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Reviewed: 03/09/07 | Updated: 03/12/07

An Amazing Shooting Game Which Deserves A lot of Respect

Welcome to my review for the game Gunstar Heroes on the Nintendo Wii virtual console. This game is about 2 Gunstars and they are on a mission to destroy each evil boss in each level. You adventure in levels from Jungle to the sky and to much more. This game was originally released by Sega back in 1993 and it hit one the top positions in video games. The outstanding graphics and addictive game play have come back to life for Sega and for people who did not buy the game, its your chance now for the Virtual console. To add more entertainment, this game is multi player Co-op, meaning that you need another mate over and then you can enjoy the simple and amazing game play in store.

The graphics I should say are one of the best for the Sega, it looks very much real and at it has certainly passed my expectations. It has no parts in the game that look blurry, most of the game comes from pure success, well done Sega for this game. Giving the point it is not colour ful, most of the whole background looks like it has been stripped off images on the Internet, no it has not, Sega have drawn and designed this game very well and it will keep you thinking in your head that it has awesome graphics and not one part lacks.

The game play is the most succeeded part in the creation of the game. It has levels which can either be hard and contain lots of enemies, the legendary dice maze which is kinda like Monopoly and the best one, long levels. You may get frustrated of them because the enemies always wip your but, but who cares, more time of blowing their buts off. You can collect life and weapons, they usually come from enemies but the weapon comes from the bird that flies and drops them on the ground, be careful of what you pick because some weapons you might pick up look strong but turn out being one of the worst in the game.

The difficulty in levels are set very high if your playing Co-op, because you have 2 gunstars and the enemies get to double them selves, in other words more enemies come out to play (I Like that). But if you are playing 1 player then the enemies that come out in 2 player are shortened to make the level easier (I don't like that).

I strongly suggest to buy this game because it has lots and lots of entertainment stored in it. It will be a promising experience if you buy it and it will get you into more multi player action.

Overall Gunstar heroes for the Wii's Virtual console is a magnificent game that should be obtained in any way. If you love games with outstanding graphics and addictive game play, this game should be your first choice. You adventure in around 6 levels which all take 5-10 minutes to complete and if your bored, why don't you go re play some levels and knock more enemy buts off.

Rating: 10

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