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FAQ/Walkthrough by GAdam

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/15/04

A walkthrough for Batman Forever


By: einstein360@hotmail.com

I've never done a walkthrough before, but hey, why not?

And why not Batman Forever?  A bad game about a bad movie about a bad premise. 
 Even if I screw it up horribly, who will be the worse for having read this?

There are already a few FAQS with special move lists, so I'll leave that out of

As mentioned before, this is my first walkthrough, so please, bear with me.

Level I, Arkham:

   Walk forward and take out the two asylumites, bat fu style, then walk into 
the next room.  Hold on (geez, that message irks me).  Smack around another 
asylumite, get the Riddler's clue, and then smack around one more asylumite.  
Use your grapple to move to the higher level.  Position yourself under the hole
, press up and grapple, and BAM, you're there.  Go left, give the safe a kick, 
then beat up two more asylumites (they'll appear on the right), then go through
 the door on the right.  Then hold on again.  Take on another asylumite, grab 
the riddler clue, and then... surprise!  Another asylumite.  Watch out, or 
he'll whip around his shackles.  Walk on to the next room and hold on.  Get the
 life, or if you don't need it, jump over it and save it for later.  Pick up 
the next clue and then jump down through the hole.  Take out the asylumite on 
the left, then the right, then go back up that hole... use the grapple!  
They'll be waiting for you this time, more asylumites.  Go down through the 
hole again, and go through the newly opened sewer pipe.

Hold on again, and you're in the sewers.  You can tell because the first 
asylumite you meet has green  stripes and stink lines coming off of him.  
Beat him up, and walk on.  Then hold on.  Now, you can't see a level below you,
 so take a leap of faith and press R and down to jump down.  Watch out for that
 electricity.  Walk past it when the sparks aren't shooting down and take down
 a few more asylumites.  For fun, knock one into the electric dealie, he makes 
a nice sound.  Keep walking, then holding, then walking again, then beating up 
some more asylumites.  Be careful, of this green stinky one will use some kind 
of breath spray on you.  It's green, so it's probably mint flavored, but it 
does damage anyway.  Life will drop from the cieling, then you'll get it, and 
walk into the next screen, where asylumites will drop from the cieling.  After 
those are gone, two more.  You'd think they would try to escape, but instead 
they attack Batman.  They'll be coming in groups of two, after they're done 
with, the level is done with.

Level II:  The Bank
Now you're in a bank.  Take out the first fella in front of you, making sure to
 avoid the flamethrower he uses when he ducks.  Pick up the extra health, 
because if you didn't have full health at the end of the last level, you still 
don't have full health.  Walk through the bank, knocking around anybody who 
gets in your way.  When you get to the end of the room, grapple up to the 
second level, and if you grapple the cieling in right place (a screen to the 
right of the left border of the balcony), something green will fall down, and 
you can pick it up.  After that, take out another flamethrower, and then two 
guys in matching blue outfits who keep chainsaws in their pockets.  After you 
clear out the right side of the balcony, go down to the first level again and 
go to the left side of the balcony, and then clean up there.  There'll be more 
characters who names don't fit them.  Free the security guard who has been tied
 up, and get the clue.  Exit through the door on the first level on the right.
  Then hold on. They'll show you in an elevator going up.  Then, you'll hold on
 again.  Take out a guy named Dawg, and get the Riddler's clue.  Proceed left, 
and two robbers will drop on the two sides of you.  Take them out, and proceed 
left again, take out another robber, then two more, one on each side.  Free the
 rent-a-cop.  Go back into the elevator on the far right.  Hold on.  Then get 
off the elevator.  Hold on.  Go right, take out another robber.  Take out two 
more, then another. Break the statues' heads with your grapple for more life.  
Keep going right, and get on the elevator.

On this floor, take out two, no, three more bank robbers.  Then two more come 
together.  Then another one gives it a try by himself.   Break the planter on 
the right to get some health.  Leave to the left, and back into the elevator.  
Hold on.

Take out two more bank robbers that will come at you one at a time.  Then a 
pair that will appear, one on each side.  Keep going right, break the 
flourescent light on the ceiling, free the rent-a-cop, and smack around one 
more bank robber.  Then one more.  Head back to the elevator.  Use your grapple
to smash the roof of the elevator, then grapple the roof again so Batman will 
go up on the elevator roof.

In this floor there is only one enemy.  Beat him up, and free the security 

Suddenly, you're somewhere else completely, and if you haven't seen the movie, 
you probably won't know where.  Many enemies will come at you, however, you can
 just knock them off the platform instead of beating them to a bloody pulp.  
Just make sure you don't fall off yourself.  If you're standing next to them, 
uppercut as they drop down, and you can knock them off before they have a 
chance to do anything.

Level III: The Circus Funicus

Note:  If time runs out, game over.  
Now you're at a circus.  You've only got five minutes here, so be quick. Take 
out the clowns on this level, moving right as you do.  Pick up the clocks, 
which, as you might guess, give you extra time.  Get the Riddler's clue again.
  Now I'm going to tell you what it took me a good two minutes to figure out, 
so listen quick.  After you beat all the enemies in a given stage, you have to 
jump on one of the rope ladders on the top right to move on.  In the second 
area (after you've defeated all the enemies in the first area and jumped on 
the rope ladder that appears in the top right, go through a path that takes 
you left, then up onto high platforms, then back right, because you should be 
able to hit all the enemies on that route, and it's in the general direction of
 the next rope ladder.  What's nice about the third level is that you can knock
 enemies off the edge, instead of hitting them many times.  Get the Riddler's 
clue again.  You'll have to use your cape glide in order to move around safely 
on this level.  Go left, and make sure to get to the highest level you can 
before you jump.  On the far right is a clock, which you can't get yet.  After 
you defeat all the enemies, a platform falls on the right, and when you stand 
on it, you can grapple up to a higher platform.  You can cape glide from the 
higher platform to get the clock.  Then cape glide right again, walk off the 
edge of the screen, and hold on.  

*If you've got less than three minutes left, skip this next part.  If time runs
out, game over.*
This part is much more strightforward.  Walk right, defeat the two enemies, 
pick up some life, and then go right again and get a piece of blue print.  
Go left again, jump down into the abyss, then come back out again by taking the
 rope ladder on the lower level.  
*Pick up here if you skipped the subquest*

Grapple through the rightmost hole with light coming through, hold on, and then
 go to the far right, destroying the three pairs enemies who get in your way.  
Make sure to watch out for the fire breath of the orange clowns, or the sticky 
goop clows put on the floor.

Level IV:  The Warehouse

From the circus, Batman plays Tron and ends up at a warehouse.  Get the health 
bonus on the left, unless you have lots of health. Get the Riddler clue, then, 
head left, after dispatching your two would-be dispatchers.  Continue left, 
breaking whatever crates you need to, until you get another Riddler clue.  A 
little above the second clue is a switch, stand under it and hit it with your 
jump kick, and it will make a crate fall to your left.  It will also make a 
pair of villians fall.  Beat them up, and head left.  The pair can do a lot of 
damage if you're not careful.  If you can, knock one onto a raised block on th
e right, if you do he won't move and you can focus on the other one.  Continue
 left over the pile of crates, and when you reach the end of the pile, be on 
the lookout for a pair of hoodlums who will drop from the sky.  What's your 
reward for all of this work?  A blueprint.  Head right, taking out a pair of 
goons that have appeared.  You'll eventually see a safe hanging from a rope.  
Hit it with your grapple.  What are holes for anyway?  Jump down it.  Then head
 right, use your grapple to get a get jump, then wade through the sludge the 
rest of the way.  Do it again, and you should be on a platform with two 
switches.  Hit the switch on the right and knock the guy who falls down into 
the sludge.  Hit the switch on the left and pick up the health.  Head right 
again, and take out the two matching thugs who attack you.  Grapple the ceiling
 on the far right, then use your grapple to go up the hole you've made.  Show 
Tough Tony what it means to be really tough.  Then, head left, and jump on the 
boxes hanging from chains and make your way all the way to the left.  Beat up 
the guy waiting for you.  Then, go right, but instead of retracing your steps 
after reaching the zenith of the crate pile, guse your grapple to move up.  
Make a huge cape glide bat leap towards the right, and land on some boxes 
hanging from chains.  Go from box to box and onto the platform above.  Take out
 the guys who appear as you walk towards the door on the far right, then, go 
back left, drop down, and walk to the right, beating up the enemies there.  
Leave through the door on the far right.  Keep going right, realizing that 
Batman can grab on to the screw looking things that jut out from the 
background.  The door you want to leave through is in the far right, but you'll
 have to defeat a lot of low level enemies to get there.  Watch out for the 
fire breathers and the chainsaw guys.  You'll enter a room that has machines 
that pound on the floor.  When the pounders are down, jump over them, and fight
 the enemy standing near each one.  Continue moving right.  Hold on.  Be 
careful, in order to get over a pile of boxes, you have to break the top one, 
and a thug will be inside.  At the same time, another will fall.  Keep them 
separated, and take them on one at a time.  When you go over the pile, another 
thug will appear.  Take care of him, and keep moving right.  Go right, and hold
 on.  Grapple right and take care of two more thugs.  Then another thug will 
fall from the sky.  He'll throw exploading bottles in addition to punches, so 
stay in close so the bottles will fall behind you.  Keep going right.  Grab on 
to the screw sticking out and swing to the right.  Take on the two thugs that 
appear, and then another one.  Hit the switch overhead.  Head left again, and 
then up, using the screws to jump on the raised platform on the right.  Defeat 
the pair of enemies here, then hit the switch and head left again.  A box 
should have dropped, and you should be able to swing on screws all the way to 
the right, where you can hit another switch.  Now the door on the far right 
should be open.  Screw swing back to the right and go through the door.  Now it
's time to face the first bosses. Sugar and Spice.  Try to keep them from 
surrounding you, and make sure to vary your techniques or they'll counter them.
  After that you have to take on Two Face.  Two Face is much simpler.  After 
defeating the three, you'll move on to...

Level V:  The game just keeps going...

This part could either be very easy, or very hard.  Let's make it easy.  Take 
out any goons assailing you when you enter, but don't hit any switches yet.  
First, kick the switch on the far left, then the one to the right of it, but 
don't go in the hole.  Don't go in the hole.  Don't go in the hole.  Then, hit 
the switch on the far right, then the one to the left of it.  Once again, don't
 go in the hole.  Cape glide over the hole.  See, wasn't that easy?  After all 
the switches are pulled, and all the goons are dead, exit to the right.  In 
this room, once again, don't go down the holes.  Just hit the switches, and 
goons will fall from the ceiling, and holes in the floor will open.  You don't 
even have to fight the goons.  Just put a hole between you and the goons and 
the goons will jump right into the hole (the goons have neither capes nor 
grappling hooks).  Also of note:  the ceiling in this room can be grappled, 
which makes it easy to get over the holes.  Finally, go in the hole on the far 
far right.  There will be two men on the platform with you.  Knock them off or 
beat them to a bloody pulp, whichever you prefer.  A screw will appear, swing 
on it to the right, where you will fight a few more goons.  Here you must be 
careful.  The girder will fall out from under you, and if you fall with it, it 
will send you back to the very start of the level.  Suggestion:  walk forward 
until the girder starts to fall, then quickly jump back, and do a cape glide 
over it.  That strategy is also very helpful because enemies will spawn on the 
opposite side of the hole, and those goons will jump right in the hole.  After 
the first hole, you can recognize holes because there will be either a screw or
 something you can grapple above where the holes appear.  The final hole 
actually has a girder that moves back and forth on the other side.  Grapple to 
the support overhead and wait till the timing is right to jump on to the moving
 girder, then walk forward to face the Riddler.  Stomp on him because he hasn't
 at all been helpful with those stinking hints of his.  Keep the pressure on 
the whole time, otherwise he'll summon a magic goon with question marks to help
 him.  The switch on the bottom left drops a health up, the switch on the top 
right drops an extra life, the switch on the bottom right explodes, and the 
switch on the top left lets you out of the level.

Level VI:  In the Subway
There are a lot of people to beat up in this area, so you're probably better 
off saving the white health pill till later.  Eventually, the door will open up
 on the right, and you can go through.  This next room has one of the grapple 
ceilings, so if you ever get caught, you can just grapple to safety.  It's very
 convenient.  Trash the guys waiting in here and go down the hole that will 
break open on the far right.  Now you're on a subway train.  Make your way to 
the right, taking out the various guys who will get in your way.  Yes, you have
 to jump off the back of the train.  Don't think about it, just do it.  Two 
things to think about here. For one, electricity periodically comes down the 
tracks from right to left.  For two, trains periodically come down the tracks, 
from left to right.  You can jump over the electricity, or grapple, as the 
situation warrants.  For the trains, just grapple.  Heck, if you wanted to, 
you could just leave the game there with Batman swinging back and forth and 
wait for the train to take out his enemies.  Well, whatever you do to get ride 
of the enemies, afterwards go down the hole that's created on the far right.  
Rinse, repeate, wipe hands on pants.  Defeat all the enemies in here, then go 
down the hole that will appear on the right.  Remember to use your grapple.

Level VII:  Batcave
Defeat the enemies on your left.  Ignore the mist.  Go through the hole in your
 floor.  Defeat the enemies on this floor, then, go through the hole again.  
Now you're in the real batcave.  Kick through the wall on the left, defeat the 
guy standing there and take the extra health and extra life.  Go right, be 
careful of the table with the gadgets on it, as it will explode as you walk 
past.  Keep walking and fighting, fighting and walking, until you clear the 
room.  After the room is empty, stand next to the car, and it will start going 
down.  Defeat two sets of two and the car sinks again.  When the car stops 
sinking, exit to the left.  Take on two more sets of enemies, and exit left 
again.  Yep, fight some more enemies, in groups of two.  Stick with the 
tactics that have worked so far, keep them from ganging up on you, you'll be 
fine.  Hold on.

Level IIX:  Claw Island
Head right, beat up some more goons, get the Riddler's clue.  You know the 
drill at this point.  Go in the hole that forms on the right after you beat the
 bad guys.  Go through the tube, there should be about three or four enemies to
 defeat.  After those, power ups will drop from the ceiling.  You can wait on 
the health increases, but if you don't pick up the extra life quickly, it will 
disappear.  Go back outside by grappling up on the far left.  The ground will 
start sinking again, it should teleport you somewhere else automatically, if it
 doesn't, just walk left.  Now you're in the obligatory elevator fight scene.  
First take on one opponent, then a pair of two, then just be glad that the game
 only supports two enemies on screen at once.  There are some power ups after 
the first and second waves.  You'll be out of the elevator soon enough, then 
head right, taking out enemies as you go.  Watch out for parts of the ground 
falling out from underneath you, either jump forward or back to avoid it.  
After you defeat all the enemies, more ground will start falling out.  Grapple 
to safety and the exit on the right.  Head right some more and pick up the 
Riddler's clue.  Turn on his machines?  Now he wants us to do his dirty work?  
Eh, fine.  Get off the ground as early as possible, using those things that act
 the same was as screws used to, except they are not always there.  From the 
starting point (the first screws you see and use), go right, getting near his 
machines as you go.  You don't have to touch them, just get close to them.  
The most difficult one to get is on the far right, and if you miss it, you'll 
have to go back to try again.  The secret is to completely miss the first screw
 after platform and go straight for the second.  You don't have to worry about 
beating the goons, just turn on all the machines, and you'll proceed to the 
next stage.  Now you have to take on two Riddler holograms, then the real 
Riddler.  Not too hard, but try to keep him occupied so he doesn't make Riddler
 thugs.  Next is Two Face.  Concentrate on his face, as he rarely ever falls 
down and you can't leg sweep him.  If you can master the distancing of the 
roundhouse kick, he'll fall easily, because your range with the roundhouse is 
slightly greater than the distance apart he stands before he attacks.  Giant 
Riddler rounds it out.  With the Giant Riddler, if you just stand close to him,
 you can uppercut him as soon as he gets up, before he can react.  Then Riddler
 again for good measure.  Keep doing what you were doing before.  Whew, the 
Riddler once again falls before your fists/feet of fury, and what is your 
reward?  We get to see Batman playing a Tron knockoff and the credits.  Was it 
worth it?

Thanks to GameFaqs for hosting this.
Thank you, the reader.  

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