
usually takes the most damage.
         Select the character you want to appear first, and press 
Button A or C. Once selected, the character's name appears in the 
window to the right. Follow this procedure for the other characters. 
You can reverse this process at any time by pressing Button B.

     Talk: See what the characters have to say about the current 
situation. If only one person is in the party (only twice in the game,) 
this option appears as Mumbl (Mumble.)

     Macro: Create customized programs of battle moves in combat. (more 
on combat later.) Press Button A or C. Two windows will appear. The 
center window shows the spaces available for macros, and the right 
window shows the type of macro. When you start the game, all the spaces 
are blank except for (A), which contains a default macro to get you 
started. Select a space to put your new macro, and press Button A or C. 
The characters's names appear, and you can choose the first character 
to make an attack. Press Button A or C and Combat window appears. 
Select your commands as you would during Combat Mode. (more on Combat 
Mode later.) When you enter the move for the last character, a window 
appears confirming your choice. Select either Yes or No and press 
Button A or C, or B to cancel. Congratulations. Hopefully you've set up 
a macro. To erase a macro, select the one to delete and press A or C. A 
window will appear confirming the deletion. Select either Yes or No.

***V - Combat***

     In the field, you run the risk of attack from monsters and 
machines. When an attack occurs, the screen flashes, the music changes, 
and the combat screen appears. The screen has several things of notice. 
     In the center of the screen are the enemies. On the bottom of the 
screen is the party. Under their images are their stats. In the upper 
left (and possibly in the upper right) is the enemy name/names. The 
left center window is the Combat Window. It was three options:
       Comd: (Command) Lets you choose to use weapons, techniques, 
skills, items, or to defend for a round of combat.
       Macr: (Macro) Use a preset attack pattern, as programmed in the 
Camp Menu. Select one of eight macros available. A description of the 
macro appears to the right. Press Button A or C to start the macro.
       Run: Select this to flee the battle. However, escaping is not 
always possible. If you attempt to flee and fail, the party is open to 
a round of attack.
i - Commands

     If you select COMD, press Button A or C to see the options your 
character has for battle. Characters receive orders according to how 
the marching order is. Lead character decides their battle plan first, 
and the last character goes last. After selecting COMD, a blue window 
will appear at the bottom of the screen. It contains five battle 
options. Those options, going from left to right, are:
     Attack: Lets the character attack with their currently equipped 
     Technique: Opens the technique window. Technique names are 
displayed along with the required Technique Points (TP) for each. A 
technique requiring more TP than your character currently has will 
appear in red and cannot be used. Select the desired technique and 
press Button A or C. If the technique is a defensive one that aids a 
single part member, an arrow will appear in the party stats window. 
Move that arrow to the character to receive the benefits of the 
technique. Press A or C to select.
     Skill: Opens the skill window. The names of skills are displayed 
along with the number of uses each skill has left. Skills that appear 
in red are depleted. The procedure for selecting a skill is the same as 
for a technique. 
     Item: Lets the character use items such as antidotes or healing 
items. The procedure for using an item is the same for selecting a 
technique or a skill.
     Defend: Puts the character in a defensive position for a round, 
making it less likely for him or her to be injured.
     As you select a command for each character, the symbol for that 
command appears in that character's stat window. If you selected a 
tactic that is effective on one enemy only, an arrow appears over one 
of the enemies. Select the enemy to be attacked, and confirm by 
pressing Button A or C. You can cancel a command by pressing Button B. 
When all commands are set, the round of battle starts. 
     After each attack, the amount of damage is displayed for each 
enemy or character. The enemy disappears when all its HP are depleted. 
If a character's HP reaches 0, the character is near death. A flatline 
icon appears in that characters stat window, and the character is out 
of the action until he or she is taken to an inn to recuperate. 
     The battle ends when all enemies are defeated. A window pops up 
telling you how many experience points and Mesetas (money) the 
characters receive as a result of the battle. If enough experience 
points are earned from the battle that character gains a level, stat 
changes and learned techniques and skills will also be displayed.

ii - Injuries

     After battling for some time, you'll come to realize that your 
characters are injured and need to be healed. Some of your character's 
injuries can be healed in battle if you use the proper item, technique, 
or skill.

     HP: After battling, you'll notice your characters losing current 
HP. If that reaches 0, the character is near death. To prevent this 
from occurring, heal your characters on a regular basis. 
          Items: Monomate, Dimate, Trimate
          Techniques: Res, Gires, Nares, Sar, Gisar, Nasar, Regen
          Skill: Recover

     Unconscious: Your character can become unconscious if the enemy 
casts the right spell. Your character is unconscious when the letters 
in his or her stat window turn blue, and three "Z's" appear. The 
character is out cold and cannot fight until he or she regains 
consciousness. If left alone, the character will "wake up" sometime in 
the following battle rounds.
          Technique: Arows

     Poisoned: When your character becomes poisoned (from an enemy 
spell) the letters in their stat window turn yellow. The character can 
still fight, but will lose HP after every attack. After the battle, the 
character is still poisoned, and the screen will flash red every time 
the character loses HP due to the poison.
          Item: Antidote
          Technique: Anti

     Paralyzed: If the letters in the stat window of a character turn 
blue and a lightning bolts appear, the character has been paralyzed and 
cannot fight. 
          Item: Cure-Paral
          Technique: Rimpa

     Near Death: A flatline icon will appear when the character's HP 
reaches 0. The character cannot fight until remedied. 
          Item: Sol Dew
          Technique: Rever
          Skill: Medic Power

***VI - Towns***

     Between fighting and exploring, you'll want to visit towns. In 
towns you can rest, regain HP and TP, purchase supplies, and equip 
yourself with bigger and better weapons and/or armor. You can also talk 
to the locals, and find out what's going on.

i - Shops

     There are three kinds of shops: tool (item) shops, weapon shops, 
and armor shops. To identify these shops from normal houses, the shop 
owners hang out signs of their trade. A tool shop has a bag on the 
building and weapon/armor shop have a sword.
     To make a purchase at one of these shops, step up to the counter, 
right in front of the salesperson, and press either Button A or C. The 
salesperson will ask whether or not you want to buy or sell. Select Buy 
and press Button A or C to see a list of available goods. The price of 
each item is listed next to its name. 
     After selecting an item, the salesperson will give you information 
about the item. If the item is a weapon or armor, an equip window will 
appear on the left of the screen, telling you who can or cannot equip 
that weapon or armor. Press Button A or C to make the purchase. The 
salesperson will ask you to confirm your selection. Select Yes or No 
and confirm. Press Button B to cancel the sales transaction.
     To sell items, go through the same procedure as if you were buying 
an item, except select Sell and press Button A or C. The salesperson 
will ask what you want to sell, and your item list appears. Highlight 
the item you wish to sell, and press Button A or C. The salesman will 
make you an offer. You can either accept his or her offer, or refuse 
it. You cannot haggle. Press A or C to accept the offer, or Button B to 
refuse or select a different item.

ii - Inns

            To replenish your HP, TP, skills, restock your vehicle, or 
recover from near death, rest at an inn. The cost to rest varies from 
town to town, and the more people in your party, the more expensive the 
stay. Inns are the buildings with a bed sign. To stay at the inn, 
follow the same procedure for purchasing items.

***VII - Characters*** (some info taken from instruction manual)
   (in order of appearance)

     Chaz Ashley

   Occupation: Hunter
   Starting Level: 1
   Age: 16

   Chaz was a child of the streets, headed for a rough future until the 
Hunter Alys Brangwin took him under her wing. Chaz is a first rate 
swordsman with a quick temper and a keen eye.


Res - start of game

Tsu - level 4

Hinas - level 8

Ryuka - level 9

Anti - level 11

Zan - level 12

Rimpa - level 14

GiRes - level 16

GiThu - level 17

Brose - level 21

GiZan - level 23

Rever - level 25

NaThu - level 31


Earth - start of game

Crosscut - level 6

Airslash - level 13

RayBlade - 

     Alys "The Eight Stroke Warrior" Brangwin

   Occupation: Hunter
   Starting Level: 7
   Age: ??

   Alys's prowess as a Hunter has made her famous throughout Motavia. 
Not much is known about her past, but bits of it seem to keep popping 
up at odd moments... much to her embarrassment. She is most proficient 
with thrown weapons such as boomerangs and slicers. (Note - there are 
no "slicers" in the game. This is supposed to read "slashers.")


Foi - start of game

Shift - start of game

Saner - start of game

Zan - level 8

GiFoi - level 14

GiZan - level 18

NaFoi - level 24

NaZan - level 27


Vortex - start of game

Moonshad - level 10

Death - level 13


   Occupation: Scholar
   Starting Level: 1
   Age: 24

   Hahn hails from the village of Krup and is the son of an armorer. 
Bored with the monotonous work of forging weapons and determined to 
make his mark on the world, he greatly upset his father by going off to 
study at Motavia Academy. While physical fighting is not one of his 
specialties, Hahn has a wide range of techniques to rely on in battle. 


Res - begins with

Gelun - begins with

Wat - level 3

Anti - level 6

Doran - level 7

Zan - level 9

Vol - level 10

GiRes - level 11

Rimpa - level 12

Rimit - level 13 

GiWat - level 16

GiZan - level 21

NaRes - level 23

NaWat - level 28

NaZan - level 37


Vision - begins with

Astral - level 29

Eliminat - level 30


   Occupation: Wizard
   Starting Level: 17
   Age: ??

   Rune is an old friend of Alys, though how they first met remains a 
mystery. How Alys managed to put up with him is an even bigger mystery 
still. He's powerful and arrogant, and wields a type of power rarely 
seen on Motavia anymore: true magic.


Foi - starts with

Wat - starts with

Gra - starts with

Arows - starts with

Hinas- starts with

Ryuka - starts with

GiWat - level 18

GiFoi - level 19

Seals - level 20

Rever - level 21

GiGra - level 23

NaFoi - level 25


Flaeli - starts with
Hewn - starts with

Efess - level 29


   Occupation: Motavian Soldier
   Starting Level: 6
   Age: 19

   Gryz lives to avenge his parents, who were killed when the dark 
wizard Zio destroyed the village of Molcum. The only other surviving 
member of his family is his little sister, who remains in the village 
of Tonoe. Gryz relies heavily on brute strength and his skill with the 


Brose - starts with


Crash - starts with

War Cry - level 14

Sweeping - level 25


   Occupation: Numan
   Starting Level: 1
   Age: 1

   Rika is a biological construct created by one of the last 
functioning computers on Motavia. Though she may be a little naive (a 
lifetime spent inside an underground computer complex doesn't offer 
much by way of life experience,) she's a good warrior to have on your 
side in a scrap. Her favorite weapon is the Claw.


Res - starts with

Saner - level 8

GiRes - level 13

Deban - level 14

Shift - level 19

Sar - level 20


Illusion - starts with

Dblslash - level 4

Eliminat - level 12

Disrupt - level 17


   Occupation: Android
   Starting Level: 12
   Age: 324

   Like Wren, this small powerful android will provide direction for 
your quest.




Recover - starts with

StasisBm - starts with

Spark - starts with

Barrier - starts with

Medic Pw- starts with

Phonon - found in PlateSystm


   Occupation: Android
   Starting Level:
   Age: 998

   Wren offers a cool, objective counterpoint to some of the hotter 
tempers blazing within the group. He'll provide information and insight 
into your quest.




Recover - starts with

Flare - starts with

Spark - starts with

Barrier - starts with


   Occupation: Priest
   Starting Level:
   Age: 85

   Raja is a sarcastic old priest who protected the Temple of Ryuon 
until someone had the nerve to land a large spaceshp on it. His healing 
skills will be handy to have around when the fighting gets intense. 


Res - starts with

Anti - starts with

Rimpa - starts with

Sar - starts with

Arows - starts with

Rimit - starts with

GiRes - starts with

Seals - starts with

Rever - starts with

NaRes - 


Blessing - starts with

HolyWord - starts with

Ataraxia - starts with

Miracle - starts with

St. Fire - starts with

***VIII - Weapons***

[Weapon Name]        [Buy Price] [Sell Price]
[Stat Changes]

Axes - Gryz

***All are 2-Handed***

Broad-Axe            Buy: 1000   Sell: 500
+32 Attack  +14 Defense
A large ax, made of a titanium alloy.
Lasr-Axe             Buy: ---    Sell: 3200
+45 Attack  +25 Defense
An axe with an internal laser emitting device.
Struggl-Ax           Buy: 4600   Sell: 2300
+38 Attack  +20 Defense
A large and heavy axe made for use in battles.
Titn-Axe             Buy: 640    Sell: 320
+26 Attack  +8 Defense
An axe made of a titanium alloy.

Canes/Wands/Rods - Rune/Raja

Force-Cane           Buy: 2500   Sell: 1250
+26 Attack
A cane that has been strengthen by magic.
Psyco-Wand           Buy: ---    Sell: ---
+9 Attack  +4 Mental
A wand that can nullify various magical-dfs.
Silv-Rod             Buy: 2700   Sell: 1350
+18 Attack  +2 Mental
A rod made of low purity Laconia.
Wood-Cane            Buy: 140    Sell: 70
+4 Attack  +1 Mental
A cane made from the wood of a Laerumatree.

Claws - Rika

Claw                 Buy: 1000   Sell: 500
+12 Attack
A set of hooked claws, made of a titanium alloy.
Lasr-Claw            Buy: ---    Sell: 1250
+25 Attack
A claw with an internal laser emitting device.
Plsm-Claw            Buy: ---    Sell:
+32 Attack
A claw with a built-in plasma production unit.
Saber-Claw           Buy: 1700   Sell: 850
+18 Attack
A sharper claw-weapon made of a titan alloy.

Daggers/Knives - Chaz/Hahn

Crmc-Knife           Buy: 1600   Sell: 800
+14 Attack
A knife made of ceramic.
Dagger               Buy: 40     Sell: 20
+2 Attack
A knife with a small blade.
Hunt-Knife           Buy: 120    Sell: 60
+5 Attack
A large, multi-purpose knife.
Lasr-Knife           Buy: ---    Sell: 1600
+21 Attack
A knife with a small built-in laser device.
PlsmDagger           Buy: ---    Sell: 1800
+25 Attack
A dagger with a small built-in plasma unit.
TitnDagger           Buy: 240    Sell: 120
+10 Attack
A dagger made of a titanium alloy.

Guns - Demi/Wren (see individual weapons on who can use what)

***All are 2-Handed***

Impacter (Demi/Wren) Buy: ---    Sell: 1500
+31 Attack
A gun that shoots compact bursts of air.
Plsm-Rifle (Wren)    Buy: ---    Sell:
+73 Attack
A portable particle gun that emits proton beams.
Pulse-Lasr (Wren)    Buy: ---    Sell:
+39 Attack
A gun that fires quick-short laser pulses.
Stun-Shot (Demi/Wren)Buy: ---    Sell: 1600
+44 Attack
A gun that emits a high frequency sound wave.
Note: this weapon can stun enemies.
Wave-Shot (Demi)     Buy: ---    Sell:
+62 Attack
A weapon that emits destructive sound waves.

Slashers - Alys/Kyra

Boomerang            Buy: 80     Sell: 40
+1 Attack
A thrown weapon.
LasrSlashr           Buy: ---    Sell: 1050
+12 Attack
A slicer with a built-in laser emitting device.
Slasher              Buy: 160    Sell: 80
+4 Attack
A blade weapon that is thrown.
TitnSlashr           Buy: 360    Sell: 180
+9 Attack
A slasher made of a titanium alloy.

Swords - Chaz

***All are 2-Handed***

Alis-Sword           Buy: 500    Sell: 250
+1 Attack
A legendary sword used by a heroine of yore.
Crmc-Sword           Buy: 3600   Sell: 1800
+43 Attack  +7 Defense
A sword made of ceramic.
Lasr-Sword           Buy: ---    Sell: 2700
+58 Attack  +10 Defense
A sword with a power laser emitting device.
Plsm-Sword           Buy: ---    Sell:
+70 Attack  +12 Defense
A sword with a large built-in plasma unit.
ShadwBlade           Buy: ---    Sell: 1
+50 Attack  -5 Defense  -5 Agility  -10 Mental
Nothing is known about this weapon.
Stel-Sword           Buy: 280    Sell: 140
+14 Attack  +2 Defense
A sword made of steel.
Titn-Sword           Buy: 560    Sell: 180
+29 Attack  +5 Defense
A sword made of a titanium alloy.

  ***IX - Armor***

[Armor Name]         [Buy Price] [Sell Price]
[Stat Changes]
[Characters that can use.]

Head Armor

Circlet              Buy: 100    Sell: 50
+2 Defense
A forehead patch made of a carbon-based fiber.
Hahn, Rune
Crbn-Crown           Buy: 150    Sell: 75
+3 Defense
A woman's helmet made of a carbon-based fiber.
Alys, Rika
Crbn-Helm            Buy: 200    Sell: 100
+4 Defense
A helmet made of a carbon-based fiber.
Chaz, Gryz
Crmc-Gear            Buy: ---    Sell:
+13 Defense
A helmet for androids made of ceramic.
Demi, Wren
Crmc-Helm            Buy: 1800   Sell: 900
+12 Defense
A helmet made of ceramic.
Chaz, Gryz
Grpt-Crown           Buy: 1000   Sell: 500
+11 Defense
A woman's helmet made of a special graphite.
Alys, Rika
Head-Gear            Buy: ---    Sell: 800
+7 Defense
A helmet for androids made of steel.
Demi, Wren
Lthr-Band            Buy: 70     Sell: 35
+1 Defense
A forehead patch made of sand worm skin.
Hahn, Rune
Lthr-Crown           Buy: 90     Sell: 45
+1 Defense
A woman's helmet made of sand worm skin.
Alys, Rika
Lthr-Helm            Buy: 80     Sell: 40
+1 Defense
A hat made of sand worm skin boiled in wax.
Chaz, Gryz
Psy-Circlt           Buy: 1200   Sell: 600
+5 Defense  +5 Mental
A steel forehead patch imbued with dfs-magic.
Psy-Crown            Buy: 2800   Sell: 1400
+13 Defense  +3 Mental
A steel helmet imbued with defensive magic.
SilvCirclt           Buy: 3000   Sell: 1500
+10 Defense  +3 Mental
A circlet made of low purity Laconia.
Rune, Raja
Silv-Crown           Buy: 5000   Sell: 2500
+16 Defense
A woman's helmet made of low purity Laconia.
Silv-Helm            Buy: 3800   Sell: 1900
+14 Defense  +2 Mental
A helmet made of low purity Laconia.
Titn-Crown           Buy: 490    Sell: 245
+7 Defense
A woman's helmet made of a titanium alloy.
Alys, Rika
Titn-Gear            Buy: ---    Sell: 1000
+10 Defense
A helmet for androids made of a titan alloy.
Demi, Wren
Titn-Helm            Buy: 570    Sell: 285
+7 Defense
A helmet made of a titanium alloy
Chaz, Gryz


CrbnShield          Buy: 220    Sell: 100
+5 Defense
A shield made of carbon fibers on a steel frame.
Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Rune, Gryz, Rika
CrmcShield           Buy: 2300   Sell: 1150
+15 Defense
A shield made of ceramic.
Alys, Chaz, Gryz, Rika
GrptShield           Buy: 900    Sell: 450
+11 Defense
A shield made of special graphite fibers.
Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Rune, Gryz, Rika
LasrBarrir          Buy: ---    Sell: 1350
+18 Defense
A shield constructed of laser rays.
Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Rune, Gryz, Rika
LthrShield          Buy: 140    Sell: 70
+2 Defense
A shield made of sand worm skin.
Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Rune, Gryz, Rika
Plsm-Field          Buy: ---    Sell: 2750
+10 Defense
A shield that is made from plasma.
Chaz, Rika
Psy-Shield          Buy: 4600   Sell: 2300
+21 Defense  +1 Mental
A steel shield imbued with defensive magic.
Chaz, Rune, Gryz, Rika
SilvShield          Buy: 7200   Sell: 3600
+25 Defense
A shield made of low purity Laconia.
Chaz, Rika, Rune, Raja
TitnShield          Buy: 600    Sell: 300
+7 Defense
A shield made of a titanium alloy.
Alys, Chaz, Gryz, Rika

Body Armor

Crbn-Suit           Buy: 550    Sell: 225
+10 Defense
Protective garb made of special carbon fibers.
Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Gryz, Rika
Crmc-Armor          Buy: ---    Sell: 2000
+44 Defense
Armor for androids made of ceramic.
Demi, Wren
Crmc-Mail           Buy: 3700   Sell: 1850
+25 Defense
Armor made of ceramic, anti-heat, but heavy.
Alys, Chaz, Gryz, Rika
FradeMantl          Buy: ---    Sell:
+42 Defense  +3 Mental
Nothing is known about this item.
Grpt-Suit           Buy: 1200   Sell: 600
+16 Defense
Protective garb made of special graphite fibers.
Hahn, Rika
Lthr-Cloth          Buy: 160    Sell: 80
+2 Defense
Leather armor made of tanned sand worm skins.
Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Gryz, Rika
Psy-Mail            Buy: 7400   Sell: 3700
+35 Defense  +2 Mental
Steel armor imbued with defensive magic.
Chaz, Gryz, Rika
Psy-Robe            Buy:        Sell: 1500
+33 Defense  +2 Mental
A magician's robe imbued with defensive magic.
Rune, Raja
Silv-Mantl          Buy: 7300   Sell: 3650
+49 Defense  +3 Mental
A mantle woven from low-purity Laconia fibers.
Rune, Raja
Silv-Mail           Buy: 13200  Sell: 6600
+49 Defense
Armor made of low purity Laconia.
Chaz, Rika
SpaceDarmr          Buy: ---    Sell:
+53 Defense
Double-plated armor for androids.
Demi, Wren
Titn-Armor          Buy: ---    Sell: 1500
+36 Defense
Armor for androids. Made of a titan alloy.
Demi, Wren
Titn-Mail           Buy: 1120   Sell: 560
+15 Defense
Armor made of a titanium alloy.
Alys, Chaz, Gryz, Rika
WhitemMantl         Buy:        Sell:
+10 Defense  +1 Mental
A mantle that is imbued with defensive magic.

***X - Item List***

i - Common Items

[Item Name]          [Buy Price] [Sell Price]

Antidote             Buy: 10     Sell: 5
   A medicine that cures poison.
Cure-Paral           Buy: 120    Sell: 60
   A medicine that cures paralysis.
Dimate               Buy: 160    Sell: 80
   A medicine that restores HP.
Escapipe             Buy: 70     Sell: 35
   A magic item that can use the Hinas power.
Monomate             Buy: 20     Sell: 10
   A weak medicine that restores HP.
Moon Dew             Buy: 5000   Sell: 2500
   A mysterious yellow perfume.
Pennant              Buy: 600    Sell: 300
   A pennant embroidered with the name Termi.
Perolymate           Buy: 40     Sell: 20
   Simple cakes that have some nutritional value.
Repair-Kit           Buy: ---    Sell: 5
   A simple repair kit for androids.
Shortcake            Buy: 280    Sell: 140
   A cake that is sold in an Aiedo bakery.
Star-Dew             Buy: 10000  Sell: 5000
   A mysterious blue perfume.
Telepipe             Buy: 130    Sell: 65
   A magic item that can use 'Ryuka' power.
Trimate              Buy: 400    Sell: 200
   A strong medicine that restores HP.
WoodCarvin           Buy: 3000   Sell: 1500
   A sand worm doll made of wood.

        ii - Rare Items

[Item Name]          [Where Found]

Alshline             Tonoe Basement 
   Medicine that turned stone back to flesh.
Canceller            Zelan
   All-purpose sensor with stealth capabilities.
ControlKey           Machine Center
   The system start up key for the Machine Center.
Land-Rover           Machine Center
   Armored vehicle that can drive over quick sand.
Psyco-Wand           LadeaTower
   A wand that can nullify various magical-dfs.

***XI - Techniques***

[Technique Name]     [Type (Battle/Boost/Healing/Traveling)]
[Character(s) and Level]                                    [TP Needed]

Note: Any technique beginning with the prefix "Gi" is twice as powerful 
as the normal technique. Any technique beginning with the prefix "Na" 
is three times as powerful as the normal technique. I have left the 
descriptions of the "Gi" and "Na" techniques the same as the normal 

Anti                 Healing
Cures one active character of poisoning, but does not raise HP.
Chaz (11)  Hahn (6)  Raja (start)                           TP: 2
Arows                Healing
Revives one active unconscious character, but does not raise HP.
Rune (start)  Raja (start)                                  TP:
Brose                Battle
Expands enemy body mass to twice the normal size, resulting in damage.
Chaz (21)  Gryz (start)                                     TP: 16
Deban                Boost
Creates a shield before all active characters, increasing defense.
Rika (14)                                                   TP: 5
Doran                Battle
Slows down enemy reaction speed.
Hahn (start)                                                TP: 4
Foi                  Battle
Blasts the enemy with a bolt of flame.
Alys (start)  Rune (start)                                  TP: 3
Gelun                Battle
Causes enemies to age quickly and reduce attack strength.
Hahn (start)                                                TP: 5
GiFoi                Battle
Blasts the enemy with a bolt of flame.
Alys (14)  Rune (19)                                        TP: 6
GiGra                Battle
Crushes enemies with a powerful gravity well.
Rune (23)                                                   TP:
GiRes                Healing
Restores some HP to one active humanoid character.
Chaz (16)  Hahn (11)  Rika (13)  Raja (start)               TP: 6
GiThu                Battle
Fires an arrow of ligh at the enemy.
Chaz (17)                                                   TP: 11
GiWat                Battle
Freezes the enemy by dropping the temperature of the surrounding area.
Hahn (16)  Rune (18)                                        TP: 7
GiZan                Battle
Suffocates enemies by turning the surrounding area into a vacuum.
Chaz (23)  Alys (18)  Hahn (21)                             TP: 12
Gra                  Battle
Crushes enemies with a powerful gravity well.
Rune (start)                                                TP:
Hinas                Traveling
Teleports all characters out of dangerous areas such as dungeons.
Chaz (8)  Rune (start)                                      TP: 4
NaFoi                Battle
Blasts the enemy with a bolt of flame.
Alys (24)  Rune (25)                                        TP: 9
NaRes                Healing
Restores some HP to one active humanoid character.
Hahn (23)                                                   TP: 9
NaWat                Battle
Freezes the enemy by dropping the temperature of the surrounding area.
Hahn (28)                                                   TP: 10
NaZan                Battle
Suffocates enemies by turning the surrounding area into a vacuum.
Alys (27)  Hahn (37)                                        TP: 16
Res                  Healing
Restores some HP to one active humanoid character. 
Chaz (start)  Hahn (start)  Rika (start)  Raja (start)      TP: 3
Rever                Healing
Revives one flatlined character and restores 1/4 of total HP.
Chaz (25)  Rune (21)  Raja (start)                          TP:
Rimit                Battle
Interferes with enemy nervous systems, resulting in unconsciousness.
Hahn (13)  Raja (start)                                     TP: 10
Rimpa                Healing
Cures one active character of paralysis, but does not raise HP.
Chaz (14)  Hahn (12)  Raja (start)                          TP: 5
Ryuka                Traveling
Teleports all characters to any city previously visited.
Chaz (9)  Rune (start)                                      TP: 8
Saner                Boost
Increases reactions speed of all active characters.
Alys (start)  Rika (8)                                      TP: 6
Sar                  Healing
Restores some HP to all active humanoid characters.
Rika (20)  Raja (start)                                     TP: 12
SaVol                Battle
Kills all enemies by destroying their nervous systems.
Hahn (33)                                                   TP: 16

Rune (20)  Raja (start)                                     TP:
Shift                Boost
Increases the physical attack strength of one active character.
Alys (start)  Rika (19)                                     TP: 7
Tsu                  Battle
Fires an arrow of light at the enemy.
Chaz (4)                                                    TP: 6
Vol                  Battle
Kills the enemy by destroying its nervous system.
Hahn (10)                                                   TP: 8
Wat                  Battle
Freezes the enemy by dropping the temperature of the surrounding area.
Hahn (start)  Rune (start)                                  TP: 4
Zan                  Battle
Suffocates enemies by turning the surrounding area into a vacuum.
Chaz (12)  Alys (8)  Hahn (9)  Rune (start)                 TP: 8

***XII - Skills***

[Skill Name]         [Type (Enemy/Enemies/Character/Party)]
[Character(s) and Level]

Airslash             Enemies
Suffocates enemies inside a pocket vacuum.
Chaz (13)
Astral               Enemy
Blasts enemy with power collected from the astral realm.
Hahn  (29)
Crash                Enemy
Kills the enemy with a strong swift blow to the head.
Gryz (start)
Crosscut             Enemy
A fast, powerful sword slash that does double damage.
Chaz (6)
DblSlash             Enemy
Two slashes, resulting in double damage.
Rika (4)
Death                Enemy
Kills the enemy with an unimpaired blade cut to the vitals.
Alys (13)
Disrupt              Enemies
Creates several holograms, each attacking a different enemy.
Rika (17)
Earth                Enemy
Knocks the enemy unconscious using energy drawn up from the ground.
Chaz (start)
Efess                Enemies
Calls on creatures from inner planes to attack.
Rune (29)
Eliminat             Enemy
Allows unimpaired access to an enemy's vital organs; results in death.
Rika (12)  Hahn (30)
Flaeli               Enemy
Assaults the enemy with a rain of magical fire.
Rune (start)
Hewn                 Enemies
Hurls a cyclone of magical energy at the enemies.
Rune (start)
Illusion             Enemies
Creates several holograms, fooling the enemy; lowering agility. 
Rika (start)
Moonshad             Enemies
Reflects light the mesmerizes and damages enemies.
Alys (10)
Phonon               Enemies
Attacks enemies with concentrated sound waves.
Demi (found in PlateSystm)
Vision               Party
Gives characters the ability to predict enemy moves; increases agility.
Hahn (start)
Vortex               Enemy
Surrounds the enemy with a whirlwind of slashing blades.
Alys (start)
War Cry              Character
Gives character greater strength in battle.
Gryz (14)

***XIII - Walkthrough***

     You start off as Chaz, a fledgling Hunter in Aiedo on the planet 
Motavia. You live with Alys, your mentor and friend. Alys tells you 
that you are no longer a trainee, but a full-fledged partner. You leave 
the house and learn that your first mission as a Hunter is at the 
Motavia Academy in the town of Piata (the town of learning, as Chaz 
calls it.) There are no mission plans as of yet, you were just told to 
come. Chaz and Alys leave Aiedo and head for Piata. Along the way, 
you're treated to a small story explaining the current situation of 
     You are now in the Academy. Chaz has gotten separated from Alys, 
but if you travel left, you'll find her. (Not the hardest challenge.) 
Alys informs you that you must find and talk to the principal to get 
the mission details. Walk around the Academy a bit, talk to the 
students to learn of the situation. They tell you monsters have been 
appearing in the basement of the school and have been causing some 
trouble. After you speak to enough people, head to the center room on 
the second floor. Talk to the principal to find out the mission. 
     Basically, monsters have appeared in the basement, and the 
principal has no clue why. Alys is wary, believing there is more to it 
than the principal says. Head down the stairs to the left and enter the 
center room on the first floor. (To the north of the statue of a head 
[Doctor Lubetz - the God of Learning.]) Inside, you'll find a student 
pacing back and forth, preventing you from passing him and going 
downstairs. Talk to him. His name is Hahn, and he wants to go with you 
to investigate the basement. He also informs you of some vital 
information - he works for Professor Holt, who has gone to investigate 
Birth Valley for his research, and has yet to return. Hahn is now 
searching for the professor's whereabouts. Chaz knows of Birth Valley, 
and calls it the "Sacred Valley of Life." Alys asks about the 
connection between Birth Valley and the recent scare of monsters. Hahn 
claims that after the professor's investigation team was reported 
missing, the principal banned everyone from entering Birth Valley. The 
principal refuses to give information about the Birth Valley situation. 
Hahn thinks there's a connection between the monster scare and Birth 
Valley. Alys agrees that the principal is evading the issue and acting 
somewhat strange. Because of the events, Hahn feels as if he could 
search the basement himself; however, he feels it is too dangerous to 
go alone. So basically, Hahn was waiting for the Hunters to arrive so 
he could tag along. Alys agrees to let Hahn accompany them for 100 
Meseta. Although Hahn really can't afford it, he pays anyway. Hahn 
joins your party. Head down the stairs.

     *Battle Arena - Basement*

   Monsters: Xanafalgue, Zoran Bult 

     As you head down the stairs and move south, you'll notice a 
creature (Xanafalgue) dart left. Head left and then up, to get the 
Monomate in the chest. Go back to the main hall and follow it until you 
see a path to your left and a staircase to the right. Head left and 
follow the hall. At the end you'll find a chest filled with 100 Meseta. 
Backtrack, and head down the stairs. Follow the path, and as you do, 
you'll notice a room that branches off the hall with a chest in it. 
Grab the antidote in the chest and head back to the hall. Go down the 
stairs at the end of the hall. You'll enter a room with some monsters 
housed in glass containers. In the back of the room is some green 
creature with red tentacles. Heal any wounded character with Chaz's or 
Hahn's Res technique. Walk in front of the creature and search.

     *Boss Battle - Igglanova*

   Suggested Level: 2

     This boss isn't too tough. Have Alys use her Vortex skill, and 
have Chaz and Hahn attack. After the first round of attacks, you'll 
notice that Igglanova spawns monsters to attack you. Have Alys keep 
using her Vortex skill on Igglanova, and have Chaz and Hahn attack the 
spawned monsters. After five rounds, the monster should be defeated.

     Experience: 173 divided equally among remaining party members 
(rounded down) + (total Xanafalgue killed X 9) = experience received. 
(ie, Igglanova and 4 Xanafalgue killed = 173 + (4 X 9) = 209 total 
experience received. If all three members survive, then each party 
member receives 69 experience points.) 
     Meseta: 54 + (total Xanafalgue killed X 2) = total Meseta.

     After the battle, Alys will comment of Chaz's fighting style, and 
then ask if Hahn knows anything about the monster vials. Chaz thinks 
monsters are being bred in the basement, but Hahn claims he knows 
nothing. He suggests visiting the principal to see if he knows. Chaz 
adds that the principal might know about Professor Holt as well. The 
party agrees to speak to the principal. Head back the way you came and 
travel back to the second floor to speak with the principal.
     The principal plays dumb at first, but after Alys threatens him, 
he talks. He says Professor Holt discovered that Birth Valley was the 
origin of the monster outbreak. Holt reported back to the Academy that 
he had found the remains of and ancient and advanced civilization. The 
investigation team brought back some discovered monster capsules and 
went out exploring again. They haven't been back since. The principal 
then banned entry to Birth Valley and never sent out a rescue team. He 
claims he tried to send out a rescue team, but a mysterious man called 
Zio appeared and told him not to intrude on Birth Valley.  Zio made it 
clear that anyone who was to enter Birth Valley again was to turn to 
stone, and that there was no need to ever go there again. The principal 
had to keep quiet about the whole event or be killed. The group agrees 
to go to Birth Valley to investigate and find Professor Holt. Alys 
charges Hahn 300 Meseta for Chaz and her to help him out. Hahn agrees 
and tells Alys that Birth Valley is to the northeast. 

   ***Town - Piata***

     Leave the Academy and rest at the town inn to regain stats. It 
only costs 15 Meseta. If you'd like, visit the Tool Store to stock up 
on Monomate at 20 Meseta apiece. Leave Piata to the south. You are now 
free to walk about the continent of Motavia.
     Well, you really can't go anywhere you please. Even though it may 
seem early, I suggest leveling up Chaz and Hahn two levels each and try 
to get Alys up one. It'll help soon enough to be at a slightly higher 
level. As you level up, head north, and enter the town of Mile.

   ***Town - Mile***

     Mile is a town of the edge of a sandfield, and it appears as if 
half the town is sand. If your party needs it, there is an inn to the 
right. 30 Meseta to rest. In the center of the town is a Tool Shop.

     Tool Shop:
        Monomate      20
        Antidote      10

     In the back of the town is an Armor/Weapons Shop. The saleman to 
the left sells weapons, the one on the right sells armor.

     Weapon Shop:
        Dagger        40
        Hunt-Knife   120
        Stel-Sword   280
        Boomerang     80
        Slasher      160

     Armor Shop:
        Lthr-Helm     80
        Lthr-Crown    90
        Lthr-Band     70
        LthrShield   140

     Buy a Stel-Sword for Chaz, his attack power will increase 
tremendously. Buy two slashers for Alys. Now she has two weapons that 
do great damage. Give Hahn one of Chaz's old Hunt-Knives to increase 
his attack, but leave him with the shield instead of having two 
weapons. The armor shop sells equipment you already have, so it's 
pointless to buy anything. Leave the town and head east.
     By now, Chaz and Hahn should be at level 5. Now is also a great 
time to set up a powerful macro that will help in Birth Valley. Set it 
up as so:

    Hahn: Wat
    Alys: Foi
    Chaz: Tsu

     This is the Triblaster Combination Attack, and can do a remarkable 
amount of damage.
     Continue heading east/northeast. You'll come upon a town that is 
situated in front of a cave. This is the town of Zema. There's a path 
to the northwest, but the bridge is destroyed, preventing you from 
crossing. To the far south is the town of Molcum. Along the way, you'll 
battle Sand Newts. They're a bit tough, but with your new weapons, 
they'll be easily defeated. They have good esxperience values, so 
battle a few of them to level up. The people of Molcum won't allow you 
in, claiming that Parmanians aren't allowed. (The part is all 
Parmanians, descendants of those who managed to escape Parma before it 
was destoyed. You'll learn more about that later in the game.) Since 
the citizens of Molcum won't let you in, backtrack, to Zema. Save the 
game, and enter the town.

   ***Town - Zema***

     You'll notice that none of the townspeople are moving. Approach 
any one of them, and Chaz will exclaim, "They've been turned into 
stone!" All the shops and houses are boarded up, and the only place to 
go is the cave in the back of the town. 

     *Battle Arena - BirthVally*

   Monsters: Flattrplnt, Xanafalgue, Zoran Bult

     You're now in Birth Valley, the place where Professor Holt entered 
and hasn't returned. Head north, and you'll come to a fork. Go right to 
find a CrbnShield. Give this to Hahn, and replace his LthrShield. Head 
back, take the left path, and when it branches to the right, keep 
heading up tp get the Monomate in the chest. Backtrack, and go right on 
the path. Follow the path to the end and descend the staircase. Hang a 
right at the fork to find a Crbn-Suit. It's up to you on who to give it 
to, anyone can wear it. Since Hahn has low defense, he might be a good 
choice. Backtrack and take the left path. You'll come to a clearing 
where you'll find several people turned to stone. Search the one in the 
back blocking the door. It's Professor Holt, and he's been turned to 
stone. Hahn wants him back to normal, and Alys remembers of a special 
medicine called Alshline that can turn stone back to flesh. She 
remembers hearing about it a long time ago in the Motavian village of 
Molcum, far south of Zema. (Where the residents wouldn't let you in.) 
Alys cons Hahn into paying 500 Meseta to continue the mission. You'll 
appear at the cave entrance. Leave the town. If you need to rest, head 
back to Mile before continuing. Otherwise, cast Res to heal and travel 
south to Molcum.

   ***Town - Molcum***

     Soon as you enter Molcum, you'll notice the guards are gone. As 
you travel further into the town, you'll see that the town has been 
utterly destroyed. Buildings have been burnt to the ground and the 
people are gone. Travel upward and you'll find a robed character with 
blue hair. Talk to him. It's Alys's old friend Rune. Chaz takes an 
immediate disliking to Rune. Rune explains that Zio, the same man who 
visited the principal, destroyed Molcum. Chaz notes that Zio must also 
have turned the people of Zema to stone. Hahn inquires about the 
Alshline, and Rune suggests they visit Tonoe. It's a travel away. Rune 
says to travel east to Krup, then north to a valley that leads to 
Tonoe. Hahn suggests bypassing Krup altogether, obviously hiding 
something. Rune invites himself to join the party. He's a very powerful 
wizard with levels much higher than anyone else. His Hewn skill attacks 
all onscreen enemies, and his Flaeli skill is a powerful fire-based 
attack. His techniques may not seem like much, but they are. Set up one 
of the follwing macros:

Alys - Zan + Rune - Foi = Fire Storm
Alys - Zan + Rune - Wat = Blizzard

When Chaz learns Zan, you can replace Alys with him. Rune starts with 
two non-battle techniques of extreme importance. The first is Hinas, 
and when cast in a cave or maze will return you to the entrance. The 
other technique is Ryuka, which allows you to travel to previously 
visited towns. The only drawback is you can't cast Ryuka in caves or 

     Travel east to Krup. It's not too far away. 

   ***Town - Krup***

     Travel north to find the inn where you can rest for 60 Meseta. 
Head north past the inn to find the Tool Shop.

     Tool Shop:
        Monomate      20
        Antidote      10
        Telepipe     130
        Escapipe      70

     Telepipes are the item version of the technique Ryuka, while 
Escapipes are like Hinas. If you want to, purchase one or both of them, 
and if you're low, buy some Monomates and/or Antidotes. Travel east of 
the Tool Shop to find the Armor Shop.

     Armor Shop:
        Crbn-Helm    200
        Crbn-Crown   150
        Circlet      100
        Crbn-Suit    550
        CrbnShield   220

     Purchase a Crbn-Helm for Chaz, a Crbn-Crown for Alys, and a 
Circlet for Hahn. If you have enough, buy two more Crbn-Suits and give 
those to whoever doesn't have one. 
     This just so happens to be Hahn's hometown. If you enter the 
building behind the Tool Shop, you'll meet his fiancee, Saya. Saya is a 
schoolteacher and does nothing to help the story whatsoever. She's just 
something of interest. (There's something interesting in the romm 
though. Go to the far right and you'll find three bookcases. Between 
two of them is a doorway. Search the bookcases to find shameless plugs 
for other Sega games; Golden Axe, Ecco, and Sonic the Hedgehog.) Leave 
the town and head north/northeast. You'll come across a cave entrance. 
Save and go in. The cave entrance is blocked, but you'll be treated to 
a showing of Rune's magic as he opens up the cave.

     *Battle Arena - ValleyMaze*

   Monsters: Blob, Carrion Cr, Sand Newt

     Follow the cave path and you'll arrive at a fork. Continue 
traveling north to find an antidote. Backtrack and take the left path. 
Follow that path through an opening and keep on that path. You'll see a 
passage leading north, but there is nothing there. Travel on the left 
path through another opening. You'll soon come across yet another fork. 
Take the right path to get 300 Meseta. Backtrack and follow the left 
path through another opening and then to exit. You're now back outside. 
Enter the town of Tonoe.

   ***Town - Tonoe***     

     If you need to rest, sleep at the inn for 60 Meseta. It's located 
just north of the town entrance. As you walk around the town, you won't 
find any Tool, Weapon, or Armor Shops. They exist; they're just not 
easily recognized. On the right of the town are two rows of stall 
vendors. On the top row, second stall from the left is the Weapon Shop. 
The Armor Shop is on the bottom row, third stall. The Tool Shop is on 
the bottom row, fifth stall.

     Weapon Shop:
        Hunt-Knife   120
        TitnDagger   240
        Stel-Sword   280
        Titn-Sword   560
        Slasher      160
        TitnSlashr   360

     Armor Shop:
        Circlet      100
        Titn-Helm    570
        Crbn-Suit    550
        Titn-Mail   1120
        CrbnShield   220
        TitnShield   600

     Tool Shop:
        Monomate      20
        Antidote      10
        Cure-Paral   120
        Telepipe     130
        Escapipe      70

     If you have enough, purchase the following: a TitnDagger for Hahn, 
a Titn-Sword for Chaz, two TitnSlashrs for Alys, a Titn-Helm for Chaz, 
and two Titn-Mails for Alys and Chaz. If you need more Meseta, fight in 
the Valley Maze. It may seem like a lot to purchase, but it's all worth 
it. The next bit can prove challenging.
     Above the stalls, you'll see a building that you can't enter. 
Above that is another building. Enter that one. Inside, you'll find a 
man sitting in a chair and two other standing in the back. Talk to the 
sitting man. He introduces himself as Grandfather Dorin. He'll ask you 
three questions. Reply "No" to the first two, and answer "Yes" to the 
third. Dorin will begin to reveal Alys's measurements, and Alys will 
punch him. He is surprised to see Alys. She threatens to punch him 
again, but Dorin sees Rune and pleads for his help. Alys backs away 
while Rune and Dorin chat. Rune wants an item he intrusted in Dorin's 
care, and informs him that Alys, Chaz, and Hahn are looking for 
Alshline. Dorin tells them that it's in the back of the basement 
warehouse. It's a bit dangerous, so Dorin asks Gryz to help. Gryz is 
the hairy blue Motavian dressed in green robes. Rune leaves with 
Grandfather Dorin. Don't worry; the powerful wizard will make an 
appearance later in the game.
     Talk to Pana (the blue-haired girl in yellow/orange) to learn what 
had happened in Molcum. Granted, it's not necessary, it does help the 
player understand the story a little better.
     Leave the building and head north, to the lone building in the 
back. Enter, and search the basement doors. Chaz can't open the doors, 
but Gryz knows a trick. He manages to get it open. Travel down the 
stairs to find the Alshline.

     *Battle Arena - Basement* 

   Monsters: Blob, Carrion Cr, Toadstool

     Head to the right and then up to find 100 Meseta. Backtrack and 
head left and up to find a Monomate. Return to the front of the 
basement and travel up the center path and go down the stairs. Follow 
the path, and you'll see that the path opens up to the right. Move 
right and search each room branching off the path. You'll find two 
chests for a total of 800 Meseta. Head back down the path to the 
original one, and travel down and follow it to the stairs. Head down 
the stairs and search this floor for two chests, one contains an 
Antidote, the other a Titn-Crown for Alys. Equip it to gain 7 Defense. 
Head to the lower right hand corner of this floor and go down the 
stairs. Follow the path. You'll notice doors, but you cannot open them. 
Continue on the path and you'll end up in that room you couldn't get 
into. Open the chests to obtain an Escapipe, and more importantly, 
Alshline. Gryz decides to stay with the party, being as his family was 
killed in Molcum. Use either the escapipe in the chest or the Hinas 
technique to exit the basement. Rest at the inn if you need to, and 
head back to Zema. Use the Ryuka technique if you'd like, if not, it's 
not too hard to walk back.
     As you enter the town of Zema, the citizens are returned to their 
normal state and the curse is lifted. Professor Holt is returned to 
normal. Holt decides to reopen the expedition and investigate further 
into Birth Valley. He tells Hahn to go back to the Academy in Piata to 
report their findings. Alys and Chaz agree to rest and try to get some 
relaxation. Gryz agrees to stick around. Alys talks about returning to 
Aiedo to the Hunter's Guild, when someone screams. The party rushes 
outside to see an Igglanova blocking the Birth Valley entrance. They 
decide to fight it.

     *Boss Battle - Igglanova*

   Suggested Level: 10

     The monster from the Academy basement is back again. It's pretty 
simple this time; it carries the same stats. Have everyone attack 
except for Alys. Have her use Vortex. It should be over before you know 

     Experience: 173 divided equally among remaining party members 
(rounded down) + (total Xanafalgue killed X 9) = experience received. 
(ie, Igglanova and 4 Xanafalgue killed = 173 + (4 X 9) = 209 total 
experience received. If all three members survive, then each party 
member receives 69 experience points.) 
     Meseta: 54 + (total Xanafalgue killed X 2) = total Meseta.

     After the battle, Chaz will ask about his swing, and Alys will 
tell him it's getting better. A citizen says the monster has been 
brought about by a curse due to the opening of Birth Valley. Whatever 
it may be, the party decides to venture further, to get Professor Holt 
as well. Alys makes Hahn pay an additional 1000 Meseta for her 
     Now that the curse has been lifted from the town, the shops are 
all open. If you need to rest, you can stay at the inn for 80 Meseta. 
To the left of the inn is the Weapon and Armor Shop. The salewoman on 
the left sells weapons, while the saleswoman on the right sells armor.

     Weapon Shop:
        Hunt-Knife   120
        Stel-Sword   280
        Slasher      160
        Broad-Axe   1000

     Armor Shop:
        Circlet      100
        Crbn-Suit    550
        Grpt-Suit   1200
        CrbnShield   220
        GrptShield   900

     Purchase a Broad-Axe for Gryz and a Grpt-Suit and GrptShield for 
Hahn. His defense has always been low, and this will definitely help.
     There is a Tool Shop here as well. Purchase whatever you may need.

     Tool Shop:
        Monomate      20
        Antidote      10
        Cure-Paral   120
        Telepipe     130
        Escapipe      70

     Enter the cave in the back of Zema and navigate your way back to 
where you found Professor Holt encased in stone. You'll see two people 
lying on the ground. Holt is not here, so you can open the door he once 

     *Battle Arena - Bio-Plant*

   Monsters: Arm Drone, Flattrplnt, Gicefalgue, Guilgenova, Ismounos, 
Neowhistle, Sensor Bit

     As you travel through the plant, a red right will flash. Chaz and 
Hahn immediately think they're going to die, but Alys calms them down. 
Follow the dotted line through the open doorway. Go through the door in 
this small room. (Press Button C to open the closed door.) Follow the 
dotted line until you come to a fork. Take the right path to obtain a 
Cure-Paral. Go back to the fork, and follow the dotted line downward. 
You'll come another fork. Go through the left door and follow the path 
to find a Grpt-Crown for Alys. Equip it and go back to the fork. You 
can continue traveling on the left folk, but you'll come to a dead end. 
At the fork, take the right door. Travel this path to the end. You'll 
see some monsters in capsules, but nothing else of interest. At the 
fork, take the right path and go through the door. Head straight down 
to find a Crmc-Sword for Chaz. Head left and follow the path. Pick up 
the Antidote along the way and go through the door to the south. Follow 
the path and go through the only door in the room. Take either path, 
they'll both lead you to the same place. Talk to Professor Holt.
     Hahn is surprised to see the Professor safe. Alys is surprised as 
well, wondering how Holt was able to survive the monster attacks. He 
explains that someone came to his rescue. She introduces herself as 
Rika. She explains that this is the Bio-Plant, a research facility for 
bioengineering created by a thousand year old civilization. Hahn is 
taken aback that this is from an ancient advanced civilization. It's 
still fully functional, and as Rika notes, is not the only one. These 
systems control the planet's climate, soil, and ecology. They also 
helped to keep the Motavians alive after the "Great Collapse." Even 
though the system is operational, it can barely maintain the minimal 
conditions for existence, hence the recent outbreak of monsters. The 
system is slowly spiralling toward chaos. Rika suggests talking to Seed 
for more information. Seed is the control computer for the Bio-Plant. 
The system is continuously breeding harmful monsters, and Seed cannot 
control it. If all the system ran without being fixed, the planet would 
have abnormal climate changes and violent changes in the planet's 
surface. In essense, Motavia would be destroyed. Alys suggesrs shutting 
down the system, but Hahn informs her that it will create more 
problems. Homeostasis would not be maintained. Rika tells the group 
that all they have to do is shut down Nurvus, which supplies energy to 
each system, and that will shut them all down. Seed asks that they 
rescue the control android Demi, for she is the only one who can shut 
down Nurvus. However, Zio is holding Demi hostage. Rika tells them that 
Demi can be found in Zio's Fort, which is beyond the quicksand of Mile. 
Alys agrees to rescue Demi and save the planet. Seed asks that the 
party take Rika with them. Rika is Seed's "child," an artificial life 
form from a thousand years of improvement of genetic information from a 
prototype prior to the "Great Collapse." They get ready to go, and Holt 
returns to the Academy. AS they leave, Seed decides that there's 
nothing else it can do, now that it's sent the intelligent life form 
out unto the world. The control computer decides to self-destruct. Rika 
is saddened, but now she has seen the outdoors for the first time and 
must carry out the will of seed.
     Head northwest of Zema to the bridge that was once collapsed. 
You'll notice that it is now repaired. Cross the bridge and head north 
to the town of Nalya. 

   ***Town - Nalya***

     If you need to rest, it costs 125 Meseta. There are no shops here; 
the town has lost several buildings to the wreckage that fell from the 
sky. A citizen will inform you that three months ago a meteorite fell 
just outside the city a ruined a good portion of it. Save your game and 
leave the town.

     You'll notice that Rika starts out at level 1. I suggest battling 
in the area around Nalya to gain her a few levels quickly. To the 
northwest of the town is the wreckage from the meteorite that the 
townspeople spoke of. Enter to gain levels, Meseta, and to discover the 
mystery of the wreckage.

     *Battle Arena - Wreckage*

   Monsters: Tracer, Warren286, Whistle

     The wreckage is easily navigable, dead ends block your path at 
every fork, and so it's pretty easy to find your way. When you make 
your way to an opening/door, you'll notice a path leading to the right. 
Go down there first and into a room to obtain a CrmcShield and 1500 
Meseta. Unfortunately, this is one shield that Hahn cannot equip. Head 
back through the door, return to the first door, and go through. Follow 
the dotted line until the hall branches to the left, and make that 
left. Pick up the Dimate along the way, and follow the path through the 
door. Keep to the path until you reach the chest with a Crmc-Knife 
inside. Give that to Hahn and travel to the right as far as you can and 
go staight north and through the open door. Get the Crmc-Mail inside. 
Go back through the door and make your way to the northwest corner of 
the room and go through the door there. Follow the dotted line through 
the open passage. Follow the catwalk to the end and go through the open 
door. Follow the dotted line, go through the passage, and examine the 
control panel on the command deck.
     Rika examines the computer and cracks the security code. The 
comupter memory is hacked into, and the party learns that the wreckage 
is from the spaceship that escaped from Parma a thousand years ago. 
Rika explains a bit of the history of Parma, saying that Parma was 
destoyed when an artificial satellite crashed into it. What remains of 
Parma today is an asteroid belt. Just before the planet was destroyed, 
several people managed to escape in spaceships. The spaceship the party 
is examining was damaged in space and became trapped in orbit around 
Motavia. The ship floated around the planet until all the people aboard 
died, while the computer maintained itself with its self-repairing 
mechanisms. The ship eventually fell out of orbit and crashed just 
outside of Nalya. This was not the only ship that escaped Parma, so all 
the Parmanians did not perish. Other ships managed to escape 
successfully and land on either Motavia or Dezolis, and some even went 
out of the Algo solar syatem. Rika says some tens of ships managed to 
escape. The story ends and the party is left to continue. There's 
nothing else here, so either travel back or cast Hinas. Nalya is a 
waste of a town; so travel east to find Alys and Chaz's hometown, 

   ***Town - Aiedo***

     Aiedo is fairly large, so feel free to explore, you'll find a Tool 
Shop, a Weapons Shop, and an Armor Shop directly north of the entrance. 
The shops sell mediocre equipment, but there is another Weapons/Armor 
shop further north.

     Tool Shop:
        Monomate      20
        Dimate       160
        Telepipe     130
        Escapipe      70
        Antidote      10
        Cure-Paral   120

     Weapon Shop (decent):
        Dagger        40
        Stel-Sword   280
        Boomerang     80
        Hunt-Knife   120
        Slasher      160
        Claw        1000
        TitnDagger   240
        Titn-Sword   560
        TitnSlashr   360
        Titn-Axe     640
        Broad-Axe   1000

     Armor-Shop (decent):
        Lthr-Helm     80
        Lthr-Crown    90
        Lthr-Band     70
        Lthr-Cloth   160
        LthrShield   140
        Crbn-Helm    200
        Crbn-Crown   150
        Circlet      100
        Crbn-Suit    550
        CrbnShield   220
        Titn-Helm    570
        Titn-Crown   490 
        Titn-Mail   1120
        TitnShield   600

     Weapon Shop (good):
        Crmc-Knife  1600
        Crmc-Sword  3600
        Saber-Claw  1700
        Struggl-Ax  4600

     Armor Shop (good):
        Grpt-Crown  1000
        Crmc-Helm   1800
        Grpt-Suit   1200
        Crmc-Mail   3700
        CrptShield   900
        CrmcShield  2300  

     Purchase a Struggl-Ax for Gryz, two Saber-Claws for Rika, two 
Crmc-Helms for Gryz and Chaz, and if you can, three pairs of Crmc-Mail 
for the members who need it. (You should have picked one up earlier in 
the Wreckage, saving you an easy 3700 Meseta. It's waste to spend so 
much on armor, so if you missed it, go back to the Wreakage for that 
fourth suit of Crmc-Mail.) If you can't afford it, battle some monsters 
outside of Aiedo. 

     An inn is located in the same building as the mediocre equipment. 
You can rest at the inn for 250 Meseta, but why spend that money when 
you can sleep at Alys's house for free? Travel as far left as you can 
and then as far north. Alys's house is somewhat sheltered by walls on 
three sides. (There are four jugs or canisters outside her house if 
that helps any.) Just go into the house and she'll suggest the party 
rest. It's free, it saves you Meseta, and you'll find yourself doing it 
     The building behind the good Weapon/Armor shop is the Hunter's 
Guild. Here you can undertake certain tasks to gain Meseta. There are 
eight in total, and not all of them will be available right away. If 
you think you're up to it, talk to the woman behind the counter to try 
the first task. (See the section on the Hunter's Guild for more 
information on the offered jobs.) Go as far right in the guild as you 
can and go through the open doorway. In this room, get close to the 
soldier to see a dancing show. Go as far left in the room as you can. 
Look where the stone wall is open, right near the stage, and go through 
it. You're in the dancers's dressing room. Keep moving left, through a 
similar opening in the wall. Keep holding left. You're behind the woman 
at the counter, but just keep pressing left. You'll see three chests, 
one of which has been opened. Still, it's not a bad treasure - 1000 
Meseta and a Trimate. 
     There is a "hidden" building in this town. When you enter, head 
left instead of north. Follow the outer wall all the way around to the 
upper left to find a bakery. In the basement is a shopkeeper.

        Shortcake    280

     Shortcake will come in handy later on one of the Hunter's Guild 
missions. (See that section of this guide for more info.)

   ***Note - At this time, it would be a good idea to do the Ranch 
Owner Mission at the Hunter's Guild. See that section for more info.***

     Head back the way you came and leave the town. Save your game and 
go into the cave shielded by trees just north of Aiedo.

     *Battle Arena - Passageway*

   Monsters: Meta Slug, Speard, Zol Slug

     This is the cave that will lead you to Zio's fort. They enemies in 
here aren't too hard, but watch out for the Zol Slugs. If two of them 
are left alone, they will combine and form a more powerful Meta Slug. 
They are worth a good deal of experience, so I suggest fighting in the 
Passageway for a while to gain levels and Meseta.
     Follow the cave path until it branches to the south. Pick up the 
Dimate in the branch. Get back on the path and keep traveling left. 
Keep on the path. You'll see it branch to the right, that's a dead end. 
Just a bit further down, the path will branch. Take the right path to 
get a Cure-Paral. Head back and take the left path. Follow the path 
until it forks and take the left fork. As before, the right fork 
happens to be a dead end. Keep to the path and you'll be led outside. 
     Out here, the enemies aren't too hard, the only new enemy is the 
Tech User, who casts Foi, Wat, and if anyone in his party are injured, 
Res. To the southeast of the cave exit is the town of Kadary. 

   ***Town - Kadary***

     Enter the town, rest, and stock up on items. The inn is the first 
building you see in the lower right; it costs 200 Meseta to rest. The 
Tool Shop is the building in the lower left.

     Tool Shop:
        Monomate      20
        Dimate       160
        Antidote      10
        Cure-Paral   120
        Telepipe     130
        Escapipe      70

     Walk around the town and talk to some of the citizens. You'll 
learn that Zio came around this area and started preaching his ideas. A 
church was built for him, and they have begun to worship him. Talk to 
some of the priests in the church to see how crazy they are. Speak to 
the high priest in the back of the church to watch him fall. Oh well. 
Like Aiedo, there are "hidden" buildings. Upon entering the town, stick 
to the outer right wall to find the buildings. The left building is an 
inn/brothel, and the woman upstairs will give you "great service." The 
right building houses a chest. Open it to find a LasrSlashr for Alys. 
Her attack will now increase, and it's about time. There's not much 
here, so leave the town. Save your game and level up your characters. 
The next area is Zio's Fort, and the enemies in there can be pretty 
tough. When you think you're ready, travel south/southeast of Kadary to 
find Zio's Fort.

     *Battle Arena - Zio's Fort*

   Monsters: Ripper, ShadowSabr, Speard, Tech User 

     When you enter Zio's Fort, you'll see a staircase surrounded by 
blue tile floors. If you try to enter the enclosed area, a yellow force 
field will appear, preventing you from passing. (Chaz calls this an 
"Invisible Barrier;" clearly there are yellow beams preventing 
passage.) Head to the bacl of the rooms and go through the doorway. 
Take the left stairs. (The stairs on the right lead to a dead end.) 
You'll soon come to a fork where you can either go northwest or south. 
Go northwest to find a staircase that leads to 2000 Meseta. Go south to 
continue through the fort. As you travel, you'll come across a 
staircase with a black void right near it. Go into that void. You'll 
fall a level and land in a small room with a treasure chest. Get the 
Moon-Dew and exit to the left. You're now back outside Zio's Fort. Go 
back in and navigate back to where you once were. This time, go up the 
stairs. Once in this room, head right through an almost hidden door. 
Travel across the bridge to a room with a Lasr-Sword for Chaz. This is 
a very powerful weapon for this stage of the game, so equip it 
immediately. Backtrack across the bridge and go back down the stairs. 
Head to the right. There is a path to the south, but there is nothing 
down there. You'll soon come to a very familiar looking staircase and 
void. Go into this void to obtain a LasrBarrir (a better shield) for 
Hahn. Exit the room to the right. Again, you're outside Zio's Fort. 
This is for the last time (unless you purposely leave.) Reenter the 
fort and make your way back to the second staircase and hole. Don't go 
up the stairs quite yet. Head south to find a Dimate. Now you can go up 
the stairs by the void. Head to the left to find yet another almost 
hidden passage. You'll cross a second bridge and find yourself in a 
small clearing. Get the Lasr-Claw in the chest. Give it to Rika and 
head into the open area to the left. Head up and you'll see a standing 
man. Talk to him. He'll announce himself as Juza and claim that you'll 
never get to Zio unless you defeat him. A battle will begin.

     *Boss Battle - Juza*

   Suggested Level: 16

     Juza possesses an attack (ForceFlash) that can hit everyone. To 
defend this, I suggest the following Macro to start:

     Rika: Deban
     Alys: Saner
     Hahn: Vision
     Chaz: Crosscut
     Gryz: Attack

     This will give your characters a greater defense and a better 
chance of avoiding attacks. You'll also get two hits on Juza. For the 
following rounds, heal as necessary and try to use Alys's Vortex, 
Rika's DblSlash, and Chaz's Crosscut. Gryz really has nothing other 
than attack (War Cry does exist, but doesn't help much, in my opinion.) 
Hahn is a mixed bag. GiWat will defintely help (if he's level 16), but 
you might have him healing the party members instead. It's up to you on 
what you want Hahn to do. Rika will probably end up healing the 
characters as well. When Chaz runs out of Crosscut (which he will) have 
him use the Tsu technique. In the end, Juza will die.

     Experience: 5150 divided equally among remaining party members 
(rounded down) If all five party members survive, each member will 
receive 1030 experience points.
     Meseta: 800 

     After winning the battle, a staircase will appear to the left. Go 
up the stairs. Head to the bottom of the room and go up into the 
enclosement and go up those stairs. Unequip both Alys and Hahn (trust 
me) and head up the path. You'll see a character chained to the wall. 
Approach her and a scene will begin.
     Alys will get the chained character free and she'll identify 
herself as Demi. She'll thank you and heal you. (Bringing back dead 
characters.) She is the one in charge of Nurvus, and has tried to fix 
the system, but to no avail. As she explains this, Zio appears. He is, 
for lack of better words, very evil, and is careless about destroying 
Motavia. He doesn't mind that people are dying. Chaz wants to fight 
him, but Alys tries to reason with Zio, claiming that Motavia will 
become inhabitable if the systems are not fixed, that Demi must fix 
them. Zio thinks it wonderful for the planet to die off. His desire is 
ultimate destruction. His god will not tolerate any life forms in the 
Algo system, that everything must be wiped out, and Zio will do it. He 
decides that he will kill off Alys and her company, and calls on his 
god "Dark Force for assistance in battle.

     *Boss Battle - Zio*

   Suggested Level: 16/17

     At the start of the battle, Zio will cast a Mag.Barrir (Magic 
Barrier) upon himself. As you'll soon realize, the barrier prevents 
your attacks from hitting Zio. Keep attacking him anyway. After two 
rounds of missed attacks, Zio will summon "Nightmare." Keep attacking. 
The next round, Nightmare will cast Black Wave at Chaz. Chaz panics and 
Alys jumps in front of him. Rika suggests that the party retreat (and 
they somehow manage to get all the way to Krup - Hahn's hometown.) 

   Note: If you never talked to Saya (Hahn's fiancee) when you first 
visited Krup, she'll make an appearance as you enter to get Alys to a 
bed. Hahn will snap at her that now's not a good time to chat, and they 
all rush to the inn.

     Alys is bedridden and nothing seems to be helping her, as if she's 
possessed by some evil power. Shutting down Nurvus isn't going to help 
her. Instead, Alys wants Zio gone. He built his fort on top of Nurvus, 
but there is a magical barrier preventing entrance. Alys struggles to 
speak, and asks that the group go and find Rune, and that he should be 
able to help. (The barrier is magical, Rune can use use magic, Rune 
should know how to get past it.) Gryz notes that if Rune went traveling 
with Grandfather Dorin, then Rune should be at the Ladea Tower, as 
Dorin had mentioned going there to open the gates. However, the tower 
lies to the east beyond the quicksand. Demi suggests that they use the 
Land Rover, an all-purpose armor-plated car of an ancient civilization, 
as it can cross the quicksand. She says that there is a Machine Center 
to the south that should have one. Chaz tells Hahn to stay and help 
Alys. Hahn agrees.
     Demi really never healed the party when she said she did, so I 
suggest sleeping at the inn. You're already at the inn, rest for 60 
Meseta. Save the game, leave Krup, and head south/southeast.
     You should come across a peninsula with trees and in the center, a 
circle of sand. You know you're in the right spot when the screen pans 
down and the circle of sand parts and a structre rises from the ground. 
Demi intructs you to enter, so do so. This is the Machine Center. Open 
the door and you'll come upon a larger room. To the left is a chest, 
get the ControlKey from it. If you don't get the key, you can't 
"initialize the machine." To the right is a pad, when stepped on, will 
heal your characters and bring them back to fighting ability. (Restore 
near death.) Follow the dotted line downward and as you enter the next 
room, Rika will start talking about the site and how it's independent 
from Seed and Nurvus. Demi will go to the controls. She'll also talk 
about how Zio captured her while she was trying to fix the machines. 
Defeating Zio will not solve the problem, she says, and that the real 
cause of the problem is that Zelan has been issuing abnormal commands. 
Zelan is the central control for the Algo solar system's environmental 
maintenance systems. It's an orbiting station on the other side of 
Motavia. The party decides to defeat Zio first, then worry about fixing 
the systems. Demi works the controls and the ground moves to show the 
Land Rover, the all-terrain vehicle. The party goes outside and are in 
the Land Rover. It controls just like the party does. Pressing any 
button will make you leave the Land Rover. To get back into the Land 
Rover, select it from your Item menu.
     Travel up, then right. Navigate your way east, then northeast, and 
then north. You'll come across quicksand, which you cannot cross by 
foot. The Land Rover can easily cross. After you cross, head north to 
the town of Monsen.

   ***Town - Monsen***

     You shouldn't need to have to rest, but if you feel you need to, 
the inn is located directly north of the entrance, and will cost 180 
Meseta for your party to rest there. There is a Tool Shop here, and 
they have all the basics.

     Tool Shop:
        Monomate      20
        Dimate       160
        Antidote      10
        Cure-Paral   120
        Telepipe     130
        Escapipe      70

     Purchase whatever you may need (healing items and such) and talk 
to the easternmost person in the town. (The person is dressed in blue 
and white.) She'll say that there have been many earthquakes 
recently... and one occurs right then and there. Gryz panics and the 
party surrounds him. (Gryz, as he'll later say, is afraid of 
earthquakes.) Chaz notes that the earthquakes are happening so often 
and are becoming a real problem. Demi claims that the Plate System is 
the cause of all this. It's located north of Monsen and it controls the 
tectonic plates of Motavia's surface. The system is most likely 
malfunctioning. Gryz wants it shut down. The townspeople start coming 
over and are thrilled that the group is going to shut down the Plate 
System. The townspeople depart. Head to the right to leave the town. 

   Note: While it is possible to shut down the Plate System now, I 
suggest waiting a little longer to do so. The enemies there are bit 
tougher than what you're used to, and you're going to get some help 
real soon.

     Instead of heading off to the Plate System, hop in the Land Rover 
and travel east until you hit mountains, then head south (over the 
quicksand) to the town of Termi.

   ***Town - Termi***

     You shouldn't need to, but if you have to rest, it costs 200 
Meseta. In the upper right of the town is an armor shop, and in the way 
back of the town is a "Bayamare Gift Store."

     Armor Shop:
        Psy-Crown   2800
        Psy-Circlt  1200
        Psy-Mail    7400
        Psy-Shield  4600

     Bayamare Gift Store:
        Alis-Sword   500
        Perolymate    40
        Pennant      600
        WoodCarvin  3000

     Purchase a Psy-Crown for Rika, and three suits of Psy-Mail (for 
Gryz, Rika, and Chaz.) Equip it all and leave Termi. Head to the 
south/southeast part of this peninsula. You'll come across a building 
that reaches up into the sky. This is the Ladea Tower, where Gryz said 
Rune would be. Enter the tower.

     *Battle Arena - LadeaTower*

   Monsters: Centaur, FlyScreamr, Haunt, Ripper, ShadowSabr 

     Head up and ascend the stairs. Go left and up into the first 
passage you see (not far from where you started) to get a Dimate. Go 
back down and keep traveling left. Keep to the path. It'll turn upwards 
and branch to the left. Take that branch and follow the path. You'll 
come across a staircase. Go up the stairs to find a Star-Dew. Go back 
down the stairs and head back to where you started on this floor. Don't 
go back to the first floor, but head right this time. Keep to the path. 
It'll turn upwards and branch to the right. Head right, stick to the 
path, and go up the staircase. Move to the right to find Rune.
     Rune will crack some jokes about Chaz, but when he realizes 
something is seriously wrong, he stops. He feels bad about what's 
happened to Alys, but says they must press on. He notes that only the 
Psycho-Wand can break the magic barrier in Zio's Fort. Rune says that 
when the party obtains the Psycho-Wand at the top of the Ladea Tower, 
he'll be more than willing to lend a helping hand. He joins your party. 
Now that you have him, I suggest heading back to Monsen and stopping 
the earthquakes before getting the Psycho-Wand. Hinas out of the tower 
and head to Monsen. (Ryuka will make that trip easier.)

   Note: Depending on how much you leveled up your characters, Rune's 
level when you find him will vary. When you find him in Monsen, he's 
level 17, and under normal circumstances he won't gain a level on the 
way to Tonoe. (Unless you really wanted him to.) If you gain Rune to 
level 20, that's what his level will be when you find him in the Ladea 
Tower. If you don't level up Rune when you find him for the first time, 
he can be at a higher level than normal if your characters are. 
Confusing, I know. I'll try to explain. In one of my games I had Rune 
stay at level 17. I had other characters gain up in levels far more 
than normal. (I had Hahn up to level 40 going into Zio's Tower.) When I 
met up with Rune, he was at level 42!!! Now, there must be some 
correlation between character levels and Rune's level, but as of yet, I 
haven't figured out the exact ratio or relation. 

     Rest in Monsen if you need to (225 Meseta). Save the game and head 
to the Plate System, which is north/northeast of the town. Having Rune 
in your party will make this task a lot easier.

     *Battle Arena - PlateSystm*

   Monsters: Gunner Bit, Loader, Seeker, Slave, Worker Pod

     Enter and move to the right to pick up a Repair-Kit. Head to the 
left, follow the dotted line, and go through the door. Go to the left 
and up the passage. At the end you'll come to an open room with two 
paths; one to the left and one to the right. To the north is nothing. 
Take the right path to find two chests: Crmc-Armor and Titn-Gear, both 
are for Demi. Head back to the room and take the left path. The path 
will fork to the north and south. There is nothing to the south, so go 
north. Follow the path to a door, open it, and follow the dotted line 
to the fork. There is nothing to the right, so head left. You'll come 
across a path leading north, there's nothing there. You'll see a path 
going south; take that one. Head all the way down the path. Don't worry 
about the path leading to the right, you'll come back to that later. 
Keep heading south. You'll come across a door, go through it, and head 
up the path to your left and follow it as it turns right to find a 
chest containing Demi's most powerful Skill. As you open the chest, 
Chaz will note that there's some weird machines in the chest. Demi says 
that they are spare parts for androids, and more specifically, internal 
weapon units. They are in working order, they will fit, and Demi 
installs them right then and there. She asks that the party turn their 
backs for a sec, the screen goes black, machine noises sound, and the 
light returns. She has successfully installed her weapon - the 
Phononmezer. (This skill will show up under the name Phonon.) Backtrack 
and head to where you saw the passage to the right.
     Travel right. You'll see two passages, separated by a "block" of 
wall. There's nothing down there, it's only to trick you and waste 
time. You'll come to a fork at the end of the path; to the north is a 
dead end, to the south, a door. Go through the door and follow the path 
through all its turns. You'll come to a room with three chests and a 
door. You'll find a Lasr-Axe for Gryz, a Lasr-Knife for Chaz (which you 
don't need to equip, it's not better than the Lasr-Sword), and a 
LasrBarrir, in case you lost the first one. At the very bottom left of 
the room is a door, go through it to find the control room of the 
PlateSystm. Head to the very right to find a Stun-Shot weapon for Demi, 
which you should immediately equip. You'll see a pulsing yellow light 
on the floor, follow it to the computer controls. Search the computers, 
the party will separate, and Demi will begin her work. She will power 
down the system and as Gryz happily notes, there will be no more 
earthquakes. Demi claims this will not solve the problem; the 
abnormalities will not end unless the part shuts down Nurvus and maybe 
even Zelan. First, the party must get to and defeat Zio. The party then 
regroups. Either travel back or use the Hinas technique to leave. 

     If you'd like, you may visit Monsen to see all the townspeople 
rejoice. You don't gain any Meseta for stopping the earthquake, just 
some experience, some good equipment, and the best Skill for Demi. I 
think it's well worth it. Rest up and head back to the Ladea Tower. 
(Near Termi.) The Psycho-Wand lies at the top, and you need it to 
defeat Zio.

     Once in the tower, head back up to where you found Rune. (If you 
forget how, look back in this walkthrough.) Continue heading up the 
tower and keep to the path. You'll come to a staircase. Pass it and 
keep heading left to get an Escapipe. Back up and go up the staircase. 
Head straight down and make the right. Follow the path and you'll find 
a staircase.  Go up the stairs and head left. Get the FradeMantl in the 
center of the room. Have Rune equip it and head left and go down the 
stairs. Once in this room, head up and follow the path to find a Moon-
Dew and 1000 Meseta. Go back up the stair, move to the center of the 
room, and head south to the staircase there. Travel up the stairs and 
you'll enter a large room. Move straight up and you'll see a glowing 
crystal surrounding a chest. Once you get close enough, Rune will break 
the glowing crystal and a monster will appear. It claims that Zio will 
not let them have the Psycho-Wand. The party fights a bit, and a battle 
ensues with the beast.

     *Boss Battle - Gy-Laguiah*

   Suggested Level: 19

     This boss may be a bit tricky. While its FireBreath attack won't 
do much damage, its normal attack will. I suggest the following Macro 
right from the start:

   Rika: Deban
   Demi: Phonon
   Gryz: Attack
   Rune: GiWat
   Chaz: Crosscut

     This will give you a greater defense right from the start, and get 
a good amount of damage on him. Have Rika serve as medic for this 
battle, and when Demi runs out of Phonon, have her attack. Watch 
everyone's HP levels, and after a moderate amount of rounds, the battle 
will be over.

     Experience: 10000 divided equally among remaining party members 
(rounded down) If all five party members survive, each member will 
receive 2000 experience points.
     Meseta: 1224

     After the battle, you are free to open the chest, so do so. You 
will have received the Psyco-Wand (Psycho-Wand.)

   ***Note - the Psycho-Wand can be equipped as a weapon (+9 Attack +4 

     After the Psycho-Wand has been obtained, a familiar comic book 
style scene will start. Gryz notes that as long as they have the 
Psycho-Wand, there's no need to fear Zio. Demi asks if anything is 
wrong, as Rune and Rika feel something terrible is going on. Rune says 
they have to return to Krup right away. The party then leaves and 
returns to Alys's bedside.
     The following events are almost impossible to describe, and must 
be experienced. I could put it to words, but it's something that must 
be seen in the game to understand it all. It's not that I'm lazy with 
this guide, I just feel it's better left to be experienced.

     After the comic book style sequence has been played out, Hahn 
decides to return to the Academy, and Saya to the school. Once they 
leave, exit the town and head toward Mile.
     You'll notice that your party is at full health, so there's no 
need to rest. Instead, save your game, hop in the Land Rover, cross the 
Mile quicksand, and enter Zio's Fort.
     Walk straight up tp where the magical barrier is. You'll see the 
four yellow lines. Search them. Rune approaches the barrier and removes 
it. Demi says that underneath Zio's fort is Nurvus - the center of the 
entire control system. Chaz wants to fight Zio, but the party is more 
interested in shutting down Nurvus. Head down the stairs to enter 

     *Battle Arena - Nurvus*

   Monsters: Balduel, Blauzen, FloatMine, Generis, Tarantella, Tower, 
Zios Guard

     Walk straight up and through the open door. Follow the dotted 
yellow line to a computer terminal. If you search it, Demi will tell 
you that she can't shut Nurvus down from here, she must get to the 
nucleus. Make a left, go through the open passage, and follow the 
corridor to the end to get Wave-Shot, a weapon for Demi. Go back to 
where the computer terminal was and take the right fork. Go through the 
open door. Follow the dotted yellow path until it stops and a second 
one begins (you'll see what I mean.) Don't take the left path here, 
it's just a dead end. Instead, follow the second yellow line and open 
the door at the end. Follow this path until you reach a fork. Take the 
south path to find a Repair-Kit. Head back and take the north path. Go 
through the door. In this room you'll notice a door to your left. Go 
through it, follow the path all the way to find Crmc-Gear of Demi. 
Backtrack to the double doors and head south. You'll see a door to your 
left and chest nearby that you can't get yet. Go through the door and 
follow the dotted line through and open passage. Travel across the 
bridge into another room, follow the dotted line and head as far north 
as you can. Open the door at the extreme north. In this room you'll see 
a door to your right and a path to the south. Take the path first. 
It'll branch to the left - take the branch to find SpaceDarmr for Demi. 
Go back to the double doors and take thr right door. Follow the path 
through and opening and then follow it all the way south. You'll see an 
"island" in the middle of the path. It just leads further into Nurvus. 
Don't go there yet, take the left passage first. Cross the bridge and 
enter a room where you'll find the chest you couldn't get to yet - a 
Plsm-Claw for Rika. Equip it and have it take the place of her Saber-
Claw. Travel back across the bridge and go through the door on the 
"island." Follow the dotted line to an open doorway. 
     Now you have to ask yourself, "Is my party strong enough?" If the 
answer is yes, travel north. If not, turn around and have everyone gain 
a few levels. 
     If you answered yes, travel north. As you head north, you'll see a 
shadowy figure appear - Zio. He claims that one step further is the 
road to your death. He won't let you escape. He asks for power in 
battle, and then one ensues.

     *Boss Battle - Zio*

   Suggested level: 23

     Zio is the toughtest boss you have faced so far. The first thing 
he does in battle is create a magical barrier around him. Any attacks, 
whether they are physical or magical will do 1 point of damage to him.
If you use the Psycho-Wand in battle, the barrier will be nullified and 
all attacks will do normal damage. I suggest the following macro:

   Gryz: Psycho-Wand
   Rika: Deban
   Demi: Barrier
   Chaz: Crosscut
   Rune: GiGra

     This will neutralize his barrier, give your party added defense, 
and do some damage to Zio. After you do this, I suggest the following 
macro for rounds 2 and beyond:

   Rika: DblSlash
   Demi: Phonon/Attack
   Gryz: Attack
   Chaz: Crosscut
   Rune: GiGra/NaFoi (depending on level)

     Demi won't have many Phonon attacks, so after she runs out of 
them, have her attack. 

     Zio has several attacks, including Hewn, Corrosion, a normal 
attack, and the deadly Black Wave. If you don't have Rika healing your 
characters throughout the battle, the Black Wave can easily take out a 

     Experience: 25999 divided equally among remaining party members 
(rounded down) If all five party members survive, each member will 
receive 5199 experience points.
     Meseta: 1

     After the battle, Zio is surprised to see what is happening, as he 
thought he was immortal. He asks his "God" why He has abandoned Zio, 
then he promptly dies. The party is overjoyed that they have defeated 
Zio. Demi says she's going to connect herself directly to Nuruvs's 
system and crack its security. She leaves the party to help the planet. 
She says there won't be anymore disasters on Motavia, but the entire 
planet will become barren if all the systems are shut down. They need 
to be fixed. Rika notes they must go to Zelan, since it is sending 
abnormal signals. As Zelan is located in outer space, an emergency 
shuttle has been prepared for use. Demi must stay and fix the system. 
She sayss that on Zelan, the party should find Wren, her master. The 
party leaves Demi to do her work. The ground opens up near what was 
Zio's Fort, and a Spaceport appears. Gryz apologizes, but says he can't 
leaver his sister. The party has now dwindled to three members. Enter 
the Spaceport, step on either of the pulsating floor tiles to regain 
your stats (as an inn) and go through the door in the rear of the room. 
The spaceship's Nav computer will ask where you want to go. Your only 
option is Zelan, so press either Button A or C. The spaceship takes off 
and docks at the satellite Zelan.

   *Satellite - Zelan*

     The are no monsters on the satellite Zelan, so there's nothing to 
fear. Travel as far north as you can go, and open the door at the end 
of the path. Here, you have three paths to pick from. Take the left one 
to find a Plsm-Sword for Chaz, a Plsm-Claw for Rika, and a PlsmDagger. 
(Since Chaz is better off with the Plsm-Sword, you can sell the 
PlsmDagger for some extra Meseta.) Go back to the center of the room. 
Take the right path to find a Plsm-Field (a shield), a Pulse-Lasr (a 
weaker gun weapon that hits all targets on screen), and a Canceller. 
(The Canceller allows you to continue with the game. If you want, don't 
pick it up. It doesn't hurt your game. You'll see why you have to pick 
it up.) Go back to the center of the room. Take the north path to find 
Wren. Talk to him. He'll start out by telling you that Zelan has 
complete control over all the environmental systems for all of the Algo 
Solar System, for which he manages it all. Wren finally gets to meet 
Rika, and also meets the quarreling Chaz and Rune. Rika tells the 
android that Demi told them to come here to solve the problem. However, 
as Wren notes, the problem is not originating from Zelan, as it is 
losing power. It is in fact coming from the artificial satellite Kuran, 
which was designed to be a support satellite, but now somebody has 
taken control of Kuran and usurped Zelan's control. After figuring out 
that Zelan's communication systems were out, the group decides to go to 
Kuran to investigate. Wren tags along (and is well worth it) to fix the 
systems at Kuran, since he can't do it from Zelan. Leave Zelan the way 
you came in. You'll board the spaceship and travel to Kuran.

     As you take off, you'll notice the spaceship doesn't sound right; 
a scratching or a hissing is being emitted. Something is wrong on the 
ship, and the sensors will alert. Wren notes that there is an 
unidentified energy reaction coming from the engine room. As the party 
inspects the engine room, they spot a ChaosSorcr. He is startled, then 
says it doesn't matter whether he sabotages the engine or kills the 
party, and they're not getting to Kuran. A battle will ensue.

     The ChaosSorcr is not tough. Attack him with your normal attacks.

     Experience: 18380 divided equally among remaining party members 
(rounded down) If all four party members survive, each member will 
receive 4595 experience points.
     Meseta: 1200

     After Chaz and Rune do their bickering yet again, Wren notes that 
the spaceship is off its intended flight path and he cannot get it back 
in Kuran's orbit. He can however, make a crash landing on Dezolis, the 
third planet of the Algo Solar System. (Parma, Motavia, Dezolis.) After 
the party has mixed feelings, it is decided to crash land. A still shot 
of Dezolis is shown, and it informs you that it is an extremely cold 
planet covered in snow and ice.
     The screen pans to show a small town, then shows the spacecraft 
hitting Dezolis, then crashing into a building. The party exits the 
craft and dialogue ensues. A Dezolisian notes that it's raining 
machines. He asks what Chaz is. Chaz ignores the man, he gets irate, 
and tells Chaz that he's destroyed an important temple. Chaz 
apologizes, and when the Dezolisian sees Chaz's party, get gets even 
angrier. Even though he is angry, he makes some pretty funny comments 
about Chaz and his group. After cracking several jokes ("Four Motavians 
flee, fly - and fall, right on my Temple hall"), Wren notes that the 
spaceship is beyond repair. Rika calls for the "old man," who quickly 
corrects her, and tells her his name is Raja. She asks if there's 
anywhere that can fix the ship, yet there are none. However, he does 
have good news. There's another ship that can travel in space. The 
party is eager to know where, but Raja won't cough up the information 
unless the party takes him along. If they do, he'll overlook the 
destruction of the temple. The party thinks it over, and agrees to take 
Raja along. He then tells them that a long time ago, Parmanians came to 
Dezolis on a spaceship, and that the ship still exists in the town of 
their descendants - Tyler, to the northwest. Exit the temple to the 
south and embark on the planet Dezolis.
     As soon as you leave the temple, Chaz will note that there is such 
a snow storm going on. (If you didn't see it when you crash landed.) 
Raja will tell him that it's been going on for three months now. The 
planet has always had a cold climate, but nothing like this. Wren 
thinks there is a malfunction in the Dezolis climate control, but Raja 
thinks the cause lies in the Garuberk Tower. It's a feeling he has. The 
dialogue will end and you're free to move. Travel north to find the 
town of Ryuon.

   ***Town - Ryuon***

     If you need to, it costs 500 Meseta to rest at the inn. There's a 
Weapon/Armor Shop and a Tool Shop here.

     Weapon Shop:
        Force-Cane  2500
        Silv-Rod    2700

     Armor Shop:
        Silv-Mantl  7300
        SilvCirclt  3000

     Tool Shop:
        Monomate      20
        Dimate       160
        Antidote      10
        Cure-Paral   120
        Telepipe     130
        Escapipe      70

     I suggest purchasing a Silv-Mantl and a SilvCirclt for Rune. After 
making all necessary purchases, look for a building in the east of the 
town, behind the inn, right near the eastern exit. You know you've 
found the right building if the music changes to that of Grandfather 
Dorin's tent (from Tonoe.) The bartender Gyuna will give you some 
information, including the whereabouts of the spaceship. He says to 
take a good look at a grave in the town of Tyler. Leave Ryuon and head 
northwest to the town of Tyler.

   ***Town - Tyler***

     If you need to rest (perhaps from battling some of the native 
monsters of Dezolis - hint, hint) it'll set you back 550 Meseta. Tyler 
does have an Armor Shop, a Weapon Shop, and a Tool Shop.

     Armor Shop:
        SilvCirclt  3000
        Silv-Helm   3800
        Silv-Crown  5000
        Silv-Mail  13200
        Silv-Mantl  7300
        SilvShield  7200

     Weapon Shop:
        Crmc-Sword  3600
        Crmc-Knife  1600
        Silv-Rod    2700

     Tool Shop:
        Monomate      20
        Dimate       160
        Antidote      10
        Cure-Paral   120
        Telepipe     130
        Escapipe      70

     I suggest purchasing a Silv-Helm for Chaz, a Silv-Crown for Rika, 
and two pairs of Silv-Mail, one for Chaz, the other for Rika. Some 
people like to have Raja equipped with 2 SilvShields at this point so 
he doesn't die as quickly. That's your choice to make. If you feel as 
if you cast lots of defensive techniques in battles, perhaps you should 
have Raja use two shields. If you prefer to spend several hours 
leveling up, then have him use a weapon.
     The grave you're looking for is to the extreme west. An old man in 
the house in the way back will give you some interesting information 
about it. Travel to the grave and inspect the plate on the grave. Chaz 
will read the inscription aloud and is shocked when the plate moved. 
Unter Rune's instruction, Chaz touches the plate again and the grave 
splits into two, and stairs appear. Head down them to start searching 
for the spaceship.

***XIV - Monsters***

[Monster Name]       [Where Found]
   [Exp Gained]      [Meseta Gained]
   [Dropped Items]
   [Spells Used]
   [Special Abilities]

Abe Frog             Tonoe Basement
   Exp: 105          Meseta: 80
Arm Drone            Bio-Plant
   Exp: 128          Meseta: 93
Balduel              Nurvus
   Exp:              Meseta:
Blauzen              Nurvus
   Exp:              Meseta: 350
Blob                 ValleyMaze, Tonoe Basement
   Exp: 50           Meseta: 40
Carrior Cr           ValleyMaze, Tonoe Basement
   Exp: 86           Meseta: 48
Caterpillr           Near Termi 
   Exp: 493          Meseta: 152
   Poison - poisons an active party member
Centaur              LadeaTower
   Exp: 784          Meseta: 78
Crawler              Near Piata, Mile, Zema, Molcum
   Exp: 48           Meseta: 15
Fanbite              Near Termi
   Exp: 496          Meseta: 78
Flattrplnt           BirthVally, Bio-Plant
   Exp: 45           Meseta: 30
   Drops: Antidote
FloatMine            Nurvus
   Exp:              Meseta:
FlyScreamr           LadeaTower
   Exp: 518          Meseta: 96
   AcidBreath - 
   Voice - paralyzes any party member(s) [random chance]

Note: its attack can also paralyze a party member.
Gicefalgue           Bio-Plant
   Exp: 115          Meseta: 44
   Drops: Antidote
Greneris             Nurvus
   Exp:              Meseta: 1
   Doran, Gelun, Seals  
   Forceflash - attacks all active characters.
Guilgenova           Bio-Plant
   Exp: 264          Meseta: 300
Gunner Bit           PlateSystm
   Exp: 321          Meseta: 72
   Rail-Gun - attack
Haunt                LadeaTower
   Exp: 511          Meseta: 77 
   Corrosion - attacks all active party members.
   Evil Eye - 
InfantWorm           Near Nalya, Aiedo, Monsen, Termi
   Exp: 168          Meseta: 63
Ismounos             Bio-Plant
   Exp: 146          Meseta: 71
   Drops: Monomate
Loader               PlateSystm
   Exp: 523          Meseta: 112
   Exp: 78           Meseta: 21
Meta Slug            Passageway
   Exp: 2000         Meseta: 241

Note: A Meta Slug is formed when 2 Zol Slugs fuse.
Mini Worm
   Exp: 37           Meseta: 13
Monsterfly           Near Piata, Mile, Zema, Molcum
   Exp: 27           Meseta: 128
Neowhistle           Bio-Plant
   Exp: 216          Meseta: 128
Ripper               Zio's Fort, LadeaTower
   Exp: 478          Meseta: 51
   FireBreath - fire based attack at one party member.
Sand Newt            ValleyMaze
   Exp: 95           Meseta: 40
Scorpirus            Near Nalya, Aiedo, Kadary
   Exp: 256          Meseta: 121
Seeker               PlateSystm
   Exp: 466          Meseta: 192
   LasrCannon - attack
Sensor Bit           Bio-Plant
   Exp: 133          Meseta: 64
ShadowSabr           Zio's Fort, LadeaTower
   Exp: 525          Meseta: 61
   Drops: ShadwBlade
Slave                PlateSystm
   Exp: 494          Meseta: 105
Speard               Passageway, Zio's Fort
   Exp: 312          Meseta: 91
   Drops: Crmc-Knife
Tarantella           Nurvus
   Exp:              Meseta: 300
TechMaster           Nurvus
   Exp:              Meseta: 278
Tech User            Zio's Fort
   Exp: 391          Meseta: 85
   Drops: Wood-Cane
   Foi, Wat
Toadstool            Tonoe Basement
   Exp: 64           Meseta: 40
   Drops: Cure-Paral
Tower                Nurvus
   Exp:              Meseta: 128
Tracer               Wreckage
   Exp: 256          Meseta: 267
Warren286            Wreckage
   Exp: 218          Meseta: 128
Whistle              Whistle
   Exp: 173          Meseta: 92
Worker Pod           PlateSystm
   Exp: 466          Meseta: 72
Xanafalgue           Motavia Academy Basement, BirthVally
   Exp: 9            Meseta: 2
Zios Guard           Nurvus
   Exp:              Meseta:
Zol Slug             Passageway
   Exp: 212          Meseta: 91
   Drops: Crmc-Knife
Zoran Bult           Motavia Academy Basement, BirthVally
   Exp: 12           Meseta: 3

***XV - Bosses***

[Boss Name]          [Where Found]
   [Exp Gained]      [Meseta Gained]
   [Spells Used] 
   [Special Abilities]

Igglanova            Motavia Academy Basement, Zema Village
   Exp: 173          Meseta: 54
   Fission - creates Xanafalgue to attack the party.
Gy-Laguiah           LadeaTower
   Exp: 10000        Meseta: 1224
   FireBreath - flame attack to a single character.
Juza                 Zio's Fort
   Exp: 5150         Meseta: 800
   Foi, Wat, Zan
   Forceflash - attacks all active characters.

***XVI - The Hunter's Guild***

     In Aiedo, there is a hunter's guild that allows you to take on 
certain missions for experience and Meseta. This building is located 
behind the better weapon and armor shops. Throughout the course of that 
game, there are eight missions you can undertake. When you first get to 
Aiedo, you can only do one.

*Mission One - The Ranch Owner*

     Description: "This is a request from a ranch owner at the village 
of Mile. 'The sand worms at my ranch have become so big that I'm at my 
wits end. Please help me...'"
     Fee Offered: 5000 Meseta
     Suggested Level: 14/15

     This isn't too tough of a mission, and you should be able to 
defeat the sand worm on your first try. When you sign up for this 
mission, make sure you have the best weapons and armor available from 
Aiedo. Go to Mile and talk to the sand worm rancher. (He's the leftmost 
guy in Mile, the one guarding the sand field.) He explains that his 
sand worms have grown so big that the situation has grown out of hand. 
He just wants the problem fixed and doesn't care what the outcome is. 
You only have one option, and that's defeat the sand worm.
     Set up the following Macro:

     Rika: DblSlash
     Alys: Vortex
     Gryz: Attack
     Chaz: Zan
     Hahn: Wat

     You could also cast defensive techniques, but this battle is 
pretty easy. After four or five rounds the sand worm is defeated.

     Experience: 25161 divided equally among remaining party members 
(rounded down) If all five party members survive, each member will 
receive 5032 experience points.
     Meseta: 1200 (in addition to the 5000 for doing the mission)

     The ranch owner is a little upset about losing his sand worm 
ranch, but feels that he shouldn't dwell on the past. Travel back to 
Aiedo (to the woman at the Hunter's Guild) to pick up your fee.

*Mission Two - Tinkerbell's Dog* 

***XVII - Combination Attacks***

     There are a total of 15 combination attacks in this game. A 
combination attack is when two or more characters, using certain 
Techniques and Skills, create a more powerful attack.

Foi + Wat + Tsu = TriBlaster
Wat + Zan = Blizzard
Foi + Zan = FireStorm
Crosscut + Efess = GrandCross
Airslash + Phonon = SilentWave
Death + Illusion = Lethal Img
HolyWord + Efess = PurfyLight
Deban + Megid + Legeon + Posi-Bolt = Destruction

Phantasy Star IV is a registered trademark of SEGA. (c)1994 

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