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Boss FAQ by SSGokuEX

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/24/01

Boss FAQ for Phantasy Star 4.

Version 1.0

Written by SSGokuEX aka SuperSaiyanGokuEX aka SSGEX.

Special Thanks to nobody. Why? Because nobody helped me.

Important note : Every method, every trick is ONLY APPLIABLE on the emulated
ROM of Phantasy Star 4.

And I included the Hunter Guild Bosses as a optional boss fight by marking them
as * and so on.

My Email and AIM SN will be at the end of the FAQ.

Here we go!

Bosses(Or the reason why you are looking at this FAQ.:P)
1. Igglanova(Piata Academy Basement)
   (Party's recommended level:2)

Okay, this guy can be a pain if you didn't level Chaz and Hahn to level 2.

And here's a little trick I found when I was playing with the ROM version of
PS4: First off, have Alys and Hahn block. Then have Chaz attack each Xanafalgue
that pops up. It's quicker if you have Alys cast Shift on Chaz before blocking.
Then keep attacking until about 20 or so Xanas are dead. Easy 250+ XP for the
early parts of the game.^_^

2. Igglanova(Birth Valley Entrance)
   (Party's recommended level 4, 5 or 6 or so)

Use the same tactics as for Piata's Igglanova and you'll be fine. Or you can
use Gryz's Crash skill to kill it fast.

3* Sandworm(Mile Ranch)
   (Party's recommended level: 10+)

This guy...is a REAL pain in my butt. >:(

First off, it's a good idea to do this when either Hahn or Rune is in your
party. Then set up a Blizzard mega spell macro. The fight will be easier. Then
just use Crosscut with Chaz, Doubleslash with Rika and normal attacks with
Gryz. It's a good idea to let somebody weak like Hahn or Alys get killed by the
worm since you won't be using them after Juza in Zio's Fort. What I usually end
up with is a super powered Chaz and Rika to do some Juza busting. Speaking of

4. Juza(Zio Fort)
   (Party's recommended level: 14+)

I'll tell you this one thing right now: Juza is like a MASSIVELY underpowered
Zio. He'll use attacks like Forceflash(50+ damage to all living members) and
single spells like Wat and Foi.

Use Deban if you have it and Shift on Chaz and Rika. Then go buck wild on Juza
with Crosscut and Doubleslash. It doesn't matter if Hahn and Alys survive, you
won't be using Hahn for a long time and Alys is wounded afterwards in a cinema.

5.Gy-Languiah(Ladea Tower)
  (Party's recommended level: 17+)

Special note: This guy CAN be VERY EASY if you do the following thing; go
around Ladea Tower and repeatedly fight mini worms, but leave 1 alive. Then
wait for a Sandworm to show up. Use the Blizzard trick on the Sandworm and
you'll get 3,500+ XP easy. Works for about every boss in PS4 until you can go
to the final area in the game with the PS1 Dark Falz.

P-A-I-N. He's actually a tough boss until you fight Zio. First off, use
Crosscut and Rune's strongest abilities at this point. Heal alot and he's
toast. He has a resistance to fire based attacks(Foi, Gifoi, Nafoi...). If it's
not fire, than it's the water based attacks(Wat, Giwat, Nawat...).

6. Zio(Zio Fort)
   (Party's recommended level: 20+)

Use the Sandworm trick at the beginning of Boss 5's section and use this macro:
Rune = Psycho-Wand, Demi = Barrier, Rika = Deban, Chaz = Crosscut, Gryz =

Then pummel him with Crosscuts and Doubleslashes and Rune's spells accompanied
by as many Phononmezzers as Demi is able to use. And wait for the feeling of
elation after beating the hell out of Zio.^_^

7* Fracture Ooze(I forgot the name, it's a Hunter Guild boss though.)
   (Party's recommended level: 23+)

It's better if you wait until you have Wren. Then just pummel him with your
strongest skills and techs.

8. Dark Force(Kuran Sat. and Form 1)
   (Party's recommended level: 30+)

Important Note: When you find the Napalm Shot, do NOT sell it until you beat
the Air Castle)

Guy's a pain. Plain and simple. Use the Hyper Jammer if you found it earlier in
Kuran and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EFESS! Combo Efess with Crosscut to get
GrandCross. It's me, but I think having over 500 damage(Depends on level. I
once got 800 from GC. ^_^) being done to DF1 counts for something. Deban and
Blessing will help.

9** Wizard-like creature(Climate Control on Dezolis)
    (Party's recommended level: Whatever your DF level was)

Okay, this guy is PURELY optional, but I put him in here since he IS a boss.
Albeit a weak boss, but a boss. Just smack him down with strong attacks and
he's a goner.

10. The 3 Witches(Air Castle)
    (Party's recommended level: 35+)

This trio will have you swearing like a drunken sailor on shore leave. They
like to strike you with group attacks with Thunder properties that REALLY
damage the HP beast Wren. >_<

Take one of them out ASAP. Then use group attacks. It's a good idea to have
Deban, Barrier and Saner casted at the beginning.

11. Specter(Air Castle)
    (Party's recommended level: 35+)

Just pummel the guy really. He's easy. But the guy right after him....

12. Lashiec/Lassic(Air Castle)
    (Party's recommended level: 35+)

Before fighting the Specter, make sure you equipped the Napalm Shot on Wren,
with that said, ALWAYS attack with Wren after putting up a Barrier, Deban,
Warla(If you have it, and Saner. Wren should attack, Chaz should GrandCross Las
with Rune, when GC power runs out, Crosscuts and Tandle. Doubleslash and Kyra's
Foi/Flaeli attacks will work. When he uses Reinforce, he's close to death.
Watch the awesome ending of the Air Castle and retrieval of the Eclipse Torch
to continue in the story line to the next boss.

13. Dark Force(Garuberk Tower and Form 2)
    (Party's recommended level: 40+)
Pain. Evil. Annoyance. There's nowhere near enough words to describe how much
of a S.O.B. DF2 is.

He LOVES that Shadowbreath attack and Wren has the highest resistance to it.
Barrier, Deban, ANY defensive
techs and skills will help. Use GC alot and Crosscuts. If Rika has Shift(I
believe she learns it), use it on Chaz to up GC's damage.

14. Seth/Dark Force(Soldier's Temple and Form 3)
    (Party's recommended level: 45+)

Be afraid. Be VERY DAMN AFRAID. This guy is the toughest boss for quite some
time now. He'll use attacks like MindBlast(MindSpell maybe?), Corrosion(Hurts
Wren badly). He basically uses Seth's skills along with a attack with his
swordhand. He did 200+ damage to poor Chaz one time on a playthrough of mine.
That really made me mad then, but it was SO satisfying to see the red screen of
a Dark Force death happen. BTW, this IS the last DF you'll fight if you don't
count the Prophallis thing in The Edge. O_o

15. De-Vars(Strength Tower on Rykros)
    (Party's recommended level: 50+)

Do a DBS which is a Deban, then Barrier and Saner. Helps out alot. GrandCross
won't do a damn thing to Sa-Lews and De-Var, so don't use that. If I remember,
fire based attacks work well on him. If it's not that, use water based ones.
Nathu'll help out alot. Doubleslash your way through as well. Tandle is
effective too.

16. Sa-Lews(Courage Tower on Rykros)
    (Party's recommended level: 50+)
Oy vey, this guy is a pain. He's got Rune's Legeon skill, so that's gonna be a
problem. Do DBS then go buck wild on him with usual attacks. After the story,
you can fight the optional boss in The Edge.

Important note, at this time, you can go to the Anger Tower on Rykros to
recieve Megid. Just say no to Re-Faze or whoever he was.

17** Prophallis

GrandCross him a couple of times with Doubleslashes and
and conventional attacks. Easy 13,600+ XP huh? ^_^

18. The Profound Darkness(The Edge and form 1)
    (Party's recommended level: 55+)

As I remarked one time, this guy got the hell beat outta him with the ugly
stick. I hope you chose Raja at the choice point. He's VERY useful in the final
battles. Barrier, Deban, Blessing and Saner which I'll call BDBS. BDBS then
attacks with Rune using Nafoi.

19. The Profound Darkness(The Edge and form 2)
    (Party's recommended level: 55+)

Same thing as before, use Chaz's Megid if you have it by now.

20. The Profound Darkness(The Edge and form 3)
    (Party's recommended level: 55+)

I call the final form Super [expletive removed] With that said, watch out for
her Megid since it will hurt. Cancelling takes out any barriers you have up.
Restore them ASAP. It's a good idea to use Posibolt and strong attacks and the
such. After defeating the final PS4 boss, enjoy the end game cinemas!

Places that CAN use my FAQ
As of Saturday, March 24th, 2001 the sites listed below can use my FAQ.

You MUST have my permission first before putting my FAQ up on your respective

GameFAQs at http://www.gamefaqs.com

Places that don't have my permission
Everywhere else. INCLUDING megagames.com

Contact Information

I can be reached at supersaiyangokuex@yahoo.com and on AIM at SSGEX85. Please
put "Question on your [insert game here] FAQ" as the subject of Emails and
please mention that you have a question about a FAQ if you are going to contact
me on AIM.

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