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FAQ/Walkthrough by Chakan

Version: 1.26 | Updated: 02/01/03

         (3        ORKCR                                 e
        /C       ORRBBBB#                               Be
        /6       sRBRRRBB                              663
        ~%/       RBBRBBBR~                           /RR
       /CG^       RBBBBBBRQ                           K#3
       (%(         RB@@@@@BR                         (s#
       /%(         S@B@@@@@BO(^           %%COeGGG66(RKt
       73^         Q@BB@@@@@@7e%GOSRRBBBBBBBBBBBRBBR3B##Q#
      ~%%         (OB@B@@OsRt/QBBRRBBBBBBKRBBBBBBK  7B(
      tOs         (ORG#GRQKQQB@@@B@BSRB@@@B@B#     #GC
      /C(         ~###R#BBR@@@@@OR@@BB@@@BRs      ^S#~
      sO(       SBBBBBBB@B@#6RRK#@B@@KRBKQ        #S%
     (Oe(     BB@BBB#GRBBRs6eBR#e@@@(RBB#O#B#    t#B
     (O6s  K@BB@BG@BR33RR(#RR(QsRB@BSGK#R@@B#   (K#^
   tRBKRB7     6BSKRRRQKs~~(3S@BR36S#@@BBR   7RSK
   #S3O6%tt     tt(OB#RSBCGCC(@@QO(BR@@@KOQORGGRBGeeO3
   (6SSt77           R#B#R/3RBB66O@@@@BBRBsR6#SSS6@~
   tOOQ#         RB@BB@@RRB #R##R##BQ#RBBR#RRSSR(BB
   %B#BQKG      GBB#R@@6R@B@6#G%C@BeeBRB@R#73Q#SRBB
     #RRR73QB#O7RRR#Q###RRRRQssRRKQS#3   s%(~3Os%(%O#RR
        SQ#RBB6#ROSe#GGOOsC%7O#Q~~              ((76(/

  Chakan The Forever Man FAQ version 1.26
 Published January 31st, 2003
 By Chakan ( chakan@classicgaming.com )

  See end of file for copyright information.

  If the above artwork looks weird, switch your font to Courier New to properly
 view it.

  To view this FAQ properly and with less labor, make sure your  browser/text
 editor window is at least the length of the  following bar:

 -FAQ History
 -Game Description
 -Potions & Alchemy
 -General Tips
 -The Four Portals
 -Terrestrial Walkthrough
 -Elemental Walkthrough
 -Boss Strategies
 -Cheat Codes
 -Game Genie Codes
 -Game Credits
 -Appendix A (Addresses)
 -Appendix B (Chakan stuff)
 -Appendix C (Updates)
 -Appendix D (Credits & Thanks)
 -Copyright & Contact Information


  Chakan The Forever Man for the Sega Genesis is said to be one of
 the most difficult games ever released for the platform. When I began
 searching for sources of information on the game in the Fall of 2002,
 I found that there really wasn't anything at all. So I began working on
 this FAQ/Walkthrough that you're reading right now.

  I hope that this guide will help all of you who are lost in the game
 make it past a difficult section, as well as help old fans discover new
 joy in an old favorite by finding something new. 

  This guide contains not only information about the contents of the
 game, but also information about the character and the people who
 created the game.

  I present to you the world's first and only Chakan The Forever Man FAQ.
 I hope you enjoy it.


  version 1.26 (Jan/31/2003)
 -It has been so long...  So very long... but now I'm back with an
  update, my fellow Chakan fans! I'll be finishing this guide no matter
  how long it takes, and I'll also be creating a Chakan website with
  information on the Genesis game, the sequel, and the comics! More
  on this stuff later!
 -Started on the Walkthrough notes for the Earth and Water Elemental
 -Added that crazy artwork up top thanks to Ben from Boobietime.
 -Added the Sega Visions interview thanks to Ben from Boobietime.
 -I've done some touch-up work, fixing some spelling errors and things
  of that nature.
 -Re-wrote the Introduction.
 -Hey, the Chakan FAQ is now over 50kb in size... and that's just with

  version 1.25 (Oct/25/2002)
 -Greetings, readers. It finally arrived in the mail today. I've got a
  good number of corrections to make concerning terminology and such.
  These corrections will occur over the next few editions of the FAQ.
 -Updated Game Description.
 -Added Endings section.
 -Added Game Credits section.
 -Added The Four Portals
 -Added a new 'Cheat Code,' which advances you to the Elemental plane.
 -Added a boss strategy for Elkenrod.
 -Added a boss strategy for Dragonfly King.
 -Added potion locations for Terrestrial: Air: Phase 3.
 -Added secret area location for Terrestrial: Air: Phase 3.
 -Added a misc. note for Terrestrial: Air: Phase 3 concerning the
  poles sticking out of the platforms.
 -Added a misc. note for Terrestrial: Water: Phase 3 concerning the
  vertical walls that can be smashed.
 -Changed the descriptions of the Weapons to those found in the game
  manual. They contain interesting hints.
 -Updated the stock potion Tip in the General Tips section.
 -Updated Potions & Alchemy. Now reads much more along the lines of
  the game manual.
 -Re-arranged the Walkthrough section. It's now in two parts.
 -Added another Red potion location to Terrestrial: Fire: Phase One.

  version 1.24 (Oct/21/2002)
 -Added the manual's dimension descriptions and in-game introductions
  for the first areas of each, thanks to Michiru Kaioh.
 -I'm going to be continuing my small vacation until my complete copy
  of Chakan in the mail. I love it when sellers don't notify you when
  payment arrives or items are shipped. Makes me feel great. Let's
  hope it shows up within the next few days. My vacation will be
  ended by the end of the week, at the very latest (and I doubt the
  idea of not doing anything past Thursday).

  version 1.23 (Oct/18/2002)
 -Walkthrough notes started for all of the dimensions' third areas.
 -Boss Strategies added for Spider-Queen and Mantis. Can you figure
  out good tips for the others? Send em in!
 -I want to note that the next few editions of the FAQ will probably
  only include vague details on how to get through the rest of the
  game. I very much so intend on listing all of the specific, dirty
  details for every level in the game, but I would like to have a
  walkthrough of sorts up before focusing on specific levels. This
  will allow me to do up a walkthrough through the rest of the game
  in just a few more updates, if not done by the next. :)
  version 1.22 (Oct/15/2002)
 -Walkthrough notes for all of the dimensions' second ares. 
 -I have won a copy of Chakan on Ebay that includes a box/manual. This
  is REAL good news. Now hopefully I'll be able to use some more
  official names and even discover some new stuff to put in this FAQ.
  Thanks for the great responce so far, people. You make it even more
  fun doing this. :)

  version 1.21 (Oct/13/2002)
 -Walkthrough notes for Elkenrod's first area.
 -Walkthrough notes for Spider-Queen's first area.
 -Walkthrough notes for Mantis' first area.
 -Weapons section started.
 -More General Tips.
 -Added Appendix D - Credits & Thanks
 -Spent time re-formatting the txt, so that it looks prettier now. At
  least I think so...

  version 1.2 (Oct/13/2002)
 -Walkthrough notes for Dragonfly King dimension started. Will
  continue adding notes for each level and then write a proper
 -Added some more General Tips.
 -Added a link to AndNow's (the developer of the still to be released
  (?) next Chakan game) website, as well as a link to Robert Kraus'
  official Chakan site. Buy Chakan (me, that is) some comics!:)

  version 1.1 (Oct/10/2002)
 -Potions & Alchemy section filled. Can someone assist with spell
  names and official descriptions?
 -Added more General Tips.

  version 1.0 (Oct/09/2002)
 -FAQ first published. No changes to report.
 -Planned for immediate future:
  -Start work on walkthrough, using vague directions to list potion,
  boss, and item locations.
  -More General Tips.
  -Weapons. Including what their special uses are.
  -Potions & Alchemy. Listing of combinations and spell effects.
  -Boss strategies. Some general tips on bosses.
  -Talk with AndNow about upcoming Chakan. Canned?


  Chakan The Forever Man is an action/adventure game for the 16-bit
 Sega Genesis home gaming console. It is based on a comic by Robert
 Kraus. The game is a bit on the difficult side, but that's where half
 of the satisfaction lies. Finish this game and you've got something
 to brag about. 

  In the game, you control Chakan, a great warrior who won eternal
 life in a fight with Death himself. However, Death tricked Chakan.
 Chakan is 'cursed to live until all supernatural evil is destroyed.'

  You start the game with Chakan's two swords, and collect various
 weapons and potions throughout the game. Using the various potions in
 many different combinations, you're able to cast a good number of
 spells to aid you in your quest. They range from invincibility to
 high jumping ability to granting you the ability to shoot fireballs
 from your blades.

  You start in the Terrestrial Plane in front of a big chart. This
 chart represents your progress in the game. There are four portals
 to go through, each represents a different element. Inside each,
 you'll go through three phases. Once you complete the three phases of
 all four dimensions, you'll advance to the Elemental Plane and do the
 same. After completing this set of stages, you... well, I'll not
 spoil those surprises here.

  All of your weapons and alchemy abilities might not be enough to
 get you through this game. Are you skilled and persistent enough?


  The following is taken from the introduction at the beginning of the
 It has been so long ...
 So very long...

 I have hunted evil for no less than a thousand years.
 Yet I remember well how this pain started, as though it were
 just yesterday.

 When my blood was warm, I was a great warrior.
 Neither man nor beast could best me in mortal combat.

 Then, in my arrogance I said one day even Death himself would
 bow before my swords.

 He smiled and said, 'From a man of death to Death himself, a wager.
 If you win, eternal life is yours.
 If I win, your soul is mine to do with as I wish'
 Foolishly, I accepted.

 With sword and spell, we clashed toe to toe.
 The world trembled at our unleashed powers.

 I attacked with such fury and might that even Death himself was taken
 aback and then incredibly felled.

 I toppled the master and he granted my reward.
 I am cursed to live until all supernatural evil is destroyed

 I hunt
 And fight
 And kill

 Until the end of my curse
 Only then will I be able to seek solitude and forever rest.


  Here's what does what for the standard configuration. You can change
 the functions on the Options screen before the game begins.

 START BUTTON - Brings up the spell screen and takes you back into the

 A BUTTON - Cycles through your weapons an the last potion you
 selected, if you haven't used it.

 B BUTTON - Attack with current weapon. Use magic that you selected on
 the spell screen.

 C BUTTON - Tap lightly to execute a short jump. Keep the button
 depressed to execute a high jump. Press once to jump then at the apex
 of the jump, press the B button a second time to perform a spinning
 jump. While performing a spinning jump press the B button to execute
 a spinning attack. Press while standing in front of a dimensional
 portal to pass through it.

 B & C BUTTONS - Jump and attack. Downward attack when equiped with
 the AXE.

 Press Right or Left - Moves Chakan right or left.

 Press Up - Does Nothing.

 Press Down - Kneel down.

 Press Up & B BUTTON - Upward attack.

 Press Down & B BUTTON - Chakan kneels down and attacks.

 Press Down & C BUTTON - Drop down from some ledges.

 Press Diagonal & B BUTTON - Attack diagonally (at a 45 degree angle).

 Press Right or Left & C BUTTON - Jump right or left.

 Press a Down Diagonal & C BUTTON - Roll right or left.


  You collect each of these four weapons at the end of the first level
 of each of the four initial areas. You can switch to them in-game by
 hitting A and cycling through till you get the one you want. 

 Battering Mallet - Collected in the Dragonfly King's dimension. Swing
  to bash through walls and rocky obstacles.

 Scythe - Collected in Elkenrod's dimension. Slashes through enemies
  and tears through spider webs.
 Axe - Collected in Spider-Queen's dimension. Wield to splinter beasts
  and doors.

 Grappling Hook - Collected in Mantis' dimension. Heave to catch onto
  ram's heads and other fixtures. Use it along with the jump button to
  swing over pits and ascend otherwise unscalable walls.


  A word on potions: There are four colors of potions: light blue,
 green, red and clear. You'll run accross them in your journey.
 Sometimes they'll just be lying on the ground, sometimes they'll
 be dropped by enemies after you kill them (usually only bigger
 enemies). Using combinations of each color, you can cast a good
 variety of spells to help you in your quest.

  Spell list. This is from left to right.

  top row
 Shields you from enemies' sight - 2 light blue
 Slows down enemies - 1 light blue, 1 green
 Gives you the orange fire sword - 1 light blue, 1 red
 Imparts the power of the super high jump - 1 light blue, 1 clear

  middle row
 Gives you the blue lighting Air Sword - 2 green
 Hurls bombs, causes quick death to most visible foes - 1 green, 1 red
 Shields you from all enemies - 1 green, 1 clear
 Provides the green lightning Earth Sword - 2 red

  bottom row
 Arms you with the blue Cold Fire sword - 1 red, 1 clear
 Restores your Skull Bar (life) - 2 clear
 Creates a passage where none exists. Once you've created the passage,
   you will return to that spot upon re-enterting the portal for that
   dimension - 1 red, 1 clear
 Reverse the hour glass - 2 clear


 -Spend some time during the game's first few phases collecting some
  potions. There aren't many places to pick up more as you advance
  deeper in the game, so stock up early.
 -Experiment with your newly acquired weapons! Certain ones can do
  certain things to aide in your quest.
 -Can't reach a platform by jumping? Do a spinning jump.
 -Be thrifty with your time when you're actually playing to get
  through the game. You've only got so much time to finish so many
  of the areas...
 -Not all monsters can be defeated with every weapon. Learn which ones
  are impervious to your additional weapons and avoid getting next to
  them with them selected.
 -Blocked by spiderwebs? Something else? Try using another weapon...
 -Blocked by a rectangular block of seaweed? Go back and defeat
 -Sometimes it's better to dispatch of flying enemies quickly. They
  can practically follow you anywhere in the level, if they can keep
 -Watch out for swarms... schools(?) of bats. Having to defeat a
  bunch of easy enemies at once can be hard.
 -If you do a roll past an item, you won't pick it up.
 -If you use an emulator, you can save your exact location in the game
  and take a breather. Hey, I won't blame you. It's is a long, hard
  road to victory...
  Pansy. :P
 -Try holding down the B button and pressing different directions.
  Neat, eh?
 -Wonder what the difference is when you crank up the difficulty
  level? Enemy hits cause more damage. Go for it, you hardass, you!
 -Having trouble jumping from platform to platform because flying
  enemies keep knocking you off? It's not so when you're invincible...


  A few brief notes on the four portals. Each represents not
 only a different dimension, but a different element. The following
 are descriptions of the four portals straight from the game manual.

 -Earth (top left)
  Descend into a murky nest of horrors. The realm of the Spider Queen
 is dank, smelling of the dead. Her offspring crawl and squirm through
 the mazes, biting and stabbing with poisoned stingers. Find here the
 sticky webs that only your Scythe can tear away. Face and vanquish
 skeletal lizards and venomous larvae that are born squeaking and
 snapping for blood. Bulbous, pulsating plants burst with toxic
 spores, and mutated horrors make every step a nightmare.

 -Water (bottom left)
  Journey through a festering sea of carnivorous squid and spiked
 lizards. Crumbling columns bar your way. Giant clawed worms undulate
 in the layers of skulls dropped by the Mantis, ruler of this realm
 of watery confusion. Fight through the precarious frozen caves,
 battling horned tundra wolves. Grapple on slick ice flows with
 slippery demons whose only desire is to see you perish in the frozen

 -Fire (top right)
  Scale the rotting, death-tainted walls to the bastion of the
 sadistic Elkenrod, Mistress of Spectres. Biting swarms of bats push
 and peck you. The fiery breath of Elkenrod's ghostly victims singes
 your face. Lava-spewing gargoyles portend things more horrible to
 come. In the purple shroud of sunset you fight winged imps and flame
 spitters, while huge goat-footed cyclops hurl boulders to dash you
 into the furnace pits below.

 -Air (bottom right)
  Rise to the floating castle of the Dragonfly King, an airy outpost
 of dark disaster. Fight the mace-wielding Man-Ox. Destroy the armored
 riders to commandeer the Flying Insectoids. Then mount them at your
 peril for airborne combat among the floating islands of doom. Ascend
 skyward for a final joust with the deadly knight of this drifting


 The following is the in-game introduction for the first phase:

 Her hive is growing... burrowing deeper and deeper into the earth.
 And as her children are born, her power grows stronger.
 Nothing can stop me from reaching her lair.
 I am coming for you now, Spider Queen

 ---Phase one nuggets:---

  Weapon gained: Axe
  Weapons needed: None
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:
 Light Blue (1) -  You get one for defeating the tall walking spider
  near the location of the Axe. 
 Green (2) - Go right from the starting point and down. Then go right
  some more and you'll find it. Take the path left as you start
  heading up when you're at the bottom-left area of the level.
  Continue following the path and you'll walk right into it.
 Clear (1) -  There's one above the location of
  first Green potion one behind a spiderweb. I recommend waiting
  until you're near the end of the level. Right at the end of the
  long, narrow passage at the top of the level, stand at the edge,
  roll to the left and you'll land right next to it.

  Quick path to exit: Head down from the start, all the way right,
 all the way up, the long way left through the narrow passage, and
 then down and right. Get past the tall walking spider and grab the
 Axe to exit the level.

  Secret areas/false walls: None that I'm aware of.

  Misc area tips:
 -How do you get past the weird snake type things that drop down and
 block your path? Simply slash them after they start moving and you're
 good for a few seconds as they recoil and wait for a second. Oddly
 enough, this can only be done somewhere above 20 times per creature.
 Then they don't receive damage. Odd, eh?

 -You Don't have to defeat the tall walking spider to get the Axe.
 Just avoid him and keep moving to the right and get that Axe. :)

 -In case you do decide to defeat the tall walking spider, it takes
 12 hits to make him go all Mega Man-like to the sky. Anyone got a
 good method of dispatching this foe?

 ---Phase two nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: Any.
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:
 None that I'm aware of.

  Quick path to exit: Destroy the circular object with one of the four
 weapons, then head up and then to the left until you read the point
 where you can head up even further. Then head to the right and up.
 Drop down when you reach the further right area of the level. At the
 bottom, head left and then drop down. Destroy the "Spi-taur" and
 you'll be outta there.

  Secret areas/false walls: None that I'm aware of.

  Misc area tips:
 -The best method to dealing with the "Spi-taur" at the end of the
 area seems to be to get on one of the landings with him onscreen.
 Simply hold the attack button and let him dive into your blade. He'll
 eventually stop diving into your blade. Simply release and he'll go
 for it again. Whip that suckah back out to let him impale himself
 once more. Repeat this 18 times and he's gone.

 ---Phase three nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: Grappling Hook helps
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:

  Quick path to exit: Head to the bottom-right of the stage, where
 you'll find the Spider-Queen. Defeat her to exit. See Boss
 Strategies for advice.

  Secret areas/false walls: 

  Misc area tips:


 The following is the in-game introduction for the first phase:

 From the blackness of the deepest ocean it came.
 The one called Mantis brought its evil army and built itself a
 fortress to protect itself from me.
 It has wasted its time.
 My swords shall taste your evil blood.

 ---Phase one nuggets:---

  Weapon gained: Grappling Hook
  Weapons needed: None
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:
 Light Blue (6) -  The first is on top of a pillar to the right of the
  starting point. The second's just a few more pillars right. The
  third is a few more screens right of the first Green potion, on that
  high landing you can see as you head toward the first patch of dry
  land. Use a High Jump to get it. And to the right of it, there's yet
  another. Just jump up left to it from the platform below. As you
  head back into water after the first patch of land, jump up the
  pillars and you can see the fifth LB potion. The SIXTH damned LB
  potion is on the platform above the second patch of dry land, just
  above the Grappling Hook.
 Green (1) - A few more screens right of the second Light Blue potion
  and you can see the platform that the first Green potion lies on.
  You can get to it by doing a spinning jump left off of the pillar to
  the right of it.
 Red (1) - Just to the right of the last Light Blue potion on the last
  high platform in the level, you'll find the single Red potion.
 Clear (1) - Just to the right a bit of the 4th Light Blue potion, you
  can find a Clear potion.

  Quick path to exit: Just keep moving right. Defeat the mini-squid as
 quickly as you can. Continue movie right until you get to the
 Grappling Hook.

  Secret areas/false walls: There's a false wall behind the pillar
 to the right of the first high platform above dry land, but there's
 nothing there.

  Misc area tips:
 -You Must defeat the mini-squid to progress past the seaweed thing.
 you only cause him damage if you hit his body, so try jumping up onto
 a pillar, jumping down over to his oppositte side, then sticking him
 and retreating back to the pillar. His limbs fall away as you deal
 out some hurt, and when he's limb-less, he moves a bit faster. It'll
 take 7 hits to get rid of his butt.

 ---Phase two nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: Grappling Hook
  Spells needed: High Jump

  Potion locations:
 Clear (1) - Just to the right of the first worm/mantis thing.
 Red (1) - Do a spinning jump up and right from the first mini-squid
  in this level to find this one.
 Green (1) - Sitting right beside the Red potion.

  Quick path to exit: Head left, cash a High Jump spell, and then do
 a spinning jump up through the false ceiling (where the waterfall
 is). Continue heading up and stick to the left side of the level
 using the Grappling Hook as an aide. As soon you reach the
 mini-squid, jump beyond him and go up, using the Grappling Hook once
 last time. Defeat the squid you find hanging on the ceiling and
 you're outta there!

  Secret areas/false walls: None besides the one you need to pass
 through at the beginning to advance. At least none that I'm aware of.

  Misc area tips:
 -I'd just avoid the weird worm/mantis things that stand up. You get
 no potions or anything.

 -Same goes for the two other mini-squids found in this area. No
 potions, no rewards...

 [Note: What's the clear, circular item you can pick up toward the
        end of the stage? What's it do?]

 ---Phase three nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: Grappling Hook
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:

  Quick path to exit: Head left until you reach the block of
 seaweed preventing you from moving further. Do a spinning jump
 to the left to reach the platform above it. Grab the fish eyes
 and go back down. The block of seaweed will fall, allowing you
 to progress to the three doors. Hit up the middle one to proceed
 to the lair of the Mantis. See Boss Strategies for advice.

  Secret areas/false walls: 

  Misc area tips:
 -Lots of vertical walls can be smashed with the Mallet.


 The following is the in-game introduction for the first phase:

 She is known as Elkenrod.
 She once was a beautiful healer who cured the sick and soothed those
 in pain.
 Now on the side of darkness, she feeds off the pain and suffering of
 her captives.
 The greater their suffering, the more power she wields.
 ---Phase one nuggets:---

  Weapon gained: Scythe
  Weapons needed: None
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:
 Clear (1) - See Secret areas/false walls for this area to discover
  one along with a Red potion.
 Green (2) - Above the starting point a few screens, you can clearly
  see a Red and Green potion. Simply hop left through the false wall
  to grab them. A screen or two above (all the way left) and you can
  grab another one by performing a spinning jump onto the platform and
  going right.
 Red (3) - See Secret areas/false walls for this area to discover one
  along with a Clear potion. Above the starting point a few screens,
  you can clearly see a Red and Green potion. Simply hop left through
  the false wall to grab them. Head right from there and down a long
  corridor. Move down from there and you'll find another Red potion.

  Quick path to exit: If you've got a High Jump spell's worth of
 potions, you can save some time by heading up from the start of the
 level through the false ceilling or by going a little right and
 hopping up through the platforms. Continue going up and then to the
 right. There's no real time-savers in this area. :\

  Secret areas/false walls: A portion of the ceiling above where you
 start is false. If you have the High Jump spell, you can spinning
 jump up and right to land. This just leads you to the area above you,
 which can be reached by more obvious methods with the High Jump
 spell. Nothing special.

  Head right from the starting point until you get to the platforms
 above the flames. Make a short hop to to the right from the last
 platform and you'll discover that the wall has a false area. Walk
 right, swinging from the skull to the platform, head up and grab the
 Red and Clear potions.

  Above the starting point a few screens, you can clearly see a Red
 and Green potion. Simply hop left through the false wall on the right
 to snag them.

 ---Phase two nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: Grappling Hook
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:
 None that I'm aware of.  

  Quick path to exit: Head right and then down. Fall against the wall
 on the right, landing on the platform toward the bottom of the area.
 Then work yourself up and then to the right. You'll see a vertical
 rising row of skulls behind a wall. Take that path up. Latched onto
 the top skull, do a spinning jump to the right to head through a
 a false wall. Simply walk just off the wall and hold Left to fall
 right in front of the exit.

  Secret areas/false walls: There's the one mentioned in the quick
 path to the exit, but that's it.

  Misc area tips:
 -Those flying bitches can be really annoying if they knock you off
 platforms, etc. It may be a good idea to dispatch all flying foes
 immediately, especially if you can't outrun them...

 ---Phase three nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: Grappling Hook?
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:

  Quick path to exit: Head up and you'll eventually reach Elkenrod.
 Defeat her to exit.

  Secret areas/false walls: 

  Misc area tips:


 The following is the in-game introduction for the first phase:

 The Dragonfly King has lived for millions of years.
 It hails from a prehistoric time when life on Earth was ruled by its
 Now it is trying to regain the Earth as its kingdom.
 Enjoy your time, Dragonfly King.
 For this is your last day.

 ---Phase one nuggets:---

  Weapon gained: Mallet
  Weapons needed: None
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:
 Light Blue (1) - One can be found below the purple dude guarding the
  exit, right next to the clear potion.
 Clear (11) - One can be found all the way right from your starting
  position (just beyond the tall platform to the right of the single
  red potion in this area). You get two for defeating each of the
  purple guys. Another one near the purple dude in the right middle
  area of the level,  and one to the right of him on his platform. One
  can be found underneath the purple dude guarding the exit, right
  next to the light blue potion. There's also one right below the top
  platforms, toward the middle of the area. As far as I know, it can
  only be reached with the High Jump spell.
 Red (1) - All the way right from your starting position. You'll
  see it.

  Quick path to exit: Simply move your way up from your starting
 position, jumping from platform to platform as you ascend. Defeat the
 last purple guy to open the exit door (which is on his platform, is
 red/orange, and starts lifting as you move near).

  Secondary exit: On the oppositte side of the quick path's exit.
 Still have to kill a purple dude to get it to open, though, and this
 guy's a little more difficult and the path's more time-consuming...

  Secret areas/false walls: None that I'm aware of.

  Misc area tips:
 -I've discovered some fairly easy ways of defeating the purple dudes
  in the first level of the Dragonfly King's dimension. You'll notice
  they pick up two rocks at a time and toss them. As you jump up to
  their platform, stand on the landing at the end. Don't stand too
  close to them, as their touch alone can injure you. Instead, simply
  perform a spinning jump as you see them going into their tossing
  motion. When you land, give them a good slash. Repeat this the 12
  times needed to kill them.

  If you suck at timing your spinning jumps, you can fairly easily set
  the one above your starting position into a loop that will result in
  you not getting hit. You must pin him in between the rock pile and
  the lip of the landing. For a visual reference, Chakan's left bicep
  should be roughly in the middle of the pile. Simply duck and slash
  away. The poor guy will continue to move back and forth in a small
  pattern and then die.

  The one near the left exit (above your starting position) is a bit
  tougher because you don't have the jumping room and his rock pile is
  closer to the lip of the platform. However, you can spin jump up to
  his platform as he's tossing his second rock, slash him a good one,
  then drop left off the lip of the platform. Position Chakan parrallel
  to edge of the platform. Make sure he's underneath it, that way the
  purple guy can't hit him with a skull. Once two have dropped, jump to
  the platform that's to the left of him. Watch another two drop
  straight down as you get there. He'll now start throwing them at that
  platform, but before the firt one gets to far, spin jump on over to
  the lip. If you time it just right, you'll land as the second stone
  zooms right past you. Slash him again and repeat till he's sent to
  his maker.

 ---Phase two nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: Axe
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:
 Clear (1) - Near the right axe doorway on the platform at the start.
 Red (1) - You can find this one right at the start of the level.
 Green (1) - This one Green potion can be found in the top/right
  corner of the level.
 Light Blue (1) - At the top/left corner of the level, you can walk
  left through the wall. On the other side, you can do a spinning jump
  to reach this potion. It's kind of difficult to do, and you could
  drop to the exact beginning of the level...

  Quick path to exit: Jump up to the platform on the right from the
 start of the area and Axe away on the wall to the right. It'll go
 down after 6 hits. Climb your way to the middle/top of the level and
 you'll find a purple guy walking around with a funny hat and a mace.
 Kick his butt and you'll be spirited away.

  Secret areas/false walls: There's one false wall in the top/left
 corner of the level. Simply walk left through it and you find the
 single Light Blue potion in this level.

  Misc area tips:

 [Note: Anyone got any good strategies to use on purple guy at the
        end of the area?]

 ---Phase three nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: None
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:
  Red (1) - See secret areas.
  Blue (1) - See secret areas.
  Clear (1) - See secret areas.

  Quick path to exit: Just defeat the Dragonfly King to exit.

  Secret areas/false walls: Race the Dragonfly King to the right-most
 part of the screen. Once at the door, drop to the right-side of the
 nearby pit to discover a secret alcove with a Red, Blue, and Clear
 potion waiting.

  Misc area tips:
 -You can attatch the Grappling Hook to the poles sticking out from
 the sides of the platforms. Does this provide a practical use?
 Anyone have an idea?



---Phase one nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: None
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:

  Quick path to exit: Just make your way to the bottom-right of the
 level. It's pretty easy to find.

  Secret areas/false walls: 

  Misc area tips:

 ---Phase two nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: Mallet
  Spells needed: Invisibility spell recommended (needed?)

  Potion locations:

  Quick path to exit: Use Invisibility and move all the way right,
 up one level, and then drop to the right. 

  Secret areas/false walls: 

  Misc area tips:

 ---Phase three nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: None
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:

  Quick path to exit: Make your way to the bottom areas, move right
 and up a few screens until the creature with the claw tries to grab
 you. Roll towards him to fall down that pit. Defeat him and exit.

  Secret areas/false walls: 

  Misc area tips:
 -Deal with the little buggers that come out of the other end however
 you want. Whack at the creature when it pokes it's face out.


 ---Phase one nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: None
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:

  Quick path to exit: Simply head down and to the right from the start
 of the level. When you see the path inclining via a small, narrow
 slate of ice, bash it with the Hammer. It'll crumble. Drop down and
 to the right. Keep hopping on over to the right and you'll reach the
 exit in no time.

  Secret areas/false walls: 

  Misc area tips:

 ---Phase two nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: Mallet
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:

  Quick path to exit: Use the Mallet to smash through the ice floors.
 Move straight down from the starting point and you'll reach the
 bottom of the stage, which is a freezing cold lake. Hop from ice flow
 to ice flow over to the right side of the stage and you'll reach the

  Secret areas/false walls: 

  Misc area tips:
 -You can kill the lizard men with one bash of the hammer.

 ---Phase three nuggets:---

  Weapons needed: None
  Spells needed: None

  Potion locations:

  Quick path to exit: Drop down to the icy lake and hop on the ice
 flows toward the right. When you come to the stationary platform
 with the skulls, use the Grappling Hook to climb upward, and then
 head right. Drop down and left a little, use the Mallet on the patch
 of ice, fall towards the right a little, jump up to the right. Now just
 defeat the monster to exit.

  Secret areas/false walls: 

  Misc area tips:
 -This guy's not only a pain in the ass, but a real time-sucker.
 Jump over him as he "swims" as you. Then cut him up with the
 Axe. Good luck on not running out of time!




 SPIDER-QUEEN - A fairly simple fight. Corner the Queen up against
a wall and whip out the Axe. Hold the B button down and let her run
into it. She'll just keep running back and forth between the wall
and you if you get the spacing right.

 MANTIS - This is an easy boss fight if you know what you're doing.
Jump over to him so you're on the bottom-right of his lair. Now just
whip out the Grappling Hook and hold the B button down. As long as
you've given yourself room between him and you, he'll receive damage
and not move. Just keep it up till he's a goner.

 ELKENROD - Yet again, it all comes down to knowing what to do. Before
you even face off with the dark soceress, hack away at some of the
guys hanging around in the level (no pun intended). After defeating a
few, you'll find this fight a bit easier, as it'll only take a few
hits to send Elkenrod back to the fires of -- well, where that damn
bitch came from.

 DRAGONFLY KING - An easy way of defeating the Dragonfly King is to
run to the right of the screen and drop down the right-side of the
last pit. Grab the potions and just wail on him from here. At least at
this location, you have a better chance of not being knocked off a
platform. Use healing mixture as necessary.



  Beat the game on "Easy" mode and you'll be let in on the truth
 concerning Chakan's curse. You will then be presented with one last
 opponent. Lose or exit the level via alchemy and you'll get a screen
 telling you that rest will come another day. Win and you will be
 left with an hourglass. As far as I know, you can do nothing at this


 As far as I know, there's only one cheat code locked within this
cart, and one dirty trick.

"All the Alchemy Powers"
  Start the game than press the C button on both controllers. Hold
 them down and hit reset. You'll hear a sound when the title screen
 pops up. Start the game again, hitting start to goto the alchemy
 screen, and push the pad on controller 2, left, right, up then down.
 Push start on controller 2 for water alchemy, button a for earth
 alchemy, button b for fire alchemy and button c for air alchemy.

Advance to Elemental Plane Quickly
  Simply cast the exit spell in the hub at a specific spot. Go right
 from in front of the chart and hop over to an isolated platform. This
 will advance you to the Elemental Plane, with all four weapons in


 I wouldn't blame the average or below average gamer for using these.
After all, Chakan is probably one of the toughest games ever made.
Your sense of worthness aside, below are all of the Game Genie codes
you could ever need in Chakan. You can copy & paste them and save them
as a PAT file to use in an emulator if you don't own a Game Genie.
These come straight from "The Big Book of Game Genie Codes." To check
out TBBoGGC, see Appendix A for an address.

AKZA-TA7L	[ 1] Protection from most hits 
AB3A-TCF2	[ 2] Invincibility lasts longer after getting hit 
DB3A-TAF2	[ 3] Invincibility does not last as long 
RLGA-TA4C	[ 4] Invincibility (falling still kills you) 
ALJA-WA74	\_
ALJA-WA8J	/ [ 5] Using an alchemy does not use up potions   
P0AT-XTVR	[ 6] Start with 4 blue potions 
P0AT-XTVW	[ 7] Start with 4 green potions 
P0AT-XTV0	[ 8] Start with 4 red potions 
P0AT-XTV4	[ 9] Start with 4 clear potions 
RGJA-W600	[10] Super jump 
ACGT-VE7W	[11] Infinite time 
RGRT-W6TG	[12] Scythe always available 
RGRA-W604	[13] Grappling hook always available 
RGRA-W61N	[14] Battering mallet always available 
RGRT-W6T6	[15] Battle axe always available


  The guilty parties are listed below...

 Producer ...................... Ed Ettore Annunziata

 Marketing ..................... Jaime Wojick

 Programmed by Extended Play ... Beth Carter
                                 Dave Foley
                                 Johnathon Miller
                                 Dean Sitton

 Stunt Programmer .............. Burt Sloane

 Design ........................ Johnathon Miller
                                 Mark Steven Miller

 Art Direction ................. Mira Ross
                                 Steve Ross

 Music and Sound ............... Nu Romantic Production
                                 Mark Steven Miller
                                 Jason Scher

 Testers ....................... Jay Alonzo
                                 Bryce Bigwood
                                 Shawn Boundy
                                 Joe Cain
                                 Ron Calonje
                                 Alex Fairchild
                                 Lawrence Jeung
                                 Martin Kojonok
                                 Julio Matinez
                                 Dianna Myers
                                 Sean Patten
                                 Eric Rawlins
                                 Siegle Stangenberg
                                 Gabriel Watts

 Special Thanks ................ Steve Apour
                                 Jeronimo Barrera
                                 Clyde Grossman
                                 Sara Holihan
                                 Jerry Markota
                                 Al Nilsen
                                 Spencer Nilsen
                                 SOA Customer Service

 Manual ........................ Carol Ann Hanshaw

 Chakan created by ............. Robert Kraus

APPENDIX A (Addresses)

 Here you'll find a small collection of web address I've alluded to in
this FAQ, as well as some of Chakan-related sites you might want to
check out.

  SegaFans - http://www.classicgaming.com/saturn/
 The only place to find the most up-to-date version of this FAQ, as
 well as a hell of a lot more Sega information, media, and more. Yeah,
 can you tell I'm plugging my own website? :)

  Chakan - http://www.rakgraphics.com/chakan/

  AndNow - http://www.andnow.net/
 The developer of the upcoming Chakan sequel/remake. Is it still
 coming out?

  Genesis Project - http://www.genesisproject.co.uk/
 Home of The Big Book of Game Genie Codes, which contains Genesis
 codes only.

APPENDIX B (Chakan Stuff)

-There is/was a sequel/update to Chakan being developed by AndNow.
They intended to publish it on every console platform possible,
including the Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, and Xbox. I personally
contacted them for a small interview for my SegaFans site, and was
given a personal reply by their head of staff ED "The Boss"
Annunziata. I will contact them soon and ask for an update and add it
to my existing information. At the very worst, check out their site
for some cool artwork and video clips!

-Here's a cool poem that was given to me by a guy who goes by "Chakan"
on EfNet. Neither of us know where it came from exactly, but it tells
the tale of Chakan quite well. Enjoy.

 listen stripling, hear me tell
 of my cursed existence in eternal hell
 of how in life I was warrior borne
 and in death turned to an undead pawn
 nor man nor beast could match my skill
 all creatures bowed before my will
 in pride I even spoke the words
 that Death would fall beneath my swords
 the reaper agreed
 and offered me a prise to live eternally
 but should I fall beneath his blades
 then his slave I would be made
 toe to toe our fight began
 death himself against a man
 to and fro the battle swayed
 with fiendish spell and shining blade
 the sky flashed brightly with our might
 the earth did tremble under our fight
 then in a flash I saw my chance
 and I struck death a mortal glance
 taken aback he lost his feet
 my victory sure Death was beat
 the wager won I 
 I claimed my prize
 to live forever no more a man
 but I was tricked by Death's twisted deal
 to live forever that part was real
 but as his slave in eternal damn
 now I`m Chakan the Forever Man 

-Here's an interview contributed by Ben from boobtime. It
comes from the June/July 1993 issue of Sega Visions:

Chakan started as a character from a comicbook series
called Thundermace, published by RAK graphics in Akron,
Ohio. The character's "dark" edge immediately drew a
following and quickly became RAK's most popular character.
We recently had the opportunity to talk with Robert Kraus,
the creator of Chakan, and Ed Annunziata, the Producer of
the Chakan Genesis game. Here is what they had to say
about this dark and unusual character.

How did the character come about?

KRAUS: I drew a picture in my sketchbook of a
cowboy-looking character that looked like a cross between a
zombie and Clint Eastwood. I liked it and from there I made
up the story of Chakan: The Forever Man.

Where did the background from the character come from?

KRAUS: I grew up in a kind of tough neighborhood. Some of
the violence in the comicbook characters is based on things
that I had seen growing up. But I'm not a violent person by

How did you become involved with SEGA?

KRAUS: I met Ed Annunziata a few years ago at the Gen Con
gaming convention. He expressed interest in the Chakan
character. We kept in touch over the next few months and
eventually came to an agreement about making a game based
on the character.

What are your thoughts on the finished game?

KRAUS: I couldn't believe how lifelike the character was. It
was amazing how they captured the spirit and the character
of the comic. I really enjoyed it.

What got you interested in Chakan?

ED: His face. Then I learned the story. I liked the fact that he
was a relucant super hero. He didn't do things for the good of
doing them, he did them because he had to.

You were the "champion" of this character from the start. How
did you convince SEGA to do the game?

ED: Persistence.

How long was Chakan in development?

ED: About a year and a half.

How were you about to capture the essence of the character?

ED: While at Gen Con (a role-playing convention) the idea of his
movements came to me. I figured out the controls and mechanics
and most of them were implemented.

What are your thoughts on the finished game?

ED: Chakan was built for the "real" gamer, someone who enjoys
and excels at difficult games. In that aspect I think we succeeded.

Any tips for the player?

ED: See question two.

What does the future hold for Chakan?

ED: No one really knows what the future holds for Chakan, but
always remember...He is the Forever Man.

APPENDIX C (Updates)

 Here's a list of places to find updates to this FAQ:

 SegaFans - http://www.classicgaming.com/saturn/
I will upload a new copy of the FAQ to my website at that second
address every day that I work on it. So this is the first place to
check for updates!

 GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
I'll update this FAQ at the end of the week on this site until I am
finished with it. If I don't happen to do any work on it during a
week, then I guess I can't update the GF copy. :P

APPENDIX D (Credits & Thanks)

 Thanks to the following for direct assistance in some fashion:
 -"Chakan" on EfNet, for typing out the Chakan poem on that day many
  moons ago.
 -Michiru Kaioh ( Michiru_Kaioh60@hotmail.com ) for the dimension
  descriptions and in-game introductions for the first four areas.
 -Ganelon for the trick to advance to the Elemental Plane quickly,
  Boss Strategy for Elkenrod, as well as miscellaneous assistance
  and input.
 -Ben from Boobietime ( benjamin@boobietime.com ) for the artwork,
  interview from Sega Visions, and general information.

 Thanks to the following for non-direct assistance in some fashion:
 -Robert Kraus for creating Chakan. Without whom, there'd be no game.
 -Sega for developing and publishing this excellent game. 
 -Our creator (whoever/whatever it/they is/are), for letting us
  invent emulators, without which, this FAQ would take years to
  finish. It should take much less time with Save States, patch codes,
  and other swanky features. For those of you interested, I use Gens
  when I'm playing Chakan the 'dirty' way. I usually play through the
  levels many, many times using just Quick Saves to test for false
  walls, enemy strategies, etc.
 -You, for giving me a another good reason for doing this.


 This FAQ was written entirely by Chakan except where noted. Entire
original contents (c) 2002, 2003 James "Chakan" Barton. Do not publish
this FAQ, either electronically or in print, without my exclusive
written permission. You may print out one full copy for your own
personal use. You may also send me comments, questions, and
suggestions via my email address.

 To obtain permission to use this FAQ in any form what-so-ever, email
me at chakan@classicgaming.com.

 For those of you wondering, if you do gain permission to publish/use
this FAQ in your publication (whatever medium it may be), you will
have to publish the FAQ in it's ENTIRETY. Yes, that means right down
to the Horrible ASCII headers.
Sorry ahead of time. :P

 If you've got a question about this FAQ or the game that's not
answered within, feel free to email me ( chakan@classicgaming.com )
and I'll help to the best of my abilities. Feel free to send in
information, tips, and whatever else that's not already included in
here. You'll be credited and thanked publicly. 


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