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Reviewed: 01/02/07

This game truly stood the test of time.

Gunstar Heroes... I really don't know how to describe this game without using the word "perfect". It's a Sega Genesis classic, and one of the greatest games of the 16-bit era. To be honest, I haven't played too many run and gun games before this one, but Gunstar Heroes might have made me a fan of them. I can also say that this is probably one of the best VC games on the Wii's Virtual Console right now.

Now, to the actual game itself... Gunstar Heroes is a 2D run and gun shooter, that was one of the most innovative of its time. You play as either Gunstar Red or Blue, and your objective is to get the four gems back from Colonel Red, the antagonist. I won't go too far into the story, as there is a small (but important) plot twist later on in the game.

The game plays wonderfully. The controls are easy to learn, and anyone can learn them within minutes. You can play this game with either the Wii Remote (held horizontally), the Classic Controller, or the Gamecube controller. I personally use the Wii Remote, as I find it more convenient. On the Wiimote, you use the directional pad to move, (1) to shoot, (2) to jump, and the A button to switch weapons. It's obviously different on the other controllers (due to different buttons), but the style is relatively the same. The game itself is also quite challenging, depending on the difficulty level you set it to. So if you beat the game on normal and find it easy, try the hardest difficulty.

Gunstar Heroes's graphics were wonderful for its time. The characters and enemies are manga-like, and are pretty detailed if you consider the technology they had back then. The environment in the background is also good for its time. The weapons look cool, especially Fire. The graphics obviously don't compare with the graphics of today's video games, but to judge them based on today's standards would be completely unfair.

The re-playability factor in this game is really important, as the game itself will probably take you less than an hour to complete on easy mode, and a bit more than an hour on normal. I haven't tried hard mode yet, so I can't comment on its length. But to make up for the length of the game, there's an amazing co-op mode in this game. It's basically the main game, but you can play with a friend, making it much easier, but much, much more fun.

It's been almost 14 years since this game first came out, and all I can say is wow. This game is the closest you can get to perfect. And the best thing: it's only 800 Wii Points. That's $8, which is pretty cheap compared to how expensive this game can get on sites like eBay. This is definitely the best VC title right now, and maybe even one of the best titles on the Wii itself.

Rating: 10

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