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Red Boss FAQ by MetalWarOdin

Updated: 07/01/2002

Bomberman MAX: Red Challenger Boss FAQ
For Nintendo Gameboy Color
By Victor Li aka MetalWarOdin

Unpublished work Copyright 2002 Victor Li

 This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne 
Copyright Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only-
-it cannot be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way 
or in any form (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that 
cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling 
it or giving it away as a gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, 
or used by anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine 
staff) without my express written permission.  This FAQ was created and 
is owned by me, Victor Li <VicLi226 (at) aol (dot) com>.  It can be 
found exclusively at (www.GameFAQs.com).  All copyrights and trademarks 
are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned 

Bomberman MAX: Red Challenger is (c) by Hudson.

Table of Contents
1) Bosses
     A. Colossus, boss of Zaurus Star
     B. Kabukibot, boss of Secret Star
     C. Tankbot, boss of Battle Star 
     D. Tian Lung, boss of City Star
     E. Brain, boss of Future Star
2) Frequently Asked Questions 
3) Thanks


1) Bosses

In each world of this game, the last 3-5 levels are boss levels. 
Although each world only has 1 boss, the only differences in these 
levels are the backgrounds. And yes, you do have to beat all of them in 
order to get 100% clear status. 

It takes about 6 or so bomb blasts to take down each one, the only 
exception being Brain, the final boss. Each time you hurt a boss, they 
will be transparent and be invincible for 2 seconds. You also get one 
random power-up (Extra Bomb, Fire Up, and Speed Up). If you touch a 
boss, you will die (duh).

Each boss level looks somewhat like a grid, thanks to obstructions.

I                   I
I O  O  O  O  O  O  I
I                   I
I O  O  O  O  O  O  I
I                   I
I O  O  O  O  O  O  I
I                   I

O = Hard Blocks

Throughout this guide, I will refer to the open spaces as columns 
(vertical) and rows (horizontal).


A. Colossus, boss of Zaurus Star

This boss is flanked by four minions (and don't worry, touching them 
won't kill you), that don't do anything unil Colossus attacks. Colossus 
spends most of his time hovering around in the middle of this stage. 
After about 5 seconds, he'll make a downward swoop, so stay out of the 
middle when he does so. Occasionally, he stops, raises his arms, and 
his minions disappear and reappear on the edges of the level. They 
shoot a beam that reaches to the opposite edge of the level. Luckily 
there's only 4 minions. These are all the ways that the minions attack 
and how to evade them:

1.	The minions reappear on the left side of the level, and shoot 
through the rows. This is one of the most frustrating. You have 
to get into a column (with hard blocks to the left and right of 
you) and you'll be safe.
2.	The minions reappear in the corners and shoot the beams to go 
around the outer edges of the level. Easy to evade, just don't 
hang out at the outside edges.
3.	The minions reappear in the first, second, second to last, and 
last columns and shoot downwards. Stay in the middle for this one.
4.	Two minions reappear on the top, and two minions reappear on the 
left. The top ones shoot downwards and the left ones shoot to the 
right. Stay in the middle of the stage for this one.

This shouldn't be too hard, or hopefully isn't too hard. This is the 
first boss of the game.

B. Kabukibot, boss of Secret Star

Kabukibot wanders around the stage (although I've never seen him to go 
the bottom half of the stage), unlike Colossus. He has two attacks, 
which both start with him taking short hops horizontally. The first 
(which always happen every odd time he hops) one is where he summons 
coins after every second hop. These coins follow you, trying to kill 
you by touching you, but disappear after a matter of seconds. Don't 
bother killing these unless you're about to be cornered and you're 
desperate. The second (which happens every other time) is, after his 
last hop, he stands still and two water orbs fall and snake through the 
columns and rows to the bottom of the level. These don't kill you, but 
if you're caught in one of these, it will take some of your power-ups 
and scatter them around the level. It also makes you invincible for 2 
seconds after you stop swirling in the water. This shouldn't be too 
hard either, unless you keep getting cornered.

C. Tankbot, boss of Battle Star

Gosh, the difficulty in bosses leaps between Kabukibot and Tankbot. 
Anyway, Tankbot wanders around just like Kabukibot, although he wanders 
in the bottom half of the level as well as the top. He has three 
attacks. One, is where he shots a flamethrower, which reaches as far as 
the outer wall of the level. The second, is where a cloud of gas comes 
out of him. This is actually helpful. It chases you and when you're 
caught in it, you lose some of your power-ups just like Kabukibot's 
water orbs. Eventually it goes away on it's own, similar to Kabukibot's 
coins (geez, same manufacturer or something?). However, this fight is 
much more extreme, and the fact that you're invincible for 2 seconds 
may save you countless times. The third is where he launches a grenade 
into the air. It wanders around and if you get near, it stops and 
explodes twice, reaching as far a fully fire-upped bomb. It doesn't go 
away until you detonate it, but it shouldn't be your top priority. 
However, what makes this battle so hard, is that Tankbot occasionally 
"goes berserk". What I mean is, he starts chasing you and goes two 
times faster. This is where it helps to be caught in a cloud :). Don't 
worry if you die countless times on this boss, eventually you'll get it.

D. Tian Lung, boss of City Star

This guy starts in the middle of the stage, then jumps up, and burrows 
through where he was staying. Then he burrows out somewhere else, and 
burrows back in. Eventually, he jumps back to the middle of the stage, 
and his segmented sections form a ring around him and he (practically) 
bounces around the stage. He doesn't go too fast, but he's like a ball 
in an enclosed space, he is redirected by the wall and basically has no 
control of where he goes. He just sort of bounces along. Occasionally, 
he shoots a small ball at where you're standing at the time he shoots. 
During this phase, RUN! Don't try to bomb him unless you have a GREAT 
opportunity. Always wait until he's diving around, and try to bomb him 
for power-ups until you can set up bombs around the place until he has 
a 70% chance of being hit ^_^. Eventually, you'll beat this.

E. Brain, boss of Future Star.

Can you say ARGH? This battle is TOUGH. There's three phases in this 
fight. In this battle, you'll want to go out of your way just to get 
power-ups. Most likely, you won't beat it starting out with no power-
ups, so collect as many as you can, die 1 or 2 times, and try again.

Phase 1
Brain takes up a large section of the top half. Turrets on the left and 
right side of the level go up and down, and then shoot a beam (which 
acts like a bullet so don't worry) along the rows. Then there's the 
flamethrowers in Brain. Each of these take one hit in order to be 
knocked into submission, and to pass this phase, you must destroy all 
the flamethrowers. The circles turn from blue to red, then fire through 
the columns. The fire doesn't detonate your bombs weirdly enough. The 
best times to detonate each flamethrower is right after it stops 
spewing flames, or right before. The flamethrowers are invincible while 
they're shooting, so it will stop shooting right before your bombs 
explode this way. The only places that are safe during this phase, are 
the columns guarded by knocked out flamethrowers. After destroying each, 
the large structure containing Brain will disappear, and Brain will 
appear in a tank-ish vehicle. 

Phase 2
While he's appearing, put a bomb right "inside" him (don't worry, you 
won't be hurt by him as long as he's transparent). Or even, after 
getting an extra bomb power-up, put two on either side and watch him 
try to escape :). Anyway, he goes around like Tankbot and goes berserk 
like him, but he goes slightly faster. He also has 4 magnetic shields 
on each side of him which go back and forth. These repel bombs, but 
they're small and you CAN blow him up (duh). Anyway, his only means of 
attacking is pushing bombs back at you (which is done by accident) or 
going berserk and running over you. If there's no hope, you're gonna 
want to set a bomb while running, so he's stop for a few seconds and 
(most likely) is blown up. Hopefully he'll go back to normal after it 
explodes. After blowing him up a bit more, he (it?) will escape in a 
helicopter sorta vehicle, and float to the top left of the screen. 
There, he'll separate into 3 more helicopter vehicles.

Phase 3
These guys just float around. These go berserk as well, but they don't 
follow you (Thank GOD!). After a while, they all stop and shoot flames 
north, south, east, and west. The "fake" ones' flames only reach a 
short range, while the "real" one shoots farther. This one is the one 
you want to bomb, as bombing the others won't do you any good. Be 
patient, and don't worry if you spend hours just to beat this. I did :P.


2) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't beat (insert boss here)! How can I beat him?
A: Follow my instructions carefully and keep practicing. Eventually       
you'll beat it.

Q: My friend got some awesome charaboms that can't be gotten in the 
normal game or by merging! How do I get these?
A: The best charaboms, Ox Battra and Shardra, can only be obtained in 
bonus games. You access these in levels where you have to "Step on the 
hidden tile!" to beat the level. After stepping on it, use a remote 
control and aim it at the infrared port on your GBC, and press any 
button. You will be taken to the bonus game. These charaboms can only 
be obtained in certain bonus games.

Q: What made you want to write this FAQ?
A: Well, I was bored. My brother wants me to practice piano and read as 
long as I play PS2? Bah! Forget it! I'm on a break now, he's 
restricting my PS2 time. So I decided to write this. Of course I didn't 
do this just for the recognition <_< >_>.


3) Thanks 

Thanks to:

GameFAQS - For being a wonderful site
CJayC - For posting this up
KMegura - For inspiration on how to write this FAQ
Me - For making this FAQ

I hope this FAQ helped you. Don't give up and you'll eventually beat it!

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