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FAQ/Move List by DarkAbyss

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/21/04

Character Guide
Version: 1.0
By: Aiden Dunne (DarkAbyss)


Version History:

November 21, 2004 - Submitted this Character to GameFAQs with the hopes of
                    it being accepted.


Table of Contents:

I.   Introduction
II.  Individual Character Description, with Move List
III. Final Words, Credits and Additional Information
IV.  Legal Stuff


I. Introduction:

This is a Character Guide for the Sega Genesis game Shaq-Fu. This Guide will 
contain a physical description, move list and a small description of each move
for each character. It will contain height, weight, age, origin, extra 
description, and special move list. All the characters and moves will be in
alphabetical order.


II.  Individual Character Description, with Move List

1) Auroch

Height: 5'11
Weight: 456
Age: 170
Origin: Second World


A simple outlaw that fights for pleasure. Auroch taunts anything that crosses
his path.

~*Special Moves*~

Ball And Pain - Toward, Down, Back, C

Auroch removes a large ball and chain, out of no where, and swings it over his 
head twice. This move is quick and it has a reach of about two body lengths.

Boomerang - Back, Toward, B

Auroch removes an over sized boomerang from behind his back and throws it the
length of the screen. The unfortunate part is the fact that Auroch cannot move
an inch until the Boomerang has either disappeared across the screen, or 
hit and damaged an opponent.


2) Beast

Height: 6'10
Weight: 410
Age: Eternal
Origin: Unknown


Created by Sett from his own shadow, beast is the mightiest of Sett's servants.

~*Special Moves*~

Sonic Roar - Toward, Down, Back, Toward, C

When entered correctly, Beast will roar and the screen will flash. The good
thing about this attack, it hits and damages the opponent no matter where he
is located on the screen.

Spitfire - Down, Toward, B

Beast opens his mouth and lets out a fire blast that travels the entire length
of the screen.

Thermal Blast - Down, Back, B

Beast opens his mouth and blows out a very limited ball of flame. This flame
is only one body length at most, but if it hits the opponent, it does a large
amount of damage.


3) Colonel

Height: 6'4
Weight: 357
Age: 42
Origin: Bio Corp


A celestial champion. Battered, shattered, and almost dead, Colonel was found 
by Beast on an obscure battlefield, the sole survivor of a fierce struggle.

~*Special Moves*~

Bionic Burst - Down, Toward, B

Colonel punches twice. Once normally and the secondly with an extended arm 
causing more damage.

Heavy Metal - Down, Toward, Back, B

Colonel extends his arm and it transforms into a machine gun. It fires across
the screen. This attack takes a second to initiate.

Missile Launch - Down, Back, Toward, A

Colonel kneels for a second to lunch a missile out of his back which seems to
lock on and home towards the opponent.


4) Diesel

Height: 6'1
Weight: 205
Age: 30
Origin: USA


A longshoreman from the San Francisco docks, he spends more time brawling than
handling cargo.

~*Special Moves*~

Crate Crusher - Back, Down, Back, B

This is a short range attack where is does a quick fury of punches. These
punches are different because his hands turn to flames. This attack is only
good if you are one body length away or less.

Dash Upper - Down, Toward, B

Diesel thrusts forward several body lengths at a swift pace to uppercut the

Dockside Dagger - Back, Toward, B

Diesel throws a dagger across the screen. This is a very effective attack 
because of it's speed.


5) Kaori

Height: 5'3
Weight: 123
Age: 23
Origin: Cimotha


Forced to obey Sett's will by the power of an enchanted ring, Kaori is the
martial arts champion of the alien feline race.

~*Special Moves*~

Cat's Claw - Down, Back, B

Kaori swings her arm and generates a spiral of light that projects across the
screen at the opponent. Holding C will also cause Kaori to move forward 

Cyclone - Down, Back, C

Kaori spins and turns into a cyclone. If you hold C, you shall hold the cyclone
for a longer time. Holding C will also cause Kaori to move forward towards the 
opponent until the opponent is hit.

Energy Bomb - Back, Down, Towards, B

Kaori troughs a small round bomb at the ground a few body lengths in front of
her and causes a small splash explosion.


6) Leotsu

Height: 5'4
Weight: 118
Age: 500
Origin: Far East


The last grand master of an ancient martial art, one that remains a mystery to
the other masters.

~*Special Moves*~

Blast Kai - Down, Back, Towards, B

Leotsu forms a ball of energy and throws it across the entire length of the 

Bo Kai -  Down, Towards, B

Leotsu takes out his Bo Staff and makes two attacks with it. Must be in within
a body's length away to be effective.

Flash Kai - Forward, Down, Forward, C

Leotsu takes out his Bo Staff and creates a small orb of energy which makes the
entire screen flash, damaging the opponent. It doesn't matter where your 
opponent is for this attack.


7) Mephis

Height: 5'7
Weight: 165
Age: Unknown
Origin: Unknown


A mighty undead sorcerer who was once Sett's apprentice thousands of years

~*Special Moves*~

Burning Touch - Down, Back, B

Mephis spins around and throws out this barely noticeable dust which damages
the opponent. The opponent has to be within a body length and a half for it
effect him.

Lightning Arc - Back, Down, Toward, C

This is a good attack, but it takes a second to take effect. Mephis will raise
his arms and after a moment he will sent lightning up into the air which will
come down and hit your opponent from anywhere on the screen.

Lightning Jaws - Down, Toward, B

Mephis creates and throws a bolt of electricity which resembles snapping jaws
at the opponent.


8) Nezu

Height: 4'6
Weight: 77
Age: 12
Origin: Far East


Kidnapped by Beast to free Sett. Nezu is uncontrollable when angered. 
Although small, Nezu is agile, swift, and cunning.

~*Special Moves*~

Eno Blast - Down, Back, Toward, C

Nezu forms a ball of energy. He then shoots this energy forward about four body
lengths which stays there until the enemy steps on it. Nezu may only have one
of these blasts active at one time.

Eno Flip - Down, Back, C

Nezu leaves an Eno Blast at his feet and does two back flips, moving about four
body lengths backwards. This Eno Blast works similarly to the one above; it 
stays until stepped on by the opponent. You also can only have one on the 
screen at a time.

Time Vault - Toward, Back, A

Nezu creates a slow moving energy blast which flies across the screen at the 
opponent. If it hits the opponent, they will be unable to move for a few


9) Rajah

Height: 5'11
Weight: 210
Age: 38
Origin: 2nd World


A young mystic and skilled swordsman, Rajah submitted to Sett's sorcery while
exploring the nether plains with his spirit.

~*Special Moves*~

Scimitar Spiral - Toward, Down, Back, B

Rajah pulls out two scimitars and attaches them to each other at the handle. 
He then proceeds to throw them across the screen, towards the opponent.

Sword Shockwave - Back, Down, Back, C

Rajah pulls out his two scimitars and slams them into the ground, causing a 
light blue coloured wave go across the screen, along the ground. 

Thunder Clap - Toward, Down, Toward, B

Rajah pulls out his two scimitars and clashes them together, causing a large
flash which illuminates the screen.


10) Sett

Height: 6'10	
Weight: 212
Age: 3000
Origin: Unknown


An entity of ancient evil, Sett was defeated and entombed in another dimension
ages ago.

~*Special Moves*~

Cosmic Missile - Down, Back, C

Sett generates a ball of energy and shoots it across the screen towards the 

Mummy Wrap - Toward, Down, Back, B

Sett moves his arms forward and attacks the opponent with his mummy wrappings. 
This attack only hits if the opponent is within four or five body lengths from

Wedge Charge - Toward, Down, Toward, A

Sett creates a layer of energy in front of himself and charges swiftly across
the screen at the opponent.


11) Shaq

Height: 7'1
Weight: 301
Age: 22
Origin: USA


A dominating force on and off the hoops court, rookie of the year, perennial
all star and founder of Shaqido... an extremely lethal martial art form.

~*Special Moves*~

Inferno Kick - Down, Toward, C

Shaq does a quick flaming, spinning roundhouse kick. This kick is only 
effective when in close proximity to the opponent and when they are jumping in
on Shaq.

Shaq-Urikin -  Forward, Back, Forward, A

Shaq creates a very small round disc of energy which he then throws across the
screen at the opponent.


12) Voodoo

Height: 5'8
Weight: 143
Age: 27
Origin: Haiti


Many have fallen prey to Voodoo's magic. She uses her power to hunt Sett's

~*Special Moves*~

Eagle Claw - Back, Down, Towards, B

Voodoo raises her hand, then summons her eagle. A moment later, the eagle
lunges towards the opponent.

Earthquake - Toward, Down, Toward, A

Voodoo jumps into the air and lands hard on the ground, shaking it. This attack
will damage any opponent who is on the ground at the same time Voodoo lands

Voodoo Doll - Down, Back, C

This attack causes Voodoo to take out a voodoo doll of the opponent and a 
Knife. Then you must press any attack button to make Voodoo stab the knife into
the doll. Doing this damages your opponent.


III. Final Words, Credits and Additional Information

I would just like to thank-you for reading and hopefully using my FAQ on this
wonderful game. I hope you didn't find any problems or mistakes in my guide, if
so please e-mail me. My e-mails will be located at the bottom of this guide, in
the legal section.


William "Games Bill" Reynolds - This man has pretty much been the source of 
most of my games and game knowledge. He was the person who sold me the Shaq-Fu
game which was used in the writing of this Guide.

Andrew Howell (Ah the 2nd) - He was the man who introduced me to GameFAQs, 
which ended up being my favorite website. I have to thank him because if it 
wasn't for him, I wouldn't be writing this right now. Andrew also proof reads 
all of my work before submitting it. He is the master proof-reader.

ShaqFu.org - This website was used to get some information on this game.

Lastly, the genius who came up with Shaq-fu - All I have to ask is, what were
you on when you came up with this idea? Good work!


IV.   Legal Stuff

This is the section I have to write so people don't steal my work. But if anyone
actually would like to use my work on anything, like a website, just get in 
contact with me. Most likely, I will let you use it. 


Copyright 2004 Aiden Dunne

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