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Reviewed: 02/20/03 | Updated: 02/20/03

One of the best games of all time

Treasure's Gunstar Heroes is a lot of things. Is an insanely fun shooter. It's the best shooter ever of 2D (and maybe even 3D!), and it is one of the best games ever made. It's a classic, and nothing puts it to shame, not even Konami's famous 'Contra' series (which Treasure helped create before the left Konami) Read on.

-VISUALS: The graphics are nothing spectacular. I've seen better 2D sprites, smoother backgrounds, but overall, the game does look pretty, especially when you see how much is going on at the same time on-screen. It is insane.

-SOUND: You know, the standard 16-bit era music, explosions, gunshots, etc; you know. No big complaint's here.

-GAMEPLAY: This is where Gunstar Heroes REALLY shines in so many ways. On paper, it sounds like your standard shooter, run through levels, blowing the heck' outta' everything. But it is a lot more fun then it sounds. Colonel Red has stolen 4 precious crystals which are being used to resurrect a planet-destroyin' robot. Not good at all. So the Gunstar Twins (from Planet Gunstar)come to the rescue. All of the villain's are named after colours.

At the start you have the choice to pick a weapon type, either Fire, Chaser, Lightning, or Standard. Each one supplies a different attack and as you progress through the levels, you'll find more. If you combine them, you'll get a new attack or getting another one of the same enhances you attack. Like Double-Fire makes an enormous flame-thrower. Fire and Chaser makes you fire attacks follow enemies. It's really fun, and there are about 14 different combinations.

First, let mesay this, Gunstar Heroes is hard, VERY hard. Mainly the bosses provide such a steep challenge you'll play over and over again (and a lack of a save system hurts, despite the fact that there are 7 levels). The only thing that bugs me about GH is the level design. It's basicaly you running through a straight direction. But the levels are creative, ranging from a level that plays like a board-game to a space shooter. It's very compelling.

-CONTROLS: GH mainly needs 3 buttons. Jump, shoot, and weapon-swap. When you have 2 different types of elements, press A to scroll through your 3 available attacks. Sometimes it's annoying, but you'll adjust.

-OVERALL: Gunsatar Heroes is a masterpiece. Treasure really out-did themselves, and Sega did us all a GRAND favour by bringing it here. Cheers to my #3 of best games of ALL time!

-Best Feature: Insane gameplay
-Worst Feature: Annoying bosses
-SOUND:7/10 -REPLAY:10/10
-The Verdict: BUY IT. This game is a masterpiece.

Rating: 10

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