Additional DesignJerry Albright
Additional DesignNancy Nakamoto
Additional DesignBernie Whang
Additonal ArtworkAlbert Co
Additonal ArtworkRobert Hemphill
Additonal ArtworkRay Huerta
Additonal ArtworkJoan Igawa
Additonal ArtworkMaureen Kringen
Additonal ArtworkDoug Nishimura
Additonal ArtworkAnne Pickard
Additonal ArtworkSteve Snyder
Additonal ArtworkSteve Thomson
Additonal ArtworkArt Wong
ArtworkThomas Applegate
ArtworkTodd Tomlinson
DesignerJames Maxwell
Music and Sound FXBrian Coburn
Music and Sound FXDavid Delia
Music and Sound FXCliff Falls
Music and Sound FXBrian Howarth
Music and Sound FXRolf Weber
Music ComposerPaul Gadbois
ProducerBert Schroeder
Producer / DesignerDan Macarthur
ProgrammerAndrew Green


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