• Blood Mode

    Enter the following code at the Options Screen

    Blood modeA - B - C - C - B - A

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

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  • Stage Select and Adjust Handicap Option in Duel Mode

    When starting a 1P vs. 2P game in Duel Mode, at the character selection screen hold the d-pad left or right and press B to cycle through any stage you like to pick or leave the screen blank to have the game random select a stage for you. To set handicap to high or low, hold the d-pad left or right and press C. Holding left will give P2 more advantage while holding right will give P1 more advantage.

    Note: This could be done by either player in Duel Mode.

    Adjust handicapHold Left or Right while pressing C button
    Cycle through any stage in the gameHold Left or Right while pressing B button

    Contributed By: leeko_link.

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  • Use Any Character in Story Mode

    At the Options screen, choose the fighter you wish to use in Story Mode by picking a number in the Music Test as follows:

    1=Mephis, 2=Sett, 3=Nezu, 4=Kaori, 5=Beast, 6=Auroch, 7=Voodoo, 8=Colonel, 9=Diesel, 10=Leotsu, 11=Rajah, 12=Shaq

    Then press Up, Down, B, Left, Right, B while still at the Options screen. The screen should flash if you did it correctly.

    Contributed By: Gamer7048.

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Easter Eggs

  • Third Bonus Stage

    In Story Mode, head to the rightmost trees above Kaori's Catwalk Falls (essentialy, the top right corner of the landmark) and press Start. There, you will reach a bonus stage, in which you must smash a number of skeletons before the time runs out. Getting a perfect score will earn you an extra continue.

    Contributed By: oxwah.

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  • Unlock Second Bonus Fight

    In Story mode, after opening up the path to the Second World, head under South Gate until you cannot move any farther (You should be at the southern-most tip of the Second World), press the C button, and you will be treated to a Bonus fight -- a purple and black version of Sett. Like the Beast bonus fight in the First World, this battle does not have any dialogue and has no relevance to the plot.

    Contributed By: A_Novel_Idea.

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  • Unlock bonus fight

    When in the ''Story'' level, go to the right-hand corner of Gargoyle's Peak. A set of stairs is there, which is leading to the Cliff, and move Shaq down these stairs, until he reaches the black door. Then, press Start, you'll face a blue version of ''Beast''.

    Contributed By: mozwazherez.

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