Review by Majestic_Lizard

Reviewed: 03/06/06

Awesome how exactly?

This was one of the worst video games I have ever played. It is a side scrolling mario/sonic style platformer with some of the most washed out and unoriginal graphics I have ever seen. However, the title character of a possum is appropriate as this game reminds me of road kill. This game was made in the days that a desperate Sega allowed ANY third party company to release ANY crap game in a desperate struggle to compete with the SNES. Boy, they REALLY lowered the bar when they let this steaming pile come out.

Graphics: 2
The game is an imitation of Sonic the Hedgehog. However, the programmers did not make use of the Genesis' graphic capabilities. Many of my favorite original NES games stomp all over the horrendous sprites and backgrounds of this unholy monstrosity. The Genesis can support 64 colors on screen from a palette of thousands, and using pallet swapping (a programming technique) it can easily support as many 256 colors on screen. This game used maybe 16 to 30 colors on screen. Your senses will immediately be assaulted by sites and sounds that can only be described with words like 'putrid' and 'uninspired'.

Game play / Control: 4
Its just poorly designed, uninspired and pointless. That is all a factor in game play. Moderate physical pain is more pleasant than playing this. Its repetitive. Its pointless. It can induce seizures.

Fun factor / Replay Value: 0
I played the game once. I will never play it again. Its really terrible. How did these people get a license to release this?

Overall: 1
I can't see any reason to play this game other than to find out for yourself that it really is terrible. Its not even terrible in an amusing or morbid way that you can enjoy, like a bad movie. Its terrible in a sickening and aggravating way. This is a video game with no redeeming value. I can't believe anyone would have ever purchased this game without returning it, unless in anger the destroyed the cartridge. Maybe the makers of Awesome Possum were really drug dealers and needed a front to explain to the IRS where all their revenue came from. We will never know why this atrocious title was released

Don't buy this game. However, if you really don't like someone (assuming they have a 15 year old console they still play), give it to them as a Christmas present.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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