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Weapon Combinations FAQ by fabian_

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/17/2004


                 Gunstar Heroes: Weapons Combinations FAQ
                         For Sega Genesis/MegaDrive
                               Version 1.0
                                March 2004
                Copyright (2004) fabian (fabian@roxette.org)

Gunstar Heroes, all of the trademarks, characters and anything related are
trademarks and copyrighted ownership of Treasure (1993). Sega, Genesis and
Megadrive are trademarks of Sega Corporation (1993-2004).


::: FRONT END :::
This "Gunstar Heroes: Weapon Combinations FAQ" is the original work of 
Fabian Davy (fabian@roxette.org). The copy that you are reading now can
originally be obtained from www.gamefaqs.com.

For future requests of posting my guide, I have decided to review my posting
policy. From October 2003, any web-masters or individuals who wish to include
my guide in their web site and have obtained my permission to do so, can freely
distribute this guide as long as it is not used for any commercial gains. Bear
in mind though that this can only be done after asking for permission from me
by e-mail. The information here is highly prohibited to be published in any
paysites or game magazines or anything else that is money driven/oriented
whether directly or indirectly. Reproduction of this guide in any form is
also not allowed as long as it is for your own personal use. No alteration or
modification of any form is allowed to the original document. However, you are
allowed to use the contents of this guide without informed consent by
acknowledging me in the credits as well as where did you obtain my guide
(which version, etc.). This rule however assumes that you are not plagiarising
this document. In short, proper referencing please!!!!

If you wish to publish this guide in your site, you can do so by sending me
just a simple email informing me of your intention. I am not going to send you
the guide by email. In case of any new updates, just check the GameFAQs.com
pages to download the new version. I am allowing this because I do lost track
of time when I am checking my email (since that I don't have a home internet
connection) and it can take me days or even weeks to respond.

My point is: Don't plagiarise. It took quite an effort to produce this guide.
Why pirate it when it's already free. I know you are wise to make the decision.
My trust is with you.

CONTENTS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


[2.0]      FIRING MODE
           - Free Shot
           - Fixed Shot
[3.0]      BASIC WEAPONS
           - Force
           - Lightning
           - Fire
           - Chaser

           - Force + Force
           - Force + Lightning
           - Force + Fire
           - Force + Chaser
           - Lightning + Lightning
           - Lightning + Fire
           - Lightning + Chaser
           - Fire + Fire
           - Fire + Chaser
           - Chaser + Chaser


[1.0]  INTRODUCTION  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Well, here I am doing a Gunstar Heroes FAQ. It has been a long, long time
since I played this game on my MegaDrive but it was sure a very exciting
experience. Gunstar Heroes is one of the best titles for the 16 bit Sega
MegaDrive. If you can imagine what Treasure did with this game especially for
a system with limited capabilities, you'll be impressed. Since that this game
is already more than 11 years old from time of release, it will be very hard
for you to find a working copy (except ROMs but we don't want to go there,
now, do we?). I read on the boards that some people are selling this game on
internet auction sites such as eBay, so you can try your luck there. I will
never sell my copy of the game since I bought it with my hard earned money
(I was 12 years old at that time. Money was a precious commodity) and also
because the game really rocks. I am even sure that it can even beat hit
shoot-'em-up games such as the excellent Metal Slug series on the Neo Geo
and arcade. How many games allow you to kick, throw and slide and shoot
bullet at the same time. Very few huh? Consider that at the year this FAQ
was written (2004), the graphic and memory capabilities of the current
systems have increased hundreds fold and yet it is still hard to find a game
such as these. A priceless classic.

    When I read the General FAQs, I have noticed that the weapons combinations
aspect have already been covered. Some are extensive and some are quite basic.
So why did another FAQ where the info can be found elsewhere too? Simple. I
am hoping to write a more in-depth, extensive FAQ about the aspect of weapons
combinations (or hybrids as I refer them here). I hope that I did a great job
for this lovely game. Enjoy!

[2.0]  FIRING MODE  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
There are two firing modes that you can choose at the beginning of the game.
It is important that you decide which firing mode that you prefer to use
because you cannot change this option later on in the game, not even during
continues. Here are the characteristics of each firing mode:

|              FREE SHOT               |              FIXED SHOT            |
| * Enables you to fire shots while    | * You can only fires shots when    |
|   moving around (walking, jumping).  |   you are not moving.              |
| * You can switch position (from      | * To switch firing positions, you  |
|   standing to crouching or vice      |   need to release the fire button  |
|   versa) and still firing your shots |   for a moment before resuming.    |
| * Aiming is difficult as you tend to | * You can aim your shots at eight  |
|   move while changing your aim.      |   directions while standing or     |
|   To aim at certain directions, you  |   while hanging on a platform      |
|   need to jump and then point at a   |   and still be static.             |
|   desired direction or even moving   |                                    |
|   around to do so                    |                                    |
|                                      |                                    |
| * Ideal for:                         | * Ideal for:                       |
|   - Close range combat, when there   |   - Long range firing especially   |
|     are a lot of enemies on screen.  |     when dealing with bosses.      |
|   - Firing and dodging enemy attacks |   - Firing at the enemy from a     |
|     at the same time.                |     (specific) safe distance.      |
|   - Offensive tactic, good for       |   - Defensive tactic when using    |
|     taking advantage of those short  |     'Lightning + Fire' and 'Fire   |
|     range, powerful Fire hybrids.    |     + Chaser' hybrids that posses  |
|   - Majorly Chaser Hybrids.          |     awesome destructive powers as  |
|                                      |     you don't exposure yourself to | 
|                                      |     any harm by moving yourself to |
|                                      |     change your firing aim.        |
|                                      |   - Majorly Lightning and Fire     | 
|                                      |     hybrids and a few Force        |
|                                      |     hybrids.                       |

[3.0]  BASIC WEAPONS  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
At the start of the game, you will be asked to select your initial weapon
type. The selection is very important because you will be stucked with a
weapon type everytime you start over.

F O R C E                                                      BASIC WEAPONS
Force is basically a bullet-based projectile weapon. The most prominent trait
of Force is rapid fire, meaning that hits that came out from the weapons are
fast and plenty. The second most prominent feature is the size of the shots,
which is the biggest of all. Any combination of weapons with a Force will
posses this characteristic, so if you need a weapon type that can spread
widely, able to fire many shots at a time without a lag, this is your choice.
Force based weapons has very good firing reach, as good as Lightning but with
one distinctive trait that separates a Force and a Lighting: Force weapons
cannot pass through barriers such as walls or dividers. In terms of damage,
Force is a bit higher than Lightning, second to Fire.

When To Use Force:
- Too Many Enemies On Screen.
  Force based weapons will help you to keep the enemies away because of its
  extensive firing. If you have a lot of enemies on screen that like to
  charge at your, Force will at least prevent them from getting close to you.
  This is particularly useful when fighting against those small soldiers that
  love to kick and throw you as you get close to them. They might be small
  but annoying as hell.

- You Need Big Firing Range
  Weapon combinations with a Force will always have the upper advantage of
  having big firing/shooting range. If precise firing is not your thing, you
  are better off with Force. This is why Force is great for chaotic full
  screen fighting as well as for dealing with bosses because you can just
  aim the shots anywhere and guarantee that it will hit any enemy.

L I G H T N I N G                                              BASIC WEAPONS
Lightning is a weapon type that fires thin blue energy ray (sort of like a
blue laser beam). Using a Lightning weapon assumes better precision and
skills in firing the shots in a particular direction (unlike Force) because
Lightning can only be aimed at one direction at a time. If combined with a
weapon element, the resulting combination is a weapon type that posses
limited hit/attack area even though Lightning can travel towards the end of
the screen. Lightning's best property is its ability to go through barriers
such as an enemy bullet, walls or any physical dividers that other weapons
cannot touch. It can even pass through the enemies' body. Damage wise,
Lightning is the third most damaging weapon after Force.

When To Use Lightning:
- The Enemy Is Protected By A Shield/Barrier.
  A few bosses in the game actually makes it harder for you to hit them by
  protecting themselves with distracting elements such as homing bombs,
  bubbles, secondary enemies on the screen, multiple hit blasts or their
  protective body parts. Things can get even harder if the enemy can only be
  hit at specific times, very much like a turtle withdrawing into its shell.
  For this you need Lightning so that even if you cannot destroy all the
  distracting elements, at least the enemy suffers some damage.

F I R E                                                        BASIC WEAPONS
Fire is the most powerful weapon in this game. Any weapon element combined
with Fire will be very powerful, in fact Fire based hybrids top the list
of most powerful weapons. The bad thing is, Fire based weapons are very
limited in attack range: the worst of all four. Because of its tremendous
power, some combinations of Fire based weapons can even extinguished enemy's
projectile attack such as bullets, lasers, energy force or stop a blast.
That's how powerful this weapon is.

When To Use Fire:
- The Enemy Life Points Is Huge.
  This is very straight forward but comes with a catch: if you are able to
  get close to the enemy, then it's fine or else forget it. Fire based
  weapons are very bad for long range attacks and can be suicidal if being
  used. If you are going against bosses, Fire is not usually a good choice
  unless you are very skillful in approaching the enemy.
- You Need To Project Yourself/Your Partner From The Enemies Attacks.
  Fire based hybrids such as 'Fire + Chaser' or 'Fire + Lightning' are
  extremely damaging but comes with very limited range. You can benefit
  from this weapon by NOT TO ATTACK THE ENEMY but to PROTECT. Yes, examples
  of the two weapon hybrids are so powerful that they can vaporise
  enemy bullets, bombs, stray energy beams or even gigantic blast upon
  contact. You can perform a strategy of one player protecting the other
  player who is actually doing the attacking. This can be very useful when
  fighting against bosses such as the 7 Force.

C H A S E R                                                    BASIC WEAPONS
Chaser is the least damaging weapon in the game. The best trait of Chaser is
its homing ability. In other word, Chaser based weapons are able to seek out
enemies without being aimed properly. Chaser will only attack enemies or any
elements on the screen that can be destroyed, very suitable if you unsure of
which body part of the enemies that can receive damage.

When To Use Chaser
- Damage Is Not Your Priority
  Very well said. If you need to vanquish an enemy in the shortest time
  possible, ignore this weapon or else you are wasting your time. For normal
  battles against minor enemies, Chaser based weapons are fine. Against
  bosses, you are tempting prepare a lot of time spent of firing (and
- Precise Aiming Is Difficult
  There are times when the enemies are very hard to be hit, either because
  they are protected by some sort of barrier or protective body parts (of a
  machine) or if the vulnerable area is out of reach (even with long range
  weapons such as Force or Lightning). This is when Chaser works best
  because you don't have to aim the shots at the right direction: the Chaser
  will do the hard work for you. It can also be said that if you want an
  effortless battle you can always choose this weapon type.

[4.0]  WEAPON HYBRIDS  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Two basic weapons can be combined together to form a hybrid (or combination)
that possesses the traits of the two. This is one the best part of Gunstar
Heroes as you can switch between one hybrid to another in order to fit the
fighting needs at the time. Did I mention that it is so fun too? Anyway,
at the end of each hybrid descriptions are ratings for the traits possessed
by the hybrid. Here's what the rating points actually meant:

Damage        :  The amount of damage produced by this hybrid on the enemy.
Range         :  The hitting range that the shots fired from the weapon can
Hit Factor    :  The amount of area that the shots can cover at one time.
                 A particular hybrid might that has bigger points for Range
                 (usually Lightning Hybrids) doesn't necessarily attain big
                 points for Hit Factor (usually assigned for Force or
                 Chaser hybrids).
Rapidity      :  The rate of how fast (or how rapid) the shots are fired.
Aiming        :  The effort needed in aiming the weapons to hit the enemy
                 precisely. More effort needed will result in lower points
                 (Lightning hybrids likely).

F O R C E  +  F O R C E
This is basically a souped up version of the basic Force. You'll get bigger
and wider shots, fired at an intense, very rapid pace. The shots fired from
this weapon travels out in a Y shaped style: a straight firing line that
branches out into two randomly swivering paths. So you'll get an ever bigger
and wider shooting zone from this behaviour.

- The biggest plus is of course the huge shots being fired. You can focus to
  hit more than one enemy at a time, very useful when dealing with a crowded
  battle area. For body-area specific enemies such as stage bosses, this
  weapon is highly suitable in increasing your chance of hitting the right
  vulnerable spot, very good for bosses that moves around a lot or those
  bosses that hides the vulnerable spot during a specific time frame.
- This weapon is not actually very powerful, as least not as powerful as Fire
  based hybrids. Because of its very rapid firing pace, the enemies receive
  more hits at one time, meaning more life points is drained away
  during a continuos firing streak. As I have said before, Force weapons are
  very good in keeping the enemy at bay, especially this hybrid. When dealing
  with a single boss (unaided), this weapon is perfect in keeping a safe
  distance between yourself and the enemy while at the same time inflicting

- Sometimes you will be fighting against enemies that can take huge damage
  points before being defeated. Higher level enemies such as bosses sometimes
  are able to move around even when they are receiving hits. This can be bad
  because this weapon's firing shots will be obstructed by the enemy as he/she
  (or it) gets closer and closer to you. Because Force weapons don't posses
  the ability to shot through elements, this would means that all of the
  fired shots are absorbed by the enemy (until the enemy is destroy). If
  there are more than one enemies on screen at one time, you'll be unable to
  protect yourself from their attacks.

- Both are okay because you don't need to aim the shots clearly since the
  shots are big enough anyway
|  Damage      6/10   |
|  Range       7/10   |
|  Hit Factor  6/10   |
|  Rapidity    9/10   |
|  Aiming      6/10   |

F O R C E  +  L I G H T N I N G
From the looks of this weapon, it doesn't really detract much from the basic
Lightning. What you get from this hybrid is rapid laser shots that stray
(or spread into many direction) as you change the direction of your weapon's
aim. The fired shots are even more rapid than the basic Lightning, benefiting
from the union with the Force. Damage is not really great but at least you
are able to use the ability of Lightning's penetrative shot with Force's
nimble launching speed. There's a catch though: if you wanted to launch stray
shots, you need to 'wave' the direction aim of your weapon. What this means
is to constantly change the direction of your aim weapon. If not you will
only be firing at one straight line. Notice that you get two very evident
weapons traits from this union. Not all hybrids showcase this behaviour

- This weapons highlights the most prominent features of Force and Lightning,
  so if you need a weapon that is able to fire shot at many areas at one time
  and being able to pass through obstructive elements: this is your cup of tea.
  It is fine for regular enemies and bosses but there is no clear indication
  that it is better for a particular enemy type. This is because damage wise,
  this weapon is very much average class.

- Having two great features in one weapon usually means that you will have to
  sacrifice something for that. For this, this weapon inflicts average damage
  to the enemies. When fighting against regular enemies such as the soldiers,
  it is not really perfect but good enough. Against bosses, the damage is
  quite small and you might take more time defeating them. However, this is
  not really a big hindrance for you as you are able to hit more vulnerable
  area than more powerful weapons (such as Fire based combinations) due to
  its long range (and penetrative abilities). As a conclusion, using this
  weapon is not really a bad thing after all.

- Fixed Shots is a better option because this enables you to aim at multiple
  direction without moving around a lot. You'll tap the 'stray' shots ability
  much better too especially when fighting the bosses. Free Shots Mode is
  okay but most of the time you will be firing in a straight line which
  defeats the purpose of using this weapon to the max. You can still fire the
  'stray' shot but this would mean jumping around or moving back and forth
  to change the direction of your aim. Rather troublesome and risky in my

|  Damage      5/10   |
|  Range       8/10   |
|  Hit Factor  6/10   |
|  Rapidity    7/10   |
|  Aiming      5/10   |

F O R C E  +  F I R E
With this weapon combination, you'll be firing big fireballs that will spread
(or rather explode) into multiple similarly sized fireballs upon contact with
anything solid (walls, enemies, the ground, etc). The size of the fireballs
is the same as the single size of the shot produced by the 'Force + Force'
hybrid. The firing speed is a bit slower as you'll be launching about 2
fireballs in one second. The fireballs as being said before, will explode as
it comes into contact with anything solid. It can also be triggered to explode
by letting go of the the fire button (B button by default), useful if it is
hard to aim properly. The damage produced by this weapon is very good and
highly suitable for fast demolition.

- Despite of the slower firing speed, this weapon is even better for hitting
  multiple enemies because of the widespread explosion. Imagine a series of
  chain explosions damaging the enemies (and we are talking about powerful
  explosions here). For single bosses, this weapons is lovely for long range
  attacks. You still need to aim though because the fireballs will not explode
  if they don't touch the enemies' body (or body parts).

- For close combat, you are taking a risk using this. The shots fired is not
  fast enough even though the damage is big and the explosions are wide. Most
  of the time, the enemy will surpassed you by hitting you first so that you
  are unable to fire at them. The most rational way to get back at them is to
  do 'button tapping' or else pressing the fire button and then releasing it
  rapidly. This is done to trigger the explosions without actually having the
  balls to hit the enemy. The end result is a fire shield that surrounds your
  player. This can be very tedious to do and you are better off doing physical
  attacks instead.
- Not all of the environments are actually constructed of 'solid' elements
  that can cause the balls to explode upon contact. If the enemy is the type
  that move from one point to another very fast, you'll be having a hard time
  to hit or even benefit from the explosion trait. The slow firing pace doesn't
  help much either by constantly missing the enemy.

- Fixed Shot definitely. Keep in mind that this weapon is better used from a
  far distance and using it in Fixed Shot mode helps you to aim better and of
  course safer too. Free Shot mode is suitable if you are just firing at one
  direction most of the time. Still, even in this mode, it is highly advisable
  to fire the shots from afar. You don't have enough time to let the balls to
  hit the enemy up close.

|  Damage      8/10   |
|  Range       7/10   |
|  Hit Area    7/10   |
|  Rapidity    4/10   |
|  Aiming      6/10   |

F O R C E  +  C H A S E R
Visually, this weapon looks exactly like the 'Force + Force' hybrid without
the 'Y' shaped shooting behaviour. Instead you'll get a straight line of big
orange bullet balls that aims automatically at the enemies. The homing
behaviour of this weapon type is very specific because the straight line shots
can only 'bend' itself about 80 degrees from its neutral (straight) point.
If you are firing straight up, this means that the shots are able to move
either 80 degress to the left of the right. If you are firing straight forward,
the shots can move 80 degress upwards or downwards. The rapidity of the shots
is the same as the 'Force + Force' combination but the damage is the lowest
for a Force hybrid.

- This is a rapid-firing, wide shot, homing weapon. It combines the 'push back'
  factor of the Force weapon with the homing skills of Chaser. Even though it
  can only focus on one enemy at one time, the fired shots are released in a
  continuos pace. This creates a 'string' like appearance of the orange bullet
  shots. Other enemies can still be whipped by this 'string' line even though
  the shots are not aimed directly at them. The switching pace, from one enemy
  to another is fast, ensuring that you'll constantly hit any enemy within the
  'bending' range.

- For one, this is an exclusive one-enemy-at-one-time weapon. The weapon does
  not discriminate between enemy types as it only focus on firing at the enemy
  nearest to its firing line. If there are many enemies on screen, you'll see
  that the weapon will randomly shot at the enemies even though that particular
  enemy is not your main target. This can be annoying when fighting against
  enemies that fires demolishable missiles, bullets or bombs because you cannot
  hit them properly.
- Another limiting factor is the 'bending' range of this weapon. This is the
  only hybrid type of Chaser that requires you to do some aiming. When the
  weapon is all 'stretched out' and cannot reach out anymore, you need to
  change the direction of your aim.

- No hard rule since it can used finely for both mode. Fixed Shot Mode is good
  if you constantly changes your aim to fit the 'bending' restriction. Free
  Shot is still good because you only need to change the direction your
  character is facing as the shots is able to adjust itself.

|  Damage      5/10   |
|  Range       6/10   |
|  Hit Area    6/10   |
|  Rapidity    8/10   |
|  Aiming      6/10   |

L I G H T N I N G  +  L I G H T N I N G
This hybrid produces a constant stream of blue Lightning rays. Unlike the
'Force + Lightning' hybrid, the ray can only be aimed at one direction at
a time. Since this is a pure Lightning hybrid, it can obviously pass through
anything. The high energy lightning ray is powerful, which should rightly be
so considering the fired stream is thin and good enough to hit limited number
of enemies.

- Imagine a weapon that acts like a straight blue line that pass through
  anything and that's what you get with this. You can hit multiple enemies
  at one time as long as they can be hit in a straight line. All of the
  enemies receive the same amount of damage by a single hit since there is
  no 'protective effect' of the shot. This is made possible by the ability
  of the ray to pass through any substance. Other weapon type that is not
  combined with a Lightning will experience the mentioned 'protective effect'
  to some extent, which is the phenomenon that causes any shots fired by the
  weapon to be absorbed by the enemy until they are destroy (or until they
  dodge the shots). This causes any other enemies that is not receiving the
  hits to be 'protected' by their comrade. If they do receive any hits, the
  damage attained will usually be milder since fewer shots actually get to

- As said before, this weapon type can only be aimed at one particular
  direction. Even if can pass through anything, is constantly and rapidly
  fired, it is still not good enough to destroy many enemies at a time.
  To actually achieve the feat of destroying many enemies, you just have to
  aim the shot precisely which made it better off be used in Fixed Shot Mode.
  With this being said, the firing area of this weapon is very, very limited.

- Reading from the description above, you will immediately know that this
  weapon is born to be used in Fixed Shot Mode. As a general rule, all
  Lightning based hybrids are better off be used in Fixed Shot Mode except
  'Lightning + Chaser'.

|  Damage      7/10   |
|  Range       8/10   |
|  Hit Area    5/10   |
|  Rapidity    8/10   |
|  Aiming      4/10   |

This is by far one of the top two most powerful weapon in this game. The fire
power of this weapon is so immense that it can destroy a few more harming
elements thrown by the enemy which includes stray bullets, energy bursts,
grenades, laser and energy blasts (to name a few). All the other weapons
combinations in this game (except the 'Fire + Chaser' hybrid) are unable to
produce destructive powers as great as this. The mentioned harming elements
would normally be able to pass through the shots of the other weapon
combinations: requiring you to dodge them while firing at the enemy. The bad
side of this weapon is the range, which is the shortest of all of the hybrids.
The resultant outcome of this hybrid is a blue, sword-like high energy beam
(think of the light-sabre in Star Wars movie).

- The most obvious reason is the outstanding fire power. This weapon can be
  utilised best for close range combat due to its very limited reach. That
  would mean that this weapon is great for almost all circumstances except
  for bosses where long range firing is the most ideal style (most of the
- Certain enemies have the tendency to send projectiles flying towards you.
  This makes it difficult to aim your shots and dodging their projectiles at
  the same time. Rather that using the strategy of firing at the suitable
  period (such as when the enemy is reloading), you can attempt to counter
  their attacks by negating or absorbing the projectiles with the weapon. If
  you are playing a two player game, the user of this weapon can be the
  protector (or the shielder), while the other player can focus on firing at
  the enemy.

- Range is extremely limited. You are taking a risk of trying to use the
  fire power advantage when fighting against enemies that are either fast
  moving, uses its entire body to attack, or those that launches projectiles
  to hit you. Even though this weapon is able to counter almost all of the
  enemies' projectiles, it is virtually impossible for you to hit all of
  them precisely. Remember that this is a Lightning hybrid weapon, you can
  only aim at one direction. Use this weapon wisely.

- Any one is okay depending on the desired usage: Free Shot Mode for offensive
  playing and Fixed Shot Mode for defensive strategy.

|  Damage     10/10   |
|  Range       4/10   |
|  Hit Area    4/10   |
|  Rapidity    8/10   |
|  Aiming      4/10   |

L I G H T N I N G  +  C H A S E R
This is one of the fastest moving weapon in this game. With this hybrid you
get a single stream of blue Lightning ray that chases the enemy. The homing
trait of this hybrid is the same as the 'Force + Chaser' combination as it
can only focus on one enemy at one time. There are many positive aspects of
this hybrid. One, the Lightning stream moves at a very fast rate, faster
then the 'Chaser + Chaser' combination. As it switches between one target
to another, any enemies on its journey path will be receiving the damage
as well. Secondly, you don't need to aim this weapon at all since it can
find its target automatically. Because this is a Lightning hybrid, it can
directly pass through the vulnerable area of an enemy without being stopped
by obstructions (and we are talking about a weapon that seeks its target).
With all those good stuff, the damage is surely average.

- It's fast, targets the vulnerable part without much hesitation and require
  no effort in aiming. You can keep the button pressed and only move the
  D-Pad to avoid the enemies' attacks.

- The worst bit of this weapon is its single focus. Once it hits a target,
  it will keep damaging that target until the target is destroyed. If you
  are dealing with a lot of enemies, make sure that they can be destroyed
  quickly by the Lightning ray or else you are defenceless. You can switch
  the focus of the ray by letting go of the fire button and pressing it
  again so that it can finds a new target. Sometimes, the Lightning ray
  can be 'distracted' by attacking elements that you don't intent to hit.
  It can even lost focus by hitting the wrong body part of the enemy that
  don't receive damage at all.

- Free Shot Mode definitely. No question.

|  Damage      6/10   |
|  Range       8/10   |
|  Hit Area    7/10   |
|  Rapidity    6/10   |
|  Aiming      8/10   |

F I R E  +  F I R E
The flame thrower. This is nothing more than a longer version of the basic
Fire. By changing the direction of your weapon's aim, you are able to 'shake'
the flame around. The flame stream is continuous, so as you move around or as
you change the firing aim, the entire flame trail will follow you to your
current position. This is great to estimate the range of hit that the weapon
can reach. The flame trail is composed of a few medium sized fire balls that
is able to stretch when you 'shake' them. This makes it possible to extend the
range of the shot. If you need to hit even further, release the fire button
and the rest of the flame will disperse into tiny burst of flame. You can treat
this behaviour similarly as the 'Force + Lightning' combination by 'shaking'
the firing aim to get stray shots. Range is still limited but at least it is
a bit longer than the basic Fire version. Damage is still good being a Fire

- Powerful, good range (even for a Fire hybrid) and extremely versatile.
  Suitable for any situation be it when fighting against normal enemies or
  bosses. This is truly one of the most balanced weapon in this game.

- Again, not much. Range is limited but you can get around this limitation
  by doing the 'shaking' or treating it like an ordinary projectile weapon:
  press and release the fire button.

- Depending on the situation, these two firing modes can be used
  interchangingly. If you need to be at a safe distance from the enemy, then
  Fixed Shot Mode is a great choice. With this, you are able to aim the flame
  more accurately without moving too much, and... you have better angle to do
  the 'shaking' or sending bursts of flame towards your enemy. Free Shot Mode
  is perfect to incinerate large crowds of enemy as the flaming trail can act
  as a 'wiping' tool that clears anything on its path. Very cool huh?

|  Damage      8/10   |
|  Range       7/10   |
|  Hit Area    7/10   |
|  Rapidity    7/10   |
|  Aiming      6/10   |

F I R E  +  C H A S E R
This hybrid produces a burst of flame that chases over the enemies on the
screen. Like most other Chaser hybrids (except 'Chaser + Chaser'), the focus
of attacking is only on one enemy at a time. There are two ways of how you
can use this weapon. First you can just press the fire button and let the
flame finds its target automatically. While this works good, the travelling
speed of the flame is slow, the slowest of all Chaser hybrids. Using it this
way is not suitable when there are too many enemies on the screen. The second
approach is to 'control' the direction of where the flame can go. Any
movements that you made with the D-Pad will translate exactly as to where the
flame will go. To increases the speed of the flame, keep on pressing a
particular direction key on the D-Pad for a longer period. By controlling the
flame, the chasing trait is ignored until you let go of the D-Pad (by not
pressing it at all). Damage produced is very good, second to the 'Lightning
+ Fire' combination. This is another weapon that is also able to vanquish the
enemies harming elements such as missiles, stray bullets, bombs or grenades,
blasts etc., very much like what the 'Lightning + Fire' combination is able
to do.

- One word: DAMAGE. This is the second most powerful weapon you can use in
  this game. Against bosses, this weapon is a dream. You can protect yourself
  and your partner or... you can use this weapon for what it does best,
  causing major pain. Being second in terms of damage still makes it a great
  choice due to its longer and further reach. Speed can be slow but that can
  be increased by controlling it manually. As a 'shielding' weapon, if you
  have mastered the controlling aspects, it works much better than the
  'Lightning + Fire' combination because you are able to destroy the harming
  elements further away before it even gets to you.

- You cannot treat this weapon like your regular Chaser hybrid, as in press
  the fire button and let the weapon take care of anything on screen. If you
  want this kind of effect, you must stand still at one spot while the flame
  does all the chasing... with a slow speed. If it takes quite some time to
  destroy an enemy, the flame will linger around, moving up and down, back and
  forth in order to do some damage. So that means the enemy will only be
  receiving damage when the flame touches them. To counter all of these
  limitations, you need to control the flame manually. By doing this, the flame
  speed can be increased many folds, the moving behaviour can be determined,
  and the enemy target can also be chosen. Remember though that, this actually
  means moving your character around a lot. It is very likely that you can hit
  the enemy or its attacking projectiles just to control the direction of the
  flame. With its slow speed and single attacking focus, this weapon is surely
  not a choice for close range combat unless you are able to do the controlling.

- Very self explanatory: Fixed Shot.

|  Damage      9/10   |
|  Range       7/10   |
|  Hit Area    4/10   |
|  Rapidity    5/10   |
|  Aiming      3/10   |

C H A S E R  +  C H A S E R
The ultimate Chaser weapon. This hybrid produces star-shaped, green homing
projectiles that travels at an amazing speed. Unlike all other Chaser hybrids,
the star shots fired are plenty, making it possible to hit multiple enemies
at the same time. You don't need to aim the weapon at all even though you can
still do so to let the stars travel less further in hitting the target by
pointing the aim at the enemy. Damage is the most minimal of all the hybrids,
but considering how fast the stars hit the enemy plus the number of enemies
that it can attack, the accumulated inflicted damage is considerably huge.

- Fast and plenty shots. The most ideal usage of this weapon is when fighting
  against a lot enemies on screen at the same time. Even though the damage is
  not big, it is still better to have guaranteed shots than using a powerful
  weapon that is difficult to aim. The almighty lazy man's weapon.

- Nothing much except the damage. If you need a weapon that can kill enemies
  in an instant, stay away from this.

- Free Shot Mode all the way.

|  Damage      6/10   |
|  Range       7/10   |
|  Hit Area    8/10   |
|  Rapidity    8/10   |
|  Aiming      8/10   |

[5.0]  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
I don't really sure who I should thank for since it has been a long, long
time since this game was released. But I am trying my best here.

* Sega Corporation for producing all those memorable games series such as
  Sonic, Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage), and for the lovely Sega Megadrive
  which despite limited in terms of graphics and sound capabilities, out
  last the Super NES for the great quality of games. Thank you!!! I really
  miss those moments when they were still producing game consoles.
* Treasure, for maxing out the capabilities of the MegaDrive with this game.
  I am not really sure if you guys are still around but if you do, I will
  take a look at the games that you guys have done. You guys should be
  proud of this classic masterpiece.
* GameFAQs.com for hosting this FAQ and all the other FAQs by me.
* My Sega Megadrive for still working (albeit barely alive) up to this days.
  What a great system.
* My brother for playing this game with me. I sure had a great time with you
* You, for reading up until this point. Thank you!!!

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