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FAQ/Move List by Cybertaz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 11/03/97

Kombat CyberCity Mortal Kombat 1 Genesis FAQ


By:  Cybertaz
Email:  mkcc@umar.com
Version: 1.0.0
Date:  11-3-97
Time: 12:15 P.M.

If there is something incorrect with this FAQ, please email (asap) - as soonæ
as possible.


       BF  U  UF
        \  |  /
      B--      --F
        /  |  \
       BD  D   DF 

High Punch:  HP
Low Punch:   LP
High Kick:   HK
Low Kick:    LK
Block:       BL


BL:  Y or B
LK:   C
HK:   Z
LP:   A
HP:   X

LK:   B
HK:   C
LP:   A

The Basics

Uppercut:  D+HP
Roundhouse: B+HK
Sweep:  B+LK


--Johnny Cage--

Green Firebolt:  B-F-HP
Sliding Kick:    B-F-LK
Groin Punch:     D+HK

1:  F-F-F-HP


Spin:  F-D-B-U
Knife:  B+[F-B]

1:  B-B-LP


Lightning:      D-F-LP
Flying Attack:  B-B-F
Teleport:       D-D-U

1:  F-F-F-B-HP

--Liu Kang--

Fireball:    F-F-HP
Flying Kick: F-F-HK

1: F-D-B-U


Harpoon:         B-B-LP
Teleport Punch:  D-B-HP

!:  BL+[U-U]


Freeze:  D-F-LP
Slide:   B+LK+HK

1:  F-D-F-HP


Leg Throw:     D+LP+LK
Sonic Rings:   HP-B-HP
Flying Punch:  F-B-HP

1:  F-F-B-B-BL


Blood Code:    A-B-A-C-A-B-B
All Optioins:  D-U-L-L-A-R-D

Flag 0 takes player 2 down to the "danger" level immediately after
the round starts - ie. it only takes one hit to kill them.

Flag 1 does this same thing but to player 1.

Flag 2 this puts the shadows across the moon at every pit stage - this
is needed to get to the Reptile (see below).

Flag 3 this changes the shadows across the moon.
The shadows alternate between a face (most probably the programmer)
and some initials (BYC), which are also probably the programmer's.
These same initials were at the top place in the high score list.

Flag 4 makes Reptile drop down before the start of each stage and give
clues as to how to get to him.

Flag 5 gives infinite continues, rather than the amount set
in the options screen.

Flag 6 allows the computer players to do Fatalities when they kill
you which we thought was really cool and gives you a big incentive not
to die.

Flag 7 appears to lock the background to the 'Palace Gates' scene, up
until the Third endurance which obviously has to be in Goro's Lair.
We couldn't figure out why they would do this.æ Any ideas anyone ?

--The Reptile--

How to get to Reptile:

1: You must be at the pit stage. You cannot get him at any other
   stage, even though he does appear at random.

2: There must be shadows across the moon. These appear every sixth
   game on the arcade machines - with the cheat on the Sega, it is EVERY
   pit stage.(see above)

3: You must win a double flawless. You DO NOT have to win every match
   up to the pit stage as a double flawless.

4: You must not touch block AT ALL during the pit stage. This means
   certain character's moves can't be done.

5: You must do the fatality. Block is only permitted on Sonya's
   fatality - this is the only fatality where BLOCK is needed.

Using the DULLARD cheat above will allow you to set the shadows across
the moon, put the oponent's strength to DANGER etc, and make it easier
to get to the Reptile.

You will recieve 10,000,000 points for defeating Reptile.
NOTE : these points _DON'T_ get added on if you use the cheat mode
above. Bad programming or just to stop cheats ?

 Two things I noticed when I cheated my way to Reptile:
 1) His 'Sub-Zero' freeze throw blob is green... Does this mean
    he 'slimes' you and it's not a freeze? :)

 2) His skeleton was GREEN! I fatalitied him with Scorpian and
    the remains were bright green... That was cool!

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