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Reviewed: 06/23/03 | Updated: 06/23/03

Now we can all join the X-Men

Saddle up true believers! It time to ride with the X-Men. Hold on to your hats cause your goin for a ride. Now this is one great game, a must have for any genesis owner. Now if you liked the first one or hated it, rest assured you will love this game.

Much to my surprise the graphics in this game are excellent. You can really notice the detail of the characters and the mutant powers just plain out look cool as hell. The level designs are great and the elemental effects look great. I know i found myself in awe at the detail they put into the characters physics and attacks. Trust me you wont be dissapointed, they truly put the genesis powers to the max.

Wolverine? Nightcrawler! Gambit? and more? Wow there all here! Up to 7 characters at your disposial each with distinct moves and powers you be playing over and over matering each character... well except psylock. She just plain sucks lol. Plus with many levels this game wont let you down so youll be here for a while.

Sound: 8/10
Now the sound is kinda turdy well at least when it comes to the music department but with the effects in the game there great. You can really here the BAMF when nightcrawler teleports or the sound of flesh stripping of the bone when you use wolverine (well maybe not that good but still).

Most of the game is hard but not so hard so your pullin out your hair because your dads usin the computer and your dog at your game magazines and you need codes...BADLY. But it does get pretty hard when you get to brood (i think thats who it is) the final boss because hes pretty damn tough.

If your like me youll find yourself playin this one again and again. Why? because its just that damn good! Its fun just messin around with nightcrawler the greatest mutant of all time (well at least i think but i know theres alot of gambit fanboys) or tryin to complete the game because believe me youll be tryin again and again at the end. Plus with the addition of a level skip code and 99 lives you can go to your favorite level again and again and just mess around.

To sum it up X-Men 2: the clone wars is a classic masterpiece that should be on every consul owners shelf right next mario, zelda, and sonic.

Rating: 10

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