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Reviewed: 10/06/01 | Updated: 10/06/01

It's cool.

This game is really interesting... it just gives you such hardcore action that it shoudn't really be passed up!

Graphics- 5/10
You know..., even if I consider the fact that this game was developed during the early Genesis days, I really feel as if it would have been better if they made the graphics more "sonic" like. What do I mean? Well, all Sonic games run on the same system but provide smooth, big, beautiful pusedo 3d graphics which, in my opinion could have been also used in Gunstar...

Sound- 3/10
Plain... Simply... Cheesy. Another issue here was Gunstar's sound. Know what, most NES games have better tunes than what's found here in Gunstar Heroes... I mean, think about it, the Genesis has enough power to make better effects and tunes rather than some soft beeps and pops which are found here in Gunstar Heroes... though, overall, you'll really get used to the music once you play it since..., you'll generally concentrate on the action rather than the music.

Story- 4/10
Ok... Gunstar boasts more of it's gameplay rather than the story... you'll definitely notice that once you play since the story is simply a "super bad guy tries to take over the world and you're here to stop him" type of fiasco.

Replay Value- 6/10
Like most action/adventure sidescrollers, Gunstar offers you different characters you could control... in this case, two. Since both have very different characteristics, it's assumed that you'll be playing the other one after you finish the game with the other and so and so... But still, each will require different strategies which would really give it something new to look into. Also, your weapon comes with 4 different attack settings and it's nice to see the effect of each (especially if you're looking into the combined weapon attacks.)

Gameplay/Controls- 10/10
Well, Gunstar is a side-scrolling adventure... So, expect the usual "pits", "spikes" and the "don't scroll yourself off the screen" stuff... But, what really makes it intense is that you're given tons of things to shoot at while you're moving through rough terrain. Also, with the option to select your gun's attacks, it just really gets fun. As usual, the controls are easy to master and are very very responsive. (Personally, I like the autofire and quick weapon select features.) And yeah, there's also an Option menu where (as usual) you could change your present config, difficulty, etc...

Innovation- 10/10
You may not notice it, but the game is really a mix of Contra, Final Fight and other types of side-scrollers... You get the ability to fire different weapons just as in Contra, and the screen just gets "filled" with enemies like Final Fight...

Is is worth it?
Well, the idea of pummeling through a stage filled with enemies isn't that new... but, all of the hard-hitting action elements make it interesting and worth a try.

Cress' overall rating- 8
If you love side-scrollers or 'shoot em' ups', definitely give this one a try... It just presents you with lots of cool little innovative elements that everyone should at least play it at least once since it's really a very sort of 'unique' side-scroller experience.

Rating: 8

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