Review by SonRuck

Reviewed: 05/15/07

A fun beat 'em up for your Genesis

This might be my favorite X-men related game of all time, excluding the Capcom vs series. I picked it up years ago dirt cheap from a video rental place that was liquidating its Genesis stock, and it's been one of my favorite Genesis games ever since.

Story: 8/10

I guess it's supposed to be a pseudo-sequel to the Phalanx Covenant storyline that ran in the x-books at the end of '94. An alien race of techno organic beings known as the Phalanx has descended upon the Earth in the hope of assimilating the whole planet. The Phalanx are kind of like the Borg from Star Trek, except cooler because they have crazy shape-shifting powers and stuff. The Phalanx have also enlisted the help of some the X-Men's most dangerous foes, like Apocalypse and the Savage Land mutates. They have also cloned the X-Men themselves....

Gameplay: 8/10

Pretty similar to the first X-men game for the Genesis, however the major difference is that you have unlimited use of your mutant powers in this game, and you had a meter that could run out in the first X-Men title. The various playable characters are: Beast, Wolverine, Psylocke, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Gambit and later on, Magneto. They all have different specialties. Beast is your tank, Wolverine is a good all-around brawler, Psylocke is agile, quick and has a sweet katana, and Magneto is simply the all-powerful master of magnetism. The game's structure is very similar to the first X-Men game: fight through legions of minions until you get to an end boss, beat him and proceed to the next stage. The controls are quite responsive and shouldn't let you down on a tricky jump or something.

Sound: 8/10

Pretty good for a Genesis game. One of the few 16-bit era games I own that doesn't make me want to hit the mute button.

Graphics: 8/10

The characters have increased noticeably in size and detail from the 1st X-Men game. Some of the bosses really stand out, too. The Sentinel Core and the Phalanx Queen both look really cool.

Overall: 8/10

Easily one of the better comic to video game translations of the era. I'd rank it above other comic book beat 'em ups like Maximum Carnage or the Death and Return of Superman that came out on the Genesis around the same time. You should enjoy this whether or not you're an X-men fan, though. IT;s a simple, addictive game and the different styles the various characters offer should keep you entertained for a while.

Rating: 8

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