1. Larry Flores Artist
  2. William Kier Artist
  3. Steve Knotts Artist
  4. Kevin Lee Artist
  5. David Russ Artist
  6. Art Wong Artist
  7. Michael Latham Designer and Executive Producer
  8. Harry Chavez Game Balancing
  9. Erik Wahlberg Game Balancing
  10. Albert Co Lead Artist and Animator
  11. John Kuwaye Lead Programmer
  12. Joe Delia Music Composer
  13. DMP Entertainment Music Composer
  14. John Hart Music Composer
  15. Jeff Marsh Music Composer
  16. Adrian Van Velssen Music Composer
  17. Mark Nausha Producer
  18. Ala Diaz Programmer
  19. Steven Lashower Programmer
  20. Jack Loh Programmer
  21. Mike Terlecki Programmer
  22. Pravin Wagh Programmer
  23. Christopher Warner Programmer
  24. Dave Delia Sound Effects
  25. Paul Gadbois Sound Effects
  26. Christopher Warner Technical Director

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