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FAQ/Walkthrough by Boba Faqq

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/22/02

August 21, 2002     Version 1.0	Email:soehlt@union.edu

*************Jurassic Park FAQ/Walkthrough****************

Hi everybody!  This is my third FAQ, hopefully they are getting better and 
better each time.  Please enjoy...if you have any questions or comments, please 
refer to contact info at the end of this document (or the email address right 
above you;) ).

I.	Characters
II.	Dr. Grant's Weapons
III.	Health and Other Items
IV.	Walkthrough - Dr. Grant
V.	Walkthrough - Raptor
VI.	Cheats and Passwords
VII.	Contact/Copyright Info and Thanks

**********I. The Characters***********

When the game starts, you will be given the option to play as either Dr. 
Grant or a renegade raptor.  This walkthrough will cover the game for both 
characters. If you are a beginner, I recommend the raptor route as it is much 
easier and much shorter.

**********II. Dr. Grant's Weapons*************

Blue Darts - the weakest and most commonly found weapon in the game.  They 
will help you in the later levels about as much as brandishing a fish.

Red Darts - a lot more powerful than the blue darts, capable of putting a 
raptor to sleep in one hit

Tazer - requires batteries to run, capable of dealing some good damage to the 

Flare Grenades - blind dinosaurs for extremely short period of time...don't get 
too cocky!

Gas Grenades - powerful weapon that deals nice damage to dinosaurs...just make 
sure you control your throw...

Exploding grenades - even more powerful than gas grenades. Capable of putting 
the baddies out of commission for a rather long time (relatively speaking)

Rockets - dinos die. Nuff' said.

***********III. Health and Other Items************

First Aid Kit - restores full health

Meat - restores minor amount of health (raptor ONLY!)

Fuel Cans - necessary to power river boat....your screwed without them!

*********IV. Walkthrough - Dr. Grant****************

Level 1: The Jungle

     After watching the incredibly detailed opening movie, you find yourself 
in a wrecked jeep in the jungle en route to the power station.  First pick up 
the blue darts and the gas grenades and jump onto the triceratops' back.  
Jump off the other side and proceed to your right. Jump the first pit, then 
dart the dino on the opposite platform till he drops.  Jump down, collect the 
first aid kit, climb back up, and jump across to where the now sleeping dino 
is. Climb down to get more darts, then jump up and go all the way right, 
avoiding the pterodactyl.  
	At this point you have to fall down the hill and land on the spikes.  I 
seriously know of no way around this. Sorry. Recompose yourself and jump up 
to the next platform to get red darts and a first aid kit. Again, avoid the 
winged beast.  Fall back down, and tumble down the hill to your right, 
collecting the blue darts at the bottom. Run to the right and jumpy on the 
springy vine to be catapulted across the spikes. Fall down the hill and make 
your way across the vine to the left.  Crawl under the rock here for first 
aid and red darts.  Then climb the vine to the right to find more gas 
grenades.  Chuck a grenade down at the dino to the left and then go down and 
get more grenades from behind him. Crawl under the rock and fall down yet 
another hill - this guy is really untalented.  While falling, jump across to 
the platform on the right, then slide down into a new area that looks like a 
cave.  Don't fall while doing this, you will die.
	Collect the first aid kit and make your way all the way to the right 
while avoiding the rocks falling from the heavens.  Collect the red darts, 
make your way back to the falling rocks, fall down onto the platform to your 
right.  Make your way over the triceratops and collect the red darts on the 
other side of him. Make your way across the spikes and carefully jump across 
all of the platforms to the right, taking out a dino and collecting a first 
aid kit.  Backtrack slightly and fall onto the back of the brontosaurus 
poking up from the ground.  Make your way to the right to complete the level.

Level 2: Power Station

	Start off going all the way to the right and grabbing the darts.  
Backtrack and climb the ladder up one level and get off to your left.  Your 
first raptor! Take him out, and climb the next ladder. Collect the battery to 
your left and then climb all the way up the barrels and crates to get the red 
darts.  Jump onto the blue wire and then jump up to the wires hanging from 
the ceiling to make your way across to a first aid kit. Avoid the electricity 
and use the wires on the ceiling to go all the way to the right.  Push the 
crate into the elevator and go all the way down.  
	Push the crate out to your left and jump on it to reach the high 
platform.  Avoid the electricity, go down the ladder, take out the spitting 
SOB, climb the next ladder.  Climb all the way to the top of this really 
annoying electrically charged grid, and continue right. Take out another 
raptor and fall down the hole to the left.  Head right, down, crawl through 
the passage to the left, take out another raptor, jump across the platform 
avoiding the electricity, and crawl through to the next area.
	Climb down and get the darts and the first aid, and then make your way 
out the vents to the right.  Jump up to get the battery, quickly take out the 
raptor, and jump across the electric thingys to climb the wire and exit this 
area through the vent.
	Get the red darts, go up the elevator and go to the right getting the 
grenades. Fall down, head right, climb down the ladder and make your way all 
the way to the right killing the raptor.  Climb up another ladder, go left, 
climb again, climb the one to the right and move right. See those cracks in 
the wall.  Get ready cause a T-Rex pops through them!  Fiddle with the button 
underneath him to open a door, then carefully go around him, down and up the 
ladders to the right and finish the level! Phew...

Level 3: The River

	This level sucks. Grab the fuel tank and make your way to the end. Fall 
down, head left, stopping to kill the dino and get another tank.  Continue 
right and at the end jump up to the platform killing the dino in mid air 
Jackie Chan style and collecting the loot.  Get back in your raft head left 
and quickly head right after falling down the little waterfall.  Fight the 
current heading right until you can jump up onto the platform above you.  
Kill the raptor and score two cans of fuel. Jump to the right and make your 
way to a new raft on the other side of the PO'd T-Rex.  Good luck.  
       Get in the raft and head down and all the way left, collecting a can of 
fuel from a spitter on the way. Go down and all the way right, down again, 
right again to get another fuel can.  Head left now using grenades to get 
past the T-Rex and collecting the fuel can at the end behind the raptor.  
Back to the raft.  Quickly head right and jump off the raft before the 
waterfall to get on a platform with another fuel can and access to yet 
another raft.  Will the madness end?
       Make your way all the way to the left, stopping to get the fuel can and 
darts on the third platform.  Get the grenades at the end and head back to 
the right. Fall down the FIRST waterfall you see and make your way past the 
brontosauruses and to the ANGRY triceratops.  Gas grenade the little punk, 
pass him and you beat this hellish fiasco! 

Level 4: Pump House

	Collect the red darts and head right. Collect the grenades and head to 
the end of the tube. Climb onto the top and head left into the next tube. 
Climb the ladder and hit the switch at the top.  Climb the ladder next to the 
switch and head right.  Jump over the skull and fall down to the left to get 
the red darts.  Jump across to the top right platform and climb the ladder.  
Turn off the valve to the left, climb the crate, and get the rockets and the 
first aid kit.  Head back down the ladder.
	This part sucks.  Head back left and jump onto the bronto's head.  Ride 
him down and jump into the lowest tube on the right.  This is tricky and took 
me a few tries. Use the pipe on the ceiling to climb across and climb the 
ladder to the right.  Push the wheel down carefully and then use it, the 
crate and the ladder to get into the tube.  Head right.  Go down two ladders 
and across the pit to the right.  Hit the switch and then quickly make your 
way up the shaft before the hatch closes.  Get the battery and the darts from 
the left and then grenade the T-Rex into submission before maneuvering your 
way past him.  Head left up and right through the passageway killing the 
raptor having lunch on the way.  Pick up the rockets when you again make it 
to the far right.  
	Head all the way left, turn off the valve, and use the crate to get up 
on the pipe.  The best thing to do here is fall to the bottom, turn off the 
valve, jump your way up the red pipe to the left and get the hidden first aid 
kit under the angled red pipe you just climbed.  Incapacitate the raptor 
under you, hit the button down there to get the machines online.  Now start 
climbing the chain ropes with your full health ;). At the top, jump over to 
the top of the tank and then move right onto the pipe.  Move all the way 
right jumping across the platforms while taking out the raptors below with 
grenades.  When it is clear, fall down and walk to the right to finish the 

Level 5: The Canyon

	 Head as far right as you can being wary of the two raptors and the 
spitter that you will encounter.  They can be a real pain.  Crouch down and 
head to the left through the tunnel. Head all the way to the left while 
carefully jumping over the spikes and grenading the dinos in your way.  When 
you reach the end, drop down, kill the raptor, and head right again.  
Carefully drop down onto the rock with the red darts and then fall down to 
the left twice and collect the first aid kit.  Head back right and crawl 
through the tunnel killing the raptor before exiting the other side.  Quickly 
dart the brontosaurus before the raptor wakes up, then jump over him and 
climb the nearby vine up to the platform.  Quickly run all the way right 
killing the raptor and jumping up to collect the first aid kit.  Jump onto 
the weak branches to the left of the first aid kit and fall down to finish 
the level.  That was quick, huh?

Level 6: Volcano

	This is another short level, but I'm not mad because I'm about ready 
for this game to end! Start off by falling down the shaft and carefully 
landing on the slanted area to the left so that it launches safely over to 
the platform to the right. Climb up the rock ladder to the right and continue 
up by climbing the vine and yet another rock ladder. Jump over to the right 
to collect another first aid kit.  Jump down carefully to the right and climb 
another vine.  Jump up to collect the rockets and then drop down to kill the 
raptor that attempts to eat you.  Fall down the gap to the right and head 
left killing another raptor, the right killing another, then left killing yet 
ANOTHER.  Annoyed yet?  You will be.
	Carefully jump your way all the way to the left and then carefully jump 
down to the small platform to the right.  Jump down to the next platform with 
your red darts out cause a raptor is gonna pounce.  Kill him and move right 
some more.  You finished yet another level. If you think this game is tedious 
by now, imagine writing this walkthrough!

Level 7: Visitor's Center

	Make your way to the right killing the raptors until you reach a 
hanging crate.  Aim up and shoot it down.  Then use it to jump up and pass 
through the wall to the right.  Jump the gap and then climb down the ladder 
to collect a first aid kit. Look! It's our old friend again! Grenade him to 
get past and then kick down the door (hit up) to the left.  Enter the small 
room and kick open the door here too.  A raptor drops from the ceiling in 
this second room so be prepared.  Head left into the third room and then go 
through to the elevator and go down a level.  Note the ominous blood on the 
door.  Don't worry though, this part is easy.  Just head all the way to the 
right, kick down the door and head to the next area.
	This section is wicked easy too.  Just continue all the way right 
collecting a first aid kit about halfway through this hallway.  The only 
thing you have to look out for is a raptor that seems to follow you.  Not a 
big deal though, just walk to the end and kick down the door to area three.
	Walk right through this area until you see a small gap in the ceiling 
and climb up into it.  Run to the right for an eternity, jump another gap and 
continue running until you reach area 4.
	This is it!  Carefully jump down in between the two dinosaur skeletons 
and launch rockets up at them.  They will soon fall apart and land on the two 
otherwise invulnerable raptors. If you land properly, the raptors won't even 
notice you.  And that's a rap!  Enjoy the [short] ending.

*********V. Walkthrough - Raptor************

Level 1: Jungle

	Playing the game as the raptor is a lot easier than it is with Dr. 
Grant.  First, head right and kill the guard.  Jump onto the next platform 
and then jump over the two sets of spikes.  Jump high over the second set of 
spikes so that you can grab onto the upper platform.  Kill the two guards up 
here and jump over to the area with the cave.  Jump the gap to the right and 
chase Dr. Grant through the door to end the level.  It really is that short!

Level 2: Power Station

	Kill the two guards to your right and get the piece of meat that lies 
past them. Super jump (hit up while you jump) up to the higher platform and 
kill the guard to the left here. Jump across to the right and then fall down 
to the ground level.  Maneuver your way through the electrical streams until 
you reach a dead end.  Then super jump up to the platform to the right and 
fall back down to the ground level.  Continue right killing the guards and 
dinos as you go.  Not a lot of strategy involved when you are a raptor.  A 
couple of these guys have rocket launchers though, so take them out by 
quickly jumping on them. Rockets really hurt your health.  Keep heading right 
until you see that slippery Dr. Grant.  Chase him to end the level.

Level 3: Pump House

	Well, at least you don't have to do that stupid river level again.  
Imagine the raptor in a raft?  Carefully inch your way to the edge of the 
first tube and super jump up to the top of the tube on the right.  Then jump 
across to the top of the tube on the left.  Then jump across again and into 
the top tube.  Walk through this tube and pop out the end falling onto a 
pipe.  Watch out for the rocket toting baddie here. Drop down again and crawl 
under the pipe to the right here.  Jump across the gap to the pipe on the 
other side. Jump across again and grab onto the platform in the upper right. 
Jump up to the platform to the left, and again to the platform to the right.  
Kill the small army of baddies here as you make your way to the right. Crawl 
through the passage here, drop down, and head left killing a second small 
army.  At the end of this passage, carefully jump down onto a platform in the 
middle of the goop. Head to the right jumping across the small platforms to 
the end. Be careful...this can be VERY annoying if you fall in.  At the last 
platform, super jump up to the left and grab onto the pipe there.  Jump 
across to the right and pass through the gap in the wall that is halfway up 
it.  Take the route along the top killing the guards as you go. Wander your 
way through the beams heading down until you see pesky Grant again.  Follow 
him out to go on to the next level.

Level 4: Canyon
	Run right quickly taking out the guard who fires rockets and tazer 
shots at you.  Fall down onto the platform to your right and then carefully 
jump across the gap to the narrow platform you see here.  Jump to the right 
again and then super jump up t the top of the narrow steep above you. From 
here, you may find it easy to jump down to the lower platform where all you 
have to do is take out a few guards and then climb back up.  Or you may want 
to risk the pterodactyls.  It's your choice.  When the two paths converge 
(about 2 seconds later), all you have to do is jump down the pit next to Dr. 
Grant to progress the level. A lot easier than the Dr. Grant level, huh?

Level 5: Visitor's Center

	Make your way right jumping up on the first platform you see and then 
continuing right until you see the hole in wall where you had to shoot the 
crate in the Dr. Grant walkthrough. Now all you have to do is jump.  Make 
your way right and down, past where the T-Rex appeared in the Dr. Grant 
campaign (I guess dinos leave each other alone to a degree).  Head left 
through the doors and maim the guard here before he licks off a rocket at 
you.  Kick down the two doors to your left and then drop down a level. Didn't 
there use to be an elevator here?  Anyways, continue right past the guards 
who really want you dead and drop down to the ground level. Walk right and 
jump up to get the meet, then keep going until you take out three rocket 
guards and progress to area 2.
	This area is pretty straightforward.  Literally.  The only trouble it 
can cause you is due to the mass amounts of heavily armed guards sitting here 
waiting for you.  The easiest strategy is to actually NOT take your time.  
Plow through them as fast as possible, taking out two or three at a time.  
Don't give them time to fire their weapons.  Continue to the end to reach 
area 3.
	You magically appear in the middle of a room.  Just super jump up, take 
out the dino and eat the meat.  Jump up to the left and up again to the right 
to exit through a door and enter area 4.
	Jump up the hole in the ceiling to the left and then head right across 
the top of the level.  The third guard you come to will totally be your bane, 
especially if you are on your last guy.  He is positioned in such away that 
he is VERY difficult to hit without him tossing you around. Just stick with 
it and don't get PO'd and throw your game like I did.  It doesn't help.  Just 
continue right jumping the gaps in the ceiling until you find yourself alone 
in the entrance hall with Dr. Grant.
	All you need to do here is quietly slip down to the ground and kick at 
the gray bases of the dino statues till they and Grant come tumbling down.  
There, you beat it again!  Congratulations!

*********VI. Cheats and Passwords*************

Debug Mode
-enter NYUKNYUK as your password and use controller 2
   View ending movies
	-enter FREIHEIT as your password
   All weapons and ammo
	-enter 4VTNVVTI as your password (Thanks to Micarhoni)
		Dr. Grant
			Level 2: 2JTBJ014
			Level 3: 43VT3017
			Level 4: 6JVU301Q
			Level 5: 8VVVN4DD
			Level 6: ADVUQ6D1
			Level 7: CFVUU8DB
			Level 2: I21G0016
			Level 3: K21G0018
			Level 4: M21G001A
			Level 5: O21G001C

*********VII. Contact Info and Thanks**********

First and foremost, thanks to my fiancee Margie...I love you, you are my 
everything and I cant wait until that beautiful day (I'll slow down on the 
videogames, I promise ;) ).

Thanks to Sega for a decent platformer.

Thanks to those previously mentioned for the cheat codes I didn't know.

Thanks to CJayC and GameFAQs - the BEST sire on the net.

Any questions or comments, write to soehlt@union.edu or soehlman@hotmail.com

This FAQ copyright 2002 by Boba Faqq (Tim Soehl) It can be used by anyone, 
but to be posted SOLELY at GameFAQs (you are the man CJayC and I want you to 
have a monopoly! ;) ).

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