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Reviewed: 12/27/00 | Updated: 04/26/01

One of the best 2-D shooters ever!

Gunstar Heroes is a 2-D shooter that possibly outmatches every other 2-D shooter ever made. The first time I played this was when I went to my friend's house. The next day, I found 60$ and decided to buy it. I wasn't disappointed, this was awesome! Why is this game so great? Read the review to find out.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are quite good for a Genesis game. The characters aren't TOO big or TOO small, just the right size. The game hasn't slow down while I've played it, and the sheer number of enemies won't slow it down, either!(picture at least 20-30 enemies at a time, firing at you in all directions) The explosions look great, and so do the Boss character models. The graphics are about average.

Sound: 7/10
The sound wasn't really great. Sometimes the music gets annoying, especially when you keep dying at a certain level, and you hate the music level, you just have to mute your TV. The explosions and gun sounds sounded okay, but some of the level music was annoying.

Control: 10/10
The controls are great: A is to change your gun(which is useless once you have 2), B is to shoot, and C is to jump. Jumping twice can make your character do a body slam or a jump kick, depending if you chose to have Free Shot or Fixed Shot, but I'll get to that later. The controls are tight and aren't slippery, which is really good.

Gameplay: 10/10
It's like this: You pick if you want to have Free Shot(run while shooting) or Fixed Shot(can't move while shooting), then you pick your weapon. It can be a machine gun, a laser gun, ''homing triangles'', or a small flamethrower. After that, you pick 1 of 4 starting levels and you start playing.
The gameplay is great, because not only can you shoot, but you can body slam, jump kick, and slide into your enemies. I you have a partner, you can throw him at people! The enemies are smart, they don't always use their guns. They punch and kick you, hurl bombs at you, and can even grab you so that another enemy can kick the crap out of you while you madly tap the buttons to get free from his grasp.
But whatever they can do, you can do back. For instance, if they throw bombs at you, you can throw them back in mid-air if you time it right. You can also throw your enemies like rag dolls. But the thing that makes me proud to own this game is that you can carry another weapon and combine 2 weapons into 1 hell of a gun, such as:

machine gun + machine gun = Huge Minigun
flamethrower + laser = Lightsaber
homing triangles + laser = homing square of electric death

And other combos like that. You'll need combinations like those to kill enemies and bosses easier. There's even a level where you pilot a spacecraft!

Difficulty: 8/10
I beat EASY in 1 hour, but I haven't beaten EXPERT mode since my Genesis RF Switch broke. The game is hard on some parts, but is easy on others.

Fun Factor: 10/10
You'll have tons of fun trying to catch a huge warship taking off from its launch site, playing a deadly board game, driving in a turtle-type mine cart, and other escapades like that, won't you? I think you will.

Replay Value: 10/10
These levels are so great that you and a friend will have a blast(literally) playing the game another time. And with the infinite continues and 2-Player mode, you'll more reasons to come back for more.

Overall: 10/10
If you ever see this game being sold used, or see this game at a cheap price, I recommend that you buy it. If you liked the Contra series(except for those crappy PSX versions), then you'll fall in love with this game!

Tuesday, December 26, 2000
Chaos2000 a.k.a. PeDRð MðNTðYa >:-)

Rating: 10

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