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Guide and Walkthrough by Phil E.

Version: 2 | Updated: 12/04/2000

                      BOMBERMAN MAX(both versions)
                        Copyright 2000 Phil E.
                             Version 2


1. Version History
2. The Intro
3. Legal Info
4. Story Line
5. Controls
6. The Stars
    Zaurus Star
7. Items
8. Charaboms
    Counter Table
    Charabom Names & Stats
9. Secret Areas
10. Credits


                           Version History


Version 1 (11/30/00) - The begining of the fact of course.  Started all 
sections up to the Star Section.

Version 2 (12/3/00) - I've put in some charaboms, secret levels, and
finished the credits.


                               The Intro


  Why hello there.  I am writing this fact for the people who need help
on this game.  This is a great sequel to all the other bomberman games
out there.

  The two versions of the game are made by Vatical & Hudson Soft.  I'm
 sure this satisfies you hunger for Bomberman.  Till further notice
 this is only for Max Red Challenger, it will be both later.

  This FAQ will cover everything you need to know and some stuff you
want to know.  If you think I’m missing anything of importance please
tell me.  You will be given credit.  


                              Legal Info


  Well here it goes:

   This document Copyright 2000 Phil E.  All rights reserved.  This
   fact may not be copied, in whole or by part, and published in a
   magazine, web page, forum, or anywhere else without consent of the
   Author(we all know who that is).

   If you would like to use this FAQ on your site, please contact me
   first.  Of course you cant alter, change, or sell for a profit, or 
   use for hamster bedding.

   You may, if you wish, to print and distribute this FAQ as long as
   credit is given to the author. It may not be used for commercial 
   purposes.  (This includes giving it away as some sort of promotion, 
   deal, or anything else along those lines)

   Contact me at: dbzman4@earthlink.net

   Well aren't you glad that's over.  See that wasn't THAT boring. Well
   I guess it was ;).  Now down to the nitty gritty!


                               Story Line


  At the far end of the galaxy there were 5 stars.  Each star had its
own life forms and background.  One of the stars was a mecha
world, that guarded all the other stars.  The Brain, a supercomputer,
controlled all the defenses.  But one day a mysterious virus infected
the Brain.  The computer went nuts and started turning all the other
stars to lifeless planets.

  Far away from the Brain was a research outpost, Dr. Ein tracked the
computer’s malfunction, and sent Bomberman and Max to shutdown the
evil computers to save the unique charabom's living on the planet.

  Bomberman and Max both run to save the charaboms first...




+ Control Pad:  Well this is obvious it moves the character.

A Button:  This can be used for a number of functions:
    1)Lay bombs where your character is
    2)Use the Power Gloves
    3)Activate line bomb
    4)Confirm selections on various screens

B Button: Also does multiple things:
    1)Sets of Remote Bombs
    2)Cancel selections on various screens

Start: Used to display the Save game and charabom select screen. Also
       can confirm selection on title screen.

Select:  guess what this button does...IT DOES ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!!!!


                               The Stars

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Zaurus Star>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                              Level 1-01

 You mission(if you choose to except it)is to rescue the charabom!

 Sounds easy doesn't it?  Well it is.  This is the first level of the 
game so it's very easy(or at least it should be).  If its not easy,
you have serious problems and should see a doctor.  The only thing
remotely difficult would be the bombing of enemies.  You must learn
about all the enemies(I will cover this later)if you want an edge.

 This stage only has one enemy...the jelly fish.  I don’t know the real
name for it, but it looks like one, so that’s its name.  OK?

 The Exit on this stage goes to level 1-09.

                              Level 1-04

 Your mission this time is a little more difficult, you have to destroy
ALL of the soft blocks(the blocks you blowup with your bombs).

 This stage is still easy but not as easy as last because the enemies
can attack you back.  In one of the soft blocks there should be a Block  
Wall power up.  There is also a Super Fire power up somewhere.

 This stage also has one enemy...the Dragon.

 The Exits on this stage go to: 1-09, 1-11, 1-12, 1-14

                              Level 1-07 

 The mission here is to defeat all the enemies.

 In this stage you are introduced to some new enemies.  Watch out for
the skulls they are tricky.

 This stage has 3 enemies: Buffalo, Skulls, and dancing things(they
dance and I don’t know what they are)

 The Exits lead to: 1-10, 1-17

                              Level 1-08

 The mission of this stage is to...defeat all the enemies(didn't we just
do that? how could there be more if we killed them all?).

 Nothing really to report here. It's covered in the FAQ section.

 The enemies on this stage include: Mad flower, Caveman, Greins(fire)

 The exits of the stage go to 3 places:  1-10, 1-15, 1-19

                              Level 1-09

 The mission here is...well, unique.  You have to destroy 8 cavemen.

 A little hint:  Don't destroy the generator(where the cavemen come out
when they die sometimes) until you have 8 kills.  If you do you have
to restart.

 The enemies on today's menu:  dragons, many caveman, and fire(That's
a spicy meatball!)

 The exit's located around the map will lead you to: 1-01, or 1-04

                              Level 1-10

 Your objective is to Rescue the charabom.

 It's a pretty easy level.  Just beware of lurking Mad flowers.  And 
get power ups before the dragons burn them.

 The enemies in the level include:  Dragons, and mad flowers

 The exits lead to:  1-07, 1-08, 1-12, 1-14, 1-15, 1-16

                             Level 1-11

 You mission is to...Destroy all the enemies! But there is one thing
you cant destroy, the mad flowers.  You destroy them, a portal appears.
It leads to a new stage...the same one your on.

 Just below you is a mad flower so try not to let it follow you. Always
watch for flowers so you don't attract them by accident.

 The enemies include:  Mad Flower, Fire(greins), and cavemen

 Where do you go you ask? Why here:  1-12 and 1-04

                             Level 1-12

 With 1:00 remaining gather 8 food items.
 What can I say...you just have to be quick and gather.  Just remember
to watch for enemies.  They are out there*plays X-file music*.

 The enemies: Jellyfish, skull, and mad flowers.

 The exits lead to:  1-04, 1-10, 1-11, 1-15

                             Level 1-13

 Your mission is to destroy all the generators(where the caveman come
out of).

 Just destroy them all.  that’s about it, no special stuff here. Just
a basic put a bomb there until it blows the generators.

 You enemies include:  Cavemen(of course), buffalo, and fireballs.

 The exits lead to well, only one area...pretty boring huh that means
you have to repeat a stage.  How boring.  It leads to:  1-14

                             Level 1-14

 Your mission here is...DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!(drums) Step on the tile to
go to a BONUS AREA!!!  That's right A BONUS AREA!!(pretty special huh)

 Just have to step on that tile..."Johnny tell him what he's won!"
"Well Phil he's one an all expenses paid trip to...A BONUS AREA!!!,
of course we don’t know which one though BUT IT"S GONNA BE GREAT!"
 "Thankyou, of course if you want to be ready to go there I will
cover these areas later!"

 The opponents are: dragon, Mad flower, and dragons

 The exits:  1-10, 1-13, 1-4

                             Level 1-15

 This mission has sort of a "twist" to it.  You have to kill all the
griens, fireballs.

 Rather easy.  Just watch out for the fireball's special ability(I
tell you that later)

 The enemies are:  Mad flowers, jelly fish, and of course fireballs

 The exits in the level lead:  1-10, 1-07, 1-08, 1-12

                             Level 1-16

 This one's a doozy.  You have to destroy all the skulls.  But not only
that you have to have 1:00 minutes left on the clock to win! 

 This is a moderate stage.  That's only because of those annoying 

 The enemies this time are:  Dancing, fire ball, and skulls(DUH!!)

 Where it leads...:  1-10, 1-18

                       Level 1-17, 1-18, 1-19

 These levels are the same.  You need to destroy the boss in all 3. In
the beginning I thought those were regular stages, but then I found they
were all boss stages.
 The only enemy here is Colossus.  Since he's the first this boss is
easy.  He goes around the middle of the room.  He has 4 "buddies" going
around him.  Sometimes these "Buddies" go around the room.  When they
stop they shoot out a bolt that can kill you so watch it. This boss is
cooked after 5 or 6 bombs.

 The exit leads to the next world: 2-1

                         -MORE COMING SOON!!-




                           Items for bombs

 Fire up-This increases you fire power by 1(max. is 4).  The fire 
up, ups the fire blast by 1 space(a tile).

 Full Fire- This block, ups your fire to maximum.  the block is the
same color of the fire itself so I hope you can tell the difference.

 Super Fire- This makes your fire of the bomb go threw all soft blocks
in it's blast radius.  This helps in those "destroy the soft block" 

 Bomb up- this increase how many bombs you can drop.  The max. here is
also 4.
 Line Bomb- Lays all the bombs you can lay in a line.  This is helpful
for trapping enemies.

 Remote Bomb- This lets you blow up your bombs, at will.  You may blow
them up at anytime.

 Power glove- Lets you throw bombs, after you lay them of course.

 Bomb kick- Lets see, what does this do..I cant remember...Oh wait, I
remember now! You can kick bombs with it. How could I forget.

                             Items for You

 Speed up- Well this increases your rate of walking, up to 9 I think.

 Sandals-  This slows you down, very bad.  Blow them up at all costs.

 Block Wall- This is fun.  you get to walk through walls.

 Safety Vest- This protects you from EVERYTHING, that can kill you for
8 seconds(short huh).

 1 up- This gives you an extra life.  Very good, and very rare.  Certain
levels have one in every time(interesting).

 Timer-  This not only stops the clock but also all the enemies(now
they are just sitting ducks).

                                Charabom Treats

 Sword- This increases a Charabom's attack by...one.

 Shield- Increases a charabom's defense by one.

 Star- This increases a Charabom's special attack by(you guessed it)




                    -Types & counter Table-

Fire beats Earth, weak against Water

Earth beats Electric, weak against Fire

Electric beats Water, weak against Earth

Water beats Fire, weak against Electric

The others have no effect on others(weak or strong)

                             -Names & Stats-

Name- Draco

Number- 01

Type- Fire

Max Stats- Attack= ?
           Defence= ?
           Special= ?

Name- Elephan

Number- 04

Type- Earth

Max Stats- Attack= 60
           Defence= ?
           Special= 70

Name- Marine Eel

Number- 06

Type- Water

Max Stats- Attack= ?
           Defence= ?
           Special= ?

Name- Knuckle Pommy

Number- 07

Type- Electric

Max Stats- Attack= ?
           Defence= ?
           Special= ?

Name- Twin Dragon

Number- 09

Type- Fire

Max Stats- Attack= ?
           Defence= ?
           Special= ?

Name- Big Ox

Number- 12

Type- Earth

Max Stats- Attack= ?
           Defence= ?
           Special= ?

Name- Sharkin

Number- 14

Type- Water

Max Stats- Attack= ?
           Defence= ?
           Special= ?

Name- Hammer Pommy

Number- 15

Type- Electric

Max Stats- Attack= ?
           Defence= ?
           Special= ?

Name- Iron Dragon

Number- 17

Type- Fire

Max Stats- Attack= ?
           Defence= ?
           Special= ?

Name- Mecha Kong

Number- 20

Type- Earth

Max Stats- Attack= ?
           Defence= ?
           Special= ?     


                               Secret Areas


 Right now I know of 3 bonus areas. The first one is a Slot Machine
found in level one. You have to lay the bombs on the switches to make
the rollers stop. If the items match up you get that item.  This is a
great way to get rare items.

 The second one Is found in the second world.  You have to pick a path
to go down.  At each intersection you can change direction. If you run
into an item at the bottom of the screen. If you run into the monster
though, you get nothing, absolutely nothing.

 The third and last one I know of(there could be more it think there 
is five) is in the last world.  You have to destroy enemies for lives.
20 enemies = 1 life. When you start with Max power ups. You are also
invulnerable to all injuries in the room(sweet deal).

-more coming soon-




CjayC- For posting this FAQ.
Vatical and Hudson Soft- for making this game.
Readers- Well without you there is no point to this fact.


 So ends this installment of this FAQ, stay tuned in next time for the
next episode!




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