Review by nmlynch2004

Reviewed: 02/22/07

A forgettable, bland experience


I had never played Gunstar Heroes until I downloaded it for the Wii, from what I had heard on this site and others about it. I was intrigued at first, but what I found about this game surprised me.

Despite the glowing reviews others have given this game, I didn't like it that much. I mean, it wasn't terrible, or anything, but it wasn't exceptional like it had been made out to be.

Allow me to explain.


First off, the graphics are pretty pleasing, as far as a Genesis game goes. Not only do they look good, but this game has surprisingly little slowdown - and there is a lot of action onscreen. Constant explosions, usually a lot of movement, and not a hiccup as far as the action goes.


Soundwise, this game is pretty bad. The music is low quality, and is more annoying than anything else. I found it better to play this game with the sound turned down.


Now the gameplay is where I feel this game has been overrated. It's not as though the gameplay is terrible, it's just that it gets repetitive fast. Usually, you fight the same guys over and over again, though they might change colors. The levels are short, with everything being fairly easy up until a very challenging boss. There are only 5 levels, and they all seem bland. You run to the right in the first level, killing stuff. Okay, cool. Then in the next level, you are in some sort of mine shaft or something, and you can jump between walls and ceilings as it moves really fast, and you... kill stuff in carts. And don't even get me started on the dice level. That was just annoying as hell.

You do, however, have some choices when it comes to weapons, and this bolsters the game a little. You have four weapons, that can be combined in any way with one another, or themselves. For example, you could have two Lightning powerups, giving you an almost invincible gun, or you could have a Lightning and a Fire powerup, giving you something else. This allows for different ways to play through the game should you want to play through it again.


Seeing as how my first playthrough of this game was forgettable, I have yet to play through it completely again. I've tried, but I just don't find myself interested - it just seems so bland and the constant explosions don't add as much fun to the experience as I had hoped. Trying out different weapon combinations was nice, but why limit myself to a weak weapon when I easily have the ability to use a weapon that practically kills everything on the screen for me?

Final Recommendation

As someone who had not played Gunstar Heroes until 2006, I must say that I do not recommend this game to anyone who is not a huge fan of these type of shooter games. After I beat it, I felt no desire to go back and play this game again, unlike other, more replayable games available on the VC. If you need a game of this type to play, download Contra III - it's a better game.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Rating: 6

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