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Reviewed: 07/25/01 | Updated: 07/25/01

Best action game EVER created by the hands of man

This is the mother of all action games and puts Contra to shame and is significantly better than the Megaman games of its time. Why? Ohhh, only because it has enough of a STORYLINE to actually make the player care a bit, and highly memorable bosses.

The graphics were GODLY for its time on the Genesis, especially the fight with the core/giant running ball man with the rotating ground. The mine level on carts is just damn spectacular and the animation with Seven Force, is no less marvelous. To say more is to stain the game of its shine, for mere words cannot be used to compensate for its visual encore. Straight-up in the arse 10 for graphics.

Sound and music... oh yea, the sound, how it shattered my eardrums with elation at hearing the spurts of shots rushing out of my TV. Really, something was really going to blow up. The music is mediocre by itself, but hot damn, coupled with the scenario, is an entire orchestra in itself. The boss themes, like when fighting Seven Force, augments the music's effectiveness and makes it all the more mesmorizing. 10 for this baby.

Game play... good GOD, what has man unleashed upon its youths. The weapons, altough only four preliminary, can be combined with one other (or the same) to make a grand total of TWENTY different weapons. There are: the normal straight-bullet shots, flame, lightning/laser, and homing little triangle things. The combinations of these weapons provides for an entertaining exploration of the game, trying different weapons at different times with different enemies. The variety of action ''sets'' in the game makes it stand uniquely from all other platform action games. In one scene you are on a mine cart going at insane speeds fighting enemies everywhere, going up on the ceiling or down on the ground. Next thing you know you're playing a board game with dices for different levels, and then there's my favorite, the pretty damn difficult space battle in the ship. In two player mode, it's even more entertaining, FAR more.

But I'm still not at the meat of gameplay. What makes this such a good game is the COUNTLESS amounts of boss enemies there are, and oh, believe me, they are each VERY original (except maybe the M.Bison look-alike, but that's only physical and off the point). As mentioned before, Seven Force has got to be the most ingenius of all action bosses ever made. You won't believe it until you try it. If the scale were higher, I'd give it MUCH MUCH higer than a 10, but the gameplay is UP there.

And plot, although non-existent compared to RPGs, is nonetheless, grand in the action arena. That's because the characters, mainly bosses, makes the plot so damn good, which is derived from the bosses fun-factor level in game play, which... ah hell, it's all integrated. 7 or 8, your pick.

Play this game and your eyes shall be lifted of its fog, seeing only barren emptiness in the visual shine of the more ''superior'' and technologically advanced. The game is THAT good.

Rating: 10

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