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Reviewed: 05/29/09

Wow! What a Game!

After not playing this brilliant Treasure title for 19 years of my life, I finally purchased Gunstar Heroes last year, and boy did I make an excellent purchase. There is a reason why Treasure, and this game are so celebrated; because everything is done right. The game play is phenomenal, the story is generic, but unique in that it exists in its own universe, and keeps you entertained throughout the game. Oh, and not to mention the graphics and sounds are among the best on the Genesis. Sounds perfect does it not? Well, the review will let you know, and game play kicks it off.

Game play: 10/10

I beat this game on my second time playing it, and while it took a lot of patience and persistence, I was able to beat it because of how great a pick up and play game it is. Gunstar Heroes is a game you can jump right into, and have a blast doing so. The controls are very easy to understand (and configure, if need be), and are laid out in a typical, run 'n gun way. You have a choice of only four different weapons, however each has its own attributes, and uses. Furthermore, the weapons can be mixed, thus adding attributes of two weapons, to create one unique weapon (homing, and flamethrower for example creates a homing flamethrower). Your character (one of the brothers) can do more than just shoot; he can double jump, swing, crawl, and even throw enemies, there is a lot for him to do aside from running and gunning. There are four initial levels to the game, and once they are beaten, four more levels become open, including a shooting level and a surprise mini-level! (though I will not spoil anything) There is just something special about Gunstar Heroes, just as there is with Treasure's Saturn beat-em-up, Guardian Heroes, a certain pull factor that gets you sucked into the game, and you cannot put it down. Call it the Treasure charm! The story is another good part of the game.

Story: 8/10

An evil organisation has decided to take over whatever is left of Earth, and unleash a terrible god of evil. The Gunstars (a family, consisting of Red, Blue, their sister Yellow, and their older brother Green, who is a leader of the empire) have been established to try and right the world, and they will stop at nothing rid the world of this evil, and the evil organisation. Again, a fairly generic story, however the fine details keep you engrossed in the game, and it makes you want to find out how the story ends. The story takes a little bit of a hit from the game play, though the graphics will bring the score up a little bit.

Graphics: 10/10

Some of the Genesis' best graphics are in Gunstar Heroes; crisp, clear visuals, and nothing obscures the characters or the fantastic backgrounds at all. The boss characters (orange, black, pink {notice a trend yet?}) look highly distinct, and quite comical. As I mentioned though the background graphics are what truly stand out, as they have depth, bright, vivid color, and great detail. The graphics in Gunstar Heroes are nothing short of awesome. The same thing can be said about the sounds.

Sounds: 10/10

What a great soundtrack! The tunes are upbeat, catchy, and unique. I may just download 'em to my ipod... Not only does it sound great, but it is also very in depth, as one can tell that each musical piece is a well composed one. The sound effects are also great as every character and weapon has their own unique sound. But the music... I just cannot say anything bad about the soundtrack, its outstanding. Replay is where this game slips a bit sadly...

Replay ability: 7/10

While this is a fairly good replay game, after the hour or two it takes to play through, you may not want to play the game again, though it is a fantastic game, and it deserves more than one play through. There are some surprises that may make you come back, however, there are no unlock-ables, and that is something that is too bad.

Buy or Rent?

If you have a chance to rent it, buy it instead, you cannot go wrong, as the game is truly a fantastic one.

I am not on the Treasure bandwagon, let me mention that. In fact, after Guardian Heroes and Dynamite Headdy, I have not played any Treasure games. However, the three Treasure games that I have played, have been at the top of their genre, truly quality, fun, and challenging titles, that demand game play. Gunstar Heroes is one of them, and while I won't go back to it constantly, it is a game that I will play more than others. "No Green, no!!!!"

Rating: 9

Product Release: Gunstar Heroes (US, 09/09/93)

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