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Guide and Walkthrough by Skarr

Version: Final | Updated: 08/23/2002
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Sega Genesis FAQ/Walkthrough
Final version - August 21, 2002.
Final updates made on August 23, 2002.
Written by Skarr.
Copyright (c) 2002, Skarr.
E-MAIL: skarr@kmfdmdogma.com
                 T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S
SECTION 1.>===================================== 
SECTION 2.>=====================================
SECTION 3.>=====================================
SECTION 4.>=====================================
SECTION 5.>=====================================
SECTION 6.>=====================================
SECTION 7.>=====================================
A. OUTRO                                       
elcome to Shadowrun, a great Sega Genesis game, closely based on its' 
pen 'n' paper counterpart. The year is 2050. You are Joshua, a 'runner 
who hears of your brother Michael's untimely and mysterious death. Now,
you pay a visit to your bro's last known hole-up, a motel in the 
Redmond Barrens area of Seattle, "Stoker's Coffin Motel". Broke, armed
and bent on revenge, it's up to you to gun your way to the top and 
take matters into your own hands!

                That's the storyline for this cyberpunk adventure RPG.
Sound good? It is. I'm not sure if this FAQ will ever see usage, but 
hey, I'm a huge fan of this game, and as long as you enjoy the guide, I'm 
happy. Oh, and if you feel the need to use this FAQ on another site or take 
some ideas/inspiration from it, be sure to credit me (Skarr). 

      NOTE: this guide may contain SPOILERS. You have been warned. 

1-B. G E T T I N G    S T A R T E D
Getting started is no mystery. Just select a new game (or load game if you 
have a saved adventure), pick one of three occupations, each
with its' own strength and weakness, and go 'running, frag-face! 
Whatever you choose will not affect the story, so no worries.

SAMURAI: Best occupation, if you ask me. You are super tough and get the option 
of being as good as a decker in terms of The Matrix. You cannot use magic, 
however, due to cyberware.

DECKER: You start with a cyberdeck and are decent in the fields of 
hacking. Average strength rather than Samurai. Blah. You can be a decker as 
a Samurai, so what's the point?

GATOR SHAMAN: The only one capable of using magic. You get the picture,
but you lose the ability of hacking/acquiring cyberware. I say forget it 
seeing as you can just go hire a magic user. But if you're a spell
casting nut, this is for you.
1-C. C O N T R O L S
There's a few things in Shadowrun you'll have to know how to operate, and 
the most important ones are the controls. Below is a list of the varying 
controls and screens. 
=====================WORLD (Birds' eye)=========================
D-PAD: move Joshua
A: Attacks with equipped offense
B: Targets an enemy. If there are plenty of punks around, continually hitting 
B will cycle through who to shoot.
C: Changes characters if you have a shadowrunner or two.
START: Enters pause menu.

=====================PAUSE MENU/STORE MENU=======================
D-PAD: moves cursor
A: Chooses highlighted option
B: Chooses option sometimes, others it has no function
C: In stores and pause menu, it changes teammates. In pocket secretary, it 
does nothing.
START: Exits out of given subscreen.

D-PAD: moves cursor around
A: In main screen, loads a program. In battle, runs a program. Launches 
Strong attack.
B: Loads a program, launches medium attack, chooses node options.
C: Loads a program, launches light attack.
START: Exits out of given menu/enters main deck screen.
1-D. P A U S E    M E N U
The pause menu features many options and functions, and here is a quick 
run-up on what you can rely on in it. Pressing start exits out of 
everything, while button C selects a different 'runner, if you aren't
alone. These controls also apply in stores.

SIDE INVENTORY: You can equip, unequip, discard or trade weapons/armor, 
use healing items, and others. Sometimes, automatically used items like
the maglock keys will appear here, too.

POSTURE: Set a chosen character's posture to either full/medium defense, 
full/medium offense, or neutral, depending on what your style is. Full 
offense for everyone is usually best in terms of back-up.

CLIPS: Selecting this allows the chosen character to either reload, 
trade clips, distribute clips, or you can cancel out.

ATTRIBUTES/SKILLS: Allows you to look at a chosen characters' stats. 
Highlighting a stat tells you what its main purpose is. You cannot raise your 
stats with karma through this screen, however.

CYBERWARE: Allows you to see what cyberware the chosen character has.

MAGIC: Allows you to see what spells a chosen character is equipped 
with. If you are not a magic user, it will display your magical 

POCKET SECRETARY: Your portable organizer. See below for list.
1-E. P O C K E T    S E C R E T A R Y
Selecting your pocket secretary brings up a whole new menu. Here are 
it's features. pressing start exits out of what you're looking at.

CURRENT RUN: Tells you what your current job title and description, if 
you have one. Otherwise, it calls you a bum.
TIPS AND CLUES: These are gathered up as you progress/hack nodes for
files in cyberspace. They prove to be very helpful.
CONTACTS: Shows the list of contacts you have.
MR. JOHNSONS: Shows list of Johnsons you've met and their stats.
SHADOWRUNNERS: Shows list of runners you've met and their stats.

GROUP ITEMS: Key items, in other words. Important things that apply to 
the whole party and are automattically used (Fake IDs, gang propaganda, 
etc) can be seen here.

CYBERDECK: If you got a 'deck, you can check it out here. This also has 
a number of options.

DISMISS RUNNER: If you got a 'runner you're growing sick of, give him
or her the boot with this option.

SAVE/LOAD GAME: Allows you to save or load a game, as it says.
1-F. T E R M I N A L S
Terminals are identified on the screen as ATM machine-resembling 
consoles. When you walk into one, you will be taken to its menu, with
the following options.

CALL TAXI: After you get Michael's stuff, you can take a taxi anywhere
except the Salish-Shidhe. They cost a little nuyen, but if you have an 
Orc armband, you can ride for free!

VID-PHONE: Call any contacts you have with this.

CYBERSPACE: Jack into the grid through here. ENTER PASSCODE allows you to 
choose what system you want to hack, RUN PASSCODE is what you choose when 
given a Matrix run, and SYSTEM SEARCH randomly chooses a system.

EXIT: Leave the terminal.
=========================THE SCREEN================================
The screen is the one you will be seeing alot of. I'll call it the "World" 
screen. To the right is a bar which displays your portrait, mental and 
physical strength meters. The other empty slots are for 'runners. Physical 
strength is taken down by gunshots, while your mental strength can be taken 
down by magic. If either reach zero, you will be rushed to Little Chiba's 
or Downtown Seattle's Hospital, depending on if you've retrieved Michael's 
things. The weapon icon shows what weapon/spell you are currently armed with, 
and the number gauge next to it represents your ammo counter. The rest of 
the screen is self-explanitory, with a birds' eye type of view on the cities.

============POINTERS WHILE IN WORLD MODE==============
-If a Shadowrunner is killed, you can revive him/her at the pause menu with 
a healing item. Leaving the screen while the runner is out cold will send 
him back to where you found him.

-If you seem to be walking slow and can't enter any buildings, it means you're 
being attacked, or are going to be attacked. Turn around and unload!

-Beware when throwing grenades. If the blast radius is close, it can do you 
in, too.

-When in corp. buildings, be sure to use a silenced weapon. If you don't have 
any, use your bare fists. Any loud blasts will set off the alarm and prevent 
you from leaving the floor and building for a lengthy amount of time. 

-When in corp. buildings, beware of security cameras. They will sound the 
alarm if they spot you. Hack into a building terminal and turn off the alarm 
at a CPU node, not to mention crash the system to kill all cameras.

-Setting all your character's posture to full offense will result in proper 
teamwork, with full protection. Anything less may send your brutally prepared 
runner, running. Literally.

-If Joshua is killed and you use another runner in your party, DON'T leave 
the screen. Doing so will have the same effect as getting killed and you will 
lose all runners you had in your party.

-Beware of Lone Star encounters. If you're carrying illegal gadgets/weapons 
and they want to bust you, they will. And they'll also rape you of anything 
illegal you were carrying, not to mention fine you 
big time.

-If a party member gets lost, just choose him to find him.

-If your character refuses to pick up an item off a dead character, then he/she 
must be maxed out in that item, or inventory slots.

-Every now and then, an event will take place at random, each varying in 
results. You will have to decide what to do, each response representing the 
A, B and C buttons. Refer to the events section for more info.

-Once in a rare while, a runner hired for life will take off on you. I have 
no idea why, but if it happens, level up your stats a little before trying 
to get that same runner again, or you might be wasting money.

In this game, death seems to almost not exist, since you never really actually 
"die". Basically, when either of your health bars reach zero, you are rushed 
to a nearby clinic and resusicated, but here are some things you need to know. 
First, what causes you to be rushed to the clinic:

-If Joshua's health reaches zero and has no other party members
-If Joshua's health reaches zero and another party member is used to enter 
a building/walk to an adjacent town
-If everyone in the party is killed

Now, once "dead", you will be rushed to Little Chiba's in Redmond Barrens 
if you haven't obtained Michael's belongings. If you have obtained them, you 
will always be rushed to Seattle General Hospital in Downtown Seattle for 
the remainder of the game. You will then pay a small fee and be good as new, 
but here's a few more things to point out. 

-If you were on a run (excluding ghoul kill runs), the run will be cancelled.
-If you had any runners, they will be gone, back in their respective bars.

Despite all of this, you basically have unlimited lives, so don't panic.
1-G. I N N S,  K A R M A   AND   S T A T S
"A steaming mug of soykaf would be just wiz right about now."

Now we will talk about karma, how to raise/obtain it, and what to use 
it for. (NOTE: Every shadowrunner besides Joshua also has stats you 
can raise.)

KARMA is acquired by either completing runs, or being a good citizen 
when an event happens (See events). It is used to raise your attributes
and skills, and is a must in this game. 

INNS are where you go to raise your attributes/skills with karma. Just walk 
in, get a room and you can go to your attributes screen. When you're all done, 
you can CHECK OUT.

ATTRIBUTES AND SKILLS are things you'll want to max out, and high 
amounts of karma will allow you to do so. Below is a list of what 
stats you have, and how they will help you. 

NOTE: everytime you level up an attribute with karma, the karma cost will 
be as much as the level you are upgrading to, i.e.: upgrade to level 5; cost 

NOTE: Be careful when going to Stoker's Coffin Motel. Sometimes, you will 
be attacked by some Halloweeners when you try to enter, much like walking 
in on a bar fight.

EXTRA NOTE: Get cyberware before raising any of the following, if you're not 
a shaman. Then, an extra point will be added to nearly everything!

FOR: resisting all physical damage 
SKARR SAYS: Wanna be tough? Max it out.

FOR: increasing movement/combat/cyberspace speed
SKARR SAYS: Always a relief to have maxed.

FOR: higher damage with bare fists/grenade accuracy
SKARR SAYS: This is a good ol' python booster, great for punching people's 
lights out when maxed.

FOR: reducing runner prices, increases luck in events
SKARR SAYS: Handy to have maxed, as you will be able to talk your way out 
of most troublesome events, or handle them in better ways.

FOR: See Quickness.
SKARR SAYS: Maybe it has other functions, but it seems to be the exact same 
thing as quickness.

FOR: increasing combat success/resisting magical drain and mana spells
SKARR SAYS: If you want to withstand magical drain and have a decent capacity 
of mental damage, max it out.


FOR: determining success with spell casting
SKARR SAYS: Only raisable if you're a Gator Shaman. this helps your spells 
to do more destruction/assistance, and is handy for the magic-user when maxed 

FOR: determining success with ALL guns
you can automatically raise your pistols/SMGs/shotguns skill levels from 0 
straight to 13. Handy!

FOR: determining success with pistols
SKARR SAYS: Don't raise this with karma until your firearms level is maxed. 
Then you can take it to 13.

FOR: determining success with SMGs
SKARR SAYS: Same guidelines apply as above.

FOR: determining success with shotguns
SKARR SAYS: See above.

M E L E E   C O M B A T
FOR: determining success in hand-to-hand combat
SKARR SAYS: If you want even more of a 'roid boost, max it out!

FOR: higher grenade success
SKARR SAYS: For better accuracy, like it says, max it out.

C O M P U T E R 
FOR: higher success in cybercombat/operating nodes
SKARR SAYS: Max it out. When this is maxed, you'll be able to hack nodes/corp. 
terminals easier, battle Ice easier, and have a faster loading time on your 
programs. Handy, handy!

FOR: better usage of medkits
SKARR SAYS: If you have this maxed out, the usage of a medkit will pretty 
much heal you 100%. Otherwise, medkits may seem more useless than stim/trauma 
patches if biotech is at a low level.

FOR: higher success at maglocks
SKARR SAYS: If you want to avoid setting off corp. building security like 
a fool, max this out. Then you can crack maglocks easier, and hack databases 
for info better.

FOR: determining overall notoriety of the character
SKARR SAYS: You'll have to get this leveled up in order to progress in the 
game, so i suggest maxing it out early on.

FOR: lowering costs on everything/heightening prices when selling something
SKARR SAYS: If you want a bit of a discount on verything, not to mention a 
good deal when selling, max this out. 

Essence cannot be raised with karma, and is used to purchase cyberware from 
hospitals. When essence is spent, it cannot be regained, so spend wisely. 
If you are a shaman, chances are your essence will always be at 6.0. This 
is good for magic users, seeing as how essence allows fast magical healing. 
In any case, it's nothing to worry about, just be sure you are going to be 
pleased with your cyberware before spending, if you are no mage, because once 
you use it, that's it!

Magic is also another option on the karma screen that cannot be raised with 
karma. Magic determines the maximum force of cast spells, and decreases if 
cyberware is installed, like it says. If you're a samurai or decker, this 
is irrelevant.
1-H. O T H E R    P L A C E S/T H I N G S
Other things you will need to be aware of in Shadowrun=

ABANDONED BUILDINGS: These are all over the place, and are a tad bit dangerous 
if you're a beginner. Lots of harsh baddies infest these, such as ghouls, 
gargoyles, and vampires. Rarely, you'll find bandersnatch, wendigo, warriors 
and hellhounds. Once in a rare while, you'll get an event (see events).

CAVERNS: Found in the Salish-Shidhe. These are no different than abandoned 
buildings, but pose more of a threat, and occasional events (see events).

BARS: These are everywhere except the Salish-Shidhe. They can sometimes house 
a Mr. Johnson, sometimes a shadowrunner. Sometimes, they have both, or 
neither. Harmless places.
    ==============List of Bars==============
KEY: *: Not there until conditions are met
     >: A fight may break out upon entering
    **: Disappear after meeting Ito Ogami
     +: Need a reputation level of 4 or higher to enter
    ++: Need a reputation level of 6 or higher to enter

THE JUMP HOUSE                         THE JACKAL'S LANTERN
AT: Redmond Barrens                    AT: Redmond Barrens
CONTAINS: Mr. Gunderson (Johnson)      CONTAINS: Ricky (runner)
*Ilene Two Fists (runner)
                                       >THE WANDERER
>THE FRAG GRENADE                      AT: Puyallup Barrens
AT: Renraku Arcology                   CONTAINS: Petr Uvehr (runner)
CONTAINS: Phantom (runner)             **Vigore & Jarl (Johnson)
UNDERGROUND '93                        THE BIG RHINO
AT: Puyallup Barrens                   AT: Penumbra District
CONTAINS: *Stark (runner)              CONTAINS: Winston Marrs (runner)

+CLUB PENUMBRA                         THE SPACE NEEDLE
AT: Penumbra District                  AT: Downtown Seattle
CONTAINS: Freya Goldenhair (runner)    CONTAINS: Trent (runner)

MATCHSTICKS                            ++ICARUS DESCENDING
AT: Downtown Seattle                   AT: Downtown Seattle
CONTAINS: Rianna Heartbane (runner)    CONTAINS: Caleb (Johnson)
Julius Strouther (Johnson)             

AT: Council Island
CONTAINS: Walking Bear (runner)

HOSPITALS: Go to these places to heal up/buy cyberware.

CORP. BUILDINGS: Chances are, if you're not on a corp. related run/mission, 
you will be denied at the front door. Big name corporations in this game 

LONE STAR: Located in the Penumbra District. Unless assigned a run, stay out 
of this building, otherwise, you're liable to get arrested and stripped of 
illegal items/lots of nuyen. 

Gangs are usually a pain, but sometimes decent. Below is a list of the gangs, 
where they're at, and all their info.

AT: Redmond Barrens
BOSS: RatSpike
ALLY: Yakuza
COST TO MEET BOSS: Y1,500-1000 
(FREE if neg. level is 4-12)
OFFERS: Halloweener Patch (Y3,000)
Agira Tetsumi contact (Y10,000)
SKARR SAYS: In terms of gang protection, it never makes a difference, so don't 
blow your money on the patch. However, Agira Tetsumi can supply you with the 
best armor in the game, so shoot for that. Allying with the Yakuza will put 
you on Mafia hit lists, so watch your back.

AT: Penumbra District
BOSS: Mauler
ALLY: Mafia
(FREE if neg. level is at 6-12)
OFFERS: Eye Fiver ear cuff (Y4,000)
Mr. Faradouchi contact (Y10,000)
SKARR SAYS: IMO, these guys are a waste of time, and if you ally with 
Faradouchi, you will make Yakuza hit lists, killing your opportunity at the 
best armor in the game.

AT: Puyallup Barrens
BOSS: RoadRash
(FREE if neg. level is at 5-12)
OFFERS: Orc Armband (Y2,000)
Henry J. Culver contact (Y5,000)
SKARR SAYS: These guys are cool. The armband will score you free taxi rides 
anywhere, and Henry J. Culver isn't that bad of a contact, either. It's worth 
Here are maps of all areas.
 \: DOOR

 =========REDMOND BARRENS================
  |   |The Jump|Jackal's|       |  Boris    |      |abandoned |
__|   |House   |Lantern |       | Errascoe  |      |building  |
|     |_\_[o]__|___\____|       |______\____|      |___\__[o]_|
|                                                             |
|_________________       _________________     _______________|
 _______________  |     |Stoker's| Ares   |   |Little Chiba's |
|               | |     |Coffin  |Weapon  |   |Chop Shop      |
| Hollywood     | |     |Motel   |Emporium|   |___       _____|
| Correctional  | |     |__\_____|___\____|       |__\__|     |
|______\________| |                                           |
|_____   _________|                                           |
|                                                             |
|__________            _____         ______     ______________|
|   _____    __       |  _____________        ___             |
|  |     |  |__|      | |Shiawase     |      |___|   ___      |
|  |__\__|     ____   | |Atomics      |   ___       |___|     |
| RAT'S NEST  |    |  | |Nuclear Plant|  |___|  HALLOWEENERS  |       
|    .-----.  |_\__|  | |_[o]_\_______|         |_\__|        |
|    |_____|          |                                       |
=============DOWNTOWN SEATTLE================
 |   | Space |            |Gates     |              |Fuchi Inc.|   |
_|   |Needle |            |Undersound|              |_\___[o]__|   |
|    |_[o]_\_|            |__\_______|                             |
|   __________                                                     |
|  |          |      ______________               _________________|
|  |Mitsuhama |     | The          |             |Icarus           |
|  |____\_____|     | Matchstick   |             |Descending       |
|                   |___     ______|             |      ___________|
 <-to Penumbra          |_\_|                    |__\__|           |
_________ District_________       _________   to Renraku Arcology->         
 Roscoe  |       |abandoned|     |abandoned|       ________________
the Fixer|       |building |     |building |      |Seattle General |
_[o]_\___|       |___\_____|     |___\_____|      |Hospital        |
|                                                 |__\____[o]______|
===========RENRAKU ARCOLOGY===================
|_|   |     |     |Renraku|      |     |    |     |   |_|
|     |_[o]_|     |__\____|      |_[o]_|    |_[o]_|     |
|_________________   ___________   _____________________|
| Weapons World   | ||         || |Wire-Masters         |
|                 | ||_________|| |                     |
|__________/______| |           | |___\_________________|
|                                                       |
|_______________    _________________     ______________|
|    Merlin's   |  |                 |   |The Frag      |
|     Lore      |  | Microtronics    |   |Grenade __[o]_|
|__________\____|  |________\________|   |___\___|      |
<-To Downtown Seattle                                   |
==========PENUMBRA DISTRICT==================
|       |    |           |    |abandoned  |   | |Lone Star HQ|
|     [o]    |_Mitsuhama_|    |_building _|   | |            |
|Fuchi|        |__\____|        |__\____|     | |__\____[o]__|
|  _\_|                                       |_______     __|
|_|     ____________      ____________          _____________|
|      |The Big     |    | abandoned  |        |abandoned    |
|      |Rhino_______|    |_building   |        |building     |
|      |_\__|              |___\______|        |    __\__    |
|     ________________    ___________          |___|     |___|
|    | Wylie's Gala   |  |Eye Fivers |  to Downtown Seattle->
|    |Inn____\_____   |  |   __\__   |     __________________
|    |[o]          |__|  |__|     |__|    | Club Penumbra    |
|                                         |__[o]___\_________|
==========PUYALLUP BARRENS===================
|abandoned  |     |Tarislar Garden     |        |Tarislar |
|building   |     |   ___ Apts. ___    |        |City Inn |
|___[o]__\__|     |__|   |__\__|   [o]_|        |__\______|
|                                                         |
|___________     _________     ___________       _________|
| Crime     |   |         |   |Underground|     |Ares     |
| Mall      |   |   ______|   |____\__'93 |     |__\______|
|____\______|   |__|                  |___|               |
|____________      __________           _______________   |
|Riannon's   |    | The      |         | Dr. Bob's     |  |
|Magic Shoppe|    |Wanderer  |         |________\______|  |
|____\_______|    |____\_____|                            |
|___________        _______    _______      ______________|
|abandoned  |      | ORKS  |  | ORKS  |    |abandoned     |
|building   |      |   _\__|  |__\_   |    |building      | 
|___\__[o]__|      |__|            |__|    |___\___[o]____|
|                                                         |
===========COUNCIL ISLAND=====================
|                 |    ______________|  |Medicine|      |   |
|___________    __|   ||Friendship|     |Lodge   |      |   |
|___________   |      ||Restaurant|     |__\_____|__\___|   |
| Passport  |  |______||          |  __________  |          |
|  Lodge    |          |_____\____| |Council   | |  Spirit  |
|_[o]__\____|   ______              |Island Inn| |   Eyes   |
|              |      |__________   |____\_____| |__________|
|______________|                 |  _____________|______    |
|__________                      | |     |Council Island|   |
| Ork      |_____________________| |_____|  Hospital    |   |
|Embassy   |                             |   __         |   |
|Building  /                             |__|  |__\_____|   |
                      |   [o]                 \======O
                      |                       |
                      |               village |
         O===O========\          (Owlfeather, |
         |   |        |          Red Buffalo  |
         |   |        |                Woman) \=======O=======O
        _\___\__      |_______________________|       |
       |        |                                _____|_____
       |        |                               |     /     |
 O=====\        /========O==========O===========\    Lodge  /===(to 
       |________|                   |           |___________|   start)
                      |       \        |
                      |                |
                      | SinSearch      |
          O=====O=====\                |
             Feathered <-=====O====O====O====O
              Serpent                   |
 N O T E S:

-Beware of many dangerous enemies in the caverns while in the Salish Shidhe. 
Hellhounds, wendigo, bandersnatch, gargoyles and warriors run rampant all 
over. Also expect some events.

-Be careful on Council Island. There are "wandering" enemies that will 
unexpectedly hassle you.

-On Council Island, you will not have access to Spirit Eyes until later in 
the game.

-You can only get to the Salish-Shidhe with a passport. No cabbie can take 
you there. Get a passport at the Passport Lodge. The contact Sharkey can also 
give you a ride there, for a price.

-You can only get a passport if you DO NOT have a criminal record.

-DO NOT visit the Feathered Serpent until Spirit Eyes sends you off for 
serpent scales. Otherwise, you're liable to scare it away and screw yourself. 
2-B. C Y B E R D E C K/T H E   M A T R I X
Here is the info you will find in your cyberdeck.

COMBAT/DEFENSE/MASK-SENSE: You can add/remove each program type. In
order to get more upgraded programs, you have to buy them from whoever 
may have them. These are also universal between decks, so you won't have 
to re-buy them once you got a new deck.

CYBERINFO: You can either check your deck stats, or check your job 
description, if you're on a matrix run.

STORAGE: View or delete any files you may have downloaded in cyberspace.

SYSMAP: Handy in the Matrix. Shows you where you are in the grid.

JACK OUT!: Sometimes handy; serves as an emergency exit. Use when things
are too hairy, or you're just tired of being in the grid.

It's best to have your computer/electronics skills very high before
fiddling in cyberspace, not to mention a good deck for more memory and 
storage, and faster Load/IO speed. That way you can operate nodes/fight 
Ice easier, not to mention download more files, which is handy for 
gaining nuyen if you take the files to a fixer and sell them.

Cyberspace consists of a behind-the-character view of your "persona", 
your character's form in the matrix, and features a bar across the 
bottom of the screen. This bar consists of the attack/defense/mask 
programs you should have. If you don't have any in the bar, you better 
load some programs in via the cyberdeck menu. You can only have 5 
programs loaded in at a time, depending on your deck stats. The rest of 
the cyberspace screen, other than your persona and program bar, 
consists of the grid world (Matrix), a stat box for you and a stat box 
for a node/Ice. Your stat box contains the following:

-Name and level of your selected program.
-Current event status. (ex: Loading, Attacking, Hit, etc.)
-Current alert level.

For the upper right box:
-Node type, color, level.
-Node name/energy bar.
-Main Ice type/level.
-Alt. Ice type/level.

NOTE: If the box remains incognito, perhaps using the Analyze program 
will help.

===================ALERT LEVELS============================
Alerts can be caused either by failing to operate nodes
correctly, or by allowing Ice to send off a warning signal/use Tar pit.
There is passive alert status, which is only minor. Ice hassles you a 
bit more, and it's tough to operate nodes. Active alert is maximum, and 
everything will be alot more of a pain to deal with. If you fall from 
grace a third time, the system just boots you from the grid, and you're 
back in the real world. Beware of stronger Ice, which is depicted by the
speed the barrier is at (the faster, the tougher). If your persona's 
portrait is replaced with your own, that means the Ice is trying to 
ruin your whole day in the real world as well, which can result in 
death. If your mug remains in persona form, you have nothing to fear. 

=======================CYBERDECK LIST===============================
Here's some of the decks you can get in the game, along with their
locations and potential performance ratings/price ranges. Prices
depend on how high your negotiation skills are. The higher, the cheaper.

Allegiance Alpha: The default deck you first get after purchasing 
Michael's belongings from Stoker's Coffin Motel, Redmond Barrens. 
RATING: Very poor.

CyberShack PCD-500: Located at Microtronics, Renraku Arcology. 
COST: Y5,000-3,440

Fuchi Cyber-5: Located at Microtronics, Renraku Arcology. 
RATING: Below average.
COST: Y25,000-17,190 

SEGA CTY-360: Located at Microtronics, Renraku Arcology.
RATING: Average.
COST: Y60,000-41,250

Fuchi Cyber-7: Located at Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens.
COST: Y125,000-76,200

Fairlight Excalibur: Located at Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens.
COST: Y250,000-152,400

You can also get the Fairlight Excalibur deck from a contact named
Kipp David for Y185,000.

Below is the list of programs you can get for your deck, their 
functions, locations, useful rating and price levels.

Used to destroy Ice.
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens + Microtronics, Renraku Arcology.
RATING: Very high. Good to get highest level.
Lvl 1: Y60-50//Lvl 2: Y480-330//Lvl 3: Y1,620-1,120//
Lvl 4: Y3,840-2,640//Lvl 5: Y7,500-5,160//Lvl 6: Y12,960-8,910//
Lvl 7: Y20,580-14,150//Lvl 8: Y30,720-21,120

Reduces Ice actions, delays alerts and attacks.
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens + Microtronics, Renraku Arcology.
RATING: Low. Doesn't exactly change a thing.
Lvl 1: Y120-90//Lvl 2: Y960-660//Lvl 3: Y3,240-2,230//
Lvl 4: Y7,680-5,280//Lvl 5: Y15,000-10,320//Lvl 6: Y25,920-17,820//
Lvl 7: Y41,160-28,300//Lvl 8: Y61,440-42,240

Lowers a node's security rating, weakens the node and Ice's defenses.
AT: Wilma Temmenhoff (Lvl 3), Kipp David (Lvl 6)
RATING: Average. Can get rid of those active alerts.
Lvl 3: Y3,000//Lvl 6: Y30,000

R E B O U N D 
Bounces attacks back at the Ice/Node.
AT: Wilma Temmenhoff (Lvl 3), Kipp David (Lvl 6)
RATING: Pathetic. Use this as a dump on tar pits in order to save more
useful programs.
Lvl 3: Y3,000//Lvl 6: Y30,000

Repairs damage to the persona.
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens + Microtronics, Renraku Arcology.
RATING: Average, but it's rare that you'll ever need to use it.
Lvl 1: Y120-90//Lvl 2: Y960-660//Lvl 3: Y3,240-2,230//
Lvl 4: Y7,680-5,280//Lvl 5: Y15,000-10,320//Lvl 6: Y25,920-17,820//
Lvl 7: Y41,160-28,300//Lvl 8: Y61,440-42,240

Decreases damage taken by persona.
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens + Microtronics, Renraku Arcology.
RATING: Average. Usually all hits will miss you and are weak to 
begin with, but it's still handy. Useless against Black Ice, though.
Lvl 1: Y120-90//Lvl 2: Y960-660//Lvl 3: Y3,240-2,230//
Lvl 4: Y7,680-5,280//Lvl 5: Y15,000-10,320//Lvl 6: Y25,920-17,820//
Lvl 7: Y41,160-28,300//Lvl 8: Y61,440-42,240

Disrupts all things Matrix, everything is more difficult. Degrades every
4 seconds.
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens.
RATING: Useless. Unless you prefer your Matrix adventures to be nearly
impossible, this one speaks for itself. 
Lvl 1: Y60-50//Lvl 2: Y480-330//Lvl 3: Y1,620-1,120//
Lvl 4: Y3,840-2,640//Lvl 5: Y7,500-5,160//Lvl 6: Y12,960-8,910//
Lvl 7: Y20,580-14,150//Lvl 8: Y30,720-21,120

Confuses Ice and deckers, causing them to miss more.
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens + Microtronics, Renraku Arcology.
RATING: Hokey. Mirrors is basically a dodge method that rarely works.
Lvl 1: Y90-70//Lvl 2: Y720-500//Lvl 3: Y2,430-1,680//
Lvl 4: Y5,760-3,960//Lvl 5: Y11,250-7,740//Lvl 6: Y19,440-13,370//
Lvl 7: Y30,870-21,230//Lvl 8: Y46,080-31,680

Used to bypass a node without any drama.
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens + Microtronics, Renraku Arcology.
RATING: Above average. Although you can't activate a node by using 
this, you can bypass any Ice battles with this. Go for a higher level.
Lvl 1: Y90-70//Lvl 2: Y720-500//Lvl 3: Y2,430-1,680//
Lvl 4: Y5,760-3,960//Lvl 5: Y11,250-7,740//Lvl 6: Y19,440-13,370//
Lvl 7: Y30,870-21,230//Lvl 8: Y46,080-31,680

Creates a phony code to fool Access and Gray Ice. Doesn't work on
Black Ice or Barriers.
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens.
RATING: Great. Get a high level version and you can win battles 
by doing practically nothing. 
Lvl 1: Y60-50//Lvl 2: Y480-330//Lvl 3: Y1,620-1,120//
Lvl 4: Y3,840-2,640//Lvl 5: Y7,500-5,160//Lvl 6: Y12,960-8,910//
Lvl 7: Y20,580-14,150//Lvl 8: Y30,720-21,120

Sends any Trace Ice on a "wild goose chase".
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens.
RATING: So-so. It can be as handy as Deception sometimes, but Attack 
would be a more reliable source.
Lvl 1: Y60-50//Lvl 2: Y480-330//Lvl 3: Y1,620-1,120//
Lvl 4: Y3,840-2,640//Lvl 5: Y7,500-5,160//Lvl 6: Y12,960-8,910//
Lvl 7: Y20,580-14,150//Lvl 8: Y30,720-21,120

A N A L Y Z E 
Scans a node/Ice for its' statistics.
AT: Microtronics, Renraku Arcology.
RATING: Handy. Although it won't destroy anything, it will give you
a good idea of what you are up against. 
Lvl 1: Y90-70//Lvl 2: Y720-500//Lvl 3: Y2,430-1,680//
Lvl 4: Y5,760-3,960//Lvl 5: Y11,250-7,740//Lvl 6: Y19,440-13,370//
Lvl 7: Y30,870-21,230//Lvl 8: Y46,080-31,680

Nodes consist of the big, floating masses you come across. They have 
their own distinct types, shapes, colors, security ratings and 
functions. A nodes' strength/toughness depends on its color/rating,
so for example, Blue is weak, green is less weak, orange is moderate,
and red is tough. The higher the rating number also determines for a 
more advanced difficulty (1 blows, 7 owns). Below is a list of the 
many nodes you'll run into, along with their stats.

-C P U (Central Processing Unit)
MAP: Small hexagon with little hex inside
MATRIX: 3D hexagon with 3 rings
GO TO NODE: advance to next node path.
CANCEL ALERT: if there's an alert of any type, this cancels it.
CRASH SYSTEM: Crashes the CPU system and boots you from the grid. 
Usually done on Matrix runs, and can deactivate all security cameras
and maglocks when you're in a corporate building. 

-D S (DataStore)
MAP: Square
MATRIX: Cube w/ hole
LEAVE NODE: Self-explanitory.
TRANSFER DATA: If you're on a run that requires uploading or downloading 
something, this is what to choose. Also you can download files for your
own pleasures, occasionally finding something that you'll jot down in 
your notebook into "Tips and Clues". Also you can download other files 
and sell them to a fixer for good nuyen, depending on how well the fixer
is interested. You can only hold 5 files at a time.
ERASE: If you're on a Matrix run to delete a file, this is what to 
choose. Otherwise, it's useless.

-I O P (Input/Output Port)
MAP: Triangle
MATRIX: Pyramid
LEAVE NODE: Self-explanitory.
LOCKOUT: Supposedly locks out the node, but I don't see how it changes

-S A N (System Access Node)
MAP: Rectangle
MATRIX: Rectangular CPU chip
ENTER SYSTEM: Enters the system. Is always the first node you come 
across in public terminals. Serves as a "front-door" node.

-S M (Slave Module)
MAP: Circle
MATRIX: Sphere
LEAVE NODE: Self-explanitory.
TURN OFF NODE: Turns the node off. Seems to be useless.

-S P U (Sub Processor Unit)
MAP: Hexagon
MATRIX: 3D Hexagon
LEAVE NODE: Self-explanitory.

==============I C E====================
Ice is lamen's terms for Intrusion Countermeasures. Each type of Ice in
Shadowrun has its own weakness, characteristic and behavior. Ice
strength is determined on a 1 to 7 scale, 7 being toughest. Strength
levels increase by one on a passive alert, 2 on active alert. Low rate
systems feature one Ice, but big budget companies will have around 2 
Ice guarding its nodes. Below is a list of all the Ice types.

APPEARANCE: Square hatch with sliding doors
COMBAT: Releases pulsing spheres that trigger an alert if they reach 
the edge of the screen.
WEAKNESS: Deception

APPEARANCE: Spinning circular spark
COMBAT: See Access
WEAKNESS: None. Just attack.
DIFFICULTY: Below average.

B L A C K    I C E
APPEARANCE: Color-changing circle that morphs into a star, back into
a circle
COMBAT: Essentially dishes out attacks against the character rather
than the persona.
WEAKNESS: None. Just attack.
DIFFICULTY: Average. Not to shabby, although Lvl 8 can eat important
programs with tar pit. NOT GOOD.

APPEARANCE: Orange/black explosion
COMBAT: See Black Ice.
WEAKNESS: Deception

APPEARANCE: Light blue sphere with electric waves.
COMBAT: See Black Ice.
WEAKNESS: Deception

T A R   P A P E R
APPEARANCE: Brown bubbling tar
COMBAT: Erases a program from your memory (not the deck). Active alert 
is triggered when tar paper is unleashed. Can be hidden behind any Ice.

T A R   P I T
APPEARANCE: Brown sphere with tar bubbling inside.
COMBAT: Will permanently erase a program from the whole deck, which is
no good, since you'll have to rebuy it with loads of nuyen. Also, 
active alert is triggered when tar pit strikes. Can be hidden behind 
any Ice besides Trace, and is your biggest problem. It can only be used 
once, but once is more than enough. Feed it a useless program.

T R A C E  +  B U R N
APPEARANCE: Cylinder and sphere with fire.
COMBAT: Releases a shere towards the edge of the screen. If it reaches 
its destination, you will be booted from the grid, and your cyberdeck's
MPCP may be fried. If so, go get it repaired by a fixer.
WEAKNESS: Deception, Relocate
DIFFICULTY: Average; Hard for beginner.

T R A C E  +  D U M P
APPEARANCE: Cylinder and sphere with smoke.
COMBAT: Same as Trace and Burn, only this will not damage your MPCP.
WEAKNESS: Deception, Relocate
DIFFICULTY: Harmless, but a pain for beginners.

================POINTERS IN CYBERSPACE==================

-Limit your actions when in nodes. Every action you make is one step closer 
to alerting the system. This includes checking the map. Be sure you have a 
high computers skill level.

-If you suspect a tar pit is hiding behind an Ice, try feeding it a worthless 
program to salvage more useful programs like attack. Otherwise you'll have 
to blow all that nuyen on another good attack program.

-If you jacked in via corp. building terminal, canceling an alert via CPU 
node will kill the building alarms. Choosing crash system deactivates most 
maglocks and kills all cameras.
One of the main ways to make nuyen is by going to "Mr. Johnsons" (which 
is the incognito term for an illegal jobber)runs. They are located here 
and there, and supply you with decent runs. Below is a list of the run
types you can go on, not to mention how much karma you get upon 

JOB: The Johnson will send you to an abandoned building where you kill 
as many ghouls as you can for big money. Fairly easy.

JOB: The Johnson sends you to a specific building to pick up a client 
and escort him to another location safely. Fairly easy.

JOB: The Johnson sends you to pick up a package from a given location
and transport it to another location. Fairly easy.

JOB: The Johnson sends you to a Gang hideout where you destroy any signs
of life. Return to the Johnson for payment. Easy when prepared.

JOB: The Johnson sends you to hack into a specific grid and either 
crash the system, erase a file, download a file or upload a bug. 
They can be easy, mild or hard. To begin the run, go to a terminal, select 
cyberspace, and choose "Run Passcode".
KARMA: 2 (easy), 3 (mild), 5 (hard)

JOB: A Johnson sends you to retrieve a package that was taken from a 
courier. These take place in corp. buildings. The package can be found 
in one of the many wall safes. It's good to have a high rating in 
charisma and electronics, not to mention a fake ID. Also be sure to 
deactivate all security cameras, and NEVER let a gun be fired without
a silencer while in a building. Otherwise, the alarm will go off,
elevators will shut down, and security will be on your tail. Some terminals 
allow you to turn off the alarms without jacking into the Matrix; others tell 
you what floor your target is on. But remeber to have a high 
electronics/computers skill level. The 
difficulty of the run depends on the Johnson and the Corporation
you are storming.
KARMA: 2 (easy), 4 (mild), 6 (hard)

JOB: Similar to above, only you are retrieving a client. You are sent to 
retrieve a client that is looking for a change in career, but is being
held prisioner at his current employer. Refer to the Retrieval guidelines 
for pointers.
KARMA: 2 (easy), 4 (mild), 6 (hard)
3-B. M R.   J O H N S O N S
Need to know the down low on all the Johnsons? Below is a list of what
to expect out of these boys.

MR. GUNDERSON (low-rate)
AT: The Jump House, Redmond Barrens
Bodyguard runs (Y45-55)
Ghoul Bounty runs (Y10-20 per kill)
Courier runs (Y35-55)
EXTRAS: Offers Wilma Temmenhoff contact (Y1,000)

AT: Matchsticks, DownTown Seattle
Bodyguard runs (Y200)
Courier runs (Y180)
Enforcement runs (Y160)
Mild Matrix runs (Y2,600)
Easy/Mild Acquisition runs (Y600 easy, Y1000 mild)
Easy/Mild Extraction runs (Y500 easy, Y900 mild)
EXTRAS: Offers Capt. Quinton James contact (Y1000)

MORTIMER REED (mid-level)
AT: The Big Rhino, Penumbra District
Bodyguard runs (Y200)
Ghoul Bounty runs (Y40 per kill)
Courier runs (Y180-190)
Enforcement runs (Y190)
Easy Matrix runs (Y425)
Easy Acquisition runs (Y550)
Easy Extraction runs (Y450)
EXTRAS: Offers Fairlight Excalibur cyberdeck, offers Alesandro Hobbs
contact (Y500)

VIGORE AND JARL (mid-level)
AT: The Wanderer, Puyallup Barrens
Enforcement runs (Y230)
Hard Extraction runs (Y4,000)
All Matrix Runs (Y500 easy, Y3,000 mild, Y6,350 hard)
Mild/Hard Acquisition runs (Y1,700 mild, Y4,500 hard)
EXTRAS: Offers Max contact (Y750)
NOTE: After you meet Ito Ogami, Vigore and Jarl will disappear, so do
what you have to while you can.

CALEB BRIGHTMORE (expert-level)
AT: Icarus Descending, Downtown Seattle 
Mild/Hard Matrix runs (Y2,550 mild, Y6,000 hard)
Mild/Hard Extraction runs (Y2,100 mild, Y3,500 hard)
Mild/Hard Acquisition runs (Y1,400 mild, Y3,850 hard)
EXTRAS: Offers Kipp David and Sgt. Chillicut contacts (Y2000 each)
NOTE: In order to gain access to the Icarus Descending, you must have
a high reputation level. To gain access to Caleb, you must ask Boris
Errascoe about Michael.
3-C. S H A D O W R U N N E R S
Shadowrunners are various people who are seeking work of any sort, that 
you can meet in bars, and hire for either a single run, or for life.
Below is the run-up on all the Shadowrunners. Their hiring prices 
depend on your negotiation skills and whether or not the character 
likes you.

GENRE: Dwarf Rat Shaman
AT: The Jackal's Lantern, Redmond Barrens
USEFUL FACTOR: Only in the beginning as a helping gun. Otherwise, he's
a weakling.
COST: Y230-72.

GENRE: Troll Samurai
AT: The Big Rhino, Penumbra District
USEFUL FACTOR: If you want sheer brute strength, and a guaranteed 
back-up, hire Winston for life. He is my favorite runner.
COST: Y570-135.

GENRE: Dwarf Decker
AT: The Wanderer, Puyallup Barrens
USEFUL FACTOR: Decent for more firepower, but not exactly the greatest
runner you would want to hire.
COST: Y430-90.

GENRE: Human Mage
AT: The Space Needle, Downtown Seattle
USEFUL FACTOR: Has a decent selection of spells, and if you ask before
hiring him, he will offer you the Prof. Jefferson contact (for free!).
COST: Y430-90.

GENRE: Elf Decker
AT: The Frag Grenade, Renraku Arcology
USEFUL FACTOR: Good for low-rate decker runs, but other than that..no.
COST: Y855-180.

GENRE: Elf Decker
AT: The Matchstick, Downtown Seattle
USEFUL FACTOR: Decent back-up and an average decker.
COST: Y1,995-360.

GENRE: Orc Bear Shaman
AT: Friendship Restaraunt, Council Island
USEFUL FACTOR: Decent magic user 'runner, good back-up.
COST: Y1,000-180.

GENRE: Human Samurai
AT: The Jump House, Redmond Barrens
USEFUL FACTOR: Alright in terms of extra Samurai strength, but wait
and go for Stark instead. You can't get her right away; consult the 
Walkthrough on how to get Ilene.
COST: Y1,140-225.

GENRE: Elf Mage
AT: Club Penumbra, Penumbra District
USEFUL FACTOR: Best magic using runner. Get her as a lifer if you are
a magic-user buff. Your reputation level must be over 4 to gain access
to Club Penumbra.
COST: Y1,710-315.

GENRE: Human Samurai
AT: Underground '93, Puyallup Barrens
USEFUL FACTOR: Super tough cybered-out runner who is up there with 
Winston in terms of brutality. Second favorite runner. You have to 
meet a few conditions before Stark will appear. 
3-D. C O N T A C T S
Contacts are people you can call on the vid-phone and get asistance 
from. Here's a list of what benefits they serve, and where to get them. 

ACQUIRE BY: Julius Strouther (Y1,000)
Info on Hollywood Correctional
Sells Frag Grenades (Y400)
Sells stripped HK227-S (Y1,000)
Offers Sharkey contact (Y2,800)
SKARR'S NOTE: Sharkey and the HK227-S can prove to be useful.

Company Man
ACQUIRE BY: Mortimer Reed (Y1,500)
Info on paranormal creatures
Sells Lvl 3 Maglock key (Y10,000)
Sells Lvl 5 Maglock key (Y20,000)
Offers Sgt. Macklemann contact (Y8,000)
SKARR'S NOTE: Good for that Lvl 5 Maglock!

ACQUIRE BY: Capt. Quinton Jaymes (Y2,800)
Offers ride to Salish-Shidhe (Y3,000)
Offers ride to Sinsearch (Y5,000)
Sells smart goggles (Y3,000)
SKARR's NOTE: Damn handy contact.

Corp Decker
ACQUIRE BY: Caleb Brightmore (Y2,000)
Info on the Matrix
Sells Lvl 6 Rebound (Y30,000)
Sells Lvl 6 Degrade (Y30,000)
Sells Fairlight Excalibur cyberdeck (Y185,000)
SKARR'S NOTE: Not too amazing, the programs he offers are near
Useless, with the possible exception of degrade. And with a maxed out
Negotiation skill, you can get the Excalibur deck cheaper at the Crime 

Street Decker
ACQUIRE BY: Mr. Gunderson (Y1,000)
Info on the Matrix
Sells Lvl 3 Rebound (Y5,000)
Sells Lvl 3 Degrade (Y5,000)

Hollywood Security Guard
ACQUIRE BY: Alesandro Hobbs (Y8,000)
Info on corp. security
Info on avoiding security detection
Offers access to Hollywood Correctional (Y5,000)
SKARR'S NOTE: Decent with info, but you can get access to Hollywood
Cheaper than Y5,000 elsewhere.

Corp. Mage
ACQUIRE BY: Prof. Jefferson (Y2,000)
Info on corp. security
Sells Lvl 2 Power Focus (Y50,000)
Offers discount at Merlin's Lore, Renraku Arcology (Y4,000)
SKARR'S NOTE: Good if you're into magic using. 

Mafia Don
ACQUIRE BY: Mauler (Eye Fiver Boss) (Y10,000)
Free stay at Wylie's Gala Inn, Penumbra District
Gives discount at Crime Mall
Gets Lone Star off your back
SKARR'S NOTE: Sure, the Mafia does kick butt, but in this game, you
will see more useful benefits in the Yakuza. Also, if you are allied 
with the Mafia, you will be on the Yakuza's hit list, so choose wisely!
You must also have a 5 in reputation to even be allowed to talk to him.

Yakuza Boss
ACQUIRE BY: RatSpike (Halloweener Boss) (Y10,000)
Gives discount at Little Chiba, Redmond Barrens
Sells Heavy Combat Armor (Y30,000)
Sells Lvl 3 Power Focus (Y80,000)
SKARR'S NOTE: Go Yakuza. You'll turn up on the Mafia/Eye Fiver's hit
Lists, but tough titty. You get the best armor in the game with 
The Yakuza!

Seattle City Official
ACQUIRE BY: Road Rash (Ork Boss) (Y5,000)
Offers to clear Lone Star record (Y2,500)
Offers access to Hollywood Correctional (Y1,500)
Offers weapon permit (Y8,000)
SKARR'S NOTE: Not too impressive, but can get you into HC cheap and 
delete your criminal record!

ACQUIRE BY: Vigore and Jarl (Y750)
Sells corp. badges (Y6,000)
Sells HK227 (Y1,500)
Sells AK-97 (Y2,000)
Sells Lvl 4 Maglock key (Y30,000)
Sells Lvl 5 Maglock key (Y42,000)
SKARR'S NOTE: Good for those badges.

Lone Star Detective
ACQUIRE BY: Caleb Brightmore (Y2,000)
Offers to clear Lone Star record (Y5,000)
Offers access to Hollywood Correctional (Y3,000)
Sells weapon permit (Y10,000)
SKARR'S NOTE: Henry J. Culver's benefit clone. Cheaper to acquire, but
His benefits are more expensive than Henry's.

University Mage
ACQUIRED BY: Trent Delisario (free)
Info on paranormal creatures
Offers discount at Riannon's (Y1,500)
Offers Gregory Wilns contact (Y2,000)
SKARR'S NOTE: Handy when it comes to magic users, and hooks you up 
With another Mage contact.
Below is a list of the items/weapons/armor you can get, and what stores 
have them, along with extra info. All prices vary, depending on your 
negotiation skill level.

You'll need a firearm in order to show these dregs who's boss. Here 
is a list of helpful resources. 

BARE FIST                               BUY: -
DAMAGE/POWER: varies                   SELL: -
LEGAL: yes
AT: -
SKARR SAYS: handy if you're tough as nails and in a corp building 
without a silencer. Winston Marrs can push the damage factor to 
"incredible!" if maxed out. Hand Razors and Spurs can also up the ante 
on this.

AMERICAN L36 LIGHT PISTOL               BUY: Y300-210 nuyen
DAMAGE/POWER: light/light              SELL: Y150-190 nuyen
LEGAL: yes
AT: Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Forget about it!

MODEL 101T LIGHT PISTOL                 BUY: Y350-250 nuyen
DAMAGE/POWER: light/light              SELL: Y175-225 nuyen
LEGAL: yes
AT: Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
(also found on dead gangers)
SKARR SAYS: You gotta be kidding me.

SECURITY 500 LIGHT PISTOL               BUY: Y675-465 nuyen
DAMAGE/POWER: light/light              SELL: Y225-295 nuyen
LEGAL: yes
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
(also found on dead Lone Star officers)

DAMAGE/POWER: light/low                 BUY: -
LEGAL: yes                             SELL: Y50-60 nuyen
AT: Trent Delisario and Ricky have this
SKARR SAYS: Pretend it doesn't exist!

DAMAGE/POWER: medium/high               BUY: Y630-440 (Weapons World)
LEGAL: yes                                   Y585-405 (Ares)
ROUNDS: 10                             SELL: Y225-295
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Alright for beginners.

PREDATOR HEAVY PISTOL                   BUY: Y540-380 (Weapons World)
DAMAGE/POWER: medium/high                    Y675-465 (Ares)
LEGAL: yes                             SELL: Y225-295
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
(also found on dead corp. security guards)
SKARR SAYS: Good gun. You'll fall in love with this Robocop-esque hand 
cannon. Best of all, it's legal. Get it!

WARHAWK HEAVY PISTOL                    BUY: Y550-380 (Weapons World)
DAMAGE/POWER: medium/brutal                  Y500-350 (Ares)
LEGAL: yes                             SELL: Y250-320
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
(also found on dead gangers)
SKARR SAYS: A nose more powerful than the Predator, but holds a lot 
less ammunition. 

MACH 22 SMG                             BUY: Y1,600-1,100 (Crime Mall)
DAMAGE/POWER: medium/light                   Y1,000 (Boris)
LEGAL: no                              SELL: Y400-520
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
(also sold by Boris Errascoe)
SKARR SAYS: there are better guns in the world.

AK-97 SMG                               BUY: Y2,000-1,380 (Crime Mall)
DAMAGE/POWER: medium/light                   Y2,000 (Max)
LEGAL: no                              SELL: Y500-650
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
(also found on dead Lone Star officers)
(also sold by Max contact with Gas Vent III, Smartgun system and sound 
SKARR SAYS: Decent, but you can always save up for better.

HK227-S SMG                             BUY: Y4,500-3,100 (Crime Mall)
DAMAGE/POWER: medium/medium                  Y1,000 (Capt. Jaymes)
LEGAL: no                                    Y1,500 (Max)
ROUNDS: 28                             SELL: Y750-980
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
(also sold by Capt. Quinton Jaymes contact)
(also sold by Max contact with Gas Vent II, laser sight and sound 
(also found on dead Renraku strike teams)
SKARR SAYS: Best SMG, always effective.

ALLEGIANCE SHOTGUN                      BUY: Y2,800-1,930
DAMAGE/POWER: high/brutal              SELL: Y700-910
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Great power, toughest gun in the game, but holds less ammo 
than the Roomsweeper, which is just as tough as this.

ROOMSWEEPER SHOTGUN                     BUY: Y2,000-1,380 (Crime Mall)
DAMAGE/POWER: high/high                   Y1,500-1,040 (Weapons World)
LEGAL: no                              SELL: Y500-650
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: Best gun in the game, no question.

CONCUSSION GRENADE                      BUY: Y180-130 (both stores)
DAMAGE/POWER: medium/brutal            SELL: Y90-110
LEGAL: yes
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
(also found in corp. building safes)
SKARR SAYS: Not too wonderful. Go for frags.

SCATTER GRENADE                         BUY: Y360-250
DAMAGE/POWER: high/light               SELL: Y90-110
LEGAL: yes
AT: Ares Weapon Emporium
(also found in corp. building safes)

FRAG GRENADE                            BUY: Y600-420 (Crime Mall)
DAMAGE/POWER: high/medium high             Y400 (Capt. Quinton Jaymes)
LEGAL: no                                  Y180 (random thug)
ROUNDS: -                              SELL: Y150-190
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
(also found in corp. building safes)
(also sold by Capt. Quinton Jaymes contact)
(also found on dead gangers/corp. security)
(also sold by random thugs: sometimes an undercover cop)
SKARR SAYS: Finally, effective grenades. Get the hang of lobbing these, 
and you'll love them.

You'll need armor if you plan on living a lengthy amount of time!

ARMOR VEST                              BUY: Y200-140
WEAPON/GUN: poor/low                   SELL: Y100-130
LEGAL: yes
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: Like using paper as armor.

ARMOR CLOTHING                          BUY: Y500-350
WEAPON/GUN: low/poor                   SELL: Y250-320
LEGAL: yes
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology 
SKARR SAYS: Hapless cousin to Armor Vest.

LINED DUSTER                            BUY: Y700-490
WEAPON/GUN: low/good                   SELL: Y350-450
LEGAL: yes
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
SKARR SAYS: When the description of this says it "can conceal illegal 
weapons", I wonder why cops see through this trench like a damn screen. 
Sorry, but no thanks. Alright in the protection dept. however.

VEST W/PLATES                           BUY: Y600-420
WEAPON/GUN: fair/good                  SELL: Y300-390
LEGAL: yes
AT: Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Better than average, but better does exist!

ARMOR JACKET                            BUY: Y900-620 (Crime Mall)
WEAPON/GUN: fair/great                       Y1,080-750 (Ares)
LEGAL: yes                             SELL: Y450-590
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Best until you find combat armor.

LIGHT COMBAT ARMOR                      BUY: Y10,000-6,880
WEAPON/GUN: great/excellent            SELL: Y5,000-6,560
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
SKARR SAYS: The second best armor in the game.

HEAVY COMBAT ARMOR                      BUY: Y30,000 (Agira Tetsumi)
WEAPON/GUN: excellent/awesome          SELL: Y10,000-13,120
AT: -
(sold by Agira Tetsumi contact)
SKARR SAYS: Better than the best.

Accessories are add-ons to your weapon, the latter making the weapon 
stronger/more accurate/etc. To purchase an accessory, you must first 
select a firearm to accessorize.
NOTE: you cannot sell any accessories.

GAS VENT II                             BUY: Y450-310 (Crime Mall)
WORKS ON: SMGs                               Y900-620 (Ares)
FOR: more accuracy
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Decent, but save up for gas vent III.

GAS VENT III                            BUY: Y700-490 (Crime Mall)
WORKS ON: SMGs                               Y1,400-970 (Ares, W.W.)
FOR: more accuracy
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: Decent addition to your arsenal when you have spare pocket 
change for it.

LASER SIGHT                             BUY: Y600-420 (Crime Mall)
WORKS ON: pistols/SMGs                       Y500-350 (Ares)
FOR: more accuracy                           Y300-210 (W.W.)
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: Handy if you aren't a smartgun buff.

SILENCER                                BUY: Y400-280 (Crime Mall)
WORKS ON: pistols                            Y500-350 (Ares)
FOR: silent gunfire for pistols
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens

SOUND SUPPRESSOR                        BUY: Y750-520 (Crime Mall)
WORKS ON: SMGs                               Y1,500-1,040 (Ares) 
FOR: silent gunfire for SMGs                 Y1,400-970 (W.W.)
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: Also handy. 

SMARTGUN SYSTEM                         BUY: Y800-550 (Ares)
WORKS ON: pistols/SMGs                       Y600-420 (W.W.)
FOR: more accuracy
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Best for accuracy. Works best when paired with smartlink, 
but can also be used with smart goggles.

UNIVERSAL GUN CLIPS                     BUY: Y50-40 (Crime Mall)
WORKS ON: every gun                          Y25 (Ares)
FOR: shooting!                               Y40-30 (W.W.)
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: The essential to firing a gun. Go to Ares and Stock up!

Below is a list of all the other items, with all their information.

ELECTRONIC KIT                          BUY: Y1,000-690
FOR: cracking maglocks                 SELL: Y500-650
USES: infinite
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Won't do much good unless you have a high electronics skill 

MAGLOCK PASSKEY level 2 + 3             BUY: Y20,000-13,750 (Lvl 2)
FOR: unlocking maglocks lvls 2 + 3           Y30,000-20,630 (lvl 3)
USES: infinite                               Y10,000 (Alesandro Hobbs)
AT: Crime Mall, Puyallup Barrens (lvl 2 and 3 keys)
(Lvl 3 also sold by Alesandro Hobbs contact)
SKARR SAYS: Decent, but won't get you into lvl 4 or 5 doors.

MAGLOCK PASSKEY level 4 + 5             BUY: Y30,000 (Lvl 4, Max)
FOR: unlocking maglocks lvls 4 + 5           Y42,000 (Lvl 5, Max)  
USES: infinite                               Y20,000 (Lvl 5, A. Hobbs)
AT: -
(Lvl 4 and 5 key sold by Max contact)
(Lvl 5 key sold by Alesandro Hobbs contact)
SKARR SAYS: You can get the Lvl 5 key off Alesandro Hobbs for cheaper 
than Max's Y30,000 Lvl 4 rip-off. 

MEDKIT                                  BUY: Y400-280 (W.W.)
FOR: healing boo-boos                        Y200-140 (Ares)
USES: 6                                SELL: Y100-130
LEGAL: yes
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
(also found on dead enemies, usage number varying)
SKARR SAYS: Unless you're a magic crazy mage, this is your other
reliable portable recovery unit. Always good to have 2 full sets of
them in your inventory, not to mention a high biotech level.

SMART GOGGLES                           BUY: Y3,000 (Sharkey)
FOR: operating a smartgun              SELL: Y1,500-1,960
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: -
(sold by Sharkey contact)
(in Stark's inventory)
SKARR SAYS: Not as efficient as a smartlink.

STIM PATCH                              BUY: Y210-150 (Ares)
FOR: heals mental health by 20%              Y300-210 (W.W.)
LEGAL: yes
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
(also found in corp. building safes)
(Shaman Joshua starts with some)
SKARR SAYS: Decent in the beginning, but once you get a high biotech
level and use medkits, you'll forget these.

TRAUMA PATCH                           BUY: Y300-210 (W.W.)
FOR: heals physical health by 20%           Y210-150 (Ares)
USES: 4                               SELL: Y150-190
LEGAL: yes
AT: Weapons World, Renraku Arcology
Ares Weapon Emporium, Redmond Barrens
(also found in corp. building safes)
(Shaman Joshua starts with some)
SKARR SAYS: See Stim Patch.

FOR: absorbs drain from spell-casting  BUY: Y500-350 (Med. & Riannon's) 
USES: 10                                    Y650-450 (Merlin's)
LEGAL: yes                            SELL: Y250-320      
AT: Medicine Lodge, Council Island
Merlin's Lore, Renraku Arcology
Riannon's, Puyallup Barrens
(Shaman Joshua starts with some)
(also found on dead magic-users)
SKARR SAYS: Handy, but not enough.

BARRIER SPELL FOCUS level 3            BUY: Y7,200-4,950
FOR: increases spell potency          SELL: Y2,000-2,620
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: Merlin's Lore, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: If you want to hype up your barrier spell casting, try this.

COMBAT SENSE SPELL LOCK          BUY: Y17,500-12,040 (lvl 2)
(levels 2, 3 and 4)                   Y35,000-24,070 (lvl 3)
FOR: enhances combat abilities        Y56,000-38,500 (lvl 4, Merlin's)
USES: infinite                        Y61,250-42,110 (lvl 4, Riannon's)
LEGAL: yes
AT: Riannon's, Puyallup Barrens (lvl 2 and 4)
Merlin's Lore, Renraku Arcology (lvl 3 and 4)
SKARR SAYS: These are basically defense/offense boosts for magic users,
and are only handy if you're a magic user. Shoot for the level 4 one at
Merlin's Lore. Very handy!

CONFUSION SPELL FOCUS                  BUY: Y4,000-2,750 (lvl 2)
(levels 2 and 3)                            Y8,000-5,500 (lvl 3)
FOR: increases spell potency          SELL: Y2,000-2,620
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: Medicine Lodge, Council Island
SKARR SAYS: if you like confusion, go for the level 3 version.

HEAL WOUNDS SPELL FOCUS                BUY: Y4,000-2,750 (lvl 2)
(levels 2 and 3)                            Y7,200-4,950 (lvl 3)
FOR: increases spell potency          SELL: Y2,000-2,620
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: Riannon's, Puyallup Barrens
SKARR SAYS: See Confusion spell focus.

HELLBLAST SPELL FOCUS                  BUY: Y4,000-2,750 (lvl 2)
(levels 2 and 3)                            Y7,200-4,950 (lvl 3)
FOR: increases spell potency          SELL: Y2,000-2,620
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: Riannon's, Puyallup Barrens
SKARR SAYS: See Heal Wounds spell focus.

INVISIBILITY SPELL FOCUS               BUY: Y4,000-2,750 (lvl 2)
(levels 2 and 3)                            Y7,200-4,950 (lvl 3)
FOR: increases spell potency          SELL: Y2,000-2,620
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: Medicine Lodge, Council Island
SKARR SAYS: See above...

MANA STORM SPELL FOCUS                 BUY: Y4,000-2,750 (lvl 2)
(levels 2 and 4)                            Y12,800-8,800 (lvl 4)
FOR: increases spell potency          SELL: Y2,000-2,620
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: Merlin's Lore, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: See above...

ROCKSKIN SPELL FOCUS                   BUY: Y4,000-2,750 (lvl 2)
(levels 2 and 3)                            Y7,200-4,950 (lvl 3)
FOR: increases spell potency          SELL: Y2,000-2,620
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: Merlin's Lore, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: See above...

SLEEP SPELL FOCUS                      BUY: Y4,000-2,750 (lvl 2)
(levels 2 and 3)                            Y7,200-4,950 (lvl 3)
FOR: increases spell potency          SELL: Y2,000-2,620
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: Medicine Lodge, Council Island
SKARR SAYS: Look, up there!

STINK SPELL FOCUS lvl 2                BUY: Y4,000-2,750
FOR: increases spell potency          SELL: Y2,000-2,620
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: Merlin's Lore, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: Lookie, up at sleep!

POWER FOCUS                            BUY: Y50,000 (lvl 2)
(levels 2 and 4)                            Y80,000 (lvl 4)
FOR: increases all spell potencies    SELL: Y7,500-9,840
USES: infinite
LEGAL: yes
AT: -
(lvl 2 sold by Gregory Wilns contact)
(lvl 4 sold by Agira Tetsumi contact)
SKARR SAYS: Rather than wasting money on isolated spell foci, save 
up nuyen and cash in on a power boost on ALL your known spells with
this little gadget. Get the level 4 beast.

GATOR/BEAR/RAT TOTEMS                  BUY: -
FOR: magic users                      SELL: -
USES: auto
LEGAL: yes
AT: - 
(Shaman Joshua, Walking Bear, Ricky all 
automatically equipped with own distinct totems)
SKARR SAYS: Not much to say about these, other than you cannot sell 
them, discard them or anything else. They are there to stay, and 
are the given magic users' source. 
Cyberware is for samurais/deckers, and can have many useful purposes. 
They use up irreplacable essence, which is sorta like karma (see section 1-G 
for more info) so choose what you want wisely, because once you purchase 
cyberware, it's there to stay. Get cybered up before trying to raise your 
attributes/skills with karma, because being cybered out seems to add some 
extra points. Rule of thumb: If you plan on getting cyberware, flush your 
magic-using dreams down the toilet. Below is a list of all the cyberware and 
it's lowdown. Cyberware can be found at HOSPITALS.

DATAJACK                             BUY: Y1,500-1,040 (C.I.Hospital)
FOR: Jacking into cyberspace              Y550-380 (Dr. Bob's)
MAXIMUM: 1                                Y400-280 (Lil Chibas)
ESSENCE COST: 0.2                         Y600-420 (Seattle Gen.)
AT:                                       Y500-350 (Wire-Masters)
Council Island Hospital, Council Island
Dr. Bob's Quickstitch, Puyallup Barrens
Little Chiba's Chop Shop, Redmond Barrens
Seattle General Hospital, Downtown Seattle
Wire-Masters, Renraku Acrology
SKARR SAYS: If you want to be a great Samurai/decker hybrid, this 
is for you. Otherwise, just get a decker 'runner for life and put your
essence into other things.

CYBEREYES                            BUY: Y1,800-1,240 (C.I.Hospital)
FOR: higher combat accuracy/              Y2,000-1,380 (Dr. Bob's)
counters invisibility                     Y3,500-2,410 (Lil Chibas)
MAXIMUM: 1                                Y3,200-2,200 (Seattle Gen.)
ESSENCE COST: 0.2                         Y3,000-2,070 (Wire-Masters)
AT: See Datajack.
SKARR SAYS: Not really necessary...Invisibility isn't too hard to spot
in the first place.

SMARTLINK                            BUY: Y3,000-2,070 (C.I.Hospital)
FOR: using a smartgun                     Y2,500-1,720 (Dr. Bob's)
MAXIMUM: 1                                Y2,000-1,380 (Lil Chibas)
ESSENCE COST: 0.5                         Y1,800-1,240 (Seattle Gen.)
AT: See Datajack.                         Y1,500-1,040 (Wire-Masters)
SKARR SAYS: If you want to be a smartgun juggernaut, this is your 
perfect choice. Better than the goggles, and don't waste any inventory 

HAND RAZORS                          BUY: Y1,500-1,040 (C.I.Hospital) 
FOR: hand-to-hand combat                  Y1,000-690 (Dr. Bob's)
MAXIMUM: 1                                Y2,000-1,380 (Lil Chibas)
ESSENCE COST: 0.1                         Y1,700-1,170 (Seattle Gen.)
AT: See Datajack.                         Y1,500-1,040 (Wire-Masters)
SKARR SAYS: Don't waste essence on these if you haven't already. Save
up for the spurs.

SPURS                                 BUY: 4,000-2,750 (C.I. Hospital)
FOR: hand-to-hand combat                   3,600-2,480 (Dr. Bob's)
MAXIMUM: 1                                 5,000-3,440 (Lil Chibas)
ESSENCE COST: 0.1                          4,200-2,890 (Seattle Gen.)
AT: See Datajack.                          4,000-2,750 (Wire-Masters)
SKARR SAYS: Nifty! Especially on Stark/Winston, these babies can tend to make 
your bare hands the most destructive weapons in the game.

MUSCLE REPLACEMENT                  BUY: Y15,000-10,320 (C.I.Hospital)
FOR: increasing strength/quickness       Y18,000-12,380 (Dr. Bob's)
MAXIMUM: 4                                Y12,000-8,250 (Lil Chibas)
ESSENCE COST: 1.0                          Y9,000-6,190 (Seattle Gen.)
AT: See Datajack.                         Y10,000-6,880 (Wire-Masters)
SKARR SAYS: A big chunk of essence, but these can up the ante on your bare 

DERMAL PLATING                       BUY: Y3,200-2,200 (C.I. Hospital)
FOR: added armor boost                    Y3,000-2,070 (Dr. Bob's)
MAXIMUM: 3                                Y3,800-2,620 (Lil Chibas)
ESSENCE COST: 0.5                         Y2,800-1,930 (Seattle Gen.)
AT: See Datajack.                         Y3,000-2,070 (Wire-Masters)
SKARR SAYS: Also very handy; get some.

WIRED REFLEXES                       BUY: Y40,000-27,500 (C.I.Hospital)
FOR: increasing combat speed              Y35,000-24,070 (Dr. Bob's)
MAXIMUM: 3                                Y30,000-20,630 (Lil Chibas)
ESSENCE COST: 2.0 (1.0 on second buy)     Y38,000-19,250 (Seattle Gen.)
AT: See Datajack.                         Y20,000-13,750 (Wire-Masters)
SKARR SAYS: Handy if you like to be quick, but a mondo chunk of essence is 
required to achieve this. 

=========================GROUP ITEMS==========================
Group items are sometimes vital items, other times just handy. But in any 
case, they are automatically used items that benefit the whole party, and 
cannot be sold. Here's a list of all the group items and where to get them.

GET FROM: RoadRash (Ork Boss)
FOR: Getting free taxi rides, Ork protection

GET FROM: RatSpike (Halloweener Boss)
FOR: Halloweener protection
SKARR SAYS: Forget this.

GET FROM: Mauler (Eye-Fiver Boss)
FOR: Eye-Fiver protection
SKARR SAYS: Also useless. 

GET FROM: Renraku building
FOR: Determining wherabouts of tomb
SKARR SAYS: A bitch to get, but handy-dandy.

GET FROM: Rat's Nest, Redmond Barrens (Harlequin)
FOR: Harlequin
SKARR SAYS: An essential to finishing the game.

GET FROM: dead gargoyle (Spirit Eyes mission)
FOR: giving to Spirit Eyes
SKARR SAYS: A one-time item, these can be obtained off of killing a gargoyle.

GET FROM: dead hell hound (Spirit Eyes mission)
FOR: See above.
SKARR SAYS: Also one time, but tough to get.

GET FROM: Licourtrix (Spirit Eyes mission)
FOR: giving to Spirit Eyes
SKARR SAYS: Tough to find Licourtrix, but easy to get.

GET FROM: Max Contact
FOR: keeping corp. security at bay in buildings
SKARR SAYS: These are a must for corp. buildings.

GET FROM: Henry J. Culver contact, Sgt. Chillicut contact
FOR: earning right to bear illegal arms
SKARR SAYS: Get this if you don't want Lone Star bothering you about illegal 

GET FROM: Fuchi building, Penumbra District
FOR: Reviving Stark
SKARR SAYS: If you want Stark, this is your ticket.

GET FROM: Lady Gillian (Gillian mission)
FOR: Red Buffalo Woman
SKARR SAYS: Kinda like a courier run. Give it to Red Buffalo Woman (located 
in the Salish-Shidhe, next door to Owlfeather) and report back to Gillian.

GET FROM: Find on acquisition/courier runs
FOR: Retrieving
SKARR SAYS: Just get this back to the Johnson or destination to receive nuyen.
5-B. M A G I C
Magic is what you'll be relying on if you are a shaman. Access your spells 
menu through the pause menu. Below are the things you'll see:

SUCCESS: This meter represents how successful the spell will be.
DRAIN: This meter represents how much magical drain the spell has. For 
instance, if the drain meter on a spell is half full, this means it will take 
half of your mental health bar to cast the spell. 
PHYS: Your magical defense against physical attacks.
MANA: Your defense against mental attacks.
FORCE: this meter represents how powerful you want your spell to be from 1 
to 4; 4 being the strongest.
POSTURE: Just like the posture meter in the pause menu. No different.

Below is a list of all the spells you can get as a shaman, and what they can 
pull off. The drain meter is on a 1 to 9 scale, 9 representing 99% of your 
mental health.

FOR: creating a magical wall that inhibits movement
DRAIN: 1-2
SKARR SAYS: A handy spell if you're being tailed and outnumbered. Settle for 
Super Barrier instead.

S U P E R   B A R R I E R
FOR: creating a magical wall that inhibits everything
DRAIN: 3-5
SKARR SAYS: Perfect for getaways, or just unfair fighting if you manage to 
freeze an enemy up inside it.

FOR: distracting all nearby enemies
DRAIN: 3-4
SKARR SAYS: Decently effective, you'll get to see some poor fools whale on 
each other instead of you sometimes.

FOR: making all targets sick with a foul stench
DRAIN: 3-4
SKARR SAYS: Not very effective. Forget it.

H E A L   W O U N D S
FOR: healing characters
DRAIN: none-1
SKARR SAYS: Handy when in a pinch. You always need a healing source!

FOR: rendering enemies unconscious
DRAIN: 3-4
SKARR SAYS: Knocks an enemy out with ease.

FOR: reducing taken damage
DRAIN: 1-2
SKARR SAYS: If you feel you are in a rut, this can come in handy.

FOR: rendering a character invisible
DRAIN: none-1
SKARR SAYS: Works sometimes, but fails on paranormal enemies like hellhounds, 
vampires, etc. Security cameras and other non-humans can also spot 
invisibility. So, in a word, it's nearly useless.

M A N A   S T O R M
FOR: striking all nearby enemies with lightning
DRAIN: 3-5
SKARR SAYS: Effective, be careful not to blast yourself. Always nifty to see 
an enemy crumble into dust when killed by this.

FOR: destroying enemies within vicinity with fire blast
DRAIN: 8-9
SKARR SAYS: Very heavy in the drain department, but the damage factor behind 
this spell, aka "the shitload", is enough to turn baddies into ashes. Just 
make sure you are a safe distance out of the way, or you may fry yourself, 

M A N A   B L A S T
FOR: blasting a target with a single bolt of lightning
DRAIN: none-1
SKARR SAYS: A tougher version of mana zap.

F L A M E   B O L T
FOR: blasting a target with a fireball
DRAIN: none-2
SKARR SAYS: A tougher version of flame dart.

M A N A   Z A P
FOR: zapping a target with a lightning bolt
DRAIN: none
SKARR SAYS: Like it says. Moderately tough.

F L A M E   D A R T
FOR: blasting a target with a low level flame blast
DRAIN: none
SKARR SAYS: See Mana Zap.

5-C. E N E M Y    L I S T
Below is the list of baddies you'll be putting up with, along with some notes.

E Y E   F I V E R S 
APPEARANCE: Black clad thugs with circular symbol on backs
COMBAT: firearms
AT: Penumbra District, Downtown Seattle, Renraku Arcology
SKARR SAYS: These punks can spell trouble, but are easy to overpower if you 
have some decent offensive measures and fellow runners. 

APPEARANCE: Hulking thugs with blue or black/red outfits
COMBAT: bare fists, firearms (occasionally)
AT: Puyallup Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Don't let them thump your skull; they're tough. But they shouldn't 
come off as a problem.

APPEARANCE: Black clad thugs with elf-type ears and painted faces
COMBAT: bare fists
AT: Redmond Barrens 
SKARR SAYS: These guys are nothing, unless you are just beginning. But even 
then, they seem simple.

L O N E   S T A R
APPEARANCE: Black/yellow or black/blue clad cyber police
COMBAT: firearms
AT: all towns except Salish-Shidhe, corp. buildings
SKARR SAYS: Can be tough, but shouldn't be a problem if you're well equipped.

APPEARANCE: Brownish/tan bald characters that walk around aimlessly
COMBAT: none; running away from danger
AT: all towns except Salish-Shidhe
SKARR SAYS: Not really enemies, but sometimes they drop nuyen if you kill 
them. Always fun for target practice, and can serve as a heads-up for on coming 
enemies when you see them start to run away for no reason.

APPEARANCE: Eye Fiver bodies with blue skin/red eyes
COMBAT: bare fists, teeth
AT: abandoned buildings
SKARR SAYS: Think zombie; If these guys manage to touch you, they will drain 
your life bar rather quickly. Keep away and plug 'em full of holes.

V A M P I R E S   A N D   M A G E S
APPEARANCE: Thugs in trench coats and hats
COMBAT: magic
AT: Downtown Seattle, Penumbra District, Renraku Arcology, Council Island, 
Salish-Shidhe, abandoned buildings, corp. buildings
SKARR SAYS: The same thing. Both of these enemies look alike and both rely 
on spell-casting. Sometimes a pain.

APPEARANCE: Brownish dogs
COMBAT: lunge, fire breath
AT: Salish-Shidhe, caves, abandoned buildings
SKARR SAYS: Easily the most dangerous and annoying enemies. These boys can 
easily take even the leveled-up runner down to zero energy in seconds, and 
can get past tough armor. Be careful! Also occasionally pop up at Council 
Island. NOTE: One time, a pack of these popped up in a Renraku AND Ares 
building before, on a run. Maybe it's a glitch, but I advise you to watch 
your ass!

APPEARANCE: Winged, grayish humanoids
COMBAT: bare fists
AT: abandoned buildings, caves, Salish-Shidhe
SKARR SAYS: Not as tough as most paranormal creatures, but can be formidable 
in groups. Sometimes pop up at Council Island.

APPEARANCE: Hulking, very tall, white humanoids
COMBAT: bare fists
AT: Salish-Shidhe, Council Island, abandoned buildings, caves
SKARR SAYS: Be careful of these, especially in groups. Blast away before you 
are pounded into the dirt.

APPEARANCE: Blue skinned civilians
COMBAT: firearms/bare fists/magic
AT: Salish-Shidhe, caves, Puyallup Barrens
SKARR SAYS: Not too difficult if they are not casting spells.

APPEARANCE: invisible warriors
COMBAT: bare fists
AT: abandoned buildings, caves, Salish-Shidhe, Council Island
SKARR SAYS: Not too tough to spot or deal with, but your shot accuracy may 
drop a little due to their invisibility.

R E N R A K U   S T R I K E   T E A M S
APPEARANCE: See Eye Fivers/Lone Star.
COMBAT: firearms
AT: Renraku Arcology, Renraku corp. buildings, other towns at random
SKARR SAYS: Can be a pain, but are basically just Eye Fivers. They'll usually 
come after you in events.

E L V E N   M A G E S
APPEARANCE: Cybered-up female elves
COMBAT: firearms, magic
AT: Puyallup Barrens, caves, Salish-Shidhe
SKARR SAYS: Royal pains in the you-know-what. One pops up when failing to 
enter Hollywood Correctional by force. These, as well as all other 
magic-using baddies, tend to blast you with a spell before you even know 
what's going on. BEWARE.

I T O   O G A M I
AT: The Matchstick, Downtown Seattle 
SKARR SAYS: You'll find Ito here when you are on his tail to kill him. As 
hyped up as people make him, he's really nothing. After you kill him, you'll 
get some nice rewards.

V I G O R E   A N D   J A R L
APPEARANCE: See Halloweeners.
AT: Ellisia's Tomb
SKARR SAYS: And to think you actually did some runs for these punks...They 
are actually not too much of a problem, seeing as you will be highly leveled 
up by the end, these two can be considered Joshua fodder by the time you fight 

APPEARANCE: Large, robed, wolf-headed baddie
COMBAT: magic
AT: Ellisia's Tomb
SKARR SAYS: The main problem. He has the former Johnsons, Vigore and Jarl, 
armed with heavy weaponry to help him, but they're no problem. Thon's spells 
can be devastating, but constant healing will ensure victory.
NOTE: Referring to the MAPS section may be helpful.

1) MICHAEL'S STUFF================================
You begin walking into Stoker's Coffin Motel in the Redmond Barrens. Ask of 
Michael's things, and the manager will want Y250 for it. Well, go on some 
runs from Mr. Gunderson, who is located in the Jump House. Make that nuyen, 
and buy Michael's things from Stoker's. If you have decent nuyen (or used 
the nuyen cheat), go to Ares Weapon Emporium and get some better firepower. 
A choice weapon would be the Predator heavy. When you have bought Michael's 
things, you'll get Y500, a cyberdeck, a note from a Tabatha Shale to your 
bro, a few holopix, and a wristband that, if you are killed, alerts a DocWagon 
to rescue you and revive you at Seattle General Hospital, Downtown Seattle. 
2) MEET TABATHA SHALE==============================
Now take a taxi to the Puyallup Barrens. Find the Tarislar City Inn and ask 
about a tenant named Tabatha Shale. You will be introduced, and Tabatha will 
tell you some valuable info of your bro and some last known acquisitions of 
his, including Caleb Brightmore, and your next destination, Boris Errascoe. 
After receiving the vital info, what is probably a Renraku strike team raid 
the place and blow Tabatha to kingdom come. You are left alone, however, and 
among Tabatha's remains, you find a holopix of one David Owlfeather.
3) BORIS ERRASCOE==================================
Catch a taxi back to the Redmond Barrens and pay a visit to Boris Errascoe's 
greenhouse. He will want Y500 before he lets out a peep; pay it. Don't waste 
money asking of Owlfeather; ask about Michael. He will tell you of how Mako 
Sachou, another Renraku scumbag, was following your brother, and as soon as 
that's said and done, a Renraku strike team storms the building and you'll 
have to blast them up. Well, next we are going to pay a visit to David 
Owlfeather, who is in the Salish-Shidhe, so you may want to stock up on good 
defense/offense, and some nuyen for a passport/lift from Sharkey. 
4) OWLFEATHER======================================
When you are well-prepared, grab a ticket to the Salish-Shidhe and find your 
way to the village, which is east, across the bridge, and enter the big hut, 
where you will find David Owlfeather. Ask him about Michael, and he will give 
some info on someone who can help; his brother, Aragorn. But you have to find 
him first. Stupendous.
5) TRACKING AND SAVING ARAGORN=====================
Get out of the Salish-Shidhe and go to the Penumbra District. Find the Big 
Rhino bar and talk to the Mr. Johnson, Mortimer Reed. Ask about Aragorn, and 
he will tell you how Aragorn screwed a run against Mitsuhama, and how he is 
being held there. Get prepared, grab some fake Ids and maglock passkeys if 
you can, and pay a visit to the Mitsuhama building in the Penumbra District. 
I won't spoil all the corp. building fun for you, so just make sure your skill 
levels and equipment are decent, and scan each floor for Aragorn. Once you 
find him, he will get mouthy and run off to safety, leaving you with having 
to risk the front door again. Leave the building.
6) OWLFEATHER REVISITED============================
After you've "saved" Aragorn, go back to the Salish-Shidhe and talk to 
Owlfeather again. Before you can say "frag face", Aragorn strolls in like 
a cocky schmoe, and Owlfeather scolds him off. Then he lets you know of a 
wise one (Spirit Eyes) that can help you, at the Medicine Lodge, Council 
Leave the Salish-Shidhe and grab a cab to Council Island. If you haven't 
already bought gang protection from the Orks, maybe you should, seeing as 
how it will get you free cab rides. Anyways, once at Council Island, go to 
the Medicine Lodge and ask to speak with the "most wise one". Now you will 
be in the previously inaccessible backyard area, where Spirit Eyes should 
be meditating. Talk to him, and he will tell you of 3 'ingredients' he needs 
in order to determine Michael's killer. You will be fetching these 
ingredients. The first is a Gargoyle's horn, which can be obtained by killing 
a Gargoyle. Take it back to Spirit Eyes, and he will request the pelt of a 
hell hound. Go to wherever a hell hound can be found, and blow them away (don't 
forget to grab the pelt left behind!) Be careful...hell hounds can tear you 
up quickly. Go to Council Island and deliver the pelt to Spirit Eyes, and 
then he will request the final ingredient, a serpent's scale. 
Well, you're probably wondering where to get the scale? And no, it's not by 
helping AmerIndian boys find one (See events.). Go to the Salish-Shidhe, and 
refer to the map section for directions to the Feathered Serpent. About one 
room before him, you'll come across a Renraku Strike Team scouting the area. 
They are tough, but if you're well prepared, they should be no problem. 
Destroy them and continue left to the serpent's lair, where you will nuke 
another Strike Team that is terrorizing the dragon, and when all the chaos 
ceases, you will find yourself talking to a dragon. It introduces itself as 
Licourtrix, talks with you a bit, then asks what you want. Say you need a 
serpent scale, and it will give you one, not to mention bind to you. Not long 
after this, Licourtrix takes off. Time to go back to Spirit Eyes.
9) SPIRIT EYES REVISITED===========================
Make your way back to Council Island and give the final ingredient to Spirit 
Eyes. He will do his thing, and you will learn of your brother's killer, Thon, 
a jackal-headed demon thing-a-ma-bob. That solves that part...Now on with 
some more deeds!
10) MAKO SACHOU====================================
Go to the Big Rhino bar in the Penumbra District and talk to Mortimer Reed 
about Mako Sachou. He will tell how he frequents Club Penumbra, located in 
the area. Go there (you'll need a reputation level of 4 or higher to enter), 
and before you can talk to Mako, yet another confounded Renraku Strike Team 
comes in after you. Blow them away, for the love of God, and you'll instantly 
be talking to Mako, who seems to have been tagged in the cross-fire. In his 
dying moments, you treat Mako like dirt, and he tells you some info about 
Caleb Brightmore, your bro's last known Johnson, and a shady character named 
Ito Ogami. You then leave Mako in a puddle of his own blood and piss, and 
now it's time to track down Ito Ogami.
11) TIME TO NUKE ITO=============================
Word has it that Ito Ogami is in a local hotel. The local hotel is the Gates 
Undersound, in Downtown Seattle. Go there, and the manager will tell you of 
how Mr. Ogami just left for the club, The Matchsticks, which is in the same 
area. Go there, where you will make quite an entrance, and give Ito and his 
thugs a lead burger. This shouldn't be too tough, if you are this far. Upon 
killing Ito, you will gain Ito's Matrix passcode (which is a tough grid), 
Y10,000, and plenty of information, including holopix of Stark and your bro, 
a relationship between Vigore and Thon, and others. NOTE: After killing Ito, 
Vigore and Jarl will disappear (off to serve Thon full-time), so if you didn't 
get the Max contact, you won't (unless you use the contacts cheat).
12) RENRAKU AND THE MAP OVERLAY==================
After all that madness, you will need to retrieve a map from the Renraku 
offices in the Renraku Arcology. Get prepared, and storm the building. Again, 
I will not spoil the "run fun" for you. Once you do find the map overlay, 
you will automatically trip an alarm. Note that once the alarm turns off, 
it will turn back on again for some reason once you return to the first floor 
via elevator. Leave the building after the alarm ceases. Way to go, you pretty 
much foiled Renraku! 
13) CALEB BRIGHTMORE=============================
Go to the Icarus Descending in Downtown Seattle. If you haven't asked Boris 
about Michael, you'll need a reputation level of 6 or higher, OR an elf in 
your party, to enter. Talk to Caleb and he will give you info on your bro's 
last run, and "Frosty", an elf that was also involved in the run. He will 
tell you she is at the Tarislar City Inn, in the Puyallup Barrens. Go there, 
and ask the manager of Frosty. He will say how she joined up with the 
Sinsearch. Go there.
14) FROSTY=======================================
Find your way to the Sinsearch village in the Salish-Shidhe and ask the elf 
at the door if you can speak with the elders. He should let you in to talk 
to Lady Gillian. Ask Gillian about Frosty, and she will give you a testing 
before helping you. 
15) LADY GILLIAN'S TEST==========================
The first portion of Lady Gillian's test involves delivering a package, which 
is in the possession of Red Buffalo Woman. She is in the village of 
Salish-Shidhe, next door to Owlfeather's hut. Enter, and you will give her 
the parcel. In return, she will give you another package, which you must 
return to Lady Gillian of the Sinsearch. After you do this, Gillian will ask 
you to locate a lost comrade, Ilene Two Fists. 
Go back to Downtown Seattle, go to the Icarus Descending, and ask Caleb 
Brightmore about Ilene Two Fists. He will tell you she is holed up in Hollywood 
Correctional. Time for a jailbreak!
16)BUST ILENE TWO FISTS OUT======================
Pay a visit to Hollywood Correctional in the Redmond Barrens. Make sure you 
have a level 5 maglock passkey and a way to get into Hollywood. The passkey 
will be used to open Ilene's level 5 maglocked cell. The way into the prison 
can be obtained by either of the contacts, Sgt. Macklemann, or Chillicut. 
OR you can try to blast your way in, with a 50-50 chance of missing and having 
to fight outside, or blowing the doormen away and getting in. Once inside, 
find her cell, unlock it, and talk to her. After some dialogue, she will let 
you know that she is up for hire at the Jump House (neat!) and she will flee 
the prison to the bar. Now leave and go back to the Sinsearch village, and 
talk to Lady Gillian. Now all the final test consists of is agreeing to be 
bound with the Sinsearch. Say yes, and then you can ask/learn about Thon, 
Ellisia, confirmed corruption in Vigore & Jarl, and an elf. Finally, ask about 
Frosty, and if you've already finished the Spirit Eyes mission (you can do 
the Spirit Eyes, Gillian test, and Aragorn missions in any order), you will 
be able to meet Frosty. 
17) FROSTY=========================================
When you meet Frosty, she will tell you of your bro, Renraku, Thon, and an 
interesting new acquaintance, Harlequin. This odd fellow is Frosty's master, 
and was behind Michael's final run. No, he's not a bad guy. He wants Thon 
dead, too. Frosty tells you of his wherabouts in the Tarislar Garden Apts., 
of the Puyallup Barrens.
18) HARLEQUIN======================================
Now you can enter the Tarislar Garden Apts., instead of nearly being killed 
upon entering. The guards will escort you to Harlequin, and you'll meet. He 
will tell you some very vital info on the whole mess, and send you to hunt 
for Vigore and Jarl, who recently disappeared. Go to the Redmond Barrens, 
and go to the Jump House. Talk to Mr. Gunderson, and ask him about Vigore. 
He should say of how he is in the Rat's Nest, also in the Redmond Barrens. 
Go there. There will be no trace of Vigore, but you will find the map of 
Ellisia's tomb. Now head on back to the Tarislar Garden Apartments in the 
Puyallup Barrens.
19) THE FINALE=====================================
Once you return to Harlequin's pad, he will scope the map and plan a raid 
on Ellisia's tomb in terms of putting an end to Thon. Harlequin then allows 
you to go get some runners together and get pumped up for the final showdown. 
Do so if you haven't already. When you are ready, report back to Harlequin 
and tell him you're ready. Next thing you know, you'll be at Ellisia's tomb. 
There should be six thugs here, wipe them all out. Heal if you must, then 
proceed north into the heart of the tomb, where you will finally be 
face-to-face with Thon. Also at his side are those two dimwits, Vigore and 
Jarl. After a little jargon from Thon's mouth, the battle will ensue. Plug 
V+J full of holes, then focus on Thon. Heal, revive characters if they are 
injured badly, and just rip Thon up relentlessly. Eventually, our old friend 
Licourtrix will make his nifty entrance by busting his head through a solid 
wall and help you destroy Thon. Licourtrix will then talk to you in a bit 
of a victory speech, and you will have basically won. Not the best of endings, 
but oh well. Good job, you have just conquered Shadowrun!
6-B. S E C R E T S   AND   S U C H
Are there some secrets or other things in Shadowrun? Why, yes. Below are all 
the ones I personally know of.

==================THE DEBUG CHEAT================
At the title screen, when "Shadowrun" blazes across the screen, press A, B, 
B, A, C, A, B. Then hit start. Either start a new game, OR load game. Pause, 
enter your pocket secretary, then under save/load game should be an invisible 
option. Select it, and you will be at the debug menu. Below is the list of 
the selectable cheats:

NUYEN: Gives you Y250,000. Doesn't add Y250,000, so if you have more than 
that and use the nuyen cheat, you'll get Y250,000. In other words, you will 
lose money. But this is handy for buying very expensive things!

SPELLS: Gives the selected magic user ALL spells, each at level 4. Beware 
if you have more powerful spells already, this will take them down to level 
4 again. This cheat is useless on non magic-users.

TEST DECK: Gives your deck all programs at level 4, and boosts your deck stats. 
Using this cheat with a high-leveled deck won't cause you to lose anything, 

PICK SYSTEM: Sends the selected character into the selected system, 
regardless of whether the runner has a datajack or not.

HEAL ALL: Heals everyone in your party, including you, to 100% 
physical/mental health.

+10 KARMA: The spiffiest cheat. This will add 10 karma to everyone in your 
party, including you. You can save your game after using this cheat, redo 
the code, load game and get more karma added on! Beware, after you pass 250 
karma, it will reset and be back at zero.

CONTACTS: Gives you the phone numbers of every contact in the game, except 
Mr. Faradouchi, Henry J. Culver, and Agira Tetsumi. If you HAD any of those 
three, they will be gone from your contact list.

WALK FAST: Lets you walk extremely fast. Can be useful to outrun powerful 
enemies, but you can easily lose teammates. The screen may also need to catch 
up with you at times. :D

====================GET STARK======================
Stark also tends to be a side mission. But he is super-tough, and is well 
worth finding. Below is what to do in order to obtain him.

1) Go to the Salish-Shidhe (or SinSearch). Stark is at the Lodge, half-dead. 
Refer to the map in section 2-A for directions. 

2) Go to Seattle General Hospital, Downtown Seattle, and ask Dr. Haversheen 
about the holopix.

3) You will be sent on a "run" to get Stark a cyber-heart. It is somewhere 
in the Fuchi building in the Penumbra District. Get the heart.

4) Return to Seattle General Hospital with the heart. Stark will have already 
been revived, and can be found at the Underground '93, Puyallup Barrens.

NOTE: Stark will join you, for LIFE and for FREE, if you go to hire him. Nifty!

====================GET OVER 20 CLIPS=================
Normally, you are only allowed to purchase a total of 20 clips. But here's 
a way to get MORE: Have other party members trade theirs to the specific 
character. You will wind up with more clips than allowed! Stock your other 
party members up by buying more clips and repeating the same method with a 
different tradee. However, picking up dropped clips from dead baddies will 
take the clip amount back to 20.

More of an overlooked side mission in the Matrix. It is in the form of datafile 
clues you must obtain from the 5 big corporations' CPU networks (Ares, 
Renraku, Mitsuhama, Fuchi and Aztechnology). Just keep downloading files, 
that will be jotted down into your Tips and Clues menu, along with a strange 
passcode, until you have all the clues which spell out the passcode 
"CHERNOBYL". Then, hack into the Chernobyl network and beat the UCAS system 
for a nice amount of nuyen and a cheesy thank you from Sega, which will be 
jotted into your Tips and Clues menu. Be sure you and your deck are very good 
before trying to conquer this. NOTE: Upon completing this, the CHERNOBYL 
passcode will disappear from your menu.
6-C. E V E N T S
Events, in case you didn't know, are those random moments where you are taken 
to a descriptive situation, and sometimes, given choices on what to do. They 
can happen ANYWHERE whenever they feel like it, and the results always vary, 
so doing the same thing twice may or may not be wise. Below is a list of all 
known events, complete with selective options, and what is likely to happen. 
All events vary in consequences, so I can't exactly tell you what the "correct 
answer"(s) are. You'll just have to go by your instincts. 

<A flustered woman passes by you. A moment later, a grungy man passes in 
pursuit of the woman.>
[A] <Attack!!>: Sometimes, you will scare the man off, and the reluctant lady 
will give you a little nuyen. Others, the man will not fear you and you'll 
have to kill some thugs. Sometimes it will be a cop who will either run off 
(you'll get no nuyen), or will tell you to grab some ground. Complying can 
get you out of trouble.
[B] "Hey! What's going on here?!: Same results as [A], but less hostile.
[C] <Walk Away.>: Three other men will drag the lady into an alley, where 
you hear sounds of possible rape/murder, but the alley is empty upon 

<A haggard man collapses at your feet. His skin is pale and cold to the touch. 
A well-dressed man runs up, followed by two ordinary thugs.> "I'm a doctor 
and this patient has escaped! Help us capture him and I'll pay you."
[A] <Attack!!>: Scare the men off, allowing the nutcase to escape. Sometimes, 
they are vampires and will attack you. Sometimes, they are actual doctors 
and will call the cops on you.
[B] "Leave him alone, or you'll be sorry!": Scare off the pretend doctors 
and save an innocent for Y100. Sometimes, they ARE doctors, and show you 
credentials for help. Other results are like what you'd get if you selected 
[C] <Help Them.>: You'll get nuyen no matter what, but if they tell you to 
"get lost" after paying you, congratulate yourself. You just helped some 
incognito vampires catch an innocent man.

<Ahead of you is a man lying on the street. He seems to be hurt badly.>
[A] <Attack!!>: Sometimes, you'll blast a vampire playing dead. Others, it 
is a human you'll kill, and Lone Star will come after you.
[B] <Give him first aid.>: Sometimes, you'll save a life and earn Y150. 
Others, you'll get attacked by a vampire.
[C] <Walk Away.>: Sometimes, the man will moan in pain. Others, it will be 
as if you chose [A] in the case of a vampire. 

<A company man storms up to you.> "Hey, you can't get away with this! Don't 
think I don't recognize you!"
[A] <Attack!!>: Sometimes, you won't faze him, and he will attack with a gun. 
Others, you will scare him off. 
[B] <Talk to Him.>: Sometimes, Lone Star will come, shoo him off, and question 
you like normally. Others, the man will attack with a gun. Others, he will 
notice his mistake and apologize.
[C] <Walk Away.>: Sometimes, he will attack with a gun. Others, he will cuss 
you out while following you, eventually leaving.

<As you walk by, a man calls to you from a dark alleyway.> "Pssst. I got six 
frag grenades for sale. I'll give 'em to ya for Y180. That's Y30 a pop. What 
you say, chummer?"
[A] <Attack!!>: Sometimes, the dealer will defend himself via heavy pistol. 
Others, it's an undercover cop, who will try to arrest you and confiscate 
anything illegal. Don't let them!
[B] "I'll take the grenades.": Sometimes, you'll buy the grenades. Others, 
it is Lone Star undercover, to bust you.
[C] <Walk Away.>: You leave him behind.

(only happens in Renraku building)
<Renraku Security spots you as they round a corner.> "There he is, that's 
Joshua!! Open fire!"
NOTE: You will be rushed by a strike team.

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> 
<Impressive figures pass through the parting crowd. Your first impression 
is that they are veteran shadowrunners. Then you see they are wearing gang 
<They continue on down the street in an air of confidence, not bothering 
to harrass those they pass. Gangs going pro? You doubt it!! Shrugging, you 
continue on your way.>

<Crowds part as you are approached by a Lone Star patrol.> 
"A moment, citizen. We want a word with you."
NOTE: If you have aligned with the Mafia, they will always go away.
[A] <Attack!!>: You'll fight some cops.
[B] <Talk to them.>: You'll get out of trouble. If you are carrying illegal 
weapons with no permit, see next event.
[C] <Run away!>: No matter what, you'll have to fight.

(only if you have illegal weapons, no permit)
"Hey, Flick. I think this guy's packing. You got a permit for that illegal 
[A] <Attack!!>: You'll fight some cops.
[B] <Talk to them.>: You'll offer an "on-sight" fee of Y500, and they will 
[C] <Run away!>: No matter what, you'll have to fight.

(happens if you attack the frag grenade dealer who is actually Lone Star 
<A Lone Star patrol jumps from the alley. You figure this must have been 
an undercover operation.> "Assault on an officer?! You're coming with us!"
[A] <Attack!!>: You'll fight some cops.
[B] <Comply with his orders.>: You'll be sent to Lone Star HQ, stripped of 
any illegal items/weapons, and forced to pay a big fine. No good.
[C] <Run away!>: You'll fight no matter what.

(happens if you buy the grenades from the same situation)
"Lone Star undercover! Freeze!" <The undercover agent in front of you and 
his nearby backup pull out their weapons.> "You're busted! Come with us."
[A] <Attack!!>: You'll fight some cops.
[B] <Comply with his orders.>: Same (not-good) results as above.
[C] <Run away!>: Sometimes, you'll have to fight, but there is a chance of 
outrunning them.

(only happens in corp. buildings)
<A company man walks up and flicks a toothpick at you.>
[A] <Attack!!>: No matter what, you'll always cause an alarm.
[B] "Slot off, frag-face!!!": Either he will sound the alarm, laugh at you 
and leave, or he may claim to like your attitude and tell you what floor 
your target is on. 
[C] <Walk away.>: Leave him behind.

(only happens in Salish-Shidhe, caves)
<A group of young AmerIndian boys are scouring the terrain in search of 
something. One warrior looks up.> "We're looking for an arrowhead."
[A] <Attack!!>: You'll anger some nearby warriors, and have to fight them.
[B] <Help them.>: Sometimes, you'll find their arrowhead and get Y50. Others, 
you will find a dragon scale and get Y100.
[C] <Walk away.>: Leave them behind.

(only happens in corp. buildings)
<You look down and notice that you are about to step on a concealed security 
NOTE: There is a 50-50 chance you will either step over it in time, or trip 
the alarm.

(only happens in corp. buildings/Hollywood)
<A security guard spots you.> "Show me some ID, pal." <Since you don't have 
a badge, you'll have to come up with something else.>
[A] <Attack!!>: Consider the alarm set off.
[B] <Talk your way out.>: Sometimes, you'll fool him and be safe. Others, 
he will not fall for your lame story. Others, he will check with dispatch 
to be safe, which has a 50-50 chance of coming back negative or positive.
(if you have a badge, he will either leave you alone or check with dispatch, 
with 50-50 results of being negative or positive.)

(only happens in corp. buildings when you approach certain terminals)
<You find a terminal logged in to the management database. Perhaps searching 
the computer will provide information.>
[A] <Hack the database.>: Sometimes, you will trip the alarm. Others, it 
will tell you what floor your target is on. Others, you will turn off all 
security cameras and alarms, or just the alarm, at times.
[B] <Walk away.>: Leave it behind.

(only happens in corp. buildings)
<Someone taps you on the shoulder.> "If you don't show me an ID badge in 
half a tick, you'll be sorry." <You spin to find a secretary tapping her 
foot.> "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see your ID badge. How can I help you?"
[A] "I'm looking for some information.": Sometimes she can tell you where 
your target is. Others, you will flirt to no avail.
[B] <Walk away.>: Leave her behind.
(NOTE: If you don't have an ID badge, there is a 50-50 chance you'll either 
stuff her in a closet, or she will sound an alert.)

(only happens in Salish-Shidhe, caves, abandoned buildings)
<The hair on the back of your neck rises. You feel like you're being stalked.>
[A] <Attack!!>: You'll either have to fight wendigo, bandersnatch, warriors, 
an AmerIndian hunting party, or hellhounds.
[B] <Duck for cover.>: You'll either succeed at hiding from one of the above 
enemies, or have to fight one of the above enemies.
[C] <Wait for more information.>: Sometimes, you'll get attacked by one of 
the listed enemies. Others, you'll meet some friendly elves who will heal 
you. Others, you will meet an AmerIndian who will talk (see next event.).

(only happens in corp. buildings)
<A scientist walks by, deep in thought.>
[A] "I'm looking for some information.": Sometimes, he will tell you where 
your target is. Others, he will be brainless about it.
[B] <Walk away.>: Leave him behind.

<A tattooed man in a loin cloth and buskins approaches.> "You look lost. 
If you seek the AmerIndian village or the SinSearch, I can lead you there."
[A] "I need to get to the village.": He will offer the trip for Y75. Either 
a harmless yes or no.
[B] "I need to get to the Sinsearch.": Same as [A], but for Y200.
[C] "Neg on that, chum.": Leave him behind.

<The shadowy image of a watcher, a phantasmal magical messenger, 
materializes in front of you.> "Come quickly! My master needs help!"
[A] "Take me to him. I'll help.": You'll be taken to a senior being beaten 
by Eye Fivers. Chances are you'll either scare them off and earn Y200, or 
you'll have to fight them.
[B] "Slot off, frag-face!!!": You'll hurt the watcher's feelings, and he 
will leave.

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> <You glimpse someone taking your 
picture with a holocam. This person quickly disappears into the crowd.> 
(NOTE: These don't affect you, but it's funny when the portraits of Mr. 
Johnsons and hotel managers pop up as the pic-taker.)

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> <Some Halloweeners appear out of 
the crowd.> "Hey, Mafia boy! You chose the wrong side to ally with! Yakuza 
rules this town!" (NOTE: only happens if you are allied with the Mafia.)

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> <A gang of Eye-Fivers jump out 
of the crowd.> "So, you chose to serve the Yakuza? Then you deserve to die 
like the other enemies of the Mafia!" (NOTE: only happens if you are allied 
with the Yakuza.)

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> <An AmerIndian hunting party 
charges to attack!>

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> <Elven warriors pour forth and 

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> <The shimmering forms of vicious 
bandersnatch come screaming to the attack!>

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> <Hell hounds bound into the 
clearing and attack!>

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> <The ground trembles as wendigo 

<There is a sudden disturbance up ahead.> <A Renraku Strike Team bursts forth 
and opens fire on you!>

(only happens in corp. buildings)
<A security mage spots you.> "ID, please."
NOTE: There is a chance you'll fool him, but others, he will be able to spot 
your ID as a fake with his magic and sound the alarm. 

(only happens in corp. buildings if you do not have a maglock key and approach 
a door)
<You are facing a sturdy door held closed by an electro-magnetic lock.>
<Since you do not have a Maglock Passkey, your choices are limited to these 
[A] <Use your electronics skill>: If you have no skill level points in 
electronics, you can't do this. If you do, sometimes you'll open the door. 
Others, you'll set off the alarm. Others, you will fail without setting off 
the alarm.
[B] <Blow the door open with a Frag Grenade!>: If you got Frags, you'll blow 
it open, but you'll set off the alarm.
[C] <Walk away.>: Leave it behind.

(only happens in corp. buildings)
<You notice an open security panel.> <It looks like with some re-wiring, you 
could switch off the cameras.>
[A] <Re-wire the panel.>: Sometimes, you'll shut off the cameras. Others, 
you will not. Others, you will not AND set off an alarm.
[B] <Walk away.>: Leave it behind.

  Well, hopefully, I didn't miss anything, and if I did, you can always E-Mail 
me with your questions. If you would like to use or post this FAQ on another 
site, go ahead. Just be sure to credit me! 
                         Even if you are reading this guide just out of 
boredom, I still thank you for taking the time to read this guide. And thanks 
for shadowrunning.

                              Copyright (c) 2002, Skarr.

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