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by swidly

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Guide and Walkthrough by swidly

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/23/2019

Dummy First Section - Change Me


+ Contra: Hard Corps


+ For Sega Genesis


+ By Chalupa Donny


- Copyright Info -

The "Contra: Hard Corps FAQ for Sega Genesis" is copyrighted, as of November 2002 by the author, John Malone, under international copyright law. If you wish to reproduce, distribute, or display this FAQ or use any part of it for any reason, permission given by the author (me), is required by law. All violations will be reported.

This FAQ is, so far, only authorized to appear at the GameFAQs website (www.gamefaqs.com). If you find this anywhere else, it is an unauthorized, (probably) uncredited copy of my FAQ, and is in viololation of copyright law. Please e-mail me for permission to reprint this FAQ (unless it is for personal use, not intended to be shown to any third parties, and not used for profit).


ALL of the information in this FAQ was thoroughly and painstakingly researched and written by myself, John Malone, and no part was copied from anyone else's work without permission. I took what names I could from the instruction booklet provided with the game and made up all the rest with a generous use of artistic license.