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Reviewed: 04/09/12

Zoom through the boring scenery.

Of all of the blatant Sonic rip-offs, this has to be the most blatant rip-off ever made. Unsurprisingly, the culprits here turn out to be Tengen, the company that was famous for illegally hacking the NES software to port pirated games to the system. Also unsurprisingly, they still can't make good games. However, the area they succeeded in most was hypocrisy: blaming Nintendo for being a bully with its licensing standards while jailbreaking the NES, and making this game more to the eco-extreme than "An Inconvenient Truth", then releasing this game in a non-biodegradable plastic cartridge and a cardboard box. So does this game live up to Tengen standards? YES!

Graphics: Words come to mind when describing the graphics: lame, boring, uninspired, pixellated, dull, tedious... you get the idea. I get the feeling that these colors and enemy designs were the work of a giant dartboard: "Ok, the colors for this scene are... green! and... blue! Ok, then, it's a forest with lakes in it! Bravo! Next we'll discuss that Dr. Machino guy!" Seriously, the designs are that random. 1/10

Sound: AAAAAACK! Our hero Awesome has more cliches coming out of his mouth than the script from Battlefield Earth! Seriously, his lines make me wish to pour motor oil on a nearby patch of grass! And the music - the last time I heard such awfully elevatorish elevator music was in Elevator Land! In fact, I think they went there to record their music. The sound effects are muffled, and the overall audio quality is - three guesses - grainy. 0/10

Gameplay: Actually, Tengen knows a lot more about recycling than I thought, since they went back in time to recycle ideas from about every platformer ever made. For starters, Awesome Possum has a patented spin-attack (hmm...), the ability to roll into a ball (Hmmm....), and defeats enemies by jumping on them (HMMMM.....). Gee, where did Tengen get these ideas from? However, Tengen doesn't even get this right, as the levels are insanely hard, moving from level ground to spikes to one-hit KO spikes several times in a single level! That would be forgivable, except the controls are so sloppy that you end up wasting all of your lives in one level, so you end up having to restart from the continue. Other than that, the game is easy, even the bosses. I guess the villain has a fear of talking opossums. 1/10

Replayability: The best course to replayability: "AAAAGH! RUN! RUN AWAY!!!!!" 0/10

Final Words: Tengen made this game, so they are the only ones to blame for this travesty. Fortunately, the rest of the world displayed a profound sense of decency and refused to buy this game. Tengen died out eventually, and many of these games are in landfills... an ironic fate if you ask me.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Awesome Possum (US, 11/30/93)

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