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Reviewed: 02/20/02 | Updated: 02/20/02

I wish I were a possum, because then I'd be Awesome

Hey, it's a sonic clone. But instead of rings, you collect recyclables. And instead of freeing your friends, trapped inside robot bodies, you're killing skeleton loggers. And instead of fast, fluid gameplay, you have choppy and slow. Oh, and this one sucks.

Storyline 2/10
The evil loggers are destroying everything, and it's up to you to stop them! By picking up their litter and running away from them, as it ranges from difficult to impossible to actually defeat most of them. Oh, and they're keeping their saws and bear traps underground, where most trees grow and bears spend their days.

However, conservation is a good thing, when it's not based entirely on overblown and misinterpreted statistics. With bonus questions like ''Who's destroying the rain forest?'' netting you extra points, you almost have to become indoctrinated.

Graphics 4/10
Impressive at first and much better than most of the Genesis games I've seen. But then you start playing it. And everything slows down unbearably. Especially the Opossum. And then, most of the game is uphill... well, we'll get to that in gameplay.

Sound 4/10
The sound shows some real effort. Actual voice acting. Unfortunately, the idea is far ahead of its time, because it's so grainy that you can't understand a word of it. And, seeing as they're nearly always going for one reason or another, likely a cause of the slow-down as well.

Gameplay 1/10
Like I said, your character is far too slow, the points you have to jump on far too small and the terrain helping in neither instance. Remember all of those rock and lever that you jump on to go higher setups from Genesis platformers that you thought were so cool? This game ruins them, as you must remain perfectly still in the air after you jump in order to hit it on the way down.

The little springs? Easier to hit, but just barely. And they also have a nasty habit of propelling you into the little kamikaze toy planes that you can't destroy at all except by taking the hit.

Control 2/10
I think I've covered the shaky and sluggish controls. I didn't? Oh, they're sluggish and shaky. Jumping, running and walking are all nightmares and the only way to attack is some kind of spinning jump, which requires a combination of several buttons not normally used in conjunction. At all.

Rent or Buy: Rent, because you'll laugh for a while, until you get sick of it, about five minutes after you start.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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