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Reviewed: 04/22/03 | Updated: 04/22/03

Okay, now this is cool!

X-men fans get ready, because this game will really take you to the limit! I can truly guarantee you that you’re going to love this. This was one of my childhood favorites. Even now I wish I still owned the game. It’s worth having, even now. You can never get tired of playing X-Men games, especially Clone Wars!

Game Play :

In the game, you can choose just about any X-men you want. The best part about it is that you don’t have to stick with just one, because the “choose your character” menu shows up after every level! Ever wanted to be able to pick Magneto? Well, here’s your chance, since he’s available halfway through the game. He’s a truly awesome character (being the only one able to fly and all…). The characters are pretty equal in value. You want to start off with a beginner’s character? I would suggest Wolverine because of his ability to heal quickly. With him you can basically lay low when you’re hurt so you can heal up. That’s something only he can do though.

2 Player Action! YEAH! You can call your friend over and get some help whenever you want to double the fun! As we all know, games are always more fun when someone else is there to enjoy it too.

You should see these bosses. I mean wow. Some of these things are so huge and it requires a little bit of thinking on how you have to take these things out.

The controlling is also a fun factor. It’s really easy to control, basically the same as fighting games. Press a button to attack, tap it to swing like crazy. Also the special moves people have like Nightcrawler’s teleporting trick or Gambit’s card throwing maneuver.


There’s nothing to worry about in this category. Sega genesis did well on designing this. Not too much, but at least we can all be pleased with it. The game goes on with many different levels and decent designed backgrounds, like the snow in the first stage.

Replay Value

AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! Who cares if you’ve beaten the whole game? It’s just as fun to do it again and take out those darn clones!


I give it a 9. It’s not only a really fun game to play with, but it also looks awesome. Come on, this is X-Men for crying out loud! Not much of an effort is needed by them to do a good job. Rent or buy? I’d say buy, and keep it forever!

Rating: 9

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