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Move List by VortexSpin

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 03/19/06

                                 BATMAN  FOREVER
                             Comprehensive Move List 

                   "The Only Complete Batman Forever Move List"

                           by VortexSpin (Nick Gibson)
                                 (c)2006, 2012

Table of Contents

|  Legal
|  Viewing the Guide
|  Updates
|  Introduction
|  Batman and Robin Standard Moves
|  Batman and Robin Gadgets
|  Training Mode Moves
|  Contact Me
|  Thanks
|  Wrapup


You all know the drill.  Don't post this on any site without asking me first, 
and don't plagiarize any portion of it, either.  Feel free, however, to print
this out and/or distribute it, as long as you don't 'distribute it' to another 
site.  In other words, you can print the document out or share the link with 
others, but don't upload the file anywhere without my permission.  If you want 
to cut out a piece of it when you print it, you must put in the phrase "Edited 
by [your name]" below the version number.  If you do not, I will use my powers 
to send the Red Zone trio over to your house.  They will not treat you kindly.

If you are reading this file from any site other than the ones listed below, 
please contact me immediately!  It means that they stole it!

 - http:\\www.GameFAQs.com

All content herein is the property of VortexSpin, 2006.  All rights reserved.

                              |VIEWING THE GUIDE|

NotePad stinks, and I hate the way GameFAQs makes me use it.  But that's the
way things work, so I'll have to put up with it.  However, if you want to view
this in Word - and I don't blame you at all - then you'll have to change the
margins.  Go to FILE --> PAGE SETUP and change the left and right margins to
.5.  That way, at least, the paragraphs will be correct and you'll be able to 
read this like it was meant to be read.


 v1.0 Started up FAQ, got in all of the combat moves
 v1.5 Added introduction, legal, wrapup, attack description and gadget 
      description sections.
 v2.0 Reformatted to Notepad.
 v2.5 Finally brushed it up!  Reformatted, cleaned up, and my new email is 
      now avaliable.  If you want to submit, now is the time.
      Vedran submitted some moves!
 v3.0 Holy crap, was it really eight years ago that I wrote this guide?  EIGHT?
      Why am I so old! Geez, it's crazy to think about when I was a kid working
	  on this guide and playing this game all the time.  It's amazing what you
	  will play when you're an unjaded kid with no money.


Greetings!  Welcome to my very first FAQ!  As you can tell from the title, this 
is truly a comprehensive move list...  It covers the normal fighting moves, 
gadget combos, and even the Training Mode enemy moves.  I want to note that 
there are a few moves that I have observed the enemy AI executing but I have 
not been able to discover the combinations for.  I have left those moves blank 
in the lists, but if you know the combo, drop me a line and I'll put it in 
along with a credit for you.

Note: the combos are for use with a six-button controller.  If you want to play 
this game, invest in a six button controller...it will make everything easier, 
and it's more fun that way as well.  (Many other Genesis games benefit from six 
buttons, too. You won't be wasting your money.)  I recommend the official Sega 
6-Button Arcade Controller.

                      |BATMAN AND ROBIN STANDARD MOVES|

Most of them will work with the training mode characters as well, but some will 

 High Punch - X
 Middle Punch - A
 Low Punch - D + X
 Uppercut - D + A
 Vertical Jump Punch - U + A or X
 Forward Flip Punch - For/Up + A or X
 Backflip Punch - Back/Up + A or X
 Rear Punch - Back + A or X
 Rear Low Punch - Down/Back + A or X

 High Kick - Z
 Middle Kick - C
 Low Kick - D + Z
 Leg Sweep - D + C
 Vertical Jump Kick - U + Z or C
 Forward Flip Kick - For/Up + Z or C
 Backflip Kick - Back/Up + Z or C
 Rear Kick - Back + Z or C
 Rear Low Kick - Down/Back + Z or C
 Jump - Up
 Forward Flip - Up/For
 Backflip - Up/Back
 Crouch - Down
 Grapple Diagonal - Y
 Grapple Up - Up + Y

 Block - B
 Low Block - D + B
 Retreat Roll - Back, Back, A

 Roll - For, For, A
 Close Move - For, For, B
 Grab - For, For, B
 Throw - (Grab) + Back + A or C

                      |BATMAN AND ROBIN GADGET MOVES|

These combos must be pressed in order to activate weapons with Batman and 
Robin.  Ones with an asterisk can only be used at close range with an enemy.  
(When your character is 'locked on'...as in you take steps backward when you 
press Back as opposed to simply turning around and walking forward.  To put it 
another way, it's when the game engine switches from a platformer to a fighter.)
Hopefully you're familiar with standard fighter lingo, like QCF and QCB.  To 
summarize it quickly:

  - QCF: Down, Down/For, Forward
  - QCB: Down, Down/Back, Back

Odds are that you know this already; I'm just trying to cover the bases.

 Batman's Gadgets:
  Batarang - QCF + A                              (Throw Batarang)
  Sonic Pulse Globe - QCF + C                     (Bomb that stuns area)
  Smoke Pellet - For, Down, B                     (Stuns enemies hit by smoke)
  Cape Morph - B, C, B, C                         (Invulnerable temporarily)
  Flash Pellet - For, A, For, A                   (Blinds enemies)
  Gas* - For, For, Back, A                        (Stuns enemies)
  Slippery Goo* - For, For, Back, B               (Makes enemies slide along)
  Bat Bola - D, D, D, A                           (Ties enemies up temporarily)
  Electric Pellet - For, Down, C                  (Knocks enemies out)
  Force Wall - Down, Down, B                      (Barrier that takes 3 hits)
  Stick Goo* - For, For, Back, C                  (Sticks enemies to the floor)

 Robin's Gadgets:
  Batarang - QCF + A                              (Throw Batarang)
  Staff Charges - QCF + C                         (Close range explosive)
  Smoke Pellet - For, Down, B                     (Stuns enemies hit by smoke)
  Electro Shield - B, C, B, C                     (Invulnerable temporarily)
  Tranquilizer Darts - For, Down, C               (Slows enemies down)
  Sonic Blast Weapon* - For, For, Back, A         (Stuns enemies)
  Slippery Goo* - For, For, Back, B               (Makes enemies slip along)
  Bat Bola - Down, Down, Down, A                  (Ties enemies up temporarily)
  Electro Staff Prod - For, A, For, A             (Knocks enemies unconscious)
  Wrist Rivets - For, Down, A                     (Fastens enemies to the floor)
  Heat Gun* - For, For, Back, C                   (Blast of heat)

 Blueprint Gadgets:
  Bat Cuffs - For, For, C                         (Ties up enemies)
  Holographic Decoy - Hold Down, Tap A            (Generates decoy)
  Homing Batarang - QCF + B                       (Seeker Batarang)
  Rocket Boots - For, C, For, B, For, C           (Rockets you forward)

                           |TRAINING MODE MOVES|

These are the moves you can perform while playing as the various enemies.

 Thug 1:
  Chainsaw Blast - For, Back, For, A              (Shoots a chainsaw blade)
  Chainsaw Rip - For, For, A                      (Stabs opponent with chainsaw)
  Homestyle Bomb - For, Down, C                   (Pipe bomb)
  Here 'n There - Tap B                           (Bore into floor)
  Motosaw - QCB + B                               (Ride on chainsaw)
  Pin - For, B, For, B

  Petal Power - QCF + A                           (Shoot acid from flower pin)
  Cartwheel - QCF + C                             (Turn a cartwheel)
  Sticky Spit - For, Down, C                      (Sticks enemy to floor)
  Circus Spin - QCB + A                           (Spins enemy around)
  Horn of Doom - Tap C                            (Stuns a large area)
  Skip Rock Bomb - For, Back, For, B              (A bomb that bounces)
  Smash Jump - Up, Down (Repeat)                  (Sort of a homing jump kick)

 Riddler Thug:
  Electroshield - Tap A                           (Electric barrier)
  Balloon Bomb - QCF + B                          (Slow moving explosive)
  Portable Hole - For, Down, C                    (Holes that enemies fall into)
  Stick 'n Reel - For, For, A                     (Duh)
  Acid Rain - Down, B, Up                         (Shoots acid)
  No-See-Um - For, C, For, C                      (Disappear until damaged)

  Jump Warp - Down, B, B, B                       (Jump offscreen)
  Pipe Bomb - For, Down, A                        (Short fuse explosive)
  Handcuffs - QCF + B                             (Freezes enemies)
  Slash 'n Whirl - QCB + C                        (Spin forward with knives)
  Warp Kick - Tap C                               (Homing jump kick)

 Two Face:
  Kickflip - (Facing Right) QCF + A               (Vertical spin kick)
  Cut-Cut - (Facing Left) QCF + A                 (Slash with knives)
  Skidtrap - (Facing Left) For, C, For, C         (Slides along and snaps shut)
  Buzzsaw - (Facing Right) For, C, For, C         (Throws a spinning blade)
  Coin of Fate - ???                              (Restores health)

 Thug 2:
  Puff 'o Fire - QCF + A                          (Blast of fire)
  Ground Roaster - For, Down, A                   (Sends flames along ground)
  Slash - QCF + B                                 (Slash with shuriken/knife)
  Shuriken Blast - Back, For, C                   (Throw three shurikens)
  Hot Air - B, Down, B, B, B                      (Crouch and shoot flames)
  Shuriken Rain - Down, A, Up                     (Shoot shurikens up)

  Pepper Spray - QCF + B                          (Stuns enemies)
  Knife Hurl - QCF + A                            (Throws knife)
  Sparky - For, Down, C                           (Shoots sparks)
  Green 'n Mean - ???                             (???)
  Stampede - Back, Back, A                        (Charge forward)
  Grab 'n Throw - For, For, C                     (Impale enemy, throw away)

                             |CONTACT ME|

I'm providing my email so that you can contact me for the following reasons:

 - to submit something to the guide.
 - to provide constructive criticism.
 - to give me compliments.  =)
 - to make corrections to any errors in the guide.
 - to suggest things I should add to the guide.
 - to ask me a question about the game.
 - to just talk about Batman Forever.  (Whether or not I talk back depends on
    whether or not you're an idiot.  =D )
 - to notify me of an incorrect or dead link.

Basically anything intelligent and genuine.  The following are emails that
will get deleted and possibly get the sender blocked:

 - ads.
 - anything with pornography, profanity, obscenity, and the like.
 - anything not about Batman Forever or closely related subjects.
 - requests for ROMs, warez, and various illegal products.
 - "chattese", many grammatical errors, or general stupidity.
 - hoaxes.  If I find out you're lying, you're done.  Plain and simple.

Basically anything that will (or is meant to) irritate me.  That said, here's
my email:  auburnpaladin[AT]gmail[DOT]com.  I look forward to hearing from


 - Daniel: My dad, for buying this game for me!
 - Vedran: For several training mode moves.  Danke!
 - YI: For the correct Shuriken Rain, Shuriken Blast, and Acid Rain moves.


There's not much to wrap up here.  All I can really think of to say is a 'thank
you' to SketchTurner for encouraging me to do this guide.


                       [E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T]

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