Review by chaotic_midget

Reviewed: 04/20/06

How many other games feature a flamethrower AND a lightsaber?

I didn't play this game much when it first came up but around 2000, the game gradually grew on me. Now, my cousin and I play it every time I go over to her house without fail.

Plot/Storyline: Not much to say here. The storyline is slighlty cliched (a former hero who turns heel on the other heroes, a princess is captured, the empire needs to be saved, same old, same old) but the storyline doesn't play a large role in the game so it shouldn't matter AS much. 6.5/10

Gameplay: Pretty basic. You simply run and jump and such while enemies attempt to mob you. The endless stream of enemies can become annoying to newcomers but they don't all attack you at once so it's not as terrible as it seems. 8/10

Weapons and Attacks: This game is one of the few that actually have a great balance of weapons and melee abilities. At the start of the game, a player picks there shooting style (free shot meaning that you can move while firing while fixed shot is the opposite) as well as their base weapon choice. There are four different "elements": Lightning, Chaser, Force and Fire. Throughout the levels, a mechanical bird-like creature will drop more "elements" for the character to combine two elements into a different weapon. These weapons range from an enormous flamethrower (Fire+Fire) to a lightsaber (Fire+Lightning) to a bending sphere shooter (Chaser+Force). That's just the weapon portion. Along with these varying weapons, each character can perform many strong and often effective melee attacks. Among these attacks are the slide tackle, the throw, and the mid-air superman-like dive. At certain points in the game (as well as boss fights), melee attacks become necessary for a player's success. 10/10

Music: There's nothing along the lines of an RPG soundtrack but for this particular game, the music suits it well. Fast-paced, action-type music accompanies the levels rather well and the sound effects are top-notch. 8/10

Levels: While relatively simplistic in design, the little details make the game that much mroe enjoyable. For example, the ledges spread out throughout many of the stages give the player, when hanging, the ability to shoot in a 360 degree motion . Alos, the magnetic track stage adds another element to a pretty disorienting stage and boss fight. The Dice Palace, while sometimes annoying (particularly Minion Man and Curry&Rice), is a great place to prepare for much more difficult bosses and to test out weapon combos without disturbance. 8.5/10

Bosses: The bosses are abundant and vicious in this game. Altogether, I believe there are 17 of them (mini and main) and they are each a pain if the right tactics are not used to defeat them. Luckily, if you die while fighting the bosses, the game will usually restart right before the fight so you don't have to redo the level. But the bosses are no pushover, especially the last one (he has 8000+ HP!). 10/10


-After the Commander Orange boss fight, while you are falling down from the broken airplane, try to line your left leg with the pillar on the right on the building in the background (If you can even understand that, you have accomplished soemthing great). If done correctly, you should be able to land directly on Commander Orange's crotch ^_^. It doesn't do anything but it's amusing and my cousin and I continue to do it every time we play.

Overall, this game gets a 9/10. It's an awesome game, both single and co-op, and can provide much entertainment. Plus, replaying this game rarely gets old (at least for me) so you can pull this out 10 years from now and still have a great time.

Rating: 9

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