• Blood Code

    Blood Code:
    At the story line screen, press: A, B, A, C, A, B, B.

    Contributed By: insannescorp55.

    18    2

  • Cheat Mode

    Press Down,Up,Left,Left,A,Right,Down at the start and option screen.

    Contributed By: damin mance 0.

    8    6

  • Flag Effects in cheat mode

    When you use the cheat mode code and go into the cheat menu, at the bottom of it are "flags" which you can turn on or off. Here is what each one does:

    A man's head flys across the moon on the pit stageFLAG 3
    CPU will use fatalities to finish youFLAG 6
    Fight the whol tournament on the same stageFLAG 7
    Infinite creditsFLAG 5
    Objects fly across the moon on the pit stageFLAG 2
    One hit kills CPUFLAG 0
    One hit kills youFLAG 1
    Will give you Reptile's clues between each fightFLAG 4

    Contributed By: Rugal.

    10    0


  • Green Effects

    While you fight Reptile, pick up controller two and press start.

    Now when the player select screen shows up, Sub-Zero and Scorpion are going to be green.

    Contributed By: !.ACA.!.

    4    1


  • Fight Reptile

    When you are fighting on the pit stage, sometimes in the background weird objects will pass the moon. If this happens, you must defeat the opponent with a double flawless (in other words don't get hit) and you must do your character's fatality on the opponent when it says "FINISH HIM" at the end of the secound round. When these requirements have been met, a message on screen will appear saying "You have found me now prove yourself!" and you will fight Reptile at the bottom of the pit. Reptile has all of Scorpion and Sub Zero's special moves and fatalities and moves very fast.

    Contributed By: Rugal.

    3    4

  • Secret Sonya

    Enter the cheat menu code, and then switch on Flag Two and Flag Three. Set the plan base for three and the first map to the Pit. Fight your way to the second endurance match. This should also be fought in the pit unless you had to continue along the way. If you aren't in the pit, let the computer opponents kill you and keep continuing until you get into the pit. Then, Double flawless and begin the match against Reptile. Since this is the endurance round, you'll have to fight two Reptiles. If Sonya is the second person of the second endurance round, then the second Reptile will be the Secret Sonya. This Sonya glows green, has a shadow punch that changes into a Scorpion-like spear, and her ring attack will freeze you like Sub-Zero's ice.

    Contributed By: UberJim.

    3    0

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