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Reviewed: 11/10/02 | Updated: 11/10/02

Just add "Un-" to the first word of the title,and it'd be more accurate....

AWESOME POSSUM! Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt!
You turn on the game,and the song starts playing. You then start to wonder why you even bought/downloaded this game. Anyway,this game is another one of those games starring animal mascots,started by Sonic. And this is definitely the worst,believe me.
STORY: 1/10
Awesome the Possum,who isn't very aptly named,wakes up to find some cyborgs cutting down his woodland home. And they're led by some anti-Green party guy named Dr. Machino.Or something like that. HOW STRANGELY FAMILIAR! Yes,this is a complete rip-off of Sonic the Hedgehog,but with no quality. It does have a few of it's own touches...unfortunately. First of all,there are animals you can ride. There's a gigantic bee(can fly,which makes the levels all too easy,until you lose him anyway),a rhino (crashes into enemies. Sounds a bit like Donkey Kong Country...¬_¬;) and a manta ray(for the water levels,idiot.) Anyway,you have to go through several ''polluted'' areas,like a forest,a coral reef,and so on.
After each level,you get asked several questions about the environment. They're all extremely biased tough. Take that in mind if you ever play this game.
It deserves a 1/10,for un-originality.
For it's day the graphics are actually pretty shoddy. The color choice is terrible,as many colors are dark and bold. Most games could do better than that,with brighter colors. The NES has some nicer looking games than this. As for the actual sprites,they're rather cartoony looking,which suits the game. Unfortunately,the lines are way too bold. There aren't any translucent effects in the water level either. While the colors are bad,the sprites are decent. There's not a lot of detail within backgrounds though.
GAMEPLAY 3/10: Oh...if the rip-off storyline and less-than-decent graphics weren't bad enough,the gameplay is awful. First,getting (Un)awesome to jump and land on a certain spot is nigh-impossible. You'll be pressing left,right,left,right several times before you land. And jumping is the only way to kill enemies,not that they get in your way often. Not in the first level,but the water level is packed with them. The challenge is very high,since the stages are so long and filled with stupid traps. Sort of like Mega Man X6,but worse! If you happen to find you're bee pal,then there goes the challenge and lengthiness,but it still takes so long to fly to the end it'll make you sick. There is some respite from the madness though,since picking up 50 recyclables nets you full health and an extra life.

Sound/Music:-3/10 (rounded up to 1/10)
The music is annoying and repetitive,just like in the first two Sonic games. Sorry,I just had to say that. But it doesn't matter,since Unawesome talks to no end,saying idiotic things like ''I'm awesome!'' and ''I'll clean up this world yet!'' Sort of like some people on the message boards,but not as irritating! Plus,you can shut Unawesome up in the options menu. I recommend you do so. Heck,just use a mute button and save yourself the trouble.

Overall: 3/10,no,I'll make it 2/10 for the environmental propaganda and rip-off plot. Avoid it at all costs,unless you want to see how low the SegaAnimal genre goes.
Let's hope it's forgotten...

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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