Review by Indy1988

Reviewed: 12/03/07

This game flat puts the BOOM in blasting!!

Hello, everybody! This is my first review, and my first pick is (lo and behold!) Gunstar Heroes!! Treasure's very first game, starting out as a financial flop, has come a long way since its debut in 1993, and has become a critical hit. This is the first of many games of Treasure since they've split from Konami. Does it deserve the praise? Here's the lowdown! Drumroll please...

Story: You are of the Gunstar unit, an elite unit of commandos that has protected your planet for years. All is well, until one day, General Gray and Smash Daisaku (a.k.a. Colonel Red) has captured and mind-controlled Green-the Gunstars' best guardian-and stole the Four Gems in hopes of trying to resurrect Golden Silver, the God of Ruin. You (and a buddy if you choose) have been given strict orders to destroy the Empire and ultimately defeat the God of Ruin! (a 1000-year-old-android, not "god"......okay, a cheap story, but it propels the game for the nitty-gritty. Nobody cared about )

Gameplay (10/10): At the beginning, you and your friend can pick "free shot" or "fixed shot" and 1 of 4 types of weapons. All that aside, this is probably the best feature of the game! You shoot and nuke stuff, and this is a perfect game for competition, very great in the Sega Genesis days! The bosses are fun to take out, too! And you can even throw your counterpart, robots, and even bombs!

Sound (9/10): The second-best feature in the game, The best sounds are, in my opinion, the boss tunes and the ending tune. (And there's even a sound test if you wish to goof around with it!) Very entrancing and moves the game splendidly! The sounds are perfect for the game. There's even brief voice samples to make the game feel more realistic.

Graphics(9/10): If you think Capcom does a good job in explosions, think again! These graphics are practically state-of-the-art, and one of the best examples is the Mining Cart Stage (the second stage.) When stuff goes boom, they go BOOM!! Also, the bosses are impressive (especially Green's Seven Force incarnations, Black's creations, and the Unit of the Runner)!
The final boss (Golden Silver) looks kinda dorky, but you'll find out he doesn't joke around, either!

Overall: If you're looking for something for the Virtual Console and some multiplayer fun, this game's a good start, with all the above mentioned. Have fun blasting! :-)


Rating: 9

Product Release: Gunstar Heroes (US, 12/11/06)

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