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Reviewed: 09/20/06

*Insert Captain Planet Joke Pertaining to the Characters*

Gunstar Heroes is a game made by Treasure, for anyone who has played this game, it has become a classic to us.

The Graphics of Gunstar Heroes are done well, but not exactly great. The Backgrounds look fairly well, but most of the characters/enemies have a Chibi-Like appearance. Heads that look like a boulder compared to the body. The different Weapon spheres look realistic with a shine and such, but you probably won't get much time to take a look at them. In the end levels, the backgrounds look exceptionally good. There aren't any Framerate problems at all, considering the amount of things going on at once. This is especially noticeable in the faster levels, when the backgrounds are also moving extremely fast.

The Music in this game is great, and you'll be so focused on killing your enemies like Rambo did the Vietnamese, that it won't get repetitive to you. Each level has one or two different tracks, not including the Boss Music. The sounds are satisfying, whether it be from shooting, hitting something, or an explosion. Each weapon has a completely different sound to it, including the many combinations, the only thing I didn't like was how slow the text was during scenes.

Gunstar Heroes is a Side-Scroller, Beat-'Em-Up, Action-Shooter. It's fast paced and quite difficult alone, and sometimes even with a partner. You'll rarely get a break. Even the first level is fast and difficult alone. At the start of the game, you can choose from one of 4 weapons. You will always start out with that weapon throughout the game. In levels, you can replace and add on to that one. Such as Power + Fire, or Chaser + Lightning. Or even Chaser + Chaser. All of them can be combined to create a stronger, and deadlier weapon. Use all the combinations and get a feel for which one you like. Some missions are special, where you're in a Vehicle. They're much faster than normal.

Believe it or not, Gunstar Heroes is more than just brutal killing, believe it or not. The story is something along the lines of some evil dude wants to take over/destroy the planet by summoning a mythical entity called Golden Silver. You go through the game collecting "Gems" to stop him from summoning Golden Silver. Right from the start of the game there's a sense of betrayal and plot twists. It starts out with the Professor and Yellow making you go through four levels to get the four gems, then you move into space and eventually reach the end.

There is Replay Value as this game is challenging, fun for two people, and it's fun to just go through blowing everything to pieces, watching them explode and replaying it just for the Hell of it. The Gameplay element alone is enough to keep coming back for more. It's even funner when you come back with Two Players, not only is it easier, but it's fun to use each other in combos. But with fun, there is arguing. Things like who got the last Health Pick-Up, or who grabbed the Weapon that you wanted. Things like that, but then again, things like that always show up in Co-Op games.

Graphics: 8/10.
Sound: 9/10.
Gameplay: 8/10.
Story: 7/10.
Replay Value: 6/10.

Overall: 8/10.

To sum up this review, Gunstar Heroes is a great Side-Scrolling-Action game that's face paced with a noticeable difficulty and fairly interesting plot. It's even better with two people and can be enjoyed to more than its fullest. A game with a great Single player, but an even better, but argumentative, Co-Op mode. This game will be fun for the ages.

Rating: 8

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