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Reviewed: 09/17/08

Suit up my X-Men... its time to save the world again!!

Peaking when the 1990s cartoon emerged. New story from the previous game and has added more characters than the previous installment. This game can be debated in the top 10 games.

Story (8/10)
A race known as the Phalanx attempts to take over the world. They have captured and cloned some of the mutants in order to experiment with them. The X-Men must now save the world from this race no matter what. They will eventually get help from an enemy they have battled throughout the years.. The 7 mutants must defeat the Phalanx in order to save the world. They will encounter famous places in the X-Men universe such as the Savage Land and the Avalon.

Gameplay (9/10)
Once the game starts you get into the action. The character you get is random so if you started off with Beast but wanted Wolverine just hit the reset button until you get your favorite mutant. Once you complete the level then you can change which X-Men you want to be. I found it innovating because most games would show the title screen but this puts you right in the action. After you beat every level you are able to switch to another X-Man.

Controls (9/10)
you have your basic mutant power (A), attack (B) and then jump (C). The difference from the first game was you could use your mutant power as much as you want. Because playing the game by just punching and kicking can be dull, so why not use your mutant powers to make the game more fun.

Sound (7/10)
the music in the game was good. Nothing bad about it. The sounds were okay since it was the 16 bit era don't expect any voice acting at all.

Graphics (9/10)
The graphics in the game good. The characters were well drawn just like their comic book counterparts. The level designs were superb as well.

Replay Value (7/10)
There really is not much replay value after you beat the game. No unlockables but you do get the self satisfaction of saving the world from the Phalanx. You can try playing with a friend and save the world together.

If your a big fan of the X-Men I highly recommend this game. Casual gamers may enjoy this game since its a good side scrolling beat em up game. Sega did a job well done with this game. If they only made more X-Men games in the 16 bit era.

Rating: 9

Product Release: X-Men 2: Clone Wars (US, 12/31/95)

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