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Reviewed: 02/23/00 | Updated: 02/23/00

They don't make shooters these days like they used to...

Treasure is the 2D god of all gamers. I got a Sega nomad recently and got a few games, and sadly, couldn't find this game. I had never played before, but everyone loves it so much, I had to buy it. I bought it, and now I understand why so many people love this game. I'm one of them.

The graphics are really good, explosions everywhere, enemies swarming you, and everything at lightning fast speed and filled with small details, animated like a cartoon

the sound quite frankly is average. The guns sound nice and the explosions too, but the soundtrack is hard to notice.

The gameplay, ooh baby! You are one of the two heroes available, and you have got to save Gunstar. You get a gem (Fire, lightning, enemy seeker and rapid fire) and you can combine it with other gems around the levels and form different attacks with a total of 14 combinations (fire with lightning is very good) meaning 14 different weapons. Wow! And that all into 2D Mario-style plataform, 2-player action, you have a classic. This game is a blast with a friend, but it's still pretty good alone

Please bring us Gunstar Heroes 2... please, can you hear me treasure?

Rent or buy?: BUY
this baby is very cheap at funcoland, and you need it to see how good shooters were back then, and now they're just... not good.

Rating: 10

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