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Reviewed: 01/20/04

The legend starts here!


This was Sonic's grand debut to the universe. Sonic was the only competition against Mario, who was Nintendo's mascot. If not for Sonic, SEGA would be dead. Sonic Team went through alot of trial-and-error to get Sonic alive. He was to originally be a rabbit who could stretch his ears to collect items. This is why Ristar was made; to give you an idea of what the gameplay would have been like. This is also why Ristar was included in Sonic Mega Collection (US version). I was first introduced to Sonic during SatAM back in 1993. I didn't figure out that he was a gaming character until 1996. Better late then never so onto the review.


Dr. Ivo Robotnik has arisen on the scene and is turning all of the animals into robots to help him collect the 6 Chaos Emeralds in order to achieve complete world domination! Also arising for the first time is Sonic T. Hedgehog! Sonic
decided to save his animal friends and put a stop to Dr. Robotnik for the first of MANY times! P.S., for those of you who didn't know, Sonic lives on planet Mobius. This was a great story that improves as the series goes on. Nothing
else to say.


Sonic games always have good graphics! This game introduced the biggest part of the graphics. Parallax! The water in Green Hills is georgeous and so are the stars in Star Light Zone. There is also the high speed. Speed like this has never been pulled off on a videogame before! SEGA knew that the Super NES/Famicom wasn't as fast as the Genesis and so, SEGA tried making a speed game. The backgrounds look wonderful as well. There is too much to list, just see the game for yourself and see what I mean.


Sonic games have also had good music and this was only the beginning of that feature. This game taught me that the SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive was capable of bass afterall. I love bass! The music in this game is unforgetable as it is going to stay in your head for quite some time. If you have a stereo Genesis, use it! What already sounded good will sound even better!


Just the way I like it. Alot of the Sonic games have required one button to do all the work. Press either A, B, or C to jump into a Sonic Spin. Attack an enemy in the air with this. While running, press Down to roll up into a ball and cut through enemies and bust open walls.


To start off, collect rings to stay alive when you get hit. As long as you have at least one ring, you can survive enemy attacks and enviornmental hazards (except for getting crushed). Collect 100 rings and you get an extra life. The game is divided into 7 Zones. Most of which have 3 Acts each. If you reach the end of Acts 1 and 2 in every Zone except for the 6th one, you will be given a chance to collect a Chaos Emerald. Jump into the giant ring and go into the Special Zone. Collect all 7 Emaralds to view the real ending to the game. Sonic can attack enemies as long as he's balled up. This game isn't as fast as the sequels but was like nothing anyone had experienced before! This game was an instant clasic! With this game, a true legend was born!


I never got the chance to play the Genesis version. I have the GameCube version on Sonic Mega Collection. There are 2 hidden codes that can be entered on the GCN version's status screen to play 3 different versions: 2 Japanese versions, and the NA version. This makes the GCN version slightly better than the Genesis one. Sonic was created June 23, 1991 by Yuji Naka. As mentioned in my other Sonic review (by the time this was writen, I had only 1 other Sonic review. One of Sonic CD) I didn't know Sonic was a gaming character until '96. But I first heard about him during his first 2 cartoons. This game is a reminder to us all why Sonic the Hedgehog rules for life! I have a bunch of Sonic games including the new Sonic Heroes game. I refuse to review Heroes until I collect all 103 Emblems and/or get all A Ranks. This is because once I do, the review can be much more detailed and have less spoilers. But the fun may soon be over... SEGA is currently experiencing heavy competition fro Sammy. SEGA went out of the console business in 2001. They may even step out of the gaming business if this goes on! I hope not! If SEGA dies, so does Sonic! What about Sonic Team? Could they still save Sonic-dom? If not, I would just die! Regardless, even if SEGA and Sonic die, they will always leave behind a mark of their truly great legacies forever!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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