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Reviewed: 01/27/20

Contra Slug

This game was a surprise. I don’t think anyone expect it to be this good, it’s a game that takes chances and always trying to break the mold. It’s a little Contra, a little Metal Slug, but it’s like it wants to break away from being a generic action game.

Ill be honest as I never really knew the plot to this game. My guess is they are trying to save the world from M. Bison. Seriously, the villain who keeps turning up looks so much like him.

This is a 2 player co-op game where you can carry up to two weapons at a time with the ability to throw objects or enemies or even slide. The best weapons to stick with are either the laser or the chaser. Nobody will stand a chance.

The game begins where you can select from one to four stages. The first one is more of a standard stage to familiarize yourself with the game while the second has you on some go-kart that can also ride on the ceiling. Just be prepared to face a boss with a zillion forms. The third stage has you battling on an airship where you constantly jump up to catch up to it before battling the big brute on a helicopter. Then the fourth stage is a board game with dice. I’m being serious. The game turns into Mario Party.

When all that is done it’s now the final stages where the game becomes even more inventive as you battle the empire on a rooftop, fly through space, and the craziest final stage where all the villains watch you from the monitor as they dispatch one by one to try and stop you.

Gunstar Heroes is an inventive title that makes use out of the Genesis hardware. I love M. Bison’s laugh. It gets me every time. The backgrounds look simply amazing as there never is a dull moment in the foreground or background. It has a wonderful soundtrack to accompany it. The stage clear music gets me with nostalgia every time.

Many cite this as one of their favorite games on the system and I see why. You’ll always wonder what quirky thing the developers would think of next. There is never a dull stage and the whole game feels like arcade action. The only drawback would be the ending. You would think for everything that went on up to that point that there would be a great ending, but it is a little odd and abrupt. However, everything leading up to that ending is simply amazing.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Gunstar Heroes (US, 09/09/93)

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